Five Decades of Abuse –Swami Chetanananda ‘Raped Me in the Meditation Room in the 1970s’

Swami Chetanananda is a world-class predator. He ranks with Jeffrey Epstein, Keith Raniere, and Harvey Weinstein. They all offered something to lure women to their beds. They all used their positions of power and wealth.

Epstein offered teenage girls of low economic status a chance at the high life with his help.

Raniere said he was the smartest man in the world and could show a woman how to achieve success and empowerment.

Weinstein offered women a chance to be movie stars.

Chetanananda offers something more. He offers to take people to a realm where everyone has dreamed of going to or returning to – a world beyond death – eternal life. Nirvana. Samadhi. Ceaseless Bliss.

Epstein is dead. Raniere and Weinstien are in prison.  J. Michael Shoemaker goes on and on. He is living the same high life he has lived for over 50 years.

The Swami was born James Michael Shoemaker.

He is 72.

In response to FR’s Swami Chetanananda, a Vicious, Ravenous, Evil Wolf Among the Flock,  Lakshmi left a comment. She wrote, “Same as it ever was…” and provided a link: Open Letter From Former Chetanananda Students

The letter was published in 2008. It is anonymous. It purports to be authored by 11 former students of the Swami.  

The letter prompted Pinky to tell her story in the comments section of the Leaving Nityananda article.

She is telling it again for the benefit of Frank Report.

“Michael Shoemaker raped me in the meditation room. Yep. Sure did, ” she wrote. “If he hasn’t hit you up for sex, you are just not his type.”

Pinky wrote in response to Laksmi

Michael Shoemaker raped me. Is that clear enough? I was a member of the Rudrananda Yogashram in the early ’70s when Rudi was still alive.

Rudi and Shoemaker. Student and disciple – and lovers. Michael Shoemaker was Rudi’s lead teacher in Bloomington, Indiana. Rudi lived in NY. I was the 37th “devotee” to move into the house. I was hired to work at the Tao Restaurant, but was told I’d be required to move into the ashram and also do the “spiritual work”.

I agreed, not savvy enough to know I was in danger.

I am female. I worked at both the Tao and the Ashram Bakery. I was also the bookkeeper for the businesses.

Michael Shoemaker had a “special meditation” for me within a week of my moving in. That was forcing me to fuck him in the meditation room. He literally ambushed me while I was meditating alone in the dark, after which he told me if I let anyone else know my spiritual gift from him would be taken away.


That was a gift?

I was an immature left over hippie seeking guidance and a safe place to change my Life.  I was too scared and weak to tell anyone what happened to me.

I lived in the house with the other members, ten girls in my room with four sets of bunk beds and some sleeping on the floor. I soon found out Michael had his pick of whomever he wanted to fuck every night.

I was shocked. It wasn’t that special.

We all worked about 80 hours a week and received $35 for it (karma yoga). From that $35, we were all given $8/week to spend.

I know. I did the payroll. I also watched Shoemaker take blank checks and write them to himself for $1000 at a time. That was a lot of money back then. Of course, I was disillusioned and became rebellious. I gained 25 pounds to protect myself.

Michael paired me up with a guy I barely knew and kept tabs on me. I had a boyfriend in “skag” as he used to call the outside, who inspired me to get the hell out of that place. He offered me a place to stay. I was BROKE.

I literally walked away in the night and never went back.

Before, when I had expressed a desire to leave, Michael said I would surely end up in a mental institution if I left.

Going backwards a bit, when Rudi came to town, it was “men only time”. I later found out the reason was that Rudi was homosexual. It was a gay orgy. On other occasions, the other men teachers who were married shared their wives who were willing to participate in sex for enlightenment.

I hoped Shoemaker would spontaneously burst into flames for all the things he did to people seeking a spiritual teacher. And yet I read he is still at it only on a much more horrific level. How can he be a teacher of the truth and love when he will not cop to his own truth and he injures and humiliates his followers. He is a liar, a rapist, a thief and a charlatan; still at it. It’s a shame people are so desperately seeking spiritual guidance that they would be abused, fleeced and brutalized by Michael Shoemaker in an orange dress.

I don’t really know how I stumbled upon this website, but I took a trip down memory lane. Disgust and hatred resurfaced from the scar Michael Shoemaker left on my psyche. He scared me back then, and now he is a complete demon.


With Ali… in Malibu🙏🏻💕

Rudi died in 1973. Shoemaker raped Pinky in his Bloomington, Indiana ashram while Rudi was alive. Pinky has had 50 years to reflect on a man who claimed to offer spirituality. After 50 years, she still calls him a rapist.

These are unusual men. Rare. Not that abuse is so rare. But the heights they achieved – and the downfall they reaped – are extreme.

Epstein, worth half a billion, began abusing women in 1985, and the Feds stopped him in 2019, after 34 years. He was arrested and died in prison.

Keith Raniere had a reign of abuse from 1980 to 2018 – 38 years. He was arrested in Mexico in his luxury ocean villa, as he was getting ready to have five of his slave women perform group fellatio on him.  He was deported in a day and arrested in the USA. The judge denied him bail.

He is serving a 120-year sentence at USP Tucson.

Weinstein, 70, abused women starting in the late 1970s. He was arrested in 2018. He had a run of terror and conniving abuse for 40 years.

A judge sentenced him to 23 years. He is eligible for parole when he is 87. But he faces additional sexual assault charges involving allegations from five women over a decade.

All of them are finished. All of them had wealth and power and lived lavishly. Then one day, it ended for them, and they never saw freedom or comfort again.

On the other hand, Chetanananda has gone on his spree for more than 50 years, and no end in sight. After all, he promised eternal life.


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  • People have no idea what it was like there. That’s why he was so powerful. That’s why it seemed like a safe place.

    There were hundreds of people attending courses, donating, had been friends of his for years. A lot of them were far down on the rungs on his hierarchy and stayed because of the practice and the social community aspects. So many that came for a while and went had no idea what was happening. A bunch believed he “had consensual relationships with adult women” which is what his personal, and the company, line has always been to anyone who questioned.

    Until recently — where he seems to have gone 100% insane (when before it was maybe 50%) — he hid his darkness from view very well. The Oregonian articles made mention of some cocaine use and prostitutes, but people thought, hey, it was the 80s. Rock on! Adult consenting relationships. Repeat. They believed people like Michael, Sharon, Howard, Theresa, people they’d known and loved for decades. They wanted to believe it was just the vicissitudes of life, people come for a while and leave. Some people get a bit too close to the fire and leave upset because he has a new girlfriend. I do believe a great proportion who were nowhere near the inner circle believe this. Maybe I’m wrong, but some of these were good people.

    The problem is, this entire thing has been a facade. From the get go. The co-opting of Rudi’s position and belongings, the self-appointed ascension to the throne of Guru. Fake it til you make it. And he did fake it. On the backs of the people who were 20-something at the time in a time of social and cultural change in the 70s.

    An organisation like this begets power over the years. The people give it life and the leaders control. Young people come, many lost or broken. Some born into it. The outer circle starts off like any social group with a perceived higher purpose. Just, if you catch his eye, you’re done for. It’s a matter of time, a matter of resilience, and a matter of how fragile you are, and how deeply you let yourself be convinced it’s real. Let me tell you, being there, it feels real. It feels like a real answer.

    To me, Michael has indulged his dark side over decades and it’s become bigger and uglier, and has clearly now consumed him. He is a hollow man, there is no humanity left. He is a man who has become the demonic forces he’s been worshipping for years. He’s gone utterly mad. But I know for a fact, the facade remains. He has perfected the art of manipulation and seduction. He knows exactly which buttons to push to get you to trust him.

    If you are out there, and I know you are, and he’s being romantic, and flattering, and telling you how much he can help you. I’m telling you this with the utmost kindness and respect. RUN.

    You will lose everything if you don’t.

  • Advice for all women who don’t want to be taken advantage of by wolves in sheep’s clothing:

    Stay away from any person who goes by the titles:

    Guru, Bhagawan, Master, Reverend, Rabbi, Imam, Father or whose name ends in -ananda.

    And don’t trust any of their followers, especially the women who flatter you and tell you how much the dude has done for their “karma,” “dharma,” “soul,” “self-esteem” or whatever.

    Also, don’t trust any hetero or bi dude who encourages you to come to his office or hotel room to discuss your promising career in acting or modeling.

    If you you feel a creepy vibe from a guy, stay away from him.

    No charge for this sage advice. You are welcome.

    • Hey, Sniveling…. I understand you’re on the right-side of this, but this post is grossly over simplified and reeks of victim-blaming. You also fall short on titles, need to add CEO, President, VP, Director, Manager, Actor….. hell, all humans with a libido, with a need to manipulate to get what they want.

      Again, I know you want to see this a-hole get taken down too. I hope Frank and the detective are working closely. You can be sure Chet, Sharon Ward and their posse of lawyers are already planning their defense and character attacks on all victims coming forward.

      Frank, Natasha posted a few revealing Facebook posts after she moved out. She was encouraged to delete them ASAP. See if anyone has screenshots of them. They list the same drug use and other abuses mentioned in some of these articles.

      I donated $ to the place for years, & I’m sickened to know all this was going on.

        • Frank, when will you publish Natasha’s posts about sc? From a legal standpoint, don’t you need her permission? Has Natasha she contacted you?

      • Hey, “Go Get Him”, re: “this post is grossly over simplified and reeks of victim-blaming”

        You are smelling your own farts.

        “I donated $ to the place for years”… so you supported this asshole. Did you really not see ANY evidence of what was going on? I doubt it… you just founds lots of ways to convince yourself Swami Chokeananda® was a “holy” man.

        You are a funder of child rape. A sponsor. Own it.

        • I lived there for years and I did not see it, I had hints of non traditional sex stuff (all of it described as polyamorous and consensual between adults), but I myself was brainwashed there from a young age. You’re a dickw*d for saying this.

          You likely buy products every day that WE KNOW support and in fact participate in child slavery, rape, genocide and child trafficking, any Nestle products, any Starbucks products, and much much more, including anything with toothpaste, sunscrean, nuts, anything from china, etc.

          From what I can tell you’re a male, typical of maleness to judge others from a high place they do not remotely have, likely you supported people in your life without knowing who were assholes and you had hints but justified it for them, most humans do this. You blew yourself bud. The ability to write a comment alone does not make you an authority on anything, that’s my sage advice to you. You dun goofed.

          • Dont worry about snivelling. He just likes to be at the centre of things, even if it means acting like an asshole. Really he’s a nice guy. Just not great at conveying that in writing. Apparently

          • Riiiiiiiiight…. buying toothpaste is equivalent to directly financing a serial rapist.

            Makes perfect sense.


            “I myself was brainwashed there from a young age”

            It definitely shows.

            Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

          • Tina you don’t know shit and its probably better that way. Just get out of the way.
            I am a rape victim of Michael Shoemaker and your arrogant ignorance is calling me a liar. It was in no way consensual and I HAVE and will CONTINUE to tell my story. This man will be in court.

  • Elon Musk has gone too far.
    The US government will surely investigate him for a hate crime.

    Twitter Employees Freak Out at Elon Musk Saying “All Lives Matter”

    During a Q & A meeting with Twitter employees, Elon Musk used the phrase “all lives matter,” prompting some of the company’s woke staffers to have a mini freak out.

    Twitter employees appeared to be even more triggered by Musk uttering the words “all lives matter.”

    “He literally just all lives mattered,” one complained, according to a screenshot from a leaked Twitter Slack channel.

    “Yikes,” commented another.

    Others accused Musk of engaging in “homophobia” and “transphobia,” while others appeared to be upset at Musk describing his political views as “moderate.”

    Another employee asked whether “misinformation” would be allowed under the guise of “free speech”.

  • “The evidence so far suggests that Epstein and Maxwell were masterful at gaining trust and manipulating insecure teenage girls through gifts, promises, special attention and even a cute pooch… As Dr. Lisa Roccio, an expert in child sexual abuse who testified during the prosecution’s case, noted last week: “When children are sexually abused, most often it is not done through the use of physical force but rather through grooming and coercion in the context of a relationship.”..Traffickers groom victims by identifying their needs and insecurities. Abusers will purport to fulfill these needs, whether they be financial, emotional or a combination thereof.”

    Really not that different from this predator’s m.o.

  • It makes me sad, Shoemaker referring himself to Nityananda. The latter was one of the very few true jnanis of the 20th century, who lived a life of utter simplicity, owning nothing but a loincloth, slept on a simple wooden cot, and gave away any money or gifts immediately to the poor and the needy.

    He had houses built for the poor, and feed schoolchildren by the hundreds.

    The few details handed down about his life are interesting: Nityananda did NOT take disciples! (The alleged lineage put forth by Rudi is imaginary.)

    N. performed the strangest miracles. Once a taxi driver came to him to seek some blessings when N spontaneously told him, “Bring your brother.”

    The taxi driver´s brother was a blind man. When he was brought before N. he could see again. There are a great number of occurrences like this, mentioned by credible sources.

    But when N. was asked about miracles having come about through him, he said: “It would have happened anyway …”

    All these stories ring true to my ear. N hardly every spoke, and when he did it was NEVER philosophy, except for the occasional quote of the Gita.

    A day before he died in August 1961 he uttered the remarkable sentence, “There is no point for ´this one´ to stay on, nowadays people come here only for money.”

    And an hour before he died he said: “The staff should get their coffee now, because later there will be no time, what with all the rituals and so on …”

    Oh, by the way, I stayed at Muktananda´s ashram in Ganeshpuri for a while in 1972, but my instincts told me to stay away.

    • “There are a great number of occurrences like this, mentioned by credible sources.”


      • To be read in David Attenborough’s voice:

        Evolution can take us in strange directions. It never is a guarantee of survival, but an imperfect orchestra of mutations shaped by change. Here we have an example of how maladaptive behaviors can take place even in the most sentient of creatures, homo sapiens sapiens. T

        This male here has had his naturally evolved dopamine conditions turned against him. He is turned into what is colloquially known among experts in the vast internet biome as, a troll. The troll is a perfect example of where some selective advantages can in fact turn into complete reproductive dead ends.

        This male will continue to self-defeat against their own better interests in a closed loop of fantastical self-importance, all due to the emotional short-term high that is given to them. The illusion of control and engagement is replaced with actual meaningful interactions in an ever-increasing addictive spiral.

      • The making of swamis is part of the bullshit. It is to be able to say “my lineage.” There is no official order of Swamis. No organized group decides who can be or not be a swami. Anyone can put on an orange robe and call themselves a swami.

        • Then it seems perfectly logical this “Swami’s” religious-tax-exempt status is bogus. Has this guy not been using his religious status to not pay any taxes?

        • So when did this swami go from being a swami to an abbot? What do you suppose was the purpose of changing his title?

          • I think the term abbot just means he is the head of the ashram. These charlatans adopt names as they please.

          • didn’t he change his title to abbot when they changed the Nityananda Institute into the Movement Center?
            Because the Nityananda Institute was a nonprofit; but the Movement Center was a CORPORATION.

          • I think perhaps the switch from swami to abott happened the same time the non-profit Nityananda Institute switched to the CORPORATION (owned by shoemaker & ward) known as the Movement Center

      • Muktananada was a charlatan pedophile lying rapist disgrace to everything Nityananda ever tried teaching

  • Sharon Ward is his protector. Wilhelm, Moni, Jim Brissette and Sharon Ward are all guilty of sadistic abuse.

  • “They all offered something to lure women to their beds. They all used their positions of power and wealth.“

    This made me chuckle. Who doesn’t “offer something to lure women / men to their beds”?

    In the history of the world, who doesn’t do this? Most other SPECIES do this. Darwin called it sexual selection. It’s why the peacock has that gorgeous ridiculous fan tail. To attract peahens.

    Guys like women who look hot. This is why women go to Butt Boot Camp, get boob jobs and wear makeup.

    Women like guys who can provide for them and have nice houses and cars and who dominate other men. This is why men try to claw their way to the top and die early of stress.

    Oh I know we tell ourselves we don’t do this and what we value is character and a sense of humor blah blah. But short fat bald guys who live with their parents don’t get many dates.

    Jeffrey Epstein is the devil personified but really his only crime, his only mistake, is that he couldn’t wait for the girls to turn 18. The magic number.

    Let’s face reality: Epstein was an old rich guy who wanted beautiful young women with great bodies. The young women knew they were smokin’ hot and were willing to give grandpa blow jobs in exchange for a modeling career.

    Both Epstein and the women knew exactly what the deal was. Again, problem was he arrogantly started with them before their 18th birthdays.

    Weinstein’s case was somewhat different. He wasn’t just old he was gross and disgusting. And violent and abusive. But there was still an element of deal-making going on. Quid pro quo, Clarice.

    (And remember that Clarice accepted the deal)

    I think Epstein deserves to be in prison. But don’t kid yourselves— a lot of those women knew exactly what the deal was. And freely accepted the terms.

    It was business.

    Women are attracted to money and power. It’s an aphrodisiac. And men are fools for a hot young babe. Which means women have power over men. And men of course have power over women.

    Did we all suddenly become so innocent as to not know this? Are we all now unfamiliar with the term “jailbait”?

    Listen to some ZZ Top fer chrissake. Listen to some Blues songs.

    Every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.

    I’m just a fool for her lovin’

    • Clarice is a character from a film. The script reads out that the clarice character accepted the other character’s deal.

      you appear to live a life as if it were a tv drama – between the two extremes of ‘hotbodies/men who dominate other men/money/ power etc.- the shit with the ZZTop soundtrack – and the bald dude who lives in his mom’s basement –
      there are, as Blake says – a million degrees between – of what sparks attraction between folk –

      looks are a highly subjective component, as are humour, companionship, parenting, care in illness, support in building something, wild/tame sex, brilliant communication, travel, ah too many reasons why person A falls for person B –

      Only in films or on tv is life as black and white as you wish it to be, Sausage. Most of us have our reasons for marriage/partnership and they are nowhere near as simplistic and peurile as you’d want them to be.

        • Peacocks are easy Aristotle. My grandad kept racing pigeons, I never met another person who knew how to sex them.

        • Apparently, women in domestic violence situations also “want it.”

          I bet you like learning a lot about lobsters too, lmfao. Another transparent rape apologist in our midst.

    • Is that you, Vanguard?

      Referring to teenage girls, some as young as 11, as “women” who were “willing to give grandpa blow jobs in exchange for a modeling career” is nothing less than justification for child rape and molestation, couched in the language of “hey, let’s be honest here, folks.”

      Epstein’s victims weren’t “women” looking for a career boost. They were vulnerable girls, most of whom had terrible family lives, who were specifically targeted by a child rapist because of that vulnerability.

      Never thought AS was an apologist for pedophilia but I ya learn something new every day I guess.

      • Miss the part where I said Epstein was the devil incarnate, did you?

        Epstein killed himself for shame at what he did. That was the only honorable thing he ever did in his life.

        And Weinstein is where he belongs— in prison. Just like I said.

        You gotta be really, really dumb to read my post and think it was an apology for child molesting. Enjoy your self-righteous anger though!

    • This is exactly the narrative around his behavior for people on the outskirts of the social circles.

      At 21, I believed it to basically be the case as well. I figured that some women came there interested in the social hierarchy – the power, money, attention, all of that, and that therefore I wouldn’t have to ever worry about any of it because that wasn’t what I was interested in. I assumed that since so many “groupies” were “willingly” kissing his feet, there would be no reason for anyone to bother me.

      Sexual predators, this one in particular, aren’t getting off on the sex – it’s about the power and control. They even discuss that as part of the philosophy. The more repulsed you are by the sex acts, the more “powerful” they are for your development. The lack of consent is the monsters key ingredient to pleasure. If you’re into it (Jen, Moni) then he’s no longer interested, or has to find ways to push that further (beating with baseball bats, organizing gang bangs)

      It’s very premeditated and formulaic.

      • Thank you for this insight. This is Pinky. I totally agree it is about domination and power…not sexual attraction.

        Although my sexual assault seems almost insignificant in the shadow of what others have suffered, I was traumatized. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to be celibate for a while to focus on my spiritual growth. I had cut my long hair to a crew cut, was wearing no makeup, and was wearing loose clothing even though I was very slight… maybe 105 pounds. Shoemaker had said to me when he hired me at the Tao that when he first saw me he didn’t know if I was a male or a female.
        Looking back and knowing what I know now, domination may have been his reason for raping me…he was fantasizing I was a male. And he instilled fear in me when he ambushed me.
        How do you ever explain to little girls they need to always be wary of sexual predators?

      • Well said. This is exactly what he is. He loves the shock value. The less experienced you are sexually, the more he’s interested.

    • It’s not a “magic” number. It’s just a “law” of averages to give teenagers enough time to emotionally mature through puberty — 95% of physical and brain development is completed by then. Not late but not too early either.

      Epstein was an obvious honeypot operation for political and other high wealth individuals. He wasn’t a genuine businessman, just the front for long-armed elements hidden in the shadows.

  • He lures you in under false pretences, promising for spiritual growth, addiction recovery, or for healing a physical ailment.

    Then he seduces you, being as sweet and romantic as can be. The next thing you know, you’re forced to take drugs and be raped by strangers. No consent. No forewarning. And if you break down and crumble, you’re labeled insane, unhinged, a liar, jealous, and forced out with nothing.

    Take note. I know for a fact, there are new women he is currently trying to lure to Gold Beach. He’s playing the exact same games, being sweet and romantic and telling the women he’ll “take care of them”.

    BE WARNED. Otherwise you’re next. Ask yourself why everybody is gone, except for the women he’s no longer interested in fucking, and the Crazy Shining Twins, Dr (cough) Jen Wilhelm and Moni Oneal.

    • In general the above is correct, but the Epstein case is a bad example. From the multiple adult women a raped, no one signed up for that. They signed up for being a massage therapist or he said he could help them in their career (modeling or other) and then either assaulted or even raped them and threatened there lives or their families. This is not exactly a quid-pro-quo situation.

      I know of only one example where there was some measure of consent:

      Johanna Sjoberg (22 at the time) recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to be a part-time receptionist in his New-York mansion said in an interview: “they where such fun to be with. He was asking for sex constantly and at a certain point I went along with it”. Adding “life is expensive for a student and he paid for my condo” and “but I do think I was somewhat damaged by the experience”.

      • It doesn’t apply to the Epstein case in a general sense because what he got in trouble for was sexually exploiting actual children. Not women. Children. As in recruiting from Junior High and High School. As in asking can you find some of your friends to come over for a hundred bucks? Children.

        Children who he thought no one cared about. And in some cases he was right. Children. There’s no comparison to the Dynamics between men and women.

        • ‘Children who he thought no one cared about.’

          This is the precise quarry of evil fiends everywhere.

  • So much bothers me about all of this. People are like “These women are so stupid”. So check this out.

    If this is “just how he is” and “there is nothing wrong with it”. How about something called INFORMED CONSENT before someone moves in. You know like “Hey, we need you to know in advance that if the teacher takes a shine to you he will want to choke you, do drugs with you, give you concussions, venereal diseases and probably want you to have sex with whoever he wants you to. You cool with that?

    But you don’t and SCORES of you know that’s EXACTLY that’s the potential really the inevitability for any attractive woman moving in.

    That’s called lying by omission abd it’s just as messed up as an outright lie because unless you are Jen or Monica most people aren’t going to be down for that. No one would move in there if you were truthful abd all of you a holes know that.

    • These women being stupid and emotionally immature/needy doesn’t make Swami Chokeananda® any less of a contemptible, vicious charlatan.

      However, it is not illegal in and of itself to be a contemptible, vicious charlatan.

  • You women wanted it. Don’t act like you didn’t signal him. That’s what this is. You can’t just withdraw consent later. I call bullshit.

    • we were forced to pretend to like it to appease him and not get on his bad side. we were terrified of him.

    • I didn’t want it and I had no idea I was going to get it. I was ambushed. I came there to be a student of kundalini yoga.

    • People who merely questioned what was happening who weren’t even his victims were threatened with expulsion onto the streets, career suicide, lawsuits, death (you’ll kill yourself in 3 weeks) and demonic curses. So just for a second think of what he did to his victims.

      • Tina, do I understand you correctly that sadistic rapist Swami Chokeananda® forced his victims to remain in his compound by threatening to expel them from his compound?


        • Interesting straw manning and very transparent. I’ll give you one chance to be more high level with your trolling but I doubt you can do it. I do dare you though. I do like to play. So before I answer your obviously mocking question [I see you], lets please answer this one: what do you know of domestic abuse and the main reason why it takes [mostly women] so long to get away? I don’t think you’ll be able to answer this one. You’ll likely hit your mental ceiling pretty fast.

          • All that brainwashing “from a young age” you experienced has turned you into a genius, eh?

            I take it your simple answer to my question is “Yes.”

            Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

  • This is so sad. The worst part is how many sexual abuse survivors end up here in the first place hoping to heal only to be hurt again.

  • Perhaps somebody should visit this colonel Kurtz and guide him into a very special spiritual session………

    • Don’t threaten my Swami. He saved me. I would have done a lot more but he rescued me. I owe him my life.

      • You are on the wrong side and you will go down with him. I guarantee that if he can throw you under the bus to save himself, he will.

      • You owe yourself a mental health evaluation and possibly a long stay at the Walnut Ranch.

        Can you read? Seriously? Me me me me me.

        Who cares if he beats and has destroyed hundreds likely more….. me, me, me, me, me, me. Dumb twat.

        What did he save you for? To be a spineless, selfish enabler of sadism, torture and other countless evils that will undoubtedly all come out. Will anything thwart your devotion? Murder? Creeping on kids? Anything? Oh boy, just what the world needs … more minions.

        No one “saves” anyone you hapless co-dependent. I would tell you to get a life but clearly you already gave yours to a monster.

      • and you will have no where to go when the whole thing falls apart. You have made no life for yourself. You have been his pawn all these years. I’m very sorry

        • This is 100% accurate.
          But they have no souls. So what do we do with them now? Offer redemption one last time?
          Or pursue having medical licenses revoked?
          Is it just me or do you think his army of doctors may have been working to heal his victims in secret?
          If that is true then they should all face trial!

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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