Is She Dead? Final Post From Mother Who Lost Her Kids Through Family Court to Wealthy Attorney Husband

Catherine Youssef Kassenoff may be dead.  She was married to Allan Kassenoff, an attorney with Greenberg Taurig. She may have died yesterday.

Catherine was also an attorney and former federal prosecutor, who put her career on hold to raise her children.

Through her long divorce and custody battle, she lost her job as special legal counsel to the NY governor. She lost her home and lived in her car for a time.

She also lost her kids. Family Court removed them from her life three years ago.

Now it seems, she lost her life.

Recently, she learned she had cancer for the third time – this time it was likely terminal.

She said in a Facebook post yesterday that she is in Switzerland to end her life at an assisted suicide facility. She said her appointment was scheduled that day.

Catherine Kassenoff posted what she says is her final message, of what happened to her and how the family court system in New York failed her children, and her, but staunchly supported her wealthy attorney husband, who spent more than $3 million on lawyers, evaluators and therapists to terminate her relationship with her children. The record shows he was successful.

By Catherine Youssef Kassenoff

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,
It is with a profound heartbreak, that I hope none of you ever experience, that I am writing my last post ever.
Today, I will be ending my own life. I will be doing so in a dignified and idyllic setting in Europe. There are simply no other options left.
In the last four years of my life, I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other.
I can no longer endure the abuse and terror of Allan Kassenoff, who has spent the last 4 years mercilessly trying to incarcerate me on false charges, as recently as March 2023.
Allan Kassenoff
I have also endured the emotional devastation of being without my children for so long, homeless from Allan’s repeated ex parte evictions of me from the homes I own and rented, deprivation of my property and obliteration of my life savings, the loss of my two dogs, the loss of my career and reputation, and the concomitant humiliation and ostracism from all this.
Perhaps if I had the physical endurance to keep going, I would.
But with a new, terminal health issue that will soon be severely limiting my physical strength as well, and with no protection from our courts, I cannot keep running from Allan.
I was recently diagnosed with a virulent and life-ending cancer — after having had breast cancer twice in my life already.
I cannot go through debilitating chemo, surgeries and radiation again, this time with a dire prognosis, and with Allan fighting me “until he dies” and no court intervention whatsoever.
Those were his exact words to me in an email he sent on March 19, 2023….
So please understand why I did not share this news widely: if Allan had known about my health issues, he surely would have tried that much harder to end my existence.
On January 26, 2022, I was falsely arrested on reports made by Allan Kassenoff in October 2021, December 2021, and then on January 25, 2022.
After I proclaimed my innocence and fought these allegations, I won.
On March 16, 2022, all his bogus charges were dropped and his bogus ex parte orders of protection were vacated. His claims for “contempt” – seeking my incarceration – were also dismissed with prejudice.
But history has shown that Allan will never stop until I am gone.
Allan Kassenoff
As recently as March 18, 2023, Allan again tried to have me arrested while I was watching our 9 year old daughter skate. He got off the ice and came at me.
I told him to “get away from me” four times. He wouldn’t. He taunted me instead. He then reported me to police, claiming falsely that he had a “restraining order” when he didn’t, and when I had every right to see my daughter skate.
I captured his confrontation of me on video… along with the 911 call and the police report in which he falsely told police I was capable of “killing” him or my own children.
Based on the false 911 call he initiated, police officers came to the rink. Allan stood in the background with our daughter, laughing and pointing at me while I was questioned, waiting with her to see if I would be taken away in cuffs.
Fortunately, I wasn’t arrested. The police realized he was lying. But this is how I have lived for years: like a hunted animal, worried about when Allan will make the next false report.
He sees all this as a game, and the courts have not stopped him; they too are scared of him, or maybe they just don’t care.
While they handed out ex parte [Temporary Orders of Protection] TOPs against me like candy, on his say-say, they would not even enter a TOP against him after two days of testimony from police and the rink manager that he lied to try to procure my false arrest – again.
For a long time, I believed I could make my children’s lives better by fighting to stay in them, even if it was for just moments at a time. As time went on, the “in-between” of those moments became interminable, unbearable.
I would long for the girls; to try to think of all the things they might need, even though I was held at such a distance I did not even know what those things might be. I imagined who their friends were, where they went, who they spent time with, what their dreams were. I had nothing more than my imagination to work with because for the last 3 years, I was excised from being their mother.
I could not tuck them in bed at night, take them to school, host their sleepovers, make their breakfasts, or take them on vacations.
Allan wouldn’t allow any of that. The court gave him everything he wanted. I often shook from the pain of it.
In recent weeks, I realized that my presence in their lives only brings them pain and suffering. That is because they must answer to a father who does not view me as human.
He erased every element of their being that had anything to do with me: French, Christianity, tennis, e.g. They have learned to identify with him, to survive.
So, they now declare how they “hate Christmas” and call me “Catherine” instead of “mom.” For him.
In the end, they must reject me. For him.
I can see the pain on their little faces when they have to manage the unspeakable conflict that only my oldest seems strong enough to manage and fight through to see me.
It is a look that has haunted me for a long time. I don’t want to see it anymore. I just want theirs and my pain to end.
Their father has spent years and millions of dollars – over $3 million – to eliminate me from our girls’ lives.
He has liquidated savings to do so. He will never relent. He will spend their life savings. He will demonize me mercilessly, and he has made them suffer if they even want to see me.
They have been diagnosed with depression and worse. As long as I am alive and want to see them, they will be damaged over and over again with every attempt I make.
What is the point of that?
The last thing I want to do is make my own children suffer.
Even in death, Allan Kassenoff will never stop. After I am gone, he will falsely tell everyone that I am “mentally ill”, that I am a criminal and liar.
But I am none of these things and have proven it. I don’t have a criminal past; I am a former federal prosecutor and special counsel to the governor of NY.
I showed the undeniable abuse he perpetrated on numerous videos, showing I did not lie about that; and I have the testimony and reports of various doctors to prove my mental health. See the link.
Indeed, under Swiss law, a person wishing to end their life can only do so after meeting a very high bar and being found competent, not suffering from mental impairments.
The Swiss doctor and my therapists, Dr. Anna Filova, MD and Dr. Stephanie Brandt, MD, confirmed this.
Allan’s need to convince others otherwise comes from his shame about the truth: that he was a domestic abuser. By trying to cast me in these negative ways, he thinks he can clear his name.
Photo from Allan’s Facebook of him with his deceased dog
He cannot: the videos, audios and other materials will follow him forever. You will find police testimony about his abuse, medical records of his abuse, affidavits about his abuse, and more in the link.
Shame on Greenberg Traurig, who knew all this, and did nothing to stand up for the rights of domestic abuse survivors like me and my daughters.
My girls deserve so much better than the life they were given by their father and the family court system that was supposed to – and miserably failed to – protect them and me.
The court system favors the moneyed party, and if that party is an angry litigator, God help the other parent.
I was a good and loving mom who sacrificed my own career trajectory to have children, whom I finally conceived after many years of fertility treatments. I did not abuse alcohol, children or drugs. I never had so much as a brush with the law (until Allan tried to have me arrested). I put my kids before everything in life. I did not lose my entire life to a fair and just process.
I exposed both a corrupt forensic evaluator named Marc Abrams and a corrupt attorney for the children, Carol Most, both of whom were removed in disgrace from my case. But the system did not fix what it broke after that came to light.
Dr. Marc Abrams
Children’s Attorney Carol Most

It turned my custody battle into a money-making churn.

Allan filed this divorce action in May 2019. Until recently, there was still no final trial scheduled in this case.
What a complete disgrace – to use the misery of a family so that the various court personnel involved can get rich: Dr. Adler, whose PsyD somehow qualified her to charge $600/hour to “reprogram” the girls; Dr. McGuffog, who charged $450/hour so that the father could sit in on my daughter’s sessions and who told my daughter she had to “pick between me or your mom”; Dr. Abrams, who made over $40,000 to testify for the father and was removed from the Panel of Forensic Custody Evaluators in disgrace; and Carol Most, who just billed a staggering $270,000 after being removed from the case for gross ethical misconduct.
I hope in death I will accomplish what I could not in life. I hope our legislators, judges, media and others will take notice of the price I am paying today, the horrors of family court, and how the court destroys families to profit. I hope the public will stand up and say “no more.”
Your children deserve better. So did mine.
Catherine Kassenoff
My primary contact is Wayne Baker (, should you have anything to share with him, and who has all my documents from the divorce case, etc.
Please don’t let my demise be in vain. Reach out to him to organize yourselves. Use the facts of my case (which Wayne also has access to), and make change. Don’t let our children grow up to re-experience this trauma as adults.
All my materials in support of what I write above are available at this link, which I urge you to share everywhere before Allan finds a way to shut down this Facebook page. Please don’t let the world or my children forget the real Allan, who appears on dozens of videos I have posted here on Facebook.
Please preserve them for my children when they are ready to remember and learn the truth about him.
Please stand up against abusers like this who enjoy tormenting others. For the sake of my children and other mothers who live through this terror of domestic abuse, I ask that you please keep telling my story so that the truth is known far and wide:
Finally, a special thank you to those in my life who always put my children first and who supported me unfailingly: My Mother, Jennifer Culley, Keri Christ, Stephanie Brandt, Jonathan Davidoff, Wayne Baker, Katherine Klein, Katherine Sinsabaugh, Liz Kurtin, Lizzie Harding, Brian McQuillen, Rory Doyle, and my wonderful lawyers Andy Frisch and Evan Wiederkehr.

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  • Please make an effort to report this cae to CPS, the attorney General for a Criminal Rico filing, to the New York DA. Keep fighting for the children and the now deceased mother. We need to do this in an orderly systematic way. Answering Allan and assisting him in fruther abuse will do no good in the long run. Write letters, report this travesty to the proper authorities.

  • “This is a story that ends with my own assisted death in Switzerland. Its lead up has been published for years on Facebook, in Ms. magazine and in other media. The New York Court system is responsible for this outcome and should be held accountable for ruining the lives of my children, me, and so many other similarly-situated protective parents (mostly mothers) who have tried to stand up against abuse but were labeled ‘liars,’ ‘mentally ill’ and then treated like criminals.”

    — Catherine Kassenoff, May 27, 2023

  • With someone like him he needs to be bundled into the boot of a car and beaten within an inch of his life. Over and over, every time he abused you or the kids. That monster needs to shake with fear instead of inflicting that same misery on others. Hell is too good for that piece of crap. We see him.

      • Unfortunately wimps like her ex never have to deal with due process and now that she is gone how will he ever have due process. Scum like him never suffer. His due process should be of the old testament-fire & brimstone! Sometimes the judicial system doesn’t work.

  • This is a common theme for Ireland. The government was removing kids from their poor families and sending them to US, Canada, and Australia. These kids were used as indentured servants. This was common practice until 1965. Only the poor we’re targets.

  • This is happening in Ireland at an astonishing rate. I am out after 6 years of a similar court battle. The cult that is the parental alienation is destroying women in this country. No body is listening. The UN has issued a report detailing how the courts are being used to silence domestic violence but yet…. Week on week more women are told to shut up or they will lose the children and their homes.
    It is all coming from the US and like fools, Europe follows suit.
    I was assaulted, abused and worse yet, so we’re my children and only for donations from friends and family I would never have been able to fight the false allegation PA.

    This needs to change and soon!

    • She was alienated from her daughters, so am I! My kids are living with the abuser and the court ordered to stay away from them 2 years! Reem Alsalem is against Parental Alienation though many mothers are abused in the most cruel manner and have children taken away from them! I am an alienated mother! And there are many other mothers like Catherine and me!

  • If a donation would help, please let me know how. May Catherine RIP, and her beautiful daughters are protected from the man that obviously has no love for them.

    • A monster who is totally empty inside, an extreme malignant narcissist possibly a psychopath with no conscience. Such a sad story. I’m an alienated mother caused by CPS. I took my case to the Michigan Supreme Court and lost 2 to 1. I’ve lived with this PA for 16 years of no contact with my daughter. I don’t believe in God anymore. Divine Intervention is just a phrase. I’ve known too many mothers like Catherine, who just can’t take the pain anymore. It is a soul wrenching pain like no other. To never see your children and they’re alive. I’m on board now to fight narcissism (Dr. Ramani Durvasala), and PA (Charlie MCReady). We must continue to fight this evil that is lurking everywhere in our world. Peace to all.

  • He should have just left if he was with another woman, didn’t want the kids or her but couldn’t resist being on top. May he fall and crumble with no way of rising again as for Catherine may she be okay and if not rest in peace 🥺

  • Omg, this is just absolutely heartbreaking, to deny a good mother on her death bed. may her fight and death not be in vain rip Catherine 💜

  • This is terribly sad. I’m so sorry for all you had to endure. God bless you dear Catherine, your girls, and your family. May Allen get all he deserves, and go to hell for all he has done.

  • It’s disgusting and demoralizing that our children are able to be used as pawns and have no hope of being saved by a system that is supposed to protect them. These poor children have lost the most important person in their lives, the ONLY one advocating for their best interests. They will forever be longing for their mother and be scarred both emotionally and psychologically. The future of our culture just keeps getting darker as our children have no safe haven and no protection from the insane animals that are stealing their childhood and innocence at an increasing rate. It’s time to rally to protect our children, their innocence, our future. Money CANNOT be the determination factor on who wins. Something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY. And Catherine’s children need to be saved

  • Its exhausting mentally & physically going through the white plains family court – so many twisted allegations & lies and the lawyers bleed you dry rather than the $ going to the kids i couldn’t have imagined doing this and fighting cancer – she is a true warrior

  • We must coordinate about this and do something for this mother and bring this joke of a father and those that enabled him for money to justice! Please reach out to me on Twitter @sarah_g_barker to formulate a plan to get on this. I live half the year in CT close to New York as well

  • All of you commenting on this are deranged psychopaths that love nothing more than bringing down someone else to make you feel better about your mistakes. The saddest part in all of this is all of You sharing and posting and destroying and defaming the life’s of people and children that have nothing even to do with this. You are all the greatest tragedy of our time these new people in todays culture who are incapable of independent thought and succumb to the hive mind mentality. You are all disgusting

    • Yeah, you’re a POS. Don’t worry Allan. When we’re done, we’ll ensure a full investigation into your blatant abuse of your ex-wife, your children, and the US Judicial System. Hopefully we can get the children away from you as well. I hope nothing more than your life burns to the ground. You deserve what’s happening to you and more.

    • What’s disgusting is what happened to Catherine and her children. We’ve seen the videos, the reports.

    • This response is directed to “Anonymous” who referred to those of us deeply concerned about Catherine, as psychopaths. In the exposure of this horrific and systematic murder of Catherine, initiated by the loathing and intentional drive to this point of desperation by her ex-husband, aided and abetted by the host of filthy government systems operating in cacophonous concert, Frank Parlato is once again braving telling the truth. Make no mistake: there are costs to being an indefeasible and indefatigable protector of truly desperate souls whose stories would otherwise would be as buried as Catherine most likely will be. His trenchant efforts have been thanked by the imprisoned, fellow-women-branding monsters in the Seagram’s heiresses’ funded litigation against him This is a man of exceptional talents in city-planning, mergers and acquisitions, and high level strategy, all endeavors which would yield high incomes, yet he persists in bringing the often disturbing bright light of factual reporting to stories that simply must be told, or they will continue. And unlike you, Anonymous, when Frank Parlato writes? He puts his name to his words. As do I. If you want to speak as you have? Put your name to your baseless, histrionic babble. I. Dare. You.

      • Anonomous is clearly Allan – hey focus on your children and get off the blogs if your such a great father – lets replay the video where you cleatly state i cant deal with these kids & walk out the door – how do you think Catherine felt having zero energy from battling cancer 2x only to have it come back & then dealing with your daily rants & abuse everyday – you broke her & you’ll break your kids – theres no way you can handle 3 girls going into tween years Allan you piece of garbage

        • Wow anonymous ego is something really outta this world. He’s such an insecure pathetic little man that he can’t stand people talking about him. A true sign of an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. It makes sense with whimps like him, as those types are such control freaks that have to resort to abuse of women. Such weak little men. It’s too bad that wimps like him aren’t placed into a Boot Camp type behavioral rehabilitation program with real men where the Cadre are real, honorable ex military preferably Airborne/Ranger/Paratrooper type Non-commissioned officers such as myself where we run weak little men like him into the ground for 90-180 days with 4 hrs per sleep per day and see how weak they really are. Wimps like him usually suffer from small male genitalia, premature ejaculation because they only care about themselves. Wimps like him are the first to break and cry like babies.

    • You are disgusting and will be the downfall of our future. How can you NOT ADVOCATE for these poor defenseless and now traumatized children. How much more proof do you need. And it affects us all. Each traumatized child is our future. It should not be their burden to carry. Stop being delusional.

    • Is this the pathetic ex commenting? Karma is real and one day his kids will hate him and have nadda to do with the parasite.

  • This was a true injustice for this Momma!! Oh the heartache she felt. This is sickening on a completely different level. May her precious soul rest in peace and may God hold those babies close and allow them to see the truth.

  • What to say ? How tragic and unnecessary. Not at all surprised by the Carolyn Mc Guffolk twist . Take a deep dive into Ms. Mc Guffolk history of graft and criminality . Lots to see …..

  • Big picture politics in what will be China when our families, economy and nation are gone. says:

    Sure American family court lawyers and vendors make millions.

    They also destroy children and families. 👈 That seems to be the reason it’s allowed.

  • In the USA the Family Court System in especially Democratic Party controlled States supports and upholds the evil-money and ugliest deceit in every way possible first.

      • Time magazine: “… Barbara Bush began referring to the two men as “the odd couple.” Jeb Bush, the Florida governor, announced that he was going to refer to Clinton as “Bro” …“

        Whether or not Aleister Crowley met Pauline Pierce in Paris in 1924, Barbara Bush definitely married a Skull and Bones cult member who directed the CIA. What followed next was continued warmongering all over the world, satanism in Hollywood and then in Target, a two-gendered Baphomet trend and presidents George W. and Mr. Biden. The days of politics for entertainment purposes is over. Both sides are a show. Don’t be fooled by the “divide and conquer” tricks.

        • I was trying to say it doesn’t matter what party is in office as some people were saying it’s democrats causing the problem

    • Every state, democratic or not, has an abysmal CPS system due to corruption and underfunding. Which the republican senate voted to further cut in the proposed default bill. Get off of Fox.

    • F off man. This guy is a classic trump supporter. Why dont you go back to watching CP like the rest of your republican buddies

      • Seriously lookher ex scumbags last name, he’s Jewish. Most American Jewish especially Attorneys are Democrats which is a fact. No anti Semitisim here but statistically Jewish Americans do not vote GOP, just like African Americans they vote Democrats in.

        • Michael H men of all different religions are abusers. The attorney against me was Irish Catholic and he was ruthless, an alcoholic and a drug abuser. His father was the same. So don’t blame or bring Jews into this. It is a sick culture that is responsible

  • In the USA the Family Court System in especially Democratic Party controlled States supports and upholds the evil-money and deceit in every way possible first.

    • This has nothing to do with a Democratic Party. I was in court since 1991 and they were Republicans and Democrats throughout the years. I endured this for 18 years. Don’t blame a party on this this is a heinous system destroying children

    • This isn’t a party line. Politicians don’t put money into the state run family court system. This is the good ole boy lawyer networks at play. 💯 he was one of them had the money to pay them. That is how it works. If you can afford the money to outspend the other party you win.

  • I’m sure both women and men around the world will agree on a few things. There is a profound and significant amount of emotional and psychological pressure on the falsely accused. Weather it is parental alienation or abuse. Catherine and parents like her are aggressively and relentlessly attacked. It completely exhausting mentally, spiritually and physically. No matter what evidence you present it is either ignored or swept under the rug. It’s years of relentlessly fighting to prove the truth or falsehoods. You are stuck in the machine called family court with no end in sight. The decent lawyers are often chewed up and spit out. You are constantly weeding out the ones who are adding to the problem. Unless you have gone through the family court system, you have no idea how damaging it is to everyone including the children. Catherine was a mother and a warrior. May her children understand how hard she fought for them. How much she had an effect on others trying to stop the machine called family court. Thank you Frank for the article and all your hard work to stop the harmful machine called family court.

  • I am heart broken and pray that this beautiful Mother’s loss does not go in vein along with the countless other Protective Moms and children that have lost their lives to the most wicked, evil unjust Family Court System and their Narcissistic Psychotic husbands! This is close to my heart and am fighting in my own way but what else can be done?
    Just like the corruption at all levels of our government how do we stop this! God bless you for caring!

      • Take a look at ALIENATION INDUSTRY ~ good place to start helping us stop this horrific child trafficking, collusion of therapist, GALs, lawyer and judges turning a blind eyes & deaf ears, is to take a look at this website and share with your network– I’m one of many moms just like Catherine– that my child was also taken away and I still have no access, no possession to my child. Have spent almost $1m and I’m only an exhibit A similar to Catherine– there are 1,000’s of moms (mostly moms) are impact a few fathers. But we need to ABOLISH REUNIFICATION CAMPS and a system that is failing our children, and destroying families like mine for a lifetime.

        • We see the symptoms. What are the causes?

          Legislators and law enforcement don’t see what family courts do to children and families?

        • Yes the industry is evil but it is not mostly women, that is a lie. How does someone come up with $1 million to fight for custody? Please post actual statistics that men win custody more than women. That is a lie. Post up and don’t start making accusations that I’m siding with the pos husband of this poor woman but women win custody over men and that’s a fact.

          • Wrong abusive men win custody 85% of cases. You don’t realize that some men are not going to abuse the mother of their children in a custody battle so they are more reasonable

    • My heart is breaking for her and her ex is a weak little wimp but the system is broken both men and women are getting their children stolen. Here is a great documentary that will scare the he’ll outta any parent. It’s all about money.

  • What a brutal story. Yes the system in US, UK and AU fail so many. I always thought the legal system was about Justice, sadly it is not. Whomever plays the dirtiest wins as there is no perjury in family court. I hope you are now at peace and left this world with dignity. I pray for your girls.

  • America is not a free country it a sick country that routinely does this to families for the oh mighty dollar

  • There is no escaping Karma. If this is all true, what awaits him will be of Biblical proportions.

  • Kids love their parents no matter how f-ed up they are
    It’s human nature
    My wish is that children who are abused by their families and this bs system, find the strength to heal and love themselves in spite of all the cock roaches, rats and Vermin

      • Unfortunately it appears that our government is not protecting it’s citizens. Years of reported problems in family court. Ignored for financial gain. We are no longer land of the free or home of the brave. Legalization of abuse and uneithical law practice.

    • If I was terminally ill, and I had a husband like him- I’d take him out before I died. Nothing to lose at that point, and at least I would die knowing that this POS clown would no longer continue to abuse these girls. I’d just say to him ” If I’m checking out of this world- so are you! See you in Hell you little bitch!”

  • I’ll tell you what, if I was born into such a shit show, I’d dig a hole under my bed until I got out. What we need to do is create safe shelter for runaways . I would gnaw my arm off..

    • Kids can’t even run away without the police for I g them back to their abuser. The tentacles of corruption reach into every public entity designed to protect children— instead the abusers are protected and kids sacrificed.

  • This story is same as my daughter’s. Her ex also took her kids unlawfully by lying and bribing to the judge in Middlesex county court in NJ. The retired judge gave sole custody and all assets to the abuser 3 years back. For the sake of money the Judges ruin a mother’s life. Some newspaper should publish this story and help stop this corruption in family courts.

    • Is the Middlesex County Court in New Jersey where all the worst cases go?

      How many other American states have a “Middlesex County” and/or a Middlesex Family Court?

      Connecticut’s “Regional Family Court” docket at the Middlesex courthouse handles the most dangerous cases.

  • Dear protective parents,

    This has been a war against families. Family courts were designed to be battlefields.

    Thank you for your service.


  • Thank you for honoring Catherine. We need to ask ourselves why no other news agency has brought this story to light.

    It is tragic, but brings forth current issues impacting the lives of children and protective parents.

    Few brave people willing to be a target themselves for the good of our children.

    • The media is complicit. They enable the corruption and abuse, and them profit off stories when people actually die from.the abuse they tried to get the media to write about.

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏those children are still 50% genetically Catherine’s. They have her fighting, intelligent and logical spirit. I hope justice will be served for their sales, if not their beautiful mum’s.

  • Allan Kassenoff has made his Facebook profile private, but before he did I had a chance to look at his many, many posts. He reminds me so much of my own abuser. He views his children as his property, and as weapons in the use of his destruction of Catherine. He is callous, flippant, and image-conscious. Catherine’s only mistake is that she was tricked into marrying someone as malignant and vengeful as he was, and that he became wealthy and powerful enough to do the things he did. Some of us are just luckier that our exes has fewer tools at their disposal. I hope that someday Catherine’s daughters understand just how much their mother loved them, and how dangerous their father is. I hope they can build healthy and safe lives for themselves once they reach adulthood. Protective moms going through the same hell, like me, will keep telling Catherine’s story. Rest in peace, amazing mama.

  • My heart breaks for her and her children. As someone who is going through something so similar and the court system fails horribly by protecting the narcissist and continue to allow his bad behavior. He has and is mentally destroying my daughter and making ppl believe there is something wrong with her when in reality it’s his failed parenting. But like her the courts fail the mothers who try so hard to parent their child like should be done. I hope anyone and everyone who is going through this stands their ground and continues to fight in the end our kids will see who the real caring parent is. My heart breaks so bad for this woman and I pray for one day that man gets his day when he has to answer to all he has done to this woman and her children 😢😢

  • The family law court is a vehicle enabling abusers to continue their abuse. Fit mothers lose custody to abusers on a continual basis. Mothers are jailed, lose custody, pay child support to rich abusers because the family law court turns a blind eye to the safety of the children. Mothers are helpless and are treated exactly like the women in the Salem witch trials. Allan Kassenoff drove the mother of his children to suicide by his constant attacks.

    • I feel for you but statistics show women get main custody over men by a higher percentage and you’re being dishonest. The court system is broken, maybe your pos ex has connections in the system but men lose their kids more than women and it’s rare that women have to pay alimony, child support over men. If you have actual statistics that prove your statement is true post up, just don’t come on here and make false statements because you lost and your ex probably had connections. Most men don’t have those rich connections.

  • More and more pain inflicted by family court. Yet, MANY judges and lawyers refuse requirements for training of domestic violence issues? Why don’t they want training?

    • They don’t act on what they can learn from the training. They are biased towards the abusers

      • How many lawyers and judges are biased toward the abusers — and why would they help abusers?

        • Because the majority of lawyers and the majority of judges (the latter need not always be the former) are dissociated—as in the technical, neurologic state—from themselves. This is what happens when either “sharp, useless” people (Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” Great movie!) go into law as a default and / or for money AND / OR they go into it for the love, the purest of passion for Justice, for the aspirations of our Founding Fathers, only to find that … they’ll never pay off their student debt unless they sell out. Another dynamic is that those at the very very top of the class get baited by big firms, which, by my experience in several, do not support keeping that fire burning in one’s heart. And bait they do! I made thousands a week in the summer of 1992 at the then second largest law firm in the world, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue. It’s nearest prison camp (oops office) was about 1:40PM from my home. I had two small children, a single Mom. I did not want to go a week at a time without them. So Jones, Day arranged that I would drive up on Monday morning, drive home on Tuesday night. Not work Wednesday (so I could, you know, be a Mommy). Drive up Thursday, drive home Friday. Thereby not missing one day of my children’s lives. And, of course, no cut in pay. And, of course, an apartment fully outfitted for Monday and Thursday nights. So you think I stayed with them? OMG. The back-stabbing, the duplicity, the Stepford Smiles. Those who SHOULD be fighting the system are reared in the SYSTEM and graduate from their cash-amassing law firm days debt-free, and then go into freefall morally, had they not been before. I turned on my heel. Spitting over my shoulder. Because we ARE the company we keep. Take cash from dogs (yes even well-heeled Westminster show dogs)? Get up with fleas.

          • While,

            “ … We the People of the United States v. Mr./Ms. X.” ?!?!

            What the penal system here fails to realize–in what seems to be systemic intention–is that those who stand accused are, they, themselves, members of “the People.” …”
            [ ]

            in family courts,

            Family courts v. Mr./Ms. X.” ?!?!

            And, what the family court system here fails to realize–in what seems to be systemic intention–is that the children and families family courts destroy are, they, themselves, members of “We the People” who are supposed to have a say in how OUR family courts work.

    • Because they do not need training. They are allowing themselves to be bullied by the abusive parent. It’s like those who tried to appease Hitler . . .

  • Carol Most needs to be removed as an attorney for Catherine’s children and any children.

    Catherine has documented everything. Her case is a model of what happens to so many protective parents in the secrecy of family courts- where the “disease” of parental alienation- diagnosed by narcissistic attorneys purely for profit- destroys parental bonds, maligns a healthy parent, and drags them through the mud for years- while holding their children hostage with the abusive parent.

    The courts know the game.

    We need to demand accountability. There is no Justice through the courts. None.

    • If people are following up on that, they might be interested in seeing Jennifer Dulos’ last motion to the court via her attorney. I think it was dated May 10th. In that motion, she asks the court to look into what the evaluator and guardian litem did in her case. She was obviously concerned about what they were doing and she asked the family court for help.

      In that case too, there was so much evidence and the state still didn’t protect her or her children.

  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

    How many died in the “Family Court” war since the Hartford Courant published this article three and a half years ago?

    Do attorneys involved in these cases see no need to advocate for family court reform?

    This is from February 2, 2020 …

    “Four months before his estranged wife went missing, a frustrated and financially strapped Fotis Dulos wrote a scathing letter to judicial authorities opposing the reappointment of the judge handling his then two-and-a-half-year-old divorce case.

    “I feel like a passenger in a runaway train that is headed to nowhere,” Dulos wrote in the Jan. 30, 2019, letter to the Judicial Selection Commission and obtained by The Courant.

    “I have very little faith left at the judicial system, and I am reaching out to you as a last resort.”
    The letter by Dulos criticizing Superior Court Judge Donna Heller lays out Dulos’ frustrations with the family court system and with his wife’s attorney, Reuben Midler.

    It reveals not only his anger at not seeing his children “for more than one percent of the time in 2018” but also his frustrations with the cost of the divorce.

    “My soon to be ex-wife has waged war against me by employing the law firm of Wayne Effron and specifically attorney Reuben Midler,” Dulos wrote. “I have been representing myself because I cannot afford legal fees of $70,0000 per month as she does. The result is I have been railroaded.”

    Dulos complained that Heller allowed Midler to “always get his way” and controlled the proceedings. Midler could not be reached for comment.

    Records detailed the financial drain of the bitter divorce.

    The court-appointed guardian for the couple’s children, Michael Meehan, who Farber Dulos wanted removed from the case, was paid $175,000 through December 2018, records show. Dr. Stephen Herman, a child psychiatrist who authored a custody report, was paid more than $40,000 despite leaving the witness stand during cross-examination by Midler, and refusing to finish his testimony, which could make his report moot in family court.

    Herman’s report has been sealed by Heller, although search warrants released recently indicate that Stamford/Norwalk State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo obtained a copy through a search warrant. At the court hearing when the report was sealed, attorneys for Dulos intimated that Herman’s report was favorable toward Dulos.

    There also are costs for a family therapist, three psychologists and court-approved monitors, paid about $150 an hour, who were required to supervise Dulos’ visits with his children. Records show Dulos had at least 20-25 supervised visits with his children since Farber Dulos filed for divorce in 2017.

    “Judge Heller has ruled against me over and over. I am not an alcoholic, I am not a drug addict, I am not an abuser,” Dulos wrote. “I am a good father and my children adore me.”

    Dulos was angry that he was unable to see his children. Heller had restricted his contact with them after he lied about them having contact with his then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis.

    Troconis has been arrested three times since the disappearance of Faber Dulos. In the most recent arrest Jan. 7, she was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the disappearance of Farber Dulos. Her case is pending.

    “I speak to them on the phone once a week on a recorded line!” Dulos wrote, referring to the arrangement he had to talk to his children.

    It’s unclear what Dulos expected to get from writing the letter, although he does ask the commission to take a closer look at his case and claims that he is being discriminated against because of his Greek origin.

    Heller was unaware that the letter was written and told Dulos she should have been informed. She also told Dulos at a court hearing that it didn’t matter anyway.

    “And — so I’ve been approved for reappointment. I’ll put it that way. So whatever complaint Mr. Dulos made, the Judicial Section Commission has approved me for reappointment. But I did not have any knowledge of it, and I think I should have been informed,” Heller said, according to court transcripts of a March 2019 hearing.

    But a day after that hearing, Heller issued her new custody orders, which increased the amount of time that Dulos could see his children to every other weekend and Wednesday evenings as long as a court monitor was present.

    The last time Dulos saw his children was on May 22, when he spent more than an hour at their New Canaan home eating dinner in the backyard while Farber Dulos and the nanny for the children, Lauren Almeida, were inside.

    Dulos spent more than an hour outside the home but never went in, according to Colangelo. “

    Blood on the faucet
    says more than Colangelo.
    Family court is war.

    • Is Harold Burke a weapons dealer and a good guy, anyway? Did parents in New York State child custody disputes not have the “constitutional right to a full and fair trial” before he made that happen? Catherine Kassenoff must have thought or known that Burke was one of the good guys.

      “Published Jun 14, 2016

      On June 9, 2016 the New York Court of Appeals recognized that parents involved in child custody disputes have a constitutional right to a full and fair trial.
      In S.L. (Anonymous) v. J.R. (Anonymous) New York’s highest court held “that parents have a fundamental right to custody of their children” while reaffirming that in child custody cases “the best interests of the child” remains a primary concern. This case is the culmination of nearly five years of effort challenging and overturning a legally and morally defective procedure that has deprived mothers and fathers of the ability to seek or retain custody of their children.

      A parent’s fundamental rights and a child’s best interests are not mutually exclusive. And while this point may seem self-evident, certain trial and appellate courts in New York have had a long-standing practice of denying parents trials in custody cases. Essentially, the judges hearing these cases, aided by misguided court appointed counsel for the children, have picked the winners and losers without ever affording parents their day in court. Those days are now over.

      We have a system of justice in which “truth” is ascertained through an adversarial process where witnesses are questioned and evidence presented. Our Constitution guarantees this process. And until such time as a better process is created, this is the system we have.

      Depriving any parent of an opportunity to present evidence, call witnesses, or challenge evidence is not antithetical to the best interests of a child. Rather, the best interests of child are best served by encouraging parents to thoroughly present and challenge evidence.

      Trials are messy. Trials are time consuming. Trials are noisy. This system of justice – our system of justice – has no place for judges unwilling to do the hard work of trying cases fairly and impartially and then actually making a sound and reasoned decision.

      Judges who decide cases by avoiding trials do a disservice to litigants and to society at large. Decisions based upon solid facts in evidence are respected. Decisions summarily issued leave all of us skeptical that justice has been served.

      When I took this case I warned my client that the odds were against us. Appeals really are for losers, but only until you turn it around.“

      • Does anyone know why Catherine didn’t include Harold Burke in:

        “Finally, a special thank you to those in my life who always put my children first and who supported me unfailingly: My Mother, Jennifer Culley, Keri Christ, Stephanie Brandt, Jonathan Davidoff, Wayne Baker, Katherine Klein, Katherine Sinsabaugh, Liz Kurtin, Lizzie Harding, Brian McQuillen, Rory Doyle, and my wonderful lawyers Andy Frisch and Evan Wiederkehr.”?

  • “… Plaintiff and Defendant were married in November 2006 and have three minor

    children (“the Children”). In August 2010, Plaintiff filed an action for dissolution of marriage,

    which was withdrawn in September 2010. The parties then proceeded to reside together until

    May 2019, when Defendant filed a divorce action captioned, Allan Kassenoff v. Catherine

    Kassenoff, file no. 58217/2019, in the Supreme Court, Westchester County, New York (“the

    Divorce Action”). Defendant was and remains represented by Dimopoulos and the Firm in that


    The three-year period prior to the filing of the Divorce Action was contentious

    and marked with physical and emotional abuse by Defendant and repeated police involvement.

    In the months preceding the filing of the final Divorce Action, Defendant began making near-

    daily threats of divorce against Plaintiff. In February 2016, Defendant assaulted Plaintiff in their

    home, for which Plaintiff was treated at a nearby hospital. That same year, Defendant

    unilaterally declared an “open marriage.”

    Throughout the marriage, Plaintiff owned and utilized a number of electronic

    devices for personal and professional use. For portable communication, she used a periodically

    upgraded Apple iPhone to which number (917) 836-5200 was assigned. Additionally, Plaintiff

    utilized various features specific to Apple products such as Facetime, SMS text messaging and

    the Apple calling features that she transferred to each succeeding device she acquired. Plaintiff

    also incorporated other outside applications such as Google and Yahoo that enabled her to

    transmit and receive email messages via her hosted Gmail and Yahoo email accounts.

    In order to protect her iPhone from tampering or unauthorized access, Plaintiff

    activated and maintained the iPhone’s passcode feature on each iPhone she used. The Apple

    iPhone passcode is a four-to-six-character user-selected numeric sequence that unlocks the

    device when it is turned on.

    Throughout the marriage, Plaintiff did not share her iPhone passcode with

    anyone, including Defendant, nor did she permit Defendant to directly access her device.

    At all relevant times, Plaintiff utilized Verizon Wireless for all her iPhone

    services, including text messaging, email, phone calls, Facetime and internet browsing services.

    Plaintiff’s hosted email accounts addresses were and

    Plaintiff was the primary account holder for her family’s Verizon account through which

    Defendant used a shared family telephone plan; Defendant was a secondary user.

    Notwithstanding that one Verizon account was maintained for both parties, neither party had

    access to the other’s iPhone passcode or credentials so as to enable access to the other party’s

    communication applications.

    At a point in time prior to 2016, Plaintiff and Defendant purchased a MacBook

    Pro laptop computer for their joint use (“the Laptop”). Each established separate user accounts

    that were separately password protected. Accordingly, each user could only access the data and

    applications established under each respective account. Although the Laptop was jointly

    accessible, Defendant subsequently used the Laptop far more frequently than did Plaintiff.

    Apple products are designed to be interconnected such that applications and data

    accessible through one device can also be accessed from other connected Apple devices. In order

    to accomplish this, Apple requires that users obtain an Apple ID and password. Once this is

    obtained and activated, each device that has been integrated can access Apple services and all

    personal information and content associated with the account holder.

    In 2016, Defendant stated that he wanted to purchase a particular song for his

    iTunes music library that he compiled on the Laptop. He asked Plaintiff for, and she provided,

    her Apple ID and Password to him for the express purpose of enabling him to make this purchase

    from the Apple iTunes Store. Defendant did not receive or obtain Plaintiff’s authorization to use

    these credentials for any other purpose beyond this one-time purchase of music.

    While in possession of Plaintiff’s Apple ID and Password for this one time

    purchase, Defendant activated the “Find My iPhone” application on the Laptop with respect to

    Plaintiff’s iPhone. This application enables an individual to track the location of other connected

    Apple devices.

    Plaintiff was not aware that Defendant had activated the Find My iPhone

    application on the Laptop.

    Defendant continued to use Plaintiff’s Apple ID and Password in other ways,

    including to “sync” Plaintiff’s iPhone with the Laptop. Once synchronization between devices

    has initially occurred data can be subsequently directed by using access to the iCloud to

    automatically and remotely transfer files and data stored on the iCloud to interconnected devices.

    After the syncing of Plaintiff’s iPhone with the Laptop, Defendant accessed and

    intercepted Plaintiff’s text message communications over the course of several years, an activity

    that Defendant has admitted to doing. Through such synchronization, Defendant received copies

    of Plaintiff’s text messages at the same time Plaintiff received the message.

    Plaintiff never authorized or consented to the use of her Apple ID and Password

    beyond the limited purpose of allowing Defendant to make a one-time purchase of a song on

    iTunes. At no time did Plaintiff agree to the “syncing” of her iPhone with the Laptop or with any

    other device. At no time did Plaintiff agree that Defendant (or anyone else) could access and

    intercept her private, confidential, and privileged text message communications, emails, or other


    At all relevant times herein, Plaintiff considered her text messages and other

    electronic communications to be private and their contents confidential. Said communications

    included text and email messages with her attorney, Cynthia Monaco, Esq., an individual who

    Defendant, himself a lawyer, knew was a lawyer. Plaintiff also had numerous private and

    confidential communications by text message with family members, friends, and others.

    The electronic communications Defendant accessed and intercepted from

    Plaintiff’s iPhone included Plaintiff’s private, confidential, and privileged electronic

    communications with various third parties, including her attorneys. Plaintiff did not know that

    Defendant had intercepted her electronic communications by using her iCloud account to

    synchronize the Laptop with her email and text message accounts.

    Given that Defendant was receiving real-time incoming and outgoing text and

    email messages, including attorney-client electronic communications during the period of early

    2016 to the filing of the Divorce Action in May 2019, Defendant had access to communications

    that discussed matrimonial litigation strategy, domestic abuse, and related issues and concerns.

    Immediately upon the filing of the Divorce Action, the Firm, through Dimopoulos

    as Defendant’s counsel, brought an ex parte Order to Show Cause in the Supreme Court of

    Westchester County which sought to exclude Plaintiff from the marital home and grant

    Defendant temporary custody of the Children.

    Attached to Defendant’s supporting papers were multiple screenshots of actual

    text messages transmitted by and between Plaintiff and Attorney Monaco discussing legal

    strategy. Defendant’s affidavit included at least eleven text messages dated from September 2018

    onward and several that were listed as “undated” (“the Text Messages”).

    This ex parte application was granted and Plaintiff was immediately removed

    from the marital home and Defendant was granted temporary sole legal and residential custody

    of the Children.

    Plaintiff’s opposition to the order to show cause was heard on June 7, 2019 at

    which time Plaintiff’s counsel informed Dimopoulos that the text messages attached to the order

    to show cause were privileged attorney-client communications that Defendant had obtained

    without having obtained Plaintiff’s consent or authorization.

    Despite Plaintiff’s counsel’s express warning that these electronic

    communications were privileged, confidential and private, Dimopoulos did not withdraw the

    Text Messages. Instead Dimopoulos continued to use and disclose these communications to

    additional individuals as the Divorce Action proceeded.

    In the Summer of 2019, Defendants provided the Text Messages to Child

    Protective Services who was investigating Defendant for child abuse.

    On or about September 6, 2019, Defendants again published the Text Messages in

    submissions to the court in the Divorce Action.

    On or about October 7, 2019, Defendants provided the Text Messages to Dr. Marc

    Abrams, the court-appointed custody evaluator in the Divorce Action.

    On or about March 16, 2020, Defendants again republished the Text Messages in

    a filing in the Divorce Action.

    On or about March 25, 2020, and shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic was

    declared, Dr. Abrams, in reliance upon Text Messages provide to him by Defendant,

    recommended to the court that Plaintiff be excluded from her home and lose custody of the


    On or about March 27, 2020, Defendants obtained an ex parte order excluding

    Plaintiff from her home and granting temporary sole custody of the Children to Defendant;

    Plaintiff was rendered childless and homeless overnight.

    It remains unclear how many private, confidential or privileged communications

    Defendant and Dimopoulos have accessed and/or intercepted, used or disclosed; Plaintiff is only

    aware of those electronic communications that have been published and shared with the court

    and third parties associated with the Divorce Action on an ongoing and continuing basis.

    Accordingly, the full extent and timing of Defendant’s and/or Dimopoulos’ disclosure of

    Plaintiff’s electronic communications is not known.

    Defendant obtained Plaintiff’s electronic communications either by intercepting

    them while they were transiting through her iCloud account or downloaded said communications

    while stored in Plaintiff’s iCloud account, and in so doing violated provisions of the Electronic

    Communications Privacy Act. To the extent that Plaintiff’s electronic communications were

    intercepted, as opposed to retrieved from storage at the internet service provider (ISP) level,

    Defendant, Dimopoulos and the Firm have also knowingly used and disclosed electronic

    communications protected by the Wiretap Act provisions of the Electronic Communications

    Privacy Act. …”

  • “… For the week of May 29, 2023, the Court will hold all civil conferences, hearings, and/or oral arguments in the above-numbered Action by telephone. Counsel shall call the following number at the designated time: Meeting Dial-In Number (USA toll-free): (888) 363-4749 Access Code: 7702195. Please enter the conference as a guest by pressing the pound sign (#). For initial conferences, counsel shall submit a proposed case management and discovery schedule via ECF by 5 p.m. on the evening before the initial conference. SO ORDERED.” — Judge Kenneth M. Karas, May 26, 2023

  • “I am asking for your support of my motion to disqualify and remove Carol Most as the attorney for the children in my custody case. Ms. Most has protected an abusive parent who is the monied party. She has sacrificed the children to further her own financial interests. She has been paid hundreds of thousands by my ex in this case. His abuse is documented on my Facebook page and elsewhere. Her willful disregard of that abuse is evident from numerous court documents, medical records, therapist reports, police testimony, and the recording of my daughter’s plea to her for help. Please stop CAROL MOST. Please support my motion to remove her from my case. My children and I deserve better.”

  • “What occurred here occurs in courtrooms all over this country - and the world.” says:

    “… Catherine Youssef Kassenoff
    August 27, 2021 ·

    BREAKING NEWS – Marc T. Abrams disgraced


    Thank you for continuing to read about my plight, for your prayers and – for so many of you – for your help. As the attached makes clear, I have made some progress. The “neutral” forensic evaluator, Dr. Marc T. Abrams, was removed by the Mental Health Professionals Certification Committee from the forensic panel in the First and Second Judicial Departments several days ago, based on my complaint about his corrupt practices and bias against women and protective mothers. His public Facebook posts – showing lurid descriptions of women and abhorrent views of both politicians and women using the foulest of language – can be viewed at: and speak for themselves.

    Dr. Abrams, along with the Atttorney for the Children, Carol Most, destroyed my family to line their own pockets. Abrams was paid by Allan at the rate of approximately $400/hour to say at hearing that I was “brainwashing” and “gaslighting” (no joke) my children to think poorly of their father. He is a champion of the discredited “junk” science theory known as “Parental Alienation Syndrome”, along with Most, which is frequently used to remove custody from protective parents and give it to abusers. It was long time for him to go – and now he is gone.

    I continue to march on to ask the court to restore my custodial rights, sanction Allan and his attorney, remove Abrams from my case, expunge his report and for other forms of relief. Please recognize my case not as an aberration in an otherwise good system. What occurred here occurs in courtrooms all over this country – and the world. The family courts badly need reform. Please help and voice your concerns to your legislators and investigators.

    Thank you,

    Catherine Youssef Kassenoff

    PS – I would like to add that Abrams’ license is under review now by the NYS Office of Professional Discipline. Subpoenas have been issued. If you believe that what you have read in the materials I have made available warrants disciplinary action (or even a serious consideration of action), please PM me and I will give you the contact information for the investigators taking this on at the NYS Education Department. …”

  • Dirty judges aid, abet and propagate pedophiles by issuing bogus, illegal orders to kidnap children and traffic them to pedophiles and abusers. The practice is OBVIOUS AND PREVALENT, and hidden behind the ruse ot “custody” and “reunification.”

    It is a PLAYBOOK USED BY PEDOPHILES AND ABUSERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, especially those that are also law partners, like Brian Stryker Weinstein and Allan Kassenoff, but by one only has to abuse children to reap the rewards of the court trafficking system.

    The court then tries to financially and emotionally destroy anyone who dares to protect the children.


    How much longer will we accept that main stream media omits and buries these stories, forcing us to turn to for-hire journalists with no integrity, like Frank here, who cherrypick times to omit the Pedophilia and child sex abuse, tell some stories accurately but lie about protective parents in other stories insinuating that they are “crazy” or “have no evidence” of pedophilia when the pedophile has admitting to the pedophilia in writing and videos, and who delete comments that contradict Frank’s reporting?

      • Also, the video cam footage from January 4, 2021 when they were so rude to you in the clerk’s office shows how rude they were. Why were they so confrontational?

        At about the 5:30 minute mark, a man is walking up the stairs. He’s wearing glasses and a mask and looking and sounding very upset. He says something like, “Why did she get in the building? I don’t understand how she was allowed in the #*@!#*& building.” Who was he and why was he so upset?

        January 2021, everyone was so stressed and so extremely divided from the COVID scare, so many were acting aggressively. Was he upset because you weren’t wearing a mask and some were worried about COVID spreading? Everyone was terrified of COVID in January 2021. Is that why they were so horrible?

      • Also Elizabeth,

        Catherine wrote, “Finally, a special thank you to those in my life who always put my children first and who supported me unfailingly: My Mother, Jennifer Culley, Keri Christ, Stephanie Brandt, Jonathan Davidoff, Wayne Baker, Katherine Klein, Katherine Sinsabaugh, Liz Kurtin, Lizzie Harding, Brian McQuillen, Rory Doyle, and my wonderful lawyers Andy Frisch and Evan Wiederkehr.”

        It looks like she appreciated your friendship. So sorry for your loss.

  • There has been stiff competition, to be sure, but this is the most horrific thing I have ever read on Frank Report. In absolute candor, with no spin whatsoever, if you are going to write of a woman in imminent lethal danger, as well you should, either a. Do not do so unless you also provide phone numbers and hyperlinks (for you may have a reader this situation brings to hysteria, and cannot think to research or even type) to the embassy, the clinic, an attorney licensed to do practice in country of event, if there is such a thing, because I cannot think, or b. JUST DONT DO IT, Because some of us STOP suicides on far less less information, pulling in family from foreign countries, as I did in 2003 or 2004 with a woman named Amanda Smith, married name, my finding her birth family through a library in a small town in the UK. More later. Please do not do this. I am terrorized by this story. Trigger Warning at minimum.

    • Hi Stephanie, respectfully we all wish it was different but, Catherine indeed has taken her life. Look her up on Facebook and you can read her own last message. The horrific $$$ Parental Alienation taking the kids away to reunification camps, no one is able to send them again as they are entangled into not 90-days but rather endless years of horrific legal wars, with a lot of corruption with professionals, lawyers and blind eyes & deaf ears at the court level that allows this. Read more about how this horrific ALIENATION INDUSTRY is very real, as there are so many moms all over the USA, spreading to CANADA and beyond today just like Catherine without their children

  • This woman has endured so much injustice. This is heartbreaking 💔. Family court has destroyed so many lives.

  • Two Years Ago …

    “The biggest hurdle these lawsuits face is overcoming the court professionals’ claims to “quasi-judicial immunity,” which allows them to break the law while working as an arm of the court without facing a lawsuit. Attorney and activist Evita Tolu has drafted legislation in Missouri that would remove immunity for family court professionals, called “Mikaela’s Law.” Similar laws are popping up around the country where parents are tired of court-appointed officials who have destroyed families for money and power with no consequences.“ Megan Fox, 2021

  • Did “Dr. Marc Abrams write about his hatred for Republican “whores” and “NRA prostitutes”? 🤔 says:

    “… Catherine Kassenoff is an attorney. Her long career spanned from the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York to the governor’s office. But she never experienced injustice until she experienced family court in Westchester County, New York. Kassenoff’s nightmare began when her children disclosed abuse from their father. Child Protective Services (CPS) was so concerned about the allegation that they instructed Kassenoff to either get a protective order against her husband or CPS would remove the children from the house and put them into foster care. …”

    “… How did this happen? Kassenoff says it began with a court-appointed psychologist, Marc Abrams, who began accusing her of “parental alienation” and “brainwashing.” Abrams has been accused of sexual misconduct by patients and has been recently removed from the court’s “Mental Health Professionals Panel” as a result of the complaints against him. One former patient, speaking on condition of anonymity, told PJ Media that Abrams asked him repeatedly to give him details of his sex life during a custody evaluation, peppering him with inappropriate inquiries for graphic details. Another patient reported that Abrams asked her to lie on top of him during her custody evaluation. A third patient described Abrams showing her a risque photo of herself that her ex-husband had given him and said Abrams asked her to describe the sexual acts she performed for her new boyfriend.

    Abrams also has posted many sexually inappropriate and misogynistic messages on Facebook, ranting about how much he hates Republican “whores” and “NRA prostitutes.” PJ Media reached out to Dr. Abrams but he refused to respond to multiple email inquiries …”

  • Indeed this is real! This is happening everywhere, in the U.S. estimated over 1,000+ moms are the one mostly impacted. Is also spreading to Canada. Is a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR $$$ ALIENATION INDUSTRY. The road for the moms to recover their children is very difficult, almost impossible, emotionally & financially impacting. The family courts are turning a blind eye, and deaf ears, while families are being destroyed and children impacted for a lifetime. The reunification camps like Linda Gottlieb, Turning Points New York, Family Bridges, California are the leaders in trafficking children to the horrific reunification 4 days programs, with 90-day no contact, which turning into a lifetime of abuse of power and destruction. We need to work very hard to legislation state & federal level to ABOLISH REUNIFICATION camps, and stop this abuse in family courts. Find out more take a look at and SHARE IN SOCIAL MEDIA –

    • Serious question: Can someone tell us if Linda Gottlieb is related to the MKUltra guy, Sidney Gottlieb?

    • THANK YOU FOR THIS. I will indeed connect. This is abysmal. Why is it other Ivy-educated attorneys are not leading this charge (behind the media; investigative journalism lead most critically – yet the monsters go after the journalists and the publishers too)? Why? Because my Ivy League fucking brethren are the perpetrators. With the same horrors dished up in other Court systems. Probate Court in LA. In Orange County. Filth. To not use one’s privileged station to serve? Filth. (Skipping my Yale 40th reunion this week, I’m sure you and Frank will be shocked to hear this.)

    • This is far from a women’s issue. Men have been enduring alienation and loss of children from the courts for decades. The courts and child support are about making money not helping children. Legislation is finally reaching most states for 50/50 parenting automatically awarded unless that is proof of legitimate abuse. We all need to get behind 50/50 parenting. Children need both parents.

      • A high percentage of men, that are abusers, gain custody. It’s 75-85% of abusive men that gain custody. It is so horrific. There have been studies done on this inequity but nothing is done about it. Fifty % custody given to an abuser does not work.

        • Abusers will pay more. They know they have to. The protective parent thinking in terms of decency and honor and protecting the innocent mistakenly projects that qualities on lawyers and therapists. They are in it for money.

          Abusers especially Sex abusers have a huge advantage in family court. They’ll pay for their pleasure and pay to not get caught.

          And they have family court scores to fake their money. A win -win. Except for the kids.

          • “The protective parent thinking in terms of decency and honor and protecting the innocent mistakenly projects that qualities on lawyers and therapists.”

        • Please stop lying. Men are not gaining custody in higher numbers than women. This is a bold face lie. Unless you can post actual verified data just stop it. Your bias because your outcome didn’t go your way is just wrong.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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