Catherine Kassenoff Lost Her Kids, Home, Health, Savings and Life Through Crafty Husband Family Court Play

Allan Kassenoff played a big role in his 'victory' over his children's mother.

FR cannot confirm if Catherine Youssef Kassenoff died in Switzerland last weekend. She was a former federal prosecutor and attorney in a four-year divorce and custody dispute with Allan Kassenoff, an attorney with Greenberg Traurig. They had three daughters.

Though Catherine put her career on hold to be her children’s primary caregiver, Family Court in Westchester County, NY removed them from her custody three years ago.

Recently, Catherine was diagnosed with cancer for the third time (she had cancer in 2008 and 2017).

In a Facebook post on May 27, Catherine said she traveled to Switzerland, where she had an appointment at an assisted suicide facility that day. She wrote, “This is a story that ends with my own assisted death in Switzerland.”

She wrote: “The reason the courts engaged in this horror, where they ‘temporarily’ took away custody, my personal property, a home I owned and lived in, my dogs, my health, my career, and my dignity – for the last four years – was so that the nearly $4 million that Allan Kassenoff, my ex-husband, had to spend to destroy me could be handed out to the court-appointed forensics, therapists, lawyers for the children, and the attorney for Allan Kassenoff.”

Catherine’s Battle

Allan and Catherine Kassenoff

Allan and Catherine married in November 2006. They had three girls.

In February 2016, Allan allegedly assaulted Catherine in their home, for which she was treated at a nearby hospital. The couple continued to live together, though Allan declared an “open marriage.”

In 2016, Allan by stealth, secured Catherine’s Apple ID and password and secretly “synced” her iPhone with his laptop.

He secretly accessed Catherine’s email and text messages for years, leading to his filing for divorce in 2019.

Allan read communications from Catherine’s family members, friends, and others. He even got her texts and emails from her attorney, Cynthia Monaco.

May 2019

Allan Kassenoff

After his daughters disclosed to their schools that Alan allegedly kicked one of them, Allan filed for divorce in Family Court in Westchester County, New York.

Accusing her of “manipulating” the girls to make up abuse that never happened, Allan brought an ex-parte to kick Catherine out of their house and grant him temporary custody of the children.

Allan knew about parental alienation. He could hand-pick texts and emails to make her look like an alienator and exclude those that made him look like an abuser. Attached to Allan’s supporting papers were screenshots of text messages between Catherine and her attorney Monaco discussing legal strategy.

Allan’s affidavit included 11 select text messages from September 2018. Some were undated.

The judge granted his ex-parte application. Catherine was removed from the home. The judge granted Allan custody of the children.

October 2019

The Court appointed Carol Most [above] as the children’s attorney and her associate Dr. Marc Abrams as the custody evaluator.

Abrams conducted a “neutral” forensic evaluation.

Catherine told Abrams about Allan’s abuse. The children pleaded with Abrams to let them live with their mother; their father was abusive. Allan provided select text messages of Catherine’s to Abrams.

March 25, 2020

Abrams issued his custody evaluation report, recommending to Judge Lewis Lubell that Catherine, as a parental alienator, should not see the children.

Marc Abrams

March 27, 2020

Judge Lubell issued an ex-parte order excluding Catherine from her home and granting Allan temporary sole custody of the children.

When police came to her house to remove her, Catherine had to leave without her belongings. During the COVID pandemic, Catherine was childless and homeless overnight. For a time, Catherine lived out of her car.

Catherine Kassenoff

July 2020

Allan got Judge Nancy Koba to sign an ex-parte temporary order of protection (“TOP”) for the children against their mother. Catherine fought and got it vacated. She was permitted to see her children with a paid supervisor at a cost of thousands per month.

January 2021

The oldest daughter ran away to live with Catherine. She was forced to return.

Attorney Most selected Susan Adler and Carolyn McGuffog, both PsyDs, as the children’s new therapists at $600 and $450/hour, respectively. The therapists let Allan sit in on the sessions.

September 2021:

Dr. Adler decided that one of the girls, Charlotte, should never have contact with Catherine. Dr. McGuffog suggested Ally go to a “therapeutic boarding school” after she fled her father’s home a second time to live with her mother.

Dr. Adler described Ally as a truant, not a victim of domestic abuse.

Dr. McGuffog told Ally she “had to pick” between Catherine and herself as to whom to follow.

Drs Adler and McGuffog made nearly $100,000 from the children’s therapy.

Catherine sued Dr. Adler in Westchester County on the grounds of fraudulent inducement.

August 24, 2021

Through Catherine’s efforts, the Panel of Forensic Custody Evaluators removed Dr. Abrams for gross misconduct.

Dr. Abrams allegedly asked Catherine inappropriate sexual questions, as he reportedly did with other women during custody interviews. For example, he asked Cecilia Thomas to “lie on top of him” during an evaluation, she claimed.

Dr. Abrams was removed from the Kassenoff case.

Judge Lubell appointed forensic evaluator Kathleen McKay to make an “updated” report.

An Apartment, Then Eviction

Catherine began to get back on her feet and rented a three-bedroom apartment near the children in Larchmont.

Allan went to get another ex-parte TOP against Catherine.

Without a hearing, a judge signed a “one-mile stay away” order, requiring Catherine to vacate her apartment because it was within a mile of the children.

Catherine had to live in basements and couches of friends. She was not allowed to return to her apartment to get her belongings.

September 15, 2021:

Due to work obligations, Catherine asked to appear remotely in Judge Lubell’s courtroom or reschedule the appearance.

Judge Lubell threatened her with incarceration and an arrest warrant and to file an attorney’s grievance if she did not appear.

Catherine did not understand. Judge Lubell routinely allowed Allan to reschedule, absent himself from status conferences, and appear remotely.

Later, she understood why the excellent judge was angry. Catherine had gotten Dr. Abrams kicked off the custody evaluator panel. Judge Lubell was Dr. Abrams’ good friend. The judge even officiated Abrams’ wedding at his house.

November 2021:

Catherine accused Judge Lubell of bias. As a result, he recused himself from the case, citing “strong support for his recusal” in the record.

The custody evaluator, McKay, met with Allan 17 times and nine times with Catherine. She never observed Catherine interact with two of the three children. She never interviewed the children alone, permitting Allan to sit in the next room.

During this time, Catherine visited her children with a supervisor present to listen and watch them. She barely saw them from week to week and was not alone. The custody supervisor gave good reports about Catherine’s conduct with the children.

But Dr. McKay stopped meeting with Catherine while meeting with Allan. She also met with Dr. Adler for her professional opinion after Catherine sued her.

January 25, 2022:

Allan had the family court throw her out of their house and apartment. – a country mile away from the children at all times because experts said alienated the children from him.

But the one-mile stay away had expired.

Catherine was spotted in the vicinity.


Allan loves his dogs

Allan went to Larchmont police, alleging Catherine violated the TOP.

January 26, 2022:

Catherine was in front of her daughter’s school, getting into her car, when four police officers pinned her behind her car door. Police frisked, cuffed, arrested, took her to a holding cell, and led her before a judge, where she was arraigned.

Someone informed her employer – she was special counsel to the NY governor’s office – of her arrest. A few days later, she was fired as special counsel, a job she held for seven years.

Catherine went to court to prove no TOP prevented her from being outside her child’s school. The court dismissed her charges — no ACD, no plea on March 16, 2022.

Catherine had no contact with her children since June 2021.

Fall 2022

Catherine went after the court-appointed attorney for the children, Carol Most, alleging unethical conduct. Most was removed from the case for misconduct and denied $113,000 of her $270,000 invoice for “services” on behalf of the children.

March 18, 2023:

Catherine went to see her 9-year-old daughter skate at her lesson. There was no valid TOP to prevent her. Allan came off the ice to confront her. Catherine told him to “get away from me.”

Allan caused a 911 call. Four police officers came to the rink. Allan said there was a TOP against her, which was untrue. Police did not arrest her this time.

May 2023:

Custody evaluator McKay made her final custody evaluation report, and the court adopted it. The judge issued a one-line order that Catherine could not have contact with her children.

This was it, it appears.

There had been over 3,000 court filings, with 80 motions in her case. There were three attorneys for the children and new therapists.

“I have liquidated retirement and other savings,” Catherine wrote, adding that Allan spent millions to get custody.

“The money being made at the expense of her family,” she said, “is so abhorrent that there will be nothing left at the end.

“My children have been diagnosed with various serious mental health conditions due to this trauma. They have been told to hate me, to call me ‘Catherine’ instead of mom,’ to give Mother’s Day cards to Allan’s … girlfriend … to call me a ‘liar’ and a ‘gaslighter.’

“The abuser who claimed he was alienated has repeatedly been empowered by the Courts of New York State to alienate me, the protective parent, from my own children…

“I am a 2-time breast cancer survivor with a new dire diagnosis that makes continuing this fight impossible.

“I continue to be placed on supervision, with no more than a few hours a week with my girls. No overnights, no taking my children to school, no bathing them, no hosting sleepovers or birthday parties, no getting to know their friends, no vacations, no living with them. The courts have thoroughly excised me from their lives…

“My oldest continues to try to see me secretly, calls me incessantly, and is screamed at by Allan and Kraft for doing so. She and her younger, terrified sisters know nothing will change in this courthouse for them, so they have been effectively silenced.

“Don’t let my death be in vain. And please ensure my children know the truth about me and what happened to them here in the great state of New York…

“Perhaps if I had not been re-diagnosed with cancer, I could have lasted longer in this fight. But I do not have the strength to go forward. More importantly, I do not want to traumatize my children anymore in this court system, where Allan and his attorney Gus Dimopoulos have used them to continue their abuse…

“Please direct any information or inquiries to my dear friend, Wayne Baker, at”

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  • I found it disturbing how she kept invading her husbands privacy to video him. When he was showering, cleaning the dishes or just speaking in frustration. The constant video in his face was disturbing. I actually thought it was honest he told her how he really felt. Most men don’t do that. I don’t see how that’s appropriate behavior.

    • It says somewhere in the original documents (Catherine’s psych evaluation maybe?) that she and Allan both agreed to start video taping each other to better understand their marriage and to improve their communication skills. Both took videos of the other. Both started taping after the escalations began. That means we don’t know what events, words, fears etc. led to each conflict recorded.

      Two things are for sure:

      1. All members of the family were in crisis. Purposely adversarial for-profit family court was the last place that family needed to be.

      2. Catherine seems to have gone into the process thinking — or trusting — that the Westchester County family court would be like all other courts of law.

      Unfortunately, “family courts” aren’t courts of law like all other courts of law.

      Family courts are purposely adversarial like other courts. However, in “family courts” there’s been no oversight or accountability for family court attorneys and various vendors who purposely mismanage the cases. The more mismanaged the cases are, the more profit one can earn working with families in crisis. Unlike most other court cases in other courts of law, “family court” cases can last up to eighteen years — or more — until each child “ages out of the system”.

      The players in the Kassenoff “family court” case took about $3,000,000 from just that one family. The judge knew the evaluator who knew the attorney for the minor children who knew the children’s evaluator etc. The players on that stage for that show cornered Catherine like cats corner a mouse. She didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late.

      The video recordings show: He was angry. She was angry. The children were stressed. She was stressed. He was stressed. He yelled. She yelled. He and she loved all three of their children very much.

      One thing all the videos also show for sure:

      1. A once-wonderful family in crisis at the mercy of Westchester County “family courts”.

      • Evil in every single way! Time for justice for Catherine and her girls!! She was the Best Mom and her girls wanted to be with her!

  • This is such a crazy story none of which I believe. She is an attorney a mother and a wife. Being kicked out of her house living in a car not allowed to see her children. I am sorry but I don’t believe one word. An assisted suicide in Switzerland please more lies. Let’s see her diagnosis

    • Didn’t you read the article. He is evil and has connections. She was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. That’s why she couldn’t fight anymore. This sort of thing happens every minute of every day.

      • It’s been happening to me the past three years. Same exact scenario. My ex does the same work as Alan and has connections. My life is over too.

    • Why did she want to make up a story? Didn’t you prepare the case? And it happened more often than you think. Divorce is ugly.Wake up. She married to an evil person who happened to be a lawyer himself.Justic was not serve for sure .

      • what evidence? a video of her pissed off a pissed off husband. I have read her dropbox, please detail the evidence, I see a bunch of accusations. Now call me a nasty name, like people do here when someone disagrees with them. That is evidence of something and it is not her husband’s abuse.

    • He is evil, manipulative, abusive and narcissistic. What he did to her and them children will forever affect there lives 🤦

    • Fredi- I agree. Where is the PROOF. I can say I play in the WNBA, doesn’t make it true. I can say I have cancer and set up a go fund me, but where is the proof? A woman who kept such a detailed dropbox of info would surely put her medical info in there for proof of her cancer. It just can’t pass the stink test. She sounds crazy to me. And if you look up some of the women who unquestionably support her claims, quite a few have also lost custody of their children. Just saying.

      • Family court is even more corrupt that I thought with all the paid trolls commenting here. They have no decency. This woman lost her life!

    • Stop being a jerk, your comment is rude and pathetically childish. Hope you never face this, and if you did I hope people judge you and say you are a liar.

      The family court system in NY is disgusting, I went through it with my father, my best friend has gone through it. It’s about who you know, how you can manipulate the system and the money you pay.

    • Your ignorance is incredible. This happened to me.I have been prevented from seing my daughter for the past 7 years!

      You need is to run a quick Google search and you may find that family court is a very corrupt place where all the professionals are on stage to get as much money as possible from the abusive parent who will fund the litigation!

  • Google Drive to Catherine Kassenoffs’ Court Documents
    Coverage on Catherine Kassenoff and Allan Kassenoff
    Bloomberg News
    Above the law
    Videos of Allan Kassenoff’s Abuse & Family Court Corruption
    NY Judges that made Catherine Kassenoff Childless, Homeless
    Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Allan should have sole custody of the kids and sole possession of the family home in Larchmont. He ordered Catherine evicted without notice. (2) Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children (3) Dr. Marc Abrams [above], custody evaluator #1. His recommendation: Because the mother “alienated” the children from their father, they should have no contact with their mother without a paid visitation supervisor listening to every word between mother and child. (4) Carol Most, attorney for the children, reportedly billed $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives.;; (5) Let’s not forget Dr. Kathleen E Mckay, MD. Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams. Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.
    NY State Bar Complaints Email for Westchester County ad2-grv9@nycourts.go
    Allan Kassenoff Martindale-Hubbell Profile

  • This case reflect too many terrible outcomes that so many families face. There are more angry and sick people where ever you go. People want to control at all costs without thinking about what is, “In the best interest of the children.” That will never stop but it’s time more programs are created before a case can be taken to court. Empower potential litigants to understand how their actions will impact their children. A four hour class is not sufficient in my opinion. I ran classes years ago.

    I feel terrible what all families go through especially the children who pay the heaviest as it impacts can be life time. Cathrine dying is very sad and disturbing. It reflects that it’s really time now to make changes. Her story and others who have face such destruction need further exposure and support.

    We all have our stories that are worse than others.
    I trusted my “own immediate family” when they kindly offered to help when physically I needed 2 surgeries. The betrayal by them in refusing to return my younger one, led to custody battle. Then ended with my being “literally cut from the family tree”, facing living deaths of siblings and cousins. I also see the impact on my adult children. My eddort and knowledge I now offer, helped to regain a relationship with both of them.

    It’s very important to stress the realities when “anger takes control over a person, “and how you see similar behavior by those who are to protect our children. That will never change but we can “create change” by screening those who display “counterproductive actions” in the name of our children and have them removed. New rules should be developed to determine what is acceptable behaviors by those in a decision making role in family court actions.

    As a Former Guardian Ad Litem, national Recognized Expert on Divorce and Single Parenting, and founder of an Phoenix award winning nonprofit, National Single Parent Resource Center, we are preparing to provide virtual programs to prepare parents for navigating the system that we did early on that were in person. They worked too by the testimonials received.

    Today we are looking for the right Professionals to work with us so we can expand beyond our state of Florida in due time. As a team of Intelligent Professionals who have integrity, truly care, and can leave egos behind, we can reduce the tragedies that are all too common over the last several decades.

    If in Florida and care to bring change please email: www,CoachJudy,info

    I care about our children do you? One can’t achieve great success without a good team behind them.

  • Please let us know how a regular person can help Catherine attain JUSTICE AND PROTECT HER CHILDREN ASAP!! I am also divorced and WAS met with unlawful attorneys, child counselors and most likely the JUDGE, not nearly to that degree- we can’t let Catherine’s Death Be in vain🙏🏻

  • Over the course of the past forty years, too much damage has been done to our nation’s children and families.

    Every family court case needs a referral to the criminal court whenever major crimes are alleged.

    Every family court case needs a jury when requested.

    Every family court courtroom needs a camera on when corruption is suspected.

    Americans can no longer blindly trust “family courts”.

  • So, is there someone we can contact so that we can get these people investigated? This is just so heartbreaking, and I would love to help take action by sending emails or making phone calls.

  • My ex-husband was exactly like this man. I went through this every single day, walking on eggshells. He was like Jekyll and hyde. Anything could set him off. He would scream and yell and scare my daughters and I exactly like this. He would put holes in walls and damaged things like objects around the house and even my car. He would yell like that over us when we would try to talk. He was a monster. I actually stayed in that marriage because he had me believing that I was the problem and that I was the person who drove him to become the person that he had become. Now, thinking back, he had always been that person. Since the day I had met him. He was even like that with his first wife. He had beaten me down to where I had no self-esteem and he was such a different person in front of other people that he had them believing that I was the bad person. He filed for divorce after our youngest child was 18. He didn’t realize he’d have to pay alimony for the next 20 years. Then he wanted to get back together. When I wouldn’t get back together with him, he told all of our friends and families that he filed for divorce because I was cheating on him. Of course that was a lie, but that was just to make me look bad. He had to do something like that. One last shot to try to make me look bad because he had lost control over me and I didn’t want to get back together with him after he filed for divorce. Now that our children are 29 and 27, they lived all of the abuse and want nothing to do with him and to this day he will accuse me of parental alienation. They are adults and he accuses me of Parental alienation. What a joke. But if you ask his friends and family, he’s the greatest thing next to sliced bread. No one knows what these men are like behind closed doors. If I could show everybody my videos, I would. I took my own in secret just in case I ever needed them. It’s what we have to do because if you don’t have videos, you can’t prove anything. Nobody will believe us.

    • Absolutely what a covert narcissist is. I married and divorced one of them. It’s so difficult to prove who they really are.

  • My heart is broken 💔 justice has to be served to allow me to continue to have faith in people

  • If any judge or therapist involved saw even just those few video snippets and still gave sole custody to the father, they should lose their job & credentials. There is no excuse for that behavior. Not even if “provoked”. Not even once. This is more than just a “bad moment”. The things that he said to the mother in front of the children are inexcusable. Unconscionable.

  • At the end of the day these poor girls have lost their mother and are living with a narcissist and psychotic man. I hope and pray that someone in Catherine’s life can get custody and give them a proper home and upbringing

  • A horrifying recounting….Westchester County is rampant with this kind of”justice.” There should be a thorough revamp of the whole system along with caps on how much these bloodsuckers should get paid for lousy results. It’s appalling!

  • I am wondering why a judge would make such a monumental decision affecting the the family without even meeting with them. I have to wonder if someone other than Allan Kassenoff from the legal community had influence with her .

  • It’s good that all the materials from the DropBox account have been downloaded and saved in so many other places both in the cloud and on offline devices. It will take some time but suspension and, later, disbarment seem likely. By accessing the wife’s accounts—including her communication with her attorneys—and perhaps using that communication against her in ongoing litigation, there will likely be issues with the NY bar authorities. Will be great to get some insight from an expert like Steven Gillers from NYU Law.

  • I would not doubt if this man (Allan) has some sort of cluster b personality disorder. He essentially kidnapped his kids by court order. When the kids were forced to be with him, I would not be surprised if they became so broken down by him and the system telling lies about their mother, that they realized if they were going to “survive,” they would have to agree with their father that their mother was a parental alienator. If the true alienator (Allan) convinces the court and coerces the kids into believing that the alienated parent (Catherine) was an alienator, what would we call this? I think what happens in cases like this should be a crime. But how can it be a crime if the courts believe very vindictive and manipulative people like Allan? I think that every “high conflict” family court case should involve a court ordered assessment of both parents’ mental health, including the MMPI. If one of the parents is diagnosed with a cluster b personality disorder like NPD or BPD, then the court should consider that it is not in the child’s best interest for that parent to have custody. I think Allan may be personality disordered or worse. I’ve never heard of a mental health professional believing that a sociopath or cluster b personality disordered parent is going the be good for children. I believe people with these diagnoses are very dangerous to children, both mentally and physically.

  • I think everybody involved in this case on Allan’s side need to be investigated for fraud, abuse of the system, misconduct and any other thing that they could find on them for favoring Allan and obviously his lies and no evidence. I cannot believe the court system did this to this woman and her children. They all need to be punished.WTF?

  • Video doesn’t lie ,to those that are saying she is lying. And the children know who the abuser is. Their father.

    • Except if you actually asked the children, they would tell you how Catherine abused them and that Allan has been an incredible father who puts their needs first always.

      They have spent actual time with both parents. Do you all really think that a 5 minute tik tok compilation with videos dating back to at least 5 years is indicative of the childhood they’ve had and their relationship with their father?

      Shame on all of you!! Claiming to care about the children but failing to see how what you’re all doing is destroying them. If you knew them you would know that they have an amazing relationship with their father and are terrified of Catherine because of the way she treated them. Do you all think you’re mind readers and experts because you saw videos from years ago? Maybe take a step back and realize that you’re not seeing a full story and you can’t assume how a child feels based on a video of them from 5 years ago…

      • Allen has the maturity of a two year old having a temper tantrum. Anyone who has any experience with narcissistic abuse can see that he is the abuser. I am so disturbed by the injustices done to this poor woman and her three daughters. To know that there are people who will defend this kind of treatment to a fellow human being is so sick. I am also well aware that cluster b personality disordered ( narcissists, borderlines, histrionic and anti social/ psychopaths) individuals run in packs with each other, they are connected to the hive mind. I really hope people will see to it that ALL of these people that made sure a dying mother could not be with her three young daughters in her final days will be held accountable for their role in her death and her daughters being sent to live with their abuser. Start calling the courts daily and demanding these people be fired.

      • Allan’s behavior in those videos, no matter how old they are, is a pretty good indicator of who he really is – and how he can behave toward his children. He’s a monster, and he either paid enough or manipulated the whole system. I would say both.

      • This was a paid advertisement by Dad of the year!

        Not to be construed with a real father, man or human. Because those don’t do what he OBVIOUSLY has done.

        • These emails are heartbreaking. Their father is not even around and is doing his own thing. He “fought for them”….where is he when they need help with their homework, have had a difficult school day, are lonely and miss their mom…

      • Maybe Allan is a better father than we’ve seen, sure. And maybe Catherine wasn’t perfect, sure that could be true too. But for Catherine to have NO custody? None? Sorry, that doesn’t add up.

      • It’s not just a 5-minute tick neck compilation. Have you downloaded all of the documents and read them? Have you read all of the emails from the kids? Have you read everything from the therapist saying that the kids are afraid to tell him that they missed their mom? Have you read what they were telling other parents? Have you heard about how they couldn’t talk to their mom when their dad was around? Did you hear about how he would hang up on Catherine while their children were talking to her? There’s more than just the five minute tick tock.

      • That’s why the oldest daughter ran away to be with her mother- more than once? The text and emails the girls were sending their mother about how scared they were of their father and begging to see her were the girls repeatedly lying? Why would they have sent those messages to her? Repeatedly I’ve r the last several years even recently? Obviously they weren’t terrified of their mother. Those messages were not 5 years ago.
        No child could go through a parental divorce like this for the past 4 years and have a good childhood.

        And you claim no one knows how Catherine treated the children? The only way she has any contact with them was via supervised visits for the past several years and most of the time she was allowed no contact with them at all. So please explain how exactly did she treat her children so terribly? She just wanted to be their mom, love her children and be a part of their lives. .
        The only person to destroy their lives is their father. And he’s still doing it.

  • This is a despicable situation and I know many this has occurred to. Very sad & something should be done about

  • Catherine’s a master manipulator and you’re all falling for it. She is very smart, no one will deny that, but there’s a reason she was only allowed to see her children with supervision. 2 neutral forensic investigators deemed her to be a threat to her children. Maybe ask yourself why instead of claiming that all of these professionals are “corrupt” and “out to get her.” Would they risk their careers and reputation over one man? No amount of money could make someone take a risk like that.

    No child wants to see their parents in the media like this so if the children really are a priority, like many of you claim they are, maybe recognize how damaging all of this is to them (and please don’t respond saying the “abuse” from Allan was more damaging to them because none of you have clearly spoken to them if you think that).

    Have none of you ever yelled in a moment of anger? No one knows what was said before to provoke a reaction or what was said after to reconcile their differences. Anyone pretending they’ve never yelled in the heat of the moment is a blatant liar. It doesn’t justify anything that was said, nor do we see what Catherine said that could’ve been incriminating because that would paint her in a poor light. It’s just simply unrealistic to think that she just sat there like an angel and it’s important to recognize that we are only seeing half of a picture. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never thought deeply about a moment of conflict.

    This isn’t a mother standing up for her children. Imagine how mortified these children are to be in the media like this. For them to pick up their home phone and hear all of the horrible things you’re saying about their father. None of you have interacted with the children in the past few years or recently at all if you can say the things you’re saying. Be mindful of the slander you’re spreading and recognize the impact it has on them.

    • Hey Allan or one of his flying monkeys. We all see you for what you are, no use in trying to create reasonable doubt, there is no doubt what you are. 😉

    • Allan making up excuses for your vile behavior is horrific, you had connections, and colluded with these lying individuals to get your bogus ruling, you have more pull in court due to the fact Catherine gave up her Top 5 NYU law school degree to look after the children, whom you then took away by buying off experts, evaluations, bullshit, biased judges, to erase her from the children’s lives, your kids can been seen in the videos and countless other times screaming they “do not want to go back to that crazy man,” no your the threat Allan, your the abuser, the stalker, the liar, you should be in prison for what you done, you are a sickening, and the vilest of all criminals, there is a special place in hell for you. Being put on Supervision was because you hired an unethical team to lie for you, its all in her evidence, the supervisor Dr. Culley who actually had personal knowledge of the facts declared under penalty of perjury that she was perfectly capable of an expansion eventually to joint custody, then you hired more experts to lie to the court to discount Dr. Culley’s overwhelmingly positive reports of Catherine, she doesn’t need supervision, Allan you need to be in a mental hospital.

    • No Allan, we are seeing the whole picture she left an extensive collection of Certified Reporters Transcripts that show the legal games you play and the length you’d go to eliminate her from your children’s lives, its far more importantly your kids see you for what you are, an imbecile the worst of the worst scum and to know their mother Catherine loved them and fight to the death to see them, we have seen both sides, Judge Capeci found the GAL Carol Most who vouched for you as gravely concerning, dishonest to the point she should NOT be entitled to her fees she was hiding the fact she employed the Prosecutor who charged Catherine with Bullshit crimes which were dismissed with prejudice in her favor, so for you to come out to again spew lies just goes to show what a selfish, deranged, evil, and despicable trash of a human being you are, you deserve to be in prison for what you did, you children deserve to know the truth and what you did to their mother who loved them. We hate you Allan, we hate your still comfortably relaxing on vacation while Greenberg Traurig, LLP attempts to see if they can cover up your atrocities, however we will do the best on our end to make sure the truth is revealed, and the truth is just as ugly as you are, Allan.

    • Thank you!!! I think it is horrible that Catherine unleashed these private videos of the children and left them to deal with the horrific fallout. It seems extremely selfish and vindictive to me. Sorry.

    • Finally!! Someone saying something intelligent. We need more people to think in a nuanced way and recognize the complexities of the situation. The trial has been ongoing for years and 5 minutes of a TikTok (which have been seen by the courts) don’t determine anything. There clearly is so much more that we’re not seeing. Allan must have videos of his own but he’s probably not sharing them to protect his kids. Clearly this person actually knows the children and family so maybe we shouldn’t just wave off what they’re saying and realize they’ve probably spoken to the children recently and know how they actually feel about everything…

      • When did Judges Terminate all contact with Mothers for being manipulative in court, how is that a reason for separating a mother from her children? If Judge Koba can specify what Catherine Kassenoff did to warrant being removed from the kids lives forever, let me know. Furthermore the article misses the part where Judge Koba, (pig face) made these findings at an ex parte proceeding where Catherine was unable to defend herself. Judges lie to support their biased findings I see it everyday in court.

    • Ok Allan, we’ve heard enough your buls**t already. Accept the fact that the world knows you are a monster.

    • Hmmm… I actually do know Catherine and Allan and have spent time with the girls although not in the past several years. I met and became quite close to Catherine in 2008 when we were both being treated for cancer and undergoing fertility treatments at St. Vincent’s in Chelsea. I liked them both so I’d like to think I can be objective. There is no denying the relationship between them was toxic from the beginning – they never got along and fought constantly. Relationships can be messy and nuanced, I agree. He started cheating on her with the nanny as early as 2010 fairly soon after she finished her 1st cancer treatment and Ally was just a baby… Not a great idea to then bring 2 more children into the mix. Why they didn’t call it quits then is bewildering… I’m sure dirt on Catherine will be uncovered BUT what you are failing to recognize is that it was not a moment of anger on Allan’s part. The videos show a prolonged, sustained pattern of abuse. Perhaps he was provoked as you claim – don’t know, don’t care. As the adult in the room, he could have walked way until calmer heads prevailed. There is NEVER an excuse to behave like that.

      Those “neutral” investigators were PAID by Allan then removed in disgrace from the case. He opted to pay for them rather than the girls schooling. The videos are damning but ultimately not the worst part of Allan’s behavior. As much as they hated each other, everyone could have walked away with some form of shared custody, split up property and been done with each other. Instead, he “manipulated” the courts to eviscerate Catherine by buying experts within an incestuous cast of characters who could give him the results he wanted. The girls, by all accounts, wanted to live with their mother up until 3 years ago when Allan gained full custody – so clearly they were subsequently “manipulated” by him. Was Catherine perfect, no. Is being called manipulative in court a reason for separating a mother from her children, absolutely not. If you have actual evidence of what Catherine did to warrant being removed from the kids lives forever, please share. I’m sure we would all love to know the why.

      • Thats the problem Judges lie in their Findings and Orders to support their bogus rulings, and these bogus Orders are used against her and the following Judge follows in this misconduct, again and again.

    • Hmmm… I actually do know Catherine and Allan and have spent time with the girls although not in the past several years. I met and became quite close to Catherine in 2008 when we were both being treated for cancer and undergoing fertility treatments at St. Vincent’s in Chelsea. I really liked them both so I’d like to think I can be objective. There is no denying the relationship between them was toxic from the beginning – they never got along and fought constantly. Relationships can be messy and nuanced, I agree. He started cheating on her with the nanny as early as 2010 fairly soon after she finished her 1st cancer treatment and Ally was just a baby… Not a great idea to then bring 2 more children into the mix. Why they didn’t call it quits then is bewildering… I’m sure dirt on Catherine will be uncovered BUT what you are failing to recognize is that it was not a moment of anger on Allan’s part. The videos show a prolonged, sustained pattern of abuse. Perhaps he was provoked as you claim – don’t know, don’t care. As the adult in the room, he could have walked way until calmer heads prevailed. There is NEVER an excuse to behave like that.

      Those “NEUTRAL” investigators were PAID by Allan then removed in disgrace from the case. He opted to pay for them rather than the girls schooling. The videos are damning but ultimately not the worst part of Allan’s behavior. As much as they hated each other, everyone could have walked away with some form of shared custody, split up property and been done with each other. Instead, he “manipulated” the courts to eviscerate Catherine by buying experts within an incestuous cast of characters who gave him the results he wanted. The girls, by all accounts, wanted to live with their mother up until 3 years ago when Allan gained full custody. He clearly indoctrinated the girls into fearing their own mom. Was Catherine perfect, no. Is being called manipulative in court a reason for separating a mother from her children forever, absolutely not. If you have actual evidence of what Catherine did to warrant being removed from the kids lives forever, please share. I’m sure we would all love to know the why.

    • For anyone who doesn’t know, the children are showing signs of grouping together for protection. Children don’t act this way naturally. I saw maybe 2 videos of them interacting together, and the fact that they’re screaming back at the Father, means that they’re already emotionally dysregulated. Then, they’re grouping together in defense of each other. That can’t be “taught”. This is a purely natural reaction. The children were raised being yelled at, they get upset, but they’ve learned behavior that keeps them safe in a volatile environment. To call a mother a “thing” and various other abuses in front of the children… Bring that behavior to Texas, and we’ll show you how we handle it. You don’t treat anyone that way, much less a woman in front of her children,

    • Another term we can learn about from this post from Someone Who Actually Knows Them:

      Narcissistic projection is a defense mechanism through which individuals “project” or see their own negative behaviors, emotions, and traits in someone else. Projection can be performed without the narcissist’s awareness as they struggle to hide uncomfortable inner conflicts, imperfections, and shortcomings.

      Projection is very common with narcissists as they wrestle inwardly with who they really are.

      This makes their partners wonder, am I crazy? Am I the narc in this relationship? The answer is no, you are not.

      Narcissists lack empathy and the ability to soul search, then make amends. They have no remorse for how they treat others and how they make others feel. People without the disorder can see how they hurt others and make amends, or go to therapy to learn how to be and do better.

      I see a lot of projection in this post. For the children’s sake I hope you see it also and do what is best for them.

    • She bought a nearly $900,000 home for cash, one month and ten days before she announced her suicide. The house was 1.2 miles from her children’s home in Larchmont. This makes no sense

  • It was heart wrenching to read this and everything that abusive narcistic monster Allen did to Catherine and those little girls–his own children. TYPICAL of what a narcissist does in divorce court. Money, influence, manipulation, coercion and a broken system CAN buy what a narcissist wants.
    Catherine fought hard until she couldn’t fight anymore.
    Rest in peace Catherine.
    May God watch over your precious little girls.
    Let KARMIC PAYBACK do her thing…and karma ALWAYS DOES.
    YOUR TIME and payback is coming Allen. It’s going to be a b**ch of a PAYBACK, and you WILL DESERVE EVERYTHING that’s coming…

    • According to Jennifer Culley’s reports, it seems Allen engaged in parental alienation by successfully accusing Catherine of it, and then making it impossible for her to have a relationship with the kids. Allen is an alienator, no doubt. Mothers can also succeed in alienating children against fathers too.

  • My heart aches for those children and for Catherine. That man should not be able to get away with this???? Praying someone sees this who is high up and decides justice needs to be done.

  • I mean who the hell is … a yoga instructor how dare she take down another woman & her family shame on you

      • Pilates yoga ssdd – what she is really teaching is how to be a home wrecker but something tells me once he gets put on Alan and he’s not making his million dollars a year she’ll hit the Road Jack and go find someone else – gold digger

  • When will courts and law enforcement be educated on ALL forms of abuse and label them as domestic violence (verbal, emotional, financial, physical)? When will courts and law enforcement educate themselves on narcissistic personality disorder and take it seriously? After someone has reached full blown narcissism, next is one step away from sociopath. When will this be taken into account by courts and law enforcement? When will there be accountability? Why is this happening in the greatest country?

    • Agreed. Our nation is not stepping up to the plate . The family courts are in crisis. Bad attorneys, psychologist and judges. Catherine case is one of the worst. Heartbreaking 💔. Thank God Frank and a few others are brave enough to expose the family court system.

      • And his kids. And his manipulation of the system. Why separate his children from their dying mother? That question alone speaks volumes. She clearly wasn’t a threat to them. So why why why. Because he is hateful and selfish and did not put the kids first.

    • Have you been living under a rock? Or perhaps under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Because that is the only way you could come to that conclusion. I assume by your name you are a female…which makes your stance unbearable for me. Women encouraging and enabling abuse of other women is the lowest of low. I’ll never understand it.

    • There is a term that exists for those who blindly support and follow toxic, narcissistic, sociopathic personalities. Those who blame a victim, even when the evidence has been clearly displayed.

      The Flying Monkey will also abuse the victim in the same way by gaslighting, mentally and emotionally abusing as well.

      I truly hope you research and understand what this term means, Flying Monkey, and stop it completely in your life Gillian G.

      Jennifer Mason (my real name)

      • You sound like Catherine’s flying monkey, Jennifer. A blindly loyal follower with tunnel vision. Gillian sounds like an independent thinker.

        • Way too many people are reporting curruption in the court system. Way to much money to be made.

        • I have been married to a narcissist and experienced first hand the rages, the emotional, mental and physical abuse of the narcissist.

          I see it in these videos and the court documents.

          I am only here to share what I have experienced and learned coming out of a very toxic and terrifying environment.

          Today I live the peaceful life I once dreamed of with my partner. But he was not who he pretended to be before we were married.

          It’s taken a long time to get here. Its hard work but it can be done. I hope, if you are in a situation like this, you have help, ask for help and/or start living your best peaceful life without the abuse.

          No one deserves what a cluster b personality will do to you.

  • May she rest in peace. I hope the people involved in the judicial system which prevented her from having contact with her children see the error of their ways. May her ex husband have to face himself and his actions for the rest of his life.

  • Hello from Australia!!!!
    Allen you coward!!! To think this company is supporting a person like this is beyond a joke and says a lot about them!! This company is corrupt!! The legal system is corrupt. Allen may your rot in hell!!!
    RIP Catherine we believe you from all around the world!!!

  • This is exactly what my rapist did to take my son away. I’m lucky he “only” took away my parental rights and I have *some* time with him, but the courts are so corrupt it’s disgusting.

    • It sounds like you were the targeted parent in a campaign of parental alienation. I’m sorry the family court failed you. Same thing happened to me – a father. Stay strong and continue to hope that one day your situation may get easier. Sadly, it alienators are relentless. They hate you more than they love the child.

  • These so called “courTs” R w/o Jurisdiction & bar members run this scheme.. of having AUTHORITY… when They Do NoT.
    However participating is consenting & u willingly give up your personal Jurisdiction.. these R “contract courts” & need you to “file” & play their game so They can win. Lower Courts R CORPORATIONS (find the dun#).
    Stay in the PRIVATE ‼️

  • It’s still happening in Westchester County Family Courts. I just heard of another story in their court system like this. So I do believe it. Sometimes people stay in their position of power too long and start taking advantage of the system. This Court needs to be revamped with people watching over them.

  • I hope your girls are in a safe loving place. I’m so sorry you endured this and had no one in your side. I know you are at peace now. I hope his life is full of being alone regret and angst.

  • This reminds me of the current Solomon case in TN – only this time the son of the well connected narcissist died in a freak “accident” shortly after he turned 18 and could legally fight for his abused little sister Gracie and his mom. A call for a thorough investigation still has not been heeded by those in power.

    • I live in TN and I totally agree! We are dealing with such patriarchy and misogyny in this ultra-conservative state. Time for women in TN to come together and change the narrative!

  • I have a need to read the hand-picked text messages that made it seem like one parent was alienating the children against the other parent.

  • Years ago I was fighting for custody for my out of wedlock son, who was never wanted by his bio dad until I filed for child support (biggest mistake of my life). The family court system is disgusting as well as the so called Dr’s working for the family courts. Evil is an understatement of how mothers are treated over fathers, no matter if they ever cared about the kids or not. I read a book which describes them perfectly called “Whores of the Court”. Its a money making business for them, nothing to do with what is best for the children. This poor woman.

    • This coward, spineless, morally corrupt poor excuse of a human being should not have access to those children. He is a disgrace to the legal practice and should be stripped of his law license and never be allowed to practice law anywhere.

      He’s on a leave of absence from his job. Hope they kick him to the curb and there is a morals clause that makes it so he does not get a penny for his termination.

      Enjoy your downward spiral you horrible piece of crap.

      • He really is a piece of crap. He could have made this a peaceful divorce and just be civilized and say we are not a good for each other anymore and we need to go on and he could’ve been an nicer person by letting her see the kids and him seeing the kids instead he has so much hatred by him. Why would any want to do business with him? I saw his profile he’s a piece of trash.

    • Many custody cases are really about child support. My ex also had little interest in our children until I filed to enforce child support. Then suddenly he wanted SOLE custody. The courts ignore this obvious fraud bc a custody fight makes a lot of people a lot of money, and you’re right, the mental health professionals in the system are some of the worst.

  • I hope this bastard gets what he so richly deserves! He is pure evil, with a sidecar of severe mental illness.

    • yes exactly sister don’t stop until he is living on the streets with his kids and they all are eating their meals together in the in a soup kitchen and those girls are crying that they just want a bed to sleep in instead of in that big house that was hers that’s when we will know we have fulfilled cats last wishes.

    • you are a sidecar of mental illness with a dash of rosemary and lunacy sprinkled in mayo with a side dish of cuckoo

      • and you are a fat, ugly loser who will never be loved by anyone. i’m sure your mother is proud of how you turned out. do everyone a favor and k*ll yourself. Catherine is a beautiful woman who will forever be missed, I’m sure nobody would miss you. you are useless to society, please never procreate. as if anyone would want to have children with you anyway… yeah right. you’re probably a 30-40 something year old man with no wife and kids. LOSERRRRRRR.

        • It sounds like your projecting a little bit spread peace not hate I hope you get the help you desperately need and I wish you no ill will on you I sincerely hope that you can fix whatever is wrong with you that turned you into such a hateful spiteful person. I’m here if you want to talk more

  • This is an utterly disgraceful embarrassment. How is a lawyer permitted to use the adversary’s attorney cleint privileged communciations (wife or not), absent an explicit waiver, and not get disciplined? While it takes two to tango, that fact alone shows what an unprincipled sc#m bag the husband is. Further, judges should have no ability to make hand picked appointments for paid gigs. There should be a wheel of qualified personnel and the next person up on the wheel should be assigned. This tale reveals that lots of “professional” adults milked their well paid gigs as the expense of innocent kids who they harmed unnecessarily. REALLY DISGUSTING!

    • Two to tango is a phrase often used by uneithical family law attorneys. Might want to reframe. It’s a victim blaming statement. Just like your skirt is too short and that is why you were raped. Allan is just selfish. You hate your x. Leave and get away. This was a malicious win at all costs case by Allan. Court supported money drive situation

  • I truly believe that you cannot do the evil deeds such as Allan Kassenoff did to his late ex wife and live a happy life. Those evil deeds will come back on him hard. He is such a vile disgusting human being. The whole world knows about him and there will be no escape from this.

  • Hey all. This is Allen. If you want the full story, call me at my office
    +1 212.801.2157
    +1 212.801.9200

    • No one wants your story SICKO. your own kids don’t even like you and you forced them away from their mother. i hope karma has fun with you.

    • Nothing excuses treating your wife and children this way NOTHING you say will make you look good ever. You Hate the mother of your kids ?? Leave her you HATE your kids? Let the mom take care of them but to abuse them mentos unforgivable and disgusting.

    • Allen, your children will grow up to despise you. Please seek help for yourself to be a better father. Please stop with anger and hate.

  • I am literally in Mexico because of an abuser like him. It’s been 8yeats since i ended the relationship and he still trying to take a child that was raised by my husband because my ex didn’t want him. And yet still bothers me like crazy.

    • wow he took care of the kid that your ex didn’t want to and that wasn’t even his for 8 years while you go and live it up in Mexico while he is raising a kid that isn’t even his but yet somehow that man is the bad guy and you are the hero

    • wow he took care of the kid that your ex didn’t want to and that wasn’t even his for 8 years while you go and live it up in Mexico while he is raising a kid that isn’t even his but yet somehow that man is the bad guy and you are the hero

  • Allen needs sever therapy. And the hell with the 2 of them. The children should have been taken away from them long before this. God help those girls having to grow up here way and trams it has and will cause them.

  • Children should NEVER be used as PAWNS in some f’ed up game of resentment. Shame on the father & mother for arguing like that in front of the kids & using them. The DAMAGE they have caused those children … such a shame

    • I agreed I feel for the daughters and especially the adopted one. I’m angry that couples decide to continue to have children when there is trouble in the relationship. I also am curious to see the evidence from the father. The courts may be rigged but did he evidence to justify and sway the courts to give him custody?
      Also I feel sorry for the mother. It just feels like a game between the both of them and the only ones suffering are those girls. Someone protect them and make sure they are ok. They need to wipe the slate clean and start with completely different therapists and evaluators that are not bias and are also evaluating the mental state of the father. It’s tough because if the mother is gone ( can’t be confirmed) they can’t suffer being taken away from another parent. He needs parenting classes and they all need family therapy and home visitations for an extended period of time. Just my two cents. So many questions.

      • they can’t suffer being taken away from another parent????
        its a game between them???
        thats your takeaway from all this? Twisting the narrative as we speak omg. the children were beaten by their father. there are videos and records of him screaming and abusing his kids. the man is unhinged and used his connections and know how of the justice systems to completely and systematically torture this woman to death. The mother tried everything, battled through homelessness, cancer and poverty to get her kids. None of it worked because of the corruption of the justice system. STOP. VICTIM BLAMING. the mother is dead. ENOUGH.

      • “So Many Games” you’re a moron & it IS confirmed that Catherine has passed I’ve talked to her lawyer. And they didn’t have an adopted daughter!! So because mom is gone they should stay with a serial abuser? GTFOOH

        • @Janay Whoa it’s in the evidence she provided. Are you just attacking everyone? I am neutral and she says she adopted a daughter in her report. So where will the girls go? To the state? Where? As of now the girls are with the father and so I’d that’s how it will be that’s the remedy and my opinion that he get help and be monitored. I do want to see the other side of evidence. We have snippets here and there which are horrible. But I work in law and I also know that you look at EVERYTHING!

          Janay I typically agree with your statements but you need to chill the eff out. I’m reading the same files you are or wait are you NOT? 🙄

          I’m not going to go back and forth. I said what I said. I believe this is all a game between the two that went overboard and ended in tragedy. Unless there is a confirmation publicly who is it say she is dead?? So great you talked to her lawyer I have not. So I’m allowed to ask questions. I’m allowed to speculate. What will the community in here do for the girls? That’s what I want to know. What are you going to do? As I see it the girls are not in the best hands with the father so then you focus on how to improve that for the sake of the girls. Monitoring, supervision, psych Eval etc.

      • He was never their parent. All he will ever be is a sperm donor. He is a vile human that needs to be ……

      • @tired and whomever else knows this family- I’ll continue to say instead of tearing ppl apart who have a logical opinion on what we can do since the girls are with the father who is abusive what are you all going to do for the girls if mom is gone? Social media exposure helps but not much. What will you do legally? Will you offer to take them? Will you write letters to the judge to request supervision or monitoring for dad? Ones that are saying the dad should die- where’s the fund to take care of those girls who are the true victims and that are still developing into adults. Yes Catherine was abused not arguing that but for now this shit talking ain’t doing nothing on any legal level. That’s the real solution. What are you @tired @ janay gonna do for the girls and the legal system? So yes IM TIRED having to explain some sense

  • I feel that the justice system failed the woman and her children. I pray one day her children will be brave enough to clear their Mom name.

    Praying God protection for her girls.

  • Shame on all the professionals who allowed this to happen. You took three girls away from their loving mom because their dad had the money to lie, steal, cheat and deceive everyone on the stand. Not just that, this man was well known so these professionals took his word and side over the law and what’s right. Disgusting and pitiful.

  • It’s so obvious what’s highlighted here is everything to hate the father of the children. Mean haters. He stayed with the kids when Catherine an abandoned them.

    judge Lubell took the word of Allan’s lawyer who knew what was really happening.

    I don’t need to see yue stupid videos where Catherine tormented him to lose his temper. Plus I bet the deceiver did not tell him she was taping him. That is worse

    • Ponder this…for real? Did you/ do some people read before you/they posted… you know for idiocies?

    • Sorry “Ponder This” hiding behind a fake name. No one wanted to hate Allan he just makes it so easy. He’s an abuser & NO normal person is going to sit by & support it. You’re either a fellow enabler of Allan’s, Allan, or a fellow abuser & no one gives AF about the typical BS abusive stuff spewing out of your mouth.

    • What about him accessing her computer and phone to obtain personal/private information illegally and unethical. She absolutely did not abandon her children–she was asking him to share some responsibility while she was ill for their care. Are you a paid puppet. He is very obviously deranged. Thr truth will come out. I hope he hangs for the pure evil that he is. He has caused irreversible damage to his children.

    • The abuse is definitely worse than any deception. But only time will tell. If the man is a good father, he will enjoy his family his whole life. Who cares that he got cancelled because his kids are more important. But if he isn’t a good parent to those girls, he’ll be cancelled and eventually isolated and never see his daughters once they are adults.

    • It def seemed like he knew she was recording yet he didn’t care.. ‘
      & to speak to the mother of his children that way in front of his children calling her a THING.. is terrible.

    • You’re dumb as fuck. She didn’t abandon them. She was forced to leave. She didn’t have a choice and she tried to keep her kids even if it meant staying in the same house as the man abusing her and her kids. You are acting like you know what you’re talking about while also admitting you haven’t even seen the videos 😂

    • It’s obvious youre a “friend” of Allans. Anyone who supports this evil will have a healthy dose of karma themselves.

    • Nobody who reacts that way to anything needs to be left alone with children. This man is impulsive and dangerous.

    • Wow. You don’t need to see the videos?? She tormented him into losing his temper? Are you serious? Catherine did not abandon those kids. He forced her out. She continued to fight to see them. And was arrested for doing so. And the judge “ took the word of Allen’s lawyer” who knew what was happening?? How about talking to the children. How about considering the fact that two experts were fired for mishandling this case. Experts who were Allen’s cronies. Are you an incel by any chance?

    • Catherine didn’t abandon them. Allan persistently and ruthlessly took court action to separate the children from her.

    • Real men donT screech & tantrum
      & Know instinctively that young children belong w/ the Mother if she’s nurturing & stable..
      He destabilized her & kept her from being around her daughters to nurture Them…
      These corporate agents aka judges.. lol
      90% take bribes & Violate their OATH & our unalienable RighTs
      all w/o Authority
      or Jurisdiction !!!
      EX- parte’ order = Void Ab Initio
      It’s a “belief” system
      & Grand Jury Indictments are coming very soon

    • Ok Peaches 6.2.23 12:59 am Catherine did NOT drive her husband insane. Only a supporter of abuse or Allan’s ilk would say such a thing. Go troll elsewhere. No one is buying your garbage. The amount of support for this woman & her children is staggering its undeniable what Allan Kassenoff is & the failed family court system that enabled that monster.

      • Calm down lady. Let me clarify. Allen allowed himself to go insane. He couldn’t handle the stress of two little girls and a cancer ridden wife, who records his breakdowns.

  • I’ve been thinking about this story and now feel like Catherine’s husband killed her. The Switzerland suicide is a cover up.

    • Are you bipolar Peaches or do we have multiple peaches commenting? At any rate, Allan only killed Catherine as the years of abuse/torment & being helpless to protect herself & children took its toll so, in that regard I’d say Allan happily has blood on his hands. There is no coverup. It has been confirmed by Catherine’s lawyer that these were her final wishes. A decision she did NOT take lightly, but with a sound mind

    • This is a troll. the same commenter is going around denigrating the late catherine and defending allan the abuser. please ignore this troll. they are energy leaches. put your energy pushing this story so the kids arent left with this monster.

  • Ugly inside and out! Shame on all those that failed her and those kiddos. Ladies watch out for this creature he has shown his true colors.

  • Allan obviously suffers from NPD. I’ve lived part of this story. I am a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse. It is insidious. The courts always fail the children in these cases…. happened in mine as well. I hope her daughters are able to get the help they need when they are finally able to escape this monster.

  • Funny how everyone is outraged at this man’s doing what most women divorcees do to their ex-husbands. Men endure these things day in and day out and nobody bats an eye. Not really falling for the sob story.

    • Actually, men get at least partial custody over 80% of the time when they try to get custody. Many fathers don’t try to get custody. Generally, custody is granted to the parent who spends more time parenting the child before the divorce, i.e. who takes them to doctors visits, who shops for them, who deals with school issues, etc. etc.

    • Dude… you’re a piece of shit, go look at the videos of abuse and then come tell me otherwise that you don’t believe this “sob story” you pathetic asshole

    • It is wrong for any late t to do that to the other, period! While I agree that women do this to men more often, it is never appropriate to use the children as tools to seek revenge on the other parent. What this man did was especially evil because his needs were more important more important than those of his kids. His wife’s illness was used to his advantage and he never considered how his children would be affected by the loss of their mother. I sincerely hope that this evil prick gets what he deserves. I believe in karma and he will pay for this sooner or later. His kids will remember this, and I pray that someone looks out for their well being. He will die a lonely miserable man I believe. I also hope that he gets the notoriety he deserves so that anywhere in the world he goes, this story follows him so society can offer the same abhorrent, evil treatment he offered his wife. The stress and sadness she must’ve endured I’m sure affected her and instead of focusing on healing, this made issues worse for her, and it’s highly likely that it made her healing next to impossible and perhaps Worsened her. I will link this story and video to any social media posts and links he may have so that people may see for themselves the monster this poor excuse of a human this piece of shit is. I pray the internet does it’s thing and makes this jerk famous.

      • Amen. God never fails. Im more than sure that he will get such a heavy karma that is worse than the fate he brought on his ex wife. This pos is a cult member and fellow members in the courts helped him. They have sinister motives for those kids. May God protect them and bring swift justice against all involved.

    • is wrong for any parent to do that to the other, period! While I agree that women do this to men more often, it is never appropriate to use the children as tools to seek revenge on the other parent. What this man did was especially evil because his needs were more important than those of his kids. His wife’s illness was used to his advantage and he never considered how his children would be affected by the loss of their mother. I sincerely hope that this evil prick gets what he deserves. I believe in karma and he will pay for this sooner or later. His kids will remember this, and I pray that someone looks out for their well being. He will die a lonely miserable man I believe. I also hope that he gets the notoriety he deserves so that anywhere in the world he goes, this story follows him so society can offer the same abhorrent, evil treatment he offered his wife. The stress and sadness she must’ve endured I’m sure affected her and instead of focusing on healing, this made issues worse for her, and it’s highly likely that it made her healing next to impossible and perhaps Worsened her. I will link this story and video to any social media posts and links he may have so that people may see for themselves the monster this poor excuse of a human this piece of shit is. I pray the internet does it’s thing and makes this jerk famous.

    • You’re failing to bat an eye at the abuse part. There is footage of him screaming at her and the children saying he hates all of them, won’t take them to school while she’s in bed sick. That’s totally different than a normal custody case.

    • This is not about anyone but this woman. As for anyone else, nobody deserves this treatment. Wrong place and time for this ignorant & insensitive remark!

    • Dear Anonymous on June 1, 2023 at 10:58 pm,

      Please fill in the blanks.

      Funny how everyone is outraged at: _____________________________________________.

      This man’s doing: _____________________________________________________________.

      What most women divorcees do to their ex-husbands: ________________________________.

      Men endure these things day in and day out: ________________________________________.

      Nobody bats an eye because: ____________________________________________________.

      Not really falling for this sob story: _________________________________________________.

    • The fact is male abuse victims rarely speak up about it. Therefore the court doesn’t know and so no circus ensues.
      Sob Story? Apparently, and you should thank God, you have never been a victim/survivor of abuse esp spousal abuse. Sob story my ass!

      • “The fact is male abuse victims rarely speak up about it.”

        Often true. Women tend to be more passive aggressive than men. You know when men hate you because they say things like, “I hate you.”

        You don’t always know when a woman hates you. That can be much more difficult to deal with. I once knew a narcissist and before I knew it, the relationship was totally toxic and totally unbearable. It was very strange.

    • Look up divorce rates for terminally ill wives vs terminally ill husbands. Men leave ill wives more often.

    • Actually Alan, I’m surprised you even wanted custody of your children (once you see how much work it is managing them, their schedules, schoolwork house, work, laundry, driving being a single parent is very hot hard job in itself) maybe that’s why you took in a live-in girlfriend maybe she’s caring for the children while you’re out gallivanting on the dating sites again ladies beware there’s a sociopath on the sites – most likely you didn’t give thought to this the bigger picture of what it takes to actually be a parent. All you wanted was to win anything to piss off Kathryn and to keep her girls out of your life. That’s exactly what a narcissist does they want to win at all costs sadly it will take some time but you were going to lose you will lose everything

  • There is information being excluded that doesn’t cover the entire reason why the legal system was so vehemently opposed to the mother being excluded from unsupervised parental visitation. The husband is a verbally abusive sociopath (obviously), but the large variety of judges and council that ruled against Catherine isn’t something you typically see in a case involving someone so well-regarded (she was easily the higher profile and more connected attorney of the two). This is an incredibly complex moral dilemma. To reiterate, the husband is absolutely unfit as a spouse and a parent, but there was still something within those texts and pictures he illegally procured from her that created a catalyst for the legal system to proclaim her unfit as a parent as well.

  • The photo you used was disrespectful to Catherine whether is deceased or alive – unless she were to post that herself. Why would you use a picture of her with that animal??

    • I did not know Catherine irl but when I read this piece, the photo reminded me that abusers develop their toxic behaviors only gradually. They fool people for awhile and who knows, maybe it was really love at the beginning.

      It was not Catherine’s fault that he played a part so well at the beginning and that’s what I see in this picture.

  • I hope those children grow up and distance themselves from Allan. I hope Allan gets what’s coming to him too. Karma is going to get him in the worst way.

  • @ponder this
    You could not have been more obvious if you tried. Why are literally all narcissists like you such monumental morons?

  • She should of left him long ago when the abuse first started. She is also responsible for her kids getting abused. Shexwadnt innocent either. But he is a monster

    • Disgusting to read the comments of blaming her for the abuse, newsflash, abusers ike Alan hide their true colors. The sad thing is, watch my words: now that the mother has passed, he won’t lift a finger to help or support the kids in any emotional way and won’t care about their well being. He used those kids to take revenge on Catherine.

    • Really? Her fault? Have you EVER been in her shoes or a victim of DV yourself? Obviously. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, it is best not to speak at all.

  • This is absolutely disgusting—how horrible she was treated first by Allen then by the courts—I hope your girls know how much you loved them and how hard you fought for them ❤️. Rest easy sweet Mom 💔🙏🏻😓

    • Sweetheart of a man? He looks insane in those videos- videos do not lie. He also put Catherine in the hospital. Get your head checked

  • If I ever run in to that excuse of a man I’m going beat him to within a inch of his life , the evil barsteward.

    • FR commenters don’t condone violence and the new pseudonym in all caps doesn’t fool anyone, Chris.

  • The good news: Garden variety sociopaths such as Allan always turn on the next supply. The live-in girlfriend is in for a treat. Also, what’s on the internet is forever so his children will know the truth despite his machinations.

    Kudos to those spreading his name and these videos. Keep it up.

    This guy is truly weak and will be leveled by karma. It cannot be outrun. Timing is not important and rarely fast enough but this is simply how it works. Has he lost his job yet? Perhaps a few calls to his employer would do that. It’s the least we the public can do. No law firm wants to be associated with this sort of sordid mess.

    He is hideous inside and OUT. His face, a mass of recessive features. Dear god.

    Where is Dexter when we need him

    • “Also, what’s on the internet is forever so his children will know the truth despite his machinations”

      Yes, what kind “last wish” of a so-called protective mother. She is horrible for laying all that guilt on her children. “ daddy wouldn’t let me see you, so I am committing suicide.” How are those kids not going to blame themselves? Sorry, but she seems evil.

      • Yeah, the kids having their personal records put out there for all to see/download/spread bugs me about it. Irrespective of who, of the parents, is more blameworthy/innocent, the kids are going to need a LOT of help to deal with the aftermath of this…… As much as I view the father as an asshole, I can’t condone the mother for doing that to the girls.

  • I just watched the recorded videos of Alan abusing his wife, a dying woman and his own children. I wouldn’t have believed he was some high end lawyer. He’s trashy and disgusting. No wonder Catherine couldn’t fight anymore. Allan has the legal connections.
    I learned the hard way how important those legal connections are. A judge took my kids from me for 3 years. I had her fined and removed from my case which created confusion amongst other judges who said they had no idea why or how my ex had full custody. Nobody knew. There was no rhyme or reason. I was also abused through our court with restraining orders for some made up reason. I lost my house, car and several jobs having to live in a courtroom. That was in 1995 and our girls are mothers themselves. I get along with my ex but this story really hit home for me because I get it. I lived this same story. Stories like this are what made me leave a good job in family law. I now work with parolees, who are more accountable than a scorned ex.
    My gosh, What will happen to the children with this monster as their caretaker?

  • I hope that all of the people who were complicit in this tragedy get the karma they deserve!! He should NEVER be allowed around ANY children!! Especially his own!! He’s no better than a spoiled, manipulative, child himself!! I hate that there are people like him in this world!!

  • May she rest in peace and her babies get justice and be taken away from him. Sick mother fucker.

    • Fabulous idea. Simply send the bar association (in state he practices in) links to his abusive tirades and link to his poor wife’s facebook page so they can see it all. I am sure this would do the trick.

  • What’s missing here is that Catherine was recording Allan. That’s pretty mean. In his own home. She drove him to desperation and never shut off the camera. That poor man. Now you all are going to hunt him like a wild animal. When is he ever going to be free from the abuse?

    • Recording him is mean vs him screaming, threatening, slamming things, verbally abusing around CHILDREN? Sounds like you grossly misunderstand what abuse is. God help any person manipulated into being with you 🚩

    • If she didn’t record they would be no proof of his abuse. “Poor man”?! He was clearly abusing her. He could have recorded as well he was a shitty human and so are you for defending someone like this or even trying to play devils advocate.

    • She recorded him because he was yelling at her for nothing. To take the kids to school while she was RECOVERING FROM CANCER SURGERY. He spent MILLIONS to separate her from the kids, only because he hated her. His hatred for her, for nothing, caused him to act out. If he was that unstable he should have left then, not cause her to seek out assisted suicide.

    • I bet 1.000.000 Dollars that those kids will either end up dead by suicide or dead by their father. Because the mother is gone and the truth will shine. And when that happens I hope that you will come here again and see this comment and think how stupid you are and by taking his side you are an abuser too! I know how abuse is and it doesn’t give you a green card to call the other person names.

    • You clearly haven’t seen the video of his abuse towards her and the children. She recorded him as proof that he is abusive and crazy. You know what I would do if I had a camera in my face? I would stop behaving a certain way cuz I can control myself. Clearly HE can’t, he had a phone on him and STILL chose to act like a madman. Why does there always have to be one of you who defends abusive asshats? The woman has passed away, like have some damn respect.

    • Obviously she needed to record him, he just lied for 3 to 4 years and had her punished for nothing. He is an abusive POC and deserves nothing and I hope now his reputation gets destroyed and looses everything just like what he did to Catherine. At least now she can rest in peace. I

    • Not mean at all the man abused his wife and children he is a narsasistic individual who deserves to be punished for all he has put her through and her children he deserves to lose his children she deserves justice and her kids deserve to be happy and free from this man child . He deserves to never be free and I hope he ends up a sad lonely old man with no-one around him for support or comfort let’s hope any of you family don’t get a terminal illness and then become abused a victimised daily your comment is a disgrace

    • What a gross thing to say. Yes, he was recorded…he was recorded SCREAMING at his children, calling them spoiled, refusing to take them to school while Catherine was days post cancer surgery, saying he didn’t care about his children, telling his children to “shut up.” If he was so concerned with being recorded, if he was a “poor man” why would he act so brazenly KNOWING he was being documented?? KNOWING it could be used against him in court he STILL abused his family. That’s what victims have to do to be BELIEVED. if she didn’t have video proof, you’d be asking for it and calling her a liar. But she does have it, so now she’s an abuser for recording his abuse? Make it make sense. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Are you okay? Her recording his abuse as proof to a clearly biased justice system is “mean.” You’re either his girlfriend or Allan himself leaving these comments. May he rot in hell for what he’s done to us his family. And you right along with him, for your blatant ignorance and downright stupidity. Rot in pieces to you both. JUSTICE FOR CATHERINE

    • Allan stop trying to make yourself the victim. The recording was proof of what you already were doing not the cause. Stop lying anonymously.

    • Are you thick????? There are various recordings (likely for her protection or proof of the abusive since no one believes women, clearly, per your comment) that show is can audibly hear him verbally abusing her and her children while she is being rational.

      • Frustrated, overwhelmed, a victim of circumstances or cruel on purpose for on reason? says:

        Short videos of small segments of deeply complicated lives tell us nothing about causes of conflict in young families. Why was the husband so upset? Had the “family court” divorce proceedings started at the time of that recording? The husband was yelling and abusive. The wife was ill and the victim of his abusive words. The children shouldn’t have witnessed that. Were they spoiled? It looked like chaos in a beautiful home, with healthy activities except for the conflict. The conflict was the problem. Whatever caused the conflict isn’t up for speculation here. No one knows except for the wife and the husband and now the wife is gone. The mother of those children is gone, too.

        What caused the father to be so angry and frustrated that he yelled and said those abusive words? Were the children spoiled? His yelling upset them. Did he want to act that way? Hurt people hurt people. Was he hurt in some way? I’m not making excuses for his behavior. Testosterone would, though. So would an underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex. Some of the most helpful discussions are about causes, not symptoms.

        Why did the husband say several times he “hates” the wife? Is it something she did? Something she said? The way she acted? Was she passive aggressive? Was she not a faithful companion? Was she upset about the “open marriage”? Did the “open marriage” make her feel rejected? Did she compensate for that rejection by making him feel small? Did she instigate conflict and then record him? Did something trigger his hate or was his hate simply spontaneous combustion?

        Someone wrote somewhere: the wife was the more successful than he was. That kind of thing bothers some men. In the videos recorded, she was able to remain calm. He was not. Did he feel emasculated in that dynamic? Did he experience tragedy as a child or at some point since then? Was he upset about the economy or worried about his future in some way?

        He works in the court system. Did he see corruption there and feel helpless to change it or is he part of it? What role did religion play in their lives? None of that is any of our business.

        This is our business: What role did the for-profit, purposely adversarial New York “family courts” play in sparking that fire or in the stoking of those flames? How many millions had been taken from that family by then? How much harm did the ineffective healthcare system do to that family by that point in time?

        Did the “family court” system prompt the husband to “Scr*w the B*tch” and burn his house down?

        If “family court” evaluators were involved in the case at that point in time, why weren’t they held responsible for solving all of those problems that are none of our business. That’s what we pay taxes for, right? Good family courts and health care with competent experts in every field. Experts earning millions in family courts and healthcare shouldn’t destroy families.

        Before modern-day business and bureaucracies, families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and religious communities used to help. How do so many tragedies happen now in such a progressive world?

        • Reasonable questions. Not justifying the toxicity in the parents relationship but there’s gotta be more to this hell of a Union. Poor girls. I’m more mad that children were exposed and brought into this horrible Union.

          • No one said they weren’t meant to be on this earth. Those girls don’t deserve this BS of a life from their father or the mother that chose to stay and keep recording. From what I just saw they were both trying to record and get shit on the other, when is enough enough? . I get the abuse is horrible but when do you just say STOP and leave? It sounds like a miserable situation. If she had $$ why not start securing other means and get the hell outta there. You have the proof by recording. Take it to court. Fight that way. Why did he file before she did?!? I hate it for her and understand she was horrifically abused and mistreated but you have the knowledge as a prosecutor of the law. Why not protect you and your children?!? She wasn’t poor?

    • Are you kidding me!! She recorded him to show exactly what he was doing! At no point should you ever tell your spouse “you hate them”, at no point should tou mistreat your spouse while having cancer, and those videos were TWO DAYS after she had surgery for breast cancer! She then was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he continued to mistreat her and not help with those kids! He is a terrible human being! He is free now, he was her cancer! She is free from him and every single thing he did to her! Stop acting as if he is the victim, he may have been a victim at one point in his life considering how childish and manless he is! Stop blaming the woman, and she brought his kids into this world, and that man should not have those kids, he even said he hated them in those videos, so explain to me exactly why he is the victim!

    • I hope this is really bad sarcasm otherwise you might need a psych eval for being delusional

    • you’re joking right? he abused her mentally and physically and you’re saying he is the victim? he abused the court system and yet he is the victim? he ruined her life and yet HE IS THE VICTIM?!?! open your eyes. my god.

    • My wife spoke with her a few times over the last few years. They had been friends in high school. I asked my wife about it, since it struck me as odd, too. My wife explained that she started doing that after the physical assault (which, my wife assures me, was, in fact, document) that led to the initial complaint being filed against him. Hearsay? Yes. Am I inclined to believe it in view of his out-of-control reaction to her in the videos? Yes.

    • She recorded him for proof that he was verbally abusing her and her children. If you watch the videos it’s plain as day that he is not a victim in this. Do not defend that vile man. He’s a monster.

    • Are you kidding me? I would record my significant other too if I needed proof of abuse, especially if I knew I was going to die and my kids weren’t going to have a chance if left in his ward. It’s so easy for people like you to judge her when you are privileged enough to not experience this situation. The only person who “hunted” others like a wild animal was her controlling, mentally unstable and abusive ex-husband and if you truly can not hear the fear in her voice in addition to THEIR DAUGHTERS voices, my god you are in serious need of help. Just like that so called “man”.

    • Please do yourself the favor and go to hell. He is the abuser and he deserves whatever comes his way, which I hope, will be a first class ticket to hell.

    • You’re defending him? You’re a sick individual to defend a man who mistreated his DYING wife and also his own DAUGHTERS! Who spends almost $4million trying to destroy the mother of his children. Yeah he could have been going through distress but why not go and get therapy and split custody of the kids. I’m sure he would have saved money. Instead he was vindictive and manipulative and used his connections as an attorney to bribe lawyers, counselors, judges etc. I hope he never finds peace. He doesn’t deserve it. He fucked up his own daughters mentally because of his ego. You’re probably an abusive fuck too.

    • So you think he’s a victim, after assaulting her, secretly syncing all of her texts to his own devices? While she went through multiple bouts of cancer? Get real. You sound sexist as fuck. I’d record that psycho too – there was no way she could feel safe in her home either.

    • Are you kidding me?!?! She recording him called her and the children names and repeatedly hollering how much he hates her!! I’M FRONT OF THE CHILDREN!! I hope someone DOES treat him like he treated her!!

    • She was recording him, which is how the public knows that he has a horrible temper and was emotionally abusing his wife and daughters. Maybe he’s angry that she definitively proved him to be an unstable manchild and an unfit father. There is no arguing about the completely inappropriate way he behaved in those video clips. No matter the provocation, that behavior is NEVER appropriate in front of your children.

    • Yes, how terrible to document his actual behavior and abuse in a way that can’t be manipulated through his legal maneuvers. Are you kidding me? This is either Allan himself commenting, or some minion of his, because literally NO ONE else could possibly read the above and watch his behavior in the videos and think, gosh, that’s awfully unfair to Allen, showing him for what he is.

      He is a monster, full stop. I can only take heart in the hope that one day the children will find all of this documentation of the truth, and what he put their mother through, and how hard she fought for them.

    • Wow, you haven’t bothered to see any of the videos. Did you see the video of him calling his 6 year old daughter a little spoiled bitch. Because that’s Father of the year for you. Psychological abuse can be just as detrimental as physical abuse and when you have 1 person putting the children between an argument like he did in multiple videos, that’s abuse. Why do you think that the oldest daughter kept running away even though she had not contact with her mother? Do you think children run away from a happy and healthy family after 2 years of no contact? No, unfortunately now it’s the oldest daughter taking all of the abuse.

    • Did you just say drove him to desperation? The dude is abusive! He could’ve just left her. He ABUSED HER. He needed to take that trip to Switzerland not her. You do too for your disgusting comment defending an abuser. No wonder women are forced to remain silent about their abuse. People like you.

    • HA! “Poor man”
      He is a pathetic excuse of a man. She recorded him to show the world his abuse. He deserves all the hell he gets for being of POS.

    • This is her proof that shit scum was a piece of shit!!!! The hell he put her and those kids through and yet the system still failed her and them! That mfer is evil and karma will prevail!

    • Nice try. He is, by far the embodiment of a narcissistic abuser. What he deserves is to be stripped of his entitlement. I bet his mother would be disgusted if she saw what the world sees now. I cannot believe it took so long, but the world sees Allan as a coward, a manipulator, and his children deserve a father who the exact opposite of who he is.

    • Nope recording someone behaving violent and unstable isn’t abuse it’s protecting yourself. He was free to walk away at any moment and is not a victim.

    • She was recording his abuse. He was the abuser, stop making up lies. How can anyone in their right mind defend the abuser? You are a very sick individual

    • Her home. Her family. So you think it was wrong of her to record the abuse she and the kids faced from this disgusting man? You’re a new level of low.

    • You can’t be serious. She’s trying to document the abuse she’s suffering and that her children are witnessing and you’re blaming her for that! He’s an abusive piece of crap who can clearly manipulate the court system and these videos are the only proof. What on earth is wrong with you? Allan, is that you?

    • Oh, boohoo. Poor abusive husband caught on camera. Fuck him and you too. I wouldn’t be surprised if you WERE Allen. Seems like the type that would make this lame attempt to keep the focus off him being a raging piece of shit. 😂🖕

    • You are beyond delusional if you think this man is the victim. We have all seen how he treats not only Catherine, but his children. He is a vile human being & I hope he rots in hell.

    • You’ve lost your goddamn mind. I bet you control and manipulate your loved ones with insulting outbursts.

      I’m a pacifists, but this guy needs to be subdued with physical violence followed by mental torture.

    • Wow, you’re absolutely a monster, nuts. People record abuse for evidence to present to the courts, you absolute moron.

    • Ponder this… you should be “hunted” along with this piece of garbage. You are a disgrace and defend this piece of shit. It’s so disgusting and disturbing this happened and scum like you defend it when he was clearly the abuser. I hope he rots in prison then hell.

    • Awwww was the poor narcissist filmed being an abuser? He should be hunted like the animal he is. Hope he and you love a miserable life.

    • Haha you’re joking right? This guys a fucking monster. His kids will grow up to hate him and rightfully so, I’m sure he could care less. He’s a heartless waste of skin

    • everyone is human of course. and the video clearly shows a man in crisis. but he is the adult he should have walk away. his wife was really sick and had to be both a parent and cancer patient. he had to be a parent and responsible. he was part of the fire with the option to walk away. the pain he caused doesn’t justify his action. nor do here. only he was able to relieve or remove him and the others from the situation we only see a glimpse and if someone tells you straight up he never loved you while your dying. why was he still there then. clearly he was motivated by the in his mind dishonest treatment of him or social status.

    • Are you crazy! She commited suicide because of this weak incel male. She was a terminally ill cancer patient and he acted like a man child.

    • “That’s pretty mean :(“ stfu he deserves everything coming to him and more. Hope he rots in hell

    • So she recorded him, he knew it, and he still acted like that with the camera on. Verbally abusing both his wife and his children. Imagine how he was when the camera was off. Poor man indeed, anyone who is incapable of controlling their emotions around their children is deserving of pity.

    • Seriously? Did you really just write, “That’s pretty mean”…. LOL. LOL LOL. What you are clearly missing is how obviously abusive, cruel, and vengeful he was. Moreover, was she invisible when she was recording him in the home they shared and she paid for as well? He clearly saw her recording her and could care less. Why would he care? In fact, he screamed repeatedly while clearly being recorded, how he HATED her, and even referred to her as “THAT THING,” Absolutely despicable. Nonetheless, he did and said whatever he wanted and always won – thanks to the judge who clearly violated conflict of issues regs, to the bias, corrupt and money hungry therapists, attorneys, etc. Also, what should not be ignored is how Allan spent millions of dollars fighting for custody of his daughters – who he repeatedly screamed at, called spoiled, refused to drive to school or activities, and frankly, terrorized.
      When is he ever going to be free from the “abuse” you ask…. ? If I had my way, NEVER would be too soon. And please, your reference to Allan as “that poor man,” made me vomit in my mouth.

    • “That Poor Man” are you serious? The video does not lie, he is the worst kind of sewer rat and in the end he will get his! It was more then obvious he was the abuser and unfortunatly Catherine was to ill to give it her all! Shame on you for sticking up for that scum bag.

    • You record abusers especially if they practice power over you. She should of put a ring camera or something up while they lived together. And im sorry but she played this super fair too far. If i knew i had to die in a situation like this id of looked up the weird people involved in this case on something like fastpeoplesearch and taken them out with me judge included. The courts are too corrupt for the levels of immunity that they have. At a point it gets real and you handle it in a real life way instead of like a court room chess game.

    • The man pushed his wife to suicide manipulated the law and is tormenting his 3 children yet you feel bad for him

    • Ahh poor Allan. Boo hoo.
      You got what you wanted.
      I don’t believe in he’ll, but I still hope you burn.

    • You’re out of your mind. Being recorded doesn’t transform you into an abusive partner. He was abusive and then recorded. Get your head out of the sand.

    • So by your logic, if you were being a abused and recording someone abusing you, the abuser gets sympathy? And you’d be in the wrong? This tone deaf response means you are Allan or an incl.

    • Shouldn’t ever be.. always a victim mentality… he WAS dragging his kids into it and telling their mother he hated her in front of them. Not to mention low rating them..

    • Be so serious with yourself right now. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she started recording him because stuff like that had BEEN happening and no one believed her? he is not a “poor man” he is a man that abuses woman and children to have power over people. He deserves every bad thing coming to him and more. Honestly so do you considering what you just said.

      • Imagine how he would have acted if he didn’t know it was being recorded. He showed his true colors. I would be surprised if still had a job, morality clause and he hacked illegally into her phone and computer and used parts of her emails and texts in court documents. It’s illegal what he did. Westchester County Court needs to be revamped. People have been in position of power to long and this is what happened. In addition. Sounds like they were all swayed by friendships and $. Even when some people were removed for misconduct, more friends were brought in to further annilate this women and who suffers. The children.

    • Counterpoint: go fuck yourself, you fucking loser. I hope somebody treats you the way he treated her.

    • Allen ? That you ? What he did to her – he’s a disgusting human being. A diabolical disgusting human

    • You sound like a horrible person, even Allan himself. There is no DECENT person that would ever think this. Seek therapy. Shame on you.

    • There nothing missing here. We’ve seen the videos. He’s a a small, unattractive, narcissistic man that is abusive and will get what’s coming. As I’m sure you too will by siding with this criminal.

    • You know what was really mean? The things he said to Catherine and his daughters. It wasn’t just mean, but abusive. Did you even watch the videos? He deserves what is coming to him. His behavior towards Catherine and his daughters was disgusting.

    • So what? The vile abuse he spewed forth is not warranted for being filmed. He was being filmed because he was abusive. And all the court people made it worse.

    • Ponder this: it should have been her home too, a place of peace and it clearly wasn’t. Recorded or not HE berated HER and a grown ass man who behaves like a wild animal deserves to be hunted like one.

    • there was no expectation of privacy – he is a failure as a husband, father and human being. may he get what he deserves

    • I know you’re joking. She was allowed to record in her home especially for her safety. You must abuse people to think like that.

    • He should be hunted like an animal for the way he treated her and their kids. They deserved better than him and for you to sit here defending an absolute monster like he was the injured party says everything we need to know about you.

    • Allen is an abuser, Catherine didn’t drive him anywhere. Please stop defending abusers. He is a grown man not a child or a victim. What he did to Catherine and his family is disgusting. Moreover they are the acts of a textbook narcissist. He would rather torture Catherine and his children for revenge, than be a father. There is a special place in Hell for men like him.

    • Get out of here with that shit. We know it’s someone connected to Allan behind the Ponder This profile.

    • Shut up, Allan. You look like a jerk and are a proven abuser. Disgusting to use the litigation system to ruin someone, much less the mother who you abused. You’re not fooling anyone.

    • I think you have a perfectly good point. He is a wild animal. Reactionary abuse twords someone who is calling you names, attacking your children, belittling you while you’re literally dying, in bed and trying to preserve some ounce of dignity to survive the moment, much less the day , makes it seem like she was on the hunt. She was. The hunt for PEACE. SHE REACTED TO HIS ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR. Consequently preventing her ability to overcome the cancer that eventually overtook her body. He was the worst evil that could have happened to her. Worse than the cancer. That at least gave her the opportunity to leave. He was never going to do that. He would have harassed, abused, trashed and treated her less than human for the rest of his life. He doesn’t deserve his children. Or compassion. He doesn’t deserve air.

    • her recording was ‘pretty mean?’ YOU UTTER NONCE. Stop simping for this sociopath. Perhaps you are one of his (unpaid help) flying monkeys. How very. Imagine what he was saying and doing when he WASN’T being recorded. If someone does hunt him it would be an absolute GAS! YES. A LAUGH RIOT!

    • Are you seriously defending this piece of shit MONSTER?? She and her girls were being abused! She needed proof and she got it! You must be just like him to defend his actions!

    • She also laid a massive guilt trip on her poor children in her goodbye letter. So much for being a protective mom.

  • I saw on a tic toc where she recorded him as he verbally abused her and yelled how much he hated her.He acted quite unstable with her and the girls. Apparantly he had a lot of connections to get through with his plot of taking the children away from Catherine.

  • Abusers always have that same, smug smile. Disgusting.

    Rest in peace, Catherine. You have an army of moms ready to share your story and welcome your daughters into our community. We are rising up and changing the system so that all of our daughters will be believed and protected if they ever find themselves in an abusive relationship. We will tell your story.

  • The ultimate victims here are those 3 girls. How disgusting that nobody in the entire court system protected them from being a pawn in their fathers sick, twisted games. They didn’t get to say goodbye to their loving mother & were put through living hell long before she lost her battle to cancer. I can’t see how justice will ever be served knowing the trauma these girls will carry with them for the rest of their lives. But we supposedly live in a civilized society right?

  • I seriously freaking hope his employer, family, friends, dcf, and anyone else sees those videos and either drops him like a hot potato or takes the kids for child abuse. Kids are not pawns for you to use in a divorce. Especially when your on video saying how you hate her & she’s lazy

  • How sick and twisted the system is. Money and power rein over justice every time. Same type of thing happened to Betty Brodrick and she was forced to remove her abusive ex husband and his new young wife from this earth. Now she sits in jail and this poor woman is dead. Awful.

  • I truly hope Allan, Carol Most, Marc Abrams, Lewis Lubell, and Kathleen McKay feel sick with guilt. Catherine’s death and heartbreak is on their hands and directly caused by them. I hope her daughters can get help from someone since system has failed them.

    • These sick fucks are all narcissists/ psychopaths to do this to children. Unfortunately narcissists/ psychopaths don’t feel guilt or remorse, it’s part of the disorder.

    • They don’t care, they’ve done this to countless families, there terrorizing tactics to strip all contact with child from a parent is what they are paid top dollar to do, this industry of lawyers, experts, evaluators, children’s lawyers, psychologist in family courts need to be abolished, its just paid for lies, junk science.

  • The file Groothius.pdf, in the folder Allan’s attempts to arrest me in the DropBox materials, is ostensibly a copy of an email where he reached out to an attorney at another firm in an effort to interfere with her efforts to hire a different attorney at that firm. I’ve GOT to think that that merits a disciplinary action by the NY Bar.

  • Just absolutely horrible. Seen the videos of him, he needs a good ole fashioned beating. Absolutely sick man! I hope when your daughters can get away from you they do, and live a happy, healthy life their mom wanted for them and you have a special place in hell with infinity of torture. Sick individual.

  • ... brilliant woman and wonderful mother who fought like a lioness for her children ... says:

    Office of Governor of New York
    Special Counsel for Ethics, Risk & Compliance – Energy & Finance Sub-Cabinet
    Office of Governor of New York
    Mar 2015 – Feb 20227 years
    Greater New York City Area
    Boehringer Ingelheim
    Executive Director & Executive Counsel – Head of U.S. Litigation and Government Investigations
    Boehringer Ingelheim
    Nov 2012 – Sep 20141 year 11 months
    Ridgefield, CT
    ISP/GAF Materials Corporation
    Chief Litigation Counsel
    ISP/GAF Materials Corporation
    Aug 2009 – Nov 20123 years 4 months
    Wayne NJ
    Director of Compliance and Litigation
    Oct 2008 – Jun 2009 9 months
    New York, NY
    Citi Graphic
    Senior Counsel
    Jul 2006 – Sep 20082 years 3 months
    New York, NY
    Kaye Scholer LLP
    Kaye Scholer LLP
    2005 – 20061 year
    United Nations
    Deputy Counsel
    United Nations
    Jan 2005 – Jun 20056 months
    New York, NY
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Assistant U.S. Attorney
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    Jul 2000 – Jan 20054 years 7 months
    Brooklyn, NY
    New York University School of Law
    New York University School of Law
    1992 – 1995
    Activities and Societies: Moot Court Board, Competitions
    Dartmouth College
    Dartmouth College 1986 – 1990

    • There was another lawsuit where Allan’s GF’s sister Suri & husband Steve (fraud Orthodox Jews…shameful) built a house then decided they didn’t want to pay for it so they sued the builder… they lost. Took a financial & emotional toll on the builder & his family. But do these unethical cons care? FIRM NO!

      Steve went to jail I believe for the link article in the other comment.

      I heard Stevie Boy is suing the county! I say me where he resides & I don’t know why. I guess suing people is one way they try to make money & a way to feel powerful in a pathetic way.

      • Thank you, Frank Report for shedding a light on allan. He’s a disgusting abuser! RIP Catherine!

      • Steven Fisher Suri’s husband is suing The Town Of Clarkstown Rockland, NY. Catherine was going to get more information but I guess got busy or forgot. I tried to find out about the case but no luck. This is what this family does – professional con artists

        • Yes all a bunch of abusive cons. Suri attacked Catherine on Catherine’s FB page! Sickening

      • Your comment about their religion “fraud Orthodox Jews” says a lot. This is supposed to be safe place where people comment about a tragedy, not spread antisemitism.

        • That is definitely not antisemitism, but good try on the straw man argument. If anything, real Orthodox Jews should be ashamed of this man, and call him out for his inexcusable behavior.

        • Excuse me “Proud Jew”. I am Jewish & did NOT make an antisemitic comment. I find it offensive that those cons made people believe they were orthodox when nothing could be further from the truth! It is a fact they are not practicing Orthodox. Until you have all the facts please keep your comments to yourself. Thanks!

  • Allan had to protect himself. It was her or him. Divorce is no different than any other kind of war.

    What should he had done? He did intelligence surveillance with texts and emails. US does it to Russia and vice versa.

    We do what we have to do.

    • 1st of all its *have* done. Not had. 2nd only a deranged individual would say what you’re saying & view divorce as war. TF is wrong with you? Wait… don’t answer. It’s obvious.

      Abuser Alan did “intelligence”? Really?? No! The abuser broke into Catherine’s phone & you know it.

      Spying like Russia? You come across deranged & like a right wing nut. Is this Allan? 🤔

    • OMG you must be kidding me…. You are as disgusting as Allan. “Intelligence surveillance?” What a joke. How about violating attorney-client privilege – which lawyer Allan clearly knew about. This case is sickening, heart wrenching, and frankly, unbelievable.

    • Go fuck your self and look at the evidence Catherine posted. He was protecting himself from jack shit, he made her life hell and on top of that she had cancer.

    • GTFOH with that bs. He’s traumatized his kids. Eventually, they’ll see their father for the monster he is.

    • Your comment is ridiculous. He was an abuser to his wife and will also abuse the children. If he wasn’t such an awful man, why does his daughter keep trying to run away? Idiot.

    • Maybe get more info before making him out to be a good guy. He verbally and physically abused his wife and children, with video evidence on tik tok. That poor mom took her own life because she was terminally ill and had her whole life ripped away from her.

    • You’re comparing an abuser to world governments, and funnily enough, world governments pick and choose what they want you to see, just like Allen did to gain court approval. He also threw a shit ton of money at them and they were bought out by him. And that’s also interesting because that’s what the government does, to hide you idiots from their true motivations. He abused his poor cancer ridden ex wife to the point she sought out assisted suicide. He already had everything, but he needed to drive her to death to be satisfied. This man deserves every ounce of worldly suffering that’s coming to him.

    • He could have….oh I don’t know…not abused his family? That’s one pretty obvious option. What a stupid, uneducated thing to say. Do your research into this man and his character, watch the videos of him screaming at his own kids and telling them to shut up and that he doesn’t care about them, and let me know if you think he deserved to be the sole caretaker of anyone, let alone 3 small children.

    • So you’re defending Allen for hacking into her email and intercepting emails between her and her attorney (which is illegal), then putting the children in between the 2 of them during arguments. Not to mention the video of him calling his 6 year old daughter at the time “a little spoiled bitch”, because that’s father of the year award for you. Absolutely not, there is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Because between all of the videos and everything else, he is the guilty parent abuser.

    • Yeah, pick the side of the guy who was abusing a woman dying of cancer. Proud of yourself you soulless cunt?

  • “ No overnights, no taking my children to school, no bathing them, no hosting sleepovers or birthday parties, no getting to know their friends, no vacations, no living with them. The courts have thoroughly excised me from their lives…”

    This is pure pain. Try to imagine this happening to you. To have all you’ve loved ripped from your life- and no contact at all.

    These are draconian actions fueled by money. Catherine was tortured and her girls continue to be tortured. There is no Justice.

    It’s a silent epidemic only a rare few dare to report- the retaliation for exposing these crimes is severe.

    Catherine was brilliant, loving and compassionate mom and friend.

    Thank you FP for being brave enough to publish the horrors of family court- where three children have been traumatized because of Carol Most and a psycho with money.

    No claims of instability before the family court scam by pedo Richard Gardner.

    • Frank Report’s Investigative Journalism is second to none. In a time when legacy medias singular goal to to provide comfort to the powerful and attack the weak, Frank Report is exposing the powerful who rape, abuse, and commit other horrible felonies. Frank Report provides a voice to the voiceless: in this case children whom are being trafficked to abusers by the court system. Family Court judges are some of the worst offenders of human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

  • Do any of you actual do your research or do you just believe every word that someone posts on Facebook? Do you think it’s normal for a child to find out that their mother is ending her life from a Facebook post? Catherine cared to say her “goodbye” to Facebook but not to her own children that she claims to love so much yet CHOSE not to see them on Mother’s Day. At the end of the day the kids are the priority and none of these comments or baseless arguments and accusations are conducive to a productive conversation or have any ability to help them. Maybe think before comparing a man you don’t even know to Satan or Jack the Ripper. Pretending to be a “social justice warrior”, as most of you are doing in this comment section, actually hurts the children and just boosts your own egos.

    • Shut your anonymous bitchmade asss all the up! This woman laid out clear evidence of that terrible fucking abusers actions & the assistance of the courts because he had monies & flying monkeys to maintain his power & coercive control! She clearly was NOT allowed to speak to nor see her children to say goodbye, you fucking coward! Be fucking grateful this isn’t your fucking life you fuck!!

      • Coward? Is Catherine a coward for killing herself? Isn’t she the coward for not fighting to the finish?

        • You really are Batty, Batty Masterson. Allan Kassenoff is as big of a pathetic coward as they come.

          How dare you call this loving brilliant mother a coward or question her motives. She did fight to the finish, asshole. She wouldn’t be dead if Allan was a normal functioning human/father. Catherine would have lived her remaining days surrounded by HER 3 loving daughters, but Allan was NEVER going to let that happen.

          Only a pathetic excuse for a human would dare call a woman tormented & tortured by a psychopath & court system against her who fought fucking cancer TWICE then due to the severe trauma & heartbreak caused by known abuser Allan Kassenoff developed cancer for a 3rd time that was terminal.

          Go take your vile behavior elsewhere. Allan will never be viewed as a hero. He will always be seen for the trashy coward he is.

          • Absolutely 100% agree with you! You can always tell when one of allens “friends” come to the comments section trying to defend him. But how can he defend calling a 6 year old “a spoiled little bitch” in his own words. This whole thing is horrible and I hope one day that all this will come back to bite him on the ass. Because at this point he deserves all that negative karma that he inflicted on to her.

    • you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about , you have the nerve to get on here and disrespect and discredit her, when she literally provides proof and people you can contact if you have any questions . YOU are a piece of shit and god is watching you .

    • I happen to know them both. I met Catherine in 2008 in our oncologists office while we were both undergoing treatment for cancer. We became quite close. I saw first hand the abuse (and cheating) Allan inflicted on her. You literally have no idea how she privately revealed her intentions to her children. Likely not on FB…

      • I want to urge caution to those talking about … the live in girlfriend. She doesn’t know any better yet. In a few years, his spite will turn her way and she will understand that all of this is real.

      • This is horrible I do ask the question why did she stay and why did he stay? If you are trying to protect the children. This was no house or environment stable enough. I read the medical reports in her files. It’s heartbreaking but why wasn’t the parents or mom or dad trying to remove themselves? If you document abuse than surely you are aware that you should file for divorce and protect the girls right? The outcome of this is so heartbreaking but the two were both lawyers who knew options etc to get out of it. I see the kids being used as pawns to hurt the other one. If Catherine knew he was acting and saying those things and treating the kids why didn’t she leave? I have so many questions. When I was in abusive relationship that was emotional and physical a light bulb went off the first several times my baby was snatched from arms and taken. I went to court and started that process to protect my kids not live like in that environment. Was this all financial and status that kept them from splitting up? Like I said it’s tragic but where’s the confirmation she is really dead? The manifesto made me cry but like I said I have so many questions that are unanswered.

    • This is a false narrative. This was likely written by Allan or Gus! Gus and Allan prevented mother’s day and other holiday visits for Catherine to see her kids.

    • Catherine’s Facebook goodbye is so twisted. I don’t care how much she hates her ex husband or she got cancer for the 3rd time. Announcing a public suicide and blaming it on the fact she misses the kids is so selfish and totally inconsiderate.

      • Your gross screen name Tits & Wigs LLC is all that needs to be said to you. You & Allan are selfish & literally aren’t worth a proper response. 🖕🏿

      • you are not a serious person. GTFOH with this trash take. how can you look at yourself in the mirror?

      • “I don’t care how much she hates her ex husband or she got cancer for the 3rd time,” You could’ve stopped right there and saved your energy. Tells me everything I need to know about you, and all the empathy you DON’T reserve for others. Piss off.

      • omg – she had terminal cancer you r-tard. you do know what terminal means, or are you a vacuous twit

    • Seems like you have an agenda. I don’t think it’s baseless. The videos alone shows me what kind of monster he is.

      • The videos sure do tell a story of an unhinged, narcissistic abuser who clearly hates those children. Imagine what an Allan Kassenoff does when he’s not being recorded. Yikes! Allan Kassenoff is a child abuser & hopefully those children will be removed from that monster.

      • 10000000 percent Annoymous is either Dad or the GF, who is wearing mom’s clothes before she has been buried.
        Class Acts

        • If I’m dating some guy and he offers me his ex’s clothing. I’m breaking up with him immediately, taking the clothes and giving them back to the woman they belong to.

          Says a lot about Allan’s character & treatment of women that he would not only keep Catherine’s property, but he has the balls to give the to the side chick? 😂😂 #loser

          Allan is so cheap & doesn’t respect the creature he’s dating enough to buy her new clothes. The fact that … doesn’t have standards to expect new clothes & was willing to accept & wear used clothes that were used is simply pathetic.

          • Anyone who knows … knows that she would NEVER wear anyone else’s clothing. Please provide proof before making accusations and calling someone “shitty”

    • Anonymous at 9:29 PM May 31…. PLEASE go fuck the fuck off. Do not dare to attack this hero & loving mother. This POS big-shot in his own narcissistic mind drove this woman to this point & enlisted the family court system to help him do his dirty work.

      There were NO orders allowing contact on Mothers Day & if there were they were kept from Catherine or forged after the fact. Allison tried to stay in touch as much as she could without incurring the wrath of Satan, as you properly call him. Allison & her mother may very well have had a private conversation to say goodbye.

      No one is “”pretending” to be social justice warriors”. We are in fact exactly that. We are advocates, media, fellow protective parents, lawyers, and outraged concerned citizens.

      The ONLY thing hurting these children is ALLAN KASSENOFF & the court goons. AND swamp creatures who enable Allan such as yourself.

      The countless videos of Allan’s uncontrolled, pathological, narcissistic, abusive behavior towards children he should have never been allowed to help create & clearly doesn’t love or want is the real problem here. Search Allan’s name on FB or YouTube….it’s ALL there. 🎥👺

      • Actually you don’t even read her posts properly. She wrote the court agreed to let her have Mother’s Day. You all just spit back information but you don’t know anything. She was blew it off. Her mother was coming to town and they were allowed the morning with the girls. Except she never showed up. Maybe you don’t know everything. You’re ignorant.
        Speaking of her mother, where’s she in all this? What about her brothers. Why aren’t they out here with all of you promoting your bullshit propaganda?! Maybe bc they too distanced themselves from Catherine. Have u met Catherine or her family members? You seem to know so much.
        Seems to me her family isn’t joining your smear campaign bc they may actually care about the girls’ futures u like you all who just promote hate

    • You are thick in the head aren’t you? Maybe just go watch actual videos of this monster. Abusers are those of satan to harm a child and/or other human so relentlessly as he did to Catherine is inhumane. Those that protect him are no different than he is and just as disgusting. Go find a cliff.

    • You’re a delusional moron. Learn how to read. THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY GOODBYE TO HER. AN ABUSER USED HIS CHILDREN AS PAWNS TO ALIENATE AND KILL THEIR MOTHER. We see you Allan. You WILL pay and you WILL rot in hell for this.

    • That’s funny, you’re only posting this defending a blatant domestic abuser in the hopes of boosting your ego. She tried everything to see her kids and he would not let her. He had the money to spin the court his way, and he drove her to her death.

  • Tragic for a wife, mother and children. Is a wife socioeconomic property? Chattel to a husband?

  • Just because someone disagrees with your narrative doesn’t mean it’s Allan maybe it’s someone with a mind of their own. Ask yourselves this….did she or didn’t she have money? In one post she’s homeless in another Wayne Baker claims there will probably be litigation over her estate. Which is it?
    So many more contradictions
    I do give Allan credit for his silence. Seems like only one of them actually cares about the girls. U don’t think he has damaging material on her? Or you all have herd mentality

    You’re all pathetic

      • Do you think it benefits these hyping girls who lost their mother to attack their father? Are you prepared to financially support these girls if he were to lose his job? Do you truly believe a woman who loves her children as much as Catherine claims she did would want them to live a life of poverty?
        I was abused. I have pictures not written statements or videos of someone yelling at me and my kids which we all do. I have pictures of my beaten up face. You think I posted that all over the place so my ex could potentially lose his job? You think I emailed his employers and colleagues so that they would encourage him getting fired? No. I didn’t bc my love for kids is greater than my hate for him. If he doesn’t work my kids get less and if I can’t be there to support them all the more reason to not try and get him fured. You’re all fueling the hate instead of recognizing that these kids have only one parent left to provide for them. STOP THE HATE. #LOVEOVERHATE

        • His hate for Catherine killed her and his three little innocent pawns will hopefully be removed from the danger that will continue as long as they live with him.

        • I don’t at all mean to be rude, but you are sick in the head. 😬 Stating facts about an abuser & naming names of those within the family court system that failed this loving mother & her children is NOT “attacking” the so called father. And yes, absolutely he deserves to not only lose his job, but his law license.

          A lawyer takes an oath: Another sentence in the original Hippocratic oath, might be even more important for lawyers than for physicians: I will willingly refrain from doing any injury or wrong from falsehood.

          the oath to be taken by every person on admission to practice law is to conclude with the following: “As an officer of the court, I will strive to conduct myself at all times with dignity, courtesy, and integrity.”

          Allan is NONE of these things! He took advantage of his degree in law & weaponized it against the mother of his children.

        • Did you even read what was written here? Is this your opinion on justice? You support a heinous abuser who deliberately destroyed her and of course also the girls. What he did was soul murder. And now you say, he is the only one left so let him be, encouraging thousands of other abusers to continue abusing because it works so well? These poor children are already mentally destroyed for life. He did this to them. Doesn‘t matter if they continue to live under his abuse or go into the foster system or maybe there are relatives who are less harmful than this man who they can live with. I can’t even begin to fathom what the kids have been through and what trauma they already carry. Three kids who could have had great futures, considering what status they came from. Now destroyed for life. Believe me, we will hear of what they will become and it will be tragic, 1000%

        • You totally wanted him fired. Don’t 🤥 lie. Why else would you send pics of you beaten up? Something tells me you fuelled the hate.

        • Anonymous
          May 31, 2023 at 8:38 pm

          You are the reason ABUSE in all forms continue for men! It’s why our innocent children suffer the most because of comments like yours! “Oh, he beats me, and I have proof, but his paycheck is far more important!”. You might regret that one day when your abuser turns on your innocent children and hits them like he abused you! How dare you come on here and preach #loveoverhate when you are so messed up mentally, that you actually believe that while you were getting your face smashed up by your abuser, that is was done out of love! And at that time, your kids saw that being done to you, what mixed up messages you sent to them! That it’s okay to be physically abused as long as daddy is working and has access to his paycheck” See something, say something but don’t come on her preaching to condone abuse of any form because it might destroy a man’s ability to earn his paycheck! I certainly hope you obtain quality therapy for your ability to condone abuse!

        • Congrats, you’ve been successfully gaslighted if there is a drop of truth in your words. Get help.
          As someone who survived both abusive parent and abusive partner I will say this: no parent is better than abusive one. The damage parental abuse causes to developing brain is immense.
          Abusers should be punished adequately and someone who also abuses law system shouldn’t be allowed to walk freely in society.

      • Correct. Catherine left everything perfectly and HER daughters will know all of it when the time is right. 💜

        • Abuser Allan has lost nothing. In fact, he has gotten every single thing he wanted. These 3 girls have lost the single most important person that will EVER be in their lives: THEIR LOVING MOTHER. The day they can escape that monster will be the best days of their lives. If you haven’t experienced the wrath of Monster Narcissist Allan please search him on FB & you can watch a bunch of horrible videos. It is obvious he doesn’t want those kids. He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. And so is your comment.

      • I’m pathetic?! I’m not the one trying to ruin these girls’ future by destroying their father.

        • You are trying to do something/ruin something with your supportive comment of a serial abuser. These girls futures will be great once they get away from their captor. #facts

        • Allan all but destroyed them already with his abuse. It would be best for Allan to have nothing to do with these kids

    • Monster Allan’s only play right now is to stay quiet. He wasn’t expecting this & is getting his ducks in a row. He will start trashing this hero of a mother soon enough. You completely miss the point if all you see are contradictions. There is so much going on here & I think you know it. My guess is you are an enabler of Abuser Allan.

    • I used to live with this family, I was the girls caregiver and this is not true. I witnessed how she used to abuse the oldest girl. I had to leave their house because I couldn’t stand how bad the girl was being treated by her mother.

      • You are a liar & either Allan or an enabler. Catherine NEVER abused any of her children. State your name, show your face, take a lie detector. Do something to prove your statement. Catherine left over 200 files with evidence. Lying is a bad look on everyone so stop trying to slander this woman.

      • Well now we know for a fact that you are full of shit and a liar because the nanny who was employed when Catherine was still in the home STILL IS loyal to Catherine. I even saw a post from her that she spoke to her the day of her death. Abuser Allan fired ANYONE who was pro Catherine so you are nothing but a lying flying monkey of an ABUSER!

      • So you went on video then and claimed the exact opposite of what you’re claiming now? Is that what you’re trying to say as an anonymous person instead of your full name in the video that Catherine provided? It’s funny how you’re claiming something different, or maybe just maybe you’re claiming to be the live in nanny even though you’re not. Yes Allen should loose his job because he not just abused the kids but he abused the courts system. Catherine worked on the ethics board, you know that crazy thing that talks about morals and being truthful in all things. How do you think she got that job?

    • Allan has been anything but silent! He’s trashed her to police, the schools, and his children. How is that silent? He’s had her falsely arrested— did you miss that piece?

      No child has accused her of abuse or neglect. Why on Earth are you okay with unalienable rights being taken to the detriment of three girls?

      Why do you turn a blind eye to what is child abuse?

      The court does not have the power to kill off a parent— and you are supporting such evil. God help you.

    • So, whoever you are… If you read any of her posts correctly, all of the joint assets were tied up in court pending the divorce. She spent all of her individual assets while Allan tied up everything they jointly owned through a prolonged court battle starting in 2019. The house is worth about 2 million, 1/2 of which she owned and did not have access to… As far as I can tell the divorce was never finalized.

  • This is the state of our nation. A Judge cannot stop an 18 year old from going into a gun store, buying an AR-15 and thousands of rounds of ammunition, yet a Judge can prevent a mother from having any contact with her child without a hearing on the merits of the issue.

    • You nailed it! And Catherine was temporarily not allowed to have access to her children…. that was over THREE years ago. Doesn’t sound so temporary to me. What was the plan to get her children back into her loving arms? Oh wait, there was no plan. When was anybody going to believe the children &/or respect what THEY as humans wanted which was their MOTHER.

    • “This is the state of our nation. A Judge cannot stop an 18 year old from going into a gun store, buying an AR-15 and thousands of rounds of ammunition, yet a Judge can prevent a mother…”

      You do know that judges don’t make laws, right? If it’s legal in their state for an 18 year old to buy an AR15, there’s nothing a judge can do to stop it. Personally, I think it should not be legal. I’d like to see Congress abolish the practice. But that’s up to the legislature.

      I’d also like to see people study Civics so they would know how laws get made, and the separation of powers in our country. Maybe read the Constitution too.

      I realize this is a faint hope.

      Instead we get the spectacle of a hot-button blog post pushing the buttons of the easily enraged and ignorant non-thinkers amongst us.

      It’s like throwing a gobbet of raw meat in a kennel of snarling curs.

      Aristotle would be so proud of how far the rabble has advanced in 2000 years.

      • come, come, AS, as you should know, Aristotle would not have approved of the study of ‘Civics’ for mothers, indeed, he felt all women should be excluded from the political sphere.

        He also believed, as we are clearly witnessing here, that, ‘mothers have a greater fondness for their children because they are more certain they are their own’

        Did he learn this from Phaestis, his own mom? – probably.

        Aristotle is no help here, sausage, but I think he would recognise this outpouring as an intentional curb on Civic excess and cruelty, and would always be striving to contribute to the happiness of men AND women for the good of society as a whole.

        You show a curious disdain under the circumstances. The comment about gobbets of meat and curs is beneath even the strong patriarchal slant of Aristotle. So, a nice safe piece of slander there, matey.

        Seems like you could use a lesson or two in ‘Civics’ yourself.

  • Thank you for sharing her story. The NY courts are a disgrace. I pray her girls get away from that monster and know how much their mother loved them. Sadly, they will need much help after what they’ve endured.

    Thankfully, I believe in karma and these awful people will get what they deserve at some point. Share her story far and wide.

    • The entire family court/child welfare system is in shambles all over the country. It needs a giant overhaul.

      And there is a rather large community waiting to help her kids when the time comes. 💜

  • I can’t stop thinking about this story. Don’t think it couldn’t happen to your kids, or grandkids.

  • “Judge Lubell was Dr. Abrams’ good friend. The judge even officiated Abrams’ wedding at his house.”

    • Sleazy is not the word. More like moronic or narcissistic or similar to spit on the sidewalk where the spitter sniffed pills. Yeah that’s better. I hope her dog shits in the house and he slips in it.

    • Search Monster Allan’s name on Facebook. There are loads of abusive videos of him. It is very obvious he should not have children he can’t even control himself. He needs anger management. It is also clear from the videos he doesn’t even want those kids.

      There’s a term called Divorce By Proxy & that’s when an abuser uses the courts to further his abuse/reign of terror on the victm(s): mom & kids. THIS IS ALLAN KASSENOFF TO A TEE. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Allan did what he had to do. He’s a lawyer she’s a lawyer. He deserves admiration. All is fair in love and war.

    • All is far in love and war? When the children suffer most! Now there is no finicial security for the children as adults it seems. Plus, the person with a psych degree allowed Dad to sit in on the sessions? Bologna! On top of lifelong effects psychologicaly too the three children. Can you say coaching by abusior or fear or retaliation? The lines between judicial and legislative branches are hazzy in family courts. Disgustipated.

    • How can you possibly say that? It sounds like you are Allan and trying to turn this in your favor. Disgusting.

      • “Therefore pride is their necklace;
        they clothe themselves with violence.
        From their callous hearts comes iniquity;
        their evil imaginations have no limits.
        They scoff, and speak with malice;
        with arrogance they threaten oppression.”

    • He is an abuser, bottom line, HE was the alienator. No kid deserves to go without the love of a biological parent. Catherine was fine to birth and raise those girls…until he was done with her. He’s clearly a sick person & a disgrace.

    • She’s dead and he has blood on his hands! All’s fair! Obviously you don’t have children or a conscience!

    • “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

      Joseph Goebbels

    • All is fair? Apparently all is corrupt in family court. The parent with the most money and influence wins. You don’t have to be king Solomon to figure out who is the compassionate and worthy parent. No one can replace a mother’s love. Certainly not a narcissistic father.

    • Really??? All is fair in love & war? What a moronic thing to say when we are dealing with abuse. Is this Allan? 🤔 GTFOOH

    • Well, I’m a retired family law attorney who knows that Allan deserves no admiration. Divorce and child custody should never be used to destroy someone. I used to fire clients or refuse retainers from those of this ilk. I can sleep at night and know I used my law degree for good.

  • Are we so divided that not enough women, lawyers, psychologists or mothers could protect her?

    “A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when, “with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person ․ [h]e ․ subjects such other person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same” (Penal Law § 240.26[1]; see e.g. McGuffog v. Ginsberg, 266 A.D.2d 136 [1st Dept 1999] ).”