Insane Swami Strangled Me, Abuses Women and Belongs in Prison

Swami Chetanananda

The following is the story told to me by a woman who knew Swami Chetanananda, AKA J. Michael Shoemaker. I interviewed her repeatedly over more than six hours. We exchanged numerous texts and emails to clarify facts. She sent me her photo to confirm her identity, which I independently verified.

The photo I used above her name is not her photo, but looks like her. I’ve changed her first name. For now, I’m only using women’s first names. If anyone has a problem using their name, my phone number is 305-783-7083. Or email me at

By Uma

When I was young, to be completely candid, I had experience in BDSM, in dominance and fetishes. For a time, I was a sex worker. I have used drugs in the past and sometimes abused alcohol.

I worked in retail and the service industry for most of my adult life. I married and divorced. No kids.

One year, I hit bottom and checked into rehab for alcohol abuse.  I was on the West Coast, so I decided to stay a little longer. I wound up at the Movement Center.

The Movement Center, Portland.

The building sits on three acres and has 61 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms.

The Movement Center operated as a Hindu ashram or yoga center.  Swami Chetanananda led a community of about 60 people who lived there full time.

He was the guru. He led the worship, rituals, fire ceremonies, yoga classes, and meditation.

According to his website, “Swami Chetanananda is a spiritual teacher, author, and highly accomplished practitioner of kundalini meditation and tantric sadhana.”

Chetanananda had his own guru, Swami Rudrananda. They called him Rudi. He died in the 1970s. There was a statue of  Rudi who was worshiped daily.

Swami Chetanananda worships his guru, Rudi AKA Swami Rudrananda.

Chetanananda “spent his life assimilating the great tantric traditions into a new non-dual model of understanding the nature of reality.”
The people were great.  The ashram would get upwards of 200 guests coming during retreats. Doctors, lawyers, and business people considered Chetanananda their guru. Couples and children. Single people. From Portland, Los Angeles, all around. All over the world.

People would come to get his spiritual blessings. They would touch his feet. He was a great guru, they believed.

He often left the ashram. He had a contingent of disciples in Los Angeles. Some who lived in Portland had been there for decades.

“The world has gone insane,” he said. “Don’t get tangled up in that. None of us can do anything about it. What we can do is be our finest self every single day for the rest of our lives and choose to grow love. If we do, we are making the finest contribution that can possibly be made to this world. And, I will endure in my support of all of you in your effort and your activities to grow that love.”

I was looking for something that would keep me from doing harmful things.

My first meeting with Chetanananda was when he agreed to do an astrological reading.

When I stood up to leave, he said, “Uma, I love you.”

I looked at him, puzzled. “How can he love me when he doesn’t even know me?”

He laughed and said, “You’ll understand in time.”

One day he texted me.

“If you ever drink, you must text me right away.”


According to his website, “Swamiji teaches a powerful eyes-open practice, an advanced form of meditation with the potential for profound transformation. Eyes open meditation involves a transmission of energy from teacher to student.”

On Saturday nights, when he was in town, we would have an eyes-open meditation. Swami Chetananada explained, “Our eyes are open because there is no difference between inner and outer, and we are never in denial of our physical reality.”

He said this “eyes open” meditation is the most effective and fastest way to change your karma.

The students would sit around with him at the front and gaze into his eyes.  He would look around the room and gaze back, and this was to cleanse us for four generations in both directions. It would help our ancestors and descendants.

And of course, it helps you.

On one Saturday night, after an eyes-open meditation, he went to his apartment to dine with devotees.

I went to my room. By the time I got there, it was on my phone. He texted, “You looked beautiful tonight in meditation.”

According to his website, “Swamiji’s teaching draws from his study of kundalini yoga, Śakta Śaivism, Śrī Vidyā, Vajrayana tantrism, osteopathy, quantum physics, and neuroscience.”

I worked in the kitchen and in the yoga studio. He came to the kitchen. After addressing the others, he would come straight to me, his eyes fixed on me, and talk to me.  He would take my hand.

He had giant hands. From my days as a sex worker, I had to understand what men were into. Whether they were safe.  I felt he was into something, some fetish or something kinky.

I kept it to myself.

I had a relative with a problem. I asked if he would do a reading so I could share it with her.  I had an appointment with him to do the reading. I thought it would be at his office. At the last minute, he changed the meeting place. He wanted me to go to his apartment.

He had a great room, a bedroom and bathroom.  In the great room, there were Asian art, statues, artifacts, books, and relics, some of them more than 1000 years old. On the floor were oriental rugs and paintings on the walls.  He had a giant wooden altar.

I came in. He was in a chair, he said was Rudi’s chair. Those who came usually knelt before him or sat below him.

He did the reading. Then out of the blue, without warning, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me. As he pulled me, his hand wrapped around my neck, my eyes fixed on him. I was staring into his eyes.  He let go.

I played it off. I was nervous, I smirked. He chatted for a while. Then he became inattentive. I sat waiting.

Without looking, he said, “you can go.”
I got up to leave. As I went to walk away, he grabbed my hair with one hand, put his other hand around my neck, and squeezed. Then he let up.
I tried to look like I was not scared. I knew there are some into BDSM who like this rough play. Some get a thrill out of choking a person, and others liked to be choked.
He said, “Oh yeah, sure, you like it.”

Then he sent me to my room.

We began to communicate by text. I texted back. I wanted to see where this was going.

One day, I was at the bottom of one of the beautiful wooden staircases. He came up and said he didn’t like something about my appearance. He told me to change it.

I said, “No, it’s not going to happen.”

He looked at me with almost dead cold eyes. “I always get my way,” he said.

I felt I either had to go along or leave. I had nowhere to go. I was comfortable there. More comfortable than I had been in a long time.  And I was sober.

One night at a party at the ashram, I drank wine.  When I went to my room, I was going to lie down.  Then I remembered my promise to text him if I had a drink.

I texted him.

He texted back, “Come up to my apartment right away.”

When I got there, he was sitting in a chair to the right of his altar. I was a little drunk. He motioned for me to kneel before him. I did.

He talked for a few minutes. Then he pulled out a mirror. On it were three big lines of cocaine.

I’d done cocaine before, but not in a long time. I didn’t want it. He had his own straw, and he handed me a rolled-up $100 bill and said, “Do this.”

It was a giant line. I did it because he told me.  But I was not used to cocaine at the time. Between the alcohol and that huge line of coke, I was high.

The next thing I knew, he stood up, pulled his pants down enough to expose his dick. He shoved my head against him, and “smothered” me – a BDSM kind of sex play. He smothered me with his dick, thighs, and belly. I could not breathe. I struggled. After a time, he pulled my neck away, then pulled me upright by my hair.

He told me to do another, even bigger line of coke. Then he ordered me to take my clothes off. He took his clothes off.  He was not erect.

I was thirsty. I asked if I could have water. He said, “No, drink wine.”

Then he ordered me to sit on his coffee table, and spread my legs. He shoved two fingers in me. He pushed down hard on my clit. He put all this pressure on me with his two fat, big fingers. The cocaine made me numb. I could not feel it.

Then he had me flip over on my stomach and put my butt in my air. He said what he was doing was for my spiritual welfare. He started talking about my relationship with my mother and how he was going to cleanse it.

Then, he shoved four fingers up my anus. It was painful, but I did not scream or do anything. I could tell he didn’t know anything about women’s anatomy.  He said he knew it felt wonderful for me. It didn’t.

He had me turn back over. I sat up. Then suddenly he got mean and violent. He put his arms around my neck and strangled me. I passed out.

When I came to, he picked me up gently. He spoke of different things. He spoke about his guru, Rudi. He told me he had a special relationship with Rudi. He told me Rudi ordered him to have sex.

I said, “You didn’t have a say?”


I asked, “What was that like?”

He said, “He was my guru. And so I knew this was a loving way to help me. I did whatever he told me.”

He spoke of things, things he wanted to do. Then he took out a bamboo whip and hit me.

High and drunk, I asked if I could pee. He followed me to the bathroom. With him watching, I could not pee. I asked for privacy. He shoved me to the floor, and said, “I should pee and shit on you because you wasted my time.”

Then he took me to the bedroom. He shoved me onto his dick. A whole night passed with him pouring bigger and bigger lines for us. He kept taking cocaine and ordering me to take more. I thought I would have a heart attack.

At about 5 am, he stopped. He wanted me to make the bed.  My body was shaking. I was so high I could not do it.

He left, then came back to the room and poked me with a needle on my ass. He said it was B-12.  I lay in his bed. He went to his puja room. After a while, someone came to the door. I got dressed. I had to sneak downstairs and go down to my room without anyone seeing me. He did not look at me when I left.

Michael Shoemaker AKA Swami Chetanananda and Albert Rudolph AKA Swami Rudrananda AKA Rudi.

They worshiped his divine grace, and lucky women got to worship more,

Some days later, I was working in the yoga studio.

He said, “Come up right now.”

I said, “I can’t right now. I’m working.”

He said, “leave.” It looked bad to leave work. But I came to his apartment.

We were talking about something. We went to his balcony. I was kneeling in front of him.

He looked me in the eye, grabbed my neck, with a two-grip, as a killer would, and strangled me. I fell over and passed out.

When I came to, I was lying on the balcony.

According to his website, Swami Chetanananda, “teaches that consciousness is in eternal union with the respiratory process, which he calls the Breath of Life, and that it can be experienced through contact, alignment and flow with the creative energy.”

After this, I did drugs with him whenever he commanded. Meth, coke, and pills. Oxy, Xanax, Valium.  He’s a binge user. I’m surprised he never had a heart attack when he was high.

I came there to get help, and now I was drinking and using drugs.  As far as anybody knew, I was all in. But in my head, I knew he was running a game with the sexual stuff and the drugs. That’s not part of the tantra yoga he says he teaches.

I drank a lot and did drugs by myself too. I was falling apart.

I learned he was sleeping with five women in the ashram. I was the sixth.

The students who lived there knew about him. They ignored it. “That’s between those people. That’s none of my business,” they’d say.

He talked a lot about what he wanted to do with me. He said he wanted to tie me up to a tree and let any man come and fuck me. He wanted to do gang bangs.

He talked about bringing in teenagers for threesomes. He told me he had been into BDSM since he was 30. All those years – 40 years – he had been a guru, always picking women, girls, maybe men.

He probably had 1000 disciples that he had sex with.

He never made me have sexual encounters with strange men. He talked about it.  He brought in prostitutes for threesomes and a couple.

Sometimes the sex would go on all night. One time we had a two-day, a whole two days. He took off from work, and we were in his room for two days. He did all kinds of BDSM things, like peeing in my mouth and putting weird clips on my nipples. That really hurt. I couldn’t handle it. So many things. He bites people. He loves biting and leaving big bite marks and bruises.

Even though he makes women unconscious, “Chetanananda,” means “the joy of consciousness.” Perhaps it means the joy of making others unconscious, while he remains conscious.

He said he was lifting bad karma out of me.

While he would urinate in my mouth, only once did he have an orgasm. He came in my mouth. That was it.

He loved to increase the thrills. Once, he took down a painting on his wall and hung me upside down on the hook. I was only upside down for a minute because I couldn’t stay conscious. It was a lot of blood rushing to my head. He took me off, then helped me get right side up.

It was all shocking, but the strangling was the most intense. He could kill someone that way. And he’s strong. Super muscular.

When we were together, that was his favorite thing. He would do it whenever he wanted. Strangle me till I was out. No safe words. He never has a safe word.

Swami Chetanananda said, “We are permeated by love and unimaginable possibility. Our bodies are love. Our minds and our senses are love…. Meditation is about love…. And, then holding our awareness there long enough that our heart can start to inform our brain about the unimaginable possibility and power that is inside us. Our heart will tell us that our lives are love.”

He didn’t get hard. He was strangely apologetic for the size of his penis.
“You know, I’m older,” he said. “It used to be a lot bigger.”

I thought, “You can’t even use it. So what’s the difference?”

When we were together at night, usually it wasn’t that lit in his apartment. I couldn’t see, and I went out fast the first few times he strangled me. But when I could see him clearly, he would start to get hard before I would pass out.

One time, when we were in my room, he suddenly attacked me and started strangling me. And he got a huge hard-on. The only way he can get hard is when he strangled me out. It excited him to surprise me. And he got full-on erections.

He also liked younger girls.

Natasha was young. Moni was young when they started. Moni used to be his special girl. He bought a house for her at the bottom of the hill. No one wanted to live with her. I don’t know what she was like before. But she was nuts, really nuts. I think it had a lot to do with her experience with him.
Then Tasha came along. She became his special girl. Tasha is tiny and looks so young. She was in her 20s, but looked underage. She was so thin. He was obsessed with her. He told me he did everything for Tasha. I’m sure he did a lot for Moni. He’s rich. All money he did not earn. All donations. Tax-free.
I had a threesome once with Jen, one of his special girls. She is a chiropractor. I worked for her for a while. She came out of a session once and told me about her patient.

“She really likes to be strangled.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I said, “This is privileged information.”

The next thing I knew, the patient was coming to the ashram.

She had another patient, a young girl about 16. Her mom came with her. The girl was troubled with drugs and alcohol, which is Chet’s MO like he would help her. Then he’d do drugs with her. The next thing I knew, the teen girl was coming to the ashram. There was a picture of her in his apartment.

So why did I stay? I had seen the world of BDSM. But he wasn’t doing BDSM. He was a sadist. I did not fully understand at the time.

I liked being in the ashram. I did not care if he was there or not. I didn’t think it was hurting me as much as it was. I think there’s a process of the brain trying to protect you. I knew because I was unraveling. I just wouldn’t admit it. That’s what it was. He wasn’t somebody who was either spiritual or helpful.

On top of that, my husband divorced me. He had cut off my money. I had nowhere to go.

He kept trying to get me to be part of his inner circle. He wanted that because it’s a status symbol to have pretty women around him.

Yet of what I saw of his inner circle, it meant becoming a slave for him, not just sex, but all the time. You serve him food. You cook, clean, or do anything he wants. He’s the king.

I noticed the jealousy. I witnessed fights and yelling between the women in the inner circle. Tasha got jealous. It was obvious. Another girl was hurt and jealous. She said as she left, “I’m being replaced.”

He pitted everyone against each other. He told the older women, his worker bees who want to please him, that they are better than those lazy, beautiful ones. Then he would tell the beautiful ones he allowed to sit next to him that the worker bees were animals, not worth a dime.

He would go on and on, telling women this in group settings, or one on one.

He had slept with all the older women. He told me, “We’ve all slept together.” In his mind, because he’s narcissistic, he did not mean they all slept together. But that he had slept with each of them at various times.

Nobody talked directly. He’s been doing this for many years. We all knew when a new woman was with him. You could see the signs of someone who was with him—a super inflated ego.

He doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. He has been told for 40 years that everything he does is amazing.

Yes, I was a sex worker—a dominatrix. That’s why I knew what he was. Some men who said they were into BDSM were simply mentally ill – sadists, masochists with death wishes. Those people are not truly into BDSM. With real BDSM, we always had safe words. It was a loving experience.

So I began to believe Chet was a madman who enjoyed torture. Every story he told about his “sexual” escapades had that in common. Even the story of his guru, Rudi, who took him without consent.

Chetanananda told me he watched a person get castrated. He has seen people get genital mutilation, and I think he mutilated women. He told me he wanted to put fire ants on my vagina, then added he had done that before.

I am betting he did many of those things, watching people’s genitals get mutilated, castrated, putting fire ants on a woman’s vagina. I think he tortured Moni. I’m guessing he did so to Tasha. Tasha jumped off a bridge. She broke her legs. She tried a second time. I was there when that happened. That was the end of their relationship.

People died. He may have done it himself or had others do it. Theresa’s sister drowned. I was told she stepped out at night. They had a search party for her. They found her body in the river. I don’t know what she was doing in the river.

He was with Karen. Then she left. So he went to her sister, Gretchen, who is still with him. People told me that he and their mother were together. What happened to Karen? I searched for her online for weeks and found nothing. She disappeared like she didn’t exist. Either she’s hiding or dead.
Everyone in the ashram told me the same thing. No one knows where she is.

He told me about an affair he had once with a married woman. The husband and wife were disciples. Chet was having an affair with the wife. She got pregnant. I think the husband is the father, but I’m not sure.

Chet told me he was in the room when she gave birth. The mother and father lived there while the daughter grew up. She was a pretty blonde, tall and thin.  When the daughter turned 18, Chet started fucking her.

It’s creepy. But he was happy to tell me about it. He told me how incredible it was. He also told me how the girl turned on him and went to New York. She is now an art dealer.

He complained, “I taught her all about Asian art. And then she just left me.”

She went to start her life, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. But she probably also left because of him.

Then there was Janet. She lived at the ashram. She was going to nursing school. She was fine at first. But he had her up to his apartment when she graduated. He had a party for her. That’s when everything started. She’s sensitive and delicate emotionally. I don’t know what he did.

But I woke up at three in the morning. My room was by the front door. I woke up to flashing lights and a car at the front. I looked out my window, and it was an ambulance. I came out of my room to see Jen flying down the steps. They carried Janet out on a stretcher.

I don’t know what happened. There were stories. He told everybody at one point that she slipped on the treadmill in the gym.

At three in the morning?

Then someone said, “Oh, she had a minor fall.”

She never came back. I learned she sued him and won a settlement. But, before he paid her, he made her sign an NDA. I heard she is still unwell. She is still having trauma.

He gave me $900 once to buy a computer, which I didn’t want. But he kept saying to take it. A few days later, he wanted me to cop drugs on the street. He insisted anybody coming from rehab would be great at it. He wanted two bottles of Oxycontin, which is jail time if I got caught.

He said, “Just spend some of that money you got for the computer on the drugs.”

He ordered me. So I went out at two am. I was scared out of my mind. I had been a drug user in the past, but I never bought from a dealer on the street.
I paid for 30 pills. I didn’t check. When I came home, there were 18.  I texted him later, and he replied, “You’re high on meth. Because you stole from me.”
I did not steal. I was a train wreck after this falling out, but I couldn’t afford to go anywhere. I got out as soon as possible. I finally got some money and left. 
It took me some time to realize what he had done. I drank for a while. He hurt me more than I realized. He might have killed me.
It wouldn’t surprise me if bodies are hidden somewhere. All the women in the inner circle cover for him. I am sure he’s doing the same thing in Gold Beach. Someone like him can’t stop. It’s pathological. He’s gotten away with it all these years.
I would like to see him in prison. He’s more dangerous than Keith Raniere.  

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  • Jessica, I agree, it was disgusting when everyone blamed Natasha, and frankly, shocking! She was not to blame, she was another victim in a long line of victims. She was the only one I knew who had tried to commit suicide and no one even spoke about it.

    They said it was just an accident. She publicly posted her story on Facebook, about her experiences with Swami, and it open the flood gates for me. It was at a time when Swami’s Facebook was down because he was likely trying to figure out how to deal with the backlash.

    But she posted a handful of times and continued to write about her experience, to warn others. Then one day, all of her posts were deleted, and eventually her Facebook was deleted. She went into hiding to heal I imagine. I was under the impression that Swami or Sharon might have silenced her with threats of legal action, but we won’t know the full truth unless she comes forward.

    I hope one day she has the courage and strength to tell her story here.

  • So I am the person who talked to Frank. My name is Jessica Becker. This man and his people are extremely dangerous and need to be behind bars. Anyone who is still there is culpable too.

    This includes Gretchen Kreiger. You all know what has been going on – you blamed Natasha when you all knew what was happening to her. This includes Kari Gronningsater, Ruth Knight, Sara mocus, Maggie Daily, Drew Carlson, and on and on. You all are culpable and it’s disgusting that you allowed this to happen. You caused so much harm. It’s disgusting. I don’t know how some of you live with yourselves. Kari, you have a daughter! How do you live with yourself?

    • Jessica, I’m proud of you for standing up and telling your truth. You are brave, as I know how scary it can be to reveal yourself. I know it wasn’t easy to come forward. But you are doing the right thing and it will help others come forward too.

      Its heartbreaking to say the least, that Swamiji has turned into such an sick abusive person. It’s heartbreaking for all his victims who once gave him all of their love and trust, and gave him their lives! And it’s heartbreaking for the students who have been with him for years, decades, students who were not in his inner circle who didn’t know the extent of his abuse beyond knowing the rumors that he was having affairs with his students.

      Students who were manipulated to believe that Swami was always in the right and never doing harm. The code of silence runs strong here, and many were kept in the dark or told to believe that the accusers were crazy or mental. But it was all bullshit!

      Its finally time that Micheal confronts his demons, and the more stories that come out, the more he will have to face those demons and deal with his karma. His dark side is winning over the light and love that he promotes, as he continues to manipulate people into giving themselves to his dark twisted fantasies!

      Old dogs never learn. It’s sad that even after leaving to start a new chapter in Gold Beach, he has already had younger devoted students flee after experiencing his abuse. I heard that a woman was strangled until she passed out and was raped while unconscious. After this event, she and her boyfriend, a long time student who was by Micheals side for years, finally left. They seem to be in hiding now and are no longer active on social media.

      • There are many of us in hiding. And you are right. He has indulged his darkness repeatedly over decades and it has taken him. Does the person he presents himself as even exist anymore beyond the shell facade to lure new victims? I don’t think so.

  • @Frank. are there really no comments on your next article interviewing the couple, or is something wrong with the system. I posted a comment, and cannot see that, or any others.

  • What happened to jjust doing drugs and having sex because it was fun?

    And you enjoyed it?

    Why does fucking and getting high have to be for a higher purpose?

    The purpose IS getting high.

    And fucking.

    No need to involve karma. Gurus. Ashrams. Vanguard’s. Secret societies. Or Saving humanity. Just consenting adults.

    Sex and drugs shoukd be a stand alone good time. Or you’re doing it wrong.

  • The women who follow this edgy thinker are unattractive.

    Just sayin’…

    Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

    • I agree. Except Jamie Currin and Salamiji doesn’t have the balls to rape her. He goes for the pathetic wimps

  • It’s really shocking to read all these sordid allegations about a man with such sane, kind and non demonic eyes.

  • Every action you make is more karma. Swamiji spoke about karma be upon you. You won’t escape. Swamiji will use his power thru me. I will. The dogs be upon you. i will hunt and be your bad karma. I sniff you out to the corners of the earth and find you hiding.

    Stop these stories. NOW! Stop talking to liars who tell false stories about Guruji. This is warning. You play with fire!

    • Those of us who are telling the truth are a force to be reckoned with Gurudas.

      It is up to you whose side you will be on when he and his accomplices stand trial and go to prison. You have an opportunity to tell the truth, or you can continue perpetuating the lies that he has brainwashed you into believing.

      This may be one of the only times in your life since his brainwashing that someone is offering you an actual choice.

      • This is the same argument I used with Allison Mack. It was completely ineffective. Maybe some of Chet’s followers will be wiser instead of sadder.

    • I predict the sick bastard will spontaneously combust. I can’t wait. I’ll roast marshmallows over the flames.

  • Stop this blashemy, You must stop this. Sadvi will help us. This Frank Perlto is going to ruin everythig we worked for. SUe him. Stop.

    Swamiji do not go. Stay for us. We will stop him this I promise you I would stop him. I will my beloved guruji. You must not leve your hermitage whch we lovingly serve you. I pledge to stop him.

    I saID it here. On this evil karma of this Frank. I will stop you. Karma is my name.

    • You are on the wrong side. If you are a woman, which I am guessing you are, I am so sad for you.

      He has caused you great harm and you do not even understand this. I hope that you stay alive and get help once he is brought to justice, or sooner.

      He will be brought to justice, let me assure you of that. He can threaten vague death as he does- it is one of his manipulation tactics (I will just “go”).

      Very dramatic, like the drama queen that he becomes when hit with the reality of who and what he really is. He can even try and run to another country where he has ties- but he will be found- captured, and brought to justice.

      Sadhvi and Theresa also- and anyone else who is aiding and abetting in his horrific crimes.

    • Why does he hide his facebook? Why does he hide his Sexual Sadism? If he is doing great work by using sexual sadism and drugs as tools, then why not tell the world of this amazing way to help people?

      He talks a lot, so why not this thing that he says is the greatest and most special thing of all to help people (and women in particular) with?

      He is a very ill man, not a very enlightened man Gurudas. That is why he does not tell the world Gurudas. He hides his FB page because of fear of getting called out and having to face who and what he really is.

      Not because he feels so sad that he gets attacked. He is not capable of those types of emotions.

      He poses a GREAT DANGER to society. Gurudas.

      There is a link with information about Sexual Sadism Paraphilic illness at the bottom of this. I encourage you to read it Gurudas.

      I am so truly sad for you Gurudas. I hope that you get help.,on%20with%20a%20nonconsenting%20person.

    • Well if this right here isn’t proof of satanism within this cult… who is this person doing what? Casting a curse?

  • Thank you for investigating this monster. He has a waved a deep web. He has lots of art that i dont think should be there either. He is using something beautiful to do create his monsters layer. I hope he faces the law and comes correct before hurting too many others.

    • Sadly I doubt he will be contacted by law enforcement where he is now in curry county. He is in a town of less than 3,000 people and very little law enforcement.

  • Can we also talk about how eerie and alarming it is that Sharon is a leading “search and rescue” person with her giant Rottweilers – and regularly “jokes” about how she will kill and disappear anyone who hurts Swami Chetanananda?

    And how she happened to be the one who found Liz in the river?

    • That requires more investigation. And I spoke with two people today who have some information on the disappearance and “drowning” death of Liz.

    • I have seen Sharon Ward posting wildlife photos on the Gold Beach community forum on facebook. I didn’t realize she was affiliated with this monster.

      • Sadhvi is his main Henchman. Her real name is Sharon Ward. Theresa Khan is his other main Henchman. Sadhvi has been with Chet since the later 60’s or early 70’s.

          • She must hav joined a bit later then. There is a photo with her and Howard( Swami Prekashananda), and Chet that is in the 70’s. She has been with him a very long time. I know that.

        • Sadhvi is his main Henchman. Her real name is Sharon Ward. Theresa Khan is his other main Henchman. Sadhvi has been with Chet since the later 60’s or early 70’s.

          Theresa is the sister of the woman who ran away in the night from the Movement Center and was found dead. These sisters had been with Shoemaker for decades. Sharon Ward found the body of the dead sister. Something is not right.

          The woman who died had two children, both girls who were born into this cult. Second-generation cult members like these two girls have much to overcome. The father left the cult. Sounds like some dysfunctional family dynamics.

          Being in this cult may not have been the best thing for this family. This criminal enterprise has harmed and hurt so many. Time for this to stop.

  • Almost 24hr have past since I’ve read this story and I’m seething with more anger than when I initially read it.

    God I hope Frank takes this animal
    to slaughter via the justice system.

    By now the Swami must know Frank is investigating him.

    I love the fact the arrogant pig isn’t cognizant the end is nigh….

    Swami SHOEMAKER you’re last days on earth will be behind bars like a common zoo animal. Maybe you’ll enjoy being another man’s play toy.

    Your head is going to be added to Frank’s mantel, right alongside Vanguard’s head.

  • Didn’t finish reading this and very sorry that anyone is suffering. But would like to ask if the author is remaining anonymous and using an author photo that is not her…why are you showing real photographs of the other women who are mentioned in the story and using their names?

    That seems very messed up. The way it comes across is that the woman who allegedly wrote this would like to protect her own identity but that the two of you do not care about protecting the identities of these other women.

    Unless you have their consent? Anyway, again, so sorry to hear that anyone is suffering and has suffered and praying for the best possible outcome for all the souls involved.

    But it’s really uncomfortable reading about these other women with the inclusion of their photos when the main author is remaining anonymous. Maybe you did get the other women’s consent?

    And I DO support anonymity. I will now post anonymously to prove it!

    • Unfortunately for those women, until they are out of his grip, they are not just victims, but also his flying monkeys.

      They do his bidding, including bringing new victims. Jen in particular (obviously).

      She is breaking the oath that she took as a Chiropractor. That means she is accountable.

    • The women in the photos are the ones allowing this to continue for decades. Some are present when he “initiates” new young women into his secret sex cult, and participate in their rape. Do they deserve anonymity? I think they do not.

      The others, Sharon Ward, Theresa Khan, Gretchen Kreiger, have supported him and turned a blind eye to these acts. They know full well what is happening. I think it’s time the darkness and secrecy ends, don’t you?

    • I believe that it is good to show some of them. It may help them wake up. He can’t and won’t protect them at all if they are also

      When a person is in the grips of a madman running a cult like this, they become perpetrators in ways themselves. They victim blame, they recruit, they emotionally and psychologically harm others, and they help in the destruction of anyone in the cult who he feels has wronged him. So I believe that it is good to show some of them. It may help them wake up.

      He won’t protect them at all if they are also called out. He will run- and throw anyone and everyone under the bus. They need to be shaken up a bit with actual reality to see this – even if it’s just for a moment. It may save one or more of their lives.

  • I don’t give my name but he is my guru and even if he did things you don’t understand he did for me.

    You don’t understand how much karma he lifted off me. That why he did this for me and to this lady who wrote this. She might have done worse things had he not saved her karma.

    Believe in him. Swamiji lives in us and loves us all so much. When he did drugs he does it to stop u from taking even more drugs. He suffers our karma

    • When he did drugs he does it to stop u from taking even more drugs.

      I’m sorry are you fucking for real? Yep, I’m sure he hated every minute.

    • I feel so sad for you. After 50 years, he really does a good job of brainwashing. I hope that you do not die by his hand.

    • Gurudas…this is Dan. I did drugs at the ashram. Lots of drugs. He never lifted my Karma. He never strangled me or beat me. Why does he do this to women? Women need to be strangled so he can help their karma? Do you not see how ill and brainwashed you are? He does drugs to help you do less drugs? He makes you do drugs with him so you’ll do less drugs? You’re lost.

  • Ok so now i get it.

    He hangs women UPSIDEDOWN from a hook on the wall. Thats how that one woman ended up in the hospital with a concussion…she fell on her head. oops!

    Does he let his flying monkeys watch? Someone needs to come forward. Rumor has it the injured woman got a generous settlement very quickly that (of course) came with an NDA. That Chet…he’s always thinking ahead, right?

    Does anyone know what became of the injured woman? Maybe Mother Theresa got to watch. She could clarify the events of that very special evening. The hundreds of thousands that Ssalami paid out to keep the injured woman quiet… was that from devotees’ bank accounts?

    All these people need help. How can they possibly think sexual assault, rampant drug use, deviant sexual behavior and psychological abuse is conducive to spiritual growth? The man has lost his mind.

    It’s so easy for him to manipulate these walking dead that he has gotten bored. After a while watching people drink his urine, kissing his feet and taking it up the rectum becomes humdrum. Think REAL hard now. Put on that thinking caps to help that over-oxygenated brain. What do you think Your Salamiji will need NEXT to satisfy the acting out of his HATRED and DISGUST for all you people?

    Wake up zombies. Chet must have ordered the old fat women maids to put valium in the morning tea. All you monkeys gonna lose your wings. That’s all that’s left of you now.

  • This is a tough one…unethical? Yes. Illegal? Ugh….No…? But risky because if someone died as a result of his choking fetish, he’s responsible… it’s not like dangerous sports like skydiving where you sign off on liability first. It does make one wonder about that woman found in the water although I’m assuming there was an autopsy and it must’ve shown drowning?

    Sounds like a crazy rock and roll lifestyle where people end up exploited and hurt. Idfk. ?

    Kind of odd when the woman said “this wasn’t BDSM! He is a sadist!” you do realize what the “s” in BDSM stands for, right?

    I’m still scratching my head over legality I mean besides of course the illegal drugs and such, but… It’s probably a good thing to publicize so new people going in know what they could be getting into.

    • BDSM always always always involves a safe word and ALL parties consenting – as in verbally.

      People who are simply sadistic will not follow those guidelines – neither will people who are simply masochistic. Those people are most definitely NOT engaged or interested in BDSM.

      Just because the word SADISM is in BDSM, does not mean that it involves coercion, rape, non-consensual acts of ANY kind. Sort of like how the prefix “homo” is on many words, however, you must look at the whole word in order to understand what you are looking at or reading.

      The BDSM community would be appalled at this man’s acts of violence and rape against women, and would not ever welcome a person like this into their community, homes, or otherwise.

    • The BDSM community would be horrified to know that this man is portraying what he does as BDSM. It is not.

      Just because the word Sadism is used DOES NOT mean that anyone who is a sadist is a person who fits into BDSM. There is a difference between BDSM and a Sadist. In the BDSM community, there is ALWAYS an open line of communication between ALL parties, with verbal consent EACH TIME. There is ALWAYS a safe word, and not one person in the BDSM community condones rape of any kind. Sending a person out to get raped over and over by strangers, as was written in previous articles, IS NOT part of BDSM, nor is it causing permanent damage, physically, or otherwise. He is a sick and extremely dangerous man.

      • “The BDSM community…”

        There is no mayor or electoral board of BDSMville.

        You might know a few people, a “community” who like to talk to other people into BDSM and who take the time to explain to others that you need to do XYZ so you don’t kill someone or go to jail (safe words, discussing and respecting limits, etc).

        What he is doing is 100% BDSM. He is unethical in his practice of it, but it is BDSM, all the same.

        • It really is not.

          We are a community, and studies show that we actually are more psychologically sound than people who do not participate in this. We have better lines of communication in relationships since we are talking about things that involve submitting to another person, and most of us are comfortable with our bodies and our sexuality.

          I also do not know of anyone n our community who recommends this type of strangulation as any part of breath play, (where the person is cut off of oxygen to the point of passing out), as it is very high risk.

          What people believe who are outside of this very widespread real community varies greatly also, as I have met individuals who would like to try certain things that would fall within BDSM, and others who simply do not care for it, to people like you who do not have any idea what they are talking about, but because of fear, make claims.

          This man who Uma is talking about would not be welcome in our community at all, as he clearly is a very sick and violent man. Not having a safe word alone is enough of a red light to see that what he is is something other than BDSM.

          I am so sorry to all of the women who have suffered by his hand and the people in our community who have read about him want to let people know that we would not ever condone his activities.

          Here are links to the studies about us that have been done. There is info also about the disorders that do not fall within the realm of BDSM.

          Here is a passage from the first article on it that talks about the DSM daignostics and why this differs from BDSM:

          “This is not to say that everyone into sadism or masochism is doing so for psychologically healthy reasons. The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) still includes Sexual Sadism Disorder and Sexual Masochism Disorder as potential diagnoses. But a diagnosis now requires the interest or activities to cause “clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning” (or to be done with a non-consenting partner). BDSM between consenting adults that “does not cause the participants distress” no longer qualifies.”

        • “We are a community”

          Yes, I’m aware that some people into BDSM like to meet up with others who are into it and discuss ethics/educate others, etc. but there are many more people into BDSM who choose not to join a social club. Your BDSM is no more valid or “real” than another person’s BDSM.

          Just like people who go to nudist colonies aren’t “true nudists” compared to people who just hang around nude on their own property.

          Now, I get that it’s not fair if Swami gives other BDSMers a bad name, since other people who practice it make the effort to use safe words and respect limits etc. I’m not saying he is a commendable practitioner or that people should assume what he does is what all BDSM-inclined folks do.

          There are BDSMers obsessed with ethics. That is very nice. unfortunately, there are others who aren’t so concerned.

          I think it’s naive to think that all people who practice BDSM go off to join the local official Janus society and swear to abide by the list of rules someone else wrote up, and that is the only “real” BDSM. It would be nice if they did, but reality is, more people practice BDSM in private, away from exhibitionistic “communities” than actually join these communities.

          I’m pretty sure nobody needs a license or certification to practice BDSM.

          Maybe we are just quibbling over semantics. I agree his alleged practice of BDSM is not ethical or safe.

          • He seems to have what is a mental illness. It may be Sexual Sadism. It is a Paraphilic disorder that is listed in the DSM. That is not BDSM.

  • This madman will kill someone. Stop him Frank. And Jen a chiropractor are u kidding take her license. She’s 10 times worse than Danielle Robert.

  • Frank & Everyone:

    This is article in my mind is the hardest article to read, along with the one *Rhiannon wrote. It’s chilling that this Swami/monster has gotten away with his crimes for such a longtime.

    I hope and pray Frank crucifies this son of bitch!

    *Rhiannon was raped by Raniere when she was a young teenager. The police refused

  • This one of the saddest and most awful stories I’ve read in a longtime.

    I hope Frank brings this abomination of a man to justice.

    Everyone who doubted the veracity of Frank’s reporting take note. Frank has found a more heinous monster than Vanguard.

  • Ok I like BDSM and would be willing to try it with Swamiji. I just want some fun, but don’t want to be strangled like to death. The Swami costume is just role play, right? Like some people dress as nuns and stuff. He isn’t gaming people by pretending to be a real Swami right?

    • I live in Gold Beach, OR where he currently lives in a huge compound that overlooks the ocean and Rogue River. I know two people that escaped the sick SOB. There are a lot of rumors about him in our very small town but he keeps a very low profile. I had the displeasure of meeting him once and I had a very strong negative reaction to him. He has a very strong handshake and a menacing look in his eyes.

      • One of his right-hand persons, Sharon Ward, assured the town that they were not bringing an ashram there, because the town was concerned about the number of people this would bring, and did not want to allow him to move.

        She then wrote a letter to everyone in the ashram in Portland and put it under the doors of everyone telling everyone moving to Gold Beach not to say that they were moving because it is where their guru was moving, but rather that they were simply retiring. As though they sought out Gold Beach and would have moved there had their Guru chosen another place. She told people to lie, is what that truly was.

        She is as culpable as he is for manipulating, creating a space for tax fraud, and harming many many women by covering, cleaning up, hiding, having documents shredded, etc.

        Theresa Khan is also as culpable. She has covered up, lied, manipulated, and aiding in tax fraud. Between him, and those two, there are many many crimes against individuals, terroristic threats made against individuals, fraud, and much, much more.

        These people are most definitely in your town, living as a cult, under the guise of a home, committing the same acts, and more than likely going to victimize women and girls in your town, if it has not happened already, as well as attempting to get money, property, etc, out of people under the guise of kindness or generosity and authority. As Sharon often uses her status as a lawyer and ties to law enforcement to coerce and convince people of her good character. And he gets progressively worse. A man who, as you read, already tortures women in many ways.

        Sharon Ward and Gretchen Kreiger have listed a church called Church of Divine Energy, to once again keep this man from paying any taxes. Here is the link. You have the right to complain to your commissioner. And keep complaining. He is dangerous, and therefore the organization is. He is endangering your community. Thee are lives at stake.

        • Not just to avoid paying taxes. It’s to hide their assets and money from The Movement Center sale in case of future lawsuits against the sadistic swami.

        • Please make a detailed report for Frank. We need definitive evidence. Please. We need to bring this man to a courtroom along with those who aide and abet his lawlessness and abuse of individuals. Please.

    • This is the beginning for this guy. I have a woman’s story who jumped off a bridge because of him. We’ve only just begun on this imposter.

  • please please tell us how we can get this man behind bars. I will appear in person in a courtroom or whatever it takes to remove this vile serial rapist from society and get him convicted of his crimes.

    • Get any women or people who have been his victim to come forward. I am ready to use my real name. He counts on fear. The only power he has ever had is the power people give him through fear. I will hold your hand in that courtroom.

  • A few too many women missing or injured. While some may say it’s consensual, being caught by surprise and strangled is not consensual.

    Hope Uma presses charges and does not settle. Expose him, put him in prison.

  • This sick bastard needs to be in prison. He preys upon the vulnerable. Telling a recovering addict to do coke is criminal and sadistic.

    The women know. Stop covering for him. These sociopaths are incredibly charming and convincing, which is how they get away with it.

    Yet another conman living like a king while playing out sick fantasies and demoralizing women.

    Uma needs to go to the police. Praying other women will come forward.

  • It’s good to be king.

    Another example of why cults exist and why they are almost always led by a male. What is the point of ruling if you can’t use it to have sex with any woman (or man) that catches your eye and doing it in whatever fashion you wish?

    The king chooses his followers wisely. Smart, but not too smart. A little spine, but not too much spine. A desire to follow orders and only lead when told what to do. Somehow they know who makes for good prey and who wouldn’t.

    Uma’s tragic story is also why criminal prosecution becomes a non-starter. Repeated abuse, but also choosing to return repeatedly, to follow orders repeatedly. To not just leave.

    You can give all the reasons why and they are perfectly valid, but it doesn’t change that when a person is on the witness stand under cross-examination, it’s likely they will not withstand the vicious scrutiny that would follow, and so prosecutors pass on it. A good example is as simple as this person’s liking BDSM.

    Most people still think it’s a dangerous kink involving beating and abusing people. They would just turn her kink against her, saying she loved the abuse, and a jury would believe it, because most people think they know of it because they saw one of the stupid Shades of Grey movies.

    A civil case is an option, but the king is rich, and it’s hard to turn down life-changing money for just signing a piece of paper. Hopefully eventually enough women will come forward, so the collection of stories will do what one story cannot, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    Again NXIVM is a good example. Few came forward for the criminal case, and only have more once the civil case looked like it would provide a payout. Or in the case of some, the fame might be beneficial. Even then, most tried to hide their identity because they were embarrassed by the branding and/or some sexual conquests, which are PG-rated compared to Swami’s abuses.

    Swami has made sure that the stories the woman would have to share will not lead to books or podcasts, but just humiliation they would not want to have re-live publicly.

    Hopefully, when people Google Swami, they will find stories like these that turn them away from him. Sadly, those most likely to fall in his trap are those who are mostly not going to do such a thing, and also be easily persuaded not to believe it.

    • Thank you for taking the time to lay this all out. Sadly it’s the truth. But still holding hope of putting a stop to this this filthy king’s reign of terror.

    • There is nothing in this article that says that this woman enjoyed BDSM. Only that she experienced it. And the word for what this is, is coercion, not consent.

      • She wrote “Yes, I was a sex worker—a dominatrix. That’s why I knew what he was.”

        If she made a job of doing it, its not a reach to assume she like it. At least being a dom. With this douchbag she was the sub and generally doms do not like being subs (those that go back and forth are called a switch).

        • I would not assume anything. There are many reasons for people to take up a profession, and as I think someone else said, what this man does is NOT BDSM.

    • EraSend-

      —What is the point of ruling if you can’t use it to have sex with any woman (or man) that catches your eye and doing it in whatever fashion you wish?

      Excellent point!

      • The mind boggling thing here is all these comments and statements are in reference to what is supposed to be a spiritual community whose goal is to promote love, healing and goodness in individuals and the world. Hmmmm. Lost in translation?

        • Please, no such community actually exists. It’s against human nature. Those that pretend to exist are there either for money or for the usual purposes of a cult (money, sex, control).

  • One question only. Does this dude act like Raniere where he the only one who gets pussy? It don’t seem so. Like he do gang bangs and tie the chick to a tree.

    I’ll take some sloppy seconds with some of the hot chicks. I want to fuck Jen. Fuck her hard. He can watch, but he can’t get it up. I ain’t letting him strangle me tho. He can strangulate her.

    But I want to be out of the room case he kills her. I bet he killed one or two already. Accidental homicide. But still the strangulation thing, I just don’t wanna be in the room when he do it. But I like Jen. I will do her if Swami said I can do it.

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