Info on Divine Energy Church and Links to 53 Stories on Most Violent Swami

The Church of Divine Energy is located at 29811 Turner St, Gold Beach, OR 97444.

29811 Turner St. Gold Beach, Oregon.

The president of the church is Gretchen Kreiger. Reach her at PO Box 1283 Gold Beach Oregon 97444.

Gretchen Kreiger

The business registry date is August 14, 2018.  The registry number is #146767892.

The registered agent is Sharon Ward.

J. Michael Shoemaker AKA Swami Chetanananda with Sharon Ward AKA Sadvi.

The Church is a “federally tax-exempt organization dedicated to the practice of kundalini yoga.”

The church’s mailing address is PO Box 207, Wedderburn, Oregon 97491

The Church advertises meditation classes. They start at 7:00 pm and last an hour. 

“Evening meditations include chanting, a short dharma talk, and a guided meditation focusing on some aspect of our practice, such as breath, mantra, chakras and channels, working with creative energy, releasing tension, or growing spiritually.

All you need is an open heart and an open mind.

You can help open your heart and mind by donating.

Learn To Meditate

Church of Divine Energy is dedicated to the cultivation of the Spirit that is our essence…. We welcome all, with open hearts: all races, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and disabilities.

Join Them

We regularly offer programs in Oregon and California.  Please join our mailing list to stay apprised of upcoming events.

Ward is also the agent for The Movement Center, Inc.. ,

Its president is J. Michael Shoemaker. Reach him at PO Box 1283, Gold Beach, OR 97444. Registered since 1992-11-05

The name “The Movement Center” was chosen to create a new identity, one that reflects our unique Western cultural context for Eastern spirituality. Center refers to our core, which is total well-being, and movement refers to flow, so the name reflects the circulation of energy that is the essence of our spiritual practice. The name also evokes dynamic stillness, the phrase Swami Chetanananda has often used to describe the ultimate reality.

Another company is L’Hermitage, LLC.,

Which is located at 29850 Harrison Ridge Rd, Gold Beach OR 97444. Registered since 2019-05-20.

This is where the Swami lives.

Solstice meditation at L’Hermitage…🙏🏻

When a swami becomes initiated, he takes two vows: poverty and chastity.  Chetanananda made those two lifetime vows in the 1970s.

Rudra Asian Art, LLC.

Registered since 2020-07-02

29811 Turner St

Nityananda Institute

29811 Turner St. registered 2016-06-13. It is an assumed name of the Movement Center.

There were many men and women who contributed to the growth of the Swami Chetanananda’s fortune.

One of them is Barnett Davis II of Malibu, founder of the Low Income Family Enrichment Foundation, (LIFE).

A Movement Center Newsletter from Aug. 2008 praised Davis for a “substantial donation” he made to the Movement Center.

Barnett Davis

How the donation of Davis was used by J. Michael Shoemaker is unknown.

Davis is quoted in the Movement Center Newsletter.

He refers to “crazy wisdom”, the concept associated with the Aghoris and practices in Tahlia Newland’s book, Fallout, Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Life (Low Income Family Enrichment) Foundation founder, Barnett Davis tells us why he started the Life Foundation, and it links to his (and our) spiritual values.

The idea for the Life Foundation flowed into me, in the greatest possible detail, while I was practicing the Chöd—something at which I was (and am still) a novice practitioner…. The flowering of the Life Foundation is an expression of my practice and the gifts that come from releasing negativity and tension . . . and creating a space . . . an opening for something magical to enter . . . connecting with my creative energy . . . accessing the infinite source of abundance that surrounds us at all times . . . and expanding the possibility to serve others exponentially . . . I also believe that success in the material realm can be part of our practice and does not preclude our spiritual evolution….  And in everyone’s quest, I deeply, madly, and sincerely wish you inspiration . . . belief . . . action . . . and an abundance of crazy wisdom.

Here is the Mission Statement from the LIFE Foundation website. Does it fit with BDSM, scamming and exploitation that is alleged of Shoemaker?

Shoemaker accepted donations of money and services from all kinds of devotees.

Bonnie Schnitta (New York) donated soundproofing materials for the Portland meditation hall to improve the sound quality of recorded talks.

We are very grateful for her generous gift, which will benefit generations of students. We also want to thank the anonymous donors who provided the offerings at the havans during the Retreat, as well as the many photographers who captured so many special moments of the retreat–among them Barry Kaplan, Steve Maxwell, Larry Manning, Kenny Ross, Kristen Francis, Becca Roberts, Monica O’Neal, Michelle Lawson, and Mira Ames.

To learn more about the Swami Chetanananda visit: Namaste – Swami Chetanananda.

Or read his books available at Rudra Press

Only One squarespace.jpg
There is Only One
Chod Practice cover lrg.jpg
The Chöd Practice: Instructions, Commentaries and Texts
Hero cover final.jpg
Will I Be the Hero of my Own Life?
Entering Infinity.jpg
Entering Infinity
Rudi In His Own Words
Spiritual Cannibalism
The Breath of God
Choose To Be Happy
Dynamic Stillness 1: The Practice of Trika Yoga
Dynamic Stillness 2: The Fulfillment of Trika Yoga
Open Heart, Open Mind: Practical Lessons in Loving Your Life
Songs from the Center of the Well
Abinhavagupta’s Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita
Kashmir Saivism: The Central Philosophy of Tantrism
Tantrasara of Abhinavagupta
Tonglen for Our Own Suffering
Nityananda: In Divine Presence
The Sky of the Heart: Jewels of Wisdom from Nityananda
Swami Chetanananda Chakras Enegetic Mechanism
Chakras & the Energetic Mechanism (Streaming Video)
Sale Price:$25.00 Original Price:$40.00
Rudi’s Tantric Teaching (Streaming Video)
July Rudra 1.jpg
Contact, Alignment & Flow (Streaming Video)
Sale Price:$25.00 Original Price:$46.00
2015 Ganeshpuri Talks cvr.jpg
The Ganeshpuri Talks (Streaming video)
Sale Price:$25.00 Original Price:$40.00
Lift Your Spirits! cover.jpg
Lift Your Spirits! (Streaming Video)
Sale Price:$25.00 Original Price:$40.00
Mantra Meditation.jpg
Mantra Meditation (Streaming Video)
Chod retreat cover sq-small.jpg
Chöd: The Practice of Self Sacrifice (Streaming Video)
Double Dorje Amulet
from $90.00
Screenshot 2016-01-07 15.57.21.png
Nityananda Statues
Lalita cover-small.jpg
The Lalitatrisati with the Namavali
2019 Every Day dig dwnld cover image.jpg
Meditation: A Guided Practice for Every Day (digital audio)
Chöd with Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche (digital audio)
Phowa with Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche (digital audio)
SC Sri Chakra image
Meaning of the Sri Chakra Practice: The Model and the Mechanism (Streaming Video)
OmNamahShivaya cover.jpg
Om Namah Shivaya: Mantra Meditation (digital audio)
Contemplating Universal Love (Streaming Video)
CIF cover.jpg
Centering in the Flow (digital audio)
Spiritual Practice cover-square.jpg
Spiritual Practice: Everything You Need to Know (digital audio)
TMC Chants digital audio.jpg
TMC Chants (digital audio)
RTT cover-small.jpg
Rudi’s Tantric Teachings (digital audio)
Upayas cover 2 Trebuchet.jpg
Essence of the Siva Sutras and the Upaya System (digital audio)
Wrist Mala
Art of Chod.jpg
The Art of Chöd (streaming video)
To get another perspective you might also read:

Mother of Choked Victim of Swami ‘Chet’ Wants Law Enforcement Action

Jayne Lyons is the mother of Eva. Jayne is on a campaign to expose Swami Chetanananda, AKA J. Michael Shoemaker. The Swami has been a guru for the last half…

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  • It says on the website of the Church of Divine Energy something about “open hearts. open minds”. Yes, true open heartedness is actually something amazing, and somewhat rare. I encountered a great deal of it at the ashram, and experienced it myself. I am truly grateful for that opportunity. Open mindedness is something else. I saw ZERO evidence of open minds within this community. And, believe me, I looked for it. I looked high and I looked low. Swami is not particularly open minded. He is a set minded person, as evidenced by the fact that he can’t change in any way, shape or form. The lack of true communication (about anything real) within this community was startling, given the (bullshit) tag line of open hearts AND open minds.
    Swami thinks he knows everything, doesn’t know the boundaries of his expertise, so he bullshits all the time, about subjects he knows very little about. Unless he can “co-opt” a particular topic; meaning he knows more about something, or is better at it than someone else, he isn’t interested in it. That is open mindedness? I don’t think so.
    Open hearts, yes, absolutely. Open minds, nah, not so much. As in: not at all.

  • The ashram i.e. Chetanananda deserves a swift kick in the balls for: presenting this teacher, practice, and community as an “all in” life path, when in reality it turned into nothing shy of a complete “train wreck” for many.
    And–for Chetanananda taking credit for others work, accomplishments, and talents ,(Viktor, Chris Jackson, and many others), and NONE of the blame for any of his poor decisions.
    What happened to Jon Shanker, and Krystyn Wong??????????????

    Huh? Answer the fucking questions.

  • Remember when Theresa used to leave class, and whisper to people? Psssst. psssst. psssst. secrets. Upstairs, pssst pssst pssst. This big fish in a tiny pond, throwing her weight around. Chief “flaming asshole”, of the inner circle. Stabbing people in the back, creating drama, and stories. Not paying her bills, and then running, and hiding behind Swami’s robes. This lady is a ridiculous product of this cult -like environment, and a reflection of Swami’s pathological ways of interacting with people. Throw a pie in her face!

  • Remember when Swami used to sit up there, rollin’ up the sleeves of his orange cashmere sweater (as part of his orange get-up), and pontificate about spirituality? Then, get up off of his pillow, go upstairs and engage in epic bouts of debauchery. He repeatedly told students over the years not to focus on money, or retirement, and here he is working a large scale real estate deal, that resulted in him retiring in splendor in Gold Beach. I don’t mind that, but I do mind that he cried “poor mouth” all those years. Hypocrite much?
    NDA’s, payoffs, “hush money”, cocaine: YOUR Darshan dollars hard at work.
    Standard spiritual teacher expose, of horrible behavior.
    Swami Chetanananda: How would Rudi have responded to your (mis) use of the energy, and the power of the lineage? But, according to Swami, all the negative material written about him are lies. Now, none of us believe that do we?

    • So true, Horsetail. Chet would also tell us to stay away from drug’s because, “Plant spirits always lie.”

      Who else remembers him saying this? F’n hypocrite!

      • FL man–You betcha I remember that! That was in response to Swami hearing about people doing ayawasca. He was jealous, since HE needs to be the center of students’ attention. When he said plant spirits lie, it was that he heard also of people studying that medicine, and since he couldn’t take credit for it, he sought to disparage it.

        I heard cocaine tells the absolute truth though!!!

        • How very true. If you even wanted to see Shoemaker uncomfortable, just talk nicely about someone else. Anyone else. Parent, spouse, friend, another teacher or another practice. Invariably he would have some snide remark or putdown… subtle and sometimes not so subtle.

          • So true. He had to be the center of everything. Every other spiritual teacher was a criminal or a phoney. Only he knew everything. Knew better than everyone else. Could never be wrong. And could never be criticized. Megalomaniac of the highest order. In THAT, I’ll concede, he was certainly above everybody else.

            Is it any wonder he’d go missing for months on end. Apart from his benders, how tiring it must be to spend your life behind a facade like this.

  • Reply to Anonymous
    October 7, 2022 at 10:46 am
    To Anon “…fucked over by Chet…”
    Yes, Prakashananda was TOTALLY fucked over by Chet and I can confirm your statement… SP was initially told the sale of the ashram would help buy/fund a new center in PDX…. Then Chet went back on that and basically told SP, “I started this all with $5 in my pocket, you can too.” I believe there are ZERO ties of Chet to the current meditation group. It is now just a community of meditators at its purest form without the politics or perversion.”

    Wait, how can that be, no perversion? Howard Boster was initiated by J. Michael Shoemaker in 2008 along with Per Johanson. This was reported in a Movement Center Newsletter.

    That means that Howard Boster was part of the leadership of the Movement Center when Liz disappeared, when a student jumped off a traffic bridge and was brought back to the Movement Center in a hospital bed, when reported BDSM sessions with Shoemaker and partners took place, when Marc Gafni lived at the Movement Center, when students provided all the cleaning, cooking, maintenance of that place and there is nothing perverse about Boster being a meditation teacher?

    Here is a breakdown of the leadership at the Movement Center in 2008 when Boster put on his orange robes. Taken from the Movement Center Newsletter:

    Bob Shoemaker, Rudra Press
    Doreen Flores, Finance
    Howard Boster, Director
    Jessica Butler and Linda Dima, Kitchen
    Michelle Lawson, Communications / Programs
    Patty Slote, Membership
    Ruth Knight, Hatha Yoga Program
    Sharon Ward, General Counsel
    Theresa Smith, Guest Services
    Tom Fabrizio, Residency Program

    Michelle Lawson, Bob Shoemaker, Ruth Knight and Sharon Ward are all named in the Richard Read articles, dated 2001. If they didn’t read the articles when they were first published, I hope they have read them by now. It appears that of the 2008 roster, Bob Shoemaker, Howard Boster, Michelle Lawson, Patty Slote, Ruth Knight, Sharon Ward and Tom Fabrizio are still associated with J. Michael Shoemaker. They have appeared in Instagram posts from Gold Beach over the last two years. All of this is perverse.

  • Oh look, Jessica’s come back to rant at us all again. Time for another flip flop, don’t you think, dear? I think your NDA might have a few clauses you’re breaching. Investigators can trace you through your VPN camouflage, fyi.

  • My immense gratitude to you Frank for providing this space. It’s easy for Horsetail to say it’s over, but is Horsetail fighting for their life after serious sexual violence and drug abuse from the man we all placed on a pedestal? Based on comments made previously, I don’t believe so. Shoemaker needs to be exposed again and again and again. We all know what happened last time. Yeah, nothing. Actually, it probably got worse.

    The damaging impacts of criminal, toxic, abusive people in leadership positions are often known for years before they are held to account. That can only happen when the sheer volume of complaints about the abusive individual is impossible to silence anymore.

    In response to this comment:
    If it ever looked and felt like you described no one would ever come there. You also don’t appear to know what happened to your daughter? Am I the only one that is puzzled by this? I want to be sensitive to your daughter. Most people on here do. Help us understand.

    This statement is classic DARVO. Attack the victim or the whistle blower.

    I visited my daughter various time over the three years of her residence at that horrible place. She was fraudulently recruited, love bombed, groomed, indoctrinated and exploited. The cult members used gaslighting, lies and manipulation to keep the “truth” hidden from me about what went on at the Movement Center. When I called the Movement Center to inquire about my daughter’s condition, Sharon Ward told me she was, “on the spectrum, had an eating disorder” and was anxious. None of which were true. I have been criticized for not knowing what was happening at the Movement Center, that was the objective of the use of gaslighting, lies and manipulation, to hide the truth and to protect J. Michael Shoemaker and the inner circle. Some of the commentors may not be in agreement with my descriptions, they also may not agree with what others are telling law enforcement. Lies are being uncovered, the narrative is out there now, and inner circle cult members can no longer control it.

    If you want to be sensitive to the victims/survivors, as the commentator stated above, believe them. You can report what you did, before someone else does! If you were indoctrinated and coerced, you can report that too. Now is the time to ask for immunity. Tell law enforcement what you saw, what you experienced that was brutal, harmful, and damaging. If people weren’t harmed and exploited at the Movement Center under the direction of J. Michael Shoemaker, there would be no reason for Frank Parlato to publish his articles and to republish the work of Richard Read.
    Through the Richard Read and the Frank Report articles, victims/survivors and witnesses to abuse have put forward their truths. Now, some commentators have questioned these statements and others have asked about injuries that victims of Shoemaker could have based on what has been reported.

    Here is a review. This is what victims/survivors of traumatizing, violent cult leaders are dealing with:
    Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    Post Cult Complex PTSD
    Rape Trauma Syndrome
    Physical Injuries from Beatings and Abuse

    Links to these conditions can be found below

    Strangulation: One of the most lethal abuser tactics

    “Most abusers do not strangle to kill. They strangle to show they can kill,” says Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn in the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice. However, it is important to realize, “When a victim is strangled, she is on the edge of homicide.”

    Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury:

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    Swami Chetanananda’s understanding of the Breath of Life has been further influenced by his study of a range of energetic healing systems and modalities. For eighteen years, Swamiji studied with Dr. Rollin Becker, a gifted cranial osteopath. Taken from

    Shoemaker claims in his bio that he is a healer and uses his energetic healing knowledge to heal his students’ bodies. Such brutal physical adjustments that Shoemaker calls healing are violent physical assaults that cause injuries to soft tissues and joints.

    Post cult Complex PTSD
    There are three distinct symptoms of Complex PTSD: hyperarousal, intrusion, and constriction. Each of these symptoms incorporates symptoms that are both psychologic (relating to the mind or mental phenomena) and somatoform (physical symptoms without physical cause).

    Rape Trauma Syndrome
    Rape trauma syndrome is related to post-traumatic stress disorder but is more specific to sexual assault. RTS describes symptoms of trauma including disruptions to normal physical, emotional, cognitive and interpersonal behavior.
    Physical Injuries from Beatings and Abuse

    • That may be the case for a normal run of the mill narcissist. But not this guy. This guy thrives in darkness. It’s his safe space where he can roll around in his filth with Monica and Jen and whatever dirty meth heads he finds to play with him. No, what this guy needs is light. Bright fucking light in every single crevice and nook and cranny to show the world what a craven human being he is.

      And hey, take drugs, hurt some people if that’s your kink and your consenting partner’s. But abuse of power against the most vulnerable without asking for consent is a fucking crime. Most victims were too afraid and broken to speak up, or were publicly humiliated and threatened when they did, and now–for many, but thankfully not all–they are out of statute of limitations. So exposure is all that’s left to hopefully save other women.

      And let me say, if not for Frank, he’d be rebuilding and recreating a new set of programs, “immersions” to come to L’Hermitage and no one new would be any the wiser. He’s waiting this out and will restart as soon as the smoke clears. Guaranteed. Likely these articles already have been seo targeted, so the more that’s said, the better.

      Also–L’Hermitage… fucken stupid name. I mean are they French now?


        Mother of Victim: Were You Abused by Swami Chetanananda – Frank Report
        ByEyes on Trafficking NewsAugust 30, 2022
        Editor’s note: We do not take a stance regarding these allegations. This article has been included for educational purposes to show how complicated situations like this can be for people to get justice.

        This “Eyes on Trafficking” story is reprinted from its original online location.
        PBJ Learning is a leading provider of online human trafficking training, focusing on awareness and prevention education. Their interactive Human Trafficking Essentials online course is used worldwide to educate professionals and individuals how to recognize human trafficking and how to respond to potential victims. Learn on any web browser (even your mobile phone) at any time.
        More stories like this can be found in your PBJ Learning Knowledge Vault.

      • Well, the articles have been found by many organizations already, so whoever is SEOing them has dropped the ball. Too late.

        • Please put up links in the comments to the organizations or sites that are republishing articles about J. Michael Shoemaker and his cult. Let Frank Parlato know what you are finding. The Oregon Public Broadcasting organization should add more information about Sharon Ward’s other activities. Give them a call or drop them an email and let them know they got dupped by a cult leader!, 800-241-8123

          Ward is deeply involved in this alleged cultic abuse and that was not reported in the OPB interview about her work with dogs. She interjected herself in the search for Liz’s body and that is well documented in the Portland Police Report. Richard Read has also reported on her role within the cult. She is named in the court documents that are available from the Melinda Mandell case. Ward’s involvement needs to be further exposed. Thank you

    • This gutter / stars thing what does it mean? stop looking at the Swampy’s earthly day to day life, (he seems to find great succour in gutter type situations) and instead focus on his abstract spiritual starry, starry night hot-air?

      perhaps the best way to look up at the stars is if one lies flat on ones back, preferably outdoors, in a carpark perhaps?

      The Gutter is where all the facts of this crime exist. Why should anyone look up or away from these facts unless they really didnt want to see?

  • The idea is that Frank wrote 53 stories. That’s enough. Find something else. Obits cares Frank go away and muck rake elsewhere.

    • Yes; Frank has published 53 more articles and provided links that will improve search results online. It will serve to help inform future generations and hopefully deter innocent, well-meaning people and protect them from being taken advantage of.
      I applaud all your due-dilligence here Frank! I for one appreciate this article so all the links are readily available to anyone who wants to investigate further.

      Brilliant to increase the number of search results for Chetananada and Church of Divine Energy. You’ll have them working around the clock to bury your articles!

  • Church Of Divine Energy, just by the name you know it’s a scam.

    “dedicated to the practice of kundalini yoga.”

    Dedicated to the practice of woo-woo, more like.

    Whenever I hear anyone blathering about Kundalini yoga it puts me in mind of the character Kundalini in the movie Mad Max

    Kundalini is the hapless biker gang character who loses a hand. (Severed hands are something of a theme in that movie).

    “Mudguts! Kundalini! Get out of it!” Followed by a shotgun blast that demolishes a department store mannequin is the line I flash to.

    Yeah. Kundalini yoga. I’m so sure it’s the path to fulfillment and happiness. So not a scam.

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