Untimely Deaths and ‘Slip-Em-a-Mickey-Lama’ Guest of Swami Chetanananda

Guruphiliac is a Facebook page that hammers phony gurus. The editor has been kind enough to post Frank Report stories on the guru Swami Chetanananda.

A Sad Note

Ayaz Quadir died in August 2009 at the Portland Movement Center. 

He was Becky Reese’s nephew. Her brother’s wife’s child. He appears to have overdosed on heroin. 

His last home was the Movement Center. 

I am getting conflicting stories on who discovered his body. One source told me Andrew Bonner found him. Someone else said it was Sharon Ward. Ayaz went to live with his aunt Becky and uncle Andrew after Rehab. He came out clean. 

The couple thought the ashram would be good for him under the all-powerful eye of Swami Chetanananda. 

Drs. Becky and Andrew were the same medical couple who gave Jessica Stirton some sage advice.

They told her that sooner or later, Swami Chetanananda would drop his trousers, show her his dick, and try to rape her. 

If you can escape, do so. 

They did not know about the drugs that flowed into the ashram like the Ganges during the rainy season.

They did not know that Michael Shoemaker was a lifelong drug addict.

Ayaz’s aunt and uncle were gone all the time with work. 

Ayaz became friends with other people there. Chet himself may have provided drugs for the lad. 

According to a note from his mother, Ayez died the first day out of Rehab. 

But if I were her, I wouldn’t believe any old story from the guru’s mouth.

The story goes, and take it with a grain of salt, Chet saw (on one of his walks) Ayez’s friend scoring drugs in the park. 

It became clear that Ayaz was using again, and then went to a 30-day program in Portland. He came back and within 24 hours was dead from a drug overdose. 

He was an aspiring and talented piano player. 

The ashram is not an appropriate place for people to come off drugs for the apparent reason – it was a drug haven. And the head man is a drug addict.

The story changed. One person told me that Sharon Ward said to her that Ayaz shot himself in the yard with a shotgun. Another version is that he died of a drug overdose.

Ayaz Quadir

His mother, Samina Reese, wrote this note on March 11, 2013:

Ayaz succumbed to his addiction to heroin on August 8, 2009. He was 23 years old. This has been a difficult journey for us; first coming to terms with his addiction, trying to do what we possibly could to help him. Then ultimately, a day out of Rehab he was gone…  

He worked hard at the ashram. People said he worked 17-hour days. Then, he got back, and in hours he was gone. 

Worth a little more investigation

I am told this young person, pictured below, spent their teen years under the watchful eye of the Swami Chetanananda.  Now they are into BDSM. It seems to have started when they were 13.

Slip You a Mickey Lama

The Lama in question is none other than Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche.

He is not as powerfully built as Swami Chetanananda. His grip might not be enough to choke a woman unconscious in a split second so he could rape her.

He had to use wiles where brawn could not avail.

A frequent guest at the movement center, Wangdu had to use old Bill Cosby’s technique and slip drugs into the beverages of susceptible young ladies.

We have an upcoming story about how old Wangdu got his old wang which couldn’t do. But it still qualified as the rape of the passed-out and drugged young female.

The drugging occurred at The Movement Center, and the rape next door at the Tibetan House.

You’ll find this story interesting, I am certain.

Birds of a feather. Wangdu and Swamiji

If he offers tea – and you’re female- politely decline.

I Did Not Get Strangled

Here’s a note from an attractive woman who did not get strangled. We try to report the good, along with the bad and the extremely ugly.

Jane was looking for an authentic teacher.

She wrote:

Swami Chetanananda invited me to live there. I was close to Swamiji and looked at him like a Dad. Your stories have broken my heart and trust.

I knew that SC led a polygamist life style. Not my thing, but that’s his business.

I was told all relationships were consensual. I heard about Natasha’s injury, but was also told stories that she was mentally ill, borderline, always had been, and Swami Chetanananda had done everything in his power to heal her.

THAT is the story that was portrayed to me.

I never heard Natasha or Eva’s story from anyone close to them, just people trying to protect Swami.

Someone told me if I was “chosen” for sex by SC, that I should do it.

He knows all, sees all and scams all.


Here is another note I received:

When my friend called me to tell me that Swami Chetanananda invited me to live at the ashram, he had told her and everyone at lunch that I was a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse.

I had been “passed around a lot.”

That was what he “picked up” off me.

OK. I know other people who had “memories resurface” of sexual assaults primarily around their father due to “what he picked up.” Implanted memories.

Right before I moved into The Movement Center, I had my first private meeting with Swami, and he said, “Your Father has been no friend to you.”

I said my father committed suicide when I was 12.

He did not miss a beat. He said “before that.”

I was in very bad shape when I got there. Had literally been in fight or flight for years, and obviously that would scare anyone. However, when I realized Marc Gafni was living there, I started doing some research.

Marc Gafni, the rabbi-turned-New Age guru, has been accused of sexually assaulting minors.

I have since discovered this.

One of the women listed as his partner caught my eye, and I did a little internet research. She and her husband were front and center of Castlewood.

You can read it yourself, but the gist is that many patients claim they “recovered” memories of being Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. They were being treated for dangerous eating disorders. Then somehow, they “remembered” being used in Satanic rituals that their parents, teachers, coaches, etc., had them participate in when they were very young.

They did not remember these things until these good folks helped them remember.

Naturally, they would cease communication with all their loved ones and be terrified of them.

The people who came to Castle for help would be turned loose after their insurance was tapped out, and leave more broken than when they came in.

These folks seem to exchange notes on what forms of psychological warfare best keep their “subjects” in check. Of them all, Swami Chetanananda may be the master at abusing troubled people.

How many of you out there were told these kinds of things? I am well aware of what happened to me as a child. Chetanananda told me I was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. It completely freaked me out and made me feel dependent on him for “protection.”

It was false. Chetanananda and others, like Gafni, are predators and liars.

There is NO WAY I am the only person Chetanananda pulled this with. It would explain why people are so terrified to leave him.

Sick. Sick.



Weird About Liz

Liz Bazzani

Someone wrote about Liz Bazzani after I wrote: Swami Chetanananda Mystery: What Happened to Liz Bazzani?

By Marta

Makes No Sense

I believe Liz was likely sick again. However, I find it incredibly weird that she was well enough to provide care for her grandchild. This is right before she “ran off” in 32-degree sleet for 11 hours to make “an irrational decision.”

Three licensed medical providers were living at the Movement Center with Liz: Dr. Andrew Bonner, Dr. Rebecca Reese, and Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm.

According to Oregon law, all three are mandatory reporters for a child, vulnerable adult, and elder abuse. None of them reported unsafe conditions or possible misuse of their co-residents.

Living at the Center were invalid elders, Dr. John Bonner, Phyllis Rudolph (Guru Rudi’s sister)- vulnerable adults – and Natacha, who was recovering from a suicide attempt.

Dan was in addiction recovery, and Charles Madge lived there with a permanent disability.

The Movement Center was not a licensed rehabilitation or extended care facility.

At one time, the facility had served as a retirement home, but those days were long past. The building had no safety improvements to accommodate the elderly or infirm. In addition, there was no full-time staff to care for these people.

Instead, Shoemaker used his “students” to care for Phyllis.

There appeared to be no regulatory oversight for this unregistered congregate living facility that exploited the residents’ labor for cleaning, cooking, and maintenance.

There was no evident General Assembly or Board of Directors to write and implement child protection rules.

Children were present at Movement Center rituals and even spent extended time in the facility. Shoemaker and his “inner circle” created an unsafe and ripe facility to exploit people and hide that exploitation from the world.

“Room Keys: Most bedrooms have locks with keys. You may or may not want to lock your door – most students in residence don’t.” Taken from the TMC Residency Guidelines -v2.0215-05

Shoemaker ensured he had access to anyone he wanted at any time.

Abuse of Shoemaker’s students began the moment they walked into the Movement Center. They were fraudulently recruited and told they would be taught “spiritual practices.”

Instead, their labor was exploited, and many were sexually, physically, emotionally, and financially harmed.


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  • When I lived at the Portland ashram briefly, I was warned about Lama Wandu who was living there at the time. People laughed about how if your a women, you better watch out because he is “touchy freely” guy, and he may grope you unexpectedly.

    But it was not taken seriously and women who knew just laughed about how funny it was and gushed over him, and appeased him, despite his bad behavior, just like they gushed over SC.

    It really creeped me out. All of it creeped me out. I avoided him like the plague and learned to avoid SC too when he showed his interest in me. But I saw through the bullshit.

    I knew in my heart what was going on there was wrong. That SC was wrong to manipulate his students into sexual relationships and to “party” so much. I was not going to let him use me so I moved out years ago, but to this day I am still dealing with his shit and how it’s affected so many people whom I know and care for, and even those whom I’ve never met. My heart goes out to everyone.

    We are all traumatized and all very hurt by his deceptions.

    • Interesting you knew he partied. Speaking for myself, I had no idea when I ended up in his bed.

      And once I was “initiated” I had no clue as to the extent of it or the depths of darkness he goes to.

      It’s the deception that gets me. Say he’s a partying coke/meth head that will want to choke you and whip you. Just say it at the Intro.

      Don’t fucking pretend we are in love having a relationship when this is all you want. Stop the fucking lies. Lying POS.

      • Who’s a lying POS? I didn’t know about the drugs, but I knew he would drink. I only learned about the drug use after I left and don’t know about anything about the BDSM until these reports. So much hostility towards other victims! Please..you are hurt, but please don’t take it out on others like myself who want to share their experiences too.

    • I heard exactly this by someone who giggled and chalked it up to his age and culture when he put his hands all over her tits and ass in the presence of the attentions of the All Mighty. I get it

    • Why aren’t you and others coming forward? Are you going to the police? FR has attorneys and law enforcement ready to act once enough of us come forward. Please help in this effort. We all corroborate what’s happened. Please consider it.

      Many of us have had therapy and feel broken. Let’s join forces and sue him for damages.

  • Ruth Knight, a devoted disciple of Shoemaker since 1986 defended her teacher. She explained, “It is said that simply to sit in the presence of a teacher brings great benefit.” Knight dropped out of college to run the ashram’s kitchen.
    This was taken from Richard Read’s Oregonian series about Shoemaker. Some of the “old school” devotees left when the Leaving Nityananda letter was published, disgusted with Shoemaker’s behavior. Others like Ruth just live an a state of blissful denial. They protect this monster and they are part of the flying monkey squad. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Stay sweet

  • Have you all reported this to the police? The FBI? Have you coordinated and reported incidents to the same law enforcement authority or to FR? It seems there are enough victims, if coordinated effort, to warrant at least an investigation. Thank you for all coming forward. He’s a malicious sociopath– an animal.

  • Shoemaker claims he heals people “for free” but has no recognized licenses to practice medicine or therapy. He is a college drop out. Laura Modena, who may have died from cancer, wrote in her letter to her community, that “I will officially, with Swamiji’s (Shoemaker’s) blessing, begin participating with “in home hospice care”…she goes on to write that “Sujit (a homeopathic practitioner trained in India, but not licensed in the US, who came often to the Movement Center to offer consults to residents) told her that “Birth, death, and marriage is in God’s hand. Not in doctor’s hand. So have full faith in God.” She put her faith in Shoemaker and Sujit and died.

    Three licensed medical providers were living at the Movement Center with Liz, Natacha, and Laura: Dr. Andrew Bonner, Dr. Rebecca Reese, and Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm.

    If you have information that they violated their professional ethics such as not reporting an unsafe environment for children (Liz’s grandchild) vulnerable adults, (Chuck Madge, people iin recovery) or elders, Phyllis, Dr. John Bonner, Shoemaker’s mother, or that they themselves were involved in abusive behavior, drug use, covering up “accidents” or other unprofessional behavior call Frank.

    If they continue to practice medicine, they could be putting their patients in danger.

    If you were fraudulently recruited, and made to provide unpaid labor at the Movement Center or at Tibet House, call Frank. If you had to perform SEVA to stay in your room while you paid your tutition, call Frank.

    If you had to move out of your room to make way for yoga teacher training and cook and clean for these trainings, call Frank.

    There are many paths to catch a traumatizing narcissist. Rainere had the charge of human trafficking for labor placed against him and he was found guilty of that charge. Did Shoemaker save money because of your labor? If he did, he is a trafficker. Without your testimony, he will continue to exploit people like he exploited Laura, Molly, Ruth, and others.

    Call Frank and tell him what you know. Every piece of information is a piece of a big picture that has been painted over 50 years of abuse. We can stop him if we work together toward this goal. Please call Frank.

    • First do no Harm, Hippocratic Oath,
      Thank you so much for this post. I cannot always get to say everything that needs to be said to Frank, but this is something that I have thought about over and over. I witnessed first hand Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm breaking her oath, three times. Twice by telling what patients said to me and then to Chet, and once by going to the hospital when he (and probably Jen and Jimmy, hurt Eva) to ensure that Eva would not have a voice at all. I attempted to warn one of Dr. Jen’s Patients, but unfortunately , this patient believes Jen to be not only a good Dr., but a friend. Sad.

      I got out. You can get out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
      https://rapha.org/hotline, https://www.rainn.org/resources

    • Laura Moderna most certainly died of cancer after a very long, painful and brave battle.

      There are plenty of people who choose not to go the traditional Western medicine route of chemotherapy and radiation or to forgo that the second time cancer comes for them. It’s ok to question but don’t take so much liberty in assuming so much about people you have clearly never met.

      Laura Moderna did what she damn well pleased. She was a force and in the category of students that truly had no idea about any of this BDSM and drug stuff. The old schools?

      The pillars that actually made the place run? Like her, Kari many others and DEFINITELY Ruth? They were MUCH more like proper school marms. You would NEVER talk about coarse things around them like dirt sex or drugs. No no no. Uh uh. No way.

      You would be mortified to do so. They truly are the pure parts of this. That’s what is so bizarre. He had his Mother Mary’s in there and then he had his Jezebels. Total split of feminine archetypes in that place. Classic Madonna/Whore complex he most definitely brought over from his undoubtedly messed up Catholic upbringing.

    • What about Al Dewitt’s extremely mysterious death??? Alan Dewitt, a student of Swami’s for at least thirty years; they said he “died of a broken heart” in the years following his wife’s passing. But no one could explain his rapid decline and suddenly he was in the hospital and died and No One knows WHY.

  • Please come forward! Now is the time to report to FR or to the authorities. Frank can direct you who to call if you’re uncertain. You will be protected! As a group there is SO much more power. Please please stop this monster — the power is with you. Don’t let his manipulation stop you from taking that next step. PLEASE help those still trapped and under his mind control. It will free you as well. Please consider it.

  • Has anyone tried to get the police reports for the incidents at the MC involving “accidents”, suicide attempts, missing persons and mysterious deaths? Surely they are on file.

  • Senile President Biden Hires Man Who Defends Pedophiles
    Biden’s Pedophile-Advocate Hire

  • Frank:
    I dare you to publish this charming story of a “Love That Never Dies.”
    From Caitlin Doughty of Ask a Mortician.

    Caitlin Doughty is a mortician, advocate, and bête noire of the traditional funeral industry. In 2011 she founded the funeral reform collective The Order of the Good Death, which has spawned the death positive movement. Her educational webseries “Ask a Mortician” has been viewed almost 200 million times and all three of her books Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, From Here to Eternity, and Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? were New York Times bestsellers. She owns a funeral home, Clarity Funerals, in Los Angeles.

    Iconic Corpse: Elena de Hoyos & Carl Tanzler

  • Off topic but don’t know where else to post this-it’s of interest to FR readers…has everyone seen that the clown who (presumably) runs that vile antisemitic blog and makes threats on the judiciary had his house raided by the police about a week ago and a few computers and a phone confiscated etc? Finally!

    • The story is worth reporting. I have details. But I have not found the time to report it.

      • That guy appears to think he is smarter than everyone on planet Earth and that by googling case law, which he never seems to fully comprehend, btw, he believes he can collapse the entire government and judiciary of the state of Connecticut. He’s wrong. Period.

        Free speech, even if hate speech, is protected…fine. But he makes death threats on people and could very well incite violence. So for that reason I believe he needs to be stopped or at least severely reprimanded. Be racist, be a homophobe, be an antisemite, be a misogynist…spew that ugliness on his own blog…whatever…but he can’t make people and their families afraid for their lives and expect everything to be fine and dandy.

    • They did the same thing to him in 2015, only CT used the FBI to do the raid that time. They found nothing and he was charged with nothing. I believe there are several people who contribute to that blog; at least one resides in CT. However vile, it is free speech. IT’s unfortunate becuase while legal points have merit, the vicious commentary discredits the value contributed.

      IN terms of threats, nothing is being made directly. The site exists in cyberspace and one needs to seek it out. CT does NOT uphold the constitution despite it being wrongly named the constitution state. The blog screams of first amendment rights and seems to want to push the boundaries daily.

      Regrettably, it seems it hurts the parents and children that need to be protected. Those who abuse children and families– the GALs, the attorneys, and the judges, are then seen as “victims” when they are the ones who victimize. Wish there were a white washed copy of the blog. That might shed light on all the corruption and the deprivation of fundatmental rights to have children have a relationship with both parents, and for parents to have the right to bring up their children.

      CT has usurpsed the constitution under “judicial discretion” and bullshit “Best interest of the child” as they raid life savings and destroy one parent. IT’s been going on for decades. Racketeering was already proven in 2013– Look up the testimony of Ann Stevenson– it’s all there. Running a business for profit through the judicial branch. ANd the same players– Adelman, Horwitz, Linda Smith, laliberte, hurwitz, aldrich, caverly, rockland, cousineau, and so many others continue to abuse the hell out of children and steal family fortunes.

      This raid won’t change a thing. All illegal. All a power play by angry powerful attorneys/former judge in CT. Nothing new.

      • Just because the threats might use passive voice / leave out the subject of who will put the bullet in said person’s head does not mean they are not real threats that don’t make the subjects fear for their lives.

        Also “The site exists in cyberspace and one needs to seek it out.”

        Actually, no, the site is indexed by Google…I did a search for the Christopher Ambrose case for example And that website came up. You do a search for these judges names and that website will come up, you don’t have to “seek out” familycourtcircus.com to have it pop up in your face.

        And the difference between now and 2015 is that there are new laws about cyber threats etc. I believe.

  • Meet Joe Biden’s new Assistant Secretary of Energy Sam Brinton — the Department that builds America’s nuclear weapons.

    Biden’s Cross Dressing Staffer Is Mad a Child Trafficking Site Is Busted

    • Shadow State I wish you would stop your super annoying spamming. It just clogs up the comment section with all this off-topic bullshit. We get it! You hate Biden. Why are you so freaking obsessive about it??? Stop annoying everyone with it.

      • I suppose it’s somewhat off topic unless you voted for him after he was legitimately accused of rape of a female staff member and very obviously has a pretty sick predilection for little girls with all the sniffing and groping. Dudes a complete perv. Do you dislike all predators or just Michael Shoemaker? Do you support all victims of sexual predation or just the ones you like?

        • All the anti-Biden pro-Trump spam is so boring. And so is anti-Trump pro-Biden spam. I don’t come here to read about Joe Biden. Or Trump. Your incessant spam is just really, really annoying and off-topic. And so many of your comments are sooo long it takes forever to scroll past them. I would also rather not see weird S&M pictures in the spam that you seem to be obsessed with posting.

          • How are the posts off topic if they are about accused rapists who sorely abuse their power and BDSM? Do rapists not count if they are elected officials? That’s probably where this needs to count the most, right? How do you expect the masses to care about taking rapists down if we keep electing them? Please answer the question or let your finger do the scrolling, especially if you fancy the Sadhvi of US political royalty as your “hero”. LOL. Get over yourself. Like political parties aren’t just gigantic cults.

          • “Like political parties aren’t just gigantic cults.”

            I can clearly see that it is a cult for you. It’s not a cult for me. To me, politics are about policies. I vote for the candidates that are most likely to put through the policies/laws etc that are important to me. End of. You seem obsessed with the personal lives of politicians, like a bored housewife watching a soap opera. I don’t come to this blog to read about Biden and Trump. Your obsessive Biden comments are boring and off-topic.

  • About 6 weeks (maybe) before the doors shut I walked down to the basement to find Molly on the floor with her knee in her hands but she had this grimace that almost looked like a smile on her face.

    “I said, You ok, Molly?”. She says and those of you who know Molly will get this she stays in her chippa-roo persona “Oh I think I broke my knee”.

    One of SC’s main people came up on us and we called for an ambulance. Molly was staying in her happy go lucky yay team state and I thought “My God that has to hurt”. I was not asked, I was told “You need to go with her, here’s her purse.

    I would have gone with her anyway without the orders. As soon as she was loaded into the ambulance and away from the expectation of her staying in pleasing and amiable character she lost it like a little girl. I held her and loved on her and I cried too because her pain was for decades.

    She wasn’t crying because she hurt herself. She was crying because she felt like she failed the ashram by the imperfection of injury. She was crying because she was being left behind. I did not realize the hospital we would be going to was Legacy Emmanuel and the last time I had been there almost 20 years before was when my cousin like a sister was in a coma from being struck down on a freeway. She did not make it and her injuries were of horror movies.

    It was the event that ruined my entire family forever. I had immediate flashbacks going there. I held it together to put Molly first. She had indeed broken her knee. When I went to call the main contact at the Ashram the response was chilly and exasperated.

    She said “I thought she injured her knee she can’t talk”? I was like “Whoa, that’s cold”. She got off the phone and she wanted out of there as soon as possible because there was work and moving happening and she couldn’t afford to be hurt. I was not ok with the idea of her coming back and rehabilitating there because I knew she wouldn’t stay down. When I came back to the Ashram no one wanted to talk to me about Molly.

    I was trying to rally the support she would need if she came back to heal and no one was having it. I was shocked. Like really? How long have you known this woman? The next day a few of us were at the hospital and the two people I was with casually volunteered me to take care of her. I couldn’t.

    I was one of very few people who didn’t know where they were going next and also I KNEW if she didn’t go to a rehab place she would immediately try to work and make a mess of that knee that could disable her. That tripped me out, how ALL these people would just volunteer others for the help they didn’t want to give. I went to SP and thankfully he coordinated with the patient advocate to get that set up.

    I felt so much for her. Sad that at the end of all of that no one had any room for any love or compassion for her and she was going to live for the first time on the “real world” in what 30 years? I felt really bad, and I think at the end she thought I was mean to her because when she came bank of course she was trying too hard, feisty and intent on pleasing even with a broken knee and would get mad when I would tell her to take it easy.

    I just wanted her to be OK. I didn’t want her to leave there with a permanent injury that would keep her from being active in this new strange world she would have to navigate all alone. It really bothered me at the end days there. I used to call us leftovers and our quickly dissolving space The Island Of Forgotten Toys. I used to work in funeral.

    At one point I just realized I could hold and space like that there and that would be my purpose. It was exactly funeral work. I did not in fact heal my CPTSD there.

    I accrued far more from being such a feeler of other humans and taking on 60,000 square ft of grief.

    I feel like if I ever get to a place safe enough to cry and not be this marble statue of stoicism and anger I am right now I won’t ever stop. I had very few things left in my life, my sweetness and faith in humanity I treasured so deeply.

    They are gone. I still have great love but I will never be that sweet hopeful person looking for connection, holiness, family and community ever again. Light and trust can be stolen in many different forms and it all breaks you.

  • “Do not joke. The Nazis understood the inherent power of ideas. A power greater than any gun or rocket. They used it to subjugate and brainwash an entire nation.”
    — James Rollins

    “Swami Chetanananda’s teachings arise from the understanding of the true purpose of our life on earth: that we are in this world to grow. We are here to grow spiritually, to reach a higher and finer state, to express the unimaginable possibility that exists in each of us.”
    I got out. You can get out. You are not alone.
    https://rapha.org/hotline, https://www.rainn.org/resources

  • I need to know something. All the events revealed here by one or more victims or ex members.. WHEN did they take place? All this info without a timeline is making my head spin. Was it this year? five years ago? 10 years ago? a couple of months? When????
    Shoemaker has run this freak show for 50 years. The clock is still ticking.

    Believe me I understand the shame humiliation and sadness you feel after being abused by this man. I understand your fear and insecurity after what happened; your hesitance at talking about it and reliving the nightmare.
    Perhaps putting yourself aside and helping others who are still vulnerable would help you through the feelings you are experiencing now.
    Thank you for coming forward and I am begging more victims to reveal their experience with this man.
    He must be stopped.

    • The police dept said it was ruled a drowning with no signs of foul play. I think an immediate family member would have to approve release of an autopsy report. ? Or is that not the case in Oregon?

      • I don’t know. A PI could find out. States have different laws. But we all watch Dr. G Medical Examiner and know that there would be no water in her lungs if she was deceased BEFORE being put in the river. Like if she was CHOKED and THEN put in the river for Sharon Ward to pretend to discover.

        • They ruled it a drowning so I’m sure she did have water in her lungs. However it could also be of interest to find out if there were any drugs in her system or old bruises on her etc.

  • The one time I was at the Tibetan house I was groped between the legs and and multiple times on the breast by LW. I was stunned. And I knew SC, like **knew** him. I wasn’t a sensitive startled creature by any means, but I still had no idea this gentle humorous lama was a letch. I looked at him shocked, and he grinned widely and cocked his eyebrows up and down like a cartoon, like, you want some of this? I don’t think I drank any tea, fortunately.

    Later, I spoke to someone about it, they said, you should have seen him before we toned him down. People made excuses, he’s from a different time/culture. He doesn’t understand Western sensibilities or women’s rights. I stopped going to the Tibetan practices after that.

    I’m pretty sure I know who this upcoming story is about –now, not then– and I’m so sorry for you. You did not deserve such betrayal. This place was a letch fest of washed up and disgraced spiritual teachers, sc’s old college buddies and an array of dirty old men waiting for their chance at Swami’s cast offs.

  • It needs to be said that Chet literally never went on walks around town when TMC was in Portland. Like NEVER. Sharon Ward maybe, occasionally, took her dogs to the local parks and forests, but even so Sharon was cagey and also did not walk openly around the Laurelhurst neighborhood during peak times. This all stinks to high heaven. This makes this story a total lie.

    He was so not a casual neighborhood pedestrian taking strolls for his health and peacefully observing the local flora and fauna on a regular basis. He never ever would be a normal dude like that.

    Chet lived like a mafia don, he was either in his apartment suites, or sitting on a throne above his followers, or being driven in fancy cars like a politician to different locations and to other countries, or riding first class on an airplane, or fishing at some remote location, or rarely, striding through a fancy place with his coterie around him of the chosen co-conspirators and fucktoys, like Theresa and Salman, Gretchen and Heather, Monica and Howard etc….

    And even so, even if Laurelhurst itself was a kind of weird intersection of rich and poor with the TMC right in the border, and had its crime issues…drug deals there were not apparent things at all. It wasn’t a shady place where heroin dealers openly traded, like Gresham or downtown. None of this makes any sense.

    ********* It just gets worse and worse *******

    Also, not only were our doors unlocked most times, our mail never was locked up. All the “lower” residents mail was in open cubbies that was accessible to everyone, like kindergarten cubbies. Certain people were selected to sort it. Now that I think about it I have no doubt there was mail that was intercepted, at minimum privacy was breached, at maximum letters were most likely stolen. Isn’t that super illegal?

    • I was just talking about the mail thing last night! I lost so much mail after moving out when Monica was in charge of the mailboxes. I have not a single doubt that she made it her own personal side quest to intercept and snoop through our personal information whenever she had the chance.

    • Actually, everyone pretty much knows he went for walks at Laurelhurst park every day and often Forest Park. I was one of his accompanying “fucktoys”. I prefer victim, but hey, I’m sensitive.

      And I don’t think Sandy was free from prostitutes and drug addicts… so your experience was yours, not everyone else’s.

      • I apologize that my language used was sensitive for you. I should have considered a different word to use. I was outraged. My intention was totally that I meant that in complete derision and disgust towards how that garbage asshole Michael treated human beings as objects, not towards the victims themselves.

        Michael is a psychopath misogynist batterer who cannot see human beings as anything but toys for his amusement.

        Next, I agree my perspective is my own, Ive heard now from others he did sneak out for short walks. Still I consider everything he says as a lie now. So thank you for sharing.

        Also in my experience, Laurelhurst was not a blatant crime spot since the early 2000s…but everything about that is ofc my opinion only. I appreciate your opinion to bring more clarity to this situation.

        I hope we can all work together on bringing this MF down.

        • Hi Tina, thank you for your thoughtful response. Truth be told, we were his fucktoys. Replaceable, disposable, expendable. It’s a very tough pill to swallow that the man you devoted yourself to, loved more than yourself, treated as god could love bomb you into believing he loved you the same. I wish I was angry, but I’m still just broken. He takes something from you so profoundly intimate, it’s impossible to just get over it. He circumvents your relationship to your self. And he never lets it go.

          We are on the same side. Go to his fucking house paid for by others work and donations, expose his life-long drug and sex addiction, his sexual violence and battery. This man will never change. He’ll cower for a while, tell everyone how devastated he his at the betrayal, tell his blind faithful and new recruits that it’s a smear campaign from angry exes and people left behind, and then he’ll go back to the way it always was. He will never stop because he can’t. I can’t count the number of times he’s told me he’s stopped. That he’d “rather cut his own dick off” than do it again. A few hours after he told me that, he went on another bender. He cannot stop.

          No doubt that’s why Jen was moved back in. Monica’s lost any and all appeal. Warm bodies that don’t complain. That’s it. That’s what he needs. It’s irrelevant who it is.

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