The Canadian: Kristin Kreuk is not innocent – in her role in the sex-slaver NXIVM cult!

Kristin Kreuk for Girls By Design

A reader who we will call The Canadian had this to say about former NXIVM coach and taxpayer-funded Canadian TV actress, Kristin Kreuk:

By The Canadian 

Kristin Kreuk is not innocent.

In the space of one month, February 2012, she was named as a likely future defendant in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit, was exposed as one of the few trusted NXIVM insiders on Necker Island where money laundering was said to of been planned (along with other juicy bits of info) and was named as a cult member in the same expose that revealed Keith Raniere was a rapist pedophile.

Kreuk carried on coaching.

In fact, just a month later, she filmed the pilot of her awful show Beauty and the Beast which filmed for four seasons without any press scrutiny on Kreuk’s NXIVM role.

Then there are other things. This “Jane”, the DOS slave, has been confirmed as authentic by Frank. She says she came from Kreuk’s Girls By Design. If so, that is awful.

Now, not only was she recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Kreuk, she is now a branded sex slave. What did Kreuk do for her? Were there other GBD girls recruited into NXIVM? Do any of them have brands?

This Jane does not want Kreuk to know who she is. Why?

  • Were there other GBD girls recruited into NXIVM?
  • What about Kreuk tricking college kids into giving Keith Raniere market research information under deliberately false pretenses?
  • What about Juicy Peach and a Capella Innovations?
  • What about her bullshit statement forced out of her by the press?
    • Her refusal to even acknowledge she was a coach and recruiter.
    • Her obvious attempt to hide how long she was in the cult for by wording it as joining at 23 and leaving “about five years ago” so that those who don’t know her age won’t know she was there formally for at least seven years.
  • How about taking huge amounts of Canadian tax dollars that other people worked for in 2017 pretending to be the saviour of teen girls on television while all this NXIVM media coverage was happening and she refused to say a word?
  • How about her desire to have people believe she left in 2013 when in fact she was still with the cult at least as recently as 2015, probably later?
  • Are we to believe, in all of Kreuk’s years and years as a devoted cult member, she knew absolutely nothing!?
  • That she only discovered the cult was bad when Frank broke the branding story!?
    • She even retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s bullshit statement defending her, as if Edmondson is a person to be believed and trusted.
    • Kreuk knows that Edmondson is not innocent, yet she still retweeted her bullshit defense.
    • Edmondson is talking to the Feds about crimes she obviously knows about, participated in and profited from. Yet Kreuk wants us to believe what Edmondson said that Kreuk left in 2013 (she didn’t) and that “shit got weird” after 2013. Shit was weird years before the two years of DOS.

Kristin Kreuk is in the public eye. This is all her own doing. All of it.

Kristin Kreuk on stage in Albany with Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack and literally under the banner of Keith Raniere

She was happy to be a public figure in a notorious cult and taught people to ignore the cult allegations. She has deliberately lied, downplayed her involvement and remains silent because she knows if pressured about her role, she will not look squeaky clean.

I would also like to see the other individuals discussed more, including Mark “Cuck” Hildreth, Grace Park and also, silent coward Olivia Cheng. Do you not want these people’s roles exposed? They don’t deserve a free pass.

If you put your finger in shit, you will get shit on your finger. If Kreuk did not want this, she should never of spent years in a disgusting cult as a public figure.

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  • I still don’t get why Frank republishes random arguments by unverified people in the comments section as articles.
    And then repeats them on art voice.

    At some point, this is starting to hurt the credibility of the site without any evidence to support them not even an investigation

    This place went from maintaining that Kristin left at the right time and avoided the mess of the cult’s activities beyond just being a life coach class programme to now struggling to connects the dots because she chose not to be a whistleblower in the vain of Parlato when denouncing NXVIM a year back

  • This is getting ridiculous I’m a full supporter for those who do wrong but there’s no proof that she was there after 2013 do I believe she didn’t know anything at all no I don’t I’m not that naive and neither are any of our other fans but as far as it illegal and knowing exactly what was going on I don’t think she knew all of it is fake news until it’s proven it’s all just sit back and wait and quit wasting our time talking about stuff that really doesn’t matter anyway

    • Edmondson is a criminal. She knew the cult was criminal too. She only left and went to the press and authorities after being affected negatively. Anyone who feels sorry for this selfish creature is a moron.

  • She don’t owe you shit, get a job and stop wasting people’s time just because Kristen rejected your ass. Fake news!

  • You’ve been asked many times by many people without answering, then you and others repeat this as fack,
    Please, share your information.

    How do you know KK was still with the cult in 2015, and what was her involvement.
    If you can’t answer, then you can’t repeat it.

  • Your taxpayer revolt is misplaced.
    You said (many times): “taking huge amounts of Canadian tax dollars that other people worked for”

    The facts don’t support your anger: Kreuk’s TV series gets little or no funding from taxpayers.

    —“The Govt supplies a combined total a billion dollars annually and is a source of heated debate. To supplement this funding, the CBC’s television networks and websites sell advertising, The network’s defenders note that the CBC’s mandate differs from private media’s, particularly in its focus on Canadian content; that much of the public funding actually goes to the radio networks…and that the CBC is responsible for the full cost of most of its prime-time programming,”

    And 90% of canucks don’t agree with you….sorry….

    —-“A Nanos Research poll from August 2014 showed 41% of Canadians wanted funding increased, 46% wanted it maintained at current levels, and only 10% wanted to see it cut.”

    • For the government to supply money to the CBC, where did that money come from? Canadian tax payers. You get taxed like fuck and they throw your money down the shitter, such as foreign aid that ends up in the pockets of corrupt African leaders and shitty left wing liberal PC cuck dramas like Burden Of Truth.

      Most Canadians are retarded. Feminists, soy boy dickheads, poo pushers, bull dykes, “non binary(!?)” loonies and all round PC dickheads. The women in Toronto are amongst the worse kind of wife/mother material in the world. The number of Canadian men moving to South America, Eastern Europe and the Balkans to find pinker pastures is huge.

      I looked at the writers of Burden Of Truth to see if they looked like what I thought they looked like and their twitter feeds to see if they were the weak PC retards I thought they were and bingo, a fat prick who looks like he has type 2 diabetes called Hayden Simpson who probably has a lower sperm count than a blue ass fly, a gingerish ugly weak dweeb with a low testosterone soy face called Eric Putzer who according to his IMDB profile is not even a writer but a fucking cable puller! Now the CBC is giving your money to a cable puller who has never written anything in his life to write a tv show. What next, give the make up artist or caterer a writers gig? And ugly man hating feminist Lynn Coady whose twitter feed is like a satanic text of hatred against men and whites with zero reference to NXIVM, and women branding sex slaves (typical virtue signalling hypocrite).

      Stop watching the shitty tv. It’s poison. Read books, they are superior.

      • This post is everything that is wrong in America. It’s sad to realize just how common place assholes are, who take advantage and bully and brow beat others into believing and doing what they want. Those types are clearly not so uncommon. Some even post on Frank. And you can add rascist, xenophobe, mysoginyst to the list on this one.

        • “And you can add rascist, xenophobe, mysoginyst to the list on this one.”

          All the usual insults complacent liberals use to attack those who don’t surrender to your cult. You also spelt misogynist and racist wrong. And where the fuck is there anything “xenophobic” “racist” or “misogynistic” in that post? Go live in Saudi Arabia and spew your bullshit there. Go see how tolerant non-white countries are to foreigners. Such an ignorant spoilt brat. Virtue signalling and PC drivel does not make you a moral person. The bar of whether you are a good person or not is not whether you tolerate dicks up the rectum or believe in “transgender”. Get over yourself.

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