Turnabout: Videos of Catherine Kassenoff – Taken By Allan, Child, Leaked to FR

An unknown individual leaked two videos and two audios of Catherine Kassenoff.  Today FR will publish two of them.

We are reviewing the two audios and transcribing them.

One video is clearly filmed by Allan.  The second, which is more of an audio, since it was taken, surreptitiously it appears, by one of the children at a supervised visit with Catherine.

We do not know if Allan Kassenoff had a role in leaking these. We received them via email from an unknown sender.

FR will no doubt be criticized for releasing videos and audios of Catherine Kassenoff, taken by her husband Allan Kassenoff.

I do not see how we have a choice.

We and many others have published the videos Catherine took of Allan. It would be wrong not to give Allan an equal chance to show the other side.

If you wondered about the existence of the videos, Allan and Catherine’s marriage was deteriorating in 2016. They went to a marriage counselor, and afterward the couple decided to video record each other at home, in an effort to learn about the dynamics of their conflicts.

 Fair is Fair:

Catherine Kassenoff posted on Facebook that she planned to end her life on May 27, in Switzerland via medically assisted suicide. It has not been confirmed that she is deceased.

In her post, she blamed her husband Allan Kassenoff, the family court system that took her three children from her, and a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Catherine released some 18 short video clips she took of her husband when they lived together. The videos are at least four years old, and at least one appears to have been filmed in 2017.

Allan was seen in one video saying, “I hate you, Catherine, I hate you. I regret every moment of my life that I met you.”

Other videos show Allan screaming behind doors, yelling at his children to “shut up,” leaving their home, and refusing to care for the children, though his wife is recovering from cancer. One where his daughter is crying that she doesn’t “want to go with that crazy guy,” referring to Allan, another suggests Allan taught the children to sing “Mommy is a dead duck,” a song potentially too prophetic for anyone’s comfort.

Unsurprisingly, Catherine appears calm in the videos she filmed and chose to release.

The Story Becomes National News

Investigative reporter and publisher Susan Bassi reporting on the case, wrote:

“A single Facebook post by Catherine Kassendorf over Memorial Day Weekend has gone viral. In two weeks, videos she posted have seen over 50 million views on social media. The story has been reported in Ms. Magazine, The Daily Mail, and the New York Post.

“Freelance Journalist Frank Parlato broke the case down immediately after Catherine’s Facebook post was published. The outline of the players – and the summary of the money they made as the children’s counsel and custody evaluators – were perfectly done.

“Robbie Harvey had over 30 million views on Tik Tok of videos of attorney Allan Kassenoff, taken by his ex-wife Catherine…

“Within the two weeks that the videos went viral, Allan resigned from his job. Samsung announced it would no longer use Allan of the Greenberg Traurig law firm for their legal work, and the curtain was pulled back on what is happening in family court, with follow-up reporting in the Frank Report, Ms. Magazine, Daily Mail and New York Post.”


‘Has Daddy Ever Called You A Moron?’

In the first video (transcript below), Catherine sits at the kitchen table next to an empty wine glass and bottle.

Catherine accuses one of her daughters of not doing what she was supposed to do that day, while the child cries and wails the entire video.

The video loses its picture about halfway, presumably because Allan put the phone in his pocket.

But the audio continues, and Catherine is heard yelling, calling her daughter weird, and screaming that Allan called her a moron and prompting her daughter to admit that her “Daddy calls her a moron.”

Unlike the previous videos where Allan yells and loses his composure, Allan sounds calm and attempts to comfort the child in this video.


Catherine Kassanoff: Sit down! Now! What you did is so bad… Sit down! I don’t care if […] or not. Sit down. Now.

Child  [Wailing]

Allan Kassenoff: You terrorize her. This is why she behaves this way. You’re the least supportive parent.

Catherine Kassanoff: Sit down. I will not be taped like this

Allan Kassenoff: You taped this whole conversation.

Catherine Kassanoff: You know what she did?

Allan Kassenoff: Yeah, I know what she did.

Catherine Kassanoff: She put five people in jeopardy today because she didn’t go where she was supposed to go. She made me come home from work.

Allan Kassenoff: Be a human being.

Catherine Kassanoff: She she she made me […] and look for her.

Allan Kassenoff: Where did you go look for her?

Catherine Kassanoff: We called the police.

Allan Kassenoff: You called the police?

Catherine Kassanoff: […] tried to find her and couldn’t find her.

Allan Kassenoff: What did you do? How did she put you out? Or put me out?

Catherine Kassanoff: I’m talking about you. And I don’t appreciate this – what you’re trying to do. It’s not fair to me.

Allan Kassenoff: Look how you treat this kid.

Catherine Kassanoff: I treated her poorly? How did I treat her poorly? Because I didn’t […] Allan. If you didn’t live a double life and have so many [problems]. And you try to use people. And instead of living a double life, which is why, when you go away on Passover and you lie…

Allan Kassenoff: Okay. Ally.

[Phone gets put down or in pocket – sound muffled]

Catherine Kassanoff: At the top of the page – write. Now! I have work to do!  Take a deep breath (to wailing child). Shut up. Shut up. Now. Enough! She needs discipline. She needs absolute discipline. Sit down and write. I’m going to take a picture to send her teacher.  Relax. Just relax. I want her teacher to see this nonsense. what I should have told the […] that your father is interested in divorce. So, he will say whatever he wants to make you think things, and he will try to make it so that I’m the bad guy. You do something bad and look what happened. You try to get other people in trouble! “Mommy Mommy she’s so weird.” You’re weird. You know that?

Child: [Stil wailing] I know that because you say it all the time.

Catherine Kassanoff: Oh yeah? And you cut me off her don’t you. You cut me out of here. Ally, did Daddy call you a moron? Has Daddy ever called you a moron? Did Daddy call you a moron? Has Daddy ever called you a moron, Ally? Hey Ally, has Daddy ever called you a moron? Has Daddy ever called you a moron? Did Daddy call you a moron? Has Daddy ever called you a moron? Say yes to the camera.

[Child wailing, Catherine and Allan yelling]

Catherine Kassanoff: She’s a moron! Did you tell her she’s a moron? Did you?  I have tried so hard to get you to a […] […] and I want you her write an essay and you won’t let me […]

Who’s Lying?

The second video appears – it really is more audio to have been taken at a supervised visit between Catherine and her children.

The recording starts with tensions already high between Catherine and her daughter, Charlotte, who denies writing emails that expressed not wanting to live with her father.

Charlotte says her mother told her to lie and told her exactly what to say before sessions with Dr. Adler and Dr. Abrams. Catherine accuses Charlotte of lying and challenges her, saying she knows she wrote the emails.

Finally, the supervisor interrupts the confrontation, but not before Charlotte tells her mother she hates her and never wants to see her again.

If the alienation of a father is bad, one must admit alienation of a mother is also bad,


Charlie: You’ve literally – you wrote everything. I didn’t write any of that. You told me to lie!

Catherine Kassanoff: I have so much disrespect for what you’re saying.

Charlie: I want to go home. I don’t want to come here. I never wanted to, okay? I don’t like you. And before you say, Oh, Allan’s making me say this because I know you’re gonna.

Catherine Kassanoff: You know what Charlotte?

Charlie: What?

Catherine Kassanoff: I am not going to take that as an answer.

Charlie: Okay.

Catherine Kassanoff: I need you to really think critically about who wrote those emails.

Charlie: You did! You wrote them yourself. You had access to the account. You made the account. You made the password.

Catherine Kassanoff: You said you wrote them.

Charlie: Because you told me what to tell Dr. Adler before I would go to Dr. Alder or Dr. Abrams, you would always say, Charlie, I want you to say this, Charlie, want you to say that? Okay, I want to go home now because I don’t want to be here. And I never want to come back. I don’t want to see you ever again.

Supervisor: Where did this come from?

Charlie: I’ve always felt like this. But I don’t like awkward situations, so of course, I’m not going to say when there’s an hour and 30 minutes left. Okay,

Catherine Kassanoff: Jojo just said lie.

Charlie: What do you mean that’s a lie?

Catherine Kassanoff: What just said to me about me writing that email is a lie.

Charlie: It is not a lie.

Catherine Kassanoff: You wrote the email to me.

Charlie: I did not write the email. What email?

Catherine Kassanoff: To me, from your account when I was […] you said… You said what you said about wanting to disappear and not wanting to live with your father.

Charlie: I did not!

Catherine Kassanoff: You wrote the email.

Charlie: No. Well, I didn’t.

Catherine Kassanoff: I will not take your answer that you somehow are gonna blame me that I wrote it. I didn’t write it, and you know it, Charlotte.

Charlie: I know you did.

Catherine Kassanoff: You know, you wrote that.

Charlie: I know you did.

Catherine Kassanoff: You’re lying.

Charlie: I’m not lying. I don’t lie.

Catherine Kassanoff: You know you’re lying.

Charlie: I don’t lie.

Catherine Kassanoff: And I don’t respect that.

Charlie: And I don’t respect you.

Catherine Kassanoff: […] disgusting. Me too.

Charlie: You’re disgusting. I want to go home.

Supervisor: Well, we’re wrapped up for today. Jojo asked if I should stop it, and I let it go on for a little bit.

Charlie: You should probably stop it because that’s probably your job. That’s why there’s a supervisor here

Supervisor: No. It’s my job, my job, to let things be said that need to be said.

Charlie: Okay, well then, it’s awkward and no one’s happy, you shouldn’t say it.

Catherine Kassanoff: I will not accept that you’re blaming me.

Charlie: I don’t want to accept coming here. But I have to because I have no options.

Catherine Kassanoff: You wrote the email…

Charlie: I did not write that email

Catherine Kassanoff: … and you need to fess up to it

Charlie: … and I did not fess up to it because I didn’t write it.

Catherine Kassanoff: I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

Supervisor: I think you just said a powerful thing, you said I said I don’t want to come here…

Charlie: And I don’t want to come back! Okay. I don’t want to. I don’t want to come back. Okay, and I’m being forced to. I don’t have a voice no one listens to me

Catherine Kassanoff: You’re being forced to see your own mother?

Supervisor: Yes, I’m being forced. Okay. No one listens to me. Okay.

Catherine Kassanoff: You’re forced to see your mother?

Charlie: Yes, I’m being forced. I don’t want to come here.

Catherine Kassanoff: Why?

Charlie: Because I don’t like you! I hate you and I never want to come back.

Supervisor: We’re going to wrap up for today.

Charlie: Okay. Will you finally listen to me?

Catherine Kassanoff: You know what, Charlotte. You’re too young to make a decision that’s going to affect the rest of your life.

Charlie: I’m not young. I understand stuff. I’m smart. You said it yourself. I’m smart.

Catherine Kassanoff: I am your Mom.

Charlie: I don’t care.

Catherine Kassanoff: I don’t give up on my kids.

Charlie: I don’t care.

Catherine Kassanoff: I don’t care if you’re lying now.

Charlie: I’m not lying! I never want to come back.

Catherine Kassanoff: But you lied about that email.

Charlie: I didn’t lie about the stupid email.

Catherine Kassanoff: You lied about it.

Charlie: I did not

Catherine Kassanoff: You wrote the email.

Charlie: I did not write any emails. I hate you.

Supervisor: Let’s stop about the email. We’re gonna wrap up, Becka’s downstairs.

Charlie: Good. Go home. Not coming back.

Supervisor: Well, you are coming back Tuesday.

Charlie: I’m not going to! I hate this.



The videos show us at least two things: Do not depend on selected clips released by one of two adversarial parties to tell the entire story.

And two: Probably better not to video record your spouse, so you can evaluate the dynamics of your conflict unless you want the entire world to help analyze it.

Finally, FR has prepared an in-depth analysis of the court proceedings.

In it, we will explore the removal of a custody evaluator, the attorney for the children, and a judge. We will explore how Allan got custody in the first place, and the role of Greenberg Traurig.

We will look at two custody evaluation reports that led to Catherine’s removal from the children’s lives, and at medical, psychiatric and mental health reports on Catherine that declare she does not suffer from any mental illness.

We believe our report will be an astonishing inside look at family court.

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  • “Though it is hard to know what is going on in any marriage (or divorce), it does seem as if Kassenoff had a point. There appear to have been numerous irregularities in her case (for example, It’s been reported that the judge was apparently friends with the custody evaluator — even presiding at his wedding) and the case had dragged on for four years. Now, tragically, three children have been cut off from their mother permanently.

    It is not clear what the policy solution is for any of this. Family court lawyers and judges are often the lowest paid members of the legal profession and they are grappling with staggering backlog. Nor is it clear that throwing more money at the problem would help.”


  • ... a meshumad (משומד‎, lit. "destroyed one") ... until G-d shows mercy and forgives all sin. says:

    “… Is Allan a meshumod? He grew up in a Modern Ortho shul in West Orange, son of Mel Kassenoff a YU guy.

    Her name is Catherine Youssef, daughter of an Arab from West Virginia.

    Someone on Reddit claims Allan celebrated goyish holidays with her.

    So it’s seemingly an outrage that the AABJD shul in West Orange allows Allan to make announcements when he wants on their weekly bulletin. …”


    • Are We the People free enough to discuss religion? Are most of us tolerant enough to discuss religious differences in a friendly way? If the answers to both questions is, “Of course!” …

      How many lawyers or evaluators in Westchester County, think Catherine was “goyish”? Do any Connecticut lawyers or evaluators think Attorney Nickola Cunha might be “goyish”?

      Did Judge Moukawsher take away Attorney Cunha’s license to practice law because she shouldn’t have spoken about religious bias? Or, did Judge Moukawsher take away Attorney Cunha’s license to practice law because she shouldn’t have spoken about corruption in Connecticut family courts?

      More about the science of belief bias: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belief_bias

      • Catherine was Christian. Allan is Jewish. What provoked the conflict?

        Was Allan’s family intolerant of the Christian faith? Was Catherine’s family intolerant of the Jewish faith?

        Some Muslims hate Jews. Some Muslims hate Christians. Some Muslims hate Jews and Christians. Some Christians hate Muslims. Some Christians hate Jews. Some Christians hate Muslims and Jews. Some Jews hate Christians. Some Jews hate Muslims. Some Jews hate Christians and Muslims. (Are those all the possible combinations of hate among the world’s three main religions?)

        All three Abrahamic religions faiths used to peaceably co-exist in Jerusalem. What changed? Who provoked the conflict between the world’s three main religions?
        Did religious bias influence the Kassenoff case and the case against Attorney Cunha in Connecticut? Why didn’t Judge Moukawsher allow Attorney Cunha to gather her thoughts to more effectively argue her case against corruption in Connecticut family courts? Why was Catherine destroyed?

        Faust included the name of Jesus Christ in his practice of demon worship. That might explain in part, the reason someone asked if Allan is a meshumod and then used the term “goyish” to describe Christian holidays. What explains the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in the news?

        Why do Muslims stomp on “gay pride” flags and who put the statue of Pan in Jeffrey Epstein’s secret stairway? Who put the statue of Pan on The Post Road in Greenwich, Connecticut and does the statue of Pan have something to do with a new world religion after followers of the world’s three major religions destroy each other?

        Who allows “social media influencer Handsome Truth” to be so obnoxious and so harmful? He looks like an agent provocateur and so does Gus.

        Why did Senator Chuck Schumer scold an invisible entity, telling it to get out of his chair and why didn’t that spectacle make headline news? Why is Mr. Schumer so friendly with Elon Musk — and, why hasn’t Elon taken off his Lucifer Halloween costume, yet?

        If a few more people will start asking deeper kinds of questions, maybe we can fix family courts … and public schools, the war in The Ukraine, the problem with bioweapons, religious intolerance and demonology.

        The following excerpt is said to be from Doctor Johannes Faust’s “Miracle and Magic Book”, also called “The Threefold Coercion of Hell”, translated into English by Karl Hans. Some “family court” vendors follow Richard Gardner’s practices. Richard Gardner followed Alfred Kinsey. Alfred Kinsey followed Adolf Hitler and Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley was a Luciferian.

        How many government officials, corporation CEOS and “family court” vendors follow Doctor Johann Georg Faust’s practices? If any do, how will we learn who to avoid if we don’t ask questions?

        Rob Liberti commented on Marc Abrams’ Facebook post.
        Would anyone happen to know if they run in the same circles?

        Faust wrote:

        “… Now go on in peace. Go where from you have come. Do so without any rumbling or noise, without hurting the circle and without hurting anybody. Go on in peace from this place, enjoy your right to freedom from now on. Go in peace by the power of Jesus Christ who alone gets praise and honor forever in all eternity, Amen.

        Now bless your circle again and thank God. Do not misuse that which you have achieved. My and our circle, we will open it again in the name of God so that no evil spirit could hurt us. This shall be so in the name of God.

        You make this seal above on a Good Friday in the hour of Midnight on lead and copper. If you put it on a treasure, then the treasure gives itself so that you can get it. I have used this in Cologne with a large treasure, and I have done many other things with it …

        … As Christ has descended to hell, holy words of opening, and no spirit could answer him to this.

        With these words you can coerce the spirits, you can bind them and bring them to obedience. …”


  • Uh these people are all completely whacked. The parents seem far more concerned with incriminating each other than the welfare of these girls. Who talks to the mother of their children like that and thinks it’s okay? While Allan is waging his own PR battle by posting these videos he might try to revamp his image by acknowledging that his behavior was not okay. Also what kind of person calls their daughter “weird” and keeps reminding them that their father called them a “moron”? Your job is to protect your children it isn’t to make sure you document your partners shittiness on camera and play out the details of your divorce in front of them. I also don’t get his girlfriend’s involvement in all of this. Does she think that he’s not capable of talking to her like that? Recognize a dumpster fire when you see one and gtfo. I frankly also don’t understand Catherine’s obsession with said girlfriend. He’s clearly a piece of garbage; she should have Catherine sympathies not her derision. Stop having your online keyboard warriors attack other women. She didn’t take anything that didn’t want to be taken. Lastly I fully believe that it’s possible that she is not dead and it’s more than odd that her family had made zero public acknowledgement via an obituary, service etc. that is of course unless they are horrible people that value privacy over paying their daughter and sister proper respect. This suicide accomplishes a lot of different things. 1) it brings attention to the case and 2) it really put the screws to Allan which frankly who cares. I also think he was using his firm and his assets to stick it to her/ it’s all so messed up. At the end of the day if she did commit suicide, did she say goodbye? Imagine the guilt, trauma etc those girls are going to have after this. They are the true victims in all of this.

  • It is terrible what she went through. Facing your own Mortality is hard enough. I saw the entire video and it was heartfelt.
    It isn’t about who is lying.
    The biggest Problem I see and also faced is , ” how much it hurts us to lose our children.”
    It destroys them as well for a lifetime causing all types of mental illnesses.

    The entire system is inappropriate in how they handle cases. These are real people who have real feelings.
    The children are Victimized and suffer tremendously. If we as adults who are EMOTIONALLY equipped with life experience to handle this better than children feel like your children are dead and your dying.

    I, myself had 3lawyers terminated by showing cause. The judge was nuts and no one in their right mind would give custody to a parent with a long history, which they Completely ignored.
    I was Victimized and had 4 Board Certified psychiatric forensic evaluations, which the judge would order then not accept. One psychiatrist called to tell me they were lying.
    I didn’t see my daughter for over 10 years but we face time. It has been a long hard journey
    My sister became Delusional as she raised her with me for 10 years.
    She was then Mismedicated for 3 years under a DELUSIONAL NAME to the point of intoxication, stroke, aneurysm, Schizophrenia then overdosed by age 41.
    I was her medical proxy and this was the first time I couldn’t be there for her as I had to live in a hotel to go to family court , which was 3 years.

    I lost both and died myself for 4 minutes and have 5 months of amnesia.
    Each lawyer lied told my child who wanted to live with me that I was homicidal, mentally ill… The usual bull.
    I can do relate to what this poor woman went through.
    The amount of money he spent on Lawyers is insanity.

  • As the daughter of a twice proven and twice fired NYS worker, I’ll say, NYS doesn’t properly screen for the smart but severely mentally disturbed. NYS and it’s Courts are LOADED WITH THEM. My mother infiltrated THOSE TOO. AS a result, I had to fight my county in a witch hunt. Without the same resources available as the affluent of Westchester County. With a CROOKED public defender. I HAVE MY CHILDREN BACK.

    I’m disturbed at every media post referencing Catherine’s “poverty”. IS EVERYONE INSANE? POVERTY? What an insult to the everyday people who AREN’T ATTORNEYS.

    I don’t see alot of things in Catherine that I should see. She’s vacant in the eyes like my mother.

    See, I know well a women on a mission of revenge and hate and scorned 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌 and there’s not anything they won’t do to prove their imagined narratives. Even die for them 🥴. I’m a torture survivor also. Details too graphic to state here.

    Allan, you are wrong for what you did to her. You’re no saint here. However, I see something in your face…..that shows maybe things just went too far. I know what that looks like too, as a child of it. It erupted in far greater violence than has in your home. Verbal, emotional and psychological scar badly. I suffered that too.

    I as a result had to PROVE BEYOND A DOUBT that I wasn’t impaired mentally as a result. And shockingly I’m NOT.

    Catherine, alive or not suffered some mental illness. People like her can hide it for YEARS. Until one day they cannot…..in her case Allan’s betrayal pushed her over the edge….and I think she couldn’t help being symptomatic. I’ll not condemn her, however I know what I see. And if she’s no longer with us, I pray 🙏 for her and her pain….

    WAKE UP PEOPLE DOWN WITH THE FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. Sick or not, Catherine is not wrong.

    What’s wrong here is everyone glamourizing this case. We are NOT CATHERINE. Impoverished women can’t buy $886,000 homes, $12k to fly to Switzerland and another $30k to die.

    • Autumn Rose- amen. I am personally offended at being asked for money for children whose mother was able to buy a 900k house in CASH a month ago. I now feel duped by Catherine, I will admit. She left out important details of her history when asking other advocates for their sympathy and support.

      I am starting to think BOTH parties had/have some sort of personality disorder and that’s why this got so ugly. And I agree that the system can miss this, especially when people are smart.

      I don’t justify the courts who milked it for all it’s worth though.

      • Girlfriend alert? No Baby, I’m happily married. My husband love me long time Bi+ccch. ⌛️ . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • It gets a little crazy in the comments. Everyone is emotionally charged up about this case. Can you imagine what happened to them. These fueled up Cases, judge watched it burn. Sad

    • Edit: I rescind my statement about Allan and “betrayal” in that regard, I was unaware the infidelity at that time wasn’t on his part….as I said I recognized it on his face, as my birth monster was unfaithful and openly so to her husband. So my apologies I didn’t see that it wasn’t him at least, at that time, and also, that his new woman wasn’t present until after the break up between Allan and Catherine.

      • Notice him hiding his phone when Catherine questions him about Passover? He had been cheating on her for years… Don’t know whether she was cheating or not (we will likely find out) but his infidelity was well known and long term. In any case, toxic all around. Those poor children.

      • The matter with the new girlfriend is her placing herself in the battle. She moved in wearing Catherine”s clothing.( Upon seeing pictures of both. They appear to be the same size) having the kids call her Mom. Sending messages to Catherine that include calling her a loser. She is guilty of increasing the hostility. She was living in the house and not discreet. I’m going to say intentionally. Who is the vindictive one? I am going to say that it’s the girlfriend. Guilty of interfering with the relationship with the mother and her children. Assisting Allan in keeping the children away from their REAL MOTHER. She needs to face charges. Custodial interference in the first degree. This behavior should not be tolerated. The judges know all to well about the flying monkey 🐒 partners. Shame on them for allowing it.

        • People have the right to exit a marriage and move on. If Catherine’s focus were more on the children and less on the new woman, than perhaps there’d be a dash of credibility……it’s clear Catherine was more concerned with revenge than her girls.

  • I hear a child that has been used as a pawn and has been in a volatile situation for so long that she is becoming as volatile as her surroundings and bought into the narrative of both parties herself These poor babies the system failed them for the almighty dollar. I’m convinced that every one involved received a piece of the pie. I hope these children receive the proper love support and therapy that they need.

  • Man, I can’t even begin to put into words the level of frustration I feel when I see Catherine’s desperate actions. It’s like she’s completely lost touch with reality, constantly trying to control everything and everyone around her. Her self-centeredness is off the charts, and it’s infuriating to see how she manipulates and plays games, especially with her own daughter. It’s like she’s so desperate to maintain some twisted sense of power and control that she’s willing to sacrifice the emotional well-being of those around her, including her own flesh and blood. It’s just sad, man. Catherine needs to wake up and realize the damage she’s causing, because her behavior is beyond messed up.

    • It’s arguable that medically assisted suicide is not an act of desperation. Give the situation surrounding her loss of the children, job and constant battle in court and health declining. She had the courage to not put herself through the decline in health. Many have made the choice dealing with less complicated lives. The spin team has no compassion. Just will not see anything good about this woman and has infected the children with it. Continue to attempt to flip the readers.

      • Agree. She took the absolute only measure she still had control of. lt’s apparent that few here have experienced coercive control. Catherine did the ONLY loving thing she still could for her babies. And yes, Ik it sounds backwards, but you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Catherine’s children were NOT SAFE to express ANYTHING but hatred for their mother. Children HAVE to fawn to their abusers if their abusers control essentially ANYTHING in their lives, even if it’s as simple as acceptance by a parent, and Allan controlled EVERYTHING. Catherine would never have stopped fighting, but doing so was bringing further harm to her babies. And she knew it. And she knew they and/or her would have ended up like Tommy Valva and SO MANY OTHERS.
        And just to note, Catherine is desperate to just understand what is happening to and around her. It is absolutely impossible to articulate what is being done to you when you are so incredibly confused. A true abuser is extremely practiced in this. I won’t deny that she was directed angst at her daughter, and that she probably knew it didn’t belong there. She was still directly IN the abuse, the gaslighting, etc. It sounds like she saw a behavior that surprised her and triggered her; ie was a bit too close to her abuser’s. But I bet you it’s one of the very few- or only – times she’s ever done that. Many parents have yelled and regretted it. And they haven’t been under the extreme duress of being the target of someone wholly set on breaking you.

        P.S. Everyone says they weren’t with the divorcee before they separated. With pathological ones, there’s lots of differing stories out there, depending on who the receiver is. But you can bet your bottom dollar they were with SEVERAL, long before you knew there was an issue.

  • There’s an undeniable sense of desperation showing from Catherine’s actions. Her self-centeredness and manipulative tactics reveal someone who is desperately trying to maintain control and shape the narrative in her favor. It’s as if she’s clinging onto any means necessary to preserve her own image and agenda, regardless of the harm it causes to her daughter and others involved.

    The way Catherine pressures her daughter, records conversations, and even instructs her on what to say during therapy sessions demonstrates a deep-seated desperation to control the perception of others. It’s as if she’s desperately trying to mold the world around her to fit her own desires, regardless of the emotional toll it takes on those caught in her web.

    Moreover, Catherine’s constant denial of her actions and refusal to take responsibility suggests a desperation to avoid facing the consequences of her behavior. By distorting reality and denying her own actions, she tries to escape accountability and protect herself from the repercussions.

    It’s truly disheartening to witness someone so desperate and willing to go to such lengths to maintain their own narrative. It speaks to a deeper insecurity and fear of facing the truth. Instead of addressing her own issues and seeking genuine growth and change, Catherine’s actions reek of desperation and a desperate attempt to hold onto control, even at the expense of her own daughter’s well-being.

  • I’ve been following Catherine’s behavior closely, and I must say, it’s absolutely appalling. Her self-centeredness is off the charts. She’s always playing the victim and never takes responsibility for her own actions. It’s infuriating to see how she manipulates her daughter and tries to control the narrative. Her denial and gaslighting tactics are just plain wrong. It’s clear that she has no empathy for the emotional well-being of her own child. The impact this toxic behavior is having on her daughter’s future is deeply concerning. It’s high time someone steps in and protects that poor child from further harm.

  • “At the core of the Kassenoff divorce case was Carol Most, an attorney appointed by a family court judge to act in the best interests of the Kassenoff children. Shockingly, Most billed $270,000 for her services, with a judge reportedly determining that $100,000 of those charges were improper. Despite this finding, no investigation into Most’s billing practices appears to have taken place. Instead, the courts and other court-appointed professionals attacked Catherine’s mental health and accused her of parental alienation.”


    • All mother’s who go to court to get help and a divorce from an abusive spouse are accused of parental alienation. The fatherhood initiative funding is funding the family courts. If you express the least concern or bring up Documented abuse it’s on. Appointments and billing begins. This is a bias system full of people who want to cash in until all the money is gone. The system uses the funding up and looks like it needs more. All under the initiative to keep fathers in the lives of children under any circumstances. Mother’s are easily casted off. Global epidemic.

  • Man, Catherine’s behavior is just plain appalling. She’s all about herself, never considering how her actions affect others. Her manipulative tactics and constant denial of responsibility are just toxic. And don’t even get me started on her distorted reality where she denies everything and accuses her daughter of lying. It’s messed up, and it’s clear she needs to face the consequences of her actions and get some serious help.

  • Witnessing Catherine’s relentless attempts to control and manipulate her daughter is both disturbing and heartbreaking. It’s crucial for her to reflect on the long-term consequences of her behavior and seek professional help to break free from this destructive cycle. As a family friend, I am deeply saddened by the toxic dynamics within this household.

  • My heart aches for anyone who has had to endure the destructive behavior of a toxic mother like Catherine. Having witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of such toxicity, I can say with deep sorrow that the scars it leaves are irreparable. The emotional wounds run deep and persist long after the actual events have passed.

    Living in an environment filled with manipulation, gaslighting, and a complete lack of empathy can shatter a person’s sense of self. It leaves them feeling irreparably broken, struggling with self-esteem issues, and haunted by a constant need for validation from others. The trauma inflicted by a toxic mother’s actions seeps into every aspect of life, tainting relationships, trust, and self-perception.

    The fractured sense of identity and disconnection from one’s own emotions can be overwhelming. It becomes difficult to form meaningful connections and constantly expecting betrayal or manipulation. The toxic behaviors witnessed become internalized, leading to self-destructive patterns and a perpetual battle with self-sabotage.

    The damage caused by a toxic mother is pervasive and far-reaching, affecting mental and emotional well-being, relationships, and one’s outlook on life. Seeking therapy and support is essential, but there will always be wounds that never fully heal.

    My heart goes out to those who have experienced this pain. Remember, you are not alone, and it is possible to find healing and reclaim your life. Despite the scars we carry, we can strive for self-recovery and create a future that is not defined by the brokenness inflicted upon us.

    • Noooo, you don’t let it break you. The hurt of it all (including my father suiciding 2015) never leaves you, EVER, however……you OVERCOME 💪❤️🥳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Im a mom who has dealt with toxic parent as a child, it is deeply disheartening to see Catherine’s actions unfold. She acts like my mother. The fact that she would use a fabricated illness to manipulate others and elicit sympathy is not only morally reprehensible but also an alarming display of toxicity. It is high time for Catherine to be held accountable for the emotional harm she has caused to Charlotte and those around her.

  • This is sad and one of the most significant disadvantages of growing up with a toxic mother is the long-lasting impact it has on one’s self-esteem and self-worth. Constant criticism, manipulation, and emotional abuse erode a child’s confidence and can lead to a lifelong struggle with self-acceptance and self-love. I am hoping Catherine thinks about these consequences. Just because Charlie voiced that she hates her doesn’t mean that Allan coerced her to say that. Kids nowadays are smarter than you think.

  • Beware of sleezy women who support abusive men. Putting misinformation in the world 🌎. Wearing the clothing of former spouse. There is some thing wrong with a person who does this. There is something wrong with a woman who will get involved with a man while he is married and spouse is going through cancer treatment. Who is the real narrasist? Profound observations of a selfish human being teaching yoga classes. There are mentally ill women sitting on the sidelines of the broken family court system.

  • I believe Allan did this to Catherine by being a shitty husband. Almost all middle aged, male lawyers who go to the gym are fucking assholes.

    • Yeah, having a profession and taking care of your health sure makes a man an asshole. Pilgrim, I guess you are unemployed and out of shape, making you a great catch?

  • Nigga please. Fucking white people. Not one single person on FR is black, except me. These are petty ass white crackers saying yelling at they kids is a crime. Hey white folks, please don’t let the police know, it’s now a crime to yell at they children.

  • The true victims here are those innocent children. I hope they have some mentally stable family members to rehome these children with and that their therapy is started immediately.

  • Janea Bender is with Catherine Youssef Kassenoff.

    NewsNation & Ashleigh Bancroft Kassenoff. Other than The Robbie Harvey & Elizabeth Weinstein (they cut her important message).
    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? That show was useless.
    There is not 2 sides or 3 sides to a story. There is the fucking truth, and there is victim, blaming.
    This is about an abuser who did divorce by proxy. He used the court system to further abuse wife & kids. Common tactic!
    Normal people don’t go to court & do this. They may be mad at each other while divorcing, they work it out. If you are in court like this, it is because one person is an abuser & the other is trying to protect themselves/kids. More often than not it is the father.
    Ashleigh Banfield was so upset by both parties videotaping and felt conflicted. Catherine likely got to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore & she needed to start getting documentation & that’s what the fuck you do. And you’d know that Ashley if you had a clue what you were talking about!
    I’m so mad!
    All they focused on what that this was “about 2 very angry people who couldn’t control themselves & were fighting over the children”. That’s the same old song & dance I’ve been hearing since the early 2000s & it couldn’t be further from the truth!
    Originally it was temporary that kids were with Monster. 3 1/2 years later isn’t very temporary & what was the plan to get the kids back with Catherine? There was none! Yet one week before she killed herself the judge said she could never see them again, so I guess it really wasn’t actually temporary was it you fucking assholes?
    Most people haven’t witnessed what goes on in family court. I have. They assume if a parent loses custody there must be a reason. They just are unaware of the level of collusion. I thought for sure if people saw a corrupt judge, forensic & attorney for children on one case they would understand it can happen without a reason. But that message clearly got lost!
    Me & all those begging for reform are so tired of waiting for the world to understand. “They” just don’t get it. There is no fairness or Justice. The woman who interviewed Catherine in 2021 for Ms. Magazine said when she interviewed Catherine she thought—family court-you have finally met your match. It’s so upsetting to see even someone as capable & bright as Catherine was couldn’t alter the outcome.
    I really thought THIS case was going to change the landscape of family court. Not sure now.
    Besides Robbie & Lizzie they had it wrong.
    I’ve been fighting for myself & others, I’ve been helping out for 20 years & I make zero money helping moms & giving advice & speaking. I don’t even know what the point is anymore. I’m so upset.
    Interview Richard Ducote. Dr. Joy Silberg. Danielle Pollack. Me. My daughter Addyson Bender. I have countless people who are actually educated on the matter.
    Ok. Done. 💜
    They missed the entire fucking point!

    • You should call them and tell them how you feel court news. Also, if you’re so involved can you link us to your site? 20 yrs is a long time. Your followers list must be high in numbers. Are there petitions available to sign on your site. Being a Comment warrior here doesn’t change laws. Are all the angry people wanting change hidden only in the ether?

    • Sorry but Lizzie is the world’s biggest liar and psychopath and the very fact that Catherine is friends with her takes Catherine’s credibility down about 1000 notches.

      • Anon 5:27 pm. Agree! Lizzie is disordered and if she is not officially mentally ill as she claims, she’s an incredibly selfish person. She needs to sit down and back off. We don’t need her in our advocacy groups.

    • Court news – No there are in fact complexities to human relationships and not everything fits into some near little narrative. Clearly it is true that Catherine’s husband was verbally abusive but what you also see in these videos is someone who is more concerned with filming him and incriminating him than she is concerned with the welfare of her own daughters. There’s actually a video where she accuses him of “stalking her” and all you can see in the distance are parents watching a game. No one approaches her, until actually a parent who was clearly uncomfortable with the fact that she’s openly trying to film her husband asks her “is there some kind of problem?” Ask yourself if you had a partner who called his daughter “a moron” would you be heckling her while she’s hysterically crying and asking “Did Daddy call you a moron? Did Daddy call you a moron?” And playing out details of your parents divorce to her. That seems normal to you? Doesn’t to me. Sorry in this big bad world two things can be true at the same time. He can be abusive and she can be abusive in her own special little way and more consumed with portraying him as a monster than she cares about the effect that it has on her children. Plus she seemed entirely impervious to any guidance. Her online campaign was not helping her and in fact was clearly being used against her. Attacking his girlfriend online wasn’t helping her nor was it necessary. What came across was someone who was unhinged and so consumed with hatred towards her ex (can’t say I blame her, he seems to be a legitimate POS) that it took over all else. It was more about image crafting herself as the perpetual victim than it was about what might be embarrassing and emotionally damaging her daughters. Basically they both suck.

  • New York attorneys are going to manipulate this case to paint Catherine in a false bad light, because they ALL HAVE TO ACT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PEOPLE. THE CONTRACTS AND $$$$$$$$$$$ ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN MOTHERS AND CHILDREN’S LIVES.

    If Any one of you really could look at the numbers that the States receive in money for the deaths of children and victims of crime, usually women, then you would understand that this is never going to end because they make billions of dollars off of our pain, off of our children’s pain and off of all of our murders….

    We live in a country where a pastor (jimmy swaggert, among many others after) can sleep with a street Hooker and playboy magazine will put that Hooker on the front cover and give her a spreadsheet and sensationalize her and they both make MILLIONS….why?
    Because society wants to see what this Hooker’s vag*** looks like, that this priest had sex with…. it’s a Disgusting response morally, clearly.

    Yet, you have a woman that comes forward and tells the truth about her experience with sexual misconduct by a president and everybody attacks her… Nobody sensationalized her and she doesn’t get offered front cover nor a spread in playboy like the street hooker.
    Instead she gets ostracized from her entire community, loses her job, is forced to move and suffers forever in silence…

    That’s the way the American culture and morals are in our society… and it’s extremely sad but that’s truth.

    No one cared to help Catherine beyond their comfort level. Not until she was dead would anyone even touch her story.

    I have proof of crimes committed by state court employees, hard proof and I still haven’t heard back from FR, over 2 years.
    Do I have to die to have the truth told to the public like they deserve?
    What happened to the right of the public to know?

    Rest in light Catherine

    • This idea that the lawyers and judges take custody from one party or the other for money is ridiculous. No matter who wins or loses, these people get paid. They have no financial incentive to side with one party or the other because generally the wealthier party is court ordered to pay more. The professionals involved get paid the same amount regardless of who they side with.

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xyqcqjwHcis

    This video is for these children, for all children who grow up in abuse.

    We care about you kids! If you ever end up reading this, the point is none of us can stand you or any children have to endure such abusive behavior.

    This video is worth the time to listen to it.

    • Ty for posting. Helpful, direct breakdown of what trauma of family court monsters visits upon children.

  • NewsNation broadcast tonight that she is confirmed dead, but they did not say how they confirmed it.

  • I hope you’re enjoying the show Catherine. Watching the chaos you unleashed from your hotel room in Switzerland. Sitting there on your laptop laughing at Allan being destroyed. You’re one vile “mother” releasing your own minor child’s intimate psychotherapy records to the world without the minor’s consent. Nobody intelligent believes you died in late May. Why would you pass up a chance to sit back and watch the show? You must have really enjoyed the Robbie Harvey videos going viral. I hope it was worth it Catherine. Now you either have to reappear and admit you’re alive or carry out your plan and check out. You’ll always be remembered as the mother who was too cowardly and callous to even say goodbye to your own children and so vindictive you didn’t even care about your own daughter’s medical privacy and released her private intimate records to the world. Allan may be disgusting and angry but you’re next level Catherine. I know you’re reading this from your Swiss hotel room. You’re busted.

      • Court news: why so much venom toward Allan’s girlfriend? She is an innocent party in this. I guess you wish you could have Allan for yourself? I mean gee whiz at least the girlfriend isn’t a “lowlife” by your logic, since she snagged herself a rich man.

          • Where is your proof she was his “mistress” before their separation?

            Even if she was, she didn’t cause their divorce. Catherine called CPS on Allan when they were gardening together and a clump of dirt got tossed toward a child. A freakin clump of dirt when pulling weeds. And this “perfectly sane” woman gets on the phone to CPS? If we can take Catherine’s word, she stated that is when Allan declared he was calling a lawyer and filing for divorce. Nothing to do with the alleged “mistress.”

          • She is instigator. She was involved in making the situation it is today. Tragic 💔. Family court is a dangerous place. You go in for a divorce. House, Job and children gone. Everything is stripped from a human being. I think most people would go a little bit crazy

        • She was part of the massive problem. Having the kids calling her mom to wearing Catherine clothes. Not to mention trolling her on social media. To having xxx in the children playroom yes the kids walked in on that.. Hi […]..Have to life to definitely deserve
          Bless your heart.

          • @You Suck: I see you have swallowed everything that Catherine. spoonfed to you in your Betty Broderick fanclub group

      • Imagine believing that because newsnation reports something without evidence that it is an established fact. Imagine calling me an imbecile when you believe mere declarations from newsnation.

        • What will you do when you get death certificate? Go after her house and any other possessions? What is the rush? Insurance policy? Allan is washed up. Cancer to any law firm. Probably need the money.

        • What wi isll you do when you get death certificate? Go after her house and any other possessions? What is the rush? Insurance policy? Allan is washed up. Cancer to any law firm. Probably need the money.

    • Why hasn’t her family said anything about all of this? Frankly I think both parties here are to blame. They both said horrendous things in front of their own children and seemed more invested in using their kids as pawns in some kind of vindictive back and forth than in what was best for them. Yes these videos show that there’s clearly another side of the story but there is no excuse for the things he said to their mother in front of their children. Calling his wife a “fat loser” and “a dead duck” those kids saw all that and will now think it’s acceptable for a man to talk to a woman like that. Honey, you should run from this dumpster fire, not walk.

    • Dear 12:27 am,

      A few people reading your comments think you might be the girlfriend writing comments, hoping the girls will read your comments. If you’re the children’s father’s girlfriend:

      Writing different kinds of comments online for Catherine’s children to read would be known as: teaching the children your ideas about their mother.

      If you’re the girlfriend trying to convince Catherine’s children of your story to replace what they know to be true, that would be hurtful, not helpful.

      You are currently in a more difficult situation than they are.

      If you’re trying to involve them in your difficult adult situation, please stop.

      All of life can be difficult. All three girls are smart enough to think for themselves. They will get through this adult drama and their own drama — that’s a lot of drama.

      Children shouldn’t be bombarded with adult problems. Childhood in general can sometimes be difficult enough without the addition of adult problems.

      Those girls should be enjoying a happy summer, not reading twisted comments some adults type.

      If you’re dragging those beautiful girls into your difficult adult situation, please stop.

      Let children enjoy the summer!

      Let the girls be themselves — not who you might want them to be to cover for your own errors.

      Try to not be so involved in the Westchester family court drama. Everything will soon work itself out for the good of those three girls. They will grow up and live their own wonderful lives, looking back on all of this, knowing the truth.

      Catherine was a great mom. Most people know that. She did what she needed to do for her children in that difficult adult situation. May you eventually understand that. Her children will eventually understand that when they are adults, maybe sooner. Maybe they already understand.

      If you’re the girlfriend trying to manipulate the situation by fooling the children for your advantage, what you are doing is a very bad thing. You called the children’s mother a “loser” in an email to her. The comment posted up there at 12:27 early this morning has that same vibe.

      The girls know their mother isn’t “a loser”.

      They know she was a great mother who did all she possibly could for them.

      If you want to help, buy a Christmas tree for Ally this December. Help the girls remember their Mom like they remember their mom when their childhood was still their own.

      The girls know their Mom loved them all very, very, very much. They know how hard she fought for them. They know this situation is an adult situation about adult drama. They know adult drama has nothing to do with them. They know adult mistakes have nothing to do with who they are, what they are or what magnificent women they will eventually be.

      French, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin … all great and important languages to know for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of our beautiful world. Having fun and enjoying a happy summer is good, too.

      If you’re the girlfriend, please stop posting hateful comments. Helping is better than hurting.

      Thank you.

    • Shut up […] or her awful sister […]..How about you just be a decent human being.. I’m sure you’ll ruin someone else marriage when Allen goes broke. If she isn’t dead why are you so angry. unless your the loser who helped him..You’re a moron and you aren’t a decent human being. May you have the life you deserve.

      • Because this nut job faked her death to get someone fired and you nuts think that is normal behavior

      • We see you. Posting comments to further try and make the memories of the girls mother what you want them to see. They are traumatized. You can’t take another womans children and make them your own. Eventually they are going to resent you for it. You have twisted your story to make yourself feel better. People who know better are not going to let you get away with it. Your going to get called out on it. Stop posting the nasty comments about Catherine. She didn’t loose. You helped steal her children. There going to eventually figure it out.

    • To: “we know you’re reading this Catherine” Absolutely right she’s alive. Only reason she pulled this hoax is because she lost for good this time after getting a whole new cast of characters who all genuinely sided with her… until she showed her true colors yet again. There was no terminal illness, I saw her before she pulled this stunt. The doctor whose licence was revoked in Switzerland never once mentions any illness, just the custody battle.

      She’ll show up again… not for the girls but because she’s not finished with Allan. She’ll have changed her face completely, taken voice lessons, changed her name obviously and come back to destroy him for good.

  • Catherine’s refusal to take accountability for her actions sets a poor example for Charlotte. Without a responsible and accountable parental figure, Charlotte may struggle with taking responsibility for her own actions and facing the consequences of her choices. A total psycho.

    • Caprariello merely delcaring it so without explaining how he verified it isn’t good enough. She is alive until proven dead.

      • It’s odd that they didn’t explain how they confirmed it. I hope it wasn’t because Lizzie Harding said so.

        • Lizzie is a lunatic, albeit can appear strangely polished at times. What is that disorder called? I wish she would step away from the family court advocacy world. She does so much damage to those of us who have legitimate gripes with the system. If she’s not officially mentally ill as she claims, she’s at the least spoiled, entitled, selfish and at this point I don’t believe anything she says about pedophilia. I’m told her own kids want nothing to do with her and I can see why.

          • Look her up on twitter to read all about her schizophrenic theories about human skin being a spacesuit and demons try to get in through the third eye and how you can spot such demon walkers based on clothes or tattoos etc. She is definitely delusional and needs to be medicated.

          • You clearly know absolutely nothing about family courts or you’re Allan or one of his flying monkeys.

    • LMAO. Where? It’s the same repeat that she left a FB note. No confirmation. No death certificate. Trust me bro!

  • From @JudeDayani on Twitter:

    “… NY Judges that made Catherine Kassenoff Childless, Homeless

    Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Allan should have sole custody of the kids and sole possession of the family home in Larchmont. He ordered Catherine evicted without notice. lLubell@nycourts.gov

    (2) Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children nkoba@nycourts.gov

    (3) Dr. Marc Abrams [above], custody evaluator #1. His recommendation: Because the mother “alienated” the children from their father, they should have no contact with their mother without a paid visitation supervisor listening to every word between mother and child. drabrams@drmarcabrams.com

    (4) Carol Most, attorney for the children, reportedly billed $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives. gd@dimolaw.com; carolmost@cwmost.com;

    (5) Let’s not forget Dr. Kathleen E Mckay, MD. Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams. Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.

    https://vitals.com/doctors/1sk5x2/kathleen-mckay… https://doctor.webmd.com/…/kathleen-mckay-5d858624-6a34…… https://ratemds.com/…/Dr-KATHLEEN+E.-MCKAY……

    NY State Bar Complaints Email for Westchester County ad2-grv9@nycourts.gov

  • To Everyone:

    No matter how much you all attack Allan Kassenoff – nothing will change.

    The children’s mother dead or alive is permanently out of the picture.

    Allen has sole custody and that will NOT ChANGE! EVER!!!

    The only thing any of you are accomplishing is making the children’s lives more difficult.

    Allen will take it out on the children – not to mention he is now the only bread winner.
    What do any of you attacking Allen believe you are accomplishing?

    He is an asshole. Nothing in the videos amounts to criminal action or action by the Department of Family Services.

    Humiliating Allen
    Hey Morons,
    Those children are going to be tortured in classrooms at any schools they attend in the future!

    Congratulations Morons!!!
    You’ve accomplished something, the future abuse of those kids!!!!

  • Off Topic:

    Frank & EveryBody,

    Please read the following:

    “I take you to a land where piranhas like to kiss
    Massacre, mmuh, blowin up the tour bus passengers
    Chuckin the colour outta cartoon character.”

    What do you take this to mean?

    Thank you!

  • In the first video, Catherine was justified in her anger toward her daughter for running away, as any parent would be. Very different from Allen hatefully screaming I hate you to Catherine and disparaging her in front of the kids.

    The visitation audio shows the child was forced by Allan, who had full custody and was in total control over the child, to accuse her mom of telling her to write the emails saying how much she missed her and telling her mom she hated her and never wanted to see her again. How painful that must have been for Catherine, to see the child acting like Alan.

    • What you are doing here is trying to add context of what happened before the video started.

      Did you also do that for the videos of Allan?

    • What was up with katherine asking 20 times “did he call you a moron?” ,
      while the poor daughter was sobbing. is that justifiable?

      • What was up was:

        Catherine’s “fight or flight” mode from the intense pressure on her 24/7/365 for a few years before her husband filmed her while she was trying to help her daughter stay safe.

        “This combination of reactions to stress is also known as the “fight-or-flight” response because it evolved as a survival mechanism, enabling people and other mammals to react quickly to life-threatening situations. The carefully orchestrated yet near-instantaneous sequence of hormonal changes and physiological responses helps someone to fight the threat off or flee to safety.” https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/understanding-the-stress-response

        Catherine need to help her child understand how to stay safe.
        Meanwhile, Catherine’s husband was having an affair.

        Catherine wasn’t angry at her daughter.
        She knew her daughter needed help and attention.
        Catherine was angry because her husband wasn’t giving her daughter the attention that child needed.

        A text from one of the girls is about the father in the bedroom with the girlfriend making weird noises.
        Another text is about the father and the nanny not helping with homework.
        It was that lifestyle, not her daughters, that made Catherine so stressed and angry.
        Jesus got angry, too. He turned over the tables in the Temple. Some anger is good anger.

        Regular people often show anger toward someone or something to relieve stress. Like a teakettle. The water boils and the steam needs to go somewhere — like the pressure some dads feel when they come home from work.

        Anyone wanting to blame anyone should blame politics and “family courts”.

        Catherine and Allan both knew what a nightmare “family courts” are. They knew how destructive a “family court” divorce would be to their family. Catherine was stressed about the girlfriends. First the nanny, then the other. Allan was stressed — maybe about work — and he showed his anger in physical ways. Men tend to show their anger in physical ways. Women tend to show anger in other ways. Catherine got scared at the physical assaults and she tried to protect herself and her children. She called the police for protection. The police arrived and removed Allan from the house …

        [A brief intermission: What choices did Allan and Catherine have at that point in time?]

        … after Allan was allowed back in the home, he then hired Gus to kick Catherine out of the house. They took Catherine’s children from her. They hired “hired guns” who told the court to not let Catherine see her children. Catherine continued to try to protect her children. She did the best she could do. What happens next will reform family courts.

        Thank you, Catherine. If you’re alive, we’ve got this. If you passed away, we’ve got this. Rest in peace. ❤️

        • “Catherine got scared at the physical assaults and she tried to protect herself and her children. ”

          In her farewell letter, there is ZERO mention of physical abuse.

          She accused him of emotional abuse and of being a domestic abuser. Emotional abuse in the home is considered domestic abuse. No mention of any physical assaults against herself or the children. Except I think there was the weeding incident where an alleged clump of dirt went too close to a child?

          • He kicked the one daughter and her sister reported him at school. Then CPS got involved and found the allegations against the father were true.

          • 4:10:

            Try looking for all those details in the documents posted for adults to read. Ask her friends for more information if you need more information.

            Intense stress for years, trying to protect those you love can result in PTSD. Catherine was trying to help her children in a very difficult situation for a very long time. Again, read the documents. It looks like she had PTSD after all the events — again, see the documents. The yelling and anger at the situation is what PTSD looks like.

            Some call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jack Hanna calls it “Post Traumatic Stress”. He leaves out the term “disorder” because he thinks the normal symptoms of extended exposure to intense stress is a natural response, not a disorder.

            I agree with Jack.

          • That’s because it was SHE who was physically abusive. So she made no mentions of it

    • That’s not what happened though. The visit started and Catherine immediately started on the emails.

  • This videos were taken after the lawsuit, and the children were clearly manipulated into goin against her. Her kids wanted to live with her and loved her when she was not on supervised visitation, but after living with Allan full time they were manipulated into hating her, happens all the time, the perpetrator is Allan Kassenoff period.

  • Can we get the full version of the dead duck song? I’d really like to put melody to it. Thanks

  • Yes while true everyone yells at times behind closed doors, if they were both abusive then how did only Allan Kassenoff get custody, people get mad, its not that big of a deal

  • Re-posting a comment from June 8, 2023 at 11:52 am:

    “Until it is confirmed, we have no idea where or how Catherine is. She could be alive and in danger.

    If a post appeared on my Facebook out of the blue that says I am in Switzerland and ending my life that day, I sure as hell would want people to make sure that was actually the case—don’t just close the books and move on without even looking into it.”

    • Anyone here remember Harold LaFlamme, the “family court” GAL in California who was once an arms dealer?

      He was one of the “go to” GALs in the worst cases there and somehow got involved in Ruby Dillon’s child’s case.

      Martin Burns was the FOX News producer of the series called, “Lost in the System”. Martin was investigating the Dillon case and many other “family court” cases in California. Martin somehow lost his life hiking on a hiking trail, one day. The authorities said it was a “heart attack”.

      Was the last attorney in touch with Catherine also once an arms dealer? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? How did Catherine meet him? Did he and LaFlamme run in the same circles, by any chance?

      Seeing at all the flak fired at everyone looking into the Kassenoff case, it seems a few people probably wanted Catherine “out of the way”.

      After the Westchester County “family court” gang took her children, Catherine clearly intended to fully expose what she witnessed as a mother in that horrible “family court” system.

      A lot of time has passed since her last FB post. Should someone contact Interpol to ask them to investigate? What are we waiting for?

      In the California case, Attorney Brian Claypool said, “We need a state and federal investigation to clean house from top to bottom.” Catherine called for that same housecleaning in New York.

      Some of you might know of Attorney Patricia J Barry’s work.

      Attorney Barry represented Ruby Dillon in the case against LaFlamme: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/5923249/ruby-dillon-v-harold-laflamme/

      “… Martin Burns and Gina Silva from Fox 11 News Investigates continues to cover the story of Dr Ruby Dillon. The Orange County mother continues to fight for the safety of her child. Her daughter has continuously alleged her father is molesting her. Orange County CPS has failed to investigate the abuse despite the child being removed from the father’s custody twice by Tustin Police Department.

      Brian Claypool, a lead attorney in the Miramonte child abuse case is now taking on Orange County Social Services. Claypool has signalled his intent to file a civil lawsuit for “willfully abducting” and “trafficking” the daughter or Dr Ruby Dillon by “fabricating evidence, committing perjury, and routinely violating the law.”

  • It is obvious that almost all the negative comments directed at Cathy were written by the same person. Sad and pathetic Allan

    • It sure looks that way.

      Sue at 3:19 pm … Amy at 3:20 pm … Mira at 3:21 pm … Anonymous at 3:22 pm … Jill at 3:23 pm …

      Efficient, though — blasting them out one right after the other.

      Gotta at least give them credit for that.

  • Nothing here vindicates Allen Kassenoff’s extremely abusive and outright lying behaviour. If there was so much evidence against Catherine then why did he need to lie to the police by filing false police reports against Catherine? He was caught lying. He lied to try to fabricate evidence. That alone totally ruins his credibility. If he’s willing to lie to the police which is a crime then he will lie about anything.
    After the judge and his corrupt buddies working for Allen were removed in disgrace for misconduct – were all of their bad decisions and documents they made also reversed? It seems that didn’t happen. Such corruption in family court – nothing but money making scammers – disgusting.

  • “Momma i hung up on doctor Adler because she is annoying and she said you were dangerous i hate her and the I don’t want sh*** to replace you and i miss you and love you so much”

  • From Bandy X Lee, forensic psychiatrist, violence expert, president of the World Mental Health Coalition (worldmhc.org), and editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” …

    “We Should All Care, for We are All Catherines

    It did not take long to happen. Someone I know has suffered Family Court-caused death. As Family Courts are places where violence is not prevented but permitted, promoted, caused, and directly dealt to unsuspecting, innocent people, it was bound to occur.

    I did not know her well, but my conversation with her — at the time over a common client, who was another victim of Family Court — impressed me with her brilliance, compassion, and psychological development. She was Catherine Kassenoff, former U.S. attorney, former special counsel to the New York State governor, and devoted mother …”


  • This happened to me when my divorce, dad would manipulate kids into saying things repeating exactly what he told me before: I hate you, I don’t want to see you etc, kids mimic, they did exactly what dad told them to do, he got them expensive toys/ devices they comply with everything and deny everything afterwards. Britney Spears perfect example of what’s going on here

  • I think Alan is still trying to manipulate this after Catherine has passed away! He is such a POS! Disgusting excuse of a husband, person, and father!

    • She’s not dead, just one sick puppy faking her death to hurt Allan and the kids. No surprise you’d defend Catherine releasing videos that painted Allen in a bad light, but turn about isn’t fair play. Let’s hope he releases all the files that show why everyone agreed he should have custody and her only short strictly supervised visits.

      • He’s a psycho and doesn’t deserve those girls. This pales in comparison. I just hope no other woman dates him and has to go through this abuse from this vile disgusting man.

          • Agreed, It was very strange that they didn’t say how they confirmed it. I hope they didn’t just take the word of her certifiably cuckoo friend

        • Nothing was confirmed, just another interview with a TikTok weirdo that’s been pimping her story for weeks. Show me a death certificate!

  • There are multiple posts expressing the the same sentiment, with similar style and repeated words (e.g. “empathy”). That’s the work of an AI chat bot. Express original thoughts instead of using AI generated content as smoke and mirrors. It’s disingenuous and reeks of desperation.

  • People with factitious disorder are at risk for health problems associated with hurting themselves by causing symptoms. In addition, they may suffer health problems related to multiple tests, procedures, and treatments, and are at high risk for substance abuse and suicide attempts.

  • This video was taken after years of isolation from Catherine. The girls were forced to comply with Allen’s demands to survive.

    Charlotte said “I hate this” and what child wouldn’t? There is little doubt that charlotte knew she was being recorded and she was forced to live the life Allen required.

    Where were the court appointed recordings when Catherine’s oldest daughter ran to her? She fled three times to be with her mother. She pleaded and wanted to be heard but no one would listen then.

    What these court appointed experts do is tragic.

    • Tragic and criminal. What other profession would get away with doing this to children?

      Any car repair shop, grocery store or cosmetic surgeon’s office orchestrating that kind of absolute chaos in any family would be shut down and every owner and employee of that offending business would be hauled off to jail.

      We are all crazy for letting “family courts” do this to children and families for so long.

    • Allan, you really should save the money for your kids, and not pay for bot comments. 🤔
      She’s gone, and you’re trying to defame her just like she said you would.
      She’s being a human and a mother in these clips. Stressed and pressed, but Allan, you’re a BULLY.
      Stop and look at your choices and make a change. They will be adults in no time, and their ACTUAL memories will drive their lives… that you won’t be part of.

  • The way it seems these comments are AI generated/maybe planted by allan. Many repeat comments with different name, same language used in mulitple comments. Its important to know the dynamic of an abusive relationship and once abused for so long you tend to pick up on the behaviors yourself. Dealing with the stress of an abusive relationship on top of parenting can lead to outbursts. Frank forgot to mention before the first clip, her daughter had went missing. I see a scared mother (not expressed in the best way) who is very upset and angry and trying to displine her child with an essay. ( at least not hitting and screaming out of control) as you see in many videos of alan.

    • Lol. Catherine is the one repeatedly having copy and pasted links in comments to every news story she gets some mention. Catherine’s four woman army of commenters can’t stop all the people reading who smell her BS a mile away.

    • While I agree with your observation that many of the anti-Catherine comments seem to have a common author, I don’t think there’s any basis to assume that they’re all being planted by Allan. This sort of multiple posting under different names is, however, something that needs to be monitored.

        • Hopefully he’s spending money on a PI to find where Catherine is hiding, but I figure he’s so tired of her constant toxic drama he, his GF and the kids took off for a two week vacation.

      • Why? He doesn’t have a job now. My guess is he’s sitting at home ruminating and glued to every message board

        • Silly Rabbit. A attorney in his field has plenty of options, including going back to his firm as soon as his crazy ex is pulled out of hiding.

          3 weeks now, not one drop of proof she’s dead

      • K.R. Claviger,

        “Everyone is a critic and no on is a writer.”

        The commenters on this thread have nothing constructive to say.

        They are a “byproduct” of outrage culture.
        In a few weeks they’ll move onto someone or something else.


    • “Dealing with the stress of an abusive relationship on top of parenting can lead to outbursts. Frank forgot to mention before the first clip, her daughter had went missing. I see a scared mother (not expressed in the best way) who is very upset and angry and trying to displine her child with an essay.” So true.

      Her husband should have helped her. He should not have taunted her. What an embarrassment. How is he not embarrassed by that behavior?

      How are family court administrators that totally mismanaged that case not apologizing to that family? 😳

  • Thank god you are doing this ! Regardless of who is right or wrong there are children involved. It’s important to note that these were two very successful, articulate people driven mad by their divorce attorneys that represented them. Four years of litigation is more than criminals have to endure.

    • Only because Catherine had five different attorneys, wouldn’t follow rules and sued anyone that disagreed with her. The divorce and custody could have been simple but she wanted life ruination and revenge, not a divorce.

        • However many attorneys it was for however many cases the divorce case generated .. the wiretapping case .. her case against those who committed fraud upon the court to remove her children … etc. is what many thinking people would call “the snowball effect”.

          May the good snowball effect happening now to reform “family courts”, happen as quickly as possible around the world. This one case could eventually protect and save millions of families and children. Godspeed to all good people helping, everywhere in the world.

      • And, there were no girlfriends — or the girlfriends didn’t cause any problems at all — right, Ellen?

      • Ugh trying having your kids taken away, incompetent attorneys, which there is a plethora of them in the Family Law area, but you don’t understand because your a low life whose opponent is poor so you have no idea.

        • @court news: You’re a low life whether your baby daddy’s daddy was rich or not.

      • Ellen,
        I don’t care if she had 5 attorneys or 15 attorneys we all know that family court attorneys are the most corrupt and I’m not saying anything that anybody wouldn’t agree with…

        Also we all know that a majority of attorneys accept PP loans through fatherhood funding that they never even have to pay back that they can use to actually fund the cases that they represent also fathers can get loans through fatherhood.gov which we all know about that as well I don’t see any organizations giving any mother’s money to fund their legal fees for their family cases please do not get me started on sharing the information that I have on the corruption connected to the fatherhood.go funding connected to the attorney is an every state in this nation….

      • If it makes you feel better “Ellen”, keep stabbing.

        Just do your stabbing elsewhere, please.

  • I feel horrible for Charlie. If her mother is gone, these words spoken between the two of them will haunt her forever, especially now that they have been released by the media. Kids say emotional things in moments when they are feeling them, without thinking they may regret it later on. I pray for these kids, that they are able to learn from this experience and not repeat the same behavior that their parents both exhibited. As a child of a messy divorce myself, I vowed to NEVER put the mental stability of my children in the backseat if I were to ever get divorced. I am happy to say that, while I am divorced, our child has never had to experience any of this. The egotistical and selfish attitude and behavior of both of these parents will affect these kids for the rest of their lives, long after they are both finished with it. The damage has been done.

    • You don’t “feel horrible for Charlie”. You want her to read your comment. You want to convince a young girl that mistresses are fine, her mother was a horrible person and there’s no such thing as a “home wrecker”.

      Catherine’s comments at the kitchen table said everything anyone needs to know. It bothered her very much that her husband was being unfaithful to her and unfaithful to her children. Catherine’s angry response to what you did to her family was a normal response.

      She was stressed and angry for several very good reasons. When we’re extremely stressed for very good reasons, we often act in ways we later regret. You know that and you knew that when you typed your comment to that young girl a little about 3:15 this afternoon.

      That beautiful child and her sisters responded normally to Catherine’s righteously angry response to what you did to that once-beautiful family.

      Please stop commenting in this forum and take your manipulations elsewhere.

    • The Second video should never have been out there. It shows He doesn’t really care about his kids because that’s gonna come back to haunt her. And we all say things to our parents when we’re mad at them. We don’t know what happen before that thing was made. Yep I feel sorry for those kids.Please take down the second video for the child sake

        • not when it effects children…The should not have even named her and we should not have ever seen their faces..

          • Um, Catherine released the barrage of videos and private psych reports with kids faces, full names, DOBs, and evaluations for the world to see. Do you support that?

    • This story is becoming repetitive & stale – i’m out – enjoy the shit show – no matter how much time you waste on this blog its not going to change anything

  • She lied because the father told her to – she feared any expression of love to her mother because she would be punished by her father. I have no doubt she made mistakes but this father is a sociopath.

    • She feared her mother who is a sociopath. She was very, rightfully angry her mother was forging emails in her name and then trying to manipulate her to lie about it. No surprise Catherine tried to use her kids as puppet her own feelings.

      I hope Charlie is able to get a restraining order against her mother until she’s 21. These poor kids, their mother is a monster.

    • I agree with you 100% Notice the daughter uses the same words to Catherine as did her father….

  • I say send the Lynch mob on Robbie Harvey and Janea Bender. Go at them with the same vengeance you all went after Allan and destroyed his and his children’s lives. This kind of reckless reporting should be stopped so more people aren’t hurt. Who are you or anyone else to judge people at their worst moments and start a campaign against them. I say we demand your computers and phones and see how you all communicated with Catherine prior to her post. This is reckless and u both should be held accountable

    • Gus Dimopoulos, go jerk off with your hoodlums Dr. Marc Adler, and Allan Kassenoff, more like @Therobbieharvey and Janea will send a lynch mob to you as they have a following you clearly are hired help from Allan Kassenoff, stop, your not convincing to anyone

  • If these two weren’t so awesome at recording each other this might have been a good case for parental alienation. Instead it’s something else, but what is it?

  • I see a very sick mother dealing with cancer and it’s effects on the brain, body and soul.
    I see the effects of having a cheating, non supportive spouse like Allan.
    No one is a PERFECT parent; but Allan’s abusive behavior is beyond damaging compared to these two video’s of a sick cancer stricken mother who was trying to deal with a divorcing, cheating husband who lives double lives, raise 3 kids on her own because of Allans double life, and Allan was 3xs more abusive both towards Catherine and the children.
    I don’t see Catherine screaming like a monster, I don’t see Catherine walking out and leaving the kids with Allan preventing him from attending a life or death cancer appointment, I don’t see Catherine making the statement that Allan made; “I will no longer do nice things for her, she will be treated like everybody else”. Clearly admitting that he treats “everybody else the opposite of “nice”.

    I see a woman being dragged to the depths and grasping to breathe. I see this as a reaction to years of Allan’s abuse.
    One video of her yelling, big deal.

    The other video sounds like her daughter has FINALLY been brainwashed to reject her mother, after all she did have to live with Allan, and it is documented by children’s therapist that Allan punished the children if and when THEY EVER STATED TO MISS CATHERINE OR WANT TO SEE HER.

    Clearly this child is doing as instructed and sick of Allan’s backlash, so she claims to hate Catherine and not want to see her again…that would make Allan happier and her home life easier to manage.

    Remember the documented accounts Buy 2 different medical doctors of the children, admitting That they get punished if they even make a statement that they miss their mother and they want to see her, they are not even allowed to say that they love their mother without getting punishment from Allan so I think viewing the videos cautiously, with the knowledge of the case, especially the 2nd video is recommended.

    I grew up in a similar household where 2 parents especially my father was extremely violent and abusive and manipulative so I understand where these kids are coming from and in order to survive living with the abuser you must appease them…..

    Also the child gives no specific reason as to why she hates her mother she just makes the statement over and over again that she doesn’t want to go and do those visits and that she hates her mom and she just doesn’t want to be there and she’s not going to admit to writing those emails knowing that she has to go back to her abuser to live especially because that therapist is going to tell Allan everything the child says…. So if she admitted to writing that email stating that she wants to disappear and doesn’t want to live with her father anymore imagine the h*** that she will live probably for days by Allan learning this info??

    Please Do not paint Catherine in a false light, She was not an abusive mother, she was dealing with an abusive chesting husband Who would rather run around with other women than support her through her treatments and 3 children all on our own while dealing with her 3rd Round of cancer that was terminal….

    • Absolutely agreed. She was doing her very best. She was disciplining her with an essay. He screams at his daughter because THE DOG peed on the ground.

      • Disciplining her with an essay while screaming in front of the child that daddy wants a divorce, is living a double life, and calls the daughter a moron, and torturing the girl to admit daddy called her a moron. Oh, and Catherine straight-up called the daughter a weirdo, to top it all off. Great mom!

        • Disciplining while afraid. She had run away, right? Also afraid of the cancer. Also afraid of being married to a cheating spouse who wouldn’t help raise three children in this day and age … what else?

  • I can’t believe Catherine’s audacity to distort reality and accuse her daughter of lying. It’s a clear pattern of gaslighting aimed at maintaining control. Absolutely outrageous!

    • 2:39 pm … what’s your name?

      Audacity: posting that kind of comment without sharing your name
      Distort reality: misinterpreting what happened; leaving out context
      Gaslighting: doing what you accuse others of doing
      Maintaining control: by remaining anonymous
      “Absolutely outrageous!”: Such hyperbole. For what purpose, exactly?

  • Have you even seen Alan’s videos? Oh wait, you must be a friend of his or him….. He had absolutely NO empathy for those children in his videos….so where is your outrage for his behavior?

    • I can only agree with Allen’s out bursts in the videos Catherine released. She’s a monster. Nothing Allen has done can even compare to this deranged woman’s scorched earth campaign to hurt him and their children.

      • So are there any more videos. Because what I saw there was a frustrated parent who did not know what to do. And the second one with the daughter recording it. Who taught her how to do that. Yeah I can see who manipulative who.

  • So this child at that young age was taping her therapy sessions with her mother. She has clearly been manipulated by her father. I hear a very disturbed and angry little girl (even at the therapist) who has been used as a pawn between both parents to get at the other. Amazing how calm Alan is when filming Catherine to try and make her look bad for HIS self preservation. Alan called their mother “this thing” and all kinds of other things when they were still living together. He cut her down in front of the children. Who knows what else he said to them to turn them against their mother that we have not seen. Yes, Catherine may have been a very stern mother, but in no way do these videos take away from the kind of crappy husband, father and human being Alan Kassenoff was and is. He lied to the police. He lied to the courts. He did not uphold the conduct becoming of an attorney. He has no morals as a human being and those children should be with someone else. They have already suffered irreparable emotional damage, but hopefully if he loses custody, they can get into a somewhat positive environment with a loving family member. Either way, someone will be filling their heads with hatred about their mother or father. It’s very sad.

    • I don’t know personally either one. Only read what is online and saw all the videos plus emails because I went thru this same situation and felt identified with the case. Your post is very balance. Thank you for expressing your point of view

    • I’ve read quite a bit of the court documents, including the therpists reports on the children. Charlotte was diagnoses with Opposition Defiance Disorder (ODD), so besides the father’s manipulations, there is that issue as well.

          • Don’t, Frank. It doesn’t matter. The children responded normally to an abnormal situation. Once that abnormal situation is resolved, those perfectly normal behaviors for normal children reacting to “family court” craziness will resolve themselves.

            What matters most: Are the feds gong to investigate the “family court “ crimes?

        • I read that it was the other daughter with that diagnosis. do you see how sick it is that we are even discussing this? we can thank katherine for that wasnt it nice of her to release their private records?

          • 11:29,

            Rather than engaging in a discussion to find the truth and trying to help the children, your comments serve one narrative.

            Re-directing conversations to focus on your narrative fools no one. Mis-spelling Catherine’s name fools no one. Disparaging the children and their mother under the guise of “supporting the kids” is twisted. Mentioning events without context to sell your narrative serves you and your agenda, not “the kids”.

            If you’re the girlfriend and your agenda is served at every meal as often as it’s served here, that’s one of many other problems in the fallout. How long you hold such a leaky narrative is up to you. As the anonymous commenter who agrees with you types above each of her comments: “Wake up and smell the coffee”. (except she yells when she types that, every time)

          • @11:29: You sound like an uneducated person who learned a big word “narrative.” All you do is keep spouting narrative, narrative, narrative, oh, and agenda, thinking it makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about. It doesn’t. Your comment says literally nothing except that you’re paranoid that I’m Allan’s GF. I’m not.

          • “I read .. ” Right.

            If you’re […] trying to pass as a random stranger who doesn’t know the spelling of Catherine’s name, why continue the charade?

            Your comments flashing words such as “diagnosis” and “private records” all look the same. Repeating those words to cause harm, harms. That information is stored and discussed responsibly in articles to inform good people all over the world who are currently investigating the case. Referencing that information to appropriately address the crimes committed against Catherine and her children helps everyone — especially the children.

            Referencing that information to try to destroy Catherine’s good work, her memory and her children’s thoughts about her doesn’t help. See the difference?

            You could solve this big riddle altogether, right now: Apologize for what you did and tell the feds the truth about what you witnessed.

            For example:
            How often was Catherine gaslit, how and by whom? Who did the wiretapping?

            Helping the feds would help much more than rubbing salt in open wounds.

      • Why should a children medical records be online that’s against the law. A clear HIPPA violation and all a terrible parents leaks there own childrens medical info/email addres to you nuts

        • “Kailin”,

          What should good citizens and journalists do when crimes are committed in family courts and law enforcement offices ignore the crimes? Do we wait for more families to be victims of the same criminals year after year? Do we watch and do nothing about the destruction of children and families in Westchester County family courts? What’s the best course of action there?

          Presenting evidence to the public in the form of primary sources of information (rather than opinion) is the only option after it was the only viable option Catherine saw after four years of seeking justice in the usual ways. Catherine knew the law and felt she did the right thing.

          It looks like she did all she could to protect her children and her legacy. Sort of like when Julian Assange released the footage from the aircraft shooting those civilians. Family court vendors shoot civilians for fun, too. Sure it’s a different kind of shooting, but the results are after the same results. The good people go to jail and the bad guys/gals keep shooting the innocent.

          Julian Assange wanted the release of what was said to have been classified information to stop as many wars as possible and to promote world peace. Julian Assange did the right thing.

          The medical records don’t disparage anyone. Medicine is science, not gossip. Medical records are real science or junk science. Those documents are evidence of junk science used to commit fraud on the Westchester family court. That fraud is criminal and needs to be addressed. Period. No gossip, no on and on about it as some would like to do here to distract the public.

          Catherine didn’t share the medical records to promote gossip. She shared the records to say, “Hey, look what happened in the case. Notice the real science vs the junk science. Please investigate the people committing medical fraud in Westchester County family courts and ________________________.”

          I think she probably wanted them investigated, arrested and charged with crimes. Someone who knew her could fill in the blank better than I can.

      • You have to be defiant when you have a narc mom trying to puppeteer you to hurt your dad. It’s the only way a kid can survive with their sanity.

      • Dear Ren in the shadow,

        Go to any licensed evaluator in America and ask for an evaluation. Many will ask for your money. They will take your money and tell you that you have one condition or another.

        Then, go home. Go to your favorite room and close the door. Ask G-d for an evaluation. He will tell you everything you need to know for free.

        • I am very familiar with family court and the tactics used. Funny you say I am in the shadow when you’re using Anonymous as your name…

    • Exactly Allan Kassenoff turned the children against her, notice how Allan was abuser 100% of the time before court intervened?

  • Catherine’s dismissive attitude towards her daughter’s emotions is utterly despicable. She needs a reality check and a crash course in empathy! You cannot live and show no compassion at all!

    • Well- she’s dead so 🤷🏽‍♀️ and that’s because of Allan- maybe your advice will transcend into the beyond. Bravo 👏

  • I’m seething with anger at Catherine’s manipulative tactics. Her daughter deserves support and understanding, not constant questioning and emotional manipulation. Outrageous!

    • Um, “seething with anger”?! 🤔

      So much emotion in your many comments here, 2:29 pm!

      The dramatic declarations with exclamation marks (!) — just don’t look sincere, though. Are you tired of pretending?

      Your comments looks less like helping and more like spamming.

      If you look objectively at your comments, can you see it? They all look the same, using many of the same words.

  • Frank can you please give us a date on when this audio with Catherine’s second daughter was taken? . I knew that after years of living with their father, and being dragged to these counselor meetings the younger girls weee saying tough things. it was a torment for them.

  • Two wrong grown ups doesn’t make it right!!! At the end he is the worst one. He doesn’t want normal parental responsibilities from watching the videos. His abusive speech is worts than the mom. Also bringing a girlfriend into the picture is not emotionally healthy to the girls at this time. The girls are physcologically damage for good. Perhaps many years of therapy will be needed. He doesn’t know what he will face in the future but I believe that it will not be good. I am sorry for him but he will get what he deserves. This is just my opinion .

  • Catherine doesn’t look well in that video. If she was suffering with breast cancer, it’s possible that the cancer had metastasized to the brain, causing personality changes. She must have been under a lot of stress too. Not making excuses, just saying.

    • Just like her “death” her recent cancer claim has zero proof. Never mentioned until her “suicide note.” A woman who uses suicide ploy to manipulate and hurt people has no problem faking “terminal cancer” to do the same. It’s the narc playbook. I’m surprised she didn’t announce she was pregnant with twins too.

  • Sounds to me that the father most likely threatened the daughter, Charlie to say that Catherine wrote those emails. I’m guessing if she didn’t he was going to make things bad at home for her (take away her phone, apparently punish them by not taking them places, etc.) He’s a narcissist, abusive, and clearly very smart. Why out of no where would this child say this at the end of a good visit? Bc dad found out about the email and he made her say it. She videoed only the end of the visit saying Catherine wrote the email, why? Kids do not think like this. Why would this child video that unless she was coerced to? Sometimes things aren’t always how they appear. Yeah the other video puts Catherine in a bad light and she should’ve handled things better. But that does not mean their father ISN’T an abusive psychopath. I think he videoed Catherine in a bad light when she was reacting to a situation poorly to make it appear that she’s abusive or mentally unstable. Reactive abuse is real.

  • She is crazy! If there was an Olympic event for manipulating perceptions, Catherine would win the gold medal.

  • If the one thing that comes out of this is that the can of worms is FINALLY opened about the corrupt Family Court System, then it’s a win. The absolute tragedy in this is the suffering those little girls have and will continue to go through. But if we’re lucky, and this really does cause reform in the family courts, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, no more kids will have to suffer, and we can find a better balance for the millions of divorced families.

    • I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it only shows what we already know. Dangerous people lose custody and often become furious and even more vengeful when it happens.

      • Because Allan Kassenoff was NOT dangerous, NOT angry, please Gus Dimopoulos STOP now Allan Kassenoff will be soon too poor to pay you

    • So your saying it’s a tragedy that your going to have make this girls lives hell in the hopes that children because there mother wanted to make herself a martyr. And you want to get placed children with mothers that 4 judges 3 Forensics have said our dangerous. Your plan will lead to kids being abused and placed in abusive household simplify because we should trust a women to be telling the truth over a man that is dangerous and so are you.

    • Twist yourself in knots to try and rationalize a woman using fake suicide to “prove” anything. All Catherine has proven is she’s a sick, angry woman and the courts were 110% right to Allen custody. Their only mistake was probably even allowing Catherine supervised visits. Her stunt has done far more to prove mentally ill vindictive women will do anything (including harming their children) to lash out when they don’t get what they want.

  • “What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god”

  • I’ve just listened to HG Tudor’s YT posts regarding this case. He uses it to demonstrate narcissistic behavior and relates it to what Prince Harry may be facing when his wife finally leaves him.

    Frank readers may find it interesting.

      • I at least hope she had to pay FR a hefty fee for PR services given what this will do it’s reputation. I’m still confused why you were willing to peddle such a one sided story. I’ve loved your cult coverage for years so was disappointed to see such “no proof, just clicks” type of story. Maybe your plan was to go along with her stunt and then reap and even bigger story when Catherine is revealed for a woman faking suicide to try and ruin an ex. Her husband might not be a great guy, but Catherine is a textbook BPD narcissist.

        • I was never paid by Catherine for this story. If you have proof she is alive, please send it.

          • How about no death certificate? No obit? No funeral? You’ve provided zero proof she’s dead. It’s been three weeks already. You aren’t this gullible. No good journalist would run stories about her being dead without some actual proof beyond a hysterical post on her own FB page.

          • “Ellen” at 2:10,

            Looks like you’re on the Spin Crew. Who pays you to write your comments?

            Did you read the FR articles? They all say: We don’t know for sure because there’s no death certificate.

            Right: No obit etc. No one has proof … it’s been three weeks etc.

            Why attack FR?

            Do you work for one of the firms involved in the racketeering?

            You aren’t this gullible. Good journalists in America and the UK 🇬🇧 are running the same stories FR is publishing without “some actual proof beyond a hysterical post on her own FB page”.

            “hysterical”? Really?

            Do you have no shame?

        • Did she pay Ms. Magazine, Westchester News 12, The New York Post, The Daily Beast, msn.com, Cafemom, GoFundMe, Mirror UK, The Daily Mail UK , LiveAction.org, Law.com, Above the Law and Patch.com, too? “Ellen” is a fake name, right?

          • No, they are sleazy tabloids and clickbait sites that ran with clickbait story based entirely deranged FB post. It’s psycho Catherine’s PR campaign, not journalism. Tabloids don’t care about journalistic standards, just outrage peddling.

            Nobody is stupid enough to believe it takes 3 weeks to get a death certificate.

            Ms. Magazine is the really sad outlier, but this is why their reputation has been in the mud for years and now Catherine has inflicted more damage to it because she cares about nothing but hurting her ex. Ms. Is just more collateral damage thanks to Catherine. I bet their writer really trusted her too. Sad, real shame but she should have known not to run with a story without any facts.

      • I’m not able to send the link, but a search of YouTube for “Hell for Harry Part 1 (Meghan Markle) will take you to the first of three parts.

  • The video is not her finest moment and I’m sure there’s more to come. The videos of Allan paint him as angry and cruel. I think we can all agree people can fight and be extremely toxic during a divorce. Maybe they were both abusive but still love(d) their children. As explosive as all of the videos/recordings are, the tragedy in this case is the corruption of the court system. Why give custody to one abusive parent over the other abusive parent? Clearly, Allan had more money and connections within this particular court system and manipulated it to his advantage. Catherine asked for a jury to decide custody knowing full well these videos and recording would be admitted into evidence. She obviously believed that the evidence against Allan was more damning.

    • “Why give custody to one abusive parent over the other abusive parent? Clearly, Allan […] manipulated…”

      No, thats not clear. You have not seen any of the evidence as to why Catherine lost custody. Nothing in this is “clear.” The odds are that “clearly” Catherine was the truly abusive one since after 4 years she still didn’t get custody. What if someone was found guilty of murder in court? Wouldn’t you say “clearly” they committed the murder? Or would you say “clearly” the victims family manipulated the court?

      • Or would you say “clearly” the “highly connected” prosecutor manipulated the court, despite the fact you have not seen a single shred of evidence as to why that person was found guilty???

      • You do not know if I was privy to the evidence or not. Just saying… Allan, was in fact, clearly abusive over the course of many years. Should we start with the cheating in 2010 with the nanny when Catherine was pregnant with Charlotte or would you like to move along to the videos some taken soon after her mastectomy? You “clearly” have a vested interest in defending him and are perhaps missing the bigger picture…

        • “You do not know if I was privy to the evidence or not.”

          Oh OK so you’ve examined all 3000 sealed motions and mounds of sealed evidence in the case?

          Or are you one of Catherine’s FB buddies who swallowed her one-sided narrative hook, line, and sinker?

          • No I have not but nor have you unless you are either Allan or Gus. I’m not swallowing anything – I know them both and have for a very long time. The point you are missing is that there are “3000 sealed motions” in the first place and more than 3 million dollars spent. Allan originally filed for joint custody then had a change of heart once the “family court” players came into the picture. He did not fear for his children’s safety for more than a decade.

          • “He did not fear for his children’s safety for more than a decade.”

            Yeah, because you know when abusers become the most dangerous? When you try to leave. Once he filed for divorce, Catherine was hell-bent on destroying him at any cost, even the children’s well-being.

            Do you know how many abusive people stay in relationships because they know if they try to make a change their abuser is going to go ballistic and try to kill them? That’s the kind of horror Allan was facing.

            Do you ask a woman who’s gotten out of an abusive relationship “well if he was so bad, how come you were with him for ten years? And only now that you left him he’s supposedly so dangerous?”

            Get a clue, already

      • Yes, it’s all very clear.

        These same cases are everywhere.

        Protective mothers who endured this same exact nightmare in a “family court child custody case” see exactly who did what. No one’s fooling anyone anymore. The veil is lifted.

      • This is why I’m reserving my opinions. I’ve been through this except me and my husband V Greene County. They painted me as mentally ill. Dragged 5 years. I took an independent psyche evaluation in NYC and proved the county wrong. My kids home now with us for 3 years. There IS corruption. We WERE made truly homeless. Truly deliberately thwarted. Our evidence ignored. I stood my ground and we won. We DON’T see why she was stripped of her rights. I survived a brutal childhood. My MOTHER has Schizoeffective Disorder but the rare kind. I suffered all forms of abuse and torture. Nobody saved me.

        There’s just no way she was stripped of her rights without proof. We all ARE NOT CATHERINE. We are not wealthy attorneys able to fight. Homeless and impoverished mothers can’t buy an over $800,000 house. Or immediately rent one right near the kids.

        I’m disgusted this is the hill the system will die on when it’s not dying for the everyday citizen. The woman who can’t pay 15 attorneys. Who don’t have a nice car to so called sleep in. Who put the kids emotions above their rage for the other parent or the system (our county). Who truly are tricked and crooked out of their rights.

        I have a genetic, fatal, rare blood disorder my parent withheld from me. Even though I know I’m not long lived, I plan to fight until my last moment so I can be here for my children. I’ll not MAS, but suffer so they have me as long as they can. And before everyone screams about cancer, what I have is worse than blood cancer.

        I beat these people on my own 2 feet, no decent lawyer, while sick. I am NOT Catherine

    • That sounds absurd. She’s the one with the connections she was a federal prosecutor. I highly doubt he as a patent lawyer had connections in the Westchester matrimonial court. U guys can stretch the truth to fit whatever u want

      • I def agree. Catherine’s focus seems to be primarily on herself, her feelings, and her grievances. She blames her husband, the family court system, and her terminal cancer diagnosis for her situation, rather than taking responsibility for her own actions. It’s Disgusting!

        • Nice of you to even give her the benefit of the doubt for “terminal cancer”. I think the terminal cancer claim has as much merit as her Swiss suicide spa adventure.

      • She did not have connections within this particular court system. Think of court systems as small interdependent villages. Her orbit was in NYC and Albany – Allan actually litigated some cases within the Westchester County system and Gus, his lawyer, had most of the connections.

  • The video seems to have been taken during the 8/9/22 supervised visit. Here’s an excerpt from the Culley report dated 8/15/22 the following week:

    The children continue to enjoy the visits with their mother. Charlie is very comfortable
    sharing information about her life, friends, and school. She has been very negative
    about her camp experience and very vocal about that and loves speaking to her mother
    about Stranger Things. Jo Jo has enjoyed playing Roblox with her mother and sharing
    how it works and helping her mother have an avatar and proceed in the game.

    On the visit on the 9th Charlie became upset at literally the last two minutes of the visit
    speaking about how she had lied in the past about wanting to do activities and be with
    her mother and her mother sent an email from her email but then changed it to her
    mother made her send an email. She didn’t want to discuss it any further and ran out of
    the office without this writer. It is unclear what prompted this outburst as the children
    had just finished up a very nice dinner with their mother with cake and presents for
    JoJo’s birthday. This incident does illustrate how crucial it is that these girls be in
    therapy to help them process all that is going on in their lives.
    If there are any questions, or more information is needed, I can be reached at the above
    Jennifer Culley, LCSW

    • @11:47: so wait a minute? Are you saying that CONTEXT MATTERS?

      Well, gee whiz, then shouldn’t we apply that same principle to the video snippets of Allan???

      Can the barefoot pitchfork mob now begin to understand why Catherine’s videos weren’t considered evidence of abuse because they were MISSING CONTEXT???

      • I’m not saying we should view Allan’s videos without context – Allan, should he choose to defend his behavior, could make a public statement and explain away. No one is stopping him. The videos have been publicly available for years online. From what I understand, Team Allan has sought to mitigate the damage by suppressing the videos – removing them from TikTok and making Catherine’s FB page private – rather than explain the context.

        It’s already been established that the original cast of characters – Most, Abrams and Lubell – were removed/recused for misconduct and beyond a reasonable doubt siding with Allan. They were PAID by Allan to find in his favor. Doubt the videos weren’t considered because they lacked context…

        • “Most, Abrams and Lubell – were removed/recused for misconduct and beyond a reasonable doubt siding with Allan.”

          They weren’t removed for beyond a reasonable doubt siding with Allan. Nice way to twist things.

          • “Most, Abrams and Lubell – were removed/recused for misconduct and beyond a reasonable doubt siding with Allan.””

            For starts, Lubell officiating Abrams wedding does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lubell unethically sided with Allan. Still, he recused himself in an abundance of caution. Judges recuse themselves from cases all the time.

            Abrams being accused of sexual harrassment in another case does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Abrams unethically sided with Allan.

            As for Carol Most, she may have been unethically siding with Allan, but guess what, she was REMOVED. That doesn’t sound like a corrupt court to me.

        • “Allan, should he choose to defend his behavior, could make a public statement and explain away. No one is stopping him.”

          I respect Allan for not speaking out to explain the videos away. Ever heard the adage “Don’t feed the trolls”? He is a private citizen why does he need to explain to a lynch mob the excruciatingly private details of his home life 6 years ago? are most people really too stupid to understand those videos are out of context? He shouldn’t need to say anything. It’s sad that people are so dumb (or choose to play dumb) that he would need to spell it out.

          • You are the lynch mob. No one is dumb here and yes in the modern world he will need to spell it out, big time. Hire a fancy PR firm because your hysterical commentary is not going to cut it. It’s not looking good for him. Again if all of the videos are so out of context he should put on his big boy pants and explain rather than having you berate people for him. I’m not part of the barefoot pitchfork mob or a troll. I know them both personally and have more inside perspective on this than you can imagine. Attack away – you really just sound unhinged.

        • “I’m not saying we should view Allan’s videos without context”

          Oh, OK but we should judge them and ruin the guy’s life and his children’s lives with no context.

          It’s obvious none of the haters would believe him anyway, so really he’s better off not saying anything about the context of the videos.

          • Is that your system of political and/or religious classification?

            “Animals in which a right of property may be acquired by reclaiming them from wildness, but which, at common law. by reason of their base nature, are not regarded as possible subjects of a larceny. 3 Inst. 109; 1 Hale, P. C. 511, 512.”

    • This is what happens with children are removed from one parent for long periods of time and there are not professionals involved and a plan put in place for reunification.
      Catherine, in April, complained that she thought it may now be too late because of the lies at the beginning of her case lost her custody and so much time had lapsed (between covid, Judge Koba’s failure to implement a real access plan, and the final forensic taking a year or so to issue a report all while Catherine had limited to no access to the girls). Courts love the “status quo” and Gus creates situations where the status quo is created based on misrepresentations to the Court. Understand, these videos come after 3 years of the girls’ separation from their mother with basically no effort for reunification, and CONSTANT gaslighting and brainwashing by Allan.
      that is the truth

  • On the abuse scale I’m going to rate Allen higher. Sorry. It’s important to see all the information. Why would Allen’s behavior be ignored by the court and the focus on Catherine? I’m sure Allan will leak more videos. We shall see.

  • Well, there you have it. Finally, some balance to this story. Kudos to FR for reporting the other side of a bitter custody battle.

  • I can’t imagine this is what Catherine wanted. An all-out war with her kids’ names thrown around, but here we are. It’s not surprising that there are other videos and audios out there. There’s no way a case goes on for 4 years of back and forth without it. Stop fighting. Stop this nonsense and focus on the children. There are no winners here.

    • “I can’t imagine this is what Catherine wanted. An all-out war with her kids’ names thrown around”

      You’re kidding, right? If she didn’t want their names thrown around, she wouldn’t have released all their excruciatingly private documents with their full names and birthdates etc. for any random freak on the internet to download and read.

    • Catherine doesn’t care about her kids. She posted their psychological info and private communication on FB and fed it to the media. Catherine only cares about Catherine and destroying her ex. Her children are nothing more than pawns. Catherine in a narcissist raging due to ego wound and she doesn’t care who she hurts having her tantrum.

      • Catherine cares deeply about her children- even in her death she wanted to get those girls out of an abusive household despite the fact that he manipulated them against her.

    • The brave woman in the video said, “… and I also just remember what it felt like for all of us in this courthouse as these attorneys were engaged in what was clearly racketeering activity.

      And, I’m really really proud that all of our work has come together to expose a private judging scandal that has resulted already in pre-filing motions with several law firms preparing RICO violation lawsuits against these attorneys and several of the judges.

      And it all arises from this courthouse in Santa Clara. And this is the Sunnyvale Courthouse and this is where it all began back in 2012. And for so many other parents, it began in the early-90s …”

      The ONE and ONLY problem state and federal government employees need to address is: the blatant corruption allowed and enabled in “family courts”. Government employees and private vendors should NOT micro-manage children and families.

      Both parents were 100% stressed. Why?

      They could have managed, right? Both smart, Both attorneys who knew how much damage “family courts” could do to them. That was the problem. They knew how much harm “family courts” are allowed to do .. and then, that typical family with typical family problems lost: three million dollars, four years and a mother.

      The problem wasn’t the mother, the father or the children. The problem was purposely adversarial for-profit “family courts” with no oversight and no accountability for the past forty years that successfully destroyed that family, too.

      Dear readers of this comment: Please post the names of courageous attorneys and law firms available to take on the RICO violations in family courts in America. That will help.

      Since the 1980s, so many children and families in nations around the world have been harmed by the EXACT SAME “family court” set-ups and gaslighting. Just as the recent global pandemic fiasco destroyed hundreds of millions of lives, the purposely adversarial for-profit family court racketeering has also destroyed hundreds of millions of lives — with exponential damage done to the families and friends of those hundreds of millions of children and families.

      That’s a lot of damage done. War does that kind of damage.

      Was the global destruction of children and families in “family courts” since the 1980s deliberate? Has the purposeful weakening of families served specific political goals? Or, has the racketeering in family courts just served to fill the bank accounts of those who profit from the destruction of children and families?

      Tiny and vast networks of corruption set loose in “family courts” to destroy children and families of many religions across the political spectrum in many nations and in specific ways for the past forty years didn’t happen by chance.

      Effective lawsuits to address racketeering in family courts is a great place to begin to the repair damage done.

      Especially now, in the middle of such toxic and divisive political climates, we must find ways to work together across the political spectrum to address the harm done — and to prevent further harm to all children and families in America and around the world.

  • Can you provide dates for the 4 recordings of Catherine and the videos of Allan? It would help put everything into context. Thanks.

  • I don’t see why Frank Report should be rebuked in any way for sharing these materials. In my opinion, not sharing them would be unfair and show bias in favor of Catherine.

    • Only Catherine and a few flying monkies would be upset about this. The FR has been pretty irresponsible posting Catherine’s bizarre, entirely one sided version of events. Even they can’t be dumb enough to believe the Swiss suicide based on her own unhinged FB post three weeks ago, but they want clicks!

    • Anyone who has a problem with it is a supreme hypocrite.

      I’m still trying to understand why Catherine would announce at 5:34pm Swiss time that “I will be ending my life today.” Also, would you really want to spend your last few hours on earth posting volumes of info on Facebook ranting at your ex , sharing vidoes of him, and sending emails out on the same subject? Why not write heartfelt farewell letters to your loved ones. Go in nature one last time. Sit on a park bench at least. Maybe she ended her life, but I think there is a good chance she did not.

      Anyway, I’m sure there is a tremendous volume of material that clearly shows why she lost custody. It’s sad for the children that she has forced this into the public eye.

      I can’t believe none of her barefoot-with-pitchforks crowd ever stopped to think Catherine may have written those emails and texts “from the children” herself, as was clearly proven in that video from the supervised visit.

      Does that same mob now want to tear Catherine to pieces for calling her daughter a liar in that video? If not, it proves they’re a bunch of hypocrites. Which they are.

  • “… The pressure these poor children are under is tremendous. They need to be given the space and encouragement to enjoy the time with their mother, understand that following simple rules such as no electronics is not their ‘choice’ and that the months of positive visitation was not a betrayal of their father or a choice they are making about where they live.

    The scheduled visit on August 24th did not occur as the children were told that they could bring an electronic device …

    … It is important to note that this writer was crystal clear for two days and throughout upward of 20 emails that no electronics would be allowed and again attempted to speak to Mr. Kassenoff about this to ensure that the girls would not be exposed to such confusion and conflict. The children did not come upstairs for their scheduled dinner visit and were supported in this decision by their nanny who was very rude and aggressive in her interactions. …

    … More recently (one of the children) has spoken about this writer “working for” their mother as she “pays” me. She will quote statements from the visit reports or that she says she hears such things or has been told such things by her father. She cried in a recent visit and said, ‘I just don’t know what I am supposed to say.’

    She has also said that her father says if I continue to say the visits go well she won’t be allowed to live with him anymore and will have to live with their mother. I don’t know if her statements are true but it is true she is saying them and seems to believe them …”

    • Wow! Someone actually saying that context matters! funny how they didn’t apply to the videos of Allan though. And anyone who suggested as much must’ve been an evil abuser themselves.

      Hypocrisy much?

      • Stop pulling that stuff. Deflection. His videos were abusive. She was their mother. Dad video show abuse. He’s got issues. He treated Catherine like shit. He teaching the girls this. Alienator Allen

        • Her videos are abusive. He is their father. Mom’s video shows abuse. She’s got issues. She treated Allan like shit. She’s teaching the girls this. Alienator Catherine

  • Where you all now?! Guess her wings are clipped and her halo fell off and the cat got all your tongues. Robbie Harvey and Janea Bender where’s your TikTok falling on your swords for ruining Allan’s career and his children’s lives. You’re all pathetic

    • He ruined his career. Bizarre to think that this vindicates him. I would never in a million years employ anyone who acted the way he did.

      • He was doing fine it would appear until his crazy ex claimed his crazy ex started a PR campaign based on her fake suicide. Catherine, on the other hand, was fired from her job two years ago thanks to her unprofessional and crazy conduct. She got fired without Allen publishing dirty laundry and making false allegations all over the internet.

    • Read 9.31am. That’s where we all are. Manipulative abuse from the father, he’s the one using parental alienation. These kids have had their minds scrambled by living with him and being exposed to his coercive behaviours. I can’t imagine how mentally challenging it must be to have your children unfairly removed, have lovely visitations with your daughter’s then discover that the husband’s manipulations are now working against her. In the last few minutes of a great visit this is recorded. This plan hatched by this narcissistic father and planted into the child. All this is happening while she fights cancer. Disgusting, inhumane. These girls will have to have a lifetime of therapy after all this trauma just to get by. Awful, disturbing.

    • It didn’t . You are just frustrated and upset that many are not in tune with the PR campaign. He should be locked in a mental institution for his behavior. He is worst than the mom.

  • He was unfaithful in the marriage. That was the problem. Resolving that one problem would have prevented all the problems that followed. It’s not rocket science.

    Did he stop being unfaithful? Did he apologize to his wife and children for being unfaithful? His apology for being unfaithful would have solved most of everything.

    Which overlords of politics decided adultery should no longer be grounds for divorce in America?

    Since when do family courts give the unfaithful spouse full legal and physical custody of the children? Billions of dollars — maybe trillions — have been stolen from American families in the same excruciating process displayed in the article above. The case above stole three million dollars from that family.

    Who changed The Model Penal Code in the 1960s and why? “The Model Penal Code (or MPC) is a model code assembled by the American Legal Institute that was first promulgated in 1962. Following the MPC’s promulgation, many states’ criminal codes underwent significant reforms, and to this day, many states’ criminal codes are based on the MPC.” https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/model_penal_code_%28mpc%29

    It almost looks like changing The Model Penal Codes destroyed families in America to weaken the nation. Anyone wanting to destroy a nation knows: If you can weaken families, you can weaken a nation.

    This year, family courts can order cosmetic life-altering dangerous surgeries on children. Parents who object lose full legal and physical custody of their children. What’s been planned next for American politics?

    When a spouse commits adultery in a covenant marriage, aggressive attorneys and vicious vendors aren’t allowed to micro-manage dysfunction in families for profit until the children “age out of the system” or a spouse passes away.

    “A covenant marriage is an arrangement where marrying spouses agree that their marriage will last for the rest of their lives. However, it does provide for a divorce in a limited number of situations. Those limited situations include: 1) one spouse committing adultery, 2) a spouse committing physical or sexual abuse of the other spouse or a child, 3) a spouse committing a felony, 4) a spouse using illegal substances, and 5) both spouses living separately for one or two years. The spouses will receive pre-marital counseling before their wedding and marital counseling when they are considering a divorce.

    Covenant marriages are recognized in only three states: Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana; and they are usually entered into for religious reasons.”


    • Hi Cathy! Being unfaithful in a marriage has nothing to do with someone’s ability to parent. All the same children usually sympathize with the parent who was cheated on, but in this case the kids seem to understand why Dad wanted out of the relationship. The kids even seem to want to divorce Catherine.

      It seems obvious that Catherine was consumed with rage because Allan checked out of the marriage. Punishing him for infidelity cost her her children.

      • Excuses. If you have no morals, you have no morals. File for divorce. Dad sending messages to the kids something is wrong with your mom. Blaming others for cheating is typical narcissistic behavior. Marriage is a thing of the past.

      • “Being unfaithful in a marriage has nothing to do with someone’s ability to parent.“???

        You’re kidding, right?

        • Nope. Cheating makes you a bad spouse, not a bad parent. Plenty of good parents find themselves in miserable marriages and cheat. I usually don’t have a lot of sympathy with cheaters but given what we know of Catherine I 100% understand. She is a miserable woman who made everyone in her life miserable. She has faked suicide to punish Allen ffs. Catherine has only ensured that everyone sees Allen is the victim of a very mentally ill woman. I’m sure he lives in fear of divorce due to her mental illness and what she was capable of doing in revenge. He was right, but she couldn’t bully, manipulate and threaten him to stay married to her in the end. Even the third pregnancy didn’t do it. Im sure for the past year he probably feared she’d try to kill him or the girls to get her revenge.

          • Being a bad spouse doesn’t make you a bad parent? 🤔

            American family law disagrees. Friendly parents are the best parents. Shoot an arrow at the other parent and that arrow goes through the children first.

            “Plenty of good parents find themselves in miserable marriages and cheat.“
            And you find that to be acceptable, right? Got it.

            “I usually don’t have a lot of sympathy with cheaters”
            and …
            “but given what we know of Catherine I 100% understand.”

            Why not just write:
            “Being unfaithful to your wife and children is fine if you hate your wife.”

            “She is a miserable woman who made everyone in her life miserable. She has faked suicide to punish Allen ffs. Catherine has only ensured that everyone sees Allen is the victim of a very mentally ill woman. I’m sure he lives in fear of divorce due to her mental illness and what she was capable of doing in revenge. He was right, but she couldn’t bully, manipulate and threaten him to stay married to her in the end. Even the third pregnancy didn’t do it. Im sure for the past year he probably feared she’d try to kill him or the girls to get her revenge.”

            Wow. Either you used AI to write that or you really hate her. You seem to know a lot about the family’s personal business. Did you know Catherine? Or just Catherine’s husband and her children?

          • She was only pregnant twice, FYI. Nor has she been diagnosed with any mental illness, just sayin. He attempted to have her arrested for many things including 1. attending an ice skating practice 2. having a friend send her daughters a text telling them she loved them because she was not allowed to contact them herself. Should I go on?

          • “having a friend send her daughters a text telling them she loved them because she was not allowed to contact them herself.”

            Yes, she had creepy and deranged Lizzy Harding call and text the children. Go look up Elizabeth Harding Weinstein, or Lizzie Harding Weinstein on Twitter and you will see how batshit insane she is. She writes on and on and on about how human skin is a space suit that can become inhabited by demons etc. sounds like that crazy woman who believed her children were zombies and killed them. She was also involuntarily committed for schizophrenia fairly recently.

            THAT is who Cathy had calling her children.

  • It’s called reactive abuse. Look it up FRANK. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Clearly you know nothing about abuse victims.

    • clearly you know nothing about nothing I pray that your able to one day screw you brain back on
      “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

      ― Carl Sagan

    • Yes, I believe Alllan was suffering from reactive abuse in those video snippets where Cathy was cruelly chasing him around the house and taunting him.

    • Omg thank you for pointing this out ! This is such a big thing that so many people don’t understand but it’s very legitimate.
      It’s what makes me still question the Johnny depp/Amber heard case. Where she seemed so evil I still question if her side of it could’ve just been reactive and manipulated to look like it was all her…a lot of abuse victims still say they believe she was the victim and that the entire case was extremely detrimental to abuse victims everywhere. And helped give abusers more power, now all they all have to do it flip the story in their favor and use their connections and popularity to get out of it. I myself have witnessed and been guilty of reactive abuse and can say that’s the only reason I even know it’s a thing. The publics’ lack of knowledge can be so detrimental in such cases like these

  • Suddenly Catherine, and her few fans, go totally quiet. Pikachu face. Shouldn’t they be screaming she’s an abuser that deserves jail?

  • I knew this was going to happen. We called in yesterday in our office. We have been following this case for years (we work around the court system but in a different county) and have been hearing about it. We knew there had to be other audio and video that showed a pretty damning picture of the mother for the court system to move custody over to the father.

      • Meant to say “called it yesterday”. But to answer your question, we have to navigate these types of custodial wars all the time and it never lined up why the courts would remove her as caretaker (and remove visitation) unless she was more unhinged than he was. This is not about money, this is about the lesser of two evils.

    • It very interesting you should say that. What about the daming evidence against Allan. The courts catering to abusers. Say what you will. Allan has done a lot of damage. You order reunification therapy for a sex abuser. Catherine can’t see her children? The courts are a mess. They will give custody to an abuser for the right amount of money. These videos are damage control for the law firm. There not good , but the ones of Allan are bad. Why did he not move in with the trampy yoga chic? Why is the yoga chic wearing her clothing. Sick people. What a mess.

  • What does Karen mean?
    Karen is a generic name that’s common among middle-aged women. It was one of the top five most popular baby names for girls from 1957–1966, and peaked at #3 in 1965, according to Social Security data.

    Karen is also the Danish form of Katherine, which is popularly associated with a Greek word for pure. However, the meaning of Karen has evolved over recent years. Record of the insult Karen appears as early as September 2016, and by 2020, Karen had gained a slang meaning that refers to a middle-aged white woman.

    • So we are discriminating against middle age women? Seems to be a theme in family court. Could explain these narrasist who are discarding wives who stood beside them while they built careers. Now their fat ugly losser things. Dad’s ego needs to be stroked. The only way to get ride of Mom. She’s crazy and a bad mommy. We are on to the game gentleman. The video doesn’t change it. Allan is an abuser.

  • … what kind of sadistic rulers created lawless “family courts” to order millions of families in crisis to pay to endure more crises “under penalty of law”?

  • Never thought I would say this but I think we been duped guys she sounds ten time more crazy then even him at his worse expect tnis is not 19 seconds it’s much worse.

    • Did you ever question only hearing one side of the story, only Catherine’s version? I’m still in shock that any platform reported her “death” based on nothing but an unhinged FB that mostly ranted against her ex.

      • Ugh, she told very clearly both sides of the story you idiot, she left the actual court transcripts behind

      • for having a glass of wine? Ridic to insinuate do you have proof? The courts would’ve ordered drug/urine testing and a substance abuse counselor – where are those records?

          • She is not slurring her words. Allan know he was going to record. He probably put it there for the illusion. Allan is an attorney. He knows the game. He had an attorney well versed in the alienators scenario. You can never trust an attorney. Either one.

    • No it’s not. It doesn’t excuse his behavior. What is wrong with the family court judges. Should the kids been in either care? Why were they placed with the daddy abuser?

  • I think the kids were already terrify about the whole ordeal. Their sense of loyalty to either parent is damaged. How sad!!!

  • I have been there. The man, after seeing all his his videos, drove the woman to the deep end. I have been there. You have feelings of frustration. It is like a time bomb. I know it. He didn’t want to take any responsibility about his kids while she was sick. And when he had them , still no responsibility, no accountability ( read little girls emails) And the court gave these children to a lunatic and an immoral person? And you supposed to be calm like nothing happened??? Oh pleaseeee. Instead of appeasing the situation he was out of control. He is an unfit father. The daughters emails to their mother tells me all I need to know about this case. He drove the woman also to the deep end. Take his kids away from him. 😡 Evil human being

    • “The daughters emails to their mother tells me all I need to know about this case.”

      The emails were fakes written by Catherine. The child says so in the visitation video. You know how easy it is to create an email account, right?

      Guess you didn’t watch the visitation video.

      • I guess you didn’t look at any of the reports in the drop box. Because its in the reports that the kid’s story changed through the visit you reference about the email and how it was written.

      • So in the report of the visitation it clearly says that the child’s story changed from saying her mom wrote the emails to her saying her mom forced her to write the emails….. they point out how her story CHJANGES pretty drastically, which usually doesn’t happen if its the actual truth. Can’t always go off of every little thing a child says especially one who is being brainwashed, manipulated, and threatened by the father… you have to learn to read between the lines like the professionals involved.

        • Guess what? If someone dictates an email to me and I type it out I would still say that other person wrote the email, I didn’t, since it was their words, and I was a mere typist.

    • Narcissists always blame others for their own terrible behavior. Catherine is a victim of her own terrible behavior. Her fake suicide ploy was her last desperate ploy and now it reveal her to the world what her husband, her kids and the courts already knew – she’s an unhinged, dangerous woman who needs intensive psych treatment. There is definitely a no-contact order in her future with the kids.

      • Hello. Narcissists don’t take their life away. They love themselves sooo much that it is unthinkable to do that. Hgtudor youtube

        • Not necessarily true. Narcissistic personality disorder doesn’t mean one loves themselves it just means they have a higher sense of self importance than most . Actually in most cases the person actually loathes themselves and their issues are caused by those insecurities. Narcissistic doesn’t always mean evil, which is a very common misconception. The word narcissist is over used and often times incorrectly.

        • If she’s dead, it’s because of virulent, fast-moving, life-ending cancer and a self-administered cocktail of barbiturates and neuromuscular relaxants.

  • Is this all you got, Gus?

    Read the professional PR statement (a/k/a hit piece) from Allan’s camp and the curated videos which show that Catherine wasn’t perfect either but that in fact Allan was likely the one alienating the girls, even though that’s what he accuses Catherine of. Guess PA only matters when mothers do it, huh?

    So Catherine passed multiple mental health screenings to work for the government, but after dealing with a a crumbling, abusive marriage, cancer and the horrors of family court, she is suddenly ‘mentally ill’?

    What a sick, cruel approach to justify the horrors and stresses of family court.

    PSA Gus et. al.- this process is being exposed. The money train at the expense of children and families is over.

    • She lost her job because she didn’t pass the latest screening and I really doubt it was just due to that one arrest for violating the order of protection.

    • Catherine didn’t “pass” multiple psych evals. They aren’t pass or fail. Catherine simply chose to only publish a few scant reports that were neutral and held back all the bad. You don’t lose custody, nor only short supervised visits if the psychologists unless the evaluations deemed her damaging to the children due to her mentally ill behavior. Supervised visits mean you did very poorly on psych evals and behaved terribly during visits.

  • Not sure I can even follow this story anymore – at the end of the day these two adults are parents – you are to nurture & teach/guide your kids – to call each other names, accuse of lying, yell etc. its a destructive & toxic environment for all 3 kids. Alan belittles the girls, calls them names & says I’m done with these kids (all in front of them) shares his hate & calls the mother names. Catherine also yells, tape records, manipulates its all disturbing – these kids will be so screwed up. No matter how much i couldnt stand my ex i never argued in front of my kids. Catherine had a supervised visit every few weeks & this is how she spends it arguing and fighting over who sent an email? If i were to see my kids every few weeks i’d cherish every second by sitting with them reading with them, ask them about how their day was what sports are playing about their friends what they’re studying in school that time could’ve been used wisely doesn’t seem that it was looking forward to actually seeing the videos though.

    • So agree these poor kids are such damaged goods and an immediate live in girlfriend does not help mend the process of any type of healing.

    • This is why the news typically doesn’t cover custody issues. Two sides to the story, all the records are sealed, and the publicity doesn’t help anyone.

      It only hurts the kids.

      • Inadequate mainstream news reporting of the American family court crisis is the one and only reason MILLIONS of children and families have been tortured in family courts for The. Past. Forty. Years.

        Did publicity to advance the protection of children in Catholic Churches protect children? Yes.
        Was it too little, too late? Yes. That crisis destroyed children and families for forty years, too.

        Maybe soon, children can be protected in family courts.

        All we need is for The New York Times to report six months from now everything FR reported this week. Maybe that’ll do it.

  • A responsible mother would not drink a whole entire bottle of wine while being supervised. Koodos for the child standing up for the truth.

    • She was not slurring her words. Not all middle aged white women drink wine and complain. It’s a stereo type being put there. Allan could have left the empty bottle on the table. He knew she was really upset about the child taking off at school. Was waiting to video tape her. He’s a great manipulator . He is a lawyer who wanted a divorce and didn’t want to pay child support or alimony.

  • In the supervision contact video, obviously years have gone by, the daughter is divided and had conditioning at home and just wants it all to go away. As for the truth – how would Catherine know the password?

    In the second video, I see a working mother who suspects her husband of cheating, who has a very upset kid, who is not being supported and is being manipulated. Note how Kassenoff tries to calm things once Catherine gets very annoyed.

    I don’t think either videos compare to what we have seen Allen do.

  • Catherine, may suffer from, what’s called fictitious disease. She also projected her inner thoughts, through her daughter in this statement, “Catherine Kassanoff: To me, from your account when I was […] you said… You said what you said about wanting to disappear and not wanting to live with your father.”
    Catherine, now dissappears, leaving a path of her own distruction while playing the victim.

  • So parental alienation of a dad is terrible but parental alienations of a mom is ok? By all reports, Catherine raised the girls when they were younger.

    • What’s your point? She did most of the early childcare so can be an abusive monster now? Given how Catherine reacts to pained cries from her older child it’s scary to think how she cared for these children unsupervised as infants. No surprise the seem to have no bond with her. People with Untreated BPD alienate everyone.

    • She was a former federal prosecutor and worked for the governor those are jobs the Nannie’s raised the girls more then she ever did

      • 12:58 —
        the documents show her three children were more important to her than her work. Her three children were her priority.

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