Jessica Becker Apologizes to Ruth; It Was Betrayal

Yesterday we published news about Jessica Becker.

She said she was not telling the truth about her Guru, Swami Chetanananda.

First, she said the Swami abused her with his BDSM practices and drug binges. Then she recanted. 

Her story: Jessica Makes 100% Reversal; She ‘Lied’ About Swami Being Evil.

Jessica was recanting earlier allegations that the Swami coerced her. That was coercive control, because he was the spiritual community leader.

To be clear, Jessica did not deny that BDSM occurred. She admits the Swami would urinate on her, tie her up, hang her upside down with a hook, and strangle her. He would threaten to defecate on her because she had to use the bathroom.

Jessica observed he got an erection only if he strangled her. She also maintains the Swami is a drug addict – a binge user.

‘Do your fucking practice’ by practicing fucking me— Swami Chet.

Jessics had come to the Movement Center from the Betty Ford Clinic. She was abusing alcohol, and when she got out of Betty Ford, she needed a safe haven. A counselor at Betty Ford recommended the Movement Center.

It was a clean, safe environment, the counselor told Jessica.

And Jessica was looking for a safe haven. She wanted to beat alcohol.

She spoke with the Swami, who offered to protect her. He told her she could live there, and that if she ever drank alcohol, she was to text him at once.

Jessica takes a photo of herself at the Movement Center in the gym.  The same room Eva supposedly fell unconscious.

Jessica did not see the fall, but witnessed Eva carried out on a stretcher.

But Jessica had doubts that Eva [above] was working out in the gym at 3 am.

Instead, it seems Eva was in the Swami’s room, and she was strangled like Jessica, Natacha, and many others. It is just that Eva’s neck was too tender. Not strong like Jessica.

But going back to Jessica’s story of how she started having sex with the Guru:

One night Jessica had a drink at the ashram. She texted him. He told her to come to his room. Instead of fatherly counsel or urging her to sober up, he pulled out cocaine.

Then he pulled down his pants and had her snorting – by his command. He brought out wine but would give her no water. He got her rip-roaring drunk and high.

Then he sexually used her.  All night long and into the morning.

Jessica takes a selfie after the Guru bit her, she said. 

Now Jessica realizes it was for her own good. Dildos jammed in her, beatings, bitings, group sex, sudden violence — all from the Guru’s loving heart. 

The Guru had done the same to Natacha. But Natacha did not have the same sexual experience Jessica had. She did not take it well.


Drugs, BDSM, the command to have sex with strange men and film it. Natacha lost it one day and leaped from a bridge.

When Natacha complained about the Guru, after she got out of the hospital, Jessica took the Guru’s side.

Jessica felt bad that she had treated Natacha mean.

Jessica was also mean to Ruth, she admits.

The two went together to Gold Beach from Portland. They ran into Swami Chetanananda by chance.

But the Guru did not speak to his former disciples. 

Ruth Graham

Afterward, Jessica chastised Ruth for carrying [legally] a rifle on the trip. And for various other things.

Jessica criticized Ruth for believing trans women should not compete in women’s sports.

Now Jessica apologizes for being rude to Ruth.

By Jessica Becker

Hi Ruth, I am sorry that I did this to you there. It is so wrong.

I did this to get revenge. I was going to “show” how it feels to pigeon hole, slut shame, betray, and everything else that you did.

It doesn’t matter that you did this to me at all. For fuck sake, we both know that we are in Frank’s blog. That he is a reporter.

You explained that he uses guerilla warfare strategies.

We had personal conversations about that. We both shared some really deep shit.

If I truly wanted honor that, I would have cruelly attempted to have personal conversation with…. That just seemed so risky to me.

So I let all of this fucked mudslinging that is going on here, every person doing it to everyone else, even women, even you, get to me.

Then I loaded that all on you. I loaded everyone here onto you.

It was wrong. It was a betrayal.

You are not only those things. You are many things. You are a real human being. You are not other people. You are you.

I am sorry.

I respect you. I value human beings. I have been trying to behave that way. No matter what.

Okay. Hope you have a nice Tuesday.


Jessica Becker



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  • To all the girls I’ve loved before —- who now are someone else’s whore,

    I’m glad they came along, I dedicate this song, to all the girls I’ve loved before.

    To all the girls who shared my life —- who gave me such unending strife,

    For helping me to grow, I owe a lot I know, to all the girls I’ve loved before.

    To all the girls who’ve cared for me,

    Who bent over so-ooo willingly,

    They live within my heart,

    They’ll always be a part,

    Of all the girls I’ve loved before.

    • Spoken like a truly disgusting scorned man, who has absolutely no respect for anyone’s life, work, process, or path.

      If they’re easily manipulated and deceived, they’re fair game, is that right? Nothing separates you from common psychopaths, sociopaths, rapists or sex traffickers.

      Just a common liar, criminal, and abuser.

      You keep singing this little song to yourself to keep yourself on your delusional high horse, its worked out great for you the past 50 years, just peachy.

  • Jessica,

    Contact Frank Parlato he can help you! By phone.

    I don’t speak for Frank.

    However, I happen to know Frank is good man.

  • “..hang her upside down with a hook”

    That part especially never made sense to me. He took down a picture from the wall, she said. And somehow this hook was strong enough to support the body weight of an adult woman? And before he put her up there, somehow he managed to flip her upside down? Did he hang her from her underwear? And they didn’t rip from the weight? That part didn’t make any sense to me and sounded like fiction.

    • There were heavy wood carvings 8 feet high and big big 14X14 paintings hanging in various places all over the building, I can 100% believe there were big 6 inch studs (threaded rods) that were installed right into the wall frames (not just drywall but into the weight bearing wood) in order to hang them and hold that weight. Studs can hold a lot. All you need to do then is tie someones ankles together and hang them from their ankles from whatever heavy grade bolt or hook you have that is screwed with the stud. I installed studs in the ashram myself on a couple of occasions and have since done so in my own home. Its not outlandish to think he did that for dual purpose right from the start either.

      • Ok it makes more sense when you explain it that way. The way she described it made it sound like he took down the picture flipped her upside down and hung her in a flash…prob rope involved but she left that out for some reason.

        • Could just be an industrial zip tie too, like the kind used to hold hoses and wood together, that could be used very quickly as well. The kind you can get 100 hundred of for like 15 bucks. But yeah, she blew all her credibility away…. If its true, I doubt she’d be able to recount it well anyway due to obvious reasons.

  • Jessica, he was never going to bring you to Gold Beach. He was dangling your desires in front of you to open you to him and extract what he wanted from you. Then, when he got bored or annoyed by you, he created a BS obstruction to cause a fight and cut you off. He knew no one would take you seriously if you didn’t leave quietly.

    This is what he does. He saw you as an easy option to “explore” his fetishes and sexual violence and push the boundaries without a lot of blow back (which is what he gets from his more sexually inexperienced students since they start having nervous breakdowns).

    He used you. He uses people. That’s who he is. He has figured out techniques of manipulating women’s love to serve him and his filthy urges. He has no real emotion, he’s a narcissist. His pain is a tantrum about not getting what he wants. That’s is all.

    Get the fuck away from him and be grateful you’ve only lost a couple years.

  • Full disclosure: There is no book, “The Ashram: A Dispeydoodle Retrospective of Epic Disphittery”. It was a joke made by me. But there should be! And, it should also say, with Monumental Douchebaggery too:)!
    Seriously, I am not making any excuses for the cult behavior of this organization. Nor, am I “backpedaling” on any of the criticisms I have levied at Swami and his cohorts. But, how long can we beat a dead horse here: No pun intended. Haven’t we all made our point by now? Let’s put this story line to rest once and for all.

  • What does this even mean?

    You like to mix it up and get butt scratching attention?

    Look at your shit eating grin man.

    One thing to come forward by putting yourself out on the line to tell the truth, another to just send nasssty pics, just to get off on it.

    Jessica, do us all a favor, open up an Instagram account and just post as many skanky photos as you want …….Some of us actually enjoy reading The Frank Report to get news on subjects that no one else dares to approach.

    If you are going to continue to post on the Frank report, please say something new-/Anything but this menagerie of maudlin mania.

  • C’mon. What is this bullshit? 15 minutes of fame for Jessica Becker, and Ruth Graham? 50 years of Ashram history and these people are taking center stage?

    I am sorry, but shut these idiots down, get off them off the stage and let’s get serious here. This is not the central issue here.

    The central issue is: Swami Chetanananda and his band of pirates. Furthermore, the story has gotten stale. We get the point by now, some seriously bad stuff went on here, there is really nothing anyone can do about it at this point.

    So, let’s all just chalk it up, to the fact that no one can live these spiritual ideals. Nobody. End the story Frank. It’s done.

  • Those glasses, every time I see them I’m reminded of Pooh Percy in World According to Garp who beyond looking so similar to Jessica, the parallels in pathology and ideology most uncanny.

    Not sure I would ever take up a gig as a wrestling coach, Frank. This movie ends pretty terribly for the writer she becomes obsessed with.

  • ho hum. Jessica got back in the spotlight. She’s not contributing anything to our goal here but chooses to apologize publicly to Ruth.Everything she says is a lie. Dont fall for any of it. She is brain damaged.

  • This to me where?

    This is such a scripted, intentionally vague and false apology.

    Jessica you said guerilla journalism first. Not me!

    Where did I slut shame…Pigeon hole(?) or betray(?)

    You continue to lie. Lie. And Lie.

    Your hyperbole and two faced ness is absolutely transparent.

    Its like “im sorry for being an asshole but you were bigger assholes anyway.”

    This is not an apology. This is toddler behavior.

    The only mudslinging (aka bullshit aka lying) here is by YOU and you admitted it to it. Now youre trying to absolve yourself while putting us (everyone here) all down as well as destroying any credibility to yourself in the process.

    (Notwithstanding doing something that hurts all rape victims including myself, YES Jessica, Im not lying and I dont need a courtroom to know my truth!).

    The rest of us are trying to uncover truth and share it. This isnt about YOU anymore, as much as you want it to be. So can you just go away now?

    You dont want truth to happen. Truth doesnt matter to you, its an obvious inconvenience to your aims. You did say “i dont know” why you did things before but here you are saying now its because of revenge, so you lie for revenge I guess?

    Do not apologize to me while you continue to lie to my face for revenge or whatever else. Especially not after your threatening messages to me in text. Notice you cant even own to that. No honesty in apology means no apology.

    I can also tell that you are being coached. Your writing has completely changed and its obvious. Tell your sick troll master Mike Shoe that petting a deer after feeding it and putting it on instagram is not only ridiculously absurd (also possibly illegal) it isnt also going to save him from the truth you are taking a literal facefirst nosedive to try to discredit.



  • That man is human garbage. Jessica please stay the hell away from him and anyone associated with him. Get stable and get sober. He offers nothing but torment and pain. Don’t waste any more years on him.

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