Mother of Choking Victim Names Inner Circle of the Strangler Swami Chetanananda

Gold Beach Elites Swami

People are telling their stories—abuse at the hands of the strong-gripped Swami Chetanananda.

Chetanananda means “bliss of consciousness.” Yet he delights in making women unconscious by strangling them until they pass out.  This is what he calls spiritual teaching. He is saving them from their karma.  He is like Keith Raniere, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly, and Larry Nassar. A predator who uses his position of wealth, fame, and power to abuse women and girls.


Larry Nassar had an estimated 330 victims.

Chetanananda has more. One of Chetanananda’s victims is Jessica Becker. She estimates the Swami has had more than 1000 victims during his 50 years as a guru.

People are coming forward. They are using their names. Daniel Glavin, Jessica Stirton, Jessica Becker.  He did not victimize Jayne Lyons. Instead, her daughter Eva was his chosen victim.

Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker told of the night paramedics carried Eva out on a stretcher. Here is what she told me:

Eva was going to nursing school. And she seemed fine when that was happening. But then he had her up to the apartment, when she graduated, for a party for her. And that’s when everything started with her.

I don’t know the details of what Chet did. But I know that I woke up at about three in the morning because there was an ambulance, and I lived right by the front door. At the front door was one of those U-shaped areas to put your car in a little parking lot.

And so people didn’t just come up there. You had to undo the gate.

I woke up because there were flashing lights and a car at the front. I looked out my window, and it was an ambulance. So I came out of my room to see Jen Wilhelm flying down the steps.

That was when Eva had to go to the hospital. I don’t know exactly what happened. Chet told everybody that Eva slipped on the treadmill in the gym. Then someone said, ‘Oh, she had a little fall.’

Eva was very sensitive, very, very delicate. That was just insane for him to do. She had a lot of struggles emotionally.

They opened the gates to let the ambulance in. They said she slipped on a treadmill — at 3 in the morning.

Did she slip on a treadmill in the gym?

Did Chetananada, in his sadistic erotic insanity, choke and beat her to unconsciousness. Dr. Jen Wilhelm, chiropractor, student, pimp-woman, and sex partner of Chetanananda, was present. She rushed down to see that Eva got hospital care – not for Eva’s sake but to protect Chetanananda.

Eva went back to the Ashram. Jayne came to Portland and cared for her. Jayne stayed at the center for a short time and saw and learned a lot. She got her daughter out.

Later, Eva sued Chetanananda. Sharon Ward helped negotiate. They paid Eva money, and she signed an NDA. But Jayne didn’t sign an NDA.

They tried, but she wouldn’t do it. Jayne’s daughter is still suffering from trauma and abuse. Jayne wants to protect other women from the gruesome grip of the Swami.

Chetanananda is 73 years old, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the strength to choke a woman to oblivion. These are recent photos the Strangler Swami posted. He has enough power to squeeze the breath out of a woman who trusts him to lead her to nirvana.

By the way, I think his NDAs are worthless. There is a crime exception. Signing an NDA does not prohibit an individual from reporting a crime.

 You cannot agree not to disclose a crime. If women who signed an NDA were crime victims, she can disclose. And if women know about other crimes, they can disclose them. Not that anyone is likely to charge them, but the act of concealment is a violation of 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony.

Here is the law: “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

As a journalist, I can assist victims in getting crimes against them investigated. Even if the crime happened years ago, it might not be time-barred since this appears to be a RICO case.

I doubt Chetanananda will sue anyone. Sharon Ward is too smart to sue. She knows this is a time to take cover and hope I go away. Or something happens to me.

For my part, I hope he sues. I have enough evidence to ask the questions. Discovery will lead to evidence of more crimes. I look forward to his deposition. 

I am easy to contact. My phone is 305-783-7083—email

Let’s hear what the mother of Eva, a delicate and innocent young woman, has to relate.

 Jayne refers to Chetanananda by the name he uses on legal documents – J. Michael Shoemaker. Her reference to Natacha is that of a woman who lived at the ashram. Natacha’s story is dramatic.

She spent years with Chetanananda. Then, one fateful night, she left the center and jumped off an overpass. [see the photo above.] She did not get run over by some miracle, but she broke bones, and it took a long time to recover. 

By Jayne Lyons

Natacha posted information on the internet about her six and half years of abuse at the hands of J. Michael Shoemaker.
She took it down soon after.

Shoemaker also abused my daughter. According to my daughter and Natacha, Shoemaker abused many young women.
Cult members who surround him facilitate his abuse.

Natacha and my daughter were abused as residents in a center run by Shoemaker, where he also resided. He was their employer, their “spiritual” director, and the residential director of their place of residence. He claimed to be an incarnation of a Hindu Goddess.

Natacha knows of criminal activity. If she was drugged, how could she give consent? If she was unconscious during her BDSM encounters, how could she give consent? If she jumped off a bridge, drugged and in a trance induced by Shoemaker, how was that an act of free will?

I posted Natacha’s testimony on a few cult survivor sites on FaceBook. Because of the post, I got calls from former members of Shoemaker’s group. Carolyn [redacted] told me of her rape at the hands of Shoemaker in Indiana in the early 1970s. Priya told me of her experiences at the Movement Center and the Gold Beach facility in 2019 and 2020.

Priya was aware of Shoemaker’s abuse of Eva, Natacha, and Megan.

I met Megan when caring for my daughter at the Movement Center in May 2019. Megan was promised an internship at the Movement Center. I saw Megan going back and forth to Gold Beach to spend time with Shoemaker. She was being groomed as the next victim for Shoemaker. Priya confirmed Shoemaker abused Megan.

The abuse is similar to what Natacha writes happened to her and what I learned from my daughter.

Priya told me that other women from the Center suffered head injuries. She saw one woman with signs of physical violence on her face. I have heard from other survivors of Shoemaker’s abuses. Melinda Mandell had a case that Shoemaker and settled with an NDA.

Natacha was so mentally disturbed by her abuse at the hands of Shoemaker that in a trance state she jumped off a bridge breaking most of the bones in her legs. Natacha wrote to me that she did this in order to “protect her guru” -Shoemaker.

She had no home beside the Movement Center and her income was controlled by Shoemaker, giving her few options for payment of her
hospital bill and her rehabilitation.

Because of her deep indoctrination, she came back to the Movement Center until she “woke” up to her abuse and left the Center with the help of her mother. Her mother also spent time at the Movement Center and can provide information about the abuse of her two daughters by Shoemaker. [mother’s name and phone number redacted.]

Natacha’s abuse was not just accomplished by Shoemaker, but other members of the group who facilitated her harm.

Natacha might be able to provide the names of those who signed non-disclosure agreements, and who might speak about the abuse of others and how other members of the group facilitated the abuse.

Karla a former student of Shoemaker, who was harmed by him, may be able to provide additional names and contacts of former members who were abused by Shoemaker, her number is [redacted]

I have provided photos of members of the group who were present during the time Natacha was at the Movement Center in Portland and who were aware of her suffering. I provided information on where these people can be found.

In this first photo are two long time students of Shoemaker. They are pictured at his center in Gold Beach. The address of the center in Gold Beach is 29850 Harrison Ridge Rd. Gold Beach, 97444.

Faith Shepard on the left has been a student of Shoemaker’s for years. Natacha states that many of the middle age and older women students may not have been sexual partners or they may have been “consensual” partners.

But cult dynamics rule out informed consent in such a disparate power arrangement between a man who says he is the reincarnation of a goddess. Liliana Lopez, on the right, was a resident student while Natacha was at the Movement Center. She resided close to Shoemaker in Gold Beach. She may have left, but Liliana allegedly was a sexual partner of Shoemaker. That means she was abused.

Cult dynamics are complex and the cult leader encourages devotees to spy on each other and report non-acceptable behavior. He will often bring out jealousy and cause infighting and drama among his students.

Sharon Ward, AKA “Sadhvi Parananda

Moved to Gold Beach, She is the second in command. She arranged all the non-disclosure agreements. Ward, who is an attorney, works with Portland based attorney, Steven English on these agreements.

She is Shoemaker’s fixer. She says she works with law enforcement and the FBI with her rescue dogs. On facebook she posts as as dog rescue leader Pacific Crest Rescue Dogs

Her work is to cover up and gaslight. She knows what happened to all victims. She is involved in emotional infliction of pain. As the director of the Nityananda Institute, Ward’s role is to provide “guidance” to the students and to listen to their concerns. She is aware of all that happens at the Center. She was married to Shoemaker’s brother.

Dr. “Becky” Reese and Andrew Bonner are medical practitioners who have had offices in Portland. They were residents at the Portland Center.

Dr. Bonner was aware of Natacha’s suffering and he did not report the abuse. He was a long time resident of Movement Center, sells “remedies” to residents, may have treated Natacha. Works at 2115 NE Halsey St.  His father Dr. John Bonner died at the Center. He is married to Rebecca Reese. He may be involved in hurting others, recruited in Massachusetts, moved to Portland, provided free labor to the Center

Jesse Sweeny, Swami, and Marc Mordechai

Jesse Sweeny is a personal trainer for Shoemaker.  I was told by two residents of the Movement Center he supplies drugs to Shoemaker.  He may occasionally travel to Gold Beach.  Marc Gafni has been accused of pedophilia and left the Portland area. He was a guest teacher and resident of the Movement Center. Sweeney was  sent to Nepal to learn, close to the younger women of the group.

Picture on FB page with pedophile Marc Gafni, a three year resident of the Center.

Jerry, Jim and Swami

Jerry Sutherland is married to Karen. He and Jim Brissette have been students of Shoemaker for decades, following him from place to place. They perform “seva” labor for Shoemaker, basically free labor.

They all live in the Gold Beach area close to or with Shoemaker. Brissette grooms and procures women for the Swami and procures drugs for him. Jim is an inner circle member.

This is a photo inside the Gold Beach center. Govinda, sitting with his legs showing, is a long-time student of Shoemaker. He was a resident at the Movement Center when Natacha jumped off the bridge and was aware of her suffering.

Dr. Jen Wilhem, the woman in white, with her arm up is a sexual partner of Shoemaker. Dr. Wilhem treated Natacha during her suffering.
Others at the table were also at the Movement Center when Natacha jumped off the bridge.

Howard Boster and Vivina Boster, pictured at Gold Beach, two of the top leaders from the Movement Center when Natacha was a resident there.

Tom Fabrizio, Swami Chetanananda and Salmon

Thomas Fabrizio is a former business partner of Shoemaker and leader at the Movement Center, he now is residing in Gold Beach.  He may have facilitated abuse by arranging for motel/hotel rooms in Gold Beach for Shoemaker.

With Patty Slote, Tom Fabrizio,
Ruth and Edward…Patty Slote, a long-time member of the group and wife of Thomas Fabrizio, may have information on abuse at the Center.  Both Fabrizio and Slote live in Gold Beach. Cult members will lie to protect the leader and other members. They have also been lied to by the leader. It is hard to get to the truth of what goes on in an abusive cult.


swami_chetanananda’s profile picture
With my very dear Ruth and Eddie…Ruth Knight is one of the top staff people of the group, totally behind the guru. She is an inner circle leader. Recruited in Indiana, moved to Massachusetts, moved to Oregon, provides free labor.

With Prakashananda and Vivina…🙏🏻💕

Swami Prakashananda, aka Howard Boster, is seen on Shoemaker’s FB page. He is a senior meditation teacher and practice director at The Movement Center. He was initiated as a swami by Swami Chetanananda in 2008. One of the inner circle, he may practice NLP.
He knows everything that is going on and is responsible.

Vivina Boster works for Keller Williams Real Estate. She is busy selling homes in Portland for members and helping them find homes in Gold Beach. She is the wife of Howard, who knows what happened to Natasha, visited her in hospital, and arranged visits for members to the hospital. She seems to have been close to Natasha and she knows how Natasha was hurt.


The meditation hall at the Movement Center was built with free labor.

Tom doing free labor.

Jen is a chiropractor. She is known to disclose her patient’s secrets to Swami so he can do BDSM teachings. Jen was reportedly beaten with a baseball bat by the Swami as part of his BDSM teachings.

Moni O’Neil and Swami

Moni O’Neil moved to Gold Beach. She is a long-time sexual partner to Shoemaker. He sent her out to have sex with homeless men and to gang bangs according to some who know her.

With Romarishi, Tara, Karen, and Matt….🙏🏻💕

Karen Sutherland, Kari, and Maggie were residents at the Movement Center when Natacha was there. They lived close to Shoemaker in the Gold Beach area. They provide “seva” labor, free labor.

Karen Jones Sutherland was recruited in Indiana, moved to Massachusetts then to Oregon. She made many sacrifices to stay with the group. She married recently. Her husband is a longtime member.

Molly Meredith lived at the Movement Center in Portland and performed free labor for years. But she was not invited when it came time to go to Gold Beach. They may have stolen her retirement checks.

Tom Harbets performed free labor and knew about a lot of women.

Thomas Harberts went to report abuses at the Center with me. He moved out or got kicked out in June. He provided me with information about sexual activity at the ashram, went to the police with me, and knew about activities and deaths at the ashram. Witnessed the “running away” of Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Bazzani, who later died.


Natacha hung herself from a bridge while in a trance. She said she thought she was “protecting the guru.” She provided me with some information. She was a long-time resident and was treated by Jen Wilhelm at the Center following her return from the hospital. Natacha’s sister was stalked and harassed by Shoemaker. Her name is Mariana.

The last two pictures show Natacha during her rehabilitation following her jump from the bridge. You can see some people mentioned around her bed, Jim Brissette, Maggie, Dr. Resse, and Bonner.

The group’s top leaders are aware of everything that happens.. Shoemaker, Sharon Ward, Jim Brissette, Howard and Vivina Boster were the leaders when Natacha was abused.
These people are still associated with Shoemaker at his Gold Beach facility.



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  • It is not true that victims have given their consent for their photos and/or stories to be shared.

  • Jayne, it’s Jessica Becker. Thank you so much for helping.

    You are organized and logical and a fierce mama force for Eva, as well all of their other victims, including me. Please have Frank give you my phone number. I am looking forward to hearing what else you have found out and just hearing your voice after what happened to me finally sunk in.

    You were trying so hard to shake me out of my dazed and confused state of trauma. Unfortunately, it took me a bit to even open my mouth to my family because I knew that they want to immediately help, but also swoop in and sue these people.

    And in my heart, I knew that this was never going to be about a payoff, but the seed was planted.

    I am so happy that Eva got out and that she is safe. Please give her my love and much love to you as well Jayne. Please, ( and I mean it Jayne), have Frank give you my phone number. xoxo

  • Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be swami.

    Or vanguard’s of a humanitarian movement

    Or cult leader’s in general

    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be gurus

    Or rapists in general

    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to have communes.

    Or ashrams. Or compounds.

    Or private islands. Especially not private islands

    They never turn out well.

    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be new age spiritual leaders.

    Or yogis.

    Or prophets.

    Or even motivational speakers.

    Just don’t.

  • This pile of shit did NOT learn this from Rudi.

    Rudi had a zero tolerance drug policy in his Ashrams. He was well schooled in PTSD and helped many vets and other people screwed up from Vietnam.

    You could come meditate no matter what kind of shape you were in but you could NOT live in the Ashram if you were using. It’s sickening to watch him use our teacher the way he has, a beard for his evil.

    Yes, Rudi was a homosexual and their were orgies and if anything Shoemaker was his hottest “Dakini”. It was also those times.

    He was not into this left path demonic sex crap and he never treated women like this.

    Did he have faults? Of course he did.

    We were run like slaves sometimes. He was a shrewd business man. He also truly wanted to help people. Anyone reading this know that ANYTHING but the double breath needs to be avoided at all costs.

    Stay with only that, anything else is the black magic and dark deals Shoemaker has been using to feed off your Kundalini.

    You have inadvertently been a part of dark rituals because you trusted him too much to even question what the hell (literally) you are actually saying, doing or conjuring.

  • I’m confused.
    Natacha jumped? Or did she hang her self?
    You gave one of each.
    What is NLP?
    I thought I read Natasha jumped from the bridge because shoemaker was replacing her.
    Did Natacha get money too?
    Who is that in the photo just above JAYNE LYONS’ name?
    Did Chet use the date rape drug?
    Did the victims give permission for their stories to be made public by someone other than them?
    Has anyone tried to question Shoemaker?

    • Natasha jumped. NLP is Neurolinguistic Programing. Natasha did not sue or get compensation. As far as I know, the date rape drug was not used. Victims have either given their permission, or not objected to their stories being shared.

  • He has had properties in Katmandu, and different places in India.

    I am betting there is a lot of human trafficking going on with under age people. I know that he took a group of the young women to his home in Katmandu for a “special” treat and then proceeded to attempt to get one of his victims, that time, Laiko Coyle, to convince at least two of the young women to enter into a relationship with them that could “save” their souls.

    This meant sexually. He told the young women that there was “no hope” for their parents, but that he could save their souls. They looked at him as a father. Including Laiko. This is why SO MANY of the women who were raised in the cult can’t even talk about it. It traumatized them so much.

    He shamed one of those women out of the ashram over the most trivial thing. He had the whole family move out.

    • Who is funding all these property purchases?

      Who are Swami Chokeananda®’s Bronfman sisters?

      One of them has already posted on the Frank Report trying to sound like they have switched sides. But have they? 🤔

      Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

  • People have no idea what it was like there. That’s why he was so powerful. That’s why it seemed like a safe place.

    There were hundreds of people attending courses, donating, had been friends of his for years. A lot of them were far down on the rungs on his hierarchy and stayed because of the practice and the social community aspects. So many that came for a while and went had no idea what was happening.

    A bunch believed he “had consensual relationships with adult women” which is what his personal, and the company, line has always been to anyone who questioned.

    Until recently — where he seems to have gone 100% insane (when before it was maybe 50%) — he hid his darkness from view very well. The Oregonian articles made mention of some cocaine use and prostitutes, but people thought, hey, it was the 80s. Rock on! Adult consenting relationships. Repeat. They believed the people like Michael, Sharon, Howard, Theresa. People they’d known for decades. They wanted to believe it was just the vicissitudes of life, people come for a while and leave. Some people get a bit too close to the fire and leave upset because he has a new girlfriend. I do believe a great proportion who were nowhere near the inner circle believe this. Maybe I’m wrong, but some of these were good people.

    The problem is, this entire thing has been a facade. From the get go. The co-opting of Rudi’s position and belongings, the self-appointed ascension to the throne of Guru. Fake it til you make it. And he did fake it. On the backs of the people who were 20-something at the time in a time of social and cultural change in the 70s.

    An organisation like this begets power over the years. The people give it life and the leaders control. Young people come, many lost or broken. Some born into it. The outer circle starts off like any social group with a perceived higher purpose. Just, if you catch his eye, you’re done for.

    \It’s a matter of time, a matter of resilience, and a matter of how fragile you are, and how deeply you let yourself be convinced it’s real. Let me tell you, being there, it feels real. It feels like a real answer.

    To me, Michael has indulged his dark side over decades and it’s become bigger and uglier, and has clearly now consumed him. He is a hollow man, there is no humanity left. He is a man who has become the demonic forces he’s been worshipping for years. He’s gone utterly mad.

    If you are out there, and I. know you are, and he’s being romantic, and flattering, and telling you how much he can help you. I’m telling you this with the utmost kindness and respect. RUN.

    You will lose everything if you don’t.

    • His groupies are well trained to spin him into a long-suffering victim of “crazy”, “greedy”, “selfish”, “unhinged”, and “jealous” people that just want to take him down.

      Borderline Personality Disorder is his favorite diagnosis which is funny coming from a man who doesn’t believe in psychology and sternly cautions anyone against psychotherapy stating all mental illness is a form of possession. Any sickness or injury anyone recovers from he is always given credit for as though it’s a new example of his Christ-like abilities to heal the sick.

      Really. If he’s so powerful and capable of such miracles how do all these women end up going from radiant beams of light teaching a popular yoga class one day to crushing their legs in attempted suicide?

      If a woman (or man) was supposedly so traumatized, so mentally ill anyone with a kernel of common sense would not be having sex with them.

      I’ve also heard that “the spiritual transmission” that he gives them during sex some people just can’t take and it drives them mad.

      OK, then why would he do that with people that come there already with serious trauma issues? The truth is he preys on the ones with trauma.

      A healthy, fully functional, whole, and complete human would never turn him on. I dare someone to come forward and tell us how his Salami “cured” them of depression or other mental health “tensions”.

      He gets off on pain. I know he keeps separate worlds. He has to. He has to have the people that only know him as a spiritual teacher, fall in love with all his amazing, well accomplished hand-picked followers, and leave a retreat with a new sense of purpose.

      At this point though? All of his core people know what’s up, maybe not to the degree we are all finding out about now but they have certainly seen more abrupt moves than they can count, and lost countless “Ashram Family” members. This is all part of their spiritual test, don’t you know that?

      They are just practicing “non-attachment”. No more excuses for this. People who choose to stick with him through all this heinousness? Well, look on the bright side. You will still get to wear orange. Every day.

      • I was totally going to stop following these posts because no matter what anyone says or claims (actually I know the claims are true because I lived in the ashram) nothing seems to be coming of it.

        he still there beating &; raping people, peeing in their mouth and living on their dime in luxury.

        so what is the purpose of these articles if it’s not going to go anywhere and then you have 15 people out of the 20 commenting that are just trying to be funny and want to see their post online or puss Frank off or something. I have no idea what their motive is but it has nothing to do with the pain and suffering that’s being caused by this criminal. so I just thought im sick of reading this bullshit; I’m done with it. T

        hen I read shining light’s comment. here is the person that actually knows the facts.
        eople really do know.

        Now what can be done about it?

        It has to be first-person accounts. Hearsay does not fly in the justice system.

      • “how do all these women end up going from radiant beams of light teaching a popular yoga class one day to crushing their legs in attempted suicide?”

        Because he’s using our bodies for his human sacrifice to the demonic forces he worships.

      • “Well, look on the bright side. You will still get to wear orange. Every day.”
        Lmfao. I am one of his victims and this comment was the first one that just cracked me up. I wish I had thought of it! Thank you for giving me full belly laugh!

    • Shining Light, you enlightened me and it’s certainly the clearest explanation I have read since these articles began here… no nonsense, less emotion, just facts. You seem to know him and the situation from the inside.

      How can we put an end to this house of horrors?

      The fact that you said Shoemaker is self-appointed resonated strongly. Many of us know Rudi NEVER put in writing anything appointing Shoemaker to take over everything.

      • Grayshus, yes, and since Rudi died so suddenly, it was a shambles that he took full advantage of. I have personally seen “the letter” Michael claims put him in charge. I can’t vouch for Rudi’s handwriting because I never met Rudi, but it was written on blue airline paper that was so thin it was almost transparent.

        Double-sided, hard to read. Rudi was overseas travelling for business at the time. There was one line in it that said, “Michael, you’re the best I have”. There was nothing about taking over or being the successor. It was more of a casual style letter telling Michael he was doing this and that for the business.

        I don’t remember the date, but Michael was already teaching in Bloomington at the time.The thing is, from my understanding from people who were there, there were other teachers working on their own thing. They had their positions given to them by Rudi, and Michael just decimated everything around him to put himself at the top. This is who he is. Take and destroy those around him to service his needs and dark impulses. Then cover up the carnage with someone new and discredit whoever just had their life shattered.

        He may have been “the best” but he’s let his darkness and ego destroy what could have been a real chance to make a difference in people’s lives. He just couldn’t keep his hands out of the cookie jar. And who could possibly imagine how deep and dark that jar was.

        Everything about the violent sex, the BDSM with students that’s presented in these articles is the 100% truth. All of it. Some commentary with innuendo about cancer patients stopping medication and choosing their right to die as legalized in the state of Oregon, not so much. As for Liz, she was a wonderful person. Everyone who got to know her liked her. But I do know she was gravely ill.

        As for Portland, I was there.

        I do know him. Too well unfortunately. as I’m also one of his victims. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make him wear orange permanently as Shanti said. I don’t know if there’s enough. I know he strings people out to push past statutes of limitations. As a victim and permanently damaged from what he’s done to you, you’re always weighing the trauma of re-engaging versus the likely outcome of such. I’ll be getting in touch with the Portland police and also a lawyer. Then I’ll contact Frank. I just need to take things slowly. It’s a lot.

        The worst thing about these animals, and I refer to Shoemaker and his posse of hyenas, is the lack of accountability. This is when you see just how callous these people really are under the fake loving caring personas. The facade, the pretense, the fake presentation on social media of this loving group of people willing to help others, always happy and smiling, it fills me with complete fury. And I know he’s still playing the same game right now.

        Luring new people in. Promising them the world. Being romantic and charming to get them to lower their defenses, to believe they’re in love with him. He is very clever and cunning. And he tells his students he’s a victim of angry jealous ex-devotees and girlfriends trying to bring him down. It’s been the same story for decades.

        The only thing left to do is for the victims to come forward as a group. It’s only with numbers they can’t discredit us individually. None of us are perfect victims and nothing about this is clear cut. Once a criminal investigation takes place, the NDAs are irrelevant. And thanks to Frank, at least the victims are aware of others, don’t feel so isolated and if nothing else, see the articles and get themselves as far away from this charlatan and his vipers as humanly possible.

        • I’ve come forward. I would love to talk to you and all of the other victims for just that reason. Have frank give you my phone number and text or call me when you want to. Please.
          I will not stop until he and his posse are in prison permanently. There is zero amount of bribe hush money that they could offer me that would change that. Period. They are extremely dangerous people- they are the animals.
          His posse will see just how loving he is when they come for them. I would bet anything that he will throw all of them under the bus.

        • Shining light. This is Dan Glavin. I lived at the ashram for three years in Portland. Not sure who you are, but if and when you talk to frank you can talk to Jess and myself if you need to. Alot of us who left are exchanging numbers and talking, trying to work through all this and support each other.

          • Hi Dan and Jess! have frank give you my number and then text me, and I will call to talk to you both. This is what we need to do. I am so glad that you both used your names. I keep posting my name because I really want the large army of victims to know that we are much more powerful (and larger- thanks to Chet) than his army. we are coming for him. He designed our army because he can’t stop and is depraved. I get a bit of joy and a laugh out of that. lol.

  • “Marc Gafni has been accused of pedophilia …”

    Yeah well the President of the United States Joe Biden has been accused of pedophilia by Shadowstate, you’re going to need a lot more than accusations

    Look, I’m perfectly willing to believe that this Swami guy is a fraud. The whole meditation yoga Eastern Mysticism thing is bullshit. But as for actually proving anything illegal is going on….

    Raniere was blackmailing women and having them branded with his initials. They were recruited, extorted, then required to perform sexual acts with him. It was a sex trafficking operation and that’s illegal.

    Swami Chet is a gross old fat guy who has kinky sex with women who complain about it later. I mean… ick. As for the choking, it’s somewhat widely known among people who actually have good sex that it’s a way of inducing orgasm. Terrible I know but some people also tie one another up, spank each other’s heinies red, use dildoes, or vibrators, or even vibrating dildoes. There are also these balls, connected in a chain, that you lube up and your partner sticks ‘em up your ass.

    The reason cults exist is there are people dumb enough to join them. This guy set himself up as a great spiritual leader. Well look at him.

    People have no goddam sense. And religious leaders have been taking advantage for the past 3000 years if not more.

    Just take a look at someone like Rev. Kenneth Copeland.

    • To be clear Joe Biden has been accused of “inappropriate showers” with his daughter with her further pondering if that has anything to do with her sex addiction issues. Not that anyone with a lick of common sense or maternal instinct wasn’t creeped out watching him repeatedly sniff, kiss and grope little girls.

  • Jen Wilhelm should lose her license. She’s with Salami full time now for years, but having her license gives her credibility and allows her to lure people in. Pure Evil

  • I find it odd that Jayne Lyons tells stories about victims like Natasha, and other, and tells of co conspirators, but she doesn’t talk about her own daughter Eva’s experience?

    I’m curious why she doesn’t talk what actually happened to Eva. The article said she refused to sign an NDA. Frank, is she going to tell Eva’s story in another article? Curious to know what happened to Eva.

    • Thanks, Peaches — This guy has the same kind of support team Keith Raniere had- except they are better at it and more deadly.

      • Damn it, Ginzo!

        I am sick and TIRED of you allowing trolls to talk shit to me but every time I post a reply, you’re unconstitutional piece of shit ass doesn’t allow it to be posted! STOP DOING THAT SHIT TO ME!



          • “Go somewhere else with your boring VOICE. You complete dullard.”

            Speak for yourself, faggot! Don’t talk to Patriot God like that and mind your own business, you dumb troll!

      • Jesse Sweeney and his mother Mary Grace left the cult about a year and a half ago. Same with Becky and Andrew.

        • Jesse and MG will probably never be out. I know Jesse for sure to be a lying abusive weasel (and unrepentant pedophile) with a longstanding push-pull with the cult. Hes left/quit and gone back multiple times. Its not because of a conscience. He dreams of creating what swami has for himself (and all the access to women and little girls and possibly more) all the time (becoming his own “”””‘man”””””” and i say that with heavy quotes) but can never succeed in doing it so he returns to source over and over.

          Or maybe he’s ship jumping like the rat he is. However, probably there is too much incriminating evidence they have on him and too much easy temptation as well so he will return again. It could be all a ruse. Same for MG. I hope gets Megan away from him permanently as even though he might have left the cult a final time he will always be a wannabe guru pedophile, violent assaulter, abuser of women, and porn addict. He is of the same cloth as Shoemaker. If Megan is here reading this please get away from him forever. He is unrepentant and will always be a pedo.

          • Tina, how do you know that Jess is a pedophile? If this info is just based on rumors, it’s hearsay and damaging to his reputation if not true. Where did you get this information about him? Were you his friend or are u friends with someone who knows him well?

      • “This guy has the same kind of support team Keith Raniere had.”

        Yep. Totally cult 101/malignant narcissist 101. They always have a favored second-in-command who is invariably a sociopath.

  • EL Pais Mexico

    [Translated from Spanish]
    La Luz del Mundo [The light of the world]

    “I still wonder how much influence it had that Naasón Joaquín García’s victims were Latinas”.
    Jonati Joey Yedidsion, lawyer of the five complainants of the leader of La Luz del Mundo, announces in an interview a battery of civil lawsuits against the leadership of the church: “We will go after them”.

    Elías Camhaji

    Mexico – 19 JUN 2022

    “It was tragic.” Jonati Joey Yedidsion, the lawyer representing the victims of religious leader Naasón Joaquín García, comes clean about the unexpected outcome of the biggest case in recent memory against a Mexican minister of worship for sexual abuse. Just a few months ago, the defense of the self-proclaimed apostle of The Light of the World acknowledged that their client could have spent the rest of his life behind bars, but a last-minute deal with the California District Attorney’s Office gave him access to a reduced sentence of just over 16 years in prison. “It was nowhere near what we expected,” he says. The guilty confession, however, is not the last chapter in the story.

    Yedidsion announces in an interview that within a couple of weeks he will file a battery of civil lawsuits, at least one for each of the five complainants, against Naasón Joaquín and the leadership of La Luz del Mundo for facilitating and covering up the abuses. Unlike criminal prosecutions, civil cases are usually resolved with payment for damages. The lawyer, who has extensive experience in sexual violence cases, notes that there are awards ranging in the order of five to seven figures, from tens of thousands to several million dollars, but does not yet advance a figure. “No amount of money will be enough to repair the damage that Naasón Joaquín caused to the victims, there is nothing that can erase those wounds and the trauma they suffered,” he assures. “But I will push to get them as much as possible,” he adds. To that would be added a compensation that the judge will establish through criminal proceedings in a new hearing next August.

    Although it was expected that mountains of incriminating evidence would be revealed, Naasón Joaquín did not answer for any charges of rape, possession of child pornography or human trafficking. To date, the motives that led the prosecution to reach a plea bargain with the religious leader remain unknown. Yedidsion was not involved in the negotiations, but says that the explanation her clients received was that prosecutors feared that a procedural error could allow defense attorneys to overturn the case. It was a conservative gamble. “The only ones who know the reasons are them,” he says. None of his principals were consulted in the decision.

    “If I’m honest,” the lawyer confesses, “I still wonder how much of an influence it had that Naasón Joaquín García’s victims were Latinas.” The Light of the World was founded in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in 1926, but since the 1980s and 1990s it experienced a period of expansion that led it to have representations in more than 50 countries. Its largest core of followers abroad, however, is in Central America and the United States, where it has dozens, if not hundreds of cells. It was a case tried in the United States for crimes committed in the United States, but it received much more media attention in Latin America than in the United States.

    “I think it did get attention in the United States, but nothing compared to what we imagined, this is one of the most terrible cases I have faced since I have been specializing in sexual abuse.” Other similar cases come to mind, such as that of the NXIVM sect, which involved (white) television celebrities and resulted in the sentencing of its founder, Keith Raniere, to 120 years in prison. Also the case of Warren Jeffs, the “prophet” of the fundamentalist Mormons, a polygamous and overwhelmingly white denomination, who was sentenced to life in prison on two counts of sexual violence against minors. “I think those cases received a lot more publicity, a lot more media coverage, and because of that, the perpetrators faced very different consequences,” he says.

    “It’s devastating, but sadly it’s true,” Yedidsion says of the role of race in American justice. “These are cases that are resolved by a jury of 12 people with different mindsets and personalities, but also biases and predispositions,” the attorney explains. “In my experience, minorities are not valued in the same way as other members of the community, whether they are Hispanic, blacks or any other ethnicity,” she says. “I hope I’m wrong, I hope it’s not true, but that’s my opinion,” she qualifies.

    All these imponderables add up to the fact that the victims denounced the one who, according to the religion they grew up in, is the “representative of God on Earth.” “I don’t doubt that La Luz has valuable principles and teachings,” says the lawyer. “But I think what Naason did is very similar to the ideologies of some cults: a charismatic, revered leader, the them-versus-us mentality, the strict hierarchy, the secrecy (…) all this allowed him to get away with virtually anything,” she reflects. “All the complainants were very scared of the consequences of defying who they believed and were taught was God,” he assures about his clients, referred to in the case as Jane Does to protect their identity and safety. “These girls were true heroes in that they were the first to dare to speak out about these abuses, they made a huge sacrifice,” she says.

    Yedidsion hopes that the way the authorities handled the case will not discourage more people from reporting. “Sexual abuse is something so private, so painful and so personal that it’s really difficult for victims to speak up and expose themselves,” he says. “Certainly, an outcome like this, with a plea bargain that may not be fair given what happened, becomes an obstacle,” she acknowledges. “But, at the end of the day, Naason will be in jail for 16 years and eight months, which is no small thing and would not have been possible if these women had not had the courage to report him,” he comments.

    Even behind bars, the leader of La Luz del Mundo has multiple open fronts: investigations in the United States and Mexico; civil lawsuits such as that of Sochil Martin, the first woman who uncovered the abuses, and now the new lawsuits of the Jane Does, plus those that will be added. “Naason did not act alone,” Yedidsion says. “No one at the top of the church did anything to protect these girls, even though they were abused for years, and that’s why we’re going after them.”

  • Jen looks like a vicious vampire. This is so far out from a Hippocratic oath. If it’s true, disclosure of confidential patient medical information, procurement of patients and students to be drugged and raped. Who the fuck are these people. Can the licensing board investigate this? Besides the fact she’s fucking gross.

  • It’s one thing to see it in little pieces. That’s bad enough.

    However that moment you realize that everyone knew what was going to happen to his “chosen ones” and everyone knows about the ones who have suffered serious injury.

    Were you people ever real? Are you actually capable of love? There is nothing loving in this.

    Natasha’s story haunts me. This group reminds me of an animal pack that turns its back on if it’s perceived as wounded to send it off to die alone in the woods.

    Nothing personal you are just slowing the pack down. You people were her family for years. How many of you who have been around 40 years have been doing some arithmetic in your head? Getting some actual headcount m. You know. You know. You know.

  • I spent about two weeks at the Movement Center caring for my daughter after her “accident”.

    I arrived late at night since my plane had been delayed. The gates of the Center were locked and I had no phone, so I had to jump the fence and scurry across the lawn in the dark, hoping that Sharon Ward’s dogs were not out roaming the grounds.

    I had visited my daughter at the Center before and learned about Ward’s dogs, the strange death of Liz Bazzani and other residents of the Center, open eyes meditation and the shrine to “Rudi”, but I had no idea about the depth of abuses that were being carried out inside the Movement Center until Frank exposed them in his articles.
    Soon after I arrived, I found my daughter and took her by ambulance to the hospital, she was given a diagnosis and a follow-up plan that included bed rest. We went back to the Movement Center where a room had been arranged for the two of us.

    The Movement Center was the most bizarre place. An old creepy mansion with lots of nooks and crannies, beautiful gardens, and furnishings. There were Buddhist paintings of demons and gods and goddesses in uncomfortable situations, bloodily eating headless victims or twisted into sexual unions, were all over the walls. It was quiet there, no shoes, no music, no radio, and almost no people. Everyone was hidden. It really had a “Rosemary’s Baby” vibe to it.

    Totally different from all the Facebook photos of happy people eating delicious meals, participating in rituals or working together for the good of humanity.
    Instead, the residents were glassy-eyed with hollow stares, few people would talk to me, most of them would leave if Sharon Ward or Howard Boster was around when I tried to talk to them. I never saw J. Michael Shoemaker. I learned later that he referred to me as a “dark force in the universe” and “full of demons”. No wonder it seemed that people were mostly terrified to encounter me.

    I was warned to not talk to certain people because they would be too high to make sense. No one could or would tell me what had happened to my daughter, nothing was adding up. I tried to talk to the leadership of the Center, Shoemaker, Ward, Boster, but none of them would talk to me, they hid or ran away. I tried to talk to Jen Wilhelm when I saw her in the hall and she brushed me off, saying she had to go to work and that my daughter was delusional. That is what Lilianna Lopez told me as well.

    Why would two people say the same thing, delusional about an accident? Ward told me passing in the hall that the Movement Center was not “liable” for any harm that had come to my daughter. A couple of people spoke to me outside the center, or behind a closed door. One person gave me a handwritten note and then told me to destroy it because she was fearful it could fall into the wrong hands. Something strange was going on.

    I kept asking questions, trying to understand what had happened to my daughter. The pieces of the puzzle would not fit together that my daughter had either fallen in the park, got shaken on an exercise machine, or was delusional. Finally, Sharon Ward told me I had to leave the Center because I was “spreading rumors”. I got kicked out and could not take my daughter with me.

    After leaving the Center, I enlisted the help of various cult specialists, Dr. Steven Hassan, Kent Burtner, Dr. Ken Garrett and Dr. Margaret Eichler. All of whom, except Kent Burtner, were cult survivors themselves. Kent Burtner had provided exit counseling to former members of Shoemaker’s group in the past. Together a plan was put together based on Dr. Steve Hassan’s approach to help my daughter leave the coercive control of J. Michael Shoemaker. It took time, but she was able to free herself and start her recovery from her time in a dangerous and damaging, high control group.

    Law enforcement has been informed of what I saw and heard. But, they say they cannot intervene until a “victim” comes forward. They tell me over and over, “no victim, no crime”. My testimony is only hearsay and not “evidence”. Shoemaker and his criminal group have everyone terrified or silenced.

    I understand the fear, the flying monkeys, Shoemaker’s loyal devotees have come after those who speak out. Until a credible victim speaks out to a law enforcement officer who understands cult mind control, nothing will be done to stop Shoemaker. He and his group have been harming people for over 50 years. It is time for this to stop.

    I thank Frank Parlato for believing me and for publishing the testimonies of abuse and harm. I believe together we can stop Shoemaker and his group.

    • Jayne Lyons, thank you so much for helping us. I truly am grateful to you. You are like the matriarch of our group of survivors! I love you. Xoxo

  • Now is the time for all of us to come out against this sick fuck that took our lives! We need to end his reign of terror. I called Frank. He will keep our info anonymous. Power in numbers! Chet’s end is near. And jim, Jen, and all the conspirators are on notice.

  • Lots of salacious accusations here.

    No clear evidence.

    Hope you aren’t setting yourself up for a repeat of the CT Family Court debacle (which you are now conveniently ignoring), Frank.

    I wouldn’t come within a mile of Swami Chokeananda® or any of his devotees, but then I don’t trust any “holy” man or woman regardless of how many, if any, accusations are made against them.

    Viva Swami Chokeananda®!!!!!

    • I will get back to CT family court. The vilest foulest cesspool in the Northeast. But thanks for the warning on Chokey

    • I agree there are salacious claims…but I have no doubt this guy is running a harmful and self-serving cult. Running an organization with a cult-lie structure is not illegal in itself, it’s the individual illegal acts that happen that bring it down. I get the feeling this man has hurt a lot of vulnerable people who came there at a low or searching point in their life.

      But kind of like the way I feel about the Connecticut court articles…criticize the court for wrongdoing but don’t smear an individual parent and children who are just unwitting cogs in the machine.. I don’ think it’s right to call out the lower members by name (likely were duped and are victims) and posting their photos and insinuating they knew things which they probably did not… But I guess that is definitely one way to shake some trees hard for some provable crimes to fall out…like how it went with NXIVM.

      • NXIVM fell by shaking the trees this way. Women came to me – sometimes just to get their names and photos off Frank Report. They all had stories. Some of them quit because of my articles. Nicole was one of them. After I heard her story I got her in touch with an attorney who took her to the FBI. She was the sex-trafficking victim-witness.

        I am getting calls from abused women who were in this vicious cult. One woman whose photo I posted called me and told me about women who got concussions. She gave me the details. That story is coming soon. But I took her picture down. She demonstrated to me she is no longer with the brute.

        If anybody is supporting this demon – then they deserve to be exposed. He has their pictures on his Instagram account and they are not asking him to take them down – I presume.

        This guy is going to choke some woman today or tomorrow – and lure some new ones in. The people at his ashram know it and they stand behind him. I plan to put them in front.

        They can sue me if they don’t like it.

          • I will call you tomorrow. There have been a flood of calls about Shoemaker — from every decade.

          • Frank has his own hands full right now prepping for his fed court appt on June 28.

            He’s a giver, that Frank. Give give give, never take, always give.

          • “Frank has his own hands full right now prepping for his fed court appt on June 28.

            He’s a giver, that Frank. Give give give, never take, always give.”

            This is 100% Michael Shoemaker posting this.

  • Whaaat! Now he’s an incarnation of a goddess? FFS. Seriously, mate, you have lost your goddamn fucking mind. Time to close up shop and maybe since you are so thrilled by castration, be a real woman and chop that thing off. Phallic instrument of suffering 🍆 ✂

    • And now we’re full circle to the first story… obviously a useless phallic instrument only powered by coke & sadism.

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