Mother of Choked Victim of Swami ‘Chet’ Wants Law Enforcement Action

Frank Parlato

Jayne Lyons is the mother of Eva.

Jayne is on a campaign to expose Swami Chetanananda, AKA J. Michael Shoemaker. The Swami has been a guru for the last half-century. He has disciples all over the world.

He became rich and famous from his guru endeavors. He offers tantra yoga, incorporating drugs, pain, and unsafe sex.
This teaching seems reserved for young, attractive female disciples. He offers karma yoga for most, incorporating working for free for him. He permits wealthier disciples to gain spiritual gains by making tax-deductible charitable contributions to him.

He is a fascinating criminal. He lives the life of an emperor with unpaid servants who call themselves disciples. Intelligent people feel that not obeying him risks throwing their souls into an abyss. He preys on the weak in mind or spirit. He has left a trail of sorrow and pain for half a century. There are many victims.

Eva is one in a long line of victims.

Jayne read something disturbing in a Frank Report story: Swami Demanded Woman Give Free Blowjobs to Ugly Strangers As He Watched on FaceTime.


The story mentioned Jayne’s daughter.

A former resident of the Movement Center told me Eva had a concussion. She fell after Swami Chetanananda choked her. And there are pictures of Eva with a collar, under the influence of drugs. If this is true, there is little doubt who put the collar on and ordered her to take drugs.

Jayne was the first person to tell me about Chetanananda. She pressed me to write about him.

She knew Catherine Oxenberg came to me for help. Her daughter was in a group that branded and blackmailed women. Catherine and I successfully terminated the group and sent its leaders to prison.

I’ve written about a dozen stories about the Swami. Jayne’s response to learning he miight have compromising photos of her daughter:

Jayne Lyons

This is so upsetting, and I am so angry and hurt to read that there are pictures of my daughter wearing a collar. Who has these pictures? Who took them? Who else in that terrible place knew of her abuse?

Vivina Boster, Michael Shoemaker and Howard Boster

Howard Boster was in her room when I got to the Movement Center. I am sure he told Eva not to tell me what Shoemaker had done to her.

Molly Meredith

Sweet, smiling Molly Meridith took Eva towels to urinate on in the room where she was being held because she couldn’t walk after her “training”.

Jen Wilhelm and Swami

Jen Wilhelm went with her to the emergency department to ensure she didn’t talk about her abuse.

Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker witnessed paramedics carrying Eva out on a stretcher. Jessica knew the official story of slipping on a treadmill in the gym was false. She tried to tell others what happened.

Swami with Liliana Lopez

Liliana Lopez said she spent a night in her room after her “training.”

Drew Carlson took her food; no one helped my daughter. They facilitated her abuse. They all hid, lied, ran away, or said my daughter had a nervous breakdown. Indeed, these are signs of high demand, high control, and destructive and dangerous cults. All members of such a group are brainwashed to support the traumatizing narcissist, Shoemaker, the cult leader.

Gold Beach Elite: Swami’s Inner CircleTop Left: Michelle, Chris Jackson, Jim Brissette, Karen Jones, Michael Shoemaker, Sarah Mocus, Kari Gronningsater, Sal Khan, Maggie Daily, Theresa Khan, Claudia Henry.

Bottom Left: Mother of Viktor Usov, Tim, Susan Marshall, Laura Santi, Patty Slote, Tom Fabrizio, Govind Cornelisun, Jerry Sutherland, Monica O’Neil


Leaving the group is not the same as healing from the harm of being a member.

The cult leader and his inner circle demand cruel, deplorable behavior.


When my son moved my daughter’s things out of the Movement Center, the residents would not help him. Instead, they yelled insults at him and made fun of him.

Of course, Shoemaker showed up to ensure my son would be intimidated by the man who had abused his sister. What a deranged man he is.

Someone questioned my relationship with my daughter in the comments of one of Frank’s articles. I have a loving and solid relationship with my daughter. Who did she call when Shoemaker abused her? She called her mom, and I came immediately.

I supported her nursing schoolwork and helped pay for her nursing program. We exchanged messages almost every day. She highlighted some of my international health work in her courses.

Her brother and I came to her graduation ceremony. Shoemaker tried to sever our love. He told my daughter I was crazy and full of demons.

Shoemaker shows some paranoia in these texts to Eva.

Shoemaker’s flying monkeys told her the same lies and worse about me. But love wins. Love can always be there.

Who will stand up with me stop this madness, this abuse, this cruel and damaging man and his group?

If you have woken up from your indoctrination, you can speak up.  You can tell law enforcement what you know about the abuses under Shoemaker.

Help stop this.

I will continue to find ways to bring media and law enforcement attention to these abuses. It is not just my daughter who he has hurt. There are many more victims,  And their families are the hidden victims of this abuse. All of us suffer from what Shoemaker has done to our loved ones.

We must stop Shoemaker.

Working for free is not SEVA. It is modern slavery. It is human labor trafficking. Being fraudulently recruited, groomed, and gaslighted and ending up being beaten and strangled and other BDSM activities under a cultic system are not consenting adults having intimate relationships. It is assault and battery and human trafficking for sex.

Call law enforcement and tell them what you know.

Law Enforcement

Nathan Wollstein of the Portland Police is aware of Shoemaker, 503-545-3482,

Portland Chief of Police, Chuck Lovell was sworn in as Chief of Police on June 11, 2020.

Jordan White, Chief of Police, Gold Beach

Jordan White, Chief of Police, Gold Beach

John Ward, Curry County Sheriff

John Ward, Curry County Sheriff

Paul Chang, Western Region Anti-trafficing Coordinator, 626-732-4934

FBI tip line
Human Trafficking Hotline line

.. Neil Glazer. .

Lawyers who take abuse cases on a contingency basis and all of whom are aware of Shoemaker
Neil Glazer, working on Nxivm cases

Carol Merchasin,, worked on Shambala cases

Christine Mascal, 503-320-1020, Portland based attorney.

Back in 2020 , the In Good Faith Foundation published this


A family member of a US based Survivor contacted IGFF and asked us to share the following information. The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon are investigating J. Michael Shoemaker aka Swami Chetanananda.

Shoemaker is a colleague of Russell Kruckman, aka Swami Shankarananda, and visited Australia a number of times to teach meditation with Shiva Ashram, Mt Eliza, VIC and other settings. We understand that information regarding offences by Shoemaker in Australia, may be conveyed to FBI Special Agent, Brendan Dennard on +1 503 460 8304 or via Portland Police Bureau, USA.

Shoemaker was an associate and guest of Kruckman at Shiva Ashram, Mt Eliza, as described in a 2004 promotional piece, while a 2015 article shares more information about abuse at the Shiva School of Meditation and Yoga.




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  • All those who follow the path of vamachara know its power and its dangers. Swami has informed you to tread this course without his guidance risks temptation by demons and other deceivers. Swami has been meditating for your continue safety. There’s only so much he can do when you insist on following the path of pride and disobedience. Frank Parlato is a demon. You are at great risk. Swami is not responsible for what befalls you. He is always ready to forgive. Come back to the community that loves you. Come back to the guru who loves you.

    • To watch out for your karma:
      Marshall Applewhite ( One of the two leader’s of Heaven’s Gate Cult) believed that he was the second coming of Christ. He grew up in an extremely religious household.
      I got out. You can get out. You are not alone.

    • You’re the one who is deceived, Monica. It’s pointless to even respond to you because your mind is so fractured by what he’s done to you. I feel very sorry for you. I hope the end of your life passes with some ability to find peace.

    • Oh no! Beware the power of Vamachara!! That juju is worse than The Force!

      People actually believe in this stuff. Incredible. And complain that Swami Chet isn’t a “real” Swami, like there’s anything real about any of this mystical gobbledegook.

      Think Raniere talked in word salad? Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia on “real” Hindu vamachara, complete with a quote from an academic expert:

      Vāmācāra is a Sanskrit term meaning “left-handed attainment” and is synonymous with “Left-Hand Path” or “Left-path”. It is used to describe a particular mode of worship or sadhana (spiritual practice) that is not only “heterodox” to standard Vedic injunction, but extreme in comparison to the status quo. Both vama and dakshina system of worship has actual 5’ms usage, former is the worship of only devi and later is worship of other deities like ganesha, shiva, vishnu with 5’ms.

      These practices are often generally considered to be Tantric in orientation. The converse term is dakṣiṇācāra “Right-Hand Path”, which is used to refer not only to “orthodox” (Āstika) sects but to modes of spirituality that engage in spiritual practices that accord with Vedic injunction and are generally agreeable to the status quo.
      Left-handed and right-handed modes of practice may be evident in both orthodox and heterodox practices of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism and is a matter of taste, culture, proclivity, initiation, sadhana and dharmic “lineage”.

      Barrett (2008: p. 161) discusses the “charnel ground sadhana” of the Aghori practitioners[13] in both its left and right-handed proclivities and identifies it as principally cutting through attachments and aversion in order to foreground inner primordiality, a perspective influenced by a view by culture or domestication:

      “The gurus and disciples of Aghor believe their state to be primordial and universal. They believe that all human beings are natural-born Aghori. Hari Baba has said on several occasions that human babies of all societies are without discrimination, that they will play as much in their own filth as with the toys around them. Children become progressively discriminating as they grow older and learn the culturally specific attachments and aversions of their parents. Children become increasingly aware of their mortality as they bump their heads and fall to the ground. They come to fear their mortality and then palliate this fear by finding ways to deny it altogether. In this sense, Aghor sādhanā is a process of unlearning deeply internalized cultural models. When this sādhanā takes the form of shmashān sādhanā, the Aghori faces death as a very young child, simultaneously meditating on the totality of life at its two extremes. This ideal example serves as a prototype for other Aghor practices, both left and right, in ritual and in daily life.”

      Yeah. That all makes perfect sense…

      • Agree with your comment. There may have been a time in history where this kind of teaching and Guru relationships served some purpose but that time has passed.

        People can teach themselves now. Most people can read. Information is widely available. Nowadays people largely don’t believe in advanced society that there should be deities and Master Slave type relationships between humans on Earth.

        These kind of Quasi religious relationships have had their time and it’s over. Self- help. What’s the first word? SELF. Not dirty old man help.

        Even more in very structured religions people have to be very, very careful these days that people are not abusing the power of their role in the organization. But it is as believable that someone is a Swami asit us believable that they are a genie.

        As in. It’s not believable. And people are foolish to follow any of this nonsense. The very people who want power over other people are exactly the people who should not have it. Ever.

        Life is magical enough. Thete are eclipses and shooting stars. Denizens of the deep sea. Snow. Falling in love. Chocolate. Avocado trees. The smell of Summer. Music. Butterflies. Playing with a dog. A really good sleep.

        You don’t need this made up guru shit.

        If you do – go to Disneyland.

    • Moni, Jen, or whomever this is –

      These kinds of threats help no one, let’s be a little more clear in our communications if we are actually trying to help everyone involved. Which is what I believe you are trying to do, and is what I’ve been trying to do as well – and is what everyone here is trying to do – even if everyone has a different idea about what helping the situation and everyone involved looks like. Everyone here is trying to do good by this world, by women, and by the human condition.

      Frank is a person, he is not a demon. Jayne is a person, she also is not a demon. People are people, and demons are demons. This kind of fear-mongering is not helpful in any way.

      A mother that leaps through any and all hoops to save and help her daughter who is hurt or in danger certainly is not a demon. In fact this is one of the key qualities of Maa, when her children pray to her and call on her, she comes to them and saves them and works on their behalf and well being. Jayne is much closer to Maa than she is to any kind of demon. She lept for her daughter and has been facing all kinds of threats and hardships to do what she feels is best to further the safety and wellbeing of her daughter. If you all actually do have compassion for the suffering of other beings, then be a little more honest with yourself here.

      A man who has dedicated his life and career to helping those who have been abused by harmful and exploitive institutions, is not a demon. Whether you believe SC is good or bad, we can agree that there are many explotivie institutions out there and it takes someone with very specific skills and determination to put himself on the line again and again to help closed down such places and put a stop to the abuse. In this way, Frank is much closer to being like SC than he is to being like a demon. SC is self-sacrificial and puts much on the line to help others and get them out of problematic situations. I think we can all understand why Frank has some specific questions and reasons to be looking into TMC and SC to find out if this is such a situation that is predatory and harmful. We have all found Frank to be very neutral in his interviewing methodology, genuinely trying to get to the reality here, rather than trying to direct the conversation to a pre-determined or desired outcome. Even if his writing is not neutral, I assure you his interviewing methodology is.

      Lastly, NO ONE received proper warning, education or information on “vamachara” from SC before getting involved with him. I have actually NEVER heard SC used that word, and SC never actually explained that that is what we were doing. Sanderson gave some lectures, but that terminology or “left hand path” was never used. I personally did not know that’s what I was getting involved with, or was doing, when I moved into the ashram, and when SC made a move on me. He has certainly given me no instruction on how to manage myself, my life, my relationships going forward with respect to “vamachara”. SC is cryptic at best in all of his lectures, and carries so much shame about his past failed relationships and students, that its really difficult to know what on earth is what when he talks.

  • Thank you Jayne for putting yourself out there to stop this psychopath!

    And thank FR for your dedicated reporting, reassurance, and willingness to listen without exposing us. Please don’t stop as the other journalist have. There have been a few series written, but then not pursued and Shoemaker gets away with it.

    United you can take him down. Come forward. Call FR — you can be kept anonymous.

    I called to report what I knew. My name isn’t anywhere. Each of us can make a difference. We each have pieces to a larger puzzle– please share what you know or have been told–don’t think it’s “not enough” or it doesn’t matter. Every experience matters.

  • Swamicon– you say it yourself– LOOK at your OWN words– Jayne may have “leaked” the letter– Why did you make us keep it a secret Michael? Sadhvi’s top secret letter about your PLANNED move to Gold Beach, where only selected members with money would be able to go– you left the rest of us behind after we dedicated OUR LIVES to you.

    You acted as if you were off on some adventure to an unknown land when you had purchased a mansion! With money from honest, hard-working devotees who wanted to grow spiritually. You are a conman!

    Jim Brissette, Jen Wilhelm, Patty Slote, Tom Fabrizio, Govind Cornelisun, Jerry Sutherland, Monica O’Neil, and Theresa and Salman Kahn– You are each guilty — without each of you Michael would not get away with this.

    You PARTICIPATE. You set up the innocent, those most in need of guidance– you prey upon the most vulnerable and those with the purest hearts.

    Gretchen GET OUT! Leave NOW! Go to your sister. GET OUT. Save yourself.

    • I can’t not get angry when people seem to hold Gretchen on this level above all of this. I too bought right into the angelic facade. But the reality is, Gretchen knows exactly what goes on.

      She is far from stupid and it occurs right under her nose and in her bed.

      Moni told me that Gretchen has participated in the drug-fueled BDSM threesomes.

      People defending Gretchen saying how lovely she is, well this woman stands by her man all the while seeing young new women arrive beautiful and radiant, and then leave broken and degraded. How many times? And she still smiles sweetly and acts like she doesn’t see. This has been going on for over two decades. She is accountable, along with Sharon, Theresa, Jim, Howard.

      They barter young women to maintain their positions by his side and in his bed. None of them are victims, not even her.

  • You seem like a really great mom, Jayne.

    I’m so sorry for what’s happened to your daughter and proud of you for speaking up.

    Hang in there. I too, believe love can win.

  • “To truly understand the Nazis,” Ulmstrom said, leading the way, “you have to stop considering them as a political party. They called themselves Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – the National Socialist German Workers’ Party – but in reality, they were really a cult.”

    “A cult?” Gray asked. “They bore all the trappings, ja? A spiritual leader who could not be questioned, disciples who wore matching clothes, rituals and blood oaths performed in secret, and most important of all, the creation of a potent totem to worship.

    The Hakenkreuz.

    The Broken Cross, also called the swastika.

    A symbol to supplant the crucifix and the Star of David.”

    “Hari krishnas on steroids,” Monk mumbled.

    “Do not joke. The Nazis understood the inherent power of ideas. A power greater than any gun or rocket. They used it to subjugate and brainwash an entire nation.”
    — James Rollins

  • Branch Davidian survivor:

    Sheila Martin, who moved to the compound with her husband and their five children in 1988, said, “It was fun as long as we were being obedient.”

    You can get out. I got out. You are not alone. .

  • (Referring to) David Koresh:
    “He claimed that when he was a child, God had spoken to him and said, ‘You’re the chosen one. You are my messiah,’” journalist Mary Garafolo, who covered the events at Waco for the news program “A Current Affair,” told ABC News.

    You can get out. I got out. You are not alone.

  • “Howard Boster was in her room when I got to the Movement Center” Yes, he was sent on a mission to silence her, always has been Shoemaker’s errand boy.

    “Jen Wilhelm went with her to the emergency department to ensure she didn’t talk about her abuse.” She was there when it happened no doubt, and is accomplice and procurer.

    “When my son moved my daughter’s things out of the Movement Center, the residents would not help him. Instead, they yelled insults at him and made fun of him.” His brainwashed jackals guarding the gates the hell.

    “He offers tantra yoga, incorporating drugs, pain, and unsafe sex. This teaching seems reserved for young, attractive female disciples.” Yes, apparently a young woman who’s never done any practice before in her life is ready for the “highest tantra” with her master.

    “Who has these pictures? Who took them” He has them, as well as whoever was in the room with them at the time. They have a picture of me also in a dog collar

    Liliana Lopez said she spent a night in her room after her “training.” Then she was in the room when it happened. I also was “kept an eye on” the first time.

    I have tried to come forward to the authorities, yet no one seems to want to listen. I have contacted PDX police, I have contacted one of the lawyers in this list. No one will return my calls. Jayne and Frank, you are speaking for his long-silenced victims, but I can’t fight him if no one listens.

  • Yeah. All these accusations are pretty vague and, I’m guessing, will lead nowhere.

    What crimes, exactly, have been committed? How would a prosecutor make a case? Claims of brainwashing and gaslighting won’t cut it.

    And Swami Chet, unlike Raniere, is clever enough to be operating under the guise of religion. So he’s running a cult? All religions are cults. He makes fraudulent promises? All religions make ridiculous promises of salvation and whatnot. He’s gotten wealthy off it? Have you seen the Vatican?

    Now granted, Tantric Yoga is some Class-A bullshit. Take a gander at Mormonism though.

    People believe in angels and virgin births and golden tablets from heaven and spirit voices from beyond and “chi energy” and all that’s perfectly normal but this guy’s operation is somehow different? This guy’s a fraud and those other operations aren’t?

    All I knew about Tantric Yoga is it involves some bullshit about having orgasms for some kind of spiritual experience (well, Duh!)

    There’s some Buddhist sect that practices the same thing. The monk is supposed to not come and only the girl does and that’s supposed to transfer chi energy or some goddam thing. Nice work if you can get it, seems to me.

    So this Swami guy is running a fuckfest there in Portland and living high on the hog too. Sounds pretty skeevy but I doubt anyone’s going to jail over it. The guy’s smarter than Raniere. Which let’s face it, ain’t that hard.

  • Put “swami” in quotes. Not his name. Not sure why you censored my other short comment.

    All I wrote was that y’all need to stop calling him “swami” . like that’s a real thing.

    In this case – this fat old pervert is as much a mermaid as he is a swami.

    He’s just an abuser. Use his name. Drop the sanctimonious title!

    • “…this fat old pervert is as much a mermaid as he is a Swami.”

      This is the best assessment I’ve seen to date! Got a good laugh although admittedly, this is all devastating and sad.

      This of us who visited infrequently, had great experiences, and never got involved in the inner stuff, truly had no idea about this disgusting behavior. I am saddened for those whom he hurt and all the others who are starting to realize they’ve been had.

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