Swami’s Black Magic to Control, Hurt, Maybe Kill

By Mary Ann Hannon, a former Ashram Member 


A black magic ritual and mantra intended to gain control of a situation, person or animal.

Familiarize yourself with this.

It’s how Swami Chetanananda makes women look “so crazy”.

Cheap black magic parlor tricks. It only works if you “let him in”.

He did this to Natasha. I feel sad for her. She was being tortured under every one of your upturned noses psychically, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Not only did you not help, you reinforced his cursed treatment of her.

Beaming like a bunch of idiots around her brokenness when she arrived home for more abuse.

March 20, 2017 Natasha returning from the hospital to the ashram.

I know everyone wants to wave a dismissive hand to “black magic”.

Newsflash it’s real. It’s a way of life in Haiti and India, particularly where Swami Chetanananda and his Foo Foo Dog spent several years of their “study” for “your benefit”.

Assam is literally the black magic capital of India. It is not unusual to find human body parts near that temple. Human sacrifice is still practiced there.

They try to deny it, but when one continuously finds bodies littered about.

This is the temple Sharon Ward was crowned “Sadhvi”.

Who gave her sannyasa, and what is that lineage?

Sharon Ward and Swami Chetanananda

It isn’t Rudi’s. Can’t find much on him, and you won’t.

Certainly Aghori. The Ganges is near, where the Aghoris wait for bodies to float down and fish them out for their rituals.

Many more where this article came from if anyone out there is intellectually curious.

Yes, all cults use some form of mind control. This is just supernatural hypnotism.

Liz Bazzani

Funny, I always thought of Liz Bazzani. What was she doing walking around all those hours? She didn’t call or text anyone, but had her phone? She ended up going to some weird places, almost as though she was being led from place to place.

You all know damn well none of that makes sense, but you are such weak selfish people that you will allow her daughters and grandkids to live with a suicide stigma forever.

She was cooking, caretaking, working. People with dementia don’t do that. Most people who threaten suicide are not the ones who do it.

She could have effortlessly, if she was sick again, arranged for assisted suicide. Quiet, peaceful.

Liz would never deliberately go out as a “floater,” which Sadhvi will assure you is about the most gruesome way to be found. Water does horrific things to a human body.

She was too considerate.

Not saying she might not have ended up taking her own life, but not like that.

Fuck you all for playing along with that. She fed you and loved you with her whole heart for decades. The easiest person in the world to take out is someone with a history of depression. You realize that, correct?

You ever even allow that word to exit your mouth once, and it’s remembered and you are randomly found dead?

It’s just assumed.

I say this because if you notice in Sharon’s interview, she mentions people who go on “walkabouts” or have “dementia”.

I was triggered because of that awful cheer she has when she speaks about finding the dead? Sharon was excited when she announced in that meditation class that her dog found Liz.

She talked about it with several people. Like a swaggering detective that solved the case, not like humans behave when a loved one is missing and presumed dead. No tears. Not a hint of sadness. Clinical, cold, ghoulish.

Sharon Ward is Swami Chetanananda’s true primary partner. Not Gretchen. He and Sharon don’t have sex. They have something much worse. They hunt and feed together.

That is their sex.

She will be the first to tell you, “If you fuck with Swamiji, I know where to hide a body where it will never be found.”

Please tell us more. Most of us suspect there has to be at least one escort out there that wasn’t lucky enough to wake up from being choked unconscious.

Someone in Portland needs to look at cold cases back to before Sharon started her favorite doggy hobby.

At this point, I think we’ve given Chetanananda way too much credit as a greedy pervert. So much more once you get the initial scab off.

That’s the kind of people you should be looking at.

I don’t think he would have just taken women off the street. Rapport would have to be built to keep his secret safe. A fluffer. I imagine Monica was good at it, hanging out at Fantasy Theater making friends in the dildo section.

They didn’t have the internet back then. She had to be creative.

Jen has all the fluffing skills of a toddler when it first attempts to pet cats nice. Awkward. Hell, she would try to recruit patients. Dumb ass.

They would be pretty, and he prefers them thin. Clearly VD is not a deal breaker, but they would need to at least appear like they don’t have it.

There is a reason there are strangulation laws. It’s horribly dangerous.

As for Monica — that’s where that maniacal blinking comes from. One too many oxygen starves to the brain.

Moni O’Neil and Swami

And killing someone with their own hand is the most cowardly and despicable way to take someone out imaginable.

Here’s to the ones that got away. ❤️


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  • SRA is Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    Satanics and Luciferians are well aware who controls the mind, controls the soul. By starting sexual trauma and SRA techniques as young as possible, they hope to fragment the mind as well as the soul. When a person is sexually traumatized it is the worst damage one can commit to the soul, and that act alone can fragment the personality into dissociative states, schizoid or extreme trauma based disorders. This is the NAA strategy with pedophilia and why its so rampant on the earth today. When this occurs the satanic entity can bind the person to negative entities through Parasitism or use the person/people involved much more easily, and so the goal of sexual torture is mental fragmentation, as well as Soul Fragmentation to program the mind and siphon the person’s Consciousness and Soul body.

  • Not everyone knows about puja or whatever. Just educate people by giving them information and you ll reach more people. The article you submitted was enough, you didn’t have to insult people who don’t know

  • It’s so easy to dismiss “black magic” or even dismiss the people caught up in cults at all. What kind of person believes this shit, right? For those at the ashram, what the hell were you doing there, if not this? Could you not see what was happening right before your eyes? Did you pay any attention to what was being said in class, the words in the initiations you took? There was a glossy Pollyanna cover wrapping everything, but it was clear to all who paid attention that these were cremation ground practices. That demons were being summoned. Did you do a healing puja from Shoemaker or LW? What do you think all those offerings were to?

    Where do you think Shoemaker was searching for his supernatural powers? Do you think they come from praying really hard? You need to read up on what you were participating in. Ignorance is not a defense. https://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Life-Style/2019-02-28/The-Journey-of-an-AGHORI/503998

  • The rituals he engages in particularly in what is considered the Black Magic Capital of India…. yes would be considered Black Magic. More to the point of what we are dealing with here is mind control and of course that’s real. Most people have read about MK Ultra. What is fascinating about Muktananda that a lot of wools don’t realize is he really was the Grand Daddy of The New Cage Movement. 60’s and 70’s people started fleeing from organized religion and seems to me that would have been pretty scary as most religion is a construct of societal control. The powers that be are like “Oh shit, how do we keep them complacent?”

    Well here you go. Do some deep diving this stuff is fascinating. For one thing while it was Rudi who brought Muktananda here, Ram Dass snatched him up and kind of “claimed him”. Ram Dass was “fired from Harvard for his experiments with LSD “ and well
    Mind Control”. This is a fascinating article. https://wilderutopia.com/politics/history/the-cia-and-psychedelics-from-timothy-leary-to-the-unabomber/

    Werner Ehrhard former Scientology student credits much to his Guru Muktananda and built his program est later Landmark Forum that has turned out over 2 million students over the years. He’s also accused of raping his daughters. I found that out when I was treated like hell in one of the programs because they are so cold about sexual assault. Absolute cult this group. The REACH of this, just crazy.


    This is one giant interconnected mind control program and largely responsible for why we have such a passive society that just allows horrible things to happen believing that “the spiritual thing to do”.

    SC had been eating tons of acid before he had his brief stay at the Macadamia Ranch. It was after that he met Rudi.

  • The most powerful is how they’re all beaming with delight as Natasha returns to her torture chamber.

    Their expressions and body language is bizarre. It’s like they all gathered for the photo. I don’t recall seeing any other pics of happy people just hanging out in the hallway.

    They’re all sociopaths. So intertwined it’s keeps them in place.

  • “Someone in Portland needs to look at cold cases back to before Sharon started her favorite doggy hobby.”

    I agree.
    I believe there’s at least one unintended murder because the Swami took things to far.

  • I would like to make a special note here that Sharon Ward was never initiated as a Swami.
    She was offered the opportunity to take sannyas along with Howard Boster and Per Johansson; however Sharon declared that she “didn’t need a title to know who she was in this world.”
    Well, until 2013. But let me back up. 2007 Shoemaker took a dark and twisted path. Leaving his student body parked studying TRIKA Yoga he himself embarked down the Kaula Yoga path. A tradition Rudi warned against and forbid. At this time Shoemaker abandoned Nityananda’s Lineage. He abandoned Rudi’s teachings and his students.

    And Sharon Ward walked straight down that dark path with Shoemaker holding his hand the entire way. A tradition with thousands of years history in child sacrifice, cannabalism, hanging out in cremation grounds sitting on top of dead bodies because Aghori Initiates believe it will give them supernatural powers.

    I say Shoemaker is no longer a Guru in the lineage of Nityananda. That is my opinion.

    And Sharon Ward was initiated in 2013 by an Indian man banded Ram Dayal Shastri. He is not of Nityananda’s lineage. He is of the Kaula tradition; something the public was not made fully aware of.

    Sadhvi. Sadhu. Ever look up what that title translates to? We have more access to esoteric ritual practices thanks to the internet.

    People employ these ritual practices to gain power. They will tell you all day it is to gain mastery over one’s Self and while you attempt to follow their teachings they will rob you blind.

    For some it’s money, others pleasure, others labor.

  • So will it take an exorcism to free the people from their spells?
    Are you saying Sharon Ward is enslaved to Shoemaker through black magic or is she his equal?
    And the people still living there… are they under a spell? He puts a spell on them through open eyes meditation?

    • The Truth will set them Free. By shining light on the darkness where they hide and sneak and cheat and steal….Shine a light so bright there is nowhere for these evil people to hide. If everyone knows the Truth then you regain your sovereignty.

      God Bless each and every one of you. Continue learning the truth about this Liar in Orange robes. Keep learning about what he was actually doing in India!

      Taking our hard-earned money and going to India to conduct himself in the most vile disgusting degraded evil behaviors.

      He goes to Assam India in October every year because there is an annual Durga Night. A night known for human sacrifice. Thousands of years history: all it takes is one google search.

      This Durga Night involves fire pujas and mantra recitation and very very young girls; children that range between 4-17, who are said to represent the goddess.

      Well another google search regarding these “Kumari girls” will show you in minutes these girls are often drugged and abused and used then sent back to their family. Groomed and raised and sexually abused by their guru.

      I am here to speak for the children.

      I will not allow this evil to move forward into the next generation. Shoemaker went down this road with a few cohorts. Sharon apparently was the only person willing to go through the initiation rites of an Aghori, such as: sitting on top of dead bodies, eating the flesh of those dead bodies and there is a long history of necrophilia and all sorts of horrific disgraceful ways Aghori initiates defile our dead. All for the sake of gaining supernatural power.

      But what is it they’re after?

      Lessons on the Vashikaran sound accurate. Mind control.

      Any other ideas?

  • All of these accusations make for a good story. But–they are not real. What we do know is: this guy is a snake. Chokes women, sexually abuses them. Tells young, vulnerable women that sex with him will advance their cause spiritually, which is a lie. Abuses them psychologically, and emotionally. We also know this guy, Swami Chetanananda is a drug addict. Health coming from within! Yeah, right.
    Sadhvi and Theresa are guilty of aiding and abetting this behavior, for decades. And, they know in there hearts that this is the truth. Theresa: you are up next. You have gotten off way too easily. That’s about to change.

    • I disagree with you. I know this is a lot more than just kinky sex. I believe the really dark depraved things he does to women are “offerings” and more ritualistic in nature then just your run of the mill BDSM play. The Aghoris (which he claims to be) go to extremes of eating garbage, having sex with corpses, drinking urine, drugs, alcoholism… the nastier the better, the more profane it is, the more enlightening. It’s been addressed in here him making people drink urine, engaging in menstrual blood rituals. Even sending out women to be gang banged by the dregs of humanity would fall into this “sacredly profane” category, It was his “offering”, a beautiful female sacrifice for their demons. Sexualizing Chod in a sense. I would guess what we’ve heard is actually tame compared to the truth because these women couldn’t bare to repeat it. Choking and hanging women is common in the darker tantric practices. Have you ever read Alastair Crawley voyage into Tantra? I really don’t get what’s not computing for you. This man does indeed gets in people heads. A woman jumped off a bridge because she thought the greatest show of love and devotion she could give her guru was sacrificing her life for him. No, I’m not buying this is just kinky sex, not for a second.

      I don’t think some of these women had any clue they were unknowingly participating in these kinds of rituals. I’m sure that’s why it was so traumatizing. You all wonder why they went all coo coo pants.

      The proof is in the Ashram. It imploded after what happened to Natasha. He went too far. He’s taken sacred vows and broken them for his own insatiable and cruel appetites. Used his gifts as curses.

      It’s sad beyond belief. You know why it’s sad? It’s sad because I love him. He saved my life. I actually love him more then most of the women I’m standing up for but I don’t get to play rapist favorites because of vows I’ve made that I won’t break for anyone.

      I would love for him to be the man I once thought he was. To be in his presence is like the sun shining on you. Scoff if you will. He can shape shift into whatever you need him to be. He was the Dad I haven’t had since I was 5 years old.

      I take no pleasure in any of this. It’s excruciating. I don’t just blame him either. He’s been enabled terribly and real love is being able to tell someone when they are being destructive and unacceptable. You’ve all spoiled him. Reminds me of when I worked at a radio station when I was young and Layne Staley from Alice In Chains would come in dope sick flanked by these hyenas I used to call The Star Fuckers. They weren’t looking out for him, didn’t care that he was dying, in deep need of help, they just propped him up, stuffed him with candy, laughed maniacally at everything he said because he was “a star” and they liked being seen with him. He made them feel important and special. When his star finally went out he was dead in his apartment for two weeks before anyone checked on him. I cried for days.

      You’ve all used SC in the same way. Let him become this by never loving him enough to tell him no. Take some responsibility for that.

      He’s been made a monster from being worshipped like a God since he was 19 years old. I believe he was hurt terribly before that. He does have powers. He does have beauty. He does have incredible wisdom. To deny that would be a lie. To say I don’t miss him is a lie.

      You can love someone and still know they are fucked up and dangerous. Both can be true.

      He’s sick and occupied by darkness and he’s spreading that dark and sick to people not only through the women he hurts but by his devotees he’s churned out as healing professionals. No rape victim that ever sees ANY of those people will get healing from them, just a bunch of spiritual bypassing bullshit that will keep their clients sick. “Consenting adults” “There are no victims” “Surrender your tensions”. And THIS doesn’t even begin to TOUCH the wholly hideous and irresponsible tantric craze that has swept the internet of a bunch of sick fuck people attempting to “heal people” with the same broken program that started in the 60’s with him that are churning out mountains of new sexual assault survivors. This is a noxious seed that just keeps blooming.

      Absolutely there is dark occultism at play in all of this. It’s been in front of your faces the whole time.

      So add spiritual abuse to your list because that’s the worst kind of rape of all and if I had known about ANY of this I would have gladly died before living there.

      As far as your statement about telling young women sex will advance them spiritually.

      INFORMED CONSENT. There IS such a thing as Spiritually Transmitted Diseases. Absolutely. He should have fully disclosed what he was opening them up for.

      Women do lose their minds from sex with him. That’s a fact. There is one right now I see on this board who is in the midst of a psychotic break. Poor thing. She was a sex worker and recovering drug addict when she came there. She was perfect charnel grounds for him. I believe women are receivers and every man they are with downloads their pain, trauma, sickness, anger, etc into their field. Like a computer. Every sex worker in my opinion is a haunted house. She needed help, and that’s not what she got. I don’t like her or her actions, she pisses me off to my core but I love her and want her well.

      I belong to my Mother and Father God. I don’t worship humans and I certainly don’t like the kind of evil that is ever revealing itself that I was without question living in. Lies by omission are the worst kind of lies of all,

      There can be no love in the absence of truth.

      Fig I’m really glad that dark occultism has never been real for you. Thats an ignorance I would actually love nothing more to have.

      I have no anger for him. I do not expect he will “go to jail”. He’s already in jail, it’s just a really pretty one. The world is literally on fire. The laws of earth aren’t coming for him, My hope is he gets right with his soul, that he comes clean. That he’s strong enough to fight the demon that possesses him to do such awful things. That he makes amends with those he’s shattered. I hope that for him deeply before he leaves this world because I’m genuinely concerned about what awaits him.

      Set us all free, Swamiji

  • Why I moved from Illinois!
    If you are traveling across America avoid the State of Illinois to protect your life.
    Congressional Candidate Warns Us About Democrat SAFE-T Act

  • Wow. The search results for Kamakhya Temple and human sacrifice is flabbergasting.

    For years I’ve wondered why it was necessary to study with so many different teachers when Rudi’s practice was all we needed.

    I just thought they were shiny new feather for his fancy bio. This is getting really dark.

    Someone mentioned the man who initiated Sharon. Ram Dayal Shatstri. Who is that?


    • From the article: “A minuscule cult still believes it necessary to sacrifice a child to achieve supernatural powers,” Biswajit Giri, one of around 50,000 Hindu holy men gathered at the Kamakhya Temple near Assam’s capital Guwahati, some 900 miles north-east New Delhi said. The 45-year old monk said the practice of human sacrifice had not ‘completely’ died down and was being conducted in ‘select temples’ secretly.”

      Then: https://www.instagram.com/p/_NwF-_sTya/

      Makes you wonder wtf was actually happening all those years of “working” in Assam…

      • JFC, that kid looks terrified and unhappy, wtf. And Michael looks like a meth head who just shot a deer or robbed a bank. Like he just got some kind of “fix.” What the fuck fix was it? Wow, gross gross gross.

        Notice who liked the comment back in 2015. That’s Lilliana Lopez, who supposedly went to India with Shoemaker and then disappeared from the community.

        She is allegedly still around, but won’t talk to anyone. No one knows if she’s really in or out. Did she sign an NDA? Did she get caught with something? What did she see there that made her quit?

        • I think the kid looks bored, not scared at all.

          But I agree with you on shoemaker. He looks like someone just blew cocaine up his ass with a straw.

        • You know as much about Lilliana now as you did when you lived at the ashram with her. Nothing. Stop baiting the public about her and others who you did not know at all. You have no idea where, why, how, or when Lilliana left the home of Sc’s. You do not know if she left him at all, anymore than you know what type of relationship Jen or Moni has with him. You are basing these things on gossip that you heard. Period.

          • Becker, wake up. You can’t tell anyone what to do , you are truly in the weakest possible position to make any demands of anyone, after the absolutely vile, betraying, judas Iscariot lowest level of hell shit you pulled. The stuff you did makes rape victims the world over suffer from not being believed. I think you should go to jail for it tbh, or at least suffer a fine. Its very obvious too you are absolutely incapable of realizing what you have done, have zero humility and are continuing to do and think its reasonable making orders to others while having absolutely shat any social standing you ever had, while you verbally abuse and gaslight all over the place.

            I do truly hope you get out someday of the hell you put yourself in. You can get out.

        • And according to you Ruth, before you met me, you knew NOTHING about drugs, including what people look like when they are on things. SO how is it that you “know” that SC looks like a “Meth Head”? You are a great example of how a tiny bit of info is dangerous. You have no clue about Lilliana because you were not ever someone who did know. You do not know what a “Meth head” looks like, but you are feeding this crap to the people here to just ensure you position as their leader. Lilliana was not ever your friend, in fact, from what you said, she did not like you at all. So you know nothing about her, just like you know nothing about what a person on any drug looks like. You are leading and baiting people. It is the same thing that you did when you wrote your article about Lama Wang Du. You made it sound like you know for a fact that you were drugged, after I told you very specifically that the only way you could ever have known would have been by going to a hospital within the window of time drugs show up and getting your blood analyzed for drugs, which you did not. You will maybe continue to be considered an honest and great leader here, but if this case ever does get to a court, especially a federal court, you will be torn apart and fed to the dogs. It will not be pretty. When you and Jana collectively call me a Pathological Liar here, you are merely hurting the case that you want to build against SC and his community. So, either you are clueless, or you are out for yourself, not for other people who you feel cannot speak up. You definitely do not act like a person who is representing others. that is so sad. I am sure that you will get a book deal and be loved in Hollywood though.
          Self helpers will really go for your words of wisdom in print. So have fun as you keep selling other people’s souls for your personal benefit.

          • Jessica, you can’t keep your story straight. I have screenshots of my first words to you in facebook telling you I was drugged by Wangdulama, when I introduced myself to you the very first time ever 7/22/22 10:18 pm. I told you I figured it out on my own. I knew what drugs were before I met you, Jessica. I had lived in the real world 9 years. I have traveled the world since I left the ashram. I knew I was roofied before I met you, unless you can prove these are not the first words I ever said to you. See this screenshot here:


            Your ranting comment is full of projecting ad hominems and absolute denigrating straw mans, which is similar to the abusive texts i also recently got from you, where at the same time you’re verbally abusing me you also say (threateningly) that your compassion is all I have.

            Very reminiscent of the way ashram members talk down to those they feel they can bully.

            I’ve given these texts to Frank, along with everything else I have on you relevant to your falsehoods and behavior. I don’t recognize your behavior as compassion. Sane, sober people do not.

            And btw a court narrative, yeeeesh. I myself have never stated this is my goal regarding wangdulama. I have repeatedly stated I don’t know where this is going and I am happy if other people come forward who take over who have more to say or better. Nobody but you is talking about court publicly among us survivors. That shows only one thing. That’s where your mind is.

            Since you have recently recanted everything as demonstrated by Frank’s recent article, I imagine this is because you yourself are on the real, strategical legal defensive with Sharon having returned to the tit of the Choke-ananda.

            Bring it, Jessica.

            What you have done with your recanting, just as you do now with your character attacks, is you have only discredited yourself. I really hope you realize it.

            Just to be clear here.

            I know Liliana better than you know me and thats a temporal, actual, space-time fact. I lived with her in the ashram. I never lived with you, except for one night in your apartment, and three nights in a hotel in gold beach. Yet here you are with an absolute manifesto as if you know my story and my mind better than myself. You objectively do not know me, Jessica.

            You’re an admitted liar, Jessica. What makes you think we trust you telling the truth now? What makes you think any of this rant is rational and is representative of you actually knowing me as a person?

          • Hi Ruth, am sorry that I
            Did this to you there. It is so wrong. I did this to get revenge, I was going “show” how it feels to pigeon hole, stut shame, betray, and everything else that you did.
            It doesn’t matter that you did this to me at all. For fuck sake we both know that we in Frank’s blog, that her is reporter. You explained that he uses Guerilla warfare strategies. We had Person my conversations that.
            We both shared some really deep shit. If I truly wanted honor that, I would have cruelly attempted to have personal conversation with. That just seemed so risky to me. So I let all of this fucked mud slinging, that is going on here, every person doing it to everyone else, even women, even you, get to me. Then I loaded that all on you. I loaded everyone here onto you.
            It was wrong, it was a betrayal.
            You are not only those things, You are many things. You are a real human being. You are not other people. You are you.
            I am sorry.
            I respect you. I value human beings. I have been trying to behave that way. No matter what
            Okay. Hope you had a nice Tuesday.
            Jessica Becker

  • Creep Street Podcast | Ep146 Interview with India Oxenberg: NXIVM Survivor & Cult Awareness Advocate
    05.09.2022 Get ready for a big one, Creep Street! On this episode, Maureen and Dylan chat with NXIVM survivor India Oxenberg. India was the subject of the 2020 documentary series “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult” on STARZ and wrote the book “Still Learning” about her time in the cult and her journey out. We discuss how NXIVM drew people in, her life post-NXIVM, those infamous volleyball games and much more. We can’t wait for you to hear this eye opening and fun discussion! Citizens of the Milky Way, prepare yourselves for Interview with India Oxenberg: NXIVM Survivor & Cult Awareness Advocate!


  • This is the best article I have read yet. Thankyou for taking the time to try and shine light on what this Swami Shitananda has really been up to behind closed doors in his Portland penthouse!

    I wonder what he did on his many trips to India and Nepal? If it’s this bad in the US what about in a country where people go missing without a trace!!!

  • Black magic now? Seriously??

    “It’s real!”
    Sure, uh-huh. Okeeey… (backs away slowly)

    There’s a whole lot of crazy going on at that ashram, that’s for sure. Some of these accusations of criminal misdeeds may actually be true, but with all the crazy, I doubt there will ever be any prosecutions. There is, to put it politely, a credibility problem here.

    Black magic, for chrissake. Mind control. “Supernatural hypnotism.”

    This stuff does have a certain entertainment value. But don’t be surprised that law enforcement and the DA don’t pay much attention. Remember that old episode of Dragnet, the one with the tinfoil hat? Yeah. That.

    I just wonder where the FR is going with this flamboyant junk. The Salami Swami tales, the obvious suicides made out to be suspicious deaths, the accusations from that Luthman clown, the Chakravorty “FBI tampering” foolishness.

    This is National Enquirer stuff and it’s certainly not going to work as any kind of call to action. These tales from the far side mutually discredit each other. Nobody with any sense takes it seriously.

    • I do not know how we live on the same planet and you are unable to see dark occultism every where you look. Lol. Sadly it’s actually encouraged these days. You remember having cartoons like this as a kid, Aristotle? You must not get out much. (:


      When the ghouls of the far left talk about the battle for the soul of the nation they aren’t joking, my friend.

      WW3 is a psychological and spiritual war and we’ve been in it for awhile now.

    • The black magic is 100% bullshit, but it is the real justification for actual horrific abuse as a form of “ritual” sacrifice, including of children. Its still clandestinely happening in places like India, Nepal, and other places in the global south and has for hundreds of years. I knew my cult was part of the “left-hand path”, but I never considered they were actually doing it to that level. I was always told its about “the philosophy” and “the visualization practice.” But I honestly don’t know anymore, because its like the more I learn the worse it gets even though I myself am a survivor.

      The last public talk I ever heard from The Shoe was he was honestly telling people he had managed to befriend (or contract?) demons to serve him with various traditional practices and rituals. He joked about it being done with human sacrifice in the past…and he trailed it off….He seemed to have escalated with it because when I was there that type of ‘talk’ was never mentioned openly but those practices were known in the “lexicon” especially from Alexi Sanderson the sanskrit expert. But Shoe started talking about it openly as if there were real demonic beings he really actually contracted with over time and people should be careful about crossing him because of it. Meth. Don’t. Ever. Do. It.

      • Ruth you were only a student for a minute and not in a position to be calling anything bullshit. You’ve been trying to control the narrative here and this time you need to listen and do some research of your own. I know you to be an intelligent person.

        Go read the biography on the Movement Center webpage. It clearly states he began practicing the Kaula tradition in 2007. Do you know what the Kaula tradition is? Have you even googled it? Do you know what Aghoris are? Do you know what one must do to be initiated as an Aghori?

        Time to do some homework.

        • Please do your own research and share it with us. I always am a little bit suspicious of someone posing as an expert then saying “google it yourself” in order to shift the burden of proof.

          Putting something on the webpage in one place off-hand isn’t the same as mentioning from the mouth of the guru himself during retreat talks that he’s got personal contracts with demons. Or in talks they then upload to youtube. It would be interesting to see if michael ever said that on youtube actually. Did you google it?

          2007 seems just about right actually. It started happening after I was already there (well technically while I was away, but then came back.)

          It just didn’t get really public in any way except as I stated, in an off hand way, hush hush (like the chöd practices of actually going to cemeteries, vs just having them at the the meditation hall) or mentioned as how things “used to be but we don’t do it anymore.” Like when talking about the 5 transgressive fluids…..So it was much like “we do them, but sYmBoLiCaLLy”, or “I communed with the spirits in India at the cremation ground and saw the goddess, but completely in the transcendental realm.”

          You’re right I only know what I know. But I wasn’t a student for only a minute. And I’m not “trying” to control the narrative. Its my narrative. Why shouldn’t I control it? Should I give it to you? I’m responsible for my narrative are you responsible for yours?

    • Aristotle you seems like an intelligent person: the time it took for you to write that comment is time you could have spent doing a simple google search to do five minutes research and you will begin to understand that if Shithead is doing harming people in the States what the fuck you think he’s doing in a city in India, Assam; which is world reknown for human sacrifice?

      We are bringing this discussion to the table for the ones who have no voice.

      This is an opportunity to learn something new. This man is about as evil as they come and we don’t need to hear the same drum beating: we need a platform where we can share information and eliminate the possibility for this bullshit cycle of abuse “religion” of his to dissolve.

      And for Shitananda to go to Hell.
      And his minions.
      And his consorts.
      And his lawyers!!!!
      Oh, and if there are any doctors who treated his victims knowing that he was the perpetrator but did not report him to law enforcement: well we are coming for you to Doc. Expect us.

  • A very good article. Some of the topics referred to are difficult within secular discourse. These terms and practices are referred to by words that are troublesome for reasonable people to use. That hurdle should not interfere with the fact that these words do represent the beliefs of disordered individuals deeply involved within these types of groups. Another way of looking at these terms is to consider the phrase “milieu control” and of the manipulations that conceal the actions of those who are looking to control others with the aim of satiating their thirst for their delusional beliefs.

  • Let’s also not forget Sharon would serve up young female students on a plate for her Swami without hesitation. Just like a good little doggy, bringing her Master a kill and placing it at his feet. She would choose these women very very carefully. The were tactical pawns for her to expand and secure her position of power. Definitely couldn’t be someone he liked too much, not more than her. Certainly not someone he could fall in love with and displace her position. No no. They had to be just right. Not too smart, and must be subject to her influence.

    In this way, he was a dummy. Manipulated by her as she knew him so well, she knew he couldn’t resist a young woman with no idea what was coming to her. She’d encourage him and provide access through room allocation and other things. And she would get a pat on the head and a biscuit. And her position would be secured. She pulled so many strings behind his back, and he was so busy with his head in the laps of his female students, or off his head on coke, he didn’t see a thing she was doing. Truth be told, he probably didn’t care. As long as the beast was fed, right?

    • Thats an interesting theory, and I appreciate it. Because I often wondered what prevented me from being the prey though I was there for many years. I have various theories, this one seems just as valid. I can imagine Sharon being extremely territorial, but she was cold and didn’t let that leak from her.

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