The Worst Rotten Fruit Is Swami Chetanananda

Guest View By Ruth Graham

Now that I know what fully went on there, I literally laughed out loud at what I’ve learned people often said about me behind my back.

Now that I’ve connected with other survivors and we talk. Boy, oh boy, what nasty losers some of you so-called “spiritual” folk are. You all said some horrible shit about me behind my back, you silly cowards.

It’s hilarious now, because I was one of the sober ones who never participated in the gross sex “practices” (I didn’t even know!) the drug abuse (again didn’t even know!), and the absolutely mentally ill backstabbing, gossiping, and henpecking (that I knew about and avoided as best I could).


I also never excused or victim-blamed sexual harassment or rape (or pedophilia) ever in my life (not like it’s not hard to not do that, ya fucking actual jabronis!!

I never once said “boys will be boys” or argued that a guru’s disgusting behavior was made up for by his “shakti” or “gifts.”

This is not to make any of the victims caught up in the “upper circle” feel lesser. It’s just that I never was willingly part of that shit like Shoemaker’s co-enablers.

They were/are Moni, Jen, Jimi, Sharon, Howard, Theresa, Salman, Tom, Patty, Gretchen, Heather, and more. It’s fucking hilarious in retrospect.

Swami and Gretchen

Now I can recognize the behavior of the past that was weirdly abusive to me or conversely “strong” (like they had a lot of energy lol….hmmmm) correctly as these flat-brain individuals actually strung out on meth, coke or whatever.


You are FAKERS! FRAUDS!!! The naked Emperor is naked, and so are you!

Can you all stop with your fucking nonsense? BTW, it’s all being exposed now. None of you are elevated above anyone by doing this. Pretending healthy anger at being abused is “bad,” or a “low vibration,” is a form of abuse called spiritual bypassing.

And none of the women abused here “brought it on themselves”! (Can we have some 21st-century progress, please? Time for that sh*t to end. It’s victim-blaming boomer garbage mixed with woo-woo about karma. It’s as gross as gross can be.)

And any of you dumb-ass cult supporters reading this, thinking Shoemaker’s “generosity” made up for anything, just google Jimmy Saville. Watch the documentary on him. One of the most “charitable” men in history. He similarly had a thing for using the vulnerable and mentally ill in a “certain way” while giving lots to them.

Jimmy Saville

I wonder what y’all think of yourselves as so cowardly and mean?

Do you think you’re enlightened, accomplished, and part of something special by palling up together to be cruel to others, particularly vulnerable others, either to their faces or behind their back?


There is no way you don’t feel some prick of conscience being part of this.

When Trump became a political candidate, all I could see was how similar he was to Shoemaker. This was years after I got out. Trump’s a frat boy, a megalomaniac rapist like the “guru.” Wow, so madly unique! So not normal and not boring! What a path breaker! No way there’s ever been a guy like him in the world!

Donald Trump 

For the sake of the brainwashed, let’s just assume for one second that those powers Shoemaker claim actually exist.

OK then, for anyone reading who still follows the fat f*ck with the rotted teeth, remember the phrase, “When the seed is sweet, it grows into a sweet fruit, when the seed is hot, it grows into a hot fruit?”

That is something one of you crusty-ass cross-eyed nutcases would always chant to me. So let’s ask ourselves rhetorically:

What is a Michael Shoemaker? Sweet or hot?

From what I know, he is at least a meth-addicted cocaine-addled career con man who flies into a rage at the slightest sense of criticism or rejection. OK, also a serial rapist, let’s not forget. Oh boy, what a sweet fruit!! Just like Trump is such a darling! Such a kind, generous, successful, big brain, successful stable genius. There’s never been a “man” like him!

And for anyone still part of this [bowel] “movement” center, you are lying with this dog. So what does that make you?

Honestly, I have to ask.

Is it broken wing syndrome? Did you never learn how to be independent people of character? Do you cling so hard to an abusive hierarchy and a fantasy of spirituality (maybe a flash of some kind of “power” and the promise of more drugs) just because it gives you a sense of false security and purpose that you fear will never exist if you leave or recognize it for its falsehood?

It’s better out here. It really is.

Probably many of you have internalized messages from Shoemaker that you can’t survive without him, or he will send demons to curse you. Or the world outside is destined to ruin.

It’s a fucking con! I’m living proof!

Y’all treated me like I was weak and incapable. Still, I live a successful, independent, “growing” life. I’ll never excuse an abuser ever in my life, no matter what I’m being promised or threatened with. Little me, that person you treated like I was developmentally delayed and couldn’t function in the regular world. Who will have the last laugh in the end?

I think I will. Truth and justice sometimes are slow but inevitable.

I’m already laughing. All the shit you said about me was staggeringly cowardly and weak projection.

Y’all are addicts with delusions, pathologies, and severe errors of judgment. No amount of saffron, pearls, gold, sandalwood, silk, cashmere, honey, roast meat, money, nice chanting, fancy art, rare artifacts, trips around the world, paid for school – none of that can make up for your complete inauthenticity and failure as human beings. The stink of criminality, fraud, and abuse is all over everyone who stays involved and supportive of this narcissistic fraud.

You can, however, always start somewhere with reality, anytime, like now. Use your voices. Speak truth to power.

Here’s something I repeated many times in my head in my first year out:

A feast with criminals and tyrants is always inferior to bread and water by yourself. And now I have true friends, so I can say it’s even better!

Jen Wilhelm and Swami

Moni O’Neil and Swami

Try to stick that into your meth-melted brains; Jimi, Moni, Sharon, Gretchen, Jen, Heather, Theresa. LOL. Can you even do that?

Heather Gail George and the Swami

How will you go down with this, I ask? Because this is going to go down. Are you going to go down with the rotten fruit that is Shoemaker?

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    • There is a certain point though when you have to make a choice and decide if you are on the side of the light or the dark, and if you’re going to take action to support the very foundations of civilization. There is evil in this world. And its a tragedy to just wait it out. That’s how it flourishes as it does. People just stand by and watch. And the elders let the children of the village be eaten by the dragon. You must kill the dragon. For me its inevitability that drives me to act.

      • Seeking Justice and seeking Revenge are not the same. Telling your story is your birthright. If people do not want to be a negative character in the story of other people’s lives then they need to act right.

        It is not a negative action to expose villainous corruption and abuse. It is a positive . It is not about punishing the unredeemable perpetrator rather it is about protecting those they would further seek to harm. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact it is an act of Love toward your fellow humans. After all the bad that has been done to you is past. You are merely looking out for others.

  • Frank Parlato recently published an article about an award that was given by the United States Attorney General to US Attorneys of the Eastern District of New York for their work in taking down Keith Raniere and his Nixvm cult. (Frank had a hand in that as well)

    What is important about this work is that for the first time the US Attorneys placed human trafficking charges and racketeering (RICO) charges against the inner circle of a cultic organization, making it a criminal organization. Those readers who have followed the Frank Report are up to date on this, but for those who are new readers and who are following the Shoemaker articles (aka Swami Chetanananda) this is important information. The application of these charges to a cultic abuse case has opened the doors to survivors/victims of cult leaders like Shoemaker who uses fraudulent recruiting techniques, grooming, gaslighting, conditioning and coercion to exploit people for labor or sex can be charged with trafficking and racketeering. One of the lead attorneys on the case wrote:
    Moira Penza
    Re award, as I told
    “Bringing Keith Raniere to justice was a team effort, and I’m delighted to see my colleagues, especially our law enforcement partners, honored for their tireless work dismantling this criminal enterprise.”
    Top credit? Survivors who spoke up.
    18. July 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    Please note she gives top credit to the survivors who spoke up.
    Call the FBI tip line, let them know what you know. Shoemaker and his criminal organization can be stopped by survivors who speak up.

  • “No amount of saffron, pearls, gold, sandalwood, silk, cashmere, honey, roast meat, money, nice chanting, fancy art, rare artifacts, trips around the world, paid for school – none of that can make up for your complete inauthenticity and failure as human beings.”

    With all due respect, may I add urine, dildos, feces and menstrual blood to the list?
    💎 Om 🤡

  • The story outlined above highlights how young adults were mistreated in this community. This is in stark contrast to the idea that they helped so and so, and did so much for them…blah blah blah.

    Yes, it is true, some very good things came everyone’s way. The entire way young people were mentored was flawed.

    The Swami likes to give people poor advice, and most importantly keep them under this thumb, and do everything possible to short circuit anything that resembles success in the real world. It is abusive it it’s own unique way. Ask a long list of young people who left this community how they were interacted with by this guy.

    They will tell you, they didn’t like it. And, yet, Swami Bozoananda, sings the same stale, stuck song. I was backstabbed by the people I did the most for on and on and on. No self reflection, no questioning if he might have done anything wrong. No openness, no learning. Swami Chee. That is short for Swami Cheese doodle. Swami Chee plays games with people and everyone loses. There ya have it!

  • I feel very fortunate I didn’t grow up in this Ashram…though my parents, my mother especially, has been a devotee since I was small.

    If you are reading this, Mom, this is why I never tell you anything, why I don’t respect you, why I treat you like a child.

    This is whose opinion you value more than anyone else’s. This is where the money you endlessly stressed about went. This is who you discussed all my personal business with and weighed in with about decisions that affected my life and health, and everyone else’s in the family.

    My shadow parent that I saw a handful of times when you would drag me along to one of your functions. This is who you always threatened to leave us for if we acted out, showed anything less than gratitude and agreement 100% of the time.

    The Wizard of Om is just a sick twisted charlatan hiding behind an orange curtain and cloud of incense.

    You don’t even know I’ve seen these. I caught on several years ago, but I never said anything because I know better and still won’t because I know you would choose him over me, like all the people you supposedly loved so much and thought were so great until he told you not to like them anymore.

    This has fucked me up more than you will ever know, and I don’t blame him. He’s nothing to me but a stupid picture of some crazy-eyed bald guy you needed to stare at for hours every day to “give your life meaning.”

    Your life has always meant a million times more to me than it ever will to that asshole. I hope in your lifetime you can discover some meaning in that, and that I still care when you do.

    • Please go to the authorities and tell them all that you know. One experiences validates that of others and collectively a case can be made to put an end to the abuse of Michael Shoemaker.

      Experiences of each of us are like pieces to a puzzle – authorities will gain a clear picture when we bravely report all that we know and experienced. You don’t have to have been drugged, strangled and raped directly. Please please go to authorities.

      Or contact frank report and get information out to those who can help. Thanks for considering and I’m sorry your mom has had her life altered by a sick sadist.

  • You’re on earth to have a human experience

    This constant drive to be less human and grow, evolve, transcend spiritually…whatever! Is misguided.

    Yeah, be kind. Be the best human that you can be to those with whom you share space. Including animals and plants.

    But don’t waste your life as a person trying to be less person like. Maybe in the next life you’ll be something else. Here, now, you are human. Not divine. Maybe a spark of the divine? That’s enough! You are enough!

    In this life you’re an earthlings. Not a guru. Or a follower.Not an advanced whatever. A living being. Just a person. And that’s amazing!

    It’s magical enough. You are alive. With chickens. And mangoes. And little fish. Dragonflies. Lizards. As an earthling!

    Follow no one but your own beating human heart

    Have fun whenever you can. Enjoy life 9n this planet Earthling! Climb the mountains. Swim in the sea. Watch the stars on your beautiful planet in the cosmos. Fuck gurus.

  • It’s ironic this whole path is supposedly to dissolve ego because so many will stay not for wholehearted support of him but for sheer stubbornness and/or fear and loathing of being “wrong”. If they admitted it then they would have to own up to friends, relatives, former students they shit on to support their “guru”. They will “be damned” before they ever humble themselves to the well intending person that said “He’s a fraud”, “He’s a predator”, “He’s dangerous”.

    Some of those probably long dead that they can never make amends with. No. They aren’t strong enough for that. That would require feeling “icky” emotions like anger or guilt.

    Nope. They will blame anyone someone besides themselves just as intensely as they needed to worship something outside of themselves. Truth is the only people that can abide by narcissists for any real length of time tend are either too narcissists or co-dependents.

    People who need gurus are incapable of self governance or ownership. The “wish” to grow is not the “will” to grow is it? Wishes are the things of fairy tales, the deep longings of stunted little children in adult bodies that have looked to this equally stunted child to somehow finish raising them. That’s very sad, really.

    I will you may, I will you might, have the will to grow your own souls up and finally do what’s right.

  • That had to feel good. To hell with spiritually bypassing anger away. Just festers illness. For some of us that were raised in toxic families that wanted to keep us small, stupid or whatever else THEY needed us to be this seemed a natural though sadly unnatural progression. Thank you for your truth.

  • You’re seeing clearly Ruth. Thank you for calling this monster and his co-conspirators out on their sadistic abuse.

    If everyone comes forward shoemaker will be stopped. The authorities want to know. They know shoemaker silences victims by nda’s, threats and intimidation to them and their families.

    Please keep coming forward. He will be stopped by those he preyed upon.

    • Thank you, big big thumbs up to you anon. If you haven’t come forward, I hope you can someday.

      I feel a huge relief, but I think it’s just the beginning of the release I will feel. I have more to say, trust me. I already forgot to add Ruth Knight and Eddie Rosen, Govind and Claudia C, Kelly, Vivina and others.

      All with their own culpability to share in this. If you’re reading this and haven’t left yet, now is the time, it’s not going to get easier as I said I have more to say. I have never forgotten despite all the years that passed, what was done to me both individually and collectively by enablers. I am fully forgiving of every person involved (it may not seem so lol), yes even the most guilty of you (yep), but this is for my own spiritual understanding and doesn’t mean I’m whole at all or that I’m not compelled by ethics to act in the material plane. The anger, grief and pain trapped in my unconscious body after years and years, still scars me deeply.

      It’s not wholly my job to take it on myself to heal, I have done so for 9 years already. I’m so grateful for everyone who has shared here in comments and articles, allowing me to connect dots and process things I was too in the dark to be able to do before because I was mostly separated from other survivors until now. Thank you.

      • Ruth, you are one of my kind. Tell it like it is girl, and let the blood spatter settle where it may.
        This whole farce has been a vampire carnival from the get-go. The ones still clinging to him have been bought and are merely parasites living on the spoils.
        I NEVER saw kindness, love or compassion in the eyes of the impotent Omin-perpetual-sexual guy in the orange skirt. NEVER.

        To all the lemmings seeking the edge of a cliff: this guy is just the ticket.
        To those seeking spiritual growth, love and peace: get the hell away from this ugly POS ASAP while your brain, soul and genitals are still in tact.
        Let this be a lesson to you. Summon your power and courage and walk away. Its all inside you.

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