Obscene Facebook Posts; Alleged Sexual Misconduct: Custody Evaluator Role in Kassenoff Case

In the last post, FR examined the role of Dr. Marc T. Abrams, the court-appointed custody evaluator who changed the lives of three children by separating them from their mother.

Dr. Abrams was a member of the Panel of Forensic Custody Evaluators in the First and Second Judicial Departments in New York – before Catherine Kassenoff got him thrown off for gross misconduct.

Dr. Abrams’ Actions Lead to Separation of Children from Mother

Carol Most

Carol Most, the court-appointed attorney for the children in the Kassenoff divorce and custody case,  recommended Dr. Abrams to Family Court Judge Lewis Lubell.

Dr. Abrams depended on referrals from attorneys like Most.  

Judge Lubell appointed Dr. Abrams as the “neutral” custody evaluator to determine who should have custody of the Kassenoff girls – the father or the mother. 

Allan Kassenoff, the father, would pay 80 percent of his fee, and the mother, Catherine, would pay 20 percent. 

Controversial Evaluator

Just as Most got the court to appoint Dr. Abrams in Kassenoff, she had him appointed for Treanor v Treanor. 

Another common denominator in both cases is that Stephanie Treanor had the same attorney as Allan Kassenoff–Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus. 

Gus Dimopoulus

Treanor, however, had a problem with Dr. Abrams. She told Dimopoulus that Dr. Abrams sexually harassed her.  

Not only that, Stephanie knew another woman, Cecilia Thomas, who said Dr. Abrams committed sexual misconduct with her during a custody evaluation. 

Treanor wanted to tell the judge and disqualify Dr. Abrams as her custody evaluator. 

But Dimopoulus and Carol Most did not want these two women telling the court what happened when Dr. Abrams was alone with them. A scandal could cause Dr. Abrams to lose the custody evaluation appointment for Dimpoulous’ [and Most’s] “whale,” Allan Kassenoff.

Allan Kassenoff

Most and Dimopopulus conspired to hide the matter from the court and Catherine Kassenoff.

On October 3, 2019, Gus emailed Stephanie Treanor that he would quit unless “You agree not to disclose Cecilia Thomas’ allegations in this Court proceeding without my express written consent… You will not ask me to move the court to have Dr. Abrams removed as the forensic evaluator in this case… You agree to immediately pay the court-ordered retainer to Dr. Abrams and… continue with the evaluation… You will make an appointment with him on his next available date (within the next 15 days)…”

Controversial Facebook Posts By Neutral Evaluator

While Catherine knew nothing about Dr. Abrams’ sexual harassment allegations, she was concerned about his Facebook posts, which seemed misogynistic and undoubtedly political.

A neutral custody evaluator who used such language as “pussy!”, “whore,” “prostitutes,” “Republiscum,” “jackass in chief,” “NRA whore!”, “douches,” “COWARDLY WHORES!” seemed outlandish.

She brought it to the attention of the AFC Most, who said she had worked with Dr. Abrams for decades, that he was “her” expert on another pending case in Orange County, and  his Facebook posts were “funny.”

For instance, on October 24, 2012, Abrams posted on Facebook: “If a woman votes Republican, do they hate themselves or just have really, really LOW self-esteem?”

On February 21, 2018, Abrams addressed a taunt as follows: “To all of our elected COWARDLY WHORES.” On February 22, 2018, Dr. Abrams called on “Sane Citizens” to: “VOTE THE WHORES OUT OF OFFICE.”

On August 18, 2018, Abrams posted a photo of Rudolph Giuliani with this caption: “His head is now used as a rectal fissure plug for Trump.”

On January 21, 2018: “I think that Jessica Hahn sucked his brain out through his dick many years ago.”

On August 24, 2018, he posted an image that depending on how one sees it – a woman performing oral sex on a man or a man reading a book.

In the fall, Dr. Abrams commenced his evaluation of the Kassenoff family. He knew that Catherine was the long-time primary caregiver of the three children. The children wanted to live with their mother, they said.

Catherine provided Dr. Abrams with evidence of Allan’s physical and emotional abuse, including audio/videos of him, his admissions, third-party affidavits and statements, medical records, CPS reports, police reports, and therapists’ reports.

During one or more meetings with Catherine in the forensic evaluation, when they were alone, Dr. Abrams asked her sexually inappropriate questions, she said in court filings.

Custody Evaluation Complete; Emergency Eviction

On March 25, 2020, Dr. Abrams issued his forensic custody report, recommending the court grant Allan custody of the children.

Abrams’ custodial recommendation rested on a finding that Catherine was “gaslighting” the children to imagine Allan had abused them when he had not.

In his findings, Abrams also created a diagnosis for Catherine of an “unspecified” personality disorder. It was peculiar. Catherine had no history of a mental illness, and her therapist, a psychiatrist, went on the record saying Catherine had no mental health issues.

On March 27, 2020, two days after Abrams’ report, Gus moved for an “emergency” ex parte order for Catherine’s immediate eviction from the house she, Allan, and the kids had lived in for years. Judge Lubell chose to grant the order without hearing from Catherine. He trusted Dr. Abrams.

Judge Lubell also chose not to consider the testimony of Catherine’s therapist, an M.D., who supported Catherine’s firm mental health.

During the height of the COVID pandemic, Judge Lubell ordered Catherine from her home; she was now childless and homeless. The kids were cared for by their mother on the morning of March 27, and by the evening, they lost their primary attachment figure based on the expert opinion of Dr. Abrams – him and him alone.

Allan paid Dr. Abrams $32,000 for his evaluation. Then, in July 2020, Allan paid Dr. Abrams $400/hour to testify for several days on his behalf at a hearing to keep Catherine away from her children.

Catherine Files Complaint Against Dr. Abrams 

During the summer of 2021, Catherine filed a complaint against Dr. Abrams with the Office of Attorneys for Children and the Mental Health Professionals Certification Committee, alleging gross misconduct. His alleged misconduct included a false diagnosis of her mental health, minimized domestic abuse by Allan, was financially aligned with Allan, sexually harassing her and other women, and was misogynistic and biased.

On August 24, 2021, Dr. Abrams was removed in disgrace from the Panel of Forensic Custody Evaluators in the First and Second Judicial Departments at the recommendation of the MHPCC, based on Catherine’s complaint.

Social Media Post Exposes Judge’s Relationship with Dr. Abrams

Judge Lubell knew that Catherine caused Dr. Abrams’ removal from the panel, which cost him a substantial share of his income. In addition, the family court lawyers lost a reliable custody evaluator they knew would find parental alienation when they needed it for one of their “whales.”  

Judge Lubell was aggressive, screaming at Catherine, threatening to arrest her, and telling her to get mental help.

Mother Files Grievance Against Judge in Custody Battle

Then on November 20, 2021, Catherine struck back when she posted a photograph of Judge Lubell presiding over Dr. Abrams’ wedding on social media.

Next, on November 26, 2021, Catherine filed a grievance with the Commission on Judicial Conduct against Judge Lubell, in which she detailed his inappropriate relationship with Dr. Abrams and his numerous baseless threats to incarcerate and arrest her and refer her to the grievance committee, baseless threats to hold her in contempt, and his intemperate demeanor, which he displayed by screaming in the courtroom at her.

On November 29, 2021, Judge Lubell announced to Catherine, Allan, and his team, Dimopolus and Most, that there was “strong support for recusal in this matter,” he recused himself from the case, possibly sparing himself from removal from the bench.

Judge Lubell declared a mistrial of all the contempt motions Allan and his team pursued against Catherine in the hope that Judge Lubell would jail her.

As a parting gesture, he restricted her from contacting the children on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Family Court Actors

Children’s Lives Altered Despite Removal 

But this post is about Dr. Marc T. Abrams, an expert forensic custody evaluator, whose $32,000 findings paid by the father separated three children from their mother.

Even though Dr. Abrams was removed from the case, Judge Lubell’s order stood. Allan had the children. Catherine was banned from their lives, and her fight continued.

Email Reveals Evaluator’s Behavior

Some might wish to understand the enormous wrong of Dr. Abrams’ alleged behavior and its context – a supreme power imbalance between a custody evaluator whose absolute power can corruptly determine who raises children and a mother trying to protect them.

Cecilia Thomas does this for us. Her email helped stop Dr. Abrams – after 40 years of custody evaluations – from doing what he did to her and Catherine, and who knows how many other mothers and their children – taken away on the word of one man, strangely aligned with attorneys and judges who appears to be anything but neutral.

Thomas Email on Dr. Abrams

Cecilia Thomas

August 26, 2019,

This letter is in reference to my experience with Dr. Marc Abrams when he was assigned as the forensic psychologist during my custody battle case for my young daughter approximately eleven years ago.

I was in my early twenties, going through a contentious divorce in Westchester County, NY.

Although I had highly reputable representation, my estranged husband and I could not agree on a custody schedule, it was left up to Dr. Abrams and his evaluation report as to who would get primary custody of our daughter.

At the time of the initial meeting with him, he looked at me from head to toe and then instructed me to sit in a chair. He then brought his chair directly in front of mine, uncomfortably close. He took out several 8×10 photos from a file he’d been holding, and started showing them to me one by one, asking me humiliating and accusatory questions about them.

The photos were personal in nature (mostly of me wearing a bathing suit or underwear) and had been taken by my ex-husband during our marriage.

Dr. Abrams’ questions and demeanor were extremely intimidating. He then completely changed direction and began asking me a number of very personal questions, including my ethnicity, which had nothing to do with my character, love as a mother, and caretaker for my daughter.

He set the tone as dominating and aggressive, while consistently reminding me that he had the power to determine the outcome of my future.

Subsequently, he started to call me while I was at work, telling me to drop everything to come to his office as he needed a meeting with me. This happened several times. At one meeting, he touched my hips and my shoulders, showing me proper form for his martial arts practice in which he had a studio next door.

This was inappropriate and made me feel extremely uncomfortable, but I was terrified to lose my daughter and did not want to upset Dr. Abrams or tell him I thought he was crossing the line.

Over time, he started asking me to come to his home. He wanted to cook for me and show me some of the wines he collected and enjoyed. I obviously refused and kept making up excuses, saying that I wouldn’t want to jeopardize losing my daughter and that it would not be appropriate.

Inside, I feared he was either trying to have a personal relationship with me or set me up. I was so scared I didn’t know if I should tell anyone. He was married, and I felt so uncomfortable every time he asked me to come over. He finally stopped asking me, but then things got even worse.

He had a couch in his office, and one day he went and laid on it while I was sitting in the chair. He asked me to come over and be next to him. My stomach turned, and I just wanted to run out of his office. He said he just wanted to feel me close to him and that the case was almost finished and it was looking really good for me.

I went over to the couch, and he asked me to lay on him, so I did. My back on his chest. I could feel that he became erect, and I started to cry. I made an excuse that I needed to go or I would get fired, and I needed my job to care for my child.

I wish I had the courage at the time to stand up for myself. I was young, vulnerable, and horrified of losing my baby girl. I did not understand the process of determining custody, but I did know that this man had a massive amount of power over me as the mother of a young girl.

I felt I couldn’t tell my attorneys because of the potential repercussions. There was literally no one I felt I could trust, and I was also so ashamed and disgusted with what he did to me.

I have been tortured by the memories of this experience for many years, and can go no longer without exposing the actions of this man – not only because of what he did to me, but also because of the fear of all the other women who may have been subjected to the same thing.

I was granted primary custody of my beautiful daughter and have no agenda here other than for people to know the truth – Ceccilia Thomas

So this is the state of the jury-less, due process-less Family Court, where a judge can appoint and then attend the wedding of a sexually harassing expert with funny Facebook posts.

Everybody was laughing all the way to the bank.

Allan paid more than $3 million to win the battle of destroying his wife.

Of course, we have a long road to investigate. It is too early to make any final judgment.

We have yet to see Catherine’s death certificate. But it looks like Catherine is gone, dead, and lost to a cause she fought so bravely for four years.

It seems Allan, the whale, bought custody from a group of sharks arguably as sleazy and corrupt as he, in a money-driven perfidious court where tyrant judges rule without law, without reason, without compassion, who sell children to line the pockets of their criminal conspirators to the high bidder.

Catherine Kassenoff

Dr. Abrams is the poster boy-expert of the tremendously evil parental alienation theory, which takes children from mothers without a hearing and without regard to the pain they cause their children. To stop this, we must dedicate our efforts.

And Catherine Kassenoff, though not the first to fall, is a pillar to the cause.

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  • Unfortunately this is the sad state of our Court System and those that run it!! As long as there are corrupt ‘Big Wigs’ (being Judges, Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals, Police, Court Appointed Representatives for Children and so on) and there is any type of money to be made (either being physical property, belongings, vehicles or such) it doesn’t matter to them who they hurt or how they go about getting what they want!! It has been this way for many many years.

    When I left my ex-husband, who put me through hell, I worked two jobs to barely get by while he worked construction (which happened to be on a Union, prevailing wage job) was making almost triple what I was. I couldn’t afford an attorney but he could. I was taking antidepressants and his attorney used that against me! Seriously? Why? I feel like that showed I was being responsible by taking care of my mental health. He had three DUIs in less than one year, first two were within 5 months of each other, but the judge would not allow me to use that against him! Why? He ended up with residential custody but we had joint decision making and such. It worked out for me though for the simple fact that he met someone and ler her move in with him so he brought the kids back to let them live with me!

    A couple years ago I was seeing a man who started to abuse me. The police were called one night by someone after they heard me loudly saying something to him about how my mouth was bleeding after he punched me in the mouth. He knocked me down on the ground and was coming after me again when the police showed up, so he walk away to stand somewhere away from me. They came over and asked me a few questions then went over and asked him some questions. After talking with him they came over and arrested me for domestic violence – wth? He had a tiny mark on his leg from who knows what while I had a fat, bloody lip and a loose tooth. Crazy enough I have never been in any type of trouble with the law. The prosecutor didn’t give a crap about any of my proof of his abuse to me and in the police officers report they only submitted a statement from him but my statement was nowhere to be found! It took me 3 months of fighting to finally get the charges dropped!

    Things really do need to change and it’s going to take lots of work from a lot of people. Our society can not continue the way it is going. Our children all deserve to live in a better world than a world where the few despicable, greedy psychopaths or sociopaths use or destroy everyone else.

  • Many people don’t understand the level of strength and courage it took for Catherine to gather everything she did in the moment. She is getting the last word from her grave. Rest Well Catherine.

    Dr. Kristy Matala is to North Carolina children to what Dr. Marc Abrams was to Catherine Youssef Kassenoff children.

    • There are usually a few resourceful professionals such as Mr. Abrams in every most affected state.

      In Connecticut for example, Heibel and Roeder were said to have “written the book” on family law cases. Mr. Heibel was so resourceful, he rented an apartment for his mistress close to his office. Mr. Robson was the go-to guy in some of the worst custody cases. If you like poetry, don’t read Mr. Robson’s poems because his poetry will scare you.

      Mr. Freedman was the treasurer for a for-profit corporation called “Connecticut AFCC, Inc”. They said they weren’t making a profit in family courts. Of course they weren’t.

      It’s very difficult to address the corruption with such immoral people running the show. The kind of people who control family courts are the same kind of people who wage wars to rule the world and exploit everyone and everything on the planet.

      Fortunately for us, we now have a better idea of who’s done what. It’s a case of “just a few bad apples” ruining everything in the most affected states. Now that we’ve identified a few of the worst apples, we can start to remove them from every family court barrel. So, how can we do that? What are the best and most effective templates for family court bad apple removal?

      Petitions and public hearings take so long and have been minimally successful. The corruption in family courts continues.

      What about a clean sweep? Why aren’t state AGs going after the national family court crisis with the same enthusiasm they’ve shown in the Catholic Church crisis?

  • Wow, I’m speechless. Does he still have a license to practice? How can there be so much unchecked power? Do new York politicians have anything to say about all this yet?

  • Transitioning Families: “an extremely traumatic, unsound, unregulated, dangerous four-day torture chamber” says:

    “… It was just two months after the events of fire, when l received a text message accusing me of ‘parental alienation.’ I had to Google the term because l’d never heard of it before.

    The same term was used again during the Family Court hearing we attended in Los Angeles. Very quickly, and without hesitation, evidence or any investigation, the Family Court Judge ordered a custody evaluation, and appointed a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) – an attorney to act on behalf of our minor children. I was given no opportunity to speak, and I was ordered to pay for half of all the expenses …

    … Just days after my hospital discharge, and arrival home, my three young children and I were abruptly forced to pack up the belongings we had collected after the fire, and move from our rental home due to the direct actions of the children’s father, and into a trailer home. …”


  • Keep it up!!!! You are uncovering the horrifically dangerous family court. I just want you to know it is not only in West Chester court this is happening everywhere. The number of children that are being taken from mothers is staggering

    • Yet no motherhood. Org. No one appears to be the least concerned. Why, cause there is no funding. Children best interest is not being really addressed in family court. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

    • “The number of children that are being taken from mothers is staggering“

      The taking of the children started in “public schools”. Look what’s happening in public schools this year.


  • Regardless of the facts and the speculation in this case, we can’t expect any major media outlets to report on it anytime soon (if ever). Allan’s globally renowned law firm wins awards for litigating cases in the news media arena. It’s no wonder none of the big news media outlets haven’t published anything yet! Ultimately, Greenberg Traurig is the kind of firm with a reputation and record that makes people seek to avoid any utilization of their “good name” that could potentially result in a court battle. As such, it appears Allan could just remain shielded from big news media outlets so long as he remains employed by GT and maybe even if he does not (depending on how GT wants to spin the story). Either way, big news media outlets can’t be depended upon to get Catherine’s message out. : https://www.gtlaw.com/en/news/2023/03/press-releases/greenberg-traurig-named-entertainment-law-firm-of-the-year–at-2023-benchmark-litigation-us-awards

    • The New York Times/Washington Post probably won’t report family court crimes. The Wall Street Journal might. says:

      Now Tucker Carlson is on Twitter, old-time outlets will need to bend more toward truth-telling. Social media platforms are the media now and the old-time news outlet owners know it. Elizabeth Vargas even reported breaking news about how the American military captured UFOs and has been studying UFOs for decades.

      Good thing cause no one knew that was even possible. 😐

      “… The Wall Street Journal

      By Jeff Horwitz and Katherine BluntFollow
      June 7, 2023 7:05 am ET

      Instagram, the popular social-media site owned by Meta META -2.77%decrease; red down pointing triangle Platforms, helps connect and promote a vast network of accounts openly devoted to the commission and purchase of underage-sex content, according to investigations by The Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst …”


  • “Domestic Violence Month” didn’t work - - November is now: Family Court Awareness Month says:

    “The family court system is failing to protect children. Parental rights currently trump child safety. The very system that was established to govern family law cases and make decisions that are “in the best interest” of children, has some undeniable shortcomings that warrant awareness, conversation, solutions and ultimately, change …”


  • It’s interesting that in almost every video, the husband is trying to get away from the wife and she is chasing him.

    How many DV victims chase their abusers around like that?

    Also, she is friends with the extremely delusional Lizzie Harding. Red flag 🚩

  • Also, she made her announcement at 11:34am eastern time, saying “Today, I will be ending my own life.”

    But 11:34am eastern time is 5:34pm Swiss time.

    Wouldn’t she have written, “Tonight, I am ending my own life.” ?

    It’s not adding up.

    And I’m not even saying she is faking anything. What if someone kidnapped her and posted the suicide note as a coverup?

      • For Catherine’s sake. I don’t think we should all assume she is gone, without solid evidence. What if someone else has harmed her or what if she is still alive and safe from others but in extreme emotional distress and needs help?

        She should be investigated as an endangered missing person.

      • But seriously, how easy would it be, if you killed someone, to cover it up by posting on their Facebook “I am in Switzerland now and killing myself today.”

        And then everyone believes it and doesn’t bother to look for you. ???

        The chances are remote that that is what happened, but it needs to be investigated.

        • God forbid Allen orchestrated this as a coverup for murder. Hard to know. But it should definitely be investigated – both her assisted-suicide AND the family court judge(s), AFC and forensic evaluators.

        • Reminds me of the Snyder woman, whom I imagine was probably killed by her insignificant other.

  • Catherine was approved by the court to see the kids unsupervised on May 14, 2023, for Mother’s Day, according to her FB posts. But she feared it was a setup because Allan’s lawyer said “The kids might run away.” She filed for some type of protection order, which didn’t come through in time for the visit. So she never went to that visit.

    But then May 27, 2023, 13 days later, she is supposeldy in Switzerland, approved for assisted suicide, and pressing the button that day– because of horrible dad keeping her from the kids. Huh?

    Surely she knew of this supposed terminal diagnosis more than two weeks before the day she allegedly ended her life.

    So why the hell would she care if the visit was a setup or not?
    You are terminal, you are approved to see the kids, why wouldn’t you see them??

    It is not adding up.

    • She clearly put on her Facebook while she was granted a Mother’s Day visit, you dimwits doubt everything when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      Below is what GUS DIMOPOULOS wrote to the court to scare it into preventing a Mother’s Day visit. Although that visit was ultimately allowed to go forward without any “supervisor”, it didn’t happen because DIMOPOULOS threatened that the Children would “run away” and that my mother would be too frail to chase them down. That is: he has ensured that they are told to “run away”. On Mother’s Day. Of course, I could not risk such a spectacle that would subject me and my mother to false reports – again – and put the children in a terrible dilemma. This is the very definition of using children as pawns.
      DIMOPOULOS wrote to the Court to “give” me Mother’s Day:
      “If Ms. Kassenoff can secure a supervisor for the morning, the one activity the children can miss is ice skating, opening them up for a visit from 9AM to 12PM. Alternatively, if Ms. Kassenoff would like to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday with the children, provided she can secure a therapeutic supervisor, she is free to do so.”
      DIMOPOULOS also has my children calling me “Catherine” instead of “mom” now.
      I have been accused of “gaslighting” the Children to believe abuse that DIMOPOULOS says never happened. Yet, I have posted numerous videos on this site that many people have been repulsed by. Who is doing the gaslighting here? Are the videos lying?
      Where is the order of protection I have been asking for over and over and over again?


      • Who is doing the gaslighting here: DIMOPOULOS

        “If Ms. Kassenoff can secure a supervisor for the morning”
        [IF, Ms. Kassenoff. WE control your children now. “Secure a supervisor” because according to the Court, you are an unworthy low-life. WE control you and your children now.]

        “the one activity the children can miss is ice skating, opening them up for a visit from 9AM to 12PM.”
        [WE control your children now. Ice skating is ONE activity. The activity of seeing you is irrelevant. We “open them up” for a visit. 9AM to 12PM is three hours.]

        “Alternatively, if Ms. Kassenoff would like to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday with the children,”
        [IF Ms. Kassenoff would like to celebrate Mother’s Day, WE make the rules, now. Now, WE fully control Ms. Kassenoff and her children.]

        “provided she can secure a therapeutic supervisor,”
        [provided = WE tell you what to do now, low-life.]

        “she is free to do so.”
        [“free” … HA!. HA!. HA!.]]

        • Those statements about securing a supervisor happened before she was actually given unsupervised visitation for Mother’s Day tho.

          • Imagine being a good parent and reading:

            “If you can secure a supervisor you can see your children. You will not decide which activities your children will join and which activities they will miss. You can see your children ONLY three hours and ONLY if you are supervised. If you want to celebrate the next special day with your children, you will do so according to MY rules and for three hours ONLY. You are free to do that.”

      • But supposedly she knew she was about to die… I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t take the “risk” to see the children one last time.

      • Catherine wrote: “Of course, I could not risk such a spectacle that would subject me and my mother to false reports – again – and put the children in a terrible dilemma.”

        I’m sorry, but if she were truly terminally ill with two weeks to live , she would’ve taken the risk to see the children one last time.

        I don’t think she is dead.

        I think the police should be looking for her as a missing person in case she is in danger.

    • You’re a sick person. I’m sure you can parse through anyone’s actions while they are under extreme duress, and find inconsistencies and imperfections. But that’s not the standard. An educated, normal, loving mother was denied access to her children and made homeless and bankrupted. Something is very wrong with a system that allows this to happen.

      • She wasn’t homeless, she owned a $1 million home, paid in cash.

        the police need to be investigating this because she could be alive but in danger. Danger either from others or herself.

        • It wasn’t that she was homeless at this particular time. She was made homeless for periods of time when (1) She was summarily forced out of the home with no opportunity to even pack her belongings and (2) Was forced out of the apartment she had rented because the court issued an order against her requiring her to be more than a mile away from the kids at all times, and the apartment was within a one mile radius of the home. This is absurd. So until that order was dismissed, she could not live in her home, so she was rendered homeless.

  • “… Aikido Arts of Shin Budo Kai Inc

    June 7, 2013 ·

    As a 4th kyu so many, many years ago, I took over teaching Aikido in Greenwich, CT for Imaizumi Sensei, because he had to resume full-time teaching in NYC. I was the senior student and had the support of every other student at the dojo to continue classes. One of the teenagers in the class, was a wonderful young man … Last night, at the young age of 34, surrounded by all of us who loved he and his family so deeply, he peacefully passed on. His courage and strength were an inspiration to all who knew him. I am thankful for the opportunity that Aikido has given me to be able to be a part of someone’s live who made a positive difference to all who had the honor to meet him.


    Rob Liberti
    Sorry to hear this.
    10y …”

    “Keith Harmon Snow’s meticulously documented investigation into sex-trafficking of children by American judges is not to be missed. This scandal is one of the most important censored stories in our country today. I might not believe what Mr. Snow has written if I had not independently investigated two dozen cases not discussed in his article, and found ample evidence of the precise dynamics he lays out for us here. Anyone who says they care about child welfare needs to learn what is happening in family courts and take action until it is stopped. Once you start reading this exposé, you won’t be able to put it down. …” https://www.amazon.com/The-Worst-Interests-Child-Trafficking/dp/0981611486?asin=0981611486&revisionId=&format=4&depth=1

    “His investigation reveals a seamy web of professionals—lawyers, judges, guardian ad litems, psychiatrists and supervised visitation companies—whose backroom connections well serve their own financial interests at the expense of an abused child’s welfare. As Snow repeatedly demonstrates in multiple case histories, the protective parent’s resources are drained by these professionals, as she seeks to do whatever is financially necessary to protect her child.”

    • What kind of authorities allowed Mr. Abrams to work as an “evaluator” in family courts for so long?

      “… Without discussion or publicity, child rape has been decriminalised. It is now effectively impossible to prosecute the crime of incest. Convictions are rare and sentences are lenient. Paedophilia has been recharacterised as a legitimate sexual preference and paedophiles may apply for disability funding in Australia.

      Children are being sexualised in schools. Loved, well cared for children are being torn from their loving, caring, competent parents and given over to people who the children have identified as their abusers. This is carefully hidden by court orders and gagging orders.

      Most ordinary Australians are completely unaware of this. Powerful, wealthy, highly placed people have driven this agenda which feeds the multibillion-dollar industry of child trafficking and pornography. Australians who oppose this are killed, persecuted, and forced into hiding after having their lives destroyed.

      The defendants in the Operation Noetic prosecution are being prosecuted for the simple act of protecting children.

      This upcoming trial will be the final chapter of a masterpiece of blatant misuse of the law, and will bring the corrupt police, and the men who are identified by the children as their abusers to testify in open court.

      They will all be under oath.

      The actions of the officers of the Law Courts will be under huge legal scrutiny, and will have to adhere strictly to the laws of Australia.

      The safety of all children hangs in the balance. Parents stand to lose the right to protect their children.”


      A press conference in Australia in 2019:

      “ … and the public servants who were supposed to protect these children and did not apparently don’t regard child sexual abuse as a problem either.”

    • “… Some seven years ago Russell was approached by Professor Freda Briggs, Australia’s pre-eminent expert on child abuse, a well-known activist for children’s rights and the recipient of the ‘Order of Australia’ for her life’s work protecting children from abusive adults. Freda knew of Russell’s previous involvement in the protection of child victims and the story she told was a ghastly one. She asked him for help in supporting the protective mother of two children who had suffered the most gruesome injuries, allegedly, at the hands of the biological father and others known to the father.

      These shocking assaults had been reported 40 times by 13 adults but astonishingly, the Family Court, promptly handed the children back to their father and the abuse continued. The court also imposed a gag order, prohibiting the publication of any information about the case and the people involved.

      As is the wont of good men, Russell and Patrick responded immediately to Freda’s call. Frustrated by the silence, in a bid to get media interest they formed a political party, ‘The Australian Anti-Paedophile Party’, with the sole aim of exposing the malfeasance of the Family Court under Parliamentary Privilege. To little avail. The press looked the other way. Meanwhile, the mother of the two children, desperate to protect them from ongoing abuse, collected them from school and became a fugitive. Thirteen days later she phoned Russell asking for help transporting her to a place of safety and he promptly agreed …“


  • When our child refused to see or speak to me anymore, a New York City based “neutral” custody evaluator appointed by Westchester Supreme Court failed to investigate my ex’s narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis from our divorce’s custody evaluation. He labeled my ex the superior parent, but recommended “reunification therapy.” Our child refused to attend, and I haven’t spoken to or seen our child since.

  • A comment on a BigLaw thread …

    “I said this above, and I will say it again here. If you have ever practiced as an attorney anywhere other than family courts, it is almost impossible to imagine how dysfunctional they are. The courts themselves operate as though civil procedure is a fairy tale. Without exaggeration, almost all decisions made in family court are based on hearsay.

    Also, the idea that children at some point get to make decisions about where they live or are even adequately represented in these courts is a myth. Even if the children’s wishes are conveyed to the jurist, the jurist is never under an obligation to follow them. Experts, children’s attorneys and judges all routinely substitute judgment and ignore outcries of abuse from children in family courts. This most commonly happens when a parent who is accused of abuse alleges parental alienation as a defense, which I have never been able to make heads or tails of since expert testimony regarding this alleged condition does not meet the standards for admissibility in any courtroom. As an aside, 95+ percent of DFCS abuse reports are never indicated, but even where they are, please understand that not even indicated child abuse is dispositive in family court custody disputes.

    Decisions that last months, if not years, are routinely based on a few minutes of “argument” (really, hearsay testimony) from an attorney. In New York’s family courts, in particular, you do not even need pleadings to practice! There is extensive litigation via email that never makes it into the record. People make surprise oral applications as a matter of routine. Ex parte protective orders are given out like candy. People can appear for years for “conferences” (most of which result in orders being entered) without even scheduling trial dates. These conferences are not hearings and are not conducted as hearings. But even when they are conducted, entire hearings can be completed without a single piece of evidence being offered or entered. It is the closest thing to a Kangaroo Court I have ever witnessed in America, and I once heard an attorney describe practicing in New York family courts as tantamount to owning a money printing machine. I cannot even consider it legitimate legal practice.“

      • Sorry, I should have included the source when I posted the comment and can’t find the source now. I hope many more good people in the system will start posting more accounts of what they’ve seen and heard in so-called “family courts”. Right now, we need many more eyewitnesses and whistleblowers than that one good person who wrote that.

  • I think the Facebook post is in poor taste. It’s one thing to text your friends. It’s another to post on Facebook. Many of these court appointed psychologist in all likelyhood have issues of their own. Look at Anthony Truglia judge in Connecticut. Posting barely legal. Barely dressed young women. Clearly with the idiology of women as sexual objects. These are the types of people making very important decisions. Clearly demonstrates their view on women. Women many who have sacrificed careers and other parents of themselves for their families. Allan and others like him feel it’s okay to disgard these women. Not veiwing them as humans. Allan didn’t want to be married anymore. He didn’t want to leave the house or deal with the cancer. He paid a lot of money to make his former wife go away. He clearly is not remorseful of the abusive behavior. They put a psychologist on the case with the same mentality. Happening in the courts relentlessly. There are a lot of pigs in family court.

  • This goes on in every county of every state, from top to bottom. People need to wake up! We haven’t had a honest government or court system in decades. This is a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg. People are left absolutely defenseless to these encounters with crooked officials. We the People should NEVER have to worry about this. In the end, it’s the children that suffer. This includes cps cases and MORE.

  • Where are her ashes what homeless person pays 11,000$ to kill themselfs in Switzerland. When they could have done it for free in Canada if you are a citizen which Catherine is. And what Business the charges $11,000 to kill yourself doesn’t deliver you are ashes to Your family within 7 Business days. And what Business the charges $11,000 to kill yourself Doesn’t deliver a death certificate or notify the embassy where the person is from. You all need help. You have lost your ability to think logically as your hearts and minds are filled with anger about yourself that you project out in the world in this chaotic verbal diarrhea venom. I pray that you all get the help you need

    • We will see what unfolds. We have barely scratched the surface.

      Family Courts have been havens for child sex-traffickers for decades. Not technically “Sex-Trafficking” in this case, but it is still child trafficking.

      Planned Parenthood is another purveyor of child Sex-Trafficking.

    • Very very strange I feel like they if they had the ashes or certificate they would have showed it by now. But instead they just shout and scream at anyone that even asks to see prove she is dead. Who does that to these poor children. What child should have to go to bed for over a week and not know wether there mom is alive or dead.

      • I see this all as extremely cruel on Catherine’s part to the children. “Hey kids, I’m taking myself out, but let me drop this huge guilt bomb on you before I go. Have fun with it! Bye!” It’s all about Catherine’s hatred for her ex and how she felt wronged, nothing to do with the kid’s welfare whatsoever.

        • Announcement. She had an terminal cancer. The court abuse was overwhelming. She would likely die never seeing the children again. Cause the court system is rigged.

          • “She would likely die never seeing the children again. Cause the court system is rigged.”

            Per Catherine’s facebook posts, she had just been approved for a Mother’s Day visit on May 14th to see the children unsupervised. She didn’t attend because she feared it was a trap and she wanted some type of restraining order put in place, which didn’t come through. So since Mother’s Day was granted, it appears she most likely could have seen the children at some other time before jetting off to Switzerland for assisted suicide.

            It is not adding up.

        • It looks like you never fought for the health and well-being of your children in New York “family court” hell 24/7 for a few years — with cancer.

    • She had terminal cancer. I’m gonna say close friends and family helped her. Do you really think her family and friends are going to call Allen about the ashes. Get a grip. . May she rest in peace 🙏.

  • I like this photo much better, its a much more accurate depiction of Dr. Marc Abrams who had this Blow Job Photo on his Facebook, remember these people we are paying to judge us. Note in the 2014 Divorce Corp. documentary,Dr. Joseph Kenan, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and child custody evaluator who on his Facebook, had photos of party invites for Bondage Sex Parties, with a Bare Back speciality, these are the clowns we are paying to Judge us, and the future of whether we’ll be ever be able to see our children, what we can teach them, its insane how corrupt this industry is. The Family Court Racketeering Scheme was a $50 Billion dollar industry in 2014, its a $100+ Billion industry now.


  • Uhh people, clearly this woman is still alive. It doesn’t take weeks to confirm the death of a prominent (fmr Federal Prosecutor and Counsel to current Gov of NYS) attorney and US Citizen in a foreign country. Be on guard for a hoax/ugly divorce tactic.

    • Or even a possible attempt at kidnapping or harming the children if she can fake her death there isn’t anything she isn’t capable of

      • On the flip side — what if she has been harmed/kidnapped/murdered by someone else. who then tried to cover it up by faking her suicide in Switzerland with a Facebook goodbye post??? Pure speculation, but that’s another reason it’s important to verify if the assisted suicide, sadly, happened.

  • How many lives and businesses were ruined by the medical tyranny of the psychopath Anthony Fauci.
    Wear a Mask.
    Close your business, it is not essential.
    Be sure to get vaccinated!
    Be sure to get boosted with an experimental vaccine.
    Get boosted every two months.
    Enough with government tyranny!
    Don’t question where the virus came from!
    Don’t question who financed the creation of the virus.
    Follow the science.

  • “The former head of Simon & Schuster, Richard E. Snyder was once worth $43.5 million and was known for snapping up the publishing rights to the book “All the President’s Men” — but now he’s in debt after former wife Terresa Liu, 30 years his junior, allegedly wiped out his accounts and even stole his frequent-flyer miles, he charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.“ https://nypost.com/2023/06/03/ex-simon-schuster-exec-left-destitute-by-ex-wife-nyc-suit/

  • Allan seems very anxious for the confirmation of Catherine’s death so he can carry on with his duck, duck don’t give a fuck life unimpeded. Don’t drown in accountability, Allan.

      • And not every person is Allan it might be hard to get this through you brain but there are some people that don’t spend all day commenting on the Internet espically ones that have children to protect from crazy’s like you

        • Yeah, you are right. Maybe they are Mike’s and busy “not” taking their children to school or activities, dumping their belongings for perfect resorting or chiding them for standing up for their siblings. That must make for a busy day of good parenting.

      • Maybe he has life insurance on her. She had cancer. He wants to cash in on her death. It was medically induced. Maybe he thinks he is still covered?

  • Who set that guy loose on the people of New York to “evaluate”, “treat” and “work with” adults, teenagers and children in unstable and transformational periods”? Who let him “consult with law firms and financial planners on issues related to their client’s psychological profiles and challenges” while evaluating medically compromised children. He also offers career planning services.

    A psychologist.

    Not a psychiatrist. Not a physician. Not a financial planner.

    Where’s the oversight and accountability? Where are the guidelines for psychological evaluations and treatment?

    “Dr. Abrams is a New York State licensed psychologist with decades of experience evaluating and treating adults, teenagers, and children. Over the last two decades, he has primarily worked with individuals and families who are navigating their way through unstable or transformational periods. … frequently consults with law firms and financial planners on issues related to their client’s psychological profiles and challenges. He is an engaging speaker who can discuss how major changes can impact individuals and families. … serves as a consultant to financial planners who are working with families that include a sibling, spouse or child with a chronic mental illness or unique neurodiverse challenges. He provides guidance on the long-term care options that these families should consider to ensure the health and safety of their vulnerable members. … is a New York State licensed psychologist who regularly consults with law firms throughout the state, helping them understand their client’s mental health evaluations. He also advises attorneys on how to manage clients who are in stressful situations and struggling to maintain or function in their daily lives. … has spent decades performing comprehensive psychological evaluations for adults, teens, and children. These evaluations are designed to provide a better understanding of a person’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Evaluation results can help mental health providers create a more individualized and comprehensive treatment plan, schools develop accurate and beneficial educational plans (IEPs and 504s), or individuals with career planning. ..”

    • Good point. The NYS blue ribbon commission recommended a moratorium on custody evaluations bc there are no clear rules and standards. And these reports are based on hearsay.

      • In lieu of any evaluations, how will courts know if one or both parents are hiding any major psychiatric issues that could affect a child? I think most people who’ve been through the system know that it’s pretty easy for a sociopath or cluster b personality disordered person (i.e. narcissistic personality disorder) to manipulate the court’s perceptions. The only reason I got parenting time was because my ex was diagnosed with NPD. But since then our child has erased me, saying that the NPD parent told them that children had decision making power written into our divorce agreement, and thus it was not up to the parents to decide. Nobody seems to know why my child rejected me, though, but I worry that NPD has something to do with it. Allen may have something similar.

        • You lucked out. Many custody forensics refuse to diagnose personality disorders of men, and excuse abuse especially if it is not overtly physical.

  • “… Marc Leder stated, “Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced severe physical violence.” Marc, who is a father of four, spoke eloquently of the negative impact divorce and protracted custody litigation has on the children and how it is often the parent with more money who triumphs in this very expensive process, while the children lose and suffer the most. …” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/actress-julianne-michelle-sun-capitals-043500115.html

    • Thats because Marc Leders’ friend Julianne Michelle went through something similar. Marc Leder makes far more money than that wrench Dr. Marc Abramns, who should lose his license.

    • Under what kind of government are good parents, good doctors and good journalists punished? says:

      Everybody working in family courts knows what’s been happening.

  • They’re going to need more therapists. Any good people available to help a few hours a week? says:

    Paige Bluhdorn is hosting a fundraiser for this non-profit … https://www.mommysheartfoundation.com/

    on everloved.com … https://everloved.com/life-of/catherine-youssef/

    Catherine “Cathy” Youssef Kassenoff
    Larchmont, NY
    1969 – May 27, 2023

    “Family courts across the country have been criticized for exploiting innocent children and vulnerable parents for monetary gain. This system, which is supposed to protect and uphold the rights and best interests of children, has instead become a tool for profiting off of the pain and suffering of those caught within it. …

    … The Meaning Behind Mommy’s Heart

    The name, Mommy’s Heart, denotes a very personal and significant meaning. When it was time to choose a name for our organization, Mommy’s Heart immediately came to mind. After my daughter and I had been separated and our visits were relegated to one hour skype video chats during the pandemic, it was very difficult for my daughter, who was 3 at the time, to say good-bye once our time together came to a close. In an effort to maintain a sense of continuity, reassurance, comfort, and stability, I cut out a heart from a piece of yellow felt and virtually “gave” my daughter what I referred to as “mommy’s heart”. I said to her, as she was crying and begging me not to leave, that as long as she holds on to mommy’s heart extra tight and keeps it in a very safe place, I will always be with her even if sometimes she cannot see me. At the beginning and end of every subsequent skype visit, my daughter would proudly show me “mommy’s heart”, which she kept in her very safe place.


    We understand the process, because we have lived it. We know the pain of losing a child, and we will fight assiduously for each and every one of our children. …”

  • It is tragic that a very successful business has been created to enable abusers (mostly dads) to destroy an ex spouse AND the children from that marriage for no other reason than revenge and maintaining power…a very financially lucrative business…where no morals or empathy exist. So many lives destroyed and a huge burden on society as a whole due to the lifelong damage caused by this misogynistic cult. Although it is extremely frightening, victims have got to step out of the shadows and expose the truth. Come together, find other victims, and take down the machine!

  • “Allan Kassenoff, the father, would pay 80 percent of his fee, and the mother, Catherine, would pay 20 percent. And obviously that is a conflict.”

    So what would have been better, that somehow the stay at home mother is forced to come up with 50% of the fee? If this was such a conflict, Catherine should’ve insisted on paying 50%?

    • There shouldn’t be a sole source custody evaluator. But if there is it should be not paid by one 80 percent so that the evaluator knows if he finds for the mother he might not get paid most of his fee. The retainer is small – the bill is due after the report is complete.

      • Do the parents write their checks directly to the evaluator or is it paid through a trustee?

        • Directly to the evaluator. I was told nothing about the fee for the psychologist until I meet with her. No idea what the retainer or fees would be. Just told I had no choice. There is no time or duration. We were forced into the sessions. The GaL came and engaged in session. Billing for her time. There is no limit to what can be forced upon you. The therapy is not designed to aid in conflict. It just increases conflict. There is no resolve to the problems.

        • Directly to the evaluator. And even though these evaluations are mandated by the court and there should be a government record of them, there is not.

          • No records in my case. No GaL reports filed. No documents from the court appointed psychologist. I have the email from the psychologist saying she has none. No records of billing filed to the court from the GaL. This how the courts roll in Hartford CT.

          • “June 7, 2023 at 11:21 am
            No records in my case. No GaL reports filed. No documents from the court appointed psychologist. I have the email from the psychologist saying she has none. No records of billing filed to the court from the GaL. This how the courts roll in Hartford CT.”

      • Not accurate. Most charge as they go. And it is important to note that they can essentially charge whatever they want, as they make up the time it takes them to complete their reports with essentially no oversight. It is not uncommon for evaluators to quote an estimate at the beginning of their work, but then find later that wealthier families ‘need’ more time spent on their evaluations. It is a total extortion

        • She changed an initial Free for visit. The order was for therapy. The evaluation was part of it. No proper evaluation was ever done. It was at the GaLs insistancts in the hall way at 90 Washington St. Not in the court room. When questioned about it. The GaL said she needed to leave and scampered off. Leaving the parties to be told by their Attorneys that this is what the court recommended. We need to go along. The psychologist was decided on prior to the presentation in the hall. This is what the situation was in our case.

  • “And Allan paid the attorney for the children, Carol Most, which made her his attorney, not the children’s”

    That makes no sense to me. I mean, let’s say it was a public attorney, paid from taxes. Then you could argue it is still not the children’s attorney, it is the taxpayers attorney, since kids arent old enough to pay taxes. But the parents are! So then it wound still be the parents’ attorney, not the children’s.

    • “And Allan paid the attorney for the children, Carol Most, which made her his attorney, not the children’s”

      Translation: Carol Most might have known where her bread was buttered.

      Translation of the translation: Everybody knew Allan had more money and more connections in the legal field.

      Translation of the translation of the translation: Money talks.

  • Another day and still no reliable confirmation that this women actually passed away in Switzerland.
    Seems shady AF.

    • Abrams sounds like a fucking psychopath. Using sex as a tool of coercion is demonic. We need every communication between Abrams, Kassenoff and Lubell.

      • “We need every communication between Abrams, Kassenoff and Lubell.”

        “According to Section 87(2) of the New York Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), the following records/information are not subject to the state’s FOIA:

        Trade secrets, records submitted to a public body by a business enterprise or financial information, which, if disclosed, would adversely affect the enterprise’s competitive position

        Any information that would constitute a needless invasion of a person’s privacy if disclosed

        All records that are exempted from disclosure by state or federal law

        Information/records compiled for law enforcement purposes, which, if revealed, would cause the following:

        Disclose confidential information associated with criminal investigations or identify the source of such information

        Interfere with judicial proceedings or investigations by law enforcement

        Disclose the procedures and techniques used by law enforcement for criminal investigations

        Deny a person of a right to a fair trial

        Examination questions or answers requested before the final administration of such exam questions

        Any record/information, which, if disclosed, could jeopardize the safety of any individual

        Any information/record, which, if disclosed, may jeopardize an agency’s electronic information systems and infrastructures

        Videotapes, photographs, microphotographs, or other recorded images compiled under the authority of the

        New York vehicle and traffic law

        Intra- or inter-agency records which are not factual, final agency’s policies, or instructions to agency’s staff that affect the general public.”


    • Way to miss the point. Her death has been confirmed by her executor but it takes time for the issuance of a death certificate from Switzerland.

      • The executor did not confirm her death though. he just said he believes she likely has passed, but he does not know for sure.

  • Duck duck Allen don’t give a fuck. High powered attorneys running a muck. The mom is dead so the judge is fed.

  • Shocking and so sad. I can’t imagine being tossed out during covid. To me the Judge is the worst.

    • Wonder why the judge didn’t let me going through cancer treatment stay in the house? She was also the main caregiver for the children. . Don’t you think someone in the firm would take him in? He’s such a wonderful fella. Calm cool collected and easy going. He could have helped out with the kids. He obviously thought it was important for them to get to school. You can see that in the videos.

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