Swami Chetanananda & Supporters Speak Out: ‘Frank Parlato Is a Demon;’ ‘Swami Loves You, Come Back’

He writes:

My head spins in my heart breaks over the most recent and most vicious lies being spread about me, and my completely innocent loved ones across the Internet. These vicious lies are being spread by people with extensive mental health and criminal justice histories.

When these people were homeless, I took them in, housed and fed them. I have done one illegal thing in my life… and not for a long time.

Each year I spend half of my income on other people’s healthcare… I have spent my life serving and helping people. What is happening now is deeply sick and wrong… Please don’t let it affect you.

He laughs but the world does not laugh with him.

First, a little background on the two jokes found above. The Swami uses ellipses for comedic effect – to let insiders know his game.”I have done one illegal thing in my life…” is followed by “and I have been doing it for 50 years.”


Many know that old joke in the ashram in Portland.

The second joke is: “Each year I spend half of my income on other peoples healthcare…” followed by, “because I’m the one who made them sick.”

Several people came to his defense on Instagram.
I’m sorry to hear this. I haven’t seen anything about this. Sending love and light! 🙏
I am so very sorry, Swamiji . You have been my teacher and friend for more than 20 years, and I have known and received only kindness, generosity and love from you. . . Sending you very much love always 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Only love and true care is what I have seen and experienced from you. Grateful for your endless support and connection. ❤️❤️
I stand with you 🔥in love and truth
Sounds awful, Swami ❤️ Truth and love will always win in the end 🙏
Oh no, I’m sorry how those who do the most good are often targeted. You are a tremendous positive force in this world. These are just minor ripples compared to the positive impact you have on this world. Sending love bombs
I am so sorry this is happening Swami. I have been a student of Swami’s for almost 15 years and spent 3 years living in the Ashram. I also visit Gold Beach and work on the farm about 10 days out of every month. I absolutely know that these allegations are untrue, and it breaks my heart to see this happening. I have only ever experienced love and generosity from Swami and the entire community. Truth and love will prevail…
Sorry to hear about that Swamiji. Sending support to you and your friends. Peace ✌🏼 ✌🏼
You are my teacher, you are my family, you are a miracle in my life, you have saved my life more times than I can count, you are pure light and no one person, hearsay, smear campaign and so forth will ever change the way I feel about you. This world is a mess and your presence on this planet is a grounding force for many many people. I love you, I stand with you and I am never going to stop. The end.
Love you Swami. Your heart is pure and loving. You have been a gracious giving healer. You’ve helped me and I’ll always be grateful. No good deed goes unpunished evidently. So sorry this is happening to you. ❤️
😢 People are crazy

Swami can help you erase your karma, but you must consent to his assistance. He can’t do it himself. You must do the work. If you approach it with a true intention of humility, he can guide and assist you. Let go of your pride. It is scary to humble yourself, but the reward is freedom.

You cannot escape the law of karma. Swami can help you heal if you accept a higher consciousness. You must do the work. You must give up the ego. Beware false prophets who say you can escape the law of karma.
Tina wrote:

This just gets worse and worse. I’m so so sorry to any of the victims here. I knew about some of it but not all of it. That’s why I got out. For anyone involved in the cult still reading this, and you’re feeling cognitive dissonance, fear and whatever else, please get out. Please go to igotout.org and read stories. Its better out here. Even if you’ve been in here for decades, its worth it.

This isn’t what a spiritual community should ever be about. And the fact my money went into this place for this is such a betrayal.

Watch out for your karma wrote:

My heart goes out to you, Tina. You are so blinded by your pridefulness that you’ve lost the path. It is sad to see you embrace your self-hatred by pushing it out on others in a beautiful community that has done nothing but support you.

But Swami is always ready to take you back and help you heal no matter how much you harm and lie against him. The community it. The work is hard, but you can do it if you humbly accept his advice and support.

Broken wrote

I’m crying too hard to comment. I feel so very sorry for these people.

Watch out for your karma wrote:
Pity without providing support only destroys people’s karma by building up the illusion of their ego. Swami is always ready to forgive and help you walk the path to peace and oneness.

Another woman wrote in defense of him:
He never “beat” me. Jen and Moni took it to that level. But he doesn’t go to a level with someone who is not asking for it. He never pushed me to take a lot of physical pain. He wanted me to take more.

I was never gang banged and never tied up, and gang banged like some of the other women say they were. But, yes, I had to be on call for him 24/7 to have sex with him. He ordered me to give a lot of strange men A LOT of blow jobs, but very rarely did he give me “permission” to let anyone have sex with me. Maybe it happened three times that a stranger actually penetrated me.

Famous Guru

All over the world there are people who quote him or follow him. Here are just a few:



I think there may be some truth to his joke that he has been committing only one crime – for 50 years.
Back in his college days he bragged he would drive a woman out to the country then tell her if she did not agree to have sex he would leave her stranded. This was quoted from an old story about him called RepoVision Man

My favorite hobby was the hereafter test—that’s when you take a girl out in the country on Friday night and say: “Honey, if you’re not here after what I’m here after, then you’re going to be here after I’m gone” (Shoemaker, in Goldenberg, Indiana Daily Student (ids), quoted in [LNI, 2003]).

A little Bio

Michael Shoemaker was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana, and lived in Boston.

He went to Indiana University. He claims he lettered in football and swimming. He was a heavy drinker, with a violent streak.

He claims he had a nervous breakdown. He claimed he drank at every bar in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. He bragged of his success in bar-room brawls. He claimed to be a drug addict in college.

Drugs and violence, and coercive lovemaking. He claimed he was active in Vietnam war protests.

His drug addiction landed him in a hospital in Indiana. There he attacked not one but two psychiatrists and got placed in a padded cell, he claims.

A college friend introduced him to hatha yoga. He said he began doing six hours a day of practice, and his kundalini awakened.
Shoemaker says this “brought him remarkable wisdom” at age 21.

Rudi with young Shoemaker and another lad. Rudi spoke of high spiritual philosophy as he contemplated getting into their trousers.

In 1971, at age 22, Shoemaker went to Manhattan to meet Rudi. Five months later, he returned to Bloomington with some of Rudi’s ex-students. They started an ashram.

They found a method of running a business with free labor. Ashram businesses in and around Bloomington included a bakery, restaurant, and construction company. The residents provided free labor as a service to the guru.

In 1973, Rudrananda died in a plane crash. Shoemaker said Rudi predicted his own death and designated him as his successor. He claims to have a letter from Rudi, which nobody has seen naming him his successor. After that, Shoemaker gained control of Rudi’sashrams.

In 1975, Shoemaker established the Rudi Foundation.

In 1978, Shoemaker took sannyasi vows, including celibacy from Muktananda in India. He adopted the monastic name Swami Chetananda. In 1981, Chetananda founded the Nityananda Institute. He moved from Bloomington to Cambridge, MA. He closed the other ashrams of Rudrananda. Chetananda said in 1981:

In terms of the audience for Eastern spirituality, there is no one like me. I will automatically become the dean of eastern spiritual figures on the East Coast.

By the early ’90s, in Boston, he had a following of around 200. He moved his group to Portland and lived in a 61 bedroom mansion. In 1997, he acquired a beachfront Malibu cottage. In 1998, he got a house in Nepal. In 2019 he sold the mansion in Portland for $8 million and moved to a mansion on the Pacific in Gold Beach. He resides there with his devotees.

Finally a word from

Moni O’Neil

Watch out for your karma:

All those who follow the path of vamachara know its power and its dangers. Swami has informed you to tread this course without his guidance risks temptation by demons and other deceivers. Swami has been meditating for your continue safety.

There’s only so much he can do when you insist on following the path of pride and disobedience. Frank Parlato is a demon. You are at great risk. Swami is not responsible for what befalls you. He is always ready to forgive. Come back to the community that loves you. Come back to the guru who loves you.

A Word to the Wise

Frank Parlato
email frankparlato@gmail.com

Yes, come back, and give a lot of filthy strangers blow jobs to erase your karma. And avoid the great risk of not surrendering your own will to a guy who will use his to get your free labor. A guy who  likes to beat and choke women unconscious.

He’s meditating for you in his mansion.

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Frank Parlato


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  • “…and not for a long time.” What? 6 months? Does Megan think it’s been “a long time?”

    A man that takes pleasure in hurting and degrading women doesn’t stop.

    A man that clearly hates women so profoundly he must injure them and humiliate them, does not simply stop one day. You may have stopped the meth and the coke because there’s no space for you to get away with it anymore, but your hatred for women doesn’t go away. It’s just been hidden in your closets, along with your victims.

  • Again with the usual bullshit that the victims are liars. What a total psychopath. A loving spiritual teacher concerned about the welfare of “his loved ones” would make amends to those he’s harmed, take accountability for his heinous actions towards the most vulnerable women in his community who went to him for guidance, humble himself and admit to his mistakes.

    But all he does is accuse victims of being mentally ill and hateful. Not surprising of course. Never once seen him take responsibility for his actions, unless he’s trying to manipulate you into something else.

    SC – I think you must mean the mental illnesses of your current supporters who continue to buy your bullshit year on year, no matter how many times you are exposed as a sexual predator.

    All your thirsty selfish “students” who are so desperate for attention they ignore the price of your “help” paid for by the young women you use and abuse and steal energy from.

    As long as the price isn’t paid by any of them, right? They’re happy to step over the dead bodies. Fruit of the poisonous tree, my friends. Enjoy the rot.

  • TO :Anonymous
    June 29, 2022 at 6:09 pm.

    Comment: “If this were true journalism, there would be no need for name-calling and labeling.

    It’s a blog entry, and as a person who was quite present for many recounted events and knew/know many people in the story, I state unequivocally that there is a mountain of spin and falsehoods in this writeup.

    One of the biggest falsehoods is that the people who choose to continue as SC’s students are NOT doing so out of fear. I don’t know a single one – there is a great deal of love and gratitude, on ALL sides.

    Disbelieve that if you wish.”

    Please tell me more abut your idea. Call Frank. He always likes to here from everyone. He believes Due Process, so he is a very fair man.

  • “Do not joke. The Nazis understood the inherent power of ideas. A power greater than any gun or rocket. They used it to subjugate and brainwash an entire nation.”
    — James Rollins

    “Swami Chetanananda’s teachings arise from the understanding of the true purpose of our life on earth: that we are in this world to grow. We are here to grow spiritually, to reach a higher and finer state, to express the unimaginable possibility that exists in each of us.”

  • https://www.wthr.com/article/news/crime/manual-strangulation-is-the-biggest-sign-domestic-abuse-will-turn-deadly-experts-say/531-0a9a92c8-a0da-418a-b81e-a3d80ddacf38

    The above article describes how manual strangulation by a male to a female partner is the most likely to result in a deadly outcome to the female from all cause homicide (any form of murder).

    Its the number one sign that you are in mortal danger.

    If you think you are in danger please consider contacting RAINN 1-800-656-4673

  • “The Two believed that God had finally revealed to them their ”overwhelming mission.” That was not entirely unexpected.”

    -https://www.nytimes.com/1997/04/28/us/eyes-on-glory-pied-pipers-of-heaven-s-gate.html, on Marshall Herff Applewhite, and Bonnie Nettles, Leaders of Heaven’s Gate

    “In 1978, while teaching meditation in Bloomington, Indiana, Swami Chetanananda had a profound vision of the Goddess Tripurasundarī, during which the Goddess transmitted to him her essence mantra.”
    – – http://chetanananda.org/

    I got out. You can get out. You are not alone. https://www.igotout.org/resources

  • “Even now, I don’t have any answers for anything…and I don’t want to have any answers for anything.”
    – J. Michael Shoemaker ( AKA -“Swami Chetanananda”)

    “My head spins in my heart breaks over the most recent and most vicious lies being spread about me, and my completely innocent loved ones across the Internet. These vicious lies are being spread by people with extensive mental health and criminal justice histories.

    When these people were homeless, I took them in, housed and fed them. I have done one illegal thing in my life… and not for a long time.

    Each year I spend half of my income on other people’s healthcare… I have spent my life serving and helping people. What is happening now is deeply sick and wrong… Please don’t let it affect you.”
    -J Michael Shoemaker (AKA- “Swami Chetanananda”)

  • “The most important lesson I never learned in Siddha Yoga, that was later reiterated to me by Swami Lakshman Joo, was… TRUST NO ONE…… my refusal to learn this lesson cost me a lot.”
    – J. Michael Shoemaker ( AKA “ Swami Chetanananda”)

    “I’d like to choose my own kind of death for a change, I’m tired of being tormented to hell. Tired of it.”
    – Jim Jones

    I got out. You can get out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. https://www.igotout.org/resources

  • Frank, I love your writing. These are demon people. How do you process these horrors without going crazy?

    • I get invested in the victims and the desire to stop the abuse. I also try to see the humorous side of some of it. If a person is outside of this it has comical features.

      A short crossed-eyed poor-hygiene guy gets a harem by saying he is the smartest guy in the world. A guy who gets off strangling women puts on an orange robe and pretends he is a holy man and can get rid of your bad karma.

  • Oh “poor” Swamiji…. he’s being publicly attacked “again” for being a sicko “again”. Must be some jealous crazy “again”.

    The definition of crazy for these idiots is hearing the SAME crap for 50 years and coming to the SAME conclusion.

    “Oh, poor Swami”.

    (Insert violent retch with a bold middle finger here)

  • People like this always prey on people that are financially struggling, have mental health issues, or a history of drug or alcohol problems because they will be the easiest to discredit if they ever tell.

    Also if they help one of thes “lesser themselves” out of some kind of jam you are indebted to them for “helping”you and they can cry and whine to others about how all they tried to do is “help” this “poor”, “crazy”, “addict” and THIS is all the THANKS they get.

    Grotesque. Predatory. Evil.

    I haven’t one grain of sympathy for anyone who continues to support him at this point. You want to lose your reputation, livelihood, mental and physical health because the “repo man” is now coming to collect all those “favors” he supposedly bestowed upon you out of the “kindness of his heart”.

    So be it.

    He can throw you all into his puja of perversion, his little broken pieces of finery to feed nothing but his own demons.

    I guess that is your own karma.

    To fry with his.

    The sickest part in all of this is all the women with little daughters he has brought in over the years.

    There are two I have seen pictured recently. Their Mother so long and obviously “thirsty” for the Salami.

    She’s been long vocal about being perfectly ok should her daughters ever be “chosen” for special training by her guru.

    They would be just the last of many, permission from their Mother or not.

    Any of you that observed this and were never prompted to protect these young ladies are as big of douchebags as he is.

    If you are women even more.

  • “Each year I spend half of my income on other peoples healthcare… I have spent my life serving and helping people.”

    The good never makes up for the bad. Ever. It just camouflages it.

  • All this is just a reminder that religious people be cray cray.

    Looking at the pictures, I am seeing some ladies that might end up get the attention of Swami. Hopefully not as they might be singing a different tune at some point in the future.

  • Michael Shoemaker your head bashing days are numbered! From your theft of Rudy’s possessions to your Gold Beach estate- you’re a fraud.

    A conman draped in orange cloth, exploiting those most vulnerable, with the protection of Jim, Jen, and Sharon.

    Your neurologically impaired, blinking concubine who we all know has had the life choked out of her at your hands— cannot save you.

    You’re a master manipulator and talented speaker, but you’ve been caught by the real deal. You’re done. And you know it. 🙂

    • Not just protected, they have aided and abetted in this criminal’s activities for decades. Add Theresa and Salman Khan, and Monica O’ Neal to this list. They have a global rug company called Lapshmi, or Lakshmi.
      If you want to get out, you can. I got out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You can start a new life.

      • After your report a year ago ( https://frankreport.com/2021/06/21/a-cult-similar-to-nxivm-a-man-similar-to-raniere-meet-tony-quinn-of-educo/ THANK YOU!) it sent UK members of Educo into a frenzy. I won’t reveal what happened to me hear but to other survivors of Educo fair-game, and from other groups, it’s your standard shut-them-down-permanently scheme.

        A proper Wikipedia page was established in January that has had some small skirmishes with “members” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Educo_Cult ) but has doubled it’s daily traffic since the refresh. The Wikipedia page update was inspired by a podcast released in September which was well researched and criticised the lack-of-information on Wikipedia ( https://madnessmadness.buzzsprout.com/1573279/9208281?t=630 )

        An online recruitment “club” was uncovered and has since gone quiet, maybe ended, maybe pivoted. Reports have been filed to a number of organisations to inform them that Educo have snuck-in-through-the-back-door, much like what happened in 2015 ( https://archive.ph/jD5wp ).

        The most high-profile promoter of Educo is mentioning the benefits of the Seminar whenever she can (Oil and Gas Summits, Belize Cable TV, and next month at a conference in Zambia attended by Ambassadors and a Mayor no less)

        There are things going on in the background that are encouraging. I have sent you emails and I understand that you are busy. Thank you again for your article and the work you are doing. I will continue to keep you in the loop as things develop. Your article has given attempts to expose this smaller group in the UK a lot of leverage. Thank you

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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