Raw Emotion and Rage; 18 Videos of Allan Kassenoff – With Catherine’s Shocking Descriptions

The case of Catherine Kassenoff and her Facebook post of May 27, announcing her assisted suicide, after describing four years of torture she went through in family court, combined with a recent diagnosis of terminal cancer, has become an important story.

Frank Report has not been able to confirm Catherine followed through with the ending of her life at a Swiss facility. There have been no more posts.

One individual texted her on the day she said she would die three times. She answered the first two but not the last.

At this point, Catherine is a presumptive suicide.

Regardless, her story – the story of hers and her husband’s divorce and custody fight in Westchester County – in Kassenoff v Kassenoff in New York State Family Court – is an opportunity for us to learn about how the law works in a jury-less world of courtroom justice, where the judge reigns supreme, and all the main players who seek to influence the judge are in it for money.

There is no jury to hear a mother’s plaintive cry for her children or a father who tried to love his kids only to have the mother ply false charges and alienate him.

The jury knows no one and is liable to use its own intuition, feelings, and life experience to make decisions. The judge usually knows the paid players – lawyers, guardians ad litem [children’s lawyer], custody evaluators, therapists [brought in even when there was no need for therapists before] and the visitation supervisors – but likely does not know the parties to the dispute.

Where a jury might regard these professionals for what they are – paid to give an opinion based on who pays them – the judge relies mostly on paid actors to inform and support his decision, and very little on parents, not at all on the children.

FR suspects a fair amount of abuse occurred in Kassenoff’s case, where paid court actors walked away with probably more than $3 million for a divorce and custody case that might have been settled with a 50-50 custody arrangement.

FR has taken on the task of presenting the case and preserving documents and videos which could otherwise be removed from public scrutiny.

The following 18 videos were posted on Catherine’s Facebook. They are of Allan Kassenoff, an attorney and shareholder with Greenberg Traurig. As of today, the firm’s website says Allan is on a leave of absence

Where possible, we provide transcripts and Catherine’s descriptions of the video. Keep in mind these videos were taken before Allan filed for divorce and got custody of the children.

Catherine had been their primary caretaker all their lives until Dr. Marc Abrams, custody evaluater, found the father, Allan., who paid 80 percent of his $32,000 fee, should have exclusive custody, and Catherine should not see the children at all unless there was a visitation supervisor present – at a cost of thousands per month.

Odd, Catherine had raised these children and was alone with them all their lives. Now suddenly, a custody evaluator Allan pays comes in and tells the court Catherine is unfit, and the three children suddenly lose their mother.

We will have more on Dr. Abrams, how Catherine singlehandedly took him down and got him thrown off the panel, costing him perhaps millions in court assigned work, and how this angered the judge who retaliated against her.  After all, the judge, Jeffrey Lubell was such good friends with Dr. Abrams, he officiated at his wedding – at his home [we have photos.]. There is a lot more to come on Judge Lubell [whom Catherine got off her case – but not before he kicked her out of her own home – twice].

Judge the videos for yourself. Keep in mind that these are Catherine’s selections of videos she wanted to release. We do not know how many more there are….

Allan: Where is that spoiled kid?

Child: She’s not going with you

Allan: Open the god–[opens the door] Shut up Allie. Get over here Allie. This is not any of your business. Get over here.

Child: Allan let me in. Here Charlie. Go, Charlie!

Allan: [shouting ]What is wrong with you? You’re not involved in this.

Child: I don’t care, She’s my sister!

Allan: [to himself] My god this, it is mentally derangement.

Child: That’s my shirt. I’m gonna jump on your bed. Yeah, yes!

Child: Can I play violin?

Child: No, don’t.

[Plays violin.]

Allan: You know? I’m not gonna play this game. I’m calling Alliance Française and saying you’re not listening, and that’s why you’re not going.

Catherine: Really? I will call and–  I will make sure they know the truth, Allan. I have videos, and I’ll send it to them.

Allan: Charlie, I’m sorry.  Charlie, I’m sorry I yelled at you. Okay, I’m sorry.

Catherine: Charlie, listen. Charlie, he’s offering an apology. Charlie.

Allan: Mind your own business.  Stop it.

Child: She’s my sister.

Allan: [to himself] I’m so sick  of  this. [To the children:] Next time you have a problem with your cabinet, your bookcase.

Catherine: it’s not about loyalty. It’s about–

Allan: Next time you want me to move your bed–

Catherine: He’s threatening her for standing up —

Child: …standing up for my  sister.

Catherine: for her sister  He’s threatening her.

punishing you

[Allen leaves and goes into another bedroom.]

Catherine: [Follows him and opens door.] Then you call her in here..

[Someone throwing something in the room]

[Allan approaches Catherine]

Catherine: [shouting] Give me my phone…

[Allen takes her phone away]

Allan: Enough of your goddamned…

[Film ends]

Catherine’s description from Facebook:

This is a video of the Father parenting our children. At the end of the video, he forcibly removes my phone from me to delete the video, after throwing various objects at me. Allan Kassenoff has made numerous court applications to suppress these videos of himself and is telling our children I am a “liar” when I say he has committed acts of domestic abuse.

Catherine walks in as Allan is showering: Allan says “I hate you! I hate you. I’m trying to shower. You’re barging in…” Catherine says one of the children is afraid of him.

Allan accuses Catherine of having a boyfriend in front of the children. Catherine denies having a boyfriend.

Catherines description from Facebook: I wanted to thank the people here who gave me the support I needed to handle the most recent interaction with my ex. He ran to court to complain about my presence helping at the school carnival. Every day his lawyers write letters to try to further restrict me. I discovered that he made over 8 false reports to the local police about me, seeking my arrest. I will be posting some of his complaints here they are so bizarre and frivolous. Meanwhile, here is another video of the parent with temporary custody. You be the judge as to his parenting “skills.”

Catherine asks Ally what the song was that Allan sang about her. It went, “We wish mommy was a dead duck. We wish I never saw her.”

Catherine’s description from Facebook:

Here is ALLAN KASSENOFF, the guy who the court gave “temporary” custody to, singing to the Children:
This is what domestic abuse looks like. And if that’s not enough, please watch the dozens of other videos I have posted. Judge Quinn Koba was given many of these videos. It is not clear whether she even bothered to watch them.

Catherine in bed. Allan fights over taking her to school. He says she’s spoiled and will not be taking her to school or activities.

Child: I’m scared. I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared.
Catherine: Take your daughter. Taking her.
Allan: I’m not taking her. She’s spoiled, and I’m not taking her. She will be punished by not going today.
Catherine: You’re her parent, and you need to take her to school.
Allan: No, I’m not.
Catherine: I cannot do it. I’m in bed. I’m lying in bed. I can’t do it. I can’t drive. You take her to school please.
Allan: Get her out of bed, and I’ll–
Catherine: Stop talking that horrible way to her.
Allan: No, you and I’m not dealing with her anymore. I will no longer take her to activities over the weekend. I will no longer do nice things for her. She will be treated the way everyone else gets treated.
Catherine: This is school and you need to take —

Allan tells Catherine to shut up, then screams “shut up!” several times.

Argument over taking children to school. Catherine is in bed post surgery. Children are in the room. Allan gets angry, leaved the room, and comes back saying he’s taken away the child’s piggy bank.

Child says, “I don’t want to go with that crazy guy.” Allan threatens child that he will call grandpa and grandma and tell them not to buy them birthday presents next year.

Allan says: “I hate you, Catherine. I hate you! I regret every minute of my life the fact that I met you.” Catherine says, “Your children are here.” Allan replies, “Okay. They know how I feel.”

Allan frustrated and yelling, calls a child a liar. Says he was going to reward the child if she was good, but she couldn’t even “make it through dinner.” Continues to shout and call her a liar.

Allan: Stop crying now!

[Catherine walks up the stairs asking what is going on]

Allan: You’re going to clean this all up today perfectly. If it’s not perfect, I will dump it again. Do you understand? And you don’t have four hours to do it. You have 40 minutes. I could clean this up in ten. Do you understand me?

Child [whimpering]: Yes.

Catherine’s description from Facebook:

I post this not as political commentary but as commentary about domestic abuse.
This line really resonated with me:
“But the broader purpose is to make women uncertain and dependent, to render them unreliable narrators of their own experiences — especially experiences of abuse, harassment and assault.”
My girls have been gaslit. All of the videos of their Father ALLAN KASSENOFF are being rebranded by him as “out of context” and “unreliable”. He is going to try to talk and manipulate his way out of abusive videos. If we are at the point where videos lie, then what is truth?
Here’s another one to help keep it real: This is ALLAN berating and threatening his daughter after demolishing her room in a fit of rage. This is the custodial parent. LOL.

Catherine says she has to go to the doctor. Allan says he’s leaving and not dealing with these kids anymore. She says, “You’re not dealing with these kids anymore? They’re your children.”


Allan says he’s going to the gym. Catherine says she’s not responsible for all three children that day and that he needs to help out. He does not want to take care of the kids. He leaves.

Allan says: I hate you! And I’ll be filing for divorce as soon as I possibly can. I’m not coming home this weekend. I’m going to be away. I will come back Sunday to come get my stuff for next week.

Allan gives out wild cries of rage. Children scream in reaction. Allan says he is leaving and shouts “No! No! No!” Catherine tells him to say sorry. Allan slams the door and the child says, “He left.”

Allan tells Allie what a “lie” is and calls her a liar while he is taking a shower.

Allan shouts that the dog peed on the floor and rages about him not being taken out.

Catherine says she’s taking children to skating, Allan says she doesn’t know how to lace her skates and tells her to put on pants. Allan says, “I find it disgusting when you walk around in your underwear.” He films her and threatens to post it on YouTube.

Allan scrolling a dating app.

Catherine’s description:

The GREENBERG TRAURIG “Litigation Star” ALLAN KASSENOFF likes to lie in bed with our little girls while he is online dating in front of them. See this video of Julie Berger, Betsy Hoffman, Hila Dory, Stacy Eberstein and “Michelle” being creepily viewed by him.

The girls were so upset about this that they sent me this video. This is the man who has temporary custody of my children. CAROL MOST today insisted that I need “supervision” to see my children and should be limited to one hour a week.
She is fine with this monied man having unfettered access and my having basically none. She suppresses domestic abuse, says my child should be sent to a therapeutic boarding school for escaping abuse by her father, and interferes in police investigations of Allan. She has been campaigning to have MARC ABRAMS reinstated to the forensic panel. CAROL MOST should be prosecuted.




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