Guest View: Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Keith Raniere, not Kristin Kreuk

There may be legitimate reasons that Kristin Kreuk i staying quiet besides just cold indifference (which is what Frank originally claimed must be the reason for her silence).

I think it’s fair to say just about everyone below Keith is a victim in some fashion, but where the line of personal responsibility stands is something each person who was involved in the cult has to figure out for themselves, while taking into account the feelings of people they may have been complicit in hurting.

If people feel like Kristin was part of the chain that hurt them within the organization and are angry with her, I think those feelings are totally valid and it’s more than fair to call her out in that context. It’s certainly not my place to argue with anyone she directly impacted and what they feel her level of responsibility is.

But I’m pretty sure Frank isn’t someone who was personally impacted by Kristin’s recruitment efforts given how he’s characterized his dealings with the cult, and so the current wall of posts about someone who left years ago, before things took the visibly dark turn we’re seeing now, just seems like misplaced energy to me at this moment in time. Frank doesn’t need to go digging up stuff that Kristin did almost 10 years ago to find a villain for this narrative – we have one: it’s Keith, and he’s still actively hurting people.

And none of Kristin’s past actions this blog is “exposing” sound like they could directly lead to Keith’s takedown. In comparison to the totally brazen crimes that have been committed elsewhere, her running an online forum that flopped and went offline seems relatively low key. And I want the spotlight to keep shining brightly on Keith and his crimes, until this nightmare he created is done and the people he hurt can heal in peace.

Eye on the prize, is all I’m saying.

Keith Raniere has instructed his followers to call him Vanguard – the leader of their new thoughts. 
Kristen Kreuk is not the problem, says a reader.

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  • Talking about Mack, my intuition tells me that she wants to leave for a while, that her inner red lights are blinking for a time now and that she feels the urge to leave (c.f. : but she always get caught in.
    Then my intuition tells me that a passionate fire will ignite on her : ANGER
    She will fight Raniere back and he will get the fate he deserves, as he believes she’s scatterbrain, she’s harmless as she has no other purpose that serving him… She will grab him by the balls, using his own weapons against himself.
    This is the time when you (Raniere) realize that then kitten you was maltreating is actually a f****ing lion.

  • No kidding. Jeez I’m finding these repeated hit pieces on some of the former victims rather disturbing. But maybe Frank enjoys the number of responses he gets from regurgitating whatever any anonymous person online posts about Ms. Kreuk, or maybe like NXIVM, he figures he’ll just use her to further his cause, or maybe some of the bigger names have better lawyers, or maybe it’s too hard for him to go after the authorities who’ve let Raniere and his Albany gang off the hook for years.

    • If she’s not speaking up about this, she is still part of the problem. Putting pressure on her to go on the record about this is fair and valid. She had no problem commenting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal a few weeks ago in front of a massive audience. She’s releasing a film about a sexual assault victim, isn’t she? Remaining silent about NXIVM only allows more people to be hurt and makes it look like she has something to hide.

      If she’s not going to speak up about NXIVM, then perhaps she should drop her film and refrain from commenting on other scandals.

      • She was commenting on women in entertainment experiencing harassment. I’m sure she has experienced that and she gets to comment on it independently from what she did or did not experience in NXVIM. She was not there during the branding, DOS or the extreme dietary restrictions. If she chooses to come forward. that can happen on her own schedule.

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