The Other Deep State — Public Sector Unions in NY & CA – Another Cause Behind Impeachment and Attack of Trump

By John A. King 

A lot is going on behind the scenes with the Democratic party.

We in America have a “peaceful revolution” every four years—but the vicious, non-stop attacks on our President have been unprecedented.

We had

  1. The Mueller investigation.
  2. The Impeachment.
  3. Prostitutes in Russia peeing on Donald Trump.
  4. Hidden payments to Stormy Daniels (which wouldn’t even have been illegal).

Most noticeable, however, is the fact that the efforts toward impeachment have been led by four people: Charles Schumer (D-NY), Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Image result for nadler
Jerry Nadler leading the charge.

Why would these four want Trump out so badly? Why would they be so against protecting our southern border?

Why “impeachment” over a phone call?

The efforts to remove Trump are driven by California and New York. And in order to fully see what is going on, we need to look at what controls these two States—and the answer to that is Public Service Unions.

New York has turned Communist.

Go to the DMV, you hit one union. Drive on the highway to get there, you hit another. Pay your gas bill, you hit a third. Drop the kids off to school, you hit a fourth. Cross the bridge, a fifth.

 I am absolutely not against unions. If I stay overnight in a hotel, you better believe I hope and pray the builders were union proud.

I AM against unions that have a monopoly on goods and services. And in New York State, there is a monopoly. You can’t hire a kid to pick up trash on the side of the road, because, under NY Rules, the work must be completed by—you guessed it—public-sector unions, at a cost of $70+ an hour.

Image result for public sector union

High School kids in New York get a series of exams called the Regents.

No other state in the Union has the Regents. It allowed the State to hire thousands more State workers to administer.

Kids that don’t make it through high school (I don’t blame them), get a GED, right?

Not in New York.  In New York, kids have to enter a special High School Equivalency Program. Eliminating the simple online GED allowed the State to hire thousands more public sector employees to administer the test.

Image result for regents

Legalization of Marijuana? I’m sure that will be State-run, too.

Currently, New York has 1.2 million employees on the payroll, for a cost in excess of $38 billion a year. The EXCLUDES benefits like health insurance.

 And guess what—their pensions are guaranteed by the NYS Constitution.

The pensions for these workers are astronomical. A pension worth a million or two per worker adds up—to the trillions.

As a result, one million people fled NY in the last ten years alone. The average age of a New Yorker has risen, as those of child-bearing age have fled. The politicians who started this mess have surrounded themselves with constituents so that they can never be ousted.

Image result for decline of new york state population

New York and California rely on Immigrants to replace those who left for several reasons: 1) Federal aid; and 2) They don’t lose representatives in the House, which is based on population.

Those immigrants will also be dependent on public services and vote Democratic virtually 100% of the time.

The elimination of the SALT Act made millionaires flee because it removed the veil of obscene property taxes.

In short, Trump is destroying the Democratic party, because he has very quickly started to dismantle its money-laundering machine.


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  • Frank, I’m glad that you used the teachers union as a top photo because that is the most corrupt disgusting union short of the UAW.

    I’m all for teachers getting higher pay but not until they have standards. Some loser that just wants to have summers off and school vacation days shouldn’t be able to get the job.

  • I actually don’t disagree with everything Bernie says. And I do believe he would have won in 2016. He is honest and straightforward.

    But……he is more communist than he lets us believe.

    When I hear any of them say “hardworking middle class”….that’s code for public sector union.

    And that’s exactly how the Dems insulated themselves in NY and California.

    • “He is honest and straightforward.”

      Bernie Sanders and his wife are not honest and straightforward.
      Bernie Sanders and his wife drove a small liberal arts college into the ground.
      There were allegations of bank fraud in the case.

      “The unraveling of Jane Sanders’ Burlington College legacy”

      December 2010: Under Jane Sanders’ leadership, Burlington College purchases a new lakefront campus for $10 million.

      January 2016: A Republican attorney accuses Jane O’Meara Sanders of bank fraud related to the property purchase. He later says Sen. Bernie Sanders improperly pressured People’s United Bank to approve the loan.

      May 2016: Burlington College shuts down under the burden of debt from the property deal.

      Little remains today of the now-defunct college. Federal authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, are investigating the 2010 property deal that Sanders orchestrated. A local Republican attorney has accused Sanders of bank fraud.

      • You know he’s gonna let his cunt wife get a good job in the White House like Bill Clinton did with Hillary.

    • He would not have won either. He was frauded out of the nomination, same shit Hillary was trying to do in the general but the fraudulent counties were watched very closely. The did not get away with stealing the votes of Johnson and Stein in those 5 vital counties.

  • Private sector unions have been decimated only to be replaced by public-sector unions that want to feed at the public trough.
    And the public sector unions CONTROL the Democratic party.
    Taxpayers are now milk cows to be exploited by the Democratic party and their public-sector union allies.

    Illinois is now like New York where the State Constitution prevents the legislature from reining in runaway state pensions.
    In desperation, Illinois has legalized marijuana.
    Soon the political halfwits will discover that marijuana will not raise enough money to pay off the massive pensions.

    What comes next?
    Legalized Opium Dens?
    Legalized Bordellos?

    In the meantime, citizens flee Illinois, New York and California before the politicians build walls to keep them in.

  • Hey asshole the majority of FBI agents happen to be Republican so go fuck yourself.

    Take your pretend Deep State Mickey Mouse bullshit and go chase contrails.

    Or….. Better yet go build a bunker in your basement for the zombie apocalypse.

    When I was a kid all the conspiracy nuts were commies, hippies, socialists, pinkos and reds.

    I don’t know how my conservative brethren got infected by this bullshit, but enough is enough.

    WTF is wrong with you people?

      • Show me the evidence!

        Where is the irrefutable evidence?

        Where is the one recording of a secret meeting?

        Where are the secret organizations?

        You have no evidence. You are no different than the liberal is the 80s and 90s who claimed everything all evil came from the rich and the oil companies.

        It’s always something with you people.

        Deep State?
        The Society of Owls & Alex Jones Bohemian Grove? Going to blame the Jews? Koch Brothers? Soros?Or how about the Papists? Illuminati?

        At the end of the day, deep state or not… You still have a pathetic life.

        Good luck to you KC!

    • I am not a US citizen and I don’t live there either. I live other side of Atlantic but interested to know what is happening in your country. I couldn’t believe myself there are so many uneducated barbarians like yourself lives in US. I feel sorry for you.

      • Don’t feel sorry for us. A-holes like niceguy are in for another long 4 years as the globalist deep state continues to be exposed and dismantled. Everybody is a conspiracy kook but him. Yet his rantings here show him to be completely insane.

        • Anonymous-

          Where is the smoking gun? Where is your evidence for your conspiracy theories and your deep-state ridiculousness?

      • We’re trying very hard to prevent our country from becoming like many but not all of those on the other side of the oceans, but the dems are going down kicking and screaming.

    • I think that article may be confusing the seeming large numbers for population turnover, which is people moving out of a state while others move in, with actual net loss or gain, which is the smaller difference between the two – and more recent data show that no, your “guarantee” is an erroneous delusion and net losses are now not so bad looking:

      “Forty states and the District of Columbia saw population increases between 2018 and 2019. Ten states lost population between 2018 and 2019, four of which had losses over 10,000 people. The 10 states that lost population were New York (-76,790; -0.4%), Illinois (-51,250; -0.4%), West Virginia (-12,144; -0.7%), Louisiana (-10,896; -0.2%), Connecticut (-6,233; -0.2%), Mississippi (-4,871; -0.2%), Hawaii (-4,721; -0.3%), New Jersey (-3,835; 0.0%), Alaska (-3,594; -0.5%), and Vermont (-369 ; -0.1%). ”

  • The Democrats know that Bolshevik Bernie is a loser.
    Only people who want Reeducation camps and bowls of gruel will support Bolshevik Bernie.

    Now the Grand Poobahs of the Democratic Party realize that Joe Biden is also a loser as is Cherokee Liz.
    And Mayor Pete of South Bend lacks the experience to lead the country.

    Out of desperation the Democrats are turning to Michael Bloomberg who was Mayor of New York City which is like being the Governor of a State.
    And Bloomberg has 56 billion in wealth and promises to devote 2 billion of that fortune to his campaign.
    And Bloomberg is also considering making Hillary Clinton his running mate.

    The Democrats should refrain from sabotaging Trump and focus instead on winning the next Presidential campaign with their strongest candidates.
    Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.
    Are the Democrats smart enough?

    • Shadowstate if you look at the polls and the votes so far the moderates are splitting the moderate vote; the majority of the Democratic Party prefer a moderate and do not support Bernie Sanders.

      What’s going on in the Democratic primary is exactly the reason why I am against a multiparty system. The bulk of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are moderates.

      Now you have a radical like Bernie Sanders and the moderates are taking votes from one another; Bernie isn’t the choice of Democrat party he’s a choice because the moderate split all the votes among some

      • Assuming that Bernie can’t win a general election, the best thing that could happen for Trump is for Bernie to get the nomination.
        Unfortunately too many younger voters do not understand what Communism did and how i/t has destroyed many countries.
        America can survive a President Bloomberg.
        America can even survive a President Hillary.
        But America can not survive a President Bernie.

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