Swami Chetanananda Demanded Female Disciples Pity F—k Homeless Men

J. Michael Shoemaker was born in Connersville, Indiana, on July 25, 1949. The bright lad attended Indiana University. Sometimes, to amuse himself, he would go to the roof of his fraternity house and shoot off guns while high on speed. He stole the speed from his father’s pharmacy.

His online biography states, “From his college days, he knew he wanted his life to be about helping people and creating positive change in the world.”

In 1971, he met a fat, gay businessman, 
Albert Rudolph, or Rudi. This corpulent gent used the ‘guru-technique’ to have sex with lots of young men and boys who would otherwise be repulsed by him.

Rudi with young Shoemaker and another lad. Rudi spoke of high spiritual philosophy as he contemplated getting into their trousers.

Shoemaker said about his first meeting with Rudi, “When I walked into his store, I looked at him and felt my heart shatter into a thousand pieces. From that moment on, I never had one second’s doubt about the power of the experience into which I had entered.”

Shoemaker soon surrendered his body and soul, his heart, mind, and anus, to his lascivious but all-knowing guru. In certain circles, Shoemaker was known as Rudi’s boy.
Sita, one of Shoemaker’s former disciples, said, “He was weirdly in love with Rudi. He likes men. He likes to be sadistic with women. He told me how good it felt to have sex with men.”
Shoemaker was young and gay – just like Rudi liked ’em.

Happily, Rudi died in a plane crash shortly afterward, and Shoemaker claimed to be his successor.

Chetanananda’s bio states, “Rudi, before his passing in 1973, gave Swamiji the opportunity to carry on his work and take over direction of his ashrams (spiritual communities) around the world.”

Some believe that Shoemaker fought and clawed his way to take over Rudi’s gullible followers and his assets. They say that a supposed “letter” Shoemaker got from Rudi saying he was to be his successor was non-existent. Shoemaker apparently never showed the letter to anyone.

Shoemaker and Rudi
The Swami Chetananda with a statue of Rudi in his ashram in Gold Beach. He has people do ceremonial worship of Rudi daily. Chetanananda claims to have Rudi’s ashes which are said to be worshipped. But some doubt that the ashes are in Chetanananda’s possession.
Swami Chetanananda worships his dead guru. An excellent example to his students, who are likewise encouraged to worship their living guru.
The disciplic succession. Nityananda to Rudi to Chetanananda.

Shoemaker succeeded in taking over Rudi’s legacy. Still, he lacked something that would give him the credentials to make money and have sex without having to seduce women. His online bio explains, “Swamiji formalized his commitment to spiritual growth by being initiated as a swami (‘master of oneself’) by Swami Muktananda on May 14, 1978.

He took the name Chetanananda, which means ‘bliss of pure Self-awareness.'”Swami Muktananda, like Rudi, was another great master at using the guru-technique to have sex with disciples. A skinny, homely little man, he preferred women and girls. He almost got into serious trouble because the girls he enjoyed best were barely post-pubescent. He liked to finger them at age 12 or 13 to check their purity.

Swami Muktananda gave Michael Shoemaker the title of Swami, and Shoemaker used the title to his advantage. As Swami Chetanananda, he may have even surpassed his guru Muktananda in the number of women disciples he had sex with. But in one department, the old master will not likely be topped.

Muktananda’s record for having sex with teen girls will probably never be broken. With new laws, harsh law enforcement, and penalties for statutory rape, the great gurus have lost one of the most important fields for recruitment. Highly elevated gurus like Chetanananda are increasingly waiting until a girl reaches the age of consent before offering her their highly advanced, if at times flaccid, wisdom.

After Swami Muktananda bestowed on Shoemaker the title Swami, he was known as Swami Chetanananda. Once he had the title, he followed in the footsteps of his beloved teachers, Rudi and Muktananda. His destiny was sealed.

He no longer had to seduce women or get them high on drugs and date rape them. He was their guru and sought only their spiritual welfare. They had to trust him to lead them onward and to higher spiritual pathways.

Swami Chetanananda’s biography continues: “Swami Chetanananda has transformed the lives of thousands of people…. Swami Chetanananda articulates his wisdom of inner work and spiritual growth in a language and discipline that is practical and appropriate to the needs of his students….  As a living example of his teaching, Swamiji is an inspiration, resource, and mentor to people from all walks of life. He is dedicated to facilitating in his students the awakening of the extraordinary experience of their creative potential and nurturing their spiritual growth.”


Yet, it is often seen in this world that no matter how high-minded a Swami is, there will be some who think poorly of him. Some of his detractors call him Salami Swami. Others call him “Chet” behind his back, a disrespectful name for a holy man.

Yet since I started this series, I have received numerous calls and emails. Most of them from women who once accepted Swami Chetanananda as their guru. They all tell the same story. He commanded them to have sex with him and sometimes with others.

Sita said,

“Chet has been at it for more than 40 years. He started out raping women and calling it tantric enlightening. That was 50 years ago. Then ten years later, he showed his really true colors with the sadism. He told me he started the sadism when he was 30. So that is 40-plus years of horrific acts of sadism. He told me that he witnessed a castration. And that was exciting for him. ‘Thrilling.’ That is why he loved to use dildos on women’s anuses. He doesn’t have much interest in getting close to any vaginas. I think he has some really big fear and hate towards women. Obviously. He forced a dildo into my anus. It was one of the most painful things I have ever felt.”

Yes, Shoemaker has used the guru-technique for over four decades to have sex with as many as 1000 women.

Before closing, I would like to let readers hear from another woman. I have changed her name to protect her identity. “Aadya,” says Shoemaker abused her. She speaks about what he told her and other women.

When Aadya refers to the “inside,” she means the ashram [L’Hermitage] and those who live with him in Gold Beach.

Swami Chetananda in front of a photograph of his guru’s guru, an Indian named Swami Nityananda.
A wise and holy man – Swami Chetanananda, follows the ancient tradition of the holy gurus.
The great Swami takes a selfie in his weight room.

The guru business is profitable. The Swami lives in a luxurious residence he calls L’Hermitage in Gold Beach, Oregon. Free servants who live with him keep the place up and fuck him whenever their spiritual welfare requires it.


“Every day, every day, every day, whether the world is nice to you or mean to you, whatever your experience is, it’s still all about love.”- Chetanananda

A Word From Aadya

By Aadya

Too many of us who have been on the inside know that everything Frank is reporting is, sadly, completely true and not exaggerated.

Salami is a master manipulator, a pathological liar, and a very sick, abusive, and mentally ill man.  He promotes himself to be a savior and doctor to all. Instead, he is merely a pervert who calls his own students “useless animals” behind their backs or worse. He is a certifiable sociopath and malignant narcissist.

If you’re on the inside and don’t believe it, look up those terms and see who and what you’ve whored out your soul for.

The people who remain by his side do so not out of love but in fear. They’ve accepted their own enslavement and conditioning because he’s made them so afraid of the world “out there.”

He preaches to “love life,” but lives with his head in his iPad, chatrooms, cocaine, meth, and porn binges, or up his own ass. While he preaches the virtues of “living a big life”, those on the inside fear stepping outside of the tiny prison he has carved out for them in his house and in their minds.

He believes that the highest service a woman can offer this world is her total debasement and enslavement to him and whore herself out to the poor homeless men in town in his name.

He believes this is the greatest wish of these poor men come true and that this is great compassion to the less fortunate: A woman who (pretends to) want to have sex with them. The blatant disclosure of his own emotional underdevelopment is astounding.

Even if “good work” was being done by him and his sex slaves for humankind – you would think he would be very caring and considerate about who and how he “initiates” into such “tantric” work.

He couldn’t care less how many women’s lives he destroyed to provide homeless men somewhere to cum on for his own thrill. In fact, the younger, more insecure, self-doubting, or underdeveloped the woman is, the less capable she is of expressing or understanding herself and her needs, the more interested he is in her.

The easier to control, abuse, and manipulate – and the easier to discredit when he throws them away.

He just needs somewhere to shove his dick and manipulative delusional claws into so that he can continue feeling important.

This organization has been a front to provide an endless source of these young women for him for decades. This organization has only ever continued to eat itself from the inside from its inception, a culture which Salami continues to encourage – pitting everyone into ill spirits against each other. If this organization really existed for the good of humankind, it would have had a completely different M.O. The fact is they all hate themselves. They hate each other, which is how he likes it.

“We are permeated by love and unimaginable possibility. Our bodies are love. Our minds and our senses are love. All the activity—all the activity that distracts us, pulls our attention, grabs our mind, takes us round the block and makes us think things like “good” and “bad,” “better” and “worse” –even all that activity is love. Meditation is about love. It’s about reaching into our self and making contact with our hearts. And, then holding our awareness there long enough that our heart can start to inform our brain about the unimaginable possibility and power that is inside us. Our heart will tell us that our lives are love.”- Swami Chetanananda

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  • “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it—always.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  • I think this following line by Frank sums up how I feel about all cult leaders in the world:

    —Happily, Rudi died in a plane crash…..

    If only more cult leaders died in plane crashes, the world would be a happier place.

    • Frank-

      Thus far it sounds like there is no limit to the Swami’s depravity.

      I hope you’ll be able to help a current victims and get the swami prosecuted.

      This sick fuck needs to go to prison.

  • Generations of abuse in this line of Swami’s. These sociopaths/con artists are so convincing – but once exposed he’ll fall.

    At the very least he’s getting away with tax evasion bc he’s posing as leader of divinity under a church. Bring him down.

  • I am a supporter of Swamiji and these women don’t understand what he did for them. They all became elevated. He helped them saved them from destruction. Going against him is bad karma.

    • By “help” You must be referring to the 6 figure BIG MONEY PAYOFF, because you couldn’t possibly mean the physical injuries inflicted in a BDSM session. and YES the hospital has documentation. You are mentally ill.

    • Yes. Hello, Monica O’Neal. How is it going living in that little house below him? Are you in the one that Gretchen Kreiger and Sharon Ward set up as a church – or that original one he bought and could not get anyone there to live with you because you are so sadly broken and damaged from him that no person can live with you? I am glad that you are at least still alive.

      • Why does Moni have a constant body tremor, how did Gretchen end up with a broken back, why did NS break all the bones in her legs, why did LIz walk into a river in the middle of the night in her pjs and die, why did Laura stop her medication and die, where is Megan, why did she run away? Why did all these women suffer like this when they were students of the Salami Swami?

    • Correction Monica O’Neal, those houses were bought by all of his very broken and sad victims that he calls his students. He has not ever earned anything himself. He chose to beat, rape, terrorize, torture, manipulate, evade taxes, and commit other frauds, at the expense of Gretchen Kreiger, Sharon Ward, and who knows who else.

      What he did to you Monica, and all of the others is not BDSM. That is sadism.

  • State Farm Insurance encourages its agents to distribute transgender propaganda to schools and libraries.

    Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there.
    To Groom Your Children.
    Children as young as Five!

    Welcome to Joe Biden’s America

    Like A Creepy Neighbor, State Farm Grooms Children | Ep. 958

    • Your tranphobic hate speech is unwelcome and irreleviant. Go find an incell site to jack off too and leave the frank report to cult bashing.

      • Lily:

        Your tranphobic hate speech is unwelcome and irreleviant. Lily
        “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Ben Shapiro

        There are all kinds of cults in the world committing all kinds of evil.
        Do you believe men can give birth to babies?
        If so a job in the Biden Administration awaits you.

        It’s time for the woke to leave children alone.

        • Even your name shadow state implies your loose concept of crackpot opinions being actual facts. Facts are data-driven not based on wing nut fringe opinions. I do expect you to see past ur short dick to see the difference between a fact and an opinion. An example of an opinion is me saying u have a small dick. It can probably be proved as fact by a person that has seen it but I doubt there is a person who has seen it besides you.

          I only mention your small dick to get a rise out of you and to titillate the ignorant commentators like you that Frank clearly loves to use as click bate while pretending that promoting hate speech is “independant journelism”. It is transphobic bullshit made by ignorant assholes who probably are intimidated by their own small dicks. There is no place for transphobia. And to answer your question shadow yes a human identifying as a male can get pregnant.

          There is even an emoji. But I do not expect anything but ignorant drivel from you. Get in the last word. I know you will. You are a waste of space and my only hope is other readers see this transphobia as unnecessary hate and do not buy into a shadowy conspiracy.

      • To Lily:

        Most of Middle Americas finds this video to be troubling for reasons you might not understand.
        Keep up the good work.
        It will help Donald Trump and the Republicans win in 2022 and 2024.

        “A Message From the Gay Community” Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

        • I do agree that their satire was misunderstood and backfired. It was meant as a joke about ignorant people like you that think gayness can be spread through conversion. A concept that queer people find absurdly inaccurate. This choir attempted to address this through satarie and people took it seriously, took offense, or like you use it to perpetuate dumb ideals. The choir admitted their intentions did not succeed and they quit performing the song. It does not prove any point you are trying to make. No matter. This argument is an irrelevant tangent to our real argument of you thinking your transphobic opinions and gay bashing is factually acceptable and not ignorant hate speech from a small……………
          Minded person as yourself. Goodbye. My only goal in commenting is to show other readers it is not necessary to tolerate your anti-gay rhetoric. You will no doubt reply especially as I have goaded you by insulting your manhood. I do not care. I will not continue to engage with you on this thread as I have said more than I find necessary already. Goodbye.

  • This all sounds like manufactured fake news designed to take down another edgy thinker.

    Guru better destroy any cameras before the FBI comes and plants evidence and alters metadata to set him up.

    • “Edgy” thinkers. LOL.

      More like perverts who abuse religious titles to transgress the limits, just like the fake Vanguard, who was only at the forefront of being a charlatan like all other bogus gurus and false prophets.

      Why would the FBI risk bringing down their integrity by planting anything on these otherwise eventually self-incriminating, prideful, humble-bragging hucksters?

    • ‘edgy thinker’?!!!!!

      of all the f*cked up euphemisms in the universe this has to be the most cretinous.

  • Tales From the City: Chicago Edition

    VIDEO: Chicago Cops Find Woman Chained to Wall in Abandoned Home

    Chicago police launched an investigation once a woman was reportedly discovered handcuffed and chained to the wall of an abandoned house on Saturday.

    Officers located the woman at approximately 5:30 p.m. on South Eggleston, CWB Chicago reported Sunday.

    Antoine Dobine detailed what happened in an interview with Fox 32, and the outlet said many homes on the block were abandoned. Neighbors said the building where the woman was located had been empty for over 30 years:

    “He just grabbed me and I’m trying to fight him but can’t fight him,” she said. “He raped me twice… then he left me up in there handcuffed and chained.”

    In a recent interview, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) tried to defend how she has been handling rising crime, NBC 5 Chicago reported on May 16.

    She pushed back on the characterization of a “spike” when it came to downtown crimes and claimed her administration was addressing the issue.

    (West Pullman is near where Pullman passenger train cars were built long ago.) Shadow State

    Abducted woman found abused, chained in vacant West Pullman home

  • Yeah this report is worthy jokes and humor to those of you who have not been victimized by this piece of rotting garbage. His stench is polluting Gold Beach.
    Those of us poisoned by this bastard are still recovering. It’s not a joke.
    This man needs to be behind bars.

  • “As you treat the least of you so you treat me.” Mathew 25:40

    The guru business is profitable. The Swami lives in a luxurious residence he calls L’Hermitage in Gold Beach, Oregon. Frank Parlato

    Tilt the country over and all of the loose nuts will end up on the Pacific Coast. Shadow State

  • A guru that encourages women to pity f_ck incels?!

    Allen T. Stanfield has suddenly found his Enlightened Master!

  • Are you sure this isn’t the Weekly World News? Is bat boy next?

    Glub, glub, glub, Frank

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