Vicious Swami Threatens the Worst Karma on Those Who Attack

It’s short, and it’s sweet.

But Swami Chetanananda doesn’t mess around. For 50 years, he has posed as a Swami, wearing orange and pretending to have the highest knowledge. He uses orange to rape women and indulges in BDSM power trips. And become rich.

His erotic fantasies are disturbing. They include strangling women and urinating in their mouths. He sends women out to fuck homeless men with venereal diseases.

He or one of his flying monkeys must have posted this on Frank Report.

Jessica Becker and “Tina” plotted a failed attempt to storm the community that has supported and nurtured them for decades.
They play the victims to hide their shame at the demons they see in the mirror.
Now “Horsetail” is playing along with their narcissism and manipulation.
Psychos, spies, Manson, liar, dipshittery.
Lots of name calling. No love.
Only self-hatred turned outwards.
But it is never too late to walk on the proper path of love again.
We know your crimes, your addictions, your childhood traumas, and we accept you as the flawed people you are.
We have everything documented.
We are peaceful, but we will defend ourselves in both the spiritual and material planes of existence, including the legal.
We do not live with fear in our hearts, because we are filled with love and compassion.
Swami still prays for you. We all pray for you. He forgives you, but his forgiveness cannot do the work for you. Come back to the community with good intentions, not hatred in your hearts, and we will welcome you back.

Sounds good. Very loving.

I want to walk on his proper path of love again.

After all, he knows “your crimes, your addictions, your childhood traumas.” He has “everything documented.”

So you better watch out. You better not make an outcry. You better not talk to Frank or the FBI.

Swami Chetanananda is making an akashic record. He’s checking it twice. He’s going to find out whose Karma is naughty or nice.

In the legal and material spheres, he will defend himself.

And in spiritual planes of existence too, because he sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good.

So be good for Karma’s sake.

The big bloviator threatens to harm you legally, materially, and spiritually.

His threats have not changed much over the years.

“I promise you, Shree, the people who stand against me will be crushed, and their children and grandchildren.” — Chetanananda, 1998

Why this fool cannot even get an erection, but he can control my grandchildren? He can’t control his drug addiction, and he can control generations of enemies?

Yes, Swami Chetanananda is coming to karma town.

But what if, just suppose, he is not above karma himself?

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  • This was copied from a comment on a Frank Report in 2018. The brave exposers brought down Raniere. Frank and the brave will bring down Shoemaker. Keep talking .

    April 15, 2018 at 2:02 pm
    Frank, Odato, and the other courageous exposers along the way are what bravery and actual contributing members of society are all about. When everyone else gets sucked into the madness or chooses the easier road of “not getting involved” while innocent people are suffering at the hands of these broken souls, they have chosen to do/ right thing and stand up for those targeted.

    Just as one of the ACTUAL smartest men alive (Einstein) had said so prophetically, “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of all of those who do nothing in response.”

  • Cindy Travis
    I remember vividly being invited to his apartment for an “energy treatment”. During the cranio sacral treatment he informed me that “Mr Wangdu” or whatever his name is had initiated ALL of his daughters and granddaughters into sex. He said that, “it was normal in other cultures for the father or grandfather to be the first sexual experience for most girls.” And he knew that I had been sexually abused by my own father. I got the hell out of there shortly after. Fuck you Michael! You don’t fool me anymore! Evil incarnate!! With a spectacular CON JOB!

    • I’m deeply sorry that happened to you and for all of your past trauma. Wishing you healing and a wonderful life from here on out.

      As a general rule when people start with this “in other cultures” b******* they’re just trying to manipulate and normalize behavior that benefits them.

      Just look them in the eyes and say, “Well, in this culture it’s not accepted. This is the culture that I’m part of and I’m not comfortable with it.”

      It’s also ridiculous for them to take something out of a culture or a time period and hold that up as a standard or practice for today.

      Obviously, it was a part of a bigger picture at the time or in the place or more accurately at that time in that place.

      There was a time when nobody believed that washing your hands before a surgery was necessary.

      If there is something from another culture and or in the past that you want to accept out of place and time and try to integrate it into a world where that practice no longer belongs or never was part of the accepted culture. That’s your choice

      But I’m telling you it’s b******* when people pull that other cultures card.

      Ever notice it’s only when they’re trying to get you to do something you don’t want to do? No one ever is like oh and other cultures it’s normal for me to give you all of my money. No one ever says oh hey and other cultures it’s normal for me to take all these orders from you. Etc it’s almost always because they’re trying to get you to do something that you’re uncomfortable with and they’re trying to make you feel like you’re not worldly if you don’t comply

      • I don’t think that’s Cindy, I think its just someone who saw Cindy’s comment on the Guruphiliac FB group.

        If you are a member or former member of this cult and you know something please consider reaching out to Frank, or the police.

  • “Doesn’t seem so special being a chosen one when you realize he was paying for a lot worse than what you were giving him for free.”

    Yup. And why I (and so many of us) left. Not because “we fell madly in love with him and he moved on to someone new” or “we didn’t want to work” as was mockingly said behind our backs. Actually, it was when I didn’t want to be forced to take drugs, be choked and whipped, forced to have sex with people I didn’t know/one of his zombies in the ashram, when I got tired of his lies, mind-games, gaslighting, and realized everything he’s ever told me about how deeply he loves me and how he “loves me more than anyone else in the world” and we’re “building our lives together” is a fucking lie he tells to you, and her, and her and her, and it’s still not enough, he has to buy hookers, and take more drugs, and get more women, and it just never stops, and you can’t bear to look at yourself a minute longer participating in and contributing to this man’s reckless behavior and endangerment of every single young woman that walks through the door, his defilement of every part of you, or have a hand in the lie that was that entire ashram performance. Unlike those who knew, and stayed, and fed like fat parasites. You know who you are. There are so so many of you.

    For all of these reasons, and so very many more. You want to sue us for telling the truth? How’s that going to work out when all your ex-“girlfriends” are subpoenaed? Johnny may have convinced everyone that Amber was crazy, but how are ya gonna convince a jury that 20, 30, 50 of us are? That a decades-long trail of accusations are lies?

    Also, I have photos.

    There ain’t no demon in my mirror. Only truth. Can you say the same?

    You want to attack us psychically and spiritually? Come at me. I’ve already been to hell with you. Yet I’m still here. What else ya got?

    Coercive control does not equal consent. Nothing of true everlasting beauty can be created in the wasteland of dead souls you’ve ravaged or with the toxic snakes you share your life with, no matter what you tell yourself about non-duality.

    Like Muktananda said, ‘the nature of the universe is non-dual, but I’d rather not live in Shiva’s ass hole.’ Me too. Especially when it’s my ass hole with a butt plug rammed up it.

  • Some Happy music from Nicki Clyne.
    Here’s a little song I wrote
    You might want to sing it note for note
    Don’t worry, be happy
    In every life we have some trouble
    But when you worry you make it double
    Don’t worry, be happy
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    Bobby McFerrin•Don’t Worry Be Happy
    Can’t believe this was my first time at the local farmer’s market! 👩🏼‍🌾✨ So much amazing food, juices, and products to choose from, and friendly faces everywhere! 😁

  • So how many of you got this particularly potent shaktiput that keeps on giving from this man?

    Wonder how many female cancers, female problems, infertility issues evolved from this mans disrespect for himself and subsequent “game”.

    Not like anyone expects God to give them the clap. Who knew he was bringing in so much “skag” from the “outside”. Doesn’t seem so special being a chosen one when you realize he was paying for a lot worse then what you were giving him for free.

    Do you think he’s worn a condom since they stopped making them out of buck skin?

    Smidge of gonna-ree ree here, bit of chlamydia there most assuredly went unchecked for years until it was a massive health issue for some of these women. Discreet little vials of Mercurius, and Hepar Sulph prescribed by the good homeopath wasn’t ever going to cut it.

    If he has herpes that’s about 100% not the only thing he’s passed around in his decades of being a most indiscriminate poon hound.

    Prove us wrong. We want the test from a real Dr though, not one you own.

    The BDSM and drug thing, many were unaware of. The herpes allegation? That, no pun intended has been circulating through the Ashram long before 1998.

  • Frank! Why are you picking on this Swami? You should give him a pass like you did Nithyananda

  • Shoemaker needs to take stock of his track record

    7th-century Upanishads described the law of karma causality in this poetic way:

    Now as a man is like this or like that,
    according as he acts and according as he behaves, so will he be;
    a man of good acts will become good, a man of bad acts, bad;
    he becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds;

    And here they say that a person consists of desires,
    and as is his desire, so is his will;
    and as is his will, so is his deed;
    and whatever deed he does, that he will reap.

    — Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

  • This is becoming Wizard of Ozish; these thinly veiled threats and karma scare tactics being delivered anonymously behind the curtain of the Frank Report . An impotent little man and his dirty monkeys roaring like the Wicked Witch of the West; ” I’ll get you my pretty!”

    No names, no clue who “we” is. Its like a remix of the post beneath it written in 1998.
    The wizard swami has a warped concept of nurturing and karma.

  • “For 50 years, he has posed as a Swami… “

    As opposed to what, a “real” Swami? 🙄

    • Could there be a real swami? Can there be a real Catholic priest?

      That is one who serves in accordance with the vows they take. I do not know. What do you think?

  • Ahhh … Swami needs to learn from Keith R. Always threaten subtly through selected hand-maidens, never directly so it cannot come back to you: plausible deniability and keeping up the facade of ‘lovingness’.

    If you have kompromat, blackmail material etc, don’t state it so clearly, use weasel words like ‘pledges’, ‘keeping your words’, ‘accidentally’ …

    Or say (like Hillary C supposedly said to Biden to prevent him from running against her): ‘You know I would never do something like that but I have so many followers, some of whom may do things I would not approve of’ (this story was told by Biden himself apparently).

    Swami really needs a few rounds of re-incarnation to really get it right. Maybe come back as a disciple of Vanguard in 120 years’ time? Think how, together, they can save the world (one young woman at a time)… with the willing help of the Dossier people and Swami’s current followers.

    • Honestly, the followers he has left are braindead institutionalized sycophants who can’t wipe their own asses. No way their threats would be anything but a punchline. They’ll heckle from the sidelines tho.

  • I don’t know how these comments, no doubt from sc, still dismay me but they do. (They amuse me, also.)

    After decades of carnage, hundreds of students who’ve fled or left in disgust, failed relationships, attempted suicides, admission to psych wards and hospitals, still he attacks.

    Still he cannot turn inwards and examine the ONE common denominator. Somehow, the stories and comments on this site from clearly distraught ex-students only brings more threats, when they should bring humility and compassion. You supposedly do Chod, right?

    Maybe actually do it and cut this toxic pus out of your system and stop spreading its poison to those who deserve it the least. If it’s coming back on you again and again, then it’s time to look at the source, instead of constantly playing the blame game.

    It’s getting real old. Wanna talk about karma? This is the beginning of yours. Hope you’re hungry.

  • Thank you FR for taking on this animal and his flying monkeys.

    Pray with your nxivm credibility that the authorities will act swiftly to prevent further abuse.

  • Since reading these articles I went to the police. I was victimized years ago but the trauma remains.

    I feared the police wouldn’t help. That my abuse was too long ago or not severe enough. I was wrong. Please join me and go to authorities. Call Frank.

    He has kept his word. He has not used my name. He told me who to call and I did. They were kind, patient and they want to know. They want to stop shoemaker. You don’t have to be afraid.

  • Wake up Gold Beach Oregon!!

    This is your neighbor:
    “I promise you, Shree, the people who stand against me will be crushed, and their children and grandchildren.” — Chetanananda, 1998

    Michael Shoemaker/Chetanananda is a danger to all. If you live in Gold Beach, please go to the authorities.

    If you are still involved with shoemaker, and sharon ward- get away in any way you can. Go to the police.

    Don’t waste another day of your life. They will destroy you. You are complicit in their crimes when you bear witness and remain silent. Please save yourself and others. Be brave.

    • Does anyone know if anyone in Gold Beach has eyes on him? Hey, GB…. He’s already engaged some of your folks and I’m sure Sharon and Jimmy are endearing themselves to town councils and authorities. Don’t believe it GB!

      • Jordan White, Chief of Police
        Gold Beach Police Department
        29592 Ellensburg Ave
        Gold Beach, OR 97444
        541-247-6671 ext. 112

  • Powerful article- Their own words tell all. Not a veiled threat but a blatant one. Yet their arrogance betrays their truth and intentions.

    Get out- you can find other communities. The good does not outweigh the evil.

  • “The very effort to control events means that we restrict ourselves and others to the current level of our own imagination. We fail to recognize other possibilities inherent in a situation because we are too busy trying to make it turn out the way we think we want it to.”
    — Swami Chetanananda, Will I Be the Hero of My Own Life

    I got out. You can get out. You are not alone.

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