Shivani: Miller’s Landing Was a Red Herring – Kristin Snyder’s Body Lies Elsewhere

By Shivani

There are a number of circumstances which cause me to consider that if Kristin Snyder was murdered, she never went to Miller’s Landing, after she was expelled from the Nxivm intensive. Who can prove that Kristin either drove or was driven to the spot where her missing truck was found? It sounds as if nobody can prove that.

Kristin’s sister, Kim, is not alone in thinking the scene of the crime was very likely elsewhere.

Maybe the truck by the bay and the note were shiny pebbles left by Nxivm hags to set the scene for a “conclusive” false narrative, with ”descriptive” lies, deception and more lies.

To be offset by a regimen of rehearsed, repetitive, diversionary ” virtue-signaling.”

“Yep, see Kristin must’ve ended her life up by where her ‘missing truck’ was parked, over by Nxivm Nina’s place. But don’t call her again, right? Yeah, Nina was Kristin’s Nxivm coach. Stop trying to invent coinky-dinks. Vanguard is the most forgiving, advanced Penis on Earth.”

“He told me I used to be Adolf Hitler,” Nancy Salzman huffed and puffed. “That’s a helluva lot more important than he said that Clare ever was. She was just some anonymous Reichstag’s dweeb, a schlemiel.” Snort, snort.

“Now show me the money or no more ballerina threesomes for you, Kathy. Chop chop, Twinkletoes Or no more Moose dildos 4U.”

And then came the dispatch of big bills to Heidi Clifford to pay up for that intensive which Kristin didn’t get to finish and which quite possibly ladled out an executive order to silence her. Heidi never saw the person closest to her again. But pay up. Business as usual. Shalom, suckahs.

Just how long and how much was Gina Hutchinson gaslighted by Raniere, as well as by his jealous guard dog hags?

What really happened, and how come Gina couldn’t get away from Raniere and Nxivm when it seems like Gina tried to do that?

I am sorry. The whole gun angle does not make any sense. It reminds me of when Scientology head honcho’s David Miscavige’s mother-in-law was supposed to have committed suicide with a long gun, years and years prior to when Shelly Miscavige was “disappeared” as Dave’s wife. So Shelly and her mother have had strange, Scientological experiences.

Back to the disappearance of Kristin Snyder, but Gina Hutchinson’s death is unanswered, too. There are too many shadows, too many shadow puppets. Neither of these two young women’s vanishing points can be put to rest. Not now, not then, not yet and maybe never. All I can say is that usually, our guts don’t lie to any of us.

Nothing is over. Neither Gina or Kristin are in some foggy rearview mirror. This hits now.

“Resurrect” Kristin’s possible final experiences through another lens. Use the Raniere/Salzman electron microscope. See how they have slithered before and after Kristin Snyder’s last intensive.

The Nxivm group directed attention to Miller’s Landing where the truck got parked. The Nxivm web not only directed, focalized, and localized attention to the circumstantial, immediate aftereffects of Kristin’s disappearance. They also directed attention NOWHERE else.

See how much of a red herring that could be, if you add up the various ingredients, watch from a different angle. There’s a subsequent “donation” trail and not only the $$$ arrangements swiftly made to shuffle Nina off to New York. Santa Clare Bronfman hocked up some side trail bucks, too. North to Alaska.

To focus concentration on Resurrection Bay, a kayak gone from Miller’s Landing. The truck and the so-called suicide note(s.) These might or might not be notes reflective of what was really happening. One odd, short note, attached to a longer “explanatory” note. Those notes, ascribed to Kristin, could have come straight out of The Patsy Ramsey Book of Etiquette.

It seems quite possible that a group was directed to handle Kristin not long after she was escorted from the Westmark intensive space and into a Nxivm volunteer’s vehicle. Then came a long, futile blank wall for 28-30 hours until the truck was discovered. The kayak was noticed as missing from a Miller’s Landing shed the morning after the truck was found.

Then things looked as though Kristin parked the truck, stole the kayak and a paddle. There would have been an effort to have the search launched and focused near where the truck and the notes were set up, perhaps like stage decoration. Set design.

Far, far away from where Kristin Snyder’s body would ever be found. I can see how this arrangement could have been methodically deliberated diversionary tactics. Devious minds do not forge the same routes or look at things from the perspective of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Look where Keith Raniere is now, cell bars and barely any elbow room, cot to pisspot.

But Raniere, again, announced himself, and he couldn’t even keep his mouth shut about Kristin. He had to taunt. He invented stories about how Kristin was alive and well, as if she had drifted off to some Florida motel and was back with Heidi Clifford, living in some surreal room up inside Raniere’s head.

He can never contain his venom, the fucking numbnuts. He always takes a leak.


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  • Shivani- Thinking along the lines that you have written, do you think when they hired the private investigator to “prove she was alive”, it was just to see if they had covered their tracks well enough?

  • If Nxivm murdered her because of her potentially pregnancy, they wouldn’t want a body – that could confirm her pregnancy – to be found. Even if it was ruled a suicide, the medical examiner could confirm her pregnancy and Vanguard would have no way to contain it.

  • “from Cott to pisspot” I love it. I think they tried a little too hard in this possible murder cover-up. Actions definitely speak louder than words. I agree that the scene was set to throw an average Joe off. “no need to search for my body” IMO is a message from a killer who firmly believes she was properly disposed of. It’s a murderer’s message to all to just go away, don’t bother. I’ve burned and buried her in a place no one will ever think to look.
    How clever they must have felt. Getting away with it for 16 years. But you’re right about Raniere, Shivani. He had to have his murderous trinket. A brand to remind him of the joy he received from a woman’s pain. The notorious “R” the mark from a beast.

  • Shivani nice lady reach out to Toni Natalie. She can help set you on the right path. You seek to find out. Ask Toni.

  • Alaska is a mighty big state to hide a body in.
    How convenient!

    Nothing upset the Scientologists more than when Leah Remini started asking inconvenient questions about where Shelly Miscavige, wife of L. Ron Hubbard’s successor David Miscavige, is.
    Maybe Shelly Miscavige went up in space to visit the galactic dictator Xenu!

    The Tampa Bay Times has recently documented how Scientology has bought up much of downtown Clearwater Florida to create a Scientology Vatican.
    If Keith Raniere had managed to keep his pants zipped up he might have done the same with Sarasota County, New York.

    Interactive Graphic of Scientology’s Conquest of Clearwater.

    “THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY and companies run by its members spent $103 million over the past three years buying up vast sections of downtown Clearwater.

    They now own most commercial property on every block within walking distance of the waterfront, putting the secretive church firmly in control of the area’s future.”

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