New York State, Overtaxed, Over-Regulated, Disastrous for Business, in Dire Need of Immigrants to Stem Population Loss and Vote Democrat

By John A. King

In part one, The Other Deep State — Public Sector Unions in NY & CA – Another Cause Behind Impeachment and Attack of Trump,  I indicated that New York was losing hundreds of thousands of people, mostly those earning solid incomes, and those of child-bearing age.

California is losing population, as well, along with a few other “blue states”; but we are going to concentrate on New York, because the population loss in the Empire State is the greatest in the nation.

New York is overtaxed, over-regulated, and disastrous for business. Small business, the cornerstone of capitalism, is virtually disappearing here. New York has the highest property taxes, school taxes, gas taxes and more. Yet, it also boasts the fewest opportunities for young people.

Why stay??? The government doesn’t care about you. It cares about its constituents and those that will keep them in power.

The population loss of child bearing people is so large, the number one export in New York is college graduates. Despite having some of the finest universities in the nation, kids come here, learn, and leave. There’s simply no job opportunities in New York—especially the hard hit upstate New York. As a result, upstate New York is aging and getting gray and, yes, dying. No one wants to stick around so their kids have no future.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [AOC] chased 75,000 jobs from Amazon out, averaging $100,000 a year, the rest of the world looked on in disbelief.

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez
AOC, working hard to save the galaxy and not just planet earth.

More Wall Street investment firms are opening in Tampa than on Wall Street, and an average of 300 people a day are leaving New York City, the greatest city in the world, the mecca of opportunity—or so we thought.

[See, for example:]

[See also, “From Saratoga to Suffolk County, the Empire State is graying.

There are now more residents aged 65 and older in New York State—3.2 million—than the entire population of 21 states. Today, nearly one in six New Yorkers is 65 and above (16 percent), a larger share of the state’s population than ever before.”

 The one million that left have the kids. Student, who will have kids, leaving.3.2 million more seniors in their golden years who had their kids? Who will replace them? None of us will be here forever.

Once the tide of evacuation has started, it is virtually impossible to stop. The economic decline of New York is going to simply accelerate. Those who stay will be left holding the money bag. A house worth $200,000 is taxed to the tune of $8500 plus, year after year. If we follow the “Rule of 9”, our money in the stock market doubles every nine years. In New York, you are basically rebuying your house every nine years.

Image result for new york high property taxes

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Trump told New Yorkers “it’s time to go”—and left himself.

 The only chance for hope and salvation for New York is the immigrant pool, a pool Trump himself pulled the plug on.

New York politicians don’t care who they pipe in, because they need the votes. Piping in someone is better than not piping in anyone at all. And, we shall protect our pipe-ins through things called sanctuary cities and driver’s licenses, even though denying the same sanctuary status to legal and responsible gun owners.

I stated that the “impeachment effort”—along with the Mueller investigation, Russia probe, payments to Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, slanderous remarks about Trump with prostitutes in Russia, dozens of lawsuits blocking his immigration attempts and more—are efforts to remove the president, because, at the end of the day, he is assaulting the democratic money laundering machine.

The democratic money laundering machine I am talking about is a very complex one, ranging from “guaranteed votes” for the democratic machine from public sector unions, to the restrictions on immigration, and the negation on the SALT Act.

Before we address specifics, let’s examine who actually is leaving New York.

The Empire Center is the #1 independent watchdog on all issues New York: Taxes, Payrolls, Pension costs and more.

 The Empire Center has this to say:

Leaving New York

“The population shift has been an ongoing problem for New York, which last year had 19.5 million people compared to 21.3 million for Florida.

“The state faces a loss of as many as two congressional seats in the next reapportionment in 2022, from 27 members to 25 members.

“There has also been declining enrollment at New York’s public colleges, mainly at its community colleges. At public schools, the 2.6 million students is the lowest in nearly 30 years, according to the Empire Center for New York State Policy.

“The population loss has been most pronounced in upstate New York.

“From 2010 to 2018, 46 of New York’s 62 counties, mostly upstate, reported population declines, census figures released earlier this month showed.

“Over the past year, New York City also had a population drop.

“Indeed, the new census figures showed Manhattan and Brooklyn ranked fourth and fifth among U.S. counties in the highest outmigration over the past year, behind San Diego, Maricopa County in Arizona and Dallas.

“President Donald Trump has regularly knocked his home state over the population declines, including on Monday when he tweeted in part, ‘People are fleeing New York State because of high taxes and yes, even oppression of sorts.'”

See also:

That is, between 2010 and 2020, an estimated 1 million people have left New York. But that figure is probably higher. A more recent study indicates that between 2017 and 2018, 317,000 people alone in that year fled.

In addition, the true exodus started decades ago:

If so many people are fleeing New York, why is the State only reporting a loss of 75,000?


Immigrants have been making up for those leaving. New York is wooing immigrants, because every immigrant votes democratic. Every single human that crosses the southern board, every single person that is a refugee, needs social services, and they are immigrants. And Democrats not only love them, they need them to keep their house of taxation from falling apart.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs immigrants so

  1. He doesn’t lose seats in the House
  2. They will vote Democrat time and time again
  3. States that accept immigrants get federal aid.

In 2016, we all know, Trump put a halt on immigration.

Suddenly, after numerous court battles, Cuomo and California are going to lose their pool of insta-residents (California may not be as damaged, as they have hundreds of thousands pouring over the southern border—which is also why dems have been fighting the construction of the wall.)

Image result for the wall trump

Blue states are now desperately fighting over whatever immigrants they can muster, legal or not, and giving them….drum roll….Driver licenses. Why? So they can vote the same blue candidates in over and over again.

Don’t think for one second the whole “sanctuary city” thing is about compassion. It’s about votes. Nothing more. With the immigration pool drying up, the Democrats are fearful they may not be able to import votes anymore.

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  • Millions of “white guys” left NY, because they pay the highest taxes in the country.
    The taxes are used to fund a huge, unionized public sector union system
    It is virtually impossible to vote Cuomo out, because he insulated himself much like Putin did. The only way to dump him is by voting with your feet, which people are doing.
    Cuomo knows this, so he is begging for more “insulation ” in the form of immigrants.
    There’s nothing wrong with legal immigration. There’s something very wrong when a politician uses it to let anyone in, so he can support his constituents in a bloated bureaucracy.

    • No you can’t be racist if it is against white guys. They are evil and cause all the problems in America and the world.

      • “No you can’t be racist if it is against white guys. They are evil and cause all the problems in America and the world.: Lola

        And you are typing this tripe on computers using semiconductors.
        Who invented semiconductors?
        Three white guys — Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain.
        Who invented the internet?
        White guys like J. R. Licklider, Vint Cerf, John von Neuman, Tim Berners-Lee

        Lola, if you don’t like white guys you are always free to leave America.
        Don’t let anyone stop you.

        Chattel Slavery & How the UK (Britain) Redeemed Humanity

        • I have a right to be in this country. The white guys should leave. The white women can stay at least some of them

  • This dude doesn’t have any compassion at all. I bet he is a white guy. People come to New York to get the chance to get a start. So we come here from bad countries and Democrats welcome us. So who are going to vote for? Let’s the old white men move out of New York. Let us 100 percent non white men. I’d like to see the population drop by having zero white men in New York.

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