Are Thomas Reardon’s Experiments on ‘Brain Wave Interfaces’ Connected to Erin Valenti’s Death?

By Shivani

Anyone here ever heard of Thomas Reardon, who invented Internet Explorer and partnered with Bill Gates/ Microsoft and made a fortune?

What are he and his worker bees up to now?

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Thomas Reardon – did he or his work – have any connection to the deaths of two women?

Here is a quote about his group, CTRL- labs, and it was published by a woman who died on October 14, 2019, Erin Valenti. Valenti was found in the backseat of her rental car, supposedly en route to the Palo Alto airport and then to be on her way home. A tech company owner herself, she put out a few interesting remarks at Tinker Ventures, her business. These remarks, her final ones, are worth an article in and of themselves.

In fact, every bit of info about her AND her husband are worth exploring.

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Erin Valenti – died this month.

But here is what she published from a CTRL- labs publication, Reardon’s “neuroscience and behavior” center of industrious dedication, and Reardon is no mere dabbler. Go into his own academic qualifications, personal background (very little info available) and business ventures, and see for yourselves.

Here we go:

“The future of brain-machine interfaces is non-invasive. Instead of surgical implants, CTRL- labs uses state-of-the-art detection and machine learning to read your neurons from outside the body. The first step will be technology precisely picking up the signals from inside your body to control devices outside of it with little more than natural gestures. The next step – and we are already closer than most people realize – will be reading the intention directly from your brain.

”CTRL-labs is pioneering something entirely new at the intersection of biology and code. He did this by assembling a rare cadre of scientists and technologists: PhDs in computational neuroscience; biomechanics paired with hackers and coders; experts in signal processing, machine learning, and human-computer interaction; and industrial designers.”

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Another woman, Rachelle Bergeron, was killed the same day as Erin Valenti. Rachelle, an American, age 36, was the Attorney General of the island of Yap, part of the Federated States of Micronesia. She was speaking to her constituency about HOW to recognize human traffickers and how to resist or to stop them.

She and her dog, as I mentioned some days ago, were executed. Then ,she was put on the back of a flatbed truck(!) and transported to a hospital, DOA.

Rachelle Bergeron
Rachelle Bergeron, dead at age 33.

These things don’t get much publicity, and any revelatory stories are usually submerged rapidly.

The human trafficking victims are (allegedly) used for forced labor, in abysmal conditions. They are used for sex-trafficking, especially if they’re infants and children. The traffickers supply, as more and more evidence indicates, specimens for biotech and human behavioral/adaptation- to-tech-control experimentation. The victims are also being used for organ harvesting.

The victims, it appears, are also being used for more inhumane and obscene torments than even what I have described here.

Charitable foundations are used “altruistically” to scoop up human fodder all over the world. Even an African chieftain told an investigative reporter that the number one problem that his people are and have been facing has been the disappearances of their children.

Since 2014, the trails of tears have broadened more and more, with especially young people and very little ones, vanishing, with little or no recourse. Those “resources” seem to be ineffective, or perhaps, simply well-blocked or unavailable.

Valenti, who reached her family not long before dying, left some quotes behind.

“Mind control = neurocontrol.”

“We are all in the Matrix, it’s all a game, a thought experiment.”

Most of all, she left a link on her Tinker Ventures site to the above-cited Reardon CTRL- labs.

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  • Das ist alles immer grausamer geworden. Auch an und mit mir. Es wird mir Zerstörung, Beschädigungen und Krankmachungen und Toilettennot und Tote gezeigt. Auch immer mehr fette wie ich, über 300 kg sind welche dabei. Immer mehr werden daran gehindert, selbständig laufen zu können. Die erzeugten Töne im Aussen, im Haus und meinem Kopf sind ein zusätzlicher Stressfaktor…… Schlafentzug, Töten von Familienangehörigen von meiner Seite und anderen . Die meisten haben keine Eltern mehr von meinen Bekannten. Verwandte sind auch umgebracht worden. Ehepartner u. Ehepartnerinnen auch. Trennungen sind für die auch wichtig. Vereinsamungen u…………

    Gruß Kunze aus Soest

  • No pepper spray . Org. All of these people are involved if you are involved they pay you with fake law suits or even #1 draft picks as in Casey mize. His dad is 12 police mafia.

  • I found out about her death. I am a victim and I met Tim Cook. He is involved. I have a whole list of people involved. They told me on v2k it is the matrix and when they damage your brain you lose perception. My brain has healed but visit my facebook. Rushton Sedberry Jr. I am targeted by a few people. I know all of them including Tim “nureal torture” Cook; he called me a uygur. Send me a message or email

    I have intimate knowledge about the police behind the scenes. Mkultra.

  • Fun Fact: Ben Myers (Porter EEG Mengele’s little buddy) was working at a CTRL labs competitor on the other side of the country in 2018-2019.

    There’s your Nxivm connection.

  • Fun Fact: Ben Myers (Porter EEG Mengele’s little buddy) was working at a CTRL labs competitor on the other side of the country in 2018-2019.

    There’s your Nxivm connection.

  • I did not know Valenti, just read about her passing and it sounded fishy to me. Since then I keep searching for “Erin Valenti Autopsy” online and nothing comes up. Just wondering what was the cause of her death.

  • The question is “how did she died”? What was the caused of her death? Was she sooo stressed out about her discovery about mind control that it gave her a blood clot or did she overdosed herself with medication?

  • This fevered dream of slaves and brain control and murder does make a NXIVM related point, albeit probably not what the author intended:

    Valenti is reported to have called her parents raving manically. What did her dad do? *Immediately* called the police to report his concerns and that she had missed her flight. What any loving parent would do. The police blew him off. So what, the family kept pressing. Because he’d heard proof his child was not well, heard it with his own ears.

    But Toni Natalie writes that when Kris Snyder called her parents raving that she was responsible for blowing up the Space Shuttle, the Snyders did nothing. Nothing at all. Ho hum.

    Why that lack of response didn’t seem strange to Toni speaks to her parenting empathy—or lack of. How was she to know that wasn’t the case, poor dyslexic busy PTSD-stricken thing, she? Her fact checker told her!

    It’s like the test in Blade Runner to see if you’re human or not. And Toni failed it. She should’ve known to doublecheck that fact because it’s deeply weird—that parents would do and say nothing in response to a call like this. That, even if the police ignored them, they themselves did not follow up.

    Tl;dr: What Valenti’s parents did is what humans do. I see why the Snyder family is livid with Toni, even leaving out the she’s-retarded slur.

    • They have a condition called impending doom. It is caused by the satellite. It is activated by v2k with five voices coming from different angles of the brain. Tim Cook is 100% involved. They play the casino with the program. I am almost not tortured. I did not sleep for six months. I had a baby stolen. Bobbi Angel Mann. In Humboldt County. I have a book coming out about it.

  • Marmosets are much cheaper to feed, house, and acquire than kidnapped human street urchins. They’re even littler than the littlest little human. Both are trainable with marshmallows! Seriously. If you’re a mad scientist reading FR, we’ve made advances in primate research, yo. No need to stay in the 1860s. No need to tunnel through the Rockies and lay railroads. Did I mention the part about it not being the 1860s?

    Please, less Internet “research” and more research research posts. Ctrl Labs is, in part, in NYC. Or join a lab, ask to shadow (not you, Shadow) for a day! Then slip out and look for the slave pens!

    Caveat: you do actually have to pass math classes and o chem to do what is colloquially known as “science-ing.” But creating astrology charts and identifying slave depots from satellite photos looks complicated too. Composing good poetry or good science tortureporn gifs is even more difficult and time consuming, I imagine. I believe many of the tinfoil brigade could do good science if they set themselves to it. I believe in you!

    Ctrl is bragging about reading muscle fiber twitches, which are—yes—controlled by the brain. and are calling that reading single neurons.

    This is not satanism, does not require human babies (or even marmosets tbqh), or murder. How good (or not) their sensors + software are at reading increasingly small groups of muscle fibers is the only mystery. And even that technology isn’t new. It does not require killing silencing or a trail of kidnapped women and children. Human Columbia undergrads will do it for $30 and free snacks.

    Every biotech firm says it has assembled a crack group of bench scientists, engineers, and hackers. And they usually do. If they don’t, they should go get some, those lazy stiffs.

    • Jarhead,
      Go ahead and crack open a nice cold beer.

      The government sure did a crackerjack job tracking down Al Bagdadi.
      They not only cornered him in a tunnel like a dirty rat but they had him screaming, whimpering and cowering in fear before he supposedly detonated his suicide vest.
      And not only did Al Bagdadi go to his final reward so did two of his wives (sex slaves) and three of his bratty children.

      All in all it was a bang up job.

      ‘He died like a dog’ Donald Trump addresses the nation and confirms that ‘coward’ ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by U.S. Special Forces and died ‘whimpering and crying and screaming’ after being cornered inside his Syrian lair and detonated his suicide vest
      Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children
      Baghdadi’s two wives were killed during the operation without their suicide vests being detonated

    • Brian Monarch does a great job with the CGI in these clips with Joe Rogan, Theo Vaughn, Bill Burr and Brendan Shaub.

  • So the fact that Erin made a blog post (among hundreds of others) about Reardon’s work links him to her death? What a load of conspiratorial pablum.

    I knew Erin. She was curious, brilliant, visionary and wise well beyond her years. She talked and theorized about bleeding-edge technology and science (or pseudo-science) and its impact on mankind all the time. Her cause of death remains undetermined, and most people who had contact with her in the days before her death say she seemed to be going through some sort of manic episode. But to speculate, based on a couple of blog posts and cherry-picked quotes before her disappearance, that Erin was guinea pig in some sort mind control experiment is laughably preposterous and frankly irresponsible pseudo-journalism. Her blog posts and comments before her death merely reflect the types of things Erin wondered and commented about all the time.

    • Thunderman,

      I personally find it disgusting that a mockery is being made of Erin’s death. I am sorry to Erin’s family and you.

      • A “mockery?” Maybe the moniker “Niceguy” is satiric prestidigitation, huh? There has been no mockery, posting some of Erin’s final words, such as were available for me to read, as well as from my copying out the very words from the CTRL-labs propaganda linked by Erin to go worldwide. Excuse me for paying attention to everything that’s happened to Erin and for emphasizing what she was saying. What a lot of nerve I must have. And so unapologetically. Mockingbird, mockingbird u so fly.

        Be a jolly good gentleman and apologize a few more times, please? I understand that you stepped in to handle another imaginary magical thinking emergency. Was it a breech birth? Or did Bryn Mawr’s cheerleading coach call in sick? Or was someone under the weather from too much wincemeat or sufferin’ succotash?

        I feel that Erin Valenti WANTED this uncomfortable design, scheme, arrangement, endowment outreach bragging that she found and noticed and had the character and the conscience and the education to comprehend, to come to light.

        She seems to have been determined to expose even more of what she was learning, before she wasn’t able to give anymore. It mystifies me that more people who read here can seem to maintain so much obliviousness. After being exposed to Raniere, the Bronfman’s enthusiastic support of his cause and his cockadoodle-doo. After Dr. Brandon Porter/ mini-Mengele and Dr. Danielle Roberts and her cauterizing pen practices upon human, female flesh minus anesthesia.

        I think that it’s quite possible that the young lady, Erin, might have known already then, right as she worked on that CTRL-labs disclosure, that her life was endangered. She might have been threatened and to have had cause to be alarmed and scared. She might have been hesitant about where to go and what to do. She might have been concerned that if she went home or to family that she’d risk that they could be harmed. Scientologists are not the only ones who use threats to harass and intimidate, and Nxivm’s criminal habits, as we know, are not exclusive to Nxivm.

        It is okay with me that this sounds like science fiction crossed with a horror movie. It kinda is. This stuff happens in real life, though. It is not a spy movie, a superhero trilogy or something exhumed from Agatha Christie’s cupboard. This is Marvin Gaye’s territory out of What’s Going On?…before his father shot him down.

        The mockery happening here is how people choose, decide, want and are easily persuaded to call Erin unstable and to jump like automatons onto that judgment call.
        It does gives everyone so inclined an excuse and justification to ignore what she lost her life trying to tell others. Just call her last days of hardship and very likely devastation and despair some version of psychological or mental or emotional imbalance, and zip up the bodybag. Harsh. But why look back, eh?

        This is where I stand. Not that you ever really need to give a rat’s ass. Just so you know. I am pretty sure that Erin has been forced into silence. Go ahead and express your disgust. What the hell are you so afraid of, with all of your pussyfooting around? Death? Losing your Bishop’s headdress as ambassador of good etiquette? Really?

        This is exactly what I see as having been done to Erin Valenti. Her life was terminated, in my opinion. She found out things and had the intelligence to interpret it. She knew too much and made the decision to speak up about it. Omerta came and took care of the situation via piggybank change, not very expensive. Ten or twenty thousand? A roundtrip vacation to the updated locale of Pedophile Island for one or two patrons of the arts of destruction? Chump change.

        I still feel right now that Erin has been summarily and efficiently executed, with or without weaponry. Her death wouldn’t have been hard to fix to look like suicide. You have got to be aware of that trick by now.

        Helping “the blind and the deaf,” evidently, is something I’ll keep working even harder to learn. All I can say about that for now, is I work better in person, face to face, than at writing compositions or submitting comments.

        In the meantime, good work, Niceguy, um, Dick Buttkiss. Probably best not to swallow very many prunes. *This is not a joking matter.* Nevertheless the prune swallowing reference plus the Buttkiss are intended as fondly yours.

        Erin Valenti. That was my confirmation name in a way, before finally making it out of the Catholic Church without resorting to atheism. Valentina. So Erin has plenty of room, here in my heart. Never to forget. Plus we share the spirit of the Irish, one way or another, and spirit never perishes. This much I remember but understand worldly circumstances enough not to explain. She is only a breath away, Erin is. Faith has nothing to do with “belief.” Call me crazy. I feel Erin’s faith from here. Her strength and endurance can be perceived as remarkable. Sending candlelight to the heavenly skies

        • What an incoherent rambling rant of crazy! Your writing shifts thoughts from sentence to sentence so quickly. Careful, your tinfoil hat is showing. Keep your thoughts in your mother’s basement where they belong. Feel free to reply with another tl:dr to make yourself feel like you won. I wont be spending my time reading it.

    • I will remember this. Watching my words be grotesquely misinterpreted, twisted and warped. A commenter claiming to know Erin Valenti says the words “guinea pig” and refers to Erin. Not I. I didn’t even imply that Erin Valenti was a “guinea pig” and furthermore, never thought of her that way. Not for a moment, not even for one second. But pile on the manure. Spit through your teeth.

      Then more judgmental condemnation, self-righteous dramatics, as the commenter accused me of more ideas which are again his or her very own ideas and words. Is the mangling of my written comment deliberate, or is it based upon ignorance? It this subjective and/or unconscious misunderstanding? Is this a case of poor reading comprehension ? Probably not, but moving on to the next wad of spittle.

      The commenter says the the words “mind-control” with reference to Erin. Again. Not I. Then he gets pissy about that. Nothing new to see here. Misinformed benchwarmer wearing a Robinhood outfit and a mask slapped over his own vision. Rather mumble and barf at someone, rather than do some personal research, make some sustained efforts, get informed, have any idea at all WHAT Erin could have been so deeply distressed over and overlook what she said. Ignore her messages, claim she just wasn’t okay. I have seen this crap many times before and can take it.

      I see somebody having a fit and ignoring what his so-called friend, Erin Valenti sacrificed her life to say. Gotcha.

      WTH is this, Schillicon Valley? “Thunderman’s” little soap opera? A guy who spends all night, all day curled up in a fetal position, who takes breaks from futility only when he feels like puking on somebody else? Instability? See those question marks? Try making a warped refabrication. Come on. I know you have it in you.

      How much of an explosion, how much more tragedy and loss will it take to be your wake-up call? This is opportunity knocking. Straight out of the last days when Erin’s heart was allowed to keep beating. I trust myself. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if Erin didn’t call “Thunderman” with all that she was learning and seeing and living through to ask, “can I come over, please? I think I need some help.” No geographical excuses are wanted or needed here.

      Respect, as most people can assess for themselves, means “to see again.” Most are taught what respect means, you take another look at whatever you are seeing, whoever you’re seeing. You move a little deeper and perhaps get more insight, not giving in to superficiality or self-indulgence or unmitigated self-interest. Instead you decide to live and learn and to see again.

      I think that Erin was killed, executed by one or two people, if you can call them that, who were assigned to silence her. Every word that I QUOTED or CITED within in my comment were from among Erin’s last words for anyone to hear. These are quotes from her which were made available to peruse and to pay attention to all over the press, all over the Internet. Almost as soon as she died.

      Why do you think that she revealed, brought to light, what CTRL-labs has published, cloaked as it is in self-congratulatory and euphemistic enthusiasm? For us to forget about it and call her imbalanced? Can anyone, anyone give Erin Valenti more credit and more respect, and less of this seeminlgy immovable stuck-in-the-mud ignorance? Fighting. “Thunderman” is having a little spat with himself, that’s all. Waiting to pontificate. Even a failure to use reason and self-control is likely to be more free and easy than being forced to submit to the consequences being designed for the world by biotech remote mind-control. This appears to be what Erin was struggling to say, and she was trying to provide evidence. CTRL-labs own words are evidentiary material that Erin Valenti took a huge risk and published.

      These are the words from her final days of being able to take a breath. But go ahead and ignore what she left behind like pebbles in the moonlight, even though she did her best to be much more direct than that. Instead of hearing her though, the commenter discredits Erin’s mental and emotional stability. All by himself, voluntarily. Hook, line and sinker.

      There are researchers all over the world studying these interconnected subjects, industries, powerbrokers (like Epstein, the Maxwell family, Dershowitz, Barr as only a few examples.) Names show up again and again, conspicuously, when exploring these trails of evidence, arrogantly left to be uncovered. There is a worldwide web of people of all ages, nationalities, areas of expertise, vicitms who’ve lived to tell their stories, scholars, activists. Everyone is communicating and sharing new information, documentation, etc., every single moment of the day and night. Consistently, many huge charities and “foundations” are shown to not be what is being claimed. What keeps showing is that these organizations are the opposite of whatever their pretentious facades want people to believe. The Bronfman family show up in a variety of documentation, too.

      Yet here we get to see Erin Valenti’s rationality being evaluated by this individual, “Thunderman,” as being broken down, as if Erin Valenti had suddenly stopped making sense. What I have quoted, cited is precisely from what Erin said, very likely as she was going through days and days of anguish, is SUPPOSED to be discredited and dismissed, but not by her friends.

      Being ignorant enough to help spread the fractured fairy tale is disrespect. That is what vested criminal interests would love for you all to do, though. Give ’em a helping hand.

      Ignore the few last words of Erin which she was able to produce, to offer us. Go into great big dumbass denial and forget about the words, the thought, the details which she has given us. She was going through her last rites. Fortunately all of what Erin gave has not just fallen on deaf ears.

      Suicides are used often to cover up murders. It cools the trail, misdirects. I hear Erin trying, with all of her might, to expose what she found. With all of her might! Meanwhile, her “friend” talks about Erin in terms of breaking down or evincing irrationality. This is not what I hear, not at all, and the circumstances of her death might never come to light with any honesty. $$$ talks to these swine.

      Mission accomplished is what I observe. Erin is deceased. Bring on the ignorance. Pile it on up to the top. No witnesses.

      And I am not alone. As stated earlier, there are researchers all over the world communicating together, uncovering more and more information, every single day. Erin is/was one more execution, very most likely. So too, was Rachelle Bergeron, and even more obviously so than in Erin’s case. Anyone can find this web of interconnected, published, quoted, cited, caught-on-video information, and anyone can do the work to stop, look, listen, communicate. This communication has been enduring always and not enough people pay attention. Hard work can get shot at easily. Just throw in the old CIA- invented psych terminology, “conspiracy theory” and the mediocre might beat a hasty and confused retreat.

      I see Erin Valenti as a young woman who had love in her heart, an intelligent mind and a good, healthy conscience. I see that her character was not weakened, but that she understand all too well just what she could’ve been devastated by the most, what she was learning. She probably didn’t know who to trust or where to turn. So yes I cry over her death but will not be stopped from respecting her enough to spread the words that I am convinced that Erin lost her life offering to the rest of us. I refuse to join any gang who calls her any version of “crazy.”

      That’s right. I will remember this. Exorcisizing the pain from it. Overcoming the anger. Letting go.

    • Mind control experimentation is indeed a thing. I know because I am a victim of this torture being conducted covertly by our government. Often those that think themselves most wise are nothing more than ” the fool”. Maybe entertain the possibility that many things remain hidden from the public eye and that in no way should minimize the reality that they still exist.

  • Another bullshit conspiracy theory.

    A simple online search reveals that police do not suspect foul play. Erin Valenti made a series of what the family has described as disjointed phone calls. She apparently believed she was in The Matix (the movie). They believed she was having a manic episode and wanted the police to do more than treat this as a missing person case, believing she was mentally ill and might be a danger to herself.

    Mind Control is fictional. That someone like Valenti (or Shivani) believes mind control is real doesn’t make it so.

    Foolish nonsense like this continually popping up in the Frank Report does serious damage to the Frank Report.

    • Foolish nonsense like this continually popping up in the Frank Report does serious damage to the Frank Report.

      Not at all. Even the closed minded ignorance you shit out does not harm this blog. Get over yourself, you are way to fucking hypersensitive and like most hypocritical atheists are too caught up in yourself.

      • Anonymous,

        How are “hypocritical atheists”…”too caught up in” themselves?”

        Atheists are for drinking, smoking, and premarital f*cking. Nothing hypocritical about that.

        Why do I believe you are “Mitch Garrity”?

        Mitchel is that you?

        BTW: Actaeon is my bitch. You go get your own bitch. 😉

          • Anonymous,


            You are 1/4 right…..
            ………………I am my wife’s bitch.

            BTW: I do not wear a skirt. I wear a kilt the true mark of the Celtic warrior of old.
            I am not into cuckholding, but if you want me to service the carnal needs of any of your female paramours I gladly will. 😉

            I am a figurative clown. I am only clueless in regards-to comprehending how the Boston Red Sox did so poorly despite having the largest payroll in baseball.

          • Anonymous(Actaeon),

            My special needs, spiritual love child, and arch nemesis Bangkok would be so jealous to know; That I, and I alone, have successfully trolled everyone’s favorite pretentious sophist and Greek Mythology major;

            …..Got-ya!!!! 😉

    • Actaeon,

      Excellent summary and point on point of view. If only because it’s something I agree with. 😉

      You must be taking smart pills or sucking on your own ***k pays major dividends; I did not know about. 😉

    • Another simple online search reveals how often police do not listen to calls for help, do not respond. Or show up too late. Certainly not all law enforcement is bought, though. Yet they are under orders.

      Do you realize how long and how hard the mother of Kenneka Jenkins had to beg for help, demand help, for police to come to the hotel she hurried to in Chicago, after Kenneka was noticed to be missing? I heard those 911 calls her mother made, and heard her shocked that no police came to search. Kenneka’s mother also tried very hard to get the hotel staff to look at security cameras and maybe spot 19 year-old Kenneka. That too didn’t happen until it was way too late. Once camera footage was finally examined, Kenneka was spotted on it for quite some time, the last “times” and moments when she was still alive.

      Finally the police showed up, rolling at their own speed. Not Kenneka’s. Then once her daughter was found dead in a walk-in freezer, these officials made her mother wait and wait in a hallway, right outside where her daughter’s body was, instead of allowing this mother to see her daughter’s body asap, and this delay took well over an hour.

      Probably not. Probably you weren’t listening.

      There is no excuse for telling me or anyone else what I “believe” or do not “believe.” You do not have any knowledge about me beyond written words sunmitted as comments, which of course, you are free to misconstrue. Just so you hear it from me first, I feel that believing is mostly fantasizing. Faith is another thing to me, and it is private. Remember privacy?

      I question even experience. Yet it’s one of the finest teachers.

      • Shivani,

        U.S. Police Departments are notorious for not investigating the disappearances of African-American people especially African-American children. A significantly greater amount African American children disappear every year than white children. Another disparity is that more white children are found and safely returned to their family.

        Not be rude…..But, you are cherry-picking your story somewhat. I love the police, but they do have a tendency to be racist. Do you have a similar story involving an upper middle class white girl like the “subject” of your article?

        So by your observations the local police department i.e. town police are on the “take” or working for the Deep State?

        Below is a study of the stark contrast in missing child police investigations involving whites vs blacks.

    • I suggest you buy ROBERT ANTON WILSON’S book, THE COSMIC TRIGGER, an atheist author like you, who doesn’t believe in anything. His friend Tim Leary, a neuroscientist, used psychedelics on prisoners to recondition their minds. He obtained positive and satisfactory results. He was able to turn prisoners into good people, able to return to society.
      Yes, neuroscience is mind control.

  • Speaking of Death and the Good of Humanity, Great News From Syria!

    An American Helicopter attacked a vehicle in ISIS-controlled Northern Syria killing the Satanic leader of the ISIS Caliphate Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi.
    May he burn in hell with Congresswoman Katie Hill’s goat nibbling on his genitals forever.

  • well, Shivani, I certainly don’t trust these global charity orgs. professing to represent the human rights of children. Anywhere.

    I had an aunt who worked on something called the African Feeding Scheme when I was young. She stopped when the peanut butter sandwiches and boxes of pro-nutro they distributed, became dependent on the recipients agreeing to take dodgy unregulated contraceptives or even better (more food) agreed to sterilisation.

    I recall driving across the vast borderlands between SouthAfrica and Namibia, where there was seemingly nothing but intermittent compounds painted white, with generators, four wheel drive vehicles and young attractive westerners, in high spec clothing, boots sunglasses all doing..? well what exactly?

    beside these ‘charitable/research concerns’ would be homesteads, a few huts with people and livestock all skin and bones.. clearly suffering from drought.. and what? My aunty explaining that ‘Anthropologists can’t interfere with their subjects lives..’

    I learned there were two different classes of people. Those who had and those who did not. And those who had also had the right to make the lives of those who have nothing, the subject of whatever experiment/study/ enterprise, those who had – could dream up.

    So I think there is a high probability, that what is implicit in these deaths, is murder, and for the obvious reason that the victims knew about stuff they shouldn’t oughta. How in God’s name do we stop this?

  • Reardon has nothing to do with the death of Erin. He is a humanitarian. There is nothing nefarious about what he’s doing. It’s for the welfare of humanity.

  • Shivani,

    Thanks so much for sharing this top secret information with all of us. Now we will all become targets of the the Deep State because of the knowledge we possess.

      • Shadowstate,

        I am under my bed with aluminum foil wrapped around my waiting for work tomorrow.

        Shadowstate when are you going to come out from hiding in the closet?

        • Niceguy,
          When you wrote that “brilliant” comment this morning I was at the book store buying a book titled “Dreams of El Dorado” a history of the American West by H. W. Brands.
          But if it makes you feel better, Niceguy, you can stay under the bed in your tin foil blanket.

          • My dear Shadowstate1958,

            You purchased a book on America’s Old West?

            Ah yes, the old sordid history of the West and Deep South. I think Shadowstate1958, you sometimes write with the congeniality and parlance of a fine old southern gentleman. Even in the face of cutting insults you keep your manners and maintain a kind of old world southern class.

            I guess even people from Chicago can have some class. 😉

          • Niceguy,
            I have long been interested in American History.
            I try to learn something new every day.
            And I am more of a Northerner than a Southerner in attitude and temperament

            On my college board tests I also took the AP or Advanced Placement Test and the CLEP Test both for American History.
            CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.
            I entered college with 14 hours of credit before I took one course.

            And no I am not the world’s third smartest person.
            Nor did I speak full sentences by age one.
            Nor was I the East Coast Judo Champion.
            Nor did I play the piano and compose music by age 5.
            Nor did I ever hold the record for the one hundred yard dash.

            Furthermore I was a Mathlete in high school and my specialty was performing calculations using the slide rule.
            I must have been one of the last Americans to learn how to use a slide rule.



            A mathlete is a person who competes in mathematics competitions at any level or any age.

            Slide rule
            The slide rule is a mechanical analog computer.

          • Shadowstate,

            In my spare time workout, I play chess in the USCF, sail( weather permitting), and read history/science books.

            On a rare occasion I read fiction but it has be utter fiction; No drama or hard life reality fiction about loss….If I wanted to read that shit I would just dig up an old Anton Chekhov book from the library…..
            …..Or I would try to get through that overwrought tome by Tolstoy.

            Thanks for letting me know that you’re highly intelligent eventhough you occasionally plagerize Wikipedia. 😉

            Have a nice night friend!

  • Another high-tech-related murder happened in the San Francisco Bay Area, up in Santa Cruz, on October 1, 2019. Tech CEO, Tushar Arte, age 50, was abducted from his oceanfront home in the middle of the night. His girlfriend was left unharmed. She reportedly was in the medical marijuana business back in Massachusetts. Her vehicle was taken from his driveway with him in it, kidnapped by at least two assailants. (Apparently his girlfriend was aware of 2 men who entered Arte’s house.) His body was located later in that same abandoned vehicle.

    • Police believe the Atre case might be an armed robbery.
      The marijuana business is also a possible motive.
      Atre himself was described as a rude, hard driving boss and he used foul language.
      Disgruntled employees might be behind the crime.

      From the LA Times:

      Who is Tushar Atre? CEO killed after being kidnapped from oceanfront Santa Cruz home

      “Did Atre have any enemies?

      Although officials think the motive in Atre’s kidnapping was robbery, bad online reviews of the man as a boss were also drawing interest.

      One anonymous user of the Glassdoor job-search website said his interview with AtreNet was appalling.

      “When the CEO joined he was extremely vulgar using foul language the entire time. He was very rude and condescending and contradicted himself when asking questions…It only took about 10 minutes of that abusive behavior for me to gauge this guy as a complete narcissistic jerk.”

      In a company review titled “CEO is abusive,” another anonymous user said Atre “doesn’t value anyone but himself.” Another review titled “Horrible from the top” describes Atre as disrespectful and condescending.”

      • Here’s how clueless people are, which is also typical of the commenters on this website, from the above LA Times story: “John Ribera told KSBW-TV: “I just try and take it for face value of how I knew Tushar, which is as a really happy and kind person. I knew him through surfing in the surfing community here in Pleasure Point, and so that’s how I would like to remember him.””

        • Scott, I doubt if people killed Atre for his surf board.
          He appears to have been a rather nasty piece of work who earned a lot of hatred.

          One can look at the world through rose colored glasses or look at the world through clear spectacles.
          There are too many people on this website who view the gangsters of NXIVM as victims when those gangsters are really perpetrators.
          In the good old days criminals were not allowed to play the Victim Card.

        • Scott Amway,

          Scott you are self-deprecating to a fault……

          “Here’s how clueless people are, which is also typical of the commenters on this website”, Scott.

          You are self deprecating, in fact, to the point of self-defecation……

          …..All that anal must be good for your soul.


    • Shivani,

      How is Thomas Reardon linked to Tushar Arte (Atre)?

      I genuinely would appreciate a response. I could not find a link between the 2 men.

  • CTRL Labs.
    The CTRL clearly relates to CONTROL.

    As for Internet Explorer it only controls 2% of the web browser market.
    About twenty years ago Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser.
    Today people find Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to be better web browsers.

    Actually Internet Explorer is based on the Spyglass Mosaic browser which was developed at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

    “Spyglass, Inc. was an Internet software company based in Champaign, Illinois.
    The company, founded in 1990, was an offshoot of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and created to commercialize Technologies from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).”

    “All versions of the Internet Explorer created before Internet Explorer 7 (released October 18, 2006) acknowledged Spyglass as the licensor for the IE browser code. The About window on these versions contained the text “Distributed under a licensing agreement with Spyglass, Inc.”,_Inc.

    “Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)[5] at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign beginning in late 1992. NCSA released the browser in 1993,[7] and officially discontinued development and support on January 7, 1997.[8]

    Starting in 1995 Mosaic lost market share to Netscape Navigator, and by 1997 only had a tiny fraction of users left, by which time the project was discontinued. Microsoft licensed Mosaic to create Internet Explorer in 1995.”

    As for controlling people’s minds without a direct interface I believe in the Foundation Trilogy, a Science Fiction series written by Isaac Asimov, a character named “The Mule” used a device to alter people’s emotions by remote control.

    “DId Vanguard pattern methods after ‘The Mule’ in Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy?”

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