Jessica Makes 100% Reversal; She ‘Lied’ About Swami Being Evil

About 10 days ago, Jessica Becker said she was not Swami Chetanananda’s victim anymore. He was her guru again.

Jessica lived at the Portland Movement Center and left in the fall of  2019 when the Movement Center closed.

She says she was not invited to Gold Beach because of a drug deal gone bad. She said the Swami asked her to procure some illegal drugs for him, and she came back short several pills.

Jessica Becker at the Movement Center

Because of this, he cut her off from sex with him and tossed her out of the center.

In the interest of fair reporting, I am obligated to report her change of heart.

Jessica was the first person I spoke to about Chetanananda. She called me in the spring of this year and gave me hours of on-the-record interviews.

Jessica Becker at the Portland Movement Center. 

She spoke about how Swami Chetanananda was into drugs and BDSM and got aroused by strangling her to unconsciousness.

She spoke about the other women he had BDSM relationships with, and about his fabulous wealth.

The Movement Center, Oregon

At the time, she felt abused by him, since he was the spiritual leader of the community she lived in. She had come there to heal herself of alcohol abuse, and blamed him for plying her with drugs.

She spent much time describing how Swami and her BDSM and binge drug usage could not be a consensual relationship because of the power imbalance.

She sent photos of herself at the ashram. I am including one she asked me to publish. She said she was bruised by the Swami, who had bitten her, as I recall on the thigh (or maybe it was the breast).

She claims it is visible in the photo.

Now Jessica is recanting.

Jessica Becker wrote on September 10:

Hi all. I just wanted to let everyone know – including Ruth – that I have not commented at all on any of the articles since you saw my name.

I stopped all contact and fighting over this issue, because it caused me and others harm.

To be transparent, I ended up using hard drugs for two days straight, after drinking copious amounts of booze while I was involved with this campaign.

I was not coerced into anything I did with Swami Chetanananda.

I am a little too curious of a person, and I suffer from arrogance, which led me to flirt with him on my own, and then get into a consensual sexual relationship with him.

I do not know why I decided to turn on him, or the lineage of this practice that has literally saved my life. This includes Swami Chetanananda. I do not think it matters.

The thing that matters now is to move forward. I do my practice, and listen to those who have 💯 percent helped me and have never been wrong with any advice.

I really do not care what he or anyone else thinks of me, but I am forever grateful that he opened the door to a practice that has done so much for me. He is too intense for me sexually, and I feel a bit foolish that I consensually bit off more than I could chew because of my arrogance and curiosity, but that is all.

I do not feel he did anything wrong, and between the risk he took on me and my strength, he actually helped me more than I can say in words.

I wish everyone well. Thanks

And in a comment today, Jessica added: 

Just to be clear, I am no longer involved in this campaign. I lied about being a victim of Swamiji’s, because I was enraged that I was uninvited to Gold Beach. This was because of my own actions. I simply would not face it.

I can’t ever make up for the harm I caused from this, but I will make it clear to people that I am not okay with any smear sampling against my spiritual teachers.

I wish everyone well, and I wish everyone a healthy week. Xoxo

In the past, Jessica had a different story.

Back on July 13, she posted a list of law enforcement and counselors for victims of the Swami to contact.

On July 8, Jessica wrote: 

I was also one of his flying monkeys [against] Natasha.

Under his spell, I was cruel, and publicly victim-blamed her, shamed her, and even sent an email that said horrid things designed to trigger her.

I want to say how much I regret these things, and I will forever be sorry. The best thing I can do is stand up for women always, and to help in this case, and in others like this.

Cults and high control groups. They are everywhere and have harmed so many people, especially women. While I can’t ever make up for what I did to Natasha, I can do my best from now on.”

On many occasions, she wrote this one-line comment in her name:

“I got out. You can get out. You are not alone.”

Apparently Jessica did not get out. Perhaps she is not alone either. Maybe Chetanananda has let her in at Gold Beach. Perhaps he will allow her to buy drugs for him and strangle her until she passes out and he gets an erection.

Gold Beach Hermitage

Or was she lying about all that?

Maybe. But others said they experienced the same thing.

Still, Chetanananda may emerge victorious. He may escape punishment for the women he seems to have hurt.

He seems to have picked the women well. Picked the kind that won’t fight back. Picked the kind he can intimidate and bully into silence forever.

Most of them are unwilling to speak. Some told me personally they are terrified of him – his black magic; Sharon Ward’s legal acumen.

Now the first person to claim victimhood to me reversed herself, and says the wild sex and drugs were entirely consensual. Even the strangling.

Maybe a little too wild for her tastes, she now realizes, but she invited it. Maybe that’s true of the others.

Just women scorned. Fair enough. Let’s see where it goes from here.


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  • Frank, you recently published the article titled “Swami’s Black Magic to Control, Hurt, Maybe Kill”, and now you’re surprised one of the victims recanted? I mean, it was interesting history, but I don’t think it benefited your agenda. In actuality, it seems clear cut to me: that article was free cult PR to scare people shitless.. sorry to be the one to point it out. Perhaps it’d be better to curate articles more strategically?

    • I often misspelled “there” as “their” or vice versa.

      What helps us is having someone perfect to correct us when we make a mistake with hopefully a condescending voice to correct our feebleness.

  • I don’t «  Jessica » is reading these posts. If you are Jessica.

    Understand that this is a blog and no one understands what exactly you are going through unless you explain.
    Whatever is going on, it seems like you are suffering and no one wants that for you. If they do, that’s just scary and twisted.

    The way I see it you are absolutely reaching out for help on some level.

    People take drugs and other inebriates to mask pain. Prob is, then that becomes a problem.

    Girl, you don’t have to show your la Las like this.

    Just go deep inside and focus on peace.

    Don’t give up.

    Go to AA or NA online if you can’t get to a meeting in person.

    Get, stay sober.

    Walk in the sunlight of the spirit.

    Don’t make any person or thing your higher power.

    Just relax and find hope and strength.

  • Well, she’s either cut a deal directly through Sharon whose given her a statement, (the grand almighty abuser from Hell won’t want to get himself dirty, again) and got some money for her drug addiction (sadly).

    Or she’s so lost that he’s been able to manipulate her again psychically (ya, ya, I know all you FR-ers think we’re nuts). Either way, her desperate desire to be “welcomed back” is clearly her numero uno desire in all this, and they’ll be dangling that carrot making her dance.

    Jessica always admitted she went along with the BDSM and drugs. She said what he did was a breach of duty of care and abuse of power, and it was then and still is. That he touched her in any way goes to show what a disgusting craven fat pig he is, and just how low he’s sunk.

    You–J Michael Shoemaker–have become a human steaming pile of shit, smearing yourself over anyone who has the great misfortune of coming into your presence, turning everything you touch to shit. Nothing is gonna wash away your stench. Next time you wanna “go wild” with a prostitute make sure she doesn’t live with you lol. That’s what “pay to go away” means, dipshit. You’re a sad low-life loser.

    The only thing this does show, however, is the immense pressure on anyone who stands up publicly against this demon of a man and his evil carrion-feeding vermin. Jessica. Get help. You will not find it with these self-serving jackals.

    • Women and men who have been victims of abuse know how dangerous it is to speak out against their abuser. Especialy if the abuser is a rich, powerful traumatizing narcissist, like J. Michael Shoemaker. The damaging impacts of criminal, toxic, abusive people in leadership positions, are often know for years before they are held to account. That can only happen when the sheer volume of complaints about the abusive individual are impossible to silence any longer. Think Keith Rainere, Jeffery Epstein, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jim Jones or David Koresh among others. Frank, how long did it take to bring Keith Rainere to justice? Sometimes it takes movie stars, think Nxivm, Olympic gold medal winners, think Larry Nassar or a Congressional vist to an isolated compound, think Jim Jones to cause justice to rain down on abuse. Don’t stop telling your experiences to Frank, bring to light what you saw, what you heard, what you experienced. There are 50 years of abuse to expose. Please bring forward what has been hidden. Do the early members who left have more to tell?

      I wrote to Steve Ott who calls himself Swami Khecaranatha. He runs a spritual center, Heart of Consciousness,
      “based” on Rudi’s teachings. Here is what I wrote and what I got back as an answer.

      Swami Khecaranatha is associated with J. Michael Shoemaker. Shoemaker calls himself Swami Chetanananda. I found this post from a former member of Shoemaker’s group in Portland, Org. That group is called the Movement Center. The post was put up on Dec. 21, 2021 on a public page.

      This is part of what was publically posted about a “student’s” experience of exposing her abuse that I sent to Steve Ott:

      I know I have gone back and forth on sharing about this matter – and yet it is just a reflection of the intense state of self-doubt and insecurity that that man’s mental games with me have brought me to.
      The trust that a true spiritual aspirant places upon a teacher is sacred, and it is my saddest and most painful experience that Swami holds no respect or appreciation for that extremely vulnerable aspect of his students.

      This is answer I got back. ( basically: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil….stay hidden and quiet, maybe the monster will go away).

      Swami Khecaranatha is NOT associated with Swami Chetanananda. Khecaranatha broke with him about 20 years ago. Although there may indeed be merit to the issues listed below, please understand that we do not condone any misuse of power, spiritual or otherwise.

      (and I might add, we certainly aren’t going to step forward and call out what we know and why we “broke” with Shoemaker 20 years ago!)

  • To any reasonable observer half of the people in Portland are in a cult.
    Keep Portland Weird!
    Weirdos Go Shopping | Portlandia

  • What a “fishy” turnaround by JB. So, she made the whole thing up to start with? She is nuts. Not worth even considering this ridiculous “flip flop”. Regardless of what anyone says at this point, Swami Chetanananda’s name is mud. It was mud before all of this, and it is mud now. Frank–I think this entire story is losing steam. Is it time to just move on? Let him and his remaining followers live with his choices. Let the rest of us get on with our lives too.

  • I’m one of those who thought Jessica’s relationship with Chet seemed consensual. Unethical on his part, yes, especially the part about giving drugs to an addict, but then again, it’s not like he was advertising the ashram as a drug rehab or halfway house, was he?

    I don’t know if she has been in contact with current ashram members and that’s why she is changing her mind about being a victim. (I never thought she was a victim in a legal sense, but I’m open to being wrong about that.) It also occurred to me after reading those early posts that she could have just been trashing swami and other as revenge for being left behind when they moved to Gold Beach.

    HOWEVER maybe this is an example of why it might be better if the ex cult members coming forward actually do STAY ANONYMOUS so it’s not so easy for them to get tracked down and potentially manipulated by the existing cult members. Idk. Just a thought.

    Of course, it seems that Jessica Becker was eager to run down to Gold Beach to see everyone, so it probably doesn’t matter if she stayed anonymous or not.

    Nobody is perfect. Clearly, Jessica isn’t perfect. And unfortunately, she’s proved herself unreliable and we can’t believe anything she says at this point.

    Personally, I wish her well and hope she can get sober.

    • I can’t disagree with you more about anonymity, but I will say I agree with you about the grey area of consent and this is valid. I really hope it doesn’t kill this story.

      Why? It’s not a simple answer, it’s complex, and I’m afraid this isn’t what society wants to hear. It strikes at the heart of power imbalance relationships, addictions, mental health, cons, domestic violence, coercive control and sexual (cross sex) conflicts.

      However, I need to absolutely clarify, the ashram was sold as a safe space for people with addiction struggles and other issues in life, and I even knew this when i didn’t know the guru was pushing how much actual drugs there! Many who came through, including Jessica, came from addiction and were recommended this place as a kind of halfway house. This includes people chewed up and spat out, and god knows where they are now. The guru sells himself as a healer (even on LinkedIn) and constantly refers to the ashram as a kind of hospital for “mangled” people with “heavy karmas.”

      It was even discussed among members that only people with heavy problems would seek to be close to the intensity of the Guru to heal them, in a kind of “allopathic” sense. I really did not know how allopathic it was!

      I myself therefore distanced myself from the Guru because there was a clear kind of double bind/double standard that frightened me. Only really broken persons wanted to be closer to him, yet they got praise and preferential treatment for it? People came in, but they ended up crazier, but it was their fault? But the guru is supposed to be a Kundalini master and healer just with the barest touch? It was extremely confusing to be in that collective narrative so full of obvious dissonance.

      I hope you and others can understand better. I understand we have our differences. I don’t mind such arguments, actually just FYI.

      • Ruth wrote: “but I will say I agree with you about the grey area of consent and this is valid. I really hope it doesn’t kill this story.”

        I hope not, too. Although if she is just saying she lied about consent and not about what actually happened…I agree that (consent) is a very gray area. It’s not unusual for an actual victim to struggle with feeling responsible for what happened. I totally believe someone can think they weren’t raped for years (even when they clearly did not want or enjoy the situation) because they blamed themselves for getting into the situation to begin with etc. So yeah, gray area.

        ” the ashram was sold as a safe space for people with addiction struggles and other issues in life”

        Ooh, yeah, that’s really bad. I saw Frank’s new post where he said that reportedly the Betty Ford Center recommended the ashram to Jessica as a safe place to continue her sobriety. ??? If true, that is seriously tragic.

  • She must have been on a bipolar high when her courage led her to the Frank Report. A question, for this new, non-victom, once victim, turned 100% lier. Where did your courage go? Up your nose? Do you have a conscience? Will you die a coward and a lier?

  • This doesn’t really prove much of anything we didn’t already know. It’s clear she was a loose cannon from the get-go. Even in her “recanting” all she’s doing is confirming that Swami Sleazebag-ananda is into extreme hard-core BDSM and drugs with his female students who are very clearly incapable of handling it. To me, this is so wildly abusive.

    If Becker—who claimed her history was as a sex worker, and a hard-core sex-worker at that, said he’s too extreme for even her, then what about his other female students? The fact that he’s having a sexual relationship of any kind with someone who is so severely damaged as Jessica Becker, or Eva, or Natasha–resulting in disaster after disaster shows only what a selfish and abusive prick he is, and how he’s spent a lifetime abusing his position as mentor and leader of a spiritual community.

    Jessica, I feel very sorry for you. You sound like some hybrid of Monica, Sharon and Shoemaker right now. I really hope you can figure your shit out and get proper professional help.

    On the other hand, I guess you’ll always be the one who brought this story to Frank, so forgiveness for you from that community is never going to happen. Not ever. Whatever they’re telling you now is a self-serving manipulation. He does not forgive. Good luck to you. You’re going to need it and much more.

  • She’s not saying those things didn’t happen, she’s only saying they were consensual and that she prompted and flirted with him. Sex, coke, choke, other kinks, etc… she was down for all of it and because he’s an egomaniac, coke and kink addict, he played. Is that how you help your students Chet?

    It doesn’t make it right though…. He knew she was coming there from rehab and should have never encouraged her to do coke, or score for him. This still makes him an a-hole. The fact that she’s now owning her participation doesn’t absolve him.

  • Dear Swami,

    You are a lame pretending to be creepy guru.

    While we don’t know exactly what happened with Jessica, you haven’t yet escaped the reality that you are seriously disgusting looking.

    You look like a desperate slob. Yeah YOU! Your eyes can’t hide how icky you are. You just look evil and super slimy. I can’t stand how gross 🤮 you look man. You are greasy.

    Take a shower, clean up your act. Only a desperate druggy like Jessica or a lost soul would breath the same air as you. Just give it up! Get a job as a taxidermist or a cemetery. Anything that keeps you away from live people.

    You look like a walking armpit with fleas.

  • You say that this cult helped you 100%? Why then, are you so messed up? Who, that is so saved would start all this trouble? Why would you send all these sleazy photos of yourself to be published? What would you be like if they didn’t save you?

    Obviously you are being coerced by a swami cocktail consisting of bad swami breath, influence and inebriates.

    Pull up your pants lady, screw back on your head and stand up for the next victim since you won’t stand up for your self!!!

  • What’s sad is the only thing that stays in my mind, after reading this article, is a grotesque image of a haggard woman with her legs open.

  • SRA is Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    Satanics and Luciferians are well aware who controls the mind, controls the soul. By starting sexual trauma and SRA techniques as young as possible, they hope to fragment the mind as well as the soul. When a person is sexually traumatized it is the worst damage one can commit to the soul, and that act alone can fragment the personality into dissociative states, schizoid or extreme trauma based disorders. This is the NAA strategy with pedophilia and why its so rampant on the earth today. When this occurs the satanic entity can bind the person to negative entities through Parasitism or use the person/people involved much more easily, and so the goal of sexual torture is mental fragmentation, as well as Soul Fragmentation to program the mind and siphon the person’s Consciousness and Soul body.

  • Jessica- I know you’re reading the comments. I just want to say shame on you.

    Either you lied about Michael Shoemaker abusing you and acted like you were a victim like Natasha, Ruth, and countless others so you could reap the attention, or you didn’t lie about the abuse and are lying about it now for personal gain (I’m thinking you want to be in a relationship with Jesse Sweeny).

    Shame on you.

    Either way you’re consciously being an asshole to women out there that this man took advantage of. Shame on you.

    • She needs attention and validation so desperately that she doesn’t care of it’s positive or negative. Anything…Just get her in the spotlight.

  • Who wrote this article?? Oh my goodness it is so cold and just awful. Jessica Becker is a victim in many ways. No matter what the case may be. The woman needs support and kindness and help getting to a safe place.

    This article is vile and victim shaming.

    I am extremely disappointed.

    • She wanted it published. She is not a child. She is about 50 years old. She came out publicly against the Swami and wanted to retract that publicly. As an adult, she has that right.

      I also have a right to contextualize it.

      Not only that, but it is important. This is what happens in circumstances like this – where someone claims he is a swami and religious teacher, lures people in for spiritual goals, then has sex and uses drugs. Now Jessica has had a change of mind. She might change again.

  • JB said: ‘who have 💯 percent helped me and have never been wrong with any advice.’
    Wondering if that ‘help’ includes providing you with coke and meth while you were struggling with sobriety?

  • This is a good example of why its hard to go after abusers like Swami.
    Its not just the embarrassment of coming forward, its also whatever mechanisms of control they have established. In this case a drug addiction, a desperate need for money and home base to feed the addiction.

    Prosecutors loath to risk recanters as it can blow up a case regardless of how much other evidence they may have. Another example of this is Camila. The prosecution probably could have got her on the stand but did not trust her to suddenly change her mind. Its pretty clear that Raniere and Suneel believe they can neutralize her as a testimony threat which is telling.

    All this proves is the usual – you can only help people that want to be helped.

    • Yes. The women who claim to be abused and raped cast a dark shadow on the true victims.
      Jessica Becker doesn’t have a clue who she is and probably has been paid by Shoemaker to recant her story. Desperate for any kind of attention, she’s a pathological liar and a total flake.

  • “between the risk he took on me..” Jessica, he risked it for himself only, and the fulfilment of his golden mouthwash fantasies. Don’t forget it. You were nothing but fresh meat to him.

    The spiritual fairytales this man tells himself and others about “helping people” and “taking big risks on them to save them” simply because he can’t control his destructive sexual urges never stops amazing me. Sharon, you’re a smart woman (allegedly). You can’t tell anyone you buy this shit. How do you look at yourself. It would be laughable except for how many people’s lives he’s destroyed. But as long as you get what you want, right?

  • This reads, I Jessica Becker used my alluring sexual wiles to lure this illustrious spiritual giant into my bed, only to discover that his sexual prowess is so extraordinary that I could not handle his studliness. So when the relationship failed, as I was unable to provide him with his extreme sexual needs, I became bitter and lashed out.

    Just wondering, did they give you bullet points you have to meet? This entire statement serves his ego and his legal defense. As usual.

  • If trying to show a bite on one’s thigh, might you zoom in on it instead of providing a crotch shot for FR to post?

    I see a bruise on right boob (also displayed for mass consumption) but not a bite on either thigh.

    Peculiar the photos you want published.

    Clearly Sharon selected it to make sure the world see you in the most negative light possible. So her swami is the true victim.

    Such a shame.

  • How much did you get paid off Jessica? NDA?

    Perhaps you should be in prison for making such “false” allegations.

    Sharon Ward would pursue that option if it were the truth, but we all know it’s not.

    Too many of us have confirmed the conduct and there is a history of abuse.

    Congratulations on falling right into his trap. Now you look like you are at least the insane one- if not criminal, and a promiscuous slut at that.

    Your recantation changes nothing except your personal reputation.

  • Becker please think about your personal safety and stay away from Swami.
    PLEASE, Please go be with your family and stay safe girl!!!

    • Jessica, be safe, stay safe, find a safe place to recover for a while.
      Post-Cult Trauma Syndrome
      After exiting a cult, an individual may experience a period of intense and often conflicting emotions. She or he may feel relief to be out of the group, but also may feel grief over the loss of positive elements in the cult, such as friendships, a sense of belonging or the feeling of personal worth generated by the group’s stated ideals or mission. The emotional upheaval of the period is often characterized by “post-cult trauma syndrome”:
      • spontaneous crying
      • sense of loss
      • depression & suicidal thoughts
      • fear that not obeying the cult’s wishes will result in God’s wrath or loss of salvation
      • alienation from family, friends
      • sense of isolation, loneliness due to being surrounded by people who have no basis for understanding cult life
      • fear of evil spirits taking over one’s life outside the cult
      • scrupulosity, excessive rigidity about rules of minor importance
      • panic disproportionate to one’s circumstances
      • fear of going insane
      • confusion about right and wrong
      • sexual conflicts
      • unwarranted guilt

      The period of exiting from a cult is usually a traumatic experience and, like any great change in a person’s life, involves passing through stages of accommodation to the change:
      • Disbelief/denial: “This can’t be happening. It couldn’t have been that bad.”
      • Anger/hostility: “How could they/I be so wrong?” (hate feelings)
      • Self-pity/depression: “Why me? I can’t do this.”
      • Fear/bargaining: “I don’t know if I can live without my group. Maybe I can still associate with it on a limited basis, if I do what they want.”
      • Reassessment: “Maybe I was wrong about the group’s being so wonderful.”
      • Accommodation/acceptance: “I can move beyond this experience and choose new directions for my life” or…
      • Reinvolvement: “I think I will rejoin the group.”

      Passing through these stages is seldom a smooth progression. It is fairly typical to bounce back and forth between different stages. Not everyone achieves the stage of accommodation / acceptance. Some return to cult life. But for those who do not, the following may be experienced for a period of several months:
      • flashbacks to cult life
      • simplistic black-white thinking
      • sense of unreality
      • suggestibility, ie. automatic obedience responses to trigger-terms of the cult’s loaded language or to innocent suggestions
      • disassociation (spacing out)
      • feeling “out of it”
      • “Stockholm Syndrome”: knee-jerk impulses to defend the cult when it is criticized, even if the cult hurt the person
      • difficulty concentrating
      • incapacity to make decisions
      • hostility reactions, either toward anyone who criticizes the cult or toward the cult itself
      • mental confusion
      • low self-esteem
      • dread of running into a current cult-member by mistake
      • loss of a sense of how to carry out simple tasks
      • dread of being cursed or condemned by the cult
      • hang-overs of habitual cult behaviors like chanting
      • difficulty managing time
      • trouble holding down a job

      Most of these symptoms subside as the victim mainstreams into everyday routines of normal life. In a small number of cases, the symptoms continue.
      * This information is a composite list from the following sources: “Coming Out of Cults”, by Margaret Thaler Singer, Psychology Today, Jan. 1979, P. 75; “Destructive Cults, Mind Control and Psychological Coercion”, Positive Action Portland, Oregon, and “Fact Sheet”, Cult Hot-Line and Clinic, New York City.

      Call For More Info At 214-607-1065
      VM Life Resources

  • LOL.

    I can tell that her comments today seem orchestrated and scripted, since her language seems carefully-crafted to protect the Swami legally (from past comments she made).

    These are not the comments of a person who’s had a slight change of heart.

    These are the comments of a person who’s trying to ‘legally’ protect the Swami from past comments she made —- using specific legal language.

    She spent months telling people “I got out, you can too” (and providing links to cult education networks).

    But now, she’s saying “everything was consensual, I flirted with the Swami, I was jealous of not going to Gold Beach, blah blah blah”.

    This is the most FISHY reversal I’ve ever heard. LOL.

    I’m wondering what prompted this change of heart?

    Obviously, somebody from the ashram contacted her and used a carrot or a stick to get this laughable reversal.

    I doubt we’ll ever get the full story. lol.

    • Frank, your last line makes it sound like other ex-members are having a change of heart too.

      While I truly think the Swami is an evil animal and that Sharon Ward is a fucking cheater who failed to pay employer-based FICA taxes —- if the other ex-members are shying away, this story is kaput.

      My advice: Don’t waste any more time on this story IF the other ex-members are having doubts or reservations.

    • Why would you mock and laugh at someone who is Real-Time being manipulated? I hope this girl is SAFE and thinking of how to stay safe. God Bless

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