Hazardous Asbestos, Drugs, Death, and Crazy Swami

‘If anyone has any more information on my brother Ayaz Quadir, please contact me at 202.257.7894’ –Sabah Quadir.

Ayaz Quadir died at the Movement Center in Portland in August 2009. He died only one day after arriving there from drug rehab. The cause of death is reportedly a drug overdose.

Did someone from the drug-infested ashram enable him to procure drugs?

Longtime ashram resident Becky Bonner is a relative of Ayaz. She recommended the recovering addict come to this haven.

Did she not know about the head of the ashram, Swami Chetanananda’s drug addiction. Did she know of his plying his students with drugs?

She should have known, since she was one of the Swami’s physicians and lived for years at the ashram. She gave treatments to many of the drug addicted disciples.

Dr. Becky and Dr. Andrew Bonner with their guru, Swami Chetanananda. Becky says she is communing with beings from the 12th dimension. 

Jessica Becker went to the ashram straight from the Betty Ford clinic. Within a short period, the Swami plied her with cocaine and alcohol.

Becker said the Swami ordered her to buy drugs on the street.

Jessica Stirton said Becky and her husband Andrew knew of the Swami’s rapist habits.

They warned her that if the Swami undressed when he was alone with her, she should run. They told her she would be lucky if she escaped from him raping her.

Daniel Glavin was trying to quit his drug addiction when he came to live at the Movement Center. Within days, ashram leaders asked him to buy drugs and introduce them to his dealer.

Glavin relapsed.

Students and former sex partners of the Swami describe him as a meth and cocaine addict.

They describe him as a binge druggie who uses for days at a time—sometimes going day and night without sleep. He cavorts with drug-using prostitutes. He orders female disciples to have sex with random, repulsive strangers for enlightenment.

One story about this guru was that he attended the birth of a female child of a sex disciple. When the child came of age, he had sex with her.

Ruth Graham described scenes where untrained workers did hazardous jobs.

The Swami paid them $10 per hour, which went towards room, board, and classes.

Daniel Glavin and the Swami’s emails show how dangerous some jobs might have been.

Asbestos Is Hazardous

Many building materials contained asbestos before the federal ban in the 1970s.

When removing asbestos, particles can enter the body through the nose or mouth.

Most people do not realize they are inhaling or ingesting asbestos at the time of exposure.

Victims will not suffer until 10 to 40 years, when the particles irritate the lung tissues, leading to tumors or other health problems.

Symptoms are respiratory issues, dry or persistent cough, fatigue, weight loss, high blood pressure, and difficulty swallowing.

Exposure to a small amount of asbestos one time might not cause health issues.

In 2016, the Ashram assigned Dan to handle the removal of asbestos from the property.

When handling asbestos, a person should wear goggles, respirators, and other gear. It is unclear if the Ashram provided Daniel with this gear.

Daniel took it to the hazardous waste plant.

When he got there, he had to state where it came from. He did so and told the Swami Chetanananda.

Wed, Jan 20, 2016; 11:30 PM, Daniel Glavin wrote:
I took all of the pipes that had asbestos to the metro hazardous waste plant. As protocol demands, I had to file paperwork claiming where it came from so it’s all really well documented. If you Jim can’t find the paperwork, he could just call metro and get copies.
The Swami was not pleased.
He wrote to Dan, Jan 21, 2016 9:27 AM:

thank you daniel…

who else besides you knew of this… and why would anyone wanna report us about something that is completely finished…??
this was just an act of meanness…??!!
i hope you’re ok…
best wishes to you,

Thu, Jan 21, 2016; 9:49 AM, Dan wrote:

I just assume it was Annie. The asbestos was above her room and she was really upset about, and quite honestly sc…some people who live there just don’t have much else to do besides start shit so I wouldn’t be shocked if it was someone who lived there.

I’m doing very well. I hope you’re well too.


Jan 21, 2016 10:07 AM, the Swami wrote:

you know, daniel… i spent a fortune saving annie’s ass….   and why she would do this .. well, its amazing….
my experience is.. no good deed goes unpunished..
Jim told me he talked with you a couple of weeks ago about the health impact of a one time asbestos exposure…
i promise you that the heavy metals in cocaine and meth… are infinitely more dangerous to your health in the short and long term than asbestos…
i have a friend who used cocaine in the entertainment industry 20yrs ago.. who is now dealing with intestinal cancer from her drug use…
please take care of yourself…
On Thu, Jan 21, 2016, 10:09 AM, Dan wrote:
Subject: Re: PS
Yeah, I asked Jim about it because the place I moved into had asbestos in the ceiling. Anyhow, I’m not the passive aggressive type and I certainly don’t have any desire to do anything negative to the ashram.

I haven’t used any drugs for almost 4 months which is the longest I’ve made it in 2 years so I feel pretty good about.

Hope everything gets worked out for you guys.




A meth and coke snorting swami, who strangles females, has a guy remove asbestos and downplays danger.
The Swami appears to suspect Dan might have blown him in about illegal asbestos removal.
As for Annie — his attitude toward her, and his martyrdom – “no good deed goes unpunished” – is the mark of the man.

As for Becky recommending Ayez live in the Movement Center, what can one say?

It was reckless, like everything the Swami does.

She placed him there and gave not one more thought to his well being. No doubt Ayez or his family were paying for this service.

Becky is a woman who thinks she speaks to Beings in the 12th Dimension.

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  • “… But he often spread rumors through his right hand man
    Who used to be with the CIA
    And told about the planes he saved …”

    “… This is a country where people call in missing persons, no matter their age, within 24-hrs of them missing. Why hasn’t the management at the Maharishi reported this? They are here on R-1 visas, they have a contract with their parents, and a responsibility to uphold. How is turning a blind eye honoring those responsibilities, or promoting any sense of world peace?… ”


  • Does anyone know if asbestos exposure can cause a rash on the face ? I think I got one from
    Being crammed into a cult like environment skin looks like someone put out a cigarette on my face after coughing up pink liquid and others coughing up a sort of blood too

  • Well, they’re as shameless as ever. Their new shady (and very shitty with typos) website is trying recruit new members, and create a veneer for their tax exemption. “We are a federally tax-exempt organization dedicated to the practice of kundalini yoga.”

    Just wait. Shoemaker plans to start “immersions” to get fresh slaves to maintain all the acres of land he’s bought up in Gold Beach and tend his organic farm in return for private ‘spiritual teaching.’

    He won’t stop until he’s stopped.

  • Hey Theresa, what do you think of the fact that scores of people end up wanting nothing to do with Swami? It’s all their fault? Is that the “party line”? Oh, I get it, everyone else is wrong, and Swami is right? I don’t think so. Where is your conscience? You knew all along about this guy’s horrible behavior. I know so, because someone who left recanted a story of you admitting as much.
    You are fake person, a fake friend, and a cult facilitator. You should feel deep shame for your actions. Show some fucking remorse for a change. And, pay your bills, you snake!

  • It sounds like part of the story was left out.

    From what I can discern, Dan was not sending swami this email the same day he dropped off the pipes. It seems like sometime well after Dan dropped off the pipes, maybe months later, someone reported asbestos in the pipes at the ashram to the authorities. ? And the swami was wondering who would report them for something that had already been resolved. ?

    His point about drug exposure and one time asbestos exposure is kind of valid though. Kind of like how some people won’t drink a Coke because of the chemicals in it but they breathe in a bajillion more chemicals walking down a city street each day.

    But anyway, none of that means the swami is a good guy.

  • Just want say that this is an email chain between Michael and myself. I didn’t send it to Frank to publish and I didn’t send it to him because of the conversation. I sent it to him so he could see how Michael writes because I believe Michael is in the comments.

    This asbestos thing isn’t something that anyone is going to sue Michael over. That isn’t what this is about. No one is filing suit over this email chain. It doesn’t show any wrong doing anyway. So enough with the “someone is trying to set him up” crap. Michael set himself up. He is an out of control idiot and we don’t need asbestos to take his ass down.

  • “i promise you that the heavy metals in cocaine and meth… are infinitely more dangerous to your health in the short and long term” –then why are you forcing your female students to take this shit, some who’ve had serious medical histories. What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh that’s right, you’re protecting them so nothing bad happens. Didn’t work for Natasha though, did it? Or Eva. Or Becker. Or…

    You’ve taken far more than you’ve ever given. You’ve ruined so much more than you’ve created. “Helping” a handful of people over and over and over ad nauseum will never make up for the damage you’ve wreaked on so many others.

    It’s eating you alive right now, isn’t it? It must be. Chomp chomp. No fresh meat to give The Ravenousness. The only way out for you is to try to make amends. But I know your ego will never let you. Nor will whatever evil has occupied the caverns of hell you’ve carved into yourself in all these acts of self-hatred and hatred of women.

  • I can confirm “no good deed goes unpunished” was a term frequently used by Michael, Sharon and Jimi. It was used in every way to justify poor treatment for those on the bottom of the hierarchy.

    The term was used like “it’s just your job to suffer, okay? So just suck it up and eat your tension like an adult”, which is hilarious, because now we have proof Michael used it in a delusional whiny b*tch way (sorry if I offend anyone with this non-PC term), aka an entitled way, over absolutely necessary and fair reporting of hazardous materials. Rules for thee and none for me, right?

  • Michaels attitude in the email embodies the extreme lack of compassion he actually has for the people that he “helps.”

    As Dan and I were leaving Michael launched an aggressive smear campaign against us both. Many of his claims and accusations against each of us were completely false – such as this one. However it’s a tactic used to make sure those we were close friends with wouldn’t follow behind us.

    It’s clear Michael has no regard for addiction or the suffering that accompanies recovery – likely because he never intends to change his own substance abuse habits. Everyone around him is used as a tool for enabling his own desires. Once it was clear he would no longer be able to use Dan for drugs and labor, and that I was not going to fall into his sex scandal plans, we were discarded.

    • I am so glad you and Dan got away from him and have a clear picture of how Chet and the gang recruit, use and discard people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    • “Everyone around him is used as a tool for enabling his own desires. Once it was clear he would no longer be able to use Dan for drugs and labor, and that I was not going to fall into his sex scandal plans, we were discarded.”

      This sentence encapsulates everything about this man. People are only objects that are graded on a scale of to what extent they can realize his desires (he would call needs). Religious/academic status, money, sex, sexual submission, social status, skills, labor, drug procurement. Pretty much in this order of importance. The people behind these ‘currencies’ were entirely disposable. Spiritual acumen ironically, meant fuck all.

      People gave their lives in service for this man, and he threw them away if he found something better, or he got bored, or they annoyed him, or he created some perceived sleight in his head–usually based on some lie someone said about you because they felt threatened. But he destroyed you in the process. (‘Can’t let anyone good out without making sure they don’t do better than me!’) You could always save yourself with money though. Keep giving them money and they’ll kiss your ass til Timbuktu. Absolute full of shit man and his insane harem of greedy rabid dogs.

  • The whole asbestos lawsuit industry is a racket. Most of these people got cancer from smoking cigarettes.

    Someone here is trying to set up Swami

    • Dan did the right thing. The EPA takes it very seriously. They’ll come and cover the while freaking building to keep from exposing anyone to asbestos. He may not get it in his lungs from one exposure, but actually he might. Despite that, he is trying to protect others from being exposed. Its serious shit.

  • The Church of Divine Dirty Business: where as long as one is aligned with the Goddess, anything goes!

    Gretchen Kreiger, President

    Sharon Ward: Secretary

    Theresa Khan: Chief of Espionage, and gossip

    There are others, but these are the main offenders.

    Cult facilitators.

  • Review the text messages Shoemaker sent Eva after he injured her during a BDSM hanging session gone wrong, trying to initiate damage control:

    “Do you know a Jayne Lyon? She’s says she is your friend. She is calling ashram people’s families saying we are a sex cult.” (Jayne Lyons is Eva’s MOTHER.)
    “Is it possible your mother contacted the press and claimed we were hurting you?
    And she may have leaked the letter Sadhvi hand delivered to each resident to the reporter. It was a shock to see a private communication in the newspaper …it signals that a fuller investigation is in progress…so if the guy (investigative reporter) contacts you, it would be great if you could tell him we are good people.
    … What else do you know that your mom might have done to harm me?”

    These text messages and more can be seen in Frank’s June 20th post:
    Jane Lyons: A Mother Tries to Save Her Daughter From Vicious Strangler Swami Chetanananda

    • All true and even more. There is no way to describe the suffering we have endured due to the harm of this evil man and his cult.

    • Anonymous
      September 22, 2022 at 6:11 am
      Frank was contacted by Jayne Lyon, whose daughter was seriously injured and abused by Shoemaker. Despite death treats and ridicule, Jayne has worked tirelessly every single day since then to expose Shoemaker and his cronies on behalf of all of us who are victims of Shoemaker.

      Ayaz and Liz are dead, one woman is crippled, my daughter was seriously injured, one woman has reported being raped. There are alleged reports of other women being strangled, there are other reports of people being sodomized and terrorized. All this is being exposed now. Many people have reported being exploited financially, exploited for their labor, exploited for sex. Deep spritual, emotional, and psychological abuse has been done to the victims/survivors and to their families. There are “rumors” of child abuse. More will continue to be exposed. It is time for justice to roll down on this evil band of criminals. That is why I won’t stop. Jayne Lyons

    • Local Lawyer
      Christine Mascal

      Carrie Aguilar, District Director
      Portland District Office
      620 SW Main, Rm 423
      Portland, OR 97205
      Phone/fax: 503-552-5634

      Paul Chang
      Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator
      US Department of Labor
      Wage and Hour Division
      (714) 418-8620 Chang.Paul@dol.gov

      Sonia Ramirez, member of the Human Trafficking Taskforce
      Bureau of Labor & Industries
      800 NE Oregon St., Suite 1045
      Portland, OR 9723
      BOLI_Help@boli.oregon.gov, 971-245-3844.

      If you were a seva “volunteer” and you worked for room and board, you may be a victim of human labor trafficking. If you were exploited like this, Shoemaker saved money on your labor. He could have conspired with Sharon Ward, Jim Brissette and others to exploit your labor for his benefit. This kind of behavior could be a RICO act violation. ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/rico-racketeer-influenced-and-corrupt-organizations-act-statute This legal process was used against Keith Raniere, a traumatizing cult leader who also sexually assualted women and branded them. He is now in prison sentenced to 120 years, with 30 years probation. (nice touch) Get the facts on working as a volunteer for a “religious” institution in Oregon. A volunteer generally will not be considered an employee for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) purposes if the individual volunteers freely for public service, religious or humanitarian objectives, and without contemplation or receipt of compensation. Typically, such volunteers serve on a part-time basis and do not displace regular employed workers or perform work that would otherwise be performed by regular employees.

      Did “seva” or resident students “volunteer freely”? Check your residential agreement, it might say that seva is required to be a resident…..

      Were you told that your hours of work would be used to “pay for your room and board?”……Labor standards state that the volunteer should work with contemplation or receipt of compensation

      Did you do work as a seva volunteer or resident volunteer that otherwise would have been performed by regular employees? Should volunteers cut down trees? Or remove asbestos? Should volunteers do administrative work or house keeping, hospitality work for an enterprise money earning activity like yoga teacher training….like call potential trainees in different states? Yikes, interstate commerce….very much against the FLSA volunteer standards!

      Talk to a lawyer. Talk to the DOL or law enforcement with your lawyer. You might be able to open a case against Shoemaker and his cult, they might quickly offer you a settlement because they do not want to face a “disclousure” in court. Hmmmm….doesn’t the cult own a lot of property in Gold Beach? Don’t they own some apartments in Orange County or maybe NYC? I think this cult has some money…..I really do. How did they get so rich? Could it have been your labor that allowed them to grow rich?

  • Zebra
    September 22, 2022 at 9:51 pm
    I am a family member of Kris Snyder. The “leaving of evil” has been very difficult. The wiping clean from evil, and the crap that they feed people. I have helped other family members to break free from Rainere and others. What they peddle is garbage. The pure “I can help you stop being a lesbian” is a bag of lies. This was pure seduction and blatant open sexual behavior.
    Rainere needs to sit exactly where he is, and never get out.

    I am so sorry your family member, Kris Snyder, was harmed, disappeared and may have been killed. Justice rolled down on Keith Raniere because people spoke out and because law enforcement was forced to act. The damaging impacts of criminal, toxic, abusive people in leadership positions are often known for years before they are held to account. They are brought to justice when the sheer volume of complaints about the abusive individual is impossible to silence anymore. Many people have stepped forward to denounce J. Michael Shoemaker and his cult, I hope many more will join us.

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