Swami Lied About Trouble He Created at Movement Center

Guest View By Diana

After 26 years in Portland, Oregon, in a community based on love and respect, Swami Chetanananda left for Gold Beach.

Anna Mercury: Swami's Guru Business Pays Lavishly From Portland to Gold Beach - Frank Report

The Swami left behind the Movement Center in Portland.

The tone he left was filled with bitterness, disappointment (towards the community), and anger.

There was a great photo that Swami posted of himself, his leg hoisted up on the fender of a U-Haul truck as he prepared to move for good. It had all the charm and grace of an angry teenager telling his parents to fuck off.

Swami Chetantananda’s 2019 post, DOORS CLOSE AND DOORS OPEN:

“On Sunday, I got into my car and drove off with 90% of my stuff to Gold Beach, Oregon, where I am now going to live. 

“I have no idea what is in front of me. I mean really zero. That doesn’t trouble me.”

He may not have known what awaited him. But he did buy the Harrison Ridge Estate in Gold Beach, so he at least had a slight idea he would not be homeless.

Video tour of Harrison Ridge Estate at Gold Beach, Oregon

“I went off to Gold Beach because it was clear that for this circumstance a door was closing on me. It was time to move on,” the brave Swami said.
Instagram post: “Swami_chetanananda I’m arrived…! This is the most refined palette I’ve ever had the opportunity to create on..!”

“In life, some doors close and others open.”

Swami Chetanananda, May 18, 2019:

“After being betrayed by loved ones, thrown under the bus by friends, attacked and slandered by strangers with no actual information whatsoever… I decided… enough… and retired to the wilderness to completely change my life… surprisingly… it turns out to be not an end, but a new beginning and another unimaginable possibility…!!! Thanks to the blessings of my Gurus, and the Goddess…! Amazing!

“This is the biggest change in my life since I met Rudi… and finally… I’m going to stop at failing at making everyone else happy… and start taking care of myself!”

So here is this guy: gloating, belligerent, and defiant in his tasteless, disgraceful departure from the community he established in 1993 in Portland.

His anger and disappointment were over problems HE created. How ironic.

Remember: a narcissist can never be wrong. No matter what. Their bruised and fragile egos won’t allow for that.

The entire closing down of the Ashram would not have been handled worse. And people noticed.

Angry teenager is apropos, because that about describes the emotional intelligence of this Guru.

Instantaneously, he set up Gold Beach in the same old secretive and preferential ways that is his bent.

Swami Chetanananda had no big reinvention upon the move to Gold Beach. Only rehashed ways of doing things, and a tired group of long time followers, none of whom have the strength to do anything else with their lives.

No change. Same same.

Get the Swami’s book, The Breath of God, before he strangles the breath of life out of you.

“This brings us to the alternative choice: always to learn, to make an effort, and to do the tedious and taxing work of taking in tensions and of promoting change and refinement within and around us. This we work at every day, step by step, by treating every person we encounter with love and respect”⠀- Swami Chetanananda, Breath of God.

310 pages, Rudra Press, publication date: February 23, 1995.

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  • Physical evidence. Does anyone have any??? Law enforcement doe not give a crap about he said/he said/she said/ she said/ she said/ she said. Bottom line. What you have here is called G-O-S-S-I-P.

    • “Gossip” is what starts investigations. Investigations then obtain the evidence. Evidence can also include sworn witness testimony. You’re welcome.

  • The cost of feeding his narcissism, his constant need for praise, his sexual deviancy, his cocaine addiction *vs* the risk to losing what he’s built in Gold Beach, his age, and his new financial position is now a very different balance to the way it’s been before. His calculated ROI is not looking good, I’m afraid. Frank has nailed his balls to the wall and pulled back the curtain. Finally.

    But ol’ Shoey has what he wants in terms of money and no longer having to kiss the asses of people he doesn’t like so they’ll pay for his expensive proclivities. So the jig is up. No more pretending they’re good people. No more pretending any of them give a flying fuck about anyone except themselves, least of all the hundreds (if not thousands of women) that have passed through that place having been used, abused, slapped, choked, drugged, whipped by this son of bitch. About time we all saw you clearly, isn’t it? A pack of self-serving wolves. We know it and you know it. At least we don’t have to see your fucking fake ass smiles plastered all over social media as though you people aren’t offspring of satan.

    It must be a relief to stop pretending, huh?

  • Alonzo is a hypocrite! 🤥

    Why isn’t the the Anti-anti-cultist defending the esteemed Swami?

    The Swami was never found guilty in a court of law….

    Why isn’t Alonzo defending the Swami against the vile and vindictive Frank Parlato? (Sarcasm)

    Alonzo is a sanctimonious pile of horse shit.

    • You ought to have some of that pink wine to go with your sarcasm. The kind that bubbles. But all I have is bourbon.

  • There is a chapter in the new book devoted to explaining how the mechanics of the cult functions.
    BTW- Your chef will leave. Give it time. Your ranks will thin.

  • Swami Lakshmanjoo told Swami Chetanananda to “trust no one”. Well, sn’t that ironic, considering it was he, (Chetanananda) who betrayed many students? Siddha Yoga is notorious for all the “dirty business” that is so much a part of that organization. Well, take a look at the Nityananda Institute, The Movement Center, now Church of Divine Energy, if you want to witness some dirty business. The Church of Divine Dirty Business.
    Got that Sadhvi? How do you feel knowing that you are the chief cult facilitator of a man who has abused many, lied his ass off, and betrayed so many students, drug addict. Or, are you so aligned with the goddess that you have been excused and sanctified for all of these misdeeds? I see, in Shaivism, there is no such thing as sin. Bullshit. Sins abound. Do you think that you and Theresa can simply skate by, scott free on all of this craziness? Think again. People know. People are watching.

    • Sins? How about crimes? Let’s get real here. This man is a criminal and has shelled out millions in hush money to cover his saggy ass. His buddies are right there with him. Welcome to the Church of the Golden Showers.

  • Does anyone see what that mug says? “Do your fucking practice”

    In ashram speak that actually translates in two ways

    1) For the students it means: “Let us abuse you and you better shut up.”

    2) If its the guru it means “I can do whatever I want to you, because my practice is me abusing you.” Thats the smile he has on his face right there. He’s smiling because his practice is him doing whatever he wants to people.

  • Sadhvi and Theresa know damn well what Swami is up to. They have lied and covered up for his atrocious behavior for decades. Sadhvi has said that sex with the Guru is always amongst consenting adults. That is true in many cases, but I know of one scenario whereby it was anything but consensual. Plus–what begins as consensual, ended as outright abuse: sexual and psychological. So, Sadhvi is a liar, just like her esteemed Guru. Sadhvi calls herself a spiritual person, and person of service. Yet, she is a cold, calculating, cult facilitator. Theresa used to leave class and deliver her secret invitations to people. She is an octopus, always on the hunt for information. It is part of her job to gather as much information as possible and deliver it to Swami. She has left strings of unpaid bills in her travels, and then runs and hides behind the Guru’s robes. Is not paying bills an expression of love and respect? No, I am afraid it is not. Both of these ladies cannot begin to face what kinds of people they have become. In their zeal of devotion to Swami Chetanananda they have become rotten eggs. WORD. What I have written here is the truth. Both are cult facilitators.

    • This trainwreck has been fucking up people’s minds and lives coercively, subversively, and without consent his entire life, now in his 70s he is tired of all his meddling and “do gooding” and wants to deal with his own shit, which he’s been avoiding since childhood.

      All of his students, especially his closest and most loyal have been BEGGING him to stop fucking with people’s lives (and women) his entire life

      “I’m going to stop at failing at making everyone else happy… and start taking care of myself!”

      GOOD, Thats all we’ve all been begging you to do already since day one. STOP ALREADY.

      Oh wait, you cant stop yourself. Many many decades, student walkouts, students gone mad, student suicides, interventions, and near death incidents – and *now* he will *finally* stop *failing* at making others “happy” and is going to start working on himself???

      Hot damn Sherlock, kinda little too late to finally get on that bandwagon and try to get brownie points for such grandiose “wisdom” don’t cha think???

      How about you also stop enacting revenge on all your ex-students who YOU failed and drove mad? You think that might qualify as working on your shit??? Or is it going to take another 70 years for you to get that too?

      Nityananda and the entire taoist tradition taught a path of detachment, self-containement, silence, blessing others no matter what, and allowing the Way to show the way – which is absolutely contrary to how you have lived your entire life. You have been a meddling, unstable, blabbing, negative nancy your ENTIRE life! Do you ever shut up???

      Get off your dumb high horse. You’re making yourself and everyone who still entertains you look stupid.

      The most CONDITIONALLY loving person weve all met is you. And everyone knows it.

      Stop talking about it and go work on all YOUR OWN disappointments already – stop pointing the finger outwards and deal with YOUR pessimism, narcissism, entitlement, selfimportance, and negativity already. Its what has driven all your students mad from the start.

      • 70 is old. He is probably staring his own mortality right in the face and he knows what a clusterf*ck the end will be for himself and that nothing and nobody can save him from his own vile behaviour. He should start investigating the trap life of cockroaches to acquaint himself with his hand wrought illustrious future…

        • I don’t think his mortality has anything to do with it. He’s just wants to cut back on his efforts to pretend he is all about goodness. He’s a greedy sexual deviant asshole no matter how old he is. He could be 30 years younger and just as evil but maybe not as ugly. Not sure where he will find his new blood. I hope in hell.

      • Right on, tell it like it is. He really was the most conditionally loving, petty, angry and withholding “guru” yet he told everyone that he was pure love. He and his handlers obviously hid his true self from most people except those he was selectively grooming and abusing at any one time. But the true nature of that place did eventually “trickle down.” And ofc they have to continue to lie about it to this day. I wonder how many documents they’ve shredded and evidence they’ve burned in pujas at this point?

        • Not to mention How many photos and videos they’ve had to delete from swamis private porn folders…The DNA they’ve had to scrub from the walls and floors. The Movement Center was a freaking crime scene.

          • WOW. Loads of speculation. Great imaginations! Do you have material evidence to bring to law enforcement? If not, you have nothing but your wild imaginations. You could probably work for many of the media corporations out there with that wild imagination! Those people make LOADS of money!!

  • Sinister sacrifices
    Stop the lemming mentality

    F**K T.V.

    F**K organized religion
    F**K social media
    F**K the Industrial complex
    It’s all mind control


  • His mind, held hostage by evil… his tentacles reach out -vacuum the weak into his gooey chambers of hell.
    We must think and question everything.
    Not only others but our own motives.
    If we are right sized we won’t be vulnerable to such wicked games of darkness.

  • The devil
    Knows the Bible more than anyone
    People don’t want what they want now
    They’ll buy two super sized family meals and woof it down with one slippery lick just because they think they are getting a deal
    Wake up wake up
    Trust no one but God

  • In the Book: The Ashram, A dipseydoodle retrospective of Epic Dipshittery, there is a chapter devoted to the anatomy of a cult.
    It’s really detailed, and shows the dysfunctional ways in which this dynamic played out over and over again. More about that soon. It’s a great read. And, offers startling insights.

  • He can talk the talk- most psychopaths can. His book has good reviews. Wonder if the words are his own.

    Wonder is Amazon is aware he strangles and beats women to achieve arousal.

  • “After being betrayed by loved ones, thrown under the bus by friends, attacked and slandered by strangers with no actual information whatsoever… I decided… enough… and retired to the wilderness…”

    Swami was betrayed? Projection…

    What about Liz? Liz who was found dead in the river by Sharon Ward. No doubt Liz felt betrayed upon her forced death.

    What about Natacha? Natacha was betrayed when her guru told her to jump off a bridge… and then miraculously found her.

    What about Molly? Left after decades of forced labor, alone in Portland. No friends or family… the community she devoted her life to had “had enough” and left without looking out for her at all.

    What about the families Swami destroyed by his sexual advances toward the multi-generations– as a means to control and dominate. Then he’d laugh when they had no way out.

    Gold Beach will bring him down. There’s a predator– with decades of practice– lurking among good people. Expose him. Report him. Put him away. Please… if you are still a follower… BETRAY HIM… before he betrays you.

    • One of the most horrific stories is that of the Kreiger family. The Shitmaker bedded the mother and then both beautiful daughters. The younger daughter got free and has a new life. Good for her!
      The mother and older daughter are still devoted; the daughter helped Sharon Ward start the new church.
      The nice-guy father, a well known eye surgeon, has kept his head in the sand.
      Meanwhile besotted wife had adulterer Shitmaker as a visitor in their home for years. Good dad kept the peace, somehow, and drank wine with the guy banging his wife and daughter.
      Many former members know this story.

      • How could any woman considered having SEX with him? He looks absolutely demented. Fat, ugly, slimy, crazed, arrogant, like a man sloth who wormed out from under his goopy feces. He looks like a fly who vomits out hypnosis eats it, releases a five foot long pile of lies and then eats it again.
        HOW could anyone even hold his hand, share his sour sluggish breath , let alone fornicate with him?

        • Don’t overlook the many who have severe daddy issues and also buy into his manipulation that they (and only they) are the special one, who he can pass down the secret teachings, and nobody else understands…. Blah, blah, blah. Finding those who are 1. Damaged 2. Want to be on a serious spiritual path and 3. Are caring are his targets. Oh yeah, young & attractive are also part of the formula.

          During my trips there though, it appears he’ll take almost anyone who is willing to participate.

          Although I’m a dude, I’m also so glad I didn’t live there.

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