Was Erin Valenti Killed by the Very Brainwave Interface Technology She Sought to Expose?

Erin Valenti died after going through what appeared to be a manic episode. Her cause of death remains unknown.

For some, any suggestion that connects her seeking to expose the possible dangers of brainwave interface technology –  said to be being developed or developed already – and which could be called mind control technology – in any way to her death – is somehow akin to insulting her memory and the worst kind of baseless conspiracy theory.

The idea that she could be a martyr to the cause of warning others of the dangers of brainwave interface tech – of being in fact led to madness [and killed consequently] by this tech – is to the anti-conspiracy theory cultist – whose cult is debunking anything the establishment does not put its imprimatur on – is wild fantasy – utter conspiracy theory.

Those who question official versions – whether it is the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Seth Rich or John F. Kennedy, or the true cause of 9-11 – in the anti-conspiracy theory cultists’ mind – deserve to wear the tinfoil hat.

They say it is wrong to question the death of Erin Valenti.

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She purportedly had a manic episode and died, and this, to them, proves she must have died naturally; she got her own manic episode – all by herself. It wasn’t egged on by anyone and or any technology and to say otherwise makes one a supporter of wild conspiracy theories and is unfair to her memory.

Which may be true.

Yet, if technology exists, that Thomas Reardon or others developed, a tech that requires no drugs or implants that can interfere with someone’s thinking – remotely even – and prompt behavior – even to their destruction – even make people manic –  why is not valid to raise the point – not even so much about Erin Valenti – but that it exists and this is what could happen?

To use her death as a starting point for the discussion of the dangers of such a technology – getting into the wrong hands.

Maybe brainwave interface tech – if it exists – and surely it will someday – can interfere for, arguably, good – to help make manics calm – to quell murderous tendencies – or stop people from breeding the earth to extinction. What it is, or is said to be, could be used for good – according to what those in control of the tech decide is good.

Erin Valenti

And what if, in the name of good, it is used to make visionaries – with views not in agreement with the state or the people who control the state – into maniacs?  Or, if not maniacs, into docile lambs with no more vision.

No longer would the state have to imprison dissenters. Or suicide them. They could merely interface with their brainwaves and get their thinking going in the right direction.

Not to talk about this, not to at least bring up the point that a noted visionary died in a peculiar way – after she expressed concerns about such technology, is almost as foolish as to say we know – one way of the other – how and why Erin Valenti died.

Was there someone who wanted her dead? We don’t know. But merely to discuss it is not as they, the anti-conspiracy cultists, would have us believe; it is not some form of mania. Neither is it disrespect to the dead.

Erin may have died in the same way one might have died if there really is brainwave technology that could make a person crazy and she was a target.  There is no proof – as of yet.

Her death and what she seemed to be concerned about – and her descent into mania – could be coincidence. And maybe not.

But let us hear more on the topic.

Image result for thomas reardon ctrl labs
CTRL-labs Co-founder & CEO Thomas Reardon

Shivani first wrote about it for Frank Report and I found it fascinating. Her post was Are Thomas Reardon’s Experiments on ‘Brain Wave Interfaces’ Connected to Erin Valenti’s Death?

In the comments’ section, an anonymous someone, named Thunderman, who says he/she knew Erin, discounts every bit of it.

Thunderman wrote, “So the fact that Erin made a blog post (among hundreds of others) about Reardon’s work links him to her death? What a load of conspiratorial pablum.

“I knew Erin. She was curious, brilliant, visionary and wise well beyond her years. She talked and theorized about bleeding-edge technology and science (or pseudo-science) and its impact on mankind all the time.

“Her cause of death remains undetermined, and most people who had contact with her in the days before her death say she seemed to be going through some sort of manic episode.

“But to speculate, based on a couple of blog posts and cherry-picked quotes before her disappearance, that Erin was a guinea pig in some sort mind control experiment is laughably preposterous and frankly irresponsible pseudo-journalism. Her blog posts and comments before her death merely reflect the types of things Erin wondered and commented about all the time.”

Nice Guy, a regular commenter on this site, followed up with a thought of his own: “I personally find it disgusting that a mockery is being made of Erin’s death. I am sorry to Erin’s family and you.”

But is it mockery to investigate even the improbable – in the world of bleeding edge technology? The bleeding edge technology that some – including the visionary, the late Erin Valenti believed was possible – drug free, implant free, mind control – may have taken out Erin Valenti.

And maybe not.

I want to hear more on the topic. And if you don’t, please stop reading and move along to the next post.

For in this post, Shivani, who brought this topic to Frank Report, has replied to Nice Guy and Thunderman. Despite her rather adamant stance that she has the right to raise the topic and to “feel” even that there is more to the story – I want to hear her out.

By Shivani

A “mockery?” Maybe the moniker “Niceguy” is satiric prestidigitation, huh?

There has been no mockery, posting some of Erin’s final words, such as were available for me to read, as well as from my copying out the very words from the CTRL-labs propaganda linked by Erin to go worldwide.

Excuse me for paying attention to everything that’s happened to Erin and for emphasizing what she was saying. What a lot of nerve I must have. And so unapologetically. Mockingbird, mockingbird u so fly.

Be a jolly good gentleman and apologize a few more times, please? I understand that you stepped in to handle another imaginary magical thinking emergency. Was it a breech birth? Or did Bryn Mawr’s cheerleading coach call in sick? Or was someone under the weather from too much wincemeat or sufferin’ succotash?

I feel that Erin Valenti WANTED this uncomfortable design, scheme, arrangement, endowment outreach bragging that she found and noticed and had the character and the conscience and the education to comprehend, to come to light.

She seems to have been determined to expose even more of what she was learning, before she wasn’t able to give anymore. It mystifies me that more people who read here can seem to maintain so much obliviousness. After being exposed to Keith Raniere, the Bronfman’s enthusiastic support of his cause and his cockadoodle-doo. After Dr. Brandon Porter/mini-Mengele and Dr. Danielle Roberts and her cauterizing pen practices upon human, female flesh minus anesthesia.

I think that it’s quite possible that the young lady, Erin, might have known already then, right as she worked on that CTRL-labs disclosure, that her life was endangered. She might have been threatened and to have had cause to be alarmed and scared. She might have been hesitant about where to go and what to do. She might have been concerned that if she went home or to family that she’d risk that they could be harmed. Scientologists are not the only ones who use threats to harass and intimidate, and Nxivm’s criminal habits, as we know, are not exclusive to Nxivm.

It is okay with me that this sounds like science fiction crossed with a horror movie. It kinda is. This stuff happens in real life, though. It is not a spy movie, a superhero trilogy or something exhumed from Agatha Christie’s cupboard. This is Marvin Gaye’s territory out of What’s Going On?…before his father shot him down.

The mockery happening here is how people choose, decide, want and are easily persuaded to call Erin unstable and to jump like automatons onto that judgment call.

It does gives everyone so inclined an excuse and justification to ignore what she lost her life trying to tell others. Just call her last days of hardship and very likely devastation and despair some version of psychological or mental or emotional imbalance, and zip up the bodybag. Harsh. But why look back, eh?

This is where I stand. Not that you ever really need to give a rat’s ass. Just so you know.

I am pretty sure that Erin has been forced into silence. Go ahead and express your disgust. What the hell are you so afraid of, with all of your pussyfooting around? Death? Losing your Bishop’s headdress as ambassador of good etiquette? Really?

This is exactly what I see as having been done to Erin Valenti. Her life was terminated, in my opinion. She found out things and had the intelligence to interpret it. She knew too much and made the decision to speak up about it. Omerta came and took care of the situation via piggybank change, not very expensive. Ten or twenty thousand? A roundtrip vacation to the updated locale of Pedophile Island for one or two patrons of the arts of destruction? Chump change.

I still feel right now that Erin has been summarily and efficiently executed, with or without weaponry. Her death wouldn’t have been hard to fix to look like suicide. You have got to be aware of that trick by now.

Helping “the blind and the deaf,” evidently, is something I’ll keep working even harder to learn. All I can say about that for now, is I work better in person, face to face, than at writing compositions or submitting comments.

In the meantime, good wok, Niceguy, um, Dick Buttkiss. Probably best not to swallow very many prunes. “This is not a joking matter.” Nevertheless the prune swallowing reference plus the Buttkiss are intended as fondly yours.


Skipping Shivani’s evident pique at being called a mocker of Erin Valenti for raising a point – that Erin might have been murdered – she makes a point worthy of exploration: Erin may have been on to something and that is why she died.

I am interested in whether the very technology she was trying to expose was used against her.

But not to rush to judgement, or a conclusion, but because this is worth discussing – at length and deeply – for the promise of this technology is grave and for the most part, as I see it – it can only be used to harm humanity. Even if it is said to be used to “improve humanity ” or some selected kinds of humanity – if it is not used with the complete informed consent of the individual – it is akin to making a person a slave.

And even then, how would we know if the person gave informed consent – and that the consent was not secured through brainwave interfacing?

Who gets to decide how to use this? The inventor? The state? Or no one.  Let’s use logic and common sense here – and discuss this further.

Erin Valenti and Thomas Reardon are our starting points.

If this technology is developed – how do we safeguard against it – for if it is true – as Erin Valenti believed – it threatens to be the most deadly weapon in the history of the world.

Image result for brain wave interface technology
Brainwave interface could be the new law. Better than law. No more police force but brainwave force and controlled by those who know what is best. Just as in a police state the body is not free, in the state that uses a brainwave tech – no need to control the body – the mind itself is not free.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Yes chemicals and hormones and life experiences that lead us to, you imply take our own lives? I agree with your theory. So absurd how she’d leave her life behind with no other theory that she was miserable other than to be alive like the rest of us all who have mixed pills, hormones, chemicals, booze and pressure life has pressed upon us, than they (professionals) should have mentioned it was something behind a “manic episode” when manic would be our greatest time to be living rather than our worst which she did not sound familiar with other than relaying in a phone call that it was the involvement with her position to be so threatening towards her life

  • “research chemicals” imho, not necessarily voluntary intake either…Po-Po and consorts usually only test a very tight spectrum of substances and even that can be effed up easily…other drugs, depending on how long she has been dead, are metabolised after a few hours (6-12), some even do this in dead bodies…
    I also question the mentioning of a “manic episode”…that would require some depressive phases too…and, this might get threated with certain pills – not the ones mother gives you…have a drink or two with those in your stomach and you are, at least, in for a ride…or worse.

  • Today, Oct 7 2020, I witnessed the installation of this technology in Cupertino. It was put on top of every fifth street light or so and PG& E will be working its way down Saratoga/Sunnyvale road.

    The street on which Erin’s body was found is an out of the way place that you wouldn’t end up if you were lost. Knowledge of the area is required. The police would know because it’s one of those places they take their naps and whatnot without being seen or bothered.

    Someone in that neighborhood saw something. They are probably not talking to avoid the same fate.

    The Mercury News is a tool the police use to manipulate public opinion. They report for the city officials spreading rhetoric.

    The police are involved in Erin’s death and or cover-up but this has the M.O. of the CIA.

    San Jose has been taken over long ago and key positions have been replaced by outsiders with Ivy League educations.

    Look for yourselves.

  • Intriguing article! Thanks for sharing! A lot of clowns having their jollies in the comment section. Must be *so cool* to exercise their freedom of speech in such a low quality manner.

    • Agreed. Trying to follow the logic of this writing felt like being under brainwave manipulation technology. All glitchy.

  • How is investigating a suspicious, unexplainable death, immediately following completely out of ordinary, bizarre behavior “disrespectful” or “making a mockery” of someone’s death?
    So, if it were YOU who died in this manner, what would “respecting YOUR memory” look like?
    Nodding, and chalking it up to a bad end to a just, “a crazy kinda day?”
    That’s ASININE.
    Takes a real moron to make that kinda claim.
    You sound like one of those simple-minded folk who jumps on the bandwagon, resorting to pointing & name-calling, “CONSPIRACY THEORIST!” to deflect attention from your double-digit IQ, lack of critical thinking skills, fear of/disinterest in subject, or all of the above.
    Do you know what I think is TRULY DISGUSTING & DISRESPECTFUL to her memory?
    Writing a piece of garbage like this which not only discourages further investigation and WORSE, including a photo of a tin-foil hat.
    Truly tasteless, tacky & cliche.
    Do you have even ONE original thought in that wind tunnel between your ears?
    Wait … are you a bot?
    Now, THAT would make sense.
    Nah, a bot would be capable of writing a quality piece.
    Maybe a bot designed by a 7-yr old, yeah … that makes more sense.
    Either way, you’re an A**SSHOLE.
    Keep using that “conspiracy theorist” escape hatch, maybe one day it’ll work out for you.
    But sorry, as of now, you’re dumbfuckery brightly shines through.

    • Maybe take a second and look at how stupid your statement is. I bet you haven’t even investigated what the article is talking about! The technology! You probably believe that the holocaust didn’t really happen and the Nazis didn’t experiment on the Jews!! Do you know any of these words? MKULTRA, Paperclip, Artichoke, Etc Etc??? How about RMN remote neural monitoring, thought experimentation, ELF?

      Let me give you a first-hand testimony. I’ve been in the targeted individual program for over a decade. This tech has breached the brain’s firewall with help from supercomputers, surface EEG’s, etc. The mind is no longer private. Anything the mind controls can be used as a weapon against yourself. What does your mind do? Does it let you feel pain? Smell, taste, dream, alter emotions? Regulate heart rhythm, sleep, about hear, or see things?

      So sir, get a clue and realize that conspiracy is how they hide the technology in plain sight. Plausible deniability. So stop being a dumb ass and do so research. I’m giving you a head start first-hand info. I live with this shit every day and it’s assholes like you that just make living on this planet worst than it already is. Patrick

  • This is what I believe most likely happened to her as well. No signs of foul play, manic episode, comments about simulated brainwave telepathy… and the fact that I experienced the exact same thing in the exact same place at the exact same time! Thank God I’m still alive! But I am awaiting any answer from the coroner’s office to find out what may have triggered her seeming mania so I can figure out what happened to me!

    • I am so intrigued. What happened to you? I believe you and the fact that Erin was probably executed for her knowledge.

  • This stuff is not as new as you think. The technology has been around in some form or other since the 60s. The Nazis were researching it before they lost the war

  • I’m under mind control in the UK by the goverment…this is the biggest issue of our time. there is a general media blackout on the issue. it’s been mentioned a few times but if something happens with any particular person, it gets attributed to mental illness. It’s everywhere… yes even the decisions you make may be influenced…I have been under mind control for at least 10 years if not more. It’s hard to even prove it to yourself how long people have been trying to manipulate you

  • I live down the street from where her body was found. That neighborhood is called Almaden Valley, it is a wealthy neighborhood with a ton of techies and a ton of blow/ecstasy etc.. Maybe one of the techy “friends” she had met up with earlier that day lived in Almaden. Maybe she had too much to drink and decided to dabble in drugs or maybe she was drugged. Maybe she lost track of time. Maybe she felt guilty and called her parents while she was high as F but didn’t tell them what exactly went down. Why wouldn’t she had called her husband? Why stay on the phone with her parents for 3 hours? As you can tell by my writing abilities I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I think you all are a bit out there with your microwave neurons Star Trek sci-fi conspiracies. Don’t overthink it. It’s not as complicated as you think it is.

    • I too live in the neighborhood near Bose Lane where Ms. Valenti’s body was found. I too suspect that she met up with someone living in Almaden who attended the Palo Alto event with her and invited her back to his/her place. I’m sure that the SJPD detectives have checked to see what went on at the event, who was in attendance and contact with Ms. Valenti, and who lives near Bose Lane where she was found. I heard that her car was out of gas with the gas cap open, despite the fact that there are multiple gas stations that she would have passed driving into Almaden. Her long, nonsensical phone calls sound like she was in an altered state, maybe due to some fashionable drug that the new-age-sounding seminar might have encouraged. Just guessing about one possible explanation.

      • This mention of an empty gas tank makes me think that she may have died from CO2 poisoning.
        She has has been up all day going to meetings. Calls parents, wired up from caffeine and sleeplessness and trying to stay awake to catch a flight, rambles on about her tech and makes comments that sound manic, but are really just the thought stream of someone exhausted and trying to stay awake. Realizes she’s lost track of time and is going to miss her flight. Rushes to the airport but realizes it’s too late. Leaves to go find a hotel but decides fuck it, I’m just going to crash in the back seat for a few hours then head back to the airport to catch the earliest flight. Pulls into a neighborhood, leaves the car running so she is comfortable with the AC/heat running, and ends up with CO2 poisoning from the running car, and a door/window that wasn’t fully closed and air currents that tragically swirl the exhaust into the interior as she sleeps, poisoning her until the tank runs out of gas.
        Or maybe its that mind control thing…

  • Re Theoretical evidence of energy wave device affecting the brain:

    All skeptics should read the following white paper written and researched by actual collegiate academic PHD researchers.


    This is my final post on Shivani’s theory that the woman in question may have been murdered by a device she helped to develop.

    I decided for the first time in my life to investigate a fringe science conspiracy and attempt to find evidence that the fringe science in question is possible. I personally did not prove anything myself; rather the research I have gathered proved part of Shivani’s beliefs are in fact credible and valid.

    All of the research I gathered is from actual PHD or certified Medical scientists.

    I did not make Shivani’s belief valid. It was all ready valid before I “arrived”. I only search and found proof from valid scientific articles and research.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    P.S. Actaeon you can go back to……

  • Attention Everyone!

    Re Shivani’s theory & theoretical scientific proof validating her theory:

    Below is a link to an article on the Frey Effect or Microwave Auditory Effect. Originally I was going to take the time to write a short article, but surprise, surprise Wikipedia all ready had an excellent article.

    The Frey effect proves Shivani’s theory is indeed possible.

    Please read the Wikipedia entry if you are skeptical of Shivani’s belief.

    Here is the link to the Frey effect below:

    Side Note:
    I read Frank Parlato’s admonishment to all of us conspiracy skeptics and I decided to take the opposite stance and attempt to prove Shivani’s theory is possible.

    The Frey effect more than gives credence, weight and substance to Shivani’s theory.

    • The Frey effect has been thoroughly debunked: ““Microwave weapons is the closest equivalent in science to fake news,” Alberto Espay, a University of Cincinnati neurologist, told the [Washington] Post. Kenneth Foster, a bioengineer who delineated the Frey effect way back in 1974, called the entire idea “crazy.” The microwaves involved, he told the Post, “would have to be so intense they would actually burn the subject.” Or, as he put it vividly a decade ago, “Any kind of exposure you could give to someone that wouldn’t burn them to a crisp would produce a sound too weak to have any effect.” https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/01/the-real-story-behind-the-havana-embassy-mystery

      • As to the Wikipedia article lending “credence, weight and substance to Shivani’s [nonsensical] theory, I quote from it:

        “Numerous individuals suffering from auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders,[13] or other mental illnesses have claimed that government agents use forms of mind control technologies based on microwave signals to transmit sounds and thoughts into their heads as a form of electronic harassment, referring to the alleged technology as “voice to skull” or “V2K”.[14]

        There are extensive online support networks and numerous websites[13] maintained by people fearing mind control. California psychiatrist Alan Drucker has identified evidence of delusional disorders on many of these websites and other psychologists are divided over whether such sites reinforce mental troubles, or act as a form of group social support.[15]

        Psychologists have identified many examples of people reporting ‘mind control experiences’ (MCEs) on self-published web pages that are “highly likely to be influenced by delusional beliefs”. Common themes include “Bad Guys” using “psychotronics” and “microwaves”, frequent mention of the CIA’s MKULTRA project, and frequent citing of a scientific paper entitled “Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy”.[16][17]”

        So people who believe this garbage are often mentally unhinged. Inquiring minds want to know…

        • Shrinks don’t really know what is going on because they are not physics type, they are the talking and drug them types and they have their books created by committees and influenced by government, they are establishment and mind control that is just impossible to non physics people, get my drift. It is an insult to people like me who have masters degrees in the sciences and logic, that are targets. There are other ways to get to people’s heads besides the Frey effect, liberal arts majors and high school diploma wouldn’t even know where to begin looking. We might be considered looney tunes but others I consider to be a box of rocks igmos. Look into microwave laser and maybe sonic laser, look into how UAVs target the people it is going to be used against. There are technologies that exist where you point a laser at a window and you can hear the conversation inside a room. That has been a commercial spying product for a long time. Just because this mind control technology is classified above top secret doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist for the box of rocks. Here is one way to check if you might be a target. When you are really focused on doing a task ans suddenly you have that shoulder pain, mine’s is on the left shoulder. It is similar to the Star Trek Vulcan death grip, where Spock pinches the shoulder and the enemy is incapacitated. Now that pain is truly a deep dull pain. When you move from your seat and away from your desk, even move outside that pain disappears. If you cover your left shoulder with something metallic, your shoulder would be relieved of the pain and the pain might even move to your lower back. So you think that is a psychological episode? The reason for mind control I see is to influence, create problems so something can be fixed and the money flows from your hand to someone else’s. It makes the economy expand and keeps politicians in power. The gun control issue, you do not think that is influenced? The issue is suddenly muddled when it went to using cars, trucks and knives.

    • Acetone,

      Yet another Frey effect article for you Actaeon.


      I am only attempting to prove that Shivani’s belief that an individual can be driven insane is true.

      Frank Parlato via his recent article made me question my general skepticism of conspiracies.

      This “one” time I tried a different outlook and approach to conspiracy theory.

      I decided to try and prove a conspiracy theory or in this case fringe science effect true, rather than tear it apart and debunk it.

      I have come to the general conclusion that a person actually can be made to go insane via the projection of certain wavelengths of radiation at the frontal lobe of the brain.

      Simple case in point:
      Even your own cell phone produces enough radiation(energy waves) to effect atoms and synthesizing and formation of chemical crystals in experiments.

      Sorry dude but it’s real science. Move on…..

      • Not only is it real…..

        It’s freaky as shit because if it were done to you it would never show in any kind of autopsy or MRI.

        It’s on the molecular level below the cellular level.

    • The word you’re looking for is already – it’s a single word. Why are you using two words “all ready” – that means all is ready. Strange :-S

  • This is a good case to spend time on Frank Report not on my precious Toni Nataiie. Please stop persecuting Toni our queen of the anti Nxivm movement and find out for God’s sake what happened to Erin Valenti and not hurt Toni the beautiful Natalie !!!!

    • “Gastone Porter”

      What happened to your M. D., Doctor Porter?
      Did the University of Monterrey in Mexico cancel it?

      Not to mention what happened to your middle name “Hiram”?

      “not on my precious Toni Nataiie.”

      Say, Nicki by referring to your “precious Natalie” you are starting to sound like Gollum from the “Lord of the Rings.”
      “Where is My Precious? Who took my Precious?”
      Nicki, I think you and Allison attended too many Comic Cons.

      “MY PRECIOUS – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”

  • I think the initial sentiments are right – this is the case of someone, a private individual, who most likely suffered from an unfortunate mental health crisis, and it shouldn’t be bandied about in conjunction with baseless and sensational speculation.

    If there is “investigation” to be done, then that ought to be done quietly and behind the scenes, until or unless something concrete actually turns up that’s worthy of reporting. Unlike in the case of NXIVM, publicizing the case, particularly here on a site where it’s off-topic, is unlikely to get people with knowledge to come forward or to generate useful leads.

    How about we put the shoe on the other foot, Frank. We could speculate that almost any Italian who died, could possibly have been the victim of a Mafia hit. When one of the relatives in your family passes, would you really want to find – or have the children in your family finding – that there was some crazy speculation on websites out there, that they were offed because they knew too much about where La Cosa Nostra had buried a bunch of bodies, or something? You yourself probably have an aging family member who almost inevitably had clients with some sort of at least tenuous ties to the mob – and do you think it would be right for people to be writing and publishing wildly speculative things about them after they’re dead, that would show up online in internet searches rather than their obituary?

  • Well, since you seem to delete comments that contain facts that undermine your theories or opinions you disagree with, I will just laugh you off as another pseudo-journalist, pseudo-scientific conspiracy theorist hack. You’re making a great contribution to society. /s Have a great day.

  • Well, Sonic weaponry, ultrasonic crowd control tech. has been available for a long, long time and there have been astonishing leaps made in tech advance in these times of overlapping centuries.


    Thank you Shivani and Frank for shining a light on the issue surrounding the death of this young woman. Interesting that though she suffered from a bipolar condition (Mania?) it did not interfere with her somewhat stellar progress in a career she apparently thought of as ‘bleeding edge tech.’ So why should it rule out an investigation into her death?

    That she may have been suffering through a manic episode when she spoke to her folks before her death doesn’t not by any means eradicate the possibility of foul play, How exactly could this be thought of as a reason not to investigate?

    Are we to add Manic Depression to the list of people we show no interest/sympathy toward in peril if not death? i.e prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, black people, cult members, illegal immigrants, ‘lying’ wives?

  • Fascinating and terrifying, Frank. Anybody who did not see such things coming has been living in isolated denial.Of course, whether or not this is what happened remains to be seen, but a reasonable, well functioning mind must find it to be possible. If not now, then in the future, certainly. There is evil afoot in the world as there has always been and evil people will, no doubt, have such goals in mind. Every day, many attempts at oppression and control can be seen and recognized if one is open-minded. Keep up the good work.

  • Please post this second post and not my initial post. I would greatly appreciate it!!!!


    RE Erin Valenti’s murder:

    After reading Frank Parlato’s eloquent admonishment to my skepticism and sarcasm; I have had a change of opinion regarding your theory on Erin Valenti’s death. I believe your theory has validity.

    I understand why you are upset with me and I sincerely apologize.
    In the future, when I disagree with you, I will not mock you.

    I completely acted like the “assholes” I detest; and for that I am truly sorry.

    I have appreciated other articles you have written; And I have stated that multiple times in posted comments to you.

    Side note:

    Your use of “prestidigitation” is a malapropism. I actually had to look that word up because I am not familiar with the lexicon of magicians.

    “In the meantime, good wok, Niceguy, um, Dick Buttkiss. Probably best not to swallow very many prunes. “This is not a joking matter.” Nevertheless the prune swallowing reference plus the Buttkiss are intended as fondly yours”, Shivani.

    Shivani you should know that I am very regular(No need for prunes), and I am not into muddy love.

    I guess the individual calling me a “clueless clown” is not Actaeon after all. 😉

    • Thank you. I do like you very well and disagreeing does not alter that. That isn’t in me. I do not feel happy when people use words abusively, though. There is such a difference between disagreeing, even with some cussing – and falling down the pits and fighting like jackasses. I used to read here and think “my God, these people treat each other like shit here,” so it took a long time before I would comment at all. That is for sure, I’d read the someof the comments and think, “no thank you.” (As for prestidigitation, it’s a fun word and I just wanted to spell it and enjoy it.) Slap happy.

      There are a lot of very thoughtful commenters here who can joust but not spew. I realize that I have teased you as you have me, and that doesn’t change my feeling of fondness for you. (Thank God that Frank edits some of my comments, which I don’t think of as “articles” at all.) What I do is more like thinking out loud, exploring, comment-wise. Mr. Parlato has discernment and experience, and I can offend people, simply with info or ideas, like a big mouth. I feel lucky that he puts up with me at all.

      What you just said means a lot to me. I will remember it in December when my birthday comes and my grandbabies will be away, leaving only the kittycats around for hugs. You cheered me up so much, it’ll last quite awhile.

      I’ve been digging into “mind-control technology” for 3 or 4 years now and have gathered what, to me, is a lot of info and have perused documents from sources, literally worldwide. But you have to understand what you are looking for to be able to search. Names, foundations, branches of science, medicine and also criminality, cults, politics, professionals with hidden agendas going all the way up to Nobel Prize winners, organizations, geography, charitable orgs and how to watch the money shifting. Digging into the biographies of lots of individuals, sometimes via means best left unmentioned. Maxwells, each one of them and Bronfmans, the same, at least two Barrs, the Wexners, on and on it goes. Even Dr. Salzman’s wife, also named Padilla, but probably not related to Raniere’s Padilla, needs observation. Not to mention the big, big names, some of whom are extremely subtle. The background of tech giants leads every which way. These people cannot hide, not really, but boy oh boy, can they distort or create distractions to hide behind.

      So much is hidden with benevolent euphemisms, it’s staggering. The whole experience has been astonishing but isn’t the only thing I like to study. Yet the particular topics of my attention keep interfacing WITH one another. This too is traceable; it is not fantasyland. There is an ocean of evidence and an extreme quantity of details. Some of it you have to work hard to comprehend, especially if it is about branches of medicine, multiple sciences and technology interfacing. Some of it is shocking. I cannot analyze it all. No one can. So paying attention to others’ research is essential. I can barely type, so I love what our Shadowstate gives from his research.

      It is understandable that he does not allow Allison Mack to be seen as cute or innocent. Yet I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the pre-designated “scapegoat” and don’t trust Garaufis as much anymore. We shall see, but things, even documents, have made me forget about him as a legalistic Santa and instead, I watch warily.

      It seems to me that everyone has been given their marching orders about how to “shut this down.” Alive and well in Mexico, though, since around one dozen of Raniere’s closest “disciples” are in Mexico. Jack Levy, if I recall correctly, even arranged that final Puerto Vallarta hideout for Raniere. Some of the Mexicans still in have scads of money and are exceedingly safe in Mexico, it would appear.

      Background studying of certain intertwined topics made me immediately pay a whole lot of my own kind attention to what has happened to Erin Valenti. Fortunately, Amazing Polly did the same kind of research and that helped me immensely. She is incredible and has produced a huge number of YouTube videos and provides links and info substantially. Her Nxivm stuff is dynamite. She is an excellent speaker, as well as very pretty.

      There were a few days around learning about Erin when my family saw me not stopping to sleep or eat, despite making them dinners, taking care of what I do at home and transporting our schoolboys as usual but not as devotedly. Our oldest young man is always my savior with his humor. There has been too much to study, yet with energy enough not to become tired. Family is everything, the surroundings.

      It hit me hard trying to see what might have happened to this young lady. Right off the bat. This kind of public tragedy is awful to endure along with the loss. My own family went through the headlines, etc. twice before I was thirteen years old, so I know it well. Luckily it was before the Internet. But I still flinch some if approached by a reporter of any kind. It is emotional work to learn of someone’s suffering, not only analytical effort. Tears just now came from thinking of Erin. I won’t stop researching, as it’s my way of life, one of the greatest interests to me is researching things independently, looking for “the Truth.” Looking for Beauty could be more fun.

      Nancy Salzman and her ex, Dr Salzman, who did his undergraduate studies in Guadalajara and who does, among other things, laser work and dermatology, I have suspected might have been “the cauterizing pen/branding expert” who did the first Raniere DOS brandings and taught Danielle Roberts what to do. This is a dangerous subject, though. Nevertheless, he could do this stuff with his skills, and he was around.

      Yet if this is true, I am aware that it might never be revealed. It could lead to way too much else. Still paying attention to this angle. But I think it will be buried, like the way Epstein hid tons of evidence, especially in New Mexico and on his deVirginizing island with the temple. We hardly hear jack about his other, bigger island next door. Epstein and companies spent a fortune disposing of evidence of things most people do not want hear about at all, because it is that hideous what had to be hidden. But people are getting away with more than murders. It is clear how it goes.

      For one thing, police, even the overall untrustable FBI and the appropriate district attorneys have known lots of dirt about Nxivm almost since it started over 20 years ago and ignoring it was and probably still is, their chosen stance. Things are bigger and deeper here than superficial observation would ever catch. Crazy big. I am pretty sure that, in more ways than one, Raniere and Epstein were into the same businesses. Bronfmans overlap with both of them. But there is more. People will not want to believe it, and every effort is being made to hold back that tide.

      Lately I’ve been digging into Nancy Salzman intensively, due to many reasons. I am particularly interested in how Judge Garaufis handles her sentencing. There is rather a news blackout curtain around Nancy Salzman. It is noticeable. She co-founded Nxivm with Raniere and worked it from the beginning. Yet she receives little scrutiny at all. However, Dr. Salzman’s medical activities, etc. are fascinating, in terms of implications. Vested interests would not want any or this known. That could be how come Nancy “receives” little attention or coverage and certainly did not testify at Flabturd’s trial.

      As for what protects the Bronfman sisters, look out. Even if Clare gets wide exposure for her criminal activities, still there’s a wall of protection. She is only one tip of that iceberg, which is internationally powerful.

  • In college I had an acquaintance whose family was prone to manic depression.
    What is sometimes called bi-polar manic depression.
    He would be talking a mile a minute sitting on a couch and in the middle of his soliloquy he would nod off to sleep.
    Several minutes later he would wake up not knowing that he had nodded off.
    It was funny and tragic at the same time.
    Several years earlier he had been institutionalized for manic depression after he had attempted suicide.

    His brother during a manic episode years earlier had picked up an antique pistol and fired it at the fireplace.

    More to the point of Erin Valenti and her tragic death about 15 years ago I read the book “Tuxedo Park” by Jeanne Conant.
    Conant was the granddaughter of the President of Harvard and the grandniece of a scientist named Bill Richards.
    Richards worked for a lawyer and amateur scientist named Alfred Lee Loomis.
    Loomis had a laboratory at his country home in Tuxedo Park, New York.
    Loomis helped develop radar systems and also did experiments with brain waves.
    Please remember that Loomis and his assistant Bill Richards investigated brain waves as well as radar.

    Bill Richards on the side wrote science fiction stories and in 1940 wrote a novel titled “Brain Waves and Death.”

    In another science fiction novel Richards openly discussed the construction of the Atomic Bomb.
    Keep in mind that Bill Richards wrote this draft novel about the Atomic Bomb five years before Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Bill Richards suffered from depression and committed suicide in his bathtub by slitting his wrists.
    Because of the sensitive nature of the manuscript novel the US government suppressed the publication.

    Here is a passage from the first chapter of “Tuxedo Park.”

    “William T. Richards was found dead in the bathtub with his wrists slashed, blood from his wounds garlanding the walls of the bathroom. He was dressed in his pajamas, his head resting on a pillow. A razor blade lay by his hand. He was a former chemistry professor at Princeton University who was currently employed as a consultant at the Loomis Laboratory in Tuxedo Park, New York. He was thirty-nine years old. His personal papers mentioned a mother, Miriam Stuart Richards, living in Massachusetts, and the detective at the scene asked the Cambridge police to contact her. As The New York Times reported the following morning, William Richards was from a prominent Boston family, son of the late professor Theodore William Richards of Harvard, winner of a Nobel Prize in chemistry, and the brother of the former Grace (Patty) Thayer Richards, wife of the president of Harvard, James B. Conant.”

    “Just a few weeks after he took his own life, his book, Brain Waves and Death, was published under the pseudonym “Willard Rich.” It was, in most respects, a conventional murder mystery, with the added interest of being set in a sophisticated modern laboratory, where a group of eminent scientists are hard at work on an experiment designed to measure the electrical impulses sent out by the brain. In a twist on the standard “hermetically sealed room” problem, Richards staged the murder in a locked experimental chamber that is constantly monitored by highly sensitive listening devices and a camera. The book earned respectful reviews, with The New York Times describing the story as “ingeniously contrived and executed” and awarding Willard Rich “an honorable place in the ranks of mystery mongers.” None of the critics were apparently aware that the author was already dead or that he had rather morbidly foreshadowed his imminent demise in the book, in which the first victim is a tall, arrogant young chemist named Bill Roberts.”

    “With his instinctive ability to home in on the latest developments on the frontiers of research, Richards had followed up his first book with something far more sensational. Among the papers collected from his apartment after his death was the draft of a short story entitled “The Uranium Bomb.” It was written once again under the pseudonym Willard Rich. The slim typed manuscript, bearing the name and address of his literary agent, Madeleine Boyd, on the front cover, was clearly intended for publication. Richards was an avid reader of Astounding Science Fiction and probably intended to place his story in the magazine, which regularly carried the futuristic visions of H. G. Wells and was a popular venue for the doomsday fantasies of scientists who were themselves good writers. Richards’ story opens with the meeting in March 1939 between a rather callow young chemist named Perkins (Richards) and a Russian physicist named Boris Zmenov, who tries to enlist the well-connected American to warn his influential friends, and ultimately the president, “to suppress a threat to humanity.” The Zmenov character, who is convinced the Nazis want to build a bomb, explains that there had been a breakthrough in atomic fission: the uranium nucleus had been split up, with the liberation of fifty million times as much energy as could be obtained from any other explosive. “A ton of uranium would make a bomb which could blow the end off Manhattan island.”

    Sample text for Tuxedo Park : a Wall Street tycoon and the secret palace of science that changed the course of World War II / Jennet Conant.

    Bill Richards, although he was brilliant, had a long history of mental problems and clearly committed suicide.

    I suppose that a full investigation of Erin Valenti’s death will have the same conclusion.

    • Honestly, I am a believer of conspiracy theories although I don’t believe in anything that someone tells me or reads on the internet, but the whole matter of mind control technology, is being taken along extreme paths in this blog, I mean that the primary objective of using this technology in an indeterminate way in people has never been simply to wash some people’s brains or achieve mass control in disturbances, if not rather subtly influence people, I remember that in Futurama’s show they showed in a comical way the continuous use of technology that allowed corporations to transmit commercials directly to people’s brains while they slept, in Futurama they make it look funny, but if one considers it in the real world that would be scary, and worst of all is that there are stories about research on this issue by the US government for decades, the first time I read something about this topic was reading the testimony of preston nichols on the montauk project, and in his history preston mentions precisely that the investigation on the subject of mental waves, began testing new experimental radars that had so much power that his radio waves penetrated the flesh of those who were nearby, some they suffered burns but others suffered mental problems because the radar waves were interfering with the brain waves, he mentions how true human sacrifices were carried out using people from the street that no one would miss to be able to calibrate the precise frequencies to affect the human brain without killing or hurting the test subjects, and that supposedly happened more than 50 years ago, who knows how much progress has been made in this technology, that’s why I think that Erin Valenti’s message to his family saying that we live in a matrix is ​​not refers to something that is to come if not to that discovered that maybe such technology already exists and is used to influence the minds of people in a subtle way, and if it sounds crazy to many people but if we take into account some truths such as the fact that it was science that contributed to the existence of advertising as we know it today .

  • No.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she was not killed by brain control technology that does not exist.

    Seek professional help.

    There is one point in this that is actually worth addressing. Frank writes, “They say it is wrong to question the death of Erin Valenti.” Well no there is nothing wrong with questioning a death. There’s nothing wrong with investigating the Moon landings or the the shape of the earth or how JFK died. I’m a rationalist, an empiricist and I believe in asking questions. I’m a skeptic too and I realize the official version can be wrong, and sometimes is. Look at Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, that were used as justification of a war.

    The consensus is not always right. Obviously. So it’s valuable, even essential, to ask reasonable questions. A key word being “reasonable.”

    It’s not reasonable to blame perfectly ordinary death on non-existent technology. Is there the slightest evidence for the existence of a mind-control ray? Doesn’t it sound rather like something out of a science fiction tale? How often has it happened that a fully-formed, world-altering technology has sprung upon the world unannounced and unexpected?

    Think of all the neurologists in the world. Have they announced that such technology is near, or even possible? Look at lasers. When was light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation discovered, fifty years ago? Futurists immediately began to talk about how this would be the weapon of the future. We’re still waiting for Death Rays.

    Conspiracy theorists have lost touch with the way the world actually works. They have overactive imaginations, an apocalyptic mindset, and lack a bullshit detector.

    This article is pure bullshit. It’s based on nothing other than pure speculation. Just like the idea of secret tunnels under Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Or little green men at Roswell. Or space aliens building the Pyramids. Or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Or Keith Raniere’s influence over the weather. Or the Rosicrucians. Or crystal power. When all of these things, once so fervently believed in, turn out to be embarrassing bullshit, doesn’t it tell us something? Don’t believe in bullshit. Believing in bullshit doesn’t make you a “free thinker”. It doesn’t make you independent minded. It makes you a fool.

    • Actaeon,

      Do you not have anything nice to say, ever?

      You are so unhappy….

      …..You act as though you had been DP by Lebron James and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock…..

  • There are only two types of brainwave technology that I know of, one being reading them to determine what a person wants to do (such as have a mechanical hand open), and the other manipulates brainwave states to altered states of consciousness (such as relaxed, before-sleep, or sleep.)

    With respect to reading brain waves, one would have to “record” the brain’s response while it tries to, for example, open the mechanical hand. Then any time after that, if those brainwaves are detected, the mechanical hand will open. Those readings are going to be different person-to-person, so it’s not like there’s going to be a “one size fits all” that can be employed on people. Brainwave signatures may become as commonly used as fingerprints though, at some point in the future.

    To manipulate brainwaves, however, one just needs a stereo set up, audio in one ear, and audio in the other. A third audio is produced by the brain, and that can change the brainwave states, not so different from flashing lights to make a person nauseous or tired, or trigger an epileptic. There are examples audio files all over the internet and people use them with no significant after-effects.

    • “‘We don’t read what people are thinking,’ says Katharine Noe, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic” https://www.theverge.com/2016/1/12/10754436/commercial-eeg-headsets-video-games-mind-control-technology
      So no, it’s not really possible to read what a person wants to do. EEG patterns can be read via an array of electrodes on the skull, and when the subject makes a hand motion the software can be programmed to respond appropriately. As the article points out, the electrodes have to be in direct contact and many things get in the way– like hair and even skin oil. Signal interference is a big problem.

      So no, current technology can’t read minds. Since our brains don’t send out radio signals, being able to pick up brainwave signals at a distance would violate the laws of physics. And to assume that, if we can pick up and “read” brainwaves then it should be possible to reverse the process is nonsense. Why nonsense? Because it’s easy to fry an egg, but just try un-frying one. Processes are not always reversible.

  • I wonder if this has any connection to 5G. I think Shivani is on to something here. I believe there is Tech to control people using ear piercing sounds for crowd control. My friend and I witnessed strange things during the occupy movement. Maybe this might explain why people dropped like flies and what ever this machine is should be destroyed. It feels like new world order shit or something. I look forward to reading more about this story.

    • 5G is designed to control your brain. I suggest you move to the area in West Virginia where all wireless signals are prohibited, including wifi, cell phones, radios, pagers, etc. There are sound machines that control crowds, so stay away from crowds. The Occupy Movement was it’s own strange thing. People dropped like flies because the crap smell was so strong. I look forward to more of your ignorant comments, they are VERY entertaining! LOL

      • Maybe you should stick to mixing milk and monster drinks and educating people about pyramid schemes and not judge people. And please skip past my comments obviously my ignorance is contagious.

      • I never said 5G controls the brain. I just wonder if it has similarities. It’s new tech and it’s interesting. I have a question for you. Why does west Virginia prohibite wireless signals?

        • I didn’t say 5G controls THE brain, I said it controls YOUR brain. LOL 5G is merely the latest cellular technology that uses a wide bandwidth to increase speed, it is no different than 1-4G in that it is in the electromagnetic spectrum far below visible light frequencies, (which are also harmless, unless you think a flashlight or a lightbulb is harmful) at very low power levels, and therefore quite harmless. Except for YOUR brain. LOL

          Regarding West Virginia, I said an area IN west [sic] Virginia, not the whole state. Have you ever heard of google? Do you know you have more information at your fingertips that you could never possibly read with the internets? https://www.google.com/search?q=west+virginia+wireless&oq=west+virginia+wireless&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.12154j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • Why I think this is bunk: I don’t think we understand brain function well enough to cause any specific result with this technology. Any competent law enforcement investigation won’t ignore this issue, but they also won’t hone in on it as if it is the primary culprit. Shivani is usually melodramatic.

    • Scott,

      The brain wave attack could be real after all…… remember the Cuba Psionic Attack Scandal…..

      Look up the invisible sonic brain attack on our embassy officials in Cuba. It is believed in certain circles that the Cuban government was using psionic technology obtained from the Russians. Diplomats reported time loss, memory loss,
      and intense migraine headaches. Some diplomats even stated they heard a kind of voice in their heads.

      Here is an article link to the Cuban psionic attack scandal:


      “I don’t think we understand brain function well enough to cause any specific result with this technology”,Scott Johnson.

      If it is Top Secret how would we truly know if it exists or does not exist?

      The United States possessed working stealth fighters and stealth bombers all the way back in 1978.

      It was not until the first Gulf War that the top secret planes were introduced to the world.

      Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction….

      …..And a hell of a lot scarier.

      • Scott,

        DARPA may have have invested in CTRL-labs after the U.S. Cuban Embassy attacks.

        Imagine the foreign government officials and terrorists the CIA could kill with such a weapon. What if the U.S. government uses this technology on problematic citizens?

      • Nice Guy, I read the Cuban article. Years ago I had a device that you could use to spy. On the device was a code. It was like, xxx-XX-x, something like that. Any ways, when I typed the code into the search engine all these other spy devices came up. Things like cereal boxes were being used. It showed how it worked and it did make a chirping sound. They also showed light fixtures used as wireless spying devices. I’m actually nervous and relieved that were discussing this strange brain control technology. Of course people will chalk this woman’s death to mental illness. It’s easier to do secret experiments on people diagnosed with no-polar disorder because in all actuality, who will believe anything a crazy person says?

        • Peaches,

          You ask a question that has a very long reply/answer. I don’t have the time to answer it with an intelligent reply.

          However I will give you a possible explanation for Erin’s death.

          I’m not gonna go into specifics because it’s gonna take too long for me to answer at the moment……

          The short answer is: Its within the realm of possibilities to fry someone’s brain and cause them to go insane.

          Let me make it abundantly clear that I do not want to feed into anyone’s paranoia.

          An individual that receives high pitch sound waves at a certain frequency or microwaves can have
          brain damage that could result in
          the individual developing a bipolar disorder or other type of mania.

          Here is a simple scientific experiment that was recorded by actual scientists in their investigation of the damage that can be done by microwaves to an animal or theoretically human brain.


          • Re My post to Peaches additional explanation and information:

            I realized that the article I posted a link to does not give a fully explicit answer but rather a implicit type of answer. So here is a basic summary
            from the end of the article on the experiment,
            “The effects of microwave exposure on the brain remain unclear; however, microwave-induced neurotrauma shows the same pathological changes as blast traumatic brain injury.”

            What the above paragraph is referencing is what used to be known as Shell Shock, that is the reference……”blast traumatic brain injury.”

            Below is a Scientific neurological explanation for shell shock. Shell shock is not a “psychological disease” but rather it is brain level trauma from the force waves of a bomb blast. The molecular structure of proteins and cells in the brain change permanently after absorbing just some of the energy from a bomb blast.


            So for non-Scientific people who happen to be skeptical blast waves, microwaves, light, sound waves, Wi-Fi, and cell signals all occupy space on the spectrum.

            On the level of an atom everything is affected by waves on the spectrum.

            Side note: I’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole I have to cook dinner and I have to go 😐

          • Shivani,

            So Shivani with my recent posts I have just scientifically validated your theory that someone could be driven insane by energy type waves on certain point on the spectrum.

          • Thank you. I read the article. It’s interesting they can see what happens to the rats’ brains. I don’t think I’ll be watching my popcorn so closely next time.

          • The article link below is to a National Geographic article explaining the scientific validity of blast energy from a bomb creating brain damage and manic types of psychotic diseases from said energy from a bomb blast.

            Sorry Frank, I’ll do a better job in the future editing before I post.

      • That is an old and outdated article, the most recent theory and evidence supported story is fumigation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havana_syndrome Too bad Frank can’t use it on his website to get of pests like you. LOL

        We don’t truly know, but I’m not going to believe that everything is a secret/conspiracy. If you want to, go for it. You have nothing else to do, you certainly won’t be spending time talking on the telephone, it’s too scary! LOL

      • Ah, the Cuba embassy attack. Speculation was rife that there was some kind of mysterious, super-secret weapon the Cubans were using. Turned out the explanation was far more prosaic https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/01/the-real-story-behind-the-havana-embassy-mystery

        The speculation was debunked. There was no ultrasonic, subsonic, microwave or “psionic” weapon. The symptoms the embassy staff were reporting, which were suspiciously heterogenous and diffuse, were psychosomatic. It was a simple case of mass suggestion. Read the article, it’s thoroughly documented. This episode was thoroughly investigated by several teams of scientists and physicians. Of course, when spectacular tales of super-secret weaponry get debunked, the simple rational solution doesn’t get nearly as many column inches as the attention-grabbing “mystery” and the wild speculation about what happened. Hysteria and fantastic theorizing sell newspapers and generate clicks, the simple truth does not.

        Oh, and radar avoiding aircraft technology was known in WWII; the British had a twin engine light bomber made of plywood built to do just that.

        • Actaeon,

          2 things:

          1. The initial theory in regards to the “Cuba sonic scandal attack” was not truly “debunked”. There was just an oppositional theory regarding the attack. No meaningful scientific proof, fully verified through scientific conditions
          and tests was ever produced.

          2. “Oh, and radar avoiding aircraft technology was known in WWII; the British had a twin engine light bomber made of plywood built to do just that”. Actaeon.

          What does the plywood bomber have to do with modern real stealth technology to do with modern military active radar systems?

          As usual Actaeon you do not logically think through your theories….
          Because your to busy sucking on your own c**k.

          You are forever my Gimp. 😉

    • Scott, curdled milk is too complex for you how can you possibly have an opinion about brain fuction? I find the brain complex and almost as fascinating as FR. I’ve actually held a couple of brains in my own hands. It was probably around the same time you figured out how to draw triangles.

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