Natasha: 7 Harsh Points About Brutal Blame Shifter Swami

Swami Chetanananda went dark a few weeks ago on his Instagram account. Then recently he returned to the world of name and form – and made it public again.
Inclusive of his return were some messages of hope and wisdom. You may sing this to the tune of “For All the Girls I Loved Before.” Substitute the word “loved” for “hurt.”

Here is one quote:

If you cannot take responsibility for your choices, no matter how disastrous they might be…(no one makes all good choices).… you cannot grow. Mistakes are the pathway to really learning… Blaming others for your choices is the doorway to hell.

If we truly seek to live our life authentically, we must celebrate and be grateful for the Madness we become. Inside the box, normal, there is fear, and hate and anger. Outside the box… there is joy, freedom, love… and madness. I am mad. To see the lie that is life on earth… makes any caring person insane. Celebrate insanity… become intoxicated with joy… dance your freedom… Be liberated from Normal… which is death by boredom.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given: “Don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t ever go to for advice.”

The Swami posted this view from the Hermitage.

Sunrise and sunsets are pleasant for the Swami at the Hermitage. Not so much for some of his consorts.

He still has his pujas. Though not as many are in attendance at Gold Beach as once flocked to him at the Movement Center.

The Swami is still working out. He shows off those powerful arms, strong enough to choke the tenderest female neck.

No, he is not strangling her. He is dancing with a young woman.

Now let us turn our attention to Natasha.

Natasha has been a yoga teacher for over 13 years. In 2016 she experienced a series of injuries that landed her in the hospital for four months. The cause of her injuries was jumping off an overpass in Portland.

 At the time of this lamentable event, she lived at The Movement Center. She was in a sexual relationship with her guru, Swami Chetanananda.

His relationship with her, he told her, was tantric and yogic in nature.  Its outward form was BDSM and drugs. These are two parts of the Swami’s teachings. He partakes in the drugs and, in the case of Natasha, takes a drug-free woman and makes her a drug user.

He was her guru. Those were his teachings, his commands for her welfare, and spiritual advancement.

It was the command of the guru. She came to him seeking wisdom.  He did depraved and dangerous activities to “open her up.”  

Here is what she had to say about him after she left the Swami a few months back.

Natacha Swami Chetananda


By Natasha

It gives me no joy, only sadness, to speak up about my experience with Swami Chetanananda.
If you knew me before I moved into the Movement Center, you know how passionate I have always been about yoga. I was passionate about cultivating and honoring the sacred and living a life of truth, love, open-heartedness, open-mindedness, and curiosity.

If you knew me from The Movement Center, you know how much love I poured into that place, and how strong and quiet my love was for Swamiji. It was not flashy, but rather honest and a struggle for me.

I was willing to make a fool of myself for him again and again for years, with no complaint or call for attention.  I never spoke about my personal relationship with him. It was something I deemed sacred.

I assume Swami Chetanananda will respond with nonsense about me to make fun of me. He will portray himself as the victim.

“Poor me. Why does this always happen to me?”

I’m unsure exactly what he will say. Maybe he’ll say I want public recognition, or I’m unhappy with not getting what I wanted.

With his gift of speech, he will make fun of me. He will discredit me. Remember, he is a politician and frat boy first, before being a “yogi.”

It is not true.

If I had wanted public recognition as a yoga teacher, I could have had that long ago.

I walked away from that when I moved into The Movement Center and decided to dedicate myself to serving my teacher and community there.

Whatever other nonsense he says about me is honestly his PAIN.

And an inability among his students to understand the paradox that yes, your teacher has the power to awaken something beautiful inside of you. He also abuses that power and privilege by sexually engaging with young women.

He calls it “giving them an opportunity” rather than what it is: Lies upon lies, manipulation, abuse of power, and an attempt to ameliorate his own great discomfort from taking on way too much in his life to prove a point, and then having to “burn it off” with the girl du jour.

Of course, it is more fun to have a fun and flirty relationship than deal with your actual problems and life.  Who wouldn’t prefer that?

Totally justified, except that it keeps ending badly for the woman in question, and he absurdly keeps painting himself as a victim!

“Why does this always happen to me?” Boo hoo.

Point 1: ‘He Never Did That to Me.’

To all the middle-aged people who say, “He never hit on me. I never witnessed anything like that in my 200 years studying with him,” I have a reply.

He never hit on you because you were not an attractive young woman when you met him – or because you were not part of the “inner circle.”

Point 2 “Natasha, how can you be so ungrateful to your guru?”

I am grateful for the experiences of my innermost self-awakening, the wisdom that arose from that awakening, and the experience of my Kundalini energy becoming alive and on fire within.

All these experiences occurred before I moved into the Ashram. I became completely disconnected from it when I became involved personally with Swami Chetanananda.

I became mind-controlled and focused on serving him, attending to his every insecurity, working overtime to pacify it, and burning the candle at both ends.

For him, I ran a yoga studio, contributed to the yoga teacher trainings, and taught the only growing yoga classes in the studio. I managed the front desk until a new student came along who gratefully took over.

I managed Swami Chetanananda’s personal life and needs.

Work that I have yet to be acknowledged for by the The Movement Center staff.  Rather than being supportive to me and helping me find a better way and deeper truth, they shunned me from the beginning and made me feel rejected, isolated, and alone with no one to go to or talk to. They did this because they knew of my relationship with Swami Chetanananda and did not approve. Yet they were powerless to say anything or do anything for fear of being rejected by their guru.

Point 3 Thanks to everyone who wrote me personally to say #metoo.   

Mostly young women my age, some of them my students (I’m horrified!!) – who on the first private meeting with SC found themselves being hit on. Of course, he will laugh at and deny it.

Yet, women know. And the truth is, his students know.

Point 4 “But he didn’t have sexual relations with all of them.”  

No, but he tested the waters, and he tried.

Point 5 “I had a BDSM relationship with Swami. It was wonderful.” 

Good for you! I bet you weren’t a sexually inexperienced young girl in your twenties when he engaged you, but rather older, more rooted in yourself, and more experienced.

So you could just open up to it and take it in, rather than dealing with multiple layers simultaneously, including awkwardness with feeling your body breathing and feeling another, and being made to feel like shit when constantly reminded of your inability to “open up”.

Had he given me a year to get situated in myself and the practice and being around him and his big energy, we might all be in a vastly different place today.

Shoemaker and Rudi

I believe the practice given by Rudi and taught by Swami Chetanananda resolves the blockages within a person.  But getting fucked five times a day to get me to “open and relax” only had the opposite effect for me and spun me out.

It did not ground me in my own Self, my capacity, and my innate beauty, wisdom, and power.

It tanked my self-esteem and confidence, and made me feel like an inadequate human.

Point 6 “But you must open and become unconditionally loving to your guru, Natasha.”

I have opened my heart to that man way more than anyone within or outside the Ashram walls will ever understand.

First, I’ve loved him through some really dark shit and received a lot of mockery in response.

Secondly, do you feel that a man who still tells the tales of when his students “screwed him over” back in the 70s and 80s is unconditionally loving?

The number of people he talks ‘shit’ about and blacklists is in the hundreds. Yet this man claims to be an example of unconditional love and respect?

Stop lying to yourself and HOLD THE PARADOX:

He has real light and a lot of real darkness – and it devoured an exceptional girl, and has devoured many.  And it’s all good and games until that pendulum lands on YOU.

Isa Raim

Point 7 “Lastly…”

the lovely Isa Raim, who lives in Europe, has had some short but powerful stints at The Movement Center. I have a lot of respect for him.

He said he has only seen Swami Chetanananda be respectful towards me and so generous with his support of me through a difficult time.

He deleted his comment, but I want to share with you what I replied to him.

Yes, I am grateful that I am as healthy as I am today. And I refer you to the last 16 minutes of the Dave Chapelle show that I posted on my feed to speak to “what happened to me” and my feelings around the amazing care I received.

I reiterate, I am grateful. I’m also thankful for staying away and speaking publicly for my safety and the safety of others.

Swami Chetanananda has a LOT of compensation patterns that he is not honest about.

This is a danger to real students, who might make endless excuses for him and end up “in the drink,” as he likes to say. He has no awareness and takes no thoughtful responsibility for his energy.

This is crude, but it’s fucking real.


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  • Is it true that Connie Dyer and Liz Bazzani gave there daughters to The Salamiji for sexual healing?

    • Liz B did not give her daughters to SC. She fiercely protected them. Other second generation students, however, did have ongoing sexual relationships with MS. Many disappeared quietly, never to be heard from again

  • Where is the responsibility to report crimes and prevent ongoing victimization of women by Michael shoemaker and his inner circle.

    I agree women need to heal, but their healing can occur while simultaneously reporting crimes to authorities.

    Many were victimized and may not want to be publicly known.

    However where is their responsibility to their fellow man? If you know crimes are occurring and do not report them, you become complicit.

    Stop playing the victim or using your own victimization to absolve yourself of civic duty/responsibility to others.

    Each day that passes women are at risk of losing their lives and their sanity. Using victimhood as justification to turn a blind eye to the abuse of others fuels exactly what shoemaker wants and counts on.
    As the sadism and abuse continues without consequence.

  • Ultimately, one has to come to terms with the years lost to a man who is essentially a fraud, a mirage. There is power there, most likely wholly transmitted through no true accomplishment of his own but by the accomplishment of Rudi and the lineage; and anything that was received is a choked and twisted form of his pain — a chocolate cake of shit — that you’ll spend decades unwinding if it hasn’t already sent you round the twist.

    He is far too lazy and vain to do anything of real and lasting value for his own students; and he lacks mastery of his own cock to do anything of value for himself. His reckoning will come in the slow demise of all he holds dear, and on his death bed: the full realization of his utter failure to fulfill his potential and get the one thing that eludes him; though it was offered to him so very many times.

    He just couldn’t get his drug and sex addiction under control to hold the transmission long enough to elevate him or his manifestation. He knows this. And I won’t deny part of me takes great pleasure in knowing it haunts him and will occupy his thoughts until the end.

    For those of us still practicing, happy Guru Purnima everyone. No one can take away the guru within.

  • I have met/and spoken with victims/survivors of Shoemaker and their family members. I have been told about non-consensual sodomy, strangulation, rape, sexual violations, gaslighting, forced labor, forced drug use, stalking, and broken and bent family relations. I have been told how those who escaped used self-medication (drug use) to dampened down psychological harm and fear and those who had thoughts of self-harm. Those who were “abused” out of the cult when they were no longer useful to Shoemaker left with nothing and ended up on the floor at a friend’s house or living in their vehicles.

    They were to poor, too old, too “damaged” or sick to work or to be a sexual plaything. I have reported all this to law enforcement, but I am not the victim nor witness to the events, so my reports were considered hearsay.

    Please come forward and denounce abuse you witnessed or received at the hands of J. Michael Shoemaker, aka Swami Chetanananda and his high demand, high control, criminal organization. He does not abuse alone; his inner circle supports and abets his abuse. Sharon Ward, Jim Brissette, Jennifer Wilhelm, Thomas Frabrisio, Howard and Vivina Boster and Jessie Sweeney are some of the “inner circle” who know about and have participated in the abuses.

    What abuse can you denounce?

    Fraudulently recruited and labor trafficked:

    Were you recruited to join a “spiritual community”? Did you become “enlightened”?

    Were you “given room and board” and required to provide free labor by cleaning, cooking, gardening, or running errands, providing support for teacher training activities or “classes”?

    Did you get W2 forms? Proper reporting of your wages for social security and Medicare credits? Did you get the wage and labor benefits and protections as required by Oregon State law?

    Did you pay your “tuition” and still provide free labor?

    If this describes your situation, this is human labor trafficking. It can be a federal crime.

    Do you know of others who were treated this way?

    The trafficker, Shoemaker, and his inner circle, saved money and benefited from you labor. This is classic labor trafficking. Denounce this practice: Call Paul Chang, Western Regional Coordinator for Human Trafficking

    Paul Chang
    Western Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator
    US Department of Labor
    Wage and Hour Division
    Work: (714) 418-8620 | Fax: (626) 732-4934

    Love Bombed, Groomed and Abused?

    What can you denounce?

    Were you lied to about Swami Chetanananda and his group?

    Were you told that your family was evil? That they wanted to harm you? That they were full of demons or mentally unbalanced? This was done to isolate you and to make you vulnerable and susceptible to conditioning and conversion.

    Were you showered with positive attention and induced to join a happy, functional group that proved to be a dysfunctional, abusive, and criminal group? This is love bombing, preparing you for conversion and abuse.

    Were you exposed to activities that violated your ethics and values and encouraged to accept these abusive behaviors? This is gaslighting it was used to condition you to accept your own abuse. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse are all abuse and physical and emotional harm is caused by all forms of abuse.

    Did Swami Chetanananda “read” your future and use details from that reading to cause you to fear leaving the group? Were you told if you left you would suffer an accident? Go to jail, go insane? This is coercive control, used to abuse and harm you.

    Were you sexually abused, sexually exploited, touched inappropriately?
    If you lived at the Movement Center and performed “seva”, you lived and worked in an abusive environment.

    Denounce this behavior and harm.

    Contact Nathan Wollstein, Portland Police Detective
    Detective Nathan Wollstein (# 39011)
    Portland Police Bureau
    Sex Crimes Unit
    (503) 545-3482

    Even if you feel that “nothing happened to me”, you might hold details of abuses that can put Shoemaker and his inner circle in jail. What did you see, what did you hear, what did you do? Moni, Jen, Natacha, Eva, Liz, Pia, Vanessa, “Pinky”, Laura, Jessica, Dan, Jes, Ayaz and many more have all been harmed while residents at an ashram led by Shoemaker. Yes, even his “flying monkeys” are his victims. Stand up for all his victims, denounce Shoemaker.

    You can ask Christine Mascal, a Portland Lawyer to bring a civil case against Shoemaker and his inner circle. Christine Mascal has gotten settlements from Shoemaker without going to court. He doesn’t’ want to have to face a “discovery” in court, he will settle fast. He is a coward.

    You can ask Christine Mascal to listen to your interview with Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang. Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang will need to apply the state or federal statues to determine if what was done to you or to others is a crime and if it falls within the statute of limitations regarding when the crime occurred. Using these criteria, if your complaint is deemed to not be a “crime” and you suffered harm and abuse, there is the opportunity for a civil settlement.

    Christine Mascal can assist you in gaining a civil settlement. Civil settlements require a much lower bar of evidence.Just starting the process of bring a case will threaten Shoemaker. He is an alleged coward and will not want to be taken to court. He has everyting to lose if he must face “discovery”. He will lose in a civil court because he is alledgedly a wicked, evil man who harms women much smaller than he is.

    If Shoemaker can not be taken to jail, all of us who have been harmed can bankrupt him through the out of court settlement process. Nothing that was done to you was your fault, you were fraudulently recruited, converted, groomed and abused by a well oiled cult machine that has been doing this for over 50 years. Get justice and compensation for yourself and encourage others to do the same.

    The Raniere case that Frank helped to break has opened to door to applying human labor and sex trafficking to cultic abuse, who better to apply the new approach to than a man with a 50 year pattern of harm?

  • It is time for a lashing for the inner circle. A demure, pretty-faced woman who can never talk about anything but how beautiful things are, who is afraid to live a real life, so they hide.

    A gracious, charming, long-time associate who has stabbed many in the back, and possesses a unique ability to make people squirm and twist in the wind. A consigliere, who professes to be a person of charity, who turns their back on long time so-called loved ones, in a cold and callous way.

    A sloppy business person who plays “fast and loose” and lets the debris of their carelessness fall upon others. A troll like grump, who cannot hold a conversation. Two psychos. I call them the Manson sisters. One is a schizophrenic nut case. The other is a long-time, well disliked troublemaker.

    An aide who was a chief facilitator who now studies a dualistic religion. All of these people have one thing in common: they are weak people. Who hide behind the Guru’s power. You can run, but you can never hide forever. You are losers. All of you. May your inner lives come crashing down upon you for your part in the cult

  • This account of Natasha’s was written shortly after she finally left The Movement Center what four, five years ago? She recently reposted it was seen by one of the victim’s Mothers copied and pasted it on a Cult Recovery page, and then also passed it along to Frank.

    But you already know that, don’t you, Anonymous? I think a better question is, why did you have your kid sign an NDA and take a cash settlement? Do you understand how you appear as a bully and abuser in your own right, stalking survivors and making demands, having no idea nor caring about where they are in their healing process?

    You certainly don’t care what happens to them as a result. So you want this woman who nearly died, broke a copious amount of her bones, and has gone through mind, body, soul torture that not a ONE of these people reading about her could come close to fathoming to take this on all by herself.

    It’s all up to her?

    I don’t think so. I understand you being upset. You also made choices at the time that you thought were in the best interest of your child, that has limited you in being able to seek what I hoped was justice, but based on your incredibly exploitative and aggressive treatment of other victims, appears nothing less than bloodthirsty revenge.

    You don’t get to have it both ways, and you ARE hurting good people in your approach. Stop using other hurt women as your kindling to set this man on fire. Sometimes we become the very thing we hate, and your toe is well beyond that line.

    There are MANY people who are well informed of these going ons and have been for decades. Many ugly secrets. They will have to live with the consequences and what’s coming for them in the afterlife for being a silent party to all this selfishness, torture, and sickness. It’s not up to one physically tiny and still healing woman to take that all upon herself, and my opinion is you are shitty to demand that.

    No one was there for her or anyone else when they left for similar reasons, and you certainly aren’t here for them or her, you are here for YOU. So all this really amounts to is re-victimization. She will come forward if she wants to in her OWN TIME, that isn’t up to you. Again, you chose your own ball gag. Live with it.

  • Oh boy I’m going to rant now.

    Now that I know what fully went on there, I have literally laughed out loud at what I’ve learned people often said about me behind my back (now that I’ve connected with other survivors, and we talk….boy oh boy what nasty losers some of you so called “spiritual” folk are, you all said some horrible shit about me behind my back, you actual silly cowards).

    Its so hilarious now, because I was one of the sober ones who never participated in the gross sex “practices”**** (I didn’t even know!), the drug abuse (again didn’t even know!), and the absolutely mentally ill backstabbing/gossiping/henpecking (that I knew about and avoided as best I could). I also never excused or victim blamed sexual harassment or rape (or pedophilia, we know btw) ever in my life (not like its not hard to not do that btw, ya f*ckin actual jabronis!!). I never ever once said “boys will be boys” or argued that a gurus disgusting behavior was made up for by his “shakti” or “gifts”.

    **** disclaimer this is not to make any of the victims caught up in the “upper circle” feel lesser, its just that I never was willingly part of that shit, like shoemakers co-enablers were/are, like Moni, Jen, Jimi, Sharon, Howard, Theresa, Salman, Tom, Patty, Gretchen, Heather and more. Its fucking hilarious in retrospect, now I can recognize the behavior of the past that was weirdly abusive to me or conversely “strong” (like they had a lot of energy lol….hmmmm) correctly as these flatbrain individuals actually strung out on meth/coke/whatever. L O FUCKING L!!! You are FAKERS! FRAUDS!!! The naked emporer is naked and so are you!

    Can you all just stop with your fucking nonsense btw its gonna all be exposed now. None of you are elevated above anyone by doing this. Pretending healthy anger at being abused is “bad” or a “low vibration” is a form of abuse called spiritual bypassing. And none of the women abused here “brought it on themselves”! (Can we have some 21st century progress please? Time for that sh*t to end, its victim blaming boomer garbage, mixed with woowoo about karma its as gross as gross can be.)

    And any of you dumb*ss cult supporters reading this thinking shoemakers “generosity” made up for anything, just google Jimmy Saville btw. Watch the documentary on him. One of the most “charitable” men in all history. He similarly had a thing for using the vulnerable and mentally ill in a “certain way” while giving lots to them.

    I wonder what y’all think of yourselves to be so cowardly and mean btw? Do you think you’re enlightened, accomplished and part of something special by palling up together to be cruel to others (particularly vulnerable others) either to their faces or behind their back? OMG SO DEEP AND SPECIAL! /s.

    There is literally no way you don’t feel some prick of conscience being part of this.

    When Trump became a political candidate, all I could see was how similar to Shoemaker he is and this was years after I got out. He’s a frat boi, megalomaniac rapist just like the “guru.” Wow, so madly unique! So not normal and not boring! What a pathbreaker! No way there’s ever been a guy like him in the world!

    Lets just assume for one second for the sake of the brainwashed, that those powers Shoemaker claims to have actually exist.

    Okay then, for anyone reading who still follows the fat f*ck with the rotted teeth, remember the phrase “When the seed is sweet it grows into a sweet fruit, when the seed is hot it grows into a hot fruit?”

    That is something one of you crusty-ass cross-eyed nutcases would chant to me all the time. So let’s ask ourselves rhetorically:

    What is a Michael Shoemaker? Sweet or hot?

    From what I now know he is at minimum, a meth addicted cocaine addled career con man who flies into a rage at the slightest sense of criticism or rejection, ok also a serial rapist, lets not forget. Oh boy what a sweet fruit!! Just like Trump is such a darling! Such a kind, generous, successful, bigbrain, successful stable genius. There’s never been a “man” like him!

    And for anyone still part of this [bowel] “movement” center you are yourselves lying with this dog. So what does that make you?

    Honestly I have to ask…

    Is it broken wing syndrome? Did you never learn how to be independent people of character? Do you cling so hard to an abusive hierarchy and a fantasy of spirituality (maybe a flash of some kind of “power” and the promise of more drugs) just because it gives you a sense of false security and purpose that you fear will never exist if you leave or recognize it for its falsehood?

    Its better out here. It really is.

    Probably many of you have internalized messages from Shoemaker yourself that you can’t survive without him or he will send demons to curse you. Or the world outside is destined to ruin.

    Its a fucking con! I’m living proof!

    Y’all treated me like I was weak and incapable, but here I am living a pretty dang successful independent and “growing” life, and I’ll never excuse an abuser ever in my life, no matter what I’m being promised or threatened with. Little me, that person whom you treated like I was developmentally delayed and couldn’t function in the regular world. Who will have the last laugh in the end?

    I think I will. Truth and justice sometimes are slow, but inevitable.

    I’m already laughing. All the shit you said about me was staggeringly cowardly and weak projection.

    Y’all are the addicts with delusions and pathologies and serious errors of judgement. No amount of saffron, pearls, gold, sandalwood, silk, cashmere, honey, roast meat, money, nice chanting, fancy art, rare artifacts, trips around the world, paid for school– none of that can make up for your complete inauthenticity and failure as human beings. The stink of criminality, fraud and abuse is all over every one of you that stays involved and supportive of this narcissistic fraud.

    You can however, always start somewhere with reality, anytime, like now. Use your voices. Speak truth to power.

    Here’s something I repeated in my head many times in my first year out:

    A feast with criminals and tyrants is always inferior to bread and water by yourself. And now I have true friends, so I can say its even better!

    Try to stick that into your meth melted brains; Jimi, Moni, Sharon, Gretchen, Jen, Heather, Theresa. Lol. Can you even do that?

    How are you going to go down with this I ask? Because this is going to go down. Are you going to go down with the rotten fruit that is Shoemaker?

  • Jessica Becker and “Tina” plotted a failed attempt to storm the community that has supported and nurtured them for decades. They play the victims to hide their shame at the demons they see in the mirror. Now “Horsetail” is playing along with their narcissism and manipulation. Psychos, spies, Manson, liar, dipshittery. Lots of name calling. No love. Only self-hatred turned outwards. But it is never too late to walk on the proper path of love again. We know your crimes, your addictions, your childhood traumas and we accept you as the flawed people you are. We have everything documented. We are peaceful but we will defend ourselves in both the spiritual and material planes of existence including the legal. We do not live with fear in our hearts because we are filled with love and compassion. Swami still prays for you. We all pray for you. He forgives you but his forgiveness cannot do the work for you. Come back to the community with good intentions not hatred in your hearts and we will welcome you back.

  • Hey Manson Sisters. You know who you are, two psychos who act as spies. Please do convey my thoughts to the Swami. Despite all of his power, spiritual and otherwise, there are two things he will never be in possession of. 1) Class. He has none. 2) Integrity.
    Cant hold onto either for the life of him. Cant be bought, can’t get them through pujas or spiritual accomplishments. He is a classless individual. Integrity? That’s a laugh. A life long habitual liar, integrity escapes him. He knows that what I say here is true, and hates himself for it. Gotcha.

  • I am a writing a book. It is entitled, The Ashram: A Dipseydoodle Retrospective of Epic Dipshittery by Horsetail. Here is the outline

    The Good:

    A Spiritual Awakening: Access to the Lineage.

    A Garden well Tended

    The Guru as an Energy Source

    The Practice and the Community: A truly Amazing Opportunity

    The Bad:

    Special Deals and Favoritism: It was Rigged from the Get Go

    You are a defective human being, but he loves you anyway, unconditionally

    Without him, you are sunk in every way

    He who Takes credit for others work and talents, but takes no blame for anything

    The ugly:

    A string of deception, and a dyed in the wool cult

    A Spiritual Bully in Action

    The Inner Circle is on it

    A walking Disaster area of a man

    The Bad stuff is well….really bad.



    Moving on, life goes on: taking full responsibility for our own choices

    Let’s all Grow up: Isn’t it about time?

    We were all exposed to something wonderful

    Next Chapters of our lives.

    • Why don’t you come forward and report all of it to prevent others from being victimized by such evil?

  • 1.The misunderstood victim — “they just didn’t understand me,” or “they didn’t want to support my work;” “those people were a bunch of idiots.”
    2. Low levels of introspective thinking –They don’t learn from past bad experiences
    3. They do not own their shadow self — their lurking, disregulated inner self, causes them to be emotionally unavailable; they lack of awareness of their pain and disappointment, and how it affects their lives and others
    4. Project an image of superiority or perfection – They can’t admit their own humanity; they need to put themselves above everyone else, and hold others to a lower position.
    5. They collect lackeys or flying monkeys – They hone in on individuals who they can dominate, or yes people. They won’t tolerate people that think differently.
    6. Many self-serving rationalizations – As their broken relationships pile up, they rationalize why in a self-serving way and can’t be honest with themselves: “they were weak” “they couldn’t do the work” “they had a mental illness” “they were jealous” “they were too insecure”
    7. Causing others to be defensive or “break,” is the way to win: They put guilt-trips on the other person, they accuse, they shame, they try to make you look like you have all sorts of problems, they never admit fault, if you break, it’s evidence that they were right about you

    Eventually they become a caricature of themselves. Narcissists don’t have a heart or the capacity for true empathy. It is learned behavior to fake it. You can never change them. You can only change yourself.
    Dr Les Carter

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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