Final Days: Catherine Kassenoff Bought House for Kids, Then Termination of Parental Rights, Terminal Diagnosis; As Suicide Remains Unconfirmed

On April 18, 2023 - a month and nine days before she announced she was about to end her life in Switzelrand - Catherine Kassenoff bought this home in Larchmont, New York.

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, Catherine Kassenoff wrote a Facebook Post, saying she planned to end her life that day: 

“This is a story that ends with my own assisted death in Switzerland. Its lead up has been published for years on Facebook, in Ms. magazine and in other media. The New York Court system is responsible for this outcome and should be held accountable for ruining the lives of my children, me, and so many other similarly-situated protective parents (mostly mothers) who have tried to stand up against abuse but were labeled ‘liars,’ ‘mentally ill’ and then treated like criminals.”

The executor of Catherine’s estate, attorney Wayne Baker of New Mexico, told MS Magazine he does not know for sure, but “strongly believes” Catherine “elected to end her life peacefully with dignity in Switzerland.”

Her four year divorce and custody case is still active; Catherine and husband Allan Kassenoff are married as of press time. If it is confirmed she is deceased, the case will be “abated” without final judgment. Allan will be deemed a widower.

Baker said confirmation of her death could take four to six weeks.

The Kassenoffs have three children: Alexandra, 13. Charlotte, 12, and Josephine, 9.

Some think she’s alive

Several sources who know Catherine and Allan Kassenoff think she may be alive. They point to an alleged incident that occurred a few years ago, where Catherine allegedly took the identity of a family member, secured ID, and engaged in financial transactions. According to one source, the relative did not press charges.

Cancer Returns 

In Catherine’s last Facebook post, she said she had a “dire new diagnosis” of cancer. She had breast cancer twice, first in 2008 and again in 2017. She underwent chemotherapy in 2017.

She announced her new terminal diagnosis for the first time on Facebook on the day she purportedly died – May 27, 2023. Sources told FR that she did not disclose this to her children or Allan. They found out from Facebook.

Catherine wrote

Perhaps if I had not been re-diagnosed with cancer I could have lasted in this fight longer. But I do not have the strength to go forward. More importantly, I do not want to traumatize my children any longer in this court system…

FR spoke to two of Catherine’s friends, both attorneys, who worked closely with her. Both said they spoke and/or texted with her up to the day of her purported suicide. Both said she never mentioned she had cancer.

One said he sent her three texts on March 27. She replied to the first two texts.  The third text she never answered.

A source close to the Kassenoff family says Catherine did not need to travel to Switzerland and pay $8,000-$12,000 for assisted suicide.  Catherine was a citizen of Canada, they said, and qualified for free assisted suicide.

Catherine Had Assets

Catherine could afford to travel to Switzerland if this was her preferred location to end her life.

According to her husband, Allan, the court ordered him to pay Catherine $885,000 from 2020-2023.

2020: $100,000.

April 2022 – $150,000 interim legal fee award
April 2022 – $335,000 (1/2 of Allan’s e-trade account)
March 2023 – $300,000 interim legal fee award

In addition, Catherine received $330,000 from a 9/11 victims fund in 2022.

Bought Home for Her and Kids

On April 17, 2023, Catherine wired $646,417 from her Chase Bank account to purchase a new home at 51 Myrtle Blvd in Larchmont.

The house is listed as having 1450 square feet and is a 73-year-old, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

Records show she closed on the house the following day, paying $897,043 in cash.

Village of Larchmont

She bought a nearly $900,000 home for cash, one month and ten days before she announced her suicide. The house was 1.2 miles from her children’s home in Larchmont.

New Custody Report

Just days after Catherine purchased the home, Dr. Kathleen McKay presented a custody evaluation to the court.  Allan paid for the report.


Custody evaluator Kathleen McKay

Dr. McKay recommended the father have exclusive custody and that the children should have zero contact with their mother. 

Dr. McKay echoed what Allan told her, ‘finding” that Catherine was intent on revenge, with the sole goal of “annihilating” him. In other words, she ‘found’ what the father who paid her wanted: a de facto termination of the mother’s parental rights.

Showed the Family Court system for what it is

Catherine had won some hard-fought legal rounds – getting several of Allan’s paid experts removed from the case.

Marc Abrams

She got custody evaluator Marc Abrams booted from the NYS court’s panel of approved evaluators and removed from the case.

Carol Most

Catherine got the biased attorney for the children, Carol Most, removed from her case and investigated for misconduct.

Catherine sued the children’s therapist Dr. Susan Adler for trying to convince her children they were better off motherless.

Gus Dimopoulus

Catherine sued Allan’s attorney, Constantine Gus Dimopoulus, for unethical conduct, including allegations that he engaged in a conspiracy to conceal sexual misconduct by Dr. Abrams

Catherine got Judge Jeffry Lubell disqualified for his outlandish behavior in court and his unconcealed bias against Catherine.

But it did not get her kids back.

Hard luck

Catherine Kassenoff

A combination of buying a new house for her and her children, hoping she would get shared custody, and living with them again, as their mother — then getting a one-sided custody report by an “expert” paid by the father, that she shouldn’t see her kids must have shocked her.

The custody evaluator never once saw Catherine with two of her children, yet said she shouldn’t see them – based on Allan’s word and meetings with the children with Allan present.

The termination of parental rights was adopted by Judge Susan Capeci. Then came a return of cancer, this time diagnosed as terminal.

That might have been enough to cause her to end the long battle with her husband, who she said spent more than $3 million to win custody of the children.

Allan took a leave of absence at his $1 million per year position as a latent lawyer for Greenberg Traurig after videos of him released on Frank Report, Facebook, and TikTok by Robbie Harvey show Allan verbally abusing Catherine in front of her children. Numerous media have reported the case since Catherine’s suicide post.

Out of an abundance of caution, FR will not conclude Catherine is deceased until we inspect the official death certificate.



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  • Are judicial system is totally unfair and this man ( I use the term loosely as he’s a monster) should not have the children and are better off with a foster family!

  • Okay. It took me awhile after hearing and being informed about this tragedy after it gained traction because I wanted to be sure.

    After research, I have determined you did not suddenly develop the psychopathic presentation of frontotemporal dementia which tends to hit people in their 40s and 50s and causes them to do terrible things, (unlike the language, motor, executive, or apathetic presentations, which we can deal with).

    I believe, after reading that you married Catherine in 2006, but then she had cancer in 2008, and you initiated an affair in 2010, that you have always been this way.

    Your rages, childish name calling to your wife (you are fat🤣, old, I hate you!); your unhinged behavior in your home screaming at your wife and children; your announcement that you will be leaving then slamming a car door; your refusal to take the kids to school; your relaxing on a computer dating site while your captive daughters watched after Catherine was forced out of Her home, not to mention what else you did, leave me to believe that your right temporal brain is compromised. I would love to see a SPECT or PET scan of you, you Fuck.

    Your children are unsafe with you. Please help us, Family Courts. Catherine’s little daughter told us by saying she didn’t want to go with the Crazy Guy.

    To you, Catherine. ❤️

    • Is there anyway to find out if the kids are ok?? This guy seems like he has problems and the kids shouldn’t be around a maniac…they deserve a healthy family.. does anyone know how the kids are doing??

  • This whole thing is weird and feels off. You can’t find any information or comments from her family. Have they made ANY kind of statement confirming her death? And the TikTok video guy is really over the top about people and a story he doesn’t know first-hand. Yes, he looks like a verbally abusive maniac in the videos but there really isn’t anything in-depth that shows entire conversations between them. How do we know this isn’t just a hoax, she’s still alive and they are both just horrible people? People will take anything they see on the internet at face value and become outraged. She may still be alive. Those poor kids, can’t imagine what their life must be like.

      • Valid questions. You can’t find any reputable news sources reporting this, valid obits or family input. Just internet reactions. If anyone has seen any of this, please offer up.

    • I said it before and I’ll say it again:

      It is horribly cruel what Catherine has done to those children, whether she is dead or alive. She released their private psychological evaluations to be on the Internet forevermore. Her motivation for sharing was probably just to have one nice quote with the kid saying “I like Mom.” And in order to get that public she has to publish all the rest of their excruciatingly private information? and now the child herself can view her own psychological evaluation, which was pretty damning, honestly. If I were a young teen and read that information, I would feel hopeless about my future.

      So fucked up.

      I can understand why Catherine lost custody. She’s all about proving that she is a good mom and Allan is a bad dad, even if she has to destroy the kids to do that.

    • Agreed. Who puts out a suicide announcement that states the death won’t be confirmed for 4-6 weeks? Lol. Assisted suicide centers confirm next of kin contacts with the patient and make immediate notification after death, plus any funeral arrangements that are requested.

      The total silence from any of her own family, colleagues or IRL friends speaks the loudest of all. only an online mob of FB groups members, TikTok drama hounds, reporters who should know better and whatever attorney is currently representing her have anything to say on a matter they only have any information about via her highly edited version.

    • I COMPLETELY agree with this. The TikTok guy creeps me out and literally says and shows the same things in every video (likes for 💰) and we do only see one side. I truly believe she’s not dead and this was a ruse. But-if I said this on Tik Tok I could kiss my 3 figure followers goodbye

  • This woman has done EXTREMELY abusive things to her children, which is why she lost custody. Her husband just had enough respect for her not to video it. You all claim to know the truth but you do not. This social media campaign (Robbie Harvey in particular) is ridiculous, insensitive, and dangerous. If Robbie Harvey and the rest of the so called “caring” people out there, cared about these children, they would not be blasting these videos out on social media for the children to see (and they are seeing it!). Robbie Harvey would also not be trying to ruin Allan’s career. How does a newly single parent without a job help anyone here??

    • anon, 10:55 AM. OK, if that’s true, why didn’t the judges or anyone cite Catherine’s ‘abuse’? I fully admit C likely wasn’t perfect. Neither was Allan clearly. But taking custody away from a parent over bogus vague charges of ‘manipulation’- what the last judge cited- is obscene. A father who would do that is disturbed.

    • The children were present when the videos were taken and they’ve been available on Catherine’s FB page for years so I doubt they come as a surprise. Allan did take videos although he hasn’t publicly posted them. What did she do exactly? Hit them? Scream at them? Starve them? Manipulate them? If you can provide evidence of the “extremely” abusive things she did, you should. Now would be the time for Allan to defend himself. Also, he’s not “newly” single. Catherine hasn’t lived in the house since March 2020 when she was evicted… and he’s had a girlfriend since at least 2021. Perhaps the girls had 2 abusive parents but as it stands now all we have is Catherine’s side – and Allan is looking pretty damn bad…

    • Maybe dad should restrict the minors from social media. They must be searching for these things. Nobody wants the kids to be harmed. Daddy keep the minors off social media. Family court system needs to be exposed. Based on the videos posted maybe someone should perform a wellbeing check on these children. Ms. Yoga, take a good look at the videos. If your relationship starts to fall apart this is how your partner has handled the end of his relationships. You too could find yourself being verbally asulted and your character/mental state in question.

    • BS. Abuser Allan & his goons (you included, obviously you chicken shit for not showing your name) won. You all killed Catherine. Now go the fuck away and celebrate that which you wanted & received. You sick fucks.

    • June 9 10:55am Shut up Allan or […] or […]. All a bunch of con artist & crooks & abusers. Karma is a bitch. Just wait.

    • Can we assume you know the family personally Anon? Your statement ‘You all claim to know the truth but you do not.’ implies you DO know the truth – which is surely only possible if you have insider knowledge. In which case you are likely to be a friend of Allan and we can completely discount your version of events. Offer up the proof or shut up.

  • If Catherine truly isn’t deceased then one would have to ask themselves why her attorney would put his law license on the line by appearing on her behalf in court on May 30th, as well as provide a letter on June 5th? A letter that happened to contain enough convincing information for him to be allotted additional time to provide the necessary documents/evidence to confirm her death within the next 4 weeks…🤔

      • You’ll be eating your stupid “LOL” when the massive abusive Allan Kassenoff is disbarred. As the old saying goes…HIDE AND WATCH. HIDE. AND. WATCH.

        Also, show your name you coward

        • Catherine has such sane-sounding supporters.

          You sound like a vicious ax murderer Janay, why would anyone share their name with you?

    • I have email confirmation from Wayne Baker one of Catherine’s attorneys. She is dead & I’m sick of people questioning it. Her lawyer would not put his license on the line with the kangaroo courts.

      • Email the alleged confirmation to Frank or shut up.

        the lawyer emailed to me that he has not confirmed it yet. Actually, no, he didn’t. but it’s a very easy thing to say when you don’t give any proof.

  • Point being that fatherhood initiative has been stuffed in every cavity involving family court. On the surface it appears to be a good thing. It is being pushed as a minority and low income program. Education and services for men to the best father and in some cases husband possible. There are ligitimat organization doing good work in the community. However, the funding has been taken advantage of. It’s been used to pass state statues for the sole purpose to bring in funding to the states. The blanket statement that it’s in the best interest of children to have a relationship with their father. That’s a true and accurate statement for the most part. The problem has become abusive fathers. The need to keep the domestic violence numbers down to continue the funding. Violations of the law, judicial misconduct and attorney misconduct. Especially gals could limit or stop funding. Cases are intentionally forced into parental alienation to devert from the relentless abuse Dad in many cases. There are ligitimat organization for father’s who are doing the job. Unfortunately the courts are not sending father’s who should go to these ligitimat programs. Has anyone seen a middle to upper class dad court orders to a successful program? The violent offender program is not what I am talking about. The billions of dollars in the fatherhood funding is allowed harmful dads of all colors, religion and socioeconomic status to continue to abuse their children and wives. The good fathers doing their best should be pist off about this as well. Many children have been used as a leverage and to punish a spouse for leaving. Fix the funding and you just might fix the court system.

  • second custody evaluator McKay works for Westchester Jewish Community Center court assessment program. Catharine should have known the evaluator would hold up any prior opinions of the court. They have contract with the court to do assessments which means they are working under the fatherhood mandates. Catharine foolishly thought domestic violence NY Custody Eval Commission members (Joan Meier) would help her. Instead she got railroaded again. Guess Karuna support group didn’t help either as the suicide email I was sent due to my expertise not any friendship with Catharine – clearly shows a woman who is in severe mental erosion.

    • Joan Meier is on the NY Custody Eval Commission?

      Also, please explain: “ Guess Karuna support group didn’t help either as the suicide email I was sent due to my expertise not any friendship with Catharine – clearly shows a woman who is in severe mental erosion.”

      How many filed lawsuits at her all at once?

      Extreme and relentless lawfare erodes most targets. That’s the goal, right?

      Does the “Karuna support group” know about custody cases involving abuse, gaslighting, extortion, fraud upon the court … etc?

    • Doreen, excuse me? Katherine had severe mental erosion? Catherine was a goddamn hero, who had multiple psych eval’s that showed her to be of perfectly sound mind. When she went to Switzerland, they have a Siri strict policy and she had to pass to evaluation’s to be able to qualify for assisted suicide.

      Joan Meier is amazing & would NEVER railroad a protective mom. Show your proof. I’d be very careful defaming someone as it could get you in a lot of trouble.

      I thought you were on the side of the victim. Guess I was wrong.

  • Do “family courts” help parents and children as often as “healthcare” cures cancer? says:

    “The popular take on assisted suicide is that people choose to die simply because they are dying, and don’t want to experience pain and suffering. Yet the data shows otherwise — that people like Catherine are being killed. Reports have repeatedly found that 90% of people killed through assisted suicide cite “losing autonomy” and being “less able to engage in activities making life enjoyable” as their reasoning for wanting to die.

    People like Catherine deserve the chance to continue living, not to have their suicidal ideations both indulged and fulfilled by doctors perverting the Hippocratic oath.”

    • Have you ever witnessed a loved one dying from cancer? Have you ever whitnessed the stages of cancer and the effects they have on a person?

      • How many of those approximately 600,000 every year are in “family court”, too? 🤔 says:

        According to the CDC, “In 2020, there were 602,350 cancer deaths …“ The American Cancer Society said there would be 609,360 cancer deaths in 2022.

        That 602,350 + 609,360 = 1,211,710 … dividing 1,211,710 offers a rough estimate of about 605,855 cancer deaths in 2021. According to World o’ Meters, “The current population of the United States of America is 336,676,730 as of Thursday, June 8, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.”

        If America’s population is 336,676,730, and if over 600,000 Americans know of someone who dies of cancer every year, that could mean that most everyone in America has probably witnessed a loved one dying from cancer.

        The stages of cancer can be excruciating. The treatments might be worse. Too often, the treatments destroy the patients before destroying the cancer — and the cost of cancer treatments doesn’t determine whether or not the patients survive. That’s what’s happens in family courts, too. Money flows whether or not harm is done.

        It was at least that double-whammy for Catherine. Unfortunately, it looks like she faced more than that.

        Catherine faced what some call “lawfare”. She was fighting two battles at once.

        In addition to the cancer was what should have been a simple family court case. That simple family court case turned into a monster — and so did the cancer, apparently. That kind of trauma is too much for anyone to handle. Shame on those who did that to her and shame on those who stood by and watched it happen.

        May Catherine’s case serve to reform family courts in America and around the world.

    • Taiwo Owatemi, MP might know the answer to that question.

      Member of Parliament Owatemi wrote: “As an NHS cancer pharmacist, I regularly volunteer at Coventry Hospital, because I know the enormous pressure NHS staff are under. The Tories have broken our health system and after 13 years they have no excuses and no one to blame.“

      MP Taiwo Owatemi’s website says: “Coventry is my home. My priority will always be to ensure our local community is at the heart of everything I do. As your Labour MP, I will always stand up for you – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require my support.“

      Here’s what she said about the “parental alienation” set up in The United Kingdom’s family courts: “The concept has little to no evidence to support it, but is nonetheless one accepted, resulting in children being placed with an abusive parent. … Not only are utterly unqualified individuals being allowed to testify as supposed experts in these cases, Cafcass too has overseen the rise in such allegations. … Thanks to the deeply embedded pro-contact culture of Cafcass … an eight-year-old boy is now in the clutches of a man who beat and sexually assaulted my constituent. …” The Guardian adds: “The mother no longer sees the boy and is ‘bereft’.”


      Top-down Connecticut and New York politicians posting selfies for votes must also know what’s been happening in family courts. Why would top-down Connecticut and New York politicians posting selfies for votes know what’s been happening in family courts and still allow lousy family court lawyers and viscous family court vendors to attack parents and journalists exposing “family court” corruption? An opinion in The Hartford Courant published years ago called bereft parents “disgruntled litigants”. That term resurfaced in discussions of the Kassenoff case as though once again, the family court industry has something to hide.

      News of the Kassenoff case is all over America. Legislators in New York and Connecticut won’t be able to ignore the corruption in family courts much longer. Any day now, legislators who feign ignorance and judges who allow family court corruption to figuratively and literally kill parents and children will be held accountable as accomplices to those crimes.

      Dr. William Russell Massingham Pridgeon is a doctor. He can also tell us what family court corruption has to do with healthcare.

      Dr. Pridgeon’s book would be good summer reading for legislators who’d like to learn more about how “family courts” destroyed millions of lives with Richard Gardner’s “Parental Alienation Syndrome” tactics in the UK, Australia, Argentina and … America.

      Lousy legislators already know how much damage corruption in family courts has done. Good legislators who don’t already know need to hurry up and learn what’s been happening for about the past. forty. years.

    • GTFOOH. Who the fuck are you? You also anti abortion? Assisted suicide is a great option for certain conditions. Animals are euthanized & AMeRiCa has no problem with that. Oh wait….abuser Allan agrees with it as he had Catherine & the children’s dogs “assisted suicided” & then took selfies with their dead bodies. He’s a sick fuck & so are you 🖕🏿

    • WENDI WEINER: “I worked for various abusive male lawyers throughout my law firm days. I’d often ask myself: if this is how they talk to me, can you imagine how they speak to their wives, daughters, and mothers? Allan Kassenoff is a prime example of this — in various TikTok videos from Robbie Harvey, a journalist, which garnered more than 20 million views, he explains and documents the abuse and rage of Kassenoff calling his wife Catherine, a decorated and accomplished woman lawyer and mother to his three daughters, a “fat loser,” among other derogatory terms.”

  • If Catherine is not deceased, then what? I hope she changed her mind about taking her life. But, if she is deceased, even more saddening. She was alienated from her children, it seems, by Allen and the system. No child should go without the love of both her parents.

  • If Katherine did, in fact, commit suicide while she was still married to Allan, it’s quite possible that he will end up inheriting this house. Hopefully, she provided otherwise in her will – but, even then, he may challenge whether she was legally competent to execute such a document.

    • Catherine anticipated all of his moves. She was fully competent and has many medical professionals and a lifetime of family,friends and colleagues to attest to this.

      She shouldn’t have to. The ONLY time any mental health was questioned was in family court. She was diagnosed by greedy attorneys and court appointed actors who follow the fraud of parental alienation – which the UN has come out against.

      Allen and the family courts destroyed the lives of three girls and took Catherine’s life.

      Chronic stress breeds illness.

  • Catherine went from being hopeful to hopeless in a short timeframe. Devastating. I can’t even imagine her suffering. No poor Allan in this situation, other than having to take the kids to school when he would rather not. Boo hoo.

  • Canadian Actress Ellen Page, star of Juno, who now goes by the name Elliott Page, pulls a Jussie Smollett in Los Angeles.
    Elliot Page SLAMMED For INSANE Jussie Smollet Story, Gets Accused Of Hoax To Sell Books

    • Why am I not surprised to find a totally off-topic comment by Shadow State 1958 on this post? After taking a break from Frank Report for the past several months, it’s discouraging to see that this ass-clown is still posting this type of drivel.

  • The police need to investigate this and look at her house to make sure that there are no signs of foul play.

    Has anyone notified the police?

    • I’m sure it is being investigated. Some one was looking through her Facebook page and contacts all day yesterday.

    • That’s a good point. How do we know that she was the one who actually put out that statement. Perhaps he got on her FB account and did it and then killed her. I wouldn’t put it past him. Police need to check where the IP address came from when that statement was put on Facebook.

  • I believe it would be very easy for the police to find out if she flew out of the country to Switzerland.

  • She posted at 11:34am eastern time that she was ending her life that day. That would’ve been 5:34 PM in Switzerland. Wouldn’t she have said “I am ending my life tonight?” in that case? It doesn’t add up.

    She should be investigated by the police as an endangered missing person in case she is actually alive but in danger.

      • You sound like a person who killed Catherine that you don’t want anyone to investigate to make sure that she really died by assisted suicide in Switzerland. What are you trying to hide?

  • Were Catherine’s parental rights legally terminated by the state of NY?

    It’s doubtful since CPS/DCF held no interest.

    Or did Allen pay CPS to make a finding against Catherine?

    When mothers like Catherine continue to fight- and prove the fraud and crimes as Catherine did, they seek:

    1. Another court appointed “expert” to reinforce and give credibility to the illegal court rulings that have abused children and mother.

    2. Persuade Dcf/CPS to make similar finding to the court to justify the prior actions of the illegal court criminals.

    McKay is an animal.

    Where is her report?

    Is is “sealed” allegedly for the protection of the children but in reality it’s sealed to conceal a report no medical doctor would ever endorse.

    God help all children and parents throughout the country who believed family courts were fair, equitable and would protect children.

    Court actors. Money makers. Psychopaths with power.

  • McKay should be held criminally liable for fraud.

    Her recommendation based on pure fraud- with the intent to sever mother child bonds based on no medical condition whatsoever is fraud and child abuse.

    Public exposure of this same pattern of abuse- which is racketeering in family courts- is the only way to hold criminal attorneys and court appointed “experts” accountable.

    Their licenses must be revoked.

    McKay like many court appointed experts is hired to deliver the final verdict- to strip mothers of their greatest gift from God.

    The people did not give the power to courts to do this. Over time, through the AFCC, family courts have morphed into a criminal enterprise which criminalizes innocent parents, steals their children, labels them liars and crazy and destroys all hope.

  • If Catherine’s still alive and if we allow sociopaths to continue to control family courts and the entire world,
    we might all be “dead ducks”, soon. 😕

    “… Dr. Russell Pridgeon along with 7 other co-defendants are being prosecuted in a prosecution name ‘Operation Noetic’, for trying to protect children from serious sexual abuse. The facts and evidence of the children’s abuse are being denied and hidden from the courts by the AFP and Commonwealth DPP. …”

  • dead duck
    /ˈded ˌdək/
    plural noun: dead ducks
    a person or thing that is defunct or has no chance of success.
    “they knew their plans were a dead duck”

  • Please check on the fatherhood initiative in New York. In Connecticut there is an MOU signed by the heads of several state agencies. There are also laws passed in Connecticut stating all father’s to be engaged in the lives of their children. There is billions of dollars attached to the fatherhood initiative. The fatherhood initiative is not just for low income or minority father’s. There are no initiatives or laws protecting the relationship of mother’s with their children. Making it easier to eliminate mother’s from their children’s lives. Weathly men like Allan often use the court system to engage in deflimation of character. Hiring connected Attorneys who push the evaluation with the people they have a relationship with. Inluencing desired outcome. Injustice to both genders in family court is possible. Please check into the financially insensitive for the state of New York funding family court matters. There is a reason judges are easily influenced and appoint questionable evaluator’s to cases. There are financial reasons to appoint bias attorneys for children. . When there are bias initiatives painting only one gender as an important part of childrens lives, with funding attached. We are going to see cases that are rigged. The insensitive for Catherine to fight cancer and prolong her life with cancer was taken away from her. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine why she would choose to end the suffering. She wanted to die with dignity. She probably lost all hope of ever seeing her children again. The court system was bound and determined to get rid of the Catherine. They don’t like it when intelligent people point out the infested system. Allan’s money was just gravy.

    • Good point. This is happening across the US. Fathers should have rights of course. But so should mothers.

      • Are there any statistics on how many mothers are alienated from their children? It seems Catherine was. I wonder how many fathers are alienated, as well. I am willing to bet there are countless good mothers and good fathers who get cut out of their children’s’ lives for no justifiable reason.

        • It would appear that there is a boat load of funding to assist fathers .Nothing for mothers, either way the courts need to be investigated. We all agree on that.

  • This is good reporting, but I suspect that she has engaged in some pretty abusive behavior herself. Some of her behavior is so egregious that it seems she may be the primary abuser. Although the lawsuits she has filed might be good intentioned, she may be engaged in legal intimidation, by making life hell for anyone involved who doesn’t side with her, lawsuits, investigations, sexual misconduct allegations. Releasing videos of her family to the world, in which she follows and records her husband in private areas, is not the act of a loving mother. This woman sounds like a nightmare. Hopefully she finally leaves her family alone.

    • If she was abusive, where is the evidence? Other than the allegations that she was manipulative’ which seems like a highly gendered charge.

      • There is a tremendous amount of gender profiling of women. Discrimination is real. It’s happening to women in the family courts.

        • True. Women are almost all either ‘anxious’, ‘manipulative’ or a combination of the two. It’s uncanny. And men? They’re all apparently mentally fine, according to court professionals, even if there is documented abuse. Look at the Tommy Valva case. The father- who *murdered* Tommy- had been given SOLE (not joint) custody by two judges, and the AFC in that case claimed the mother (who presented as understandably stressed and anxious in hearings) seemed ‘mental’. That is the level of maturity exhibited by far too many professionals in the family court system. And there is no check on their behaviors.

          • Mother’s anxiety is always sighted by judges, gals and psychologist. Intentionally. Anxiety is a normal response to abuse. Unfortunately the courts use it as an excuse. The child is anxious. The abuse they endure is a cause. Yet Mom is also sighted the cause. This is how the system works. It’s an excuse to blame the victim and favor an abusive father.

    • Rachel,
      Sounds like you are writing what Alan told you to say, or you have no clue as to what happened.

    • You think she is the one engaged in legal intimidation ? How does a judge and a psychologist revoke a parents right to their children without interviewing the children/parent and their interactions ???? Would you think that was fair if it happened to you ? The psychologist was cited for gross misconduct and the judge was no better -not disclosing that he was a friend of the psychologist and officiated at his wedding at his home . Major conflict of interest . But lets paint her as the bad one and make her wrong for videoing her husband’s horrible abusive behavior .

  • I feel bad for Allan. He had to leave his work and he has to take care of the kids by himself. That poor man.

    • The fact that this woman’s death remains “unconfirmed” should raise red flags for everyone that this story is a manipulation and a scam.
      She is clearly alive.

        • Women of courage and character you should be a comedian. More similar to Casey Anthony then mother Theresa

        • Yes, it takes courage to rile your husband up, film him over and over and then take a long trip to beautiful Switzerland to be suicided.

          • All for the very reasonable price of $11,000 when she could have done it for free in Canada since she is a citizen

      • For her children’s sake, I hope she is still alive. I hope they are reunited. Meanwhile, corruption that is prevalent in family court is being exposed. I pray she is still alive and lives a long life with her girls. They deserve it and so does Catherine.

        All the professionals involved can work out the rest and answer for their deception that destroyed those girl’s childhood.

        Let’s all hope Catherine is still alive!

        • If she decided to stay alive for as long as she can, she has about a million more soldiers now to support her and fight by her side if she takes the case to the Supreme Court.

      • June 7 9:02am Catherine is “clearly” NOT alive. Don’t spew crap you know nothing about. Are you an Allan lover? Catherine is dead. I have email confirmation from her attorney Wayne Baker on May 29, 2023. There will be a death certificate in 4 to 6 weeks.

        • You do NOT have confirmation of her death, only a confirmation of an email saying she has passed. NO PROOF!

    • Ohh please!! You woke up at 5:30am to read this and comment that you “feel bad”?? Fuck Allan, Fuck his Job, His Firm, His friends and officials who helped him TORTURE his wife Catherine while she was fighting for her LIFE. She gave up her life and career to bear his children and CARE for his Children, because she knew he wasn’t!

    • I know and even sadder is there are so many people that feel the same and are to scared to speak up out out of fear of being torched by this angry mob

  • McKay, A brams and Lubell all seem like psychopaths to me. Truly demonic child-traffickers.

    I’ll bet $5000 all three are registered Democrats. Any takers?

    • Pilgrim, I rarely use this word but just SHUT UP!

      Only you could take a devastating story like this and make it political. Frank, I’m sure, writes of this and other abuses of the court to bring light to the situation and try and help these kids that are stuck in this crazy tug of war, upending their lives and at the same time forcing them to live with their abusers. Personally I don’t give a rats ass what their political affiliations are, they all need to be removed from the positions and have their crimes exposed..

    • I’m going to have to give some credit to pilgrims theory. There is something going on related to the democrats being involved with the family court system problems. We need to GOP to investigate. Our country is in a sad state of affairs. It’s in desperate need of fixing. I’m a registered Democrat.

    • Wake up, America – – and blow the whistle if you can.

      The same kind of corruption is funded and enabled in “family courts” too. If you work in family courts and know of a few colleagues who can “blow the whistle” with you, now’s the time.

      Anyone with lousy senators can call Senator Ron Johnson.
      He will hear what you have to say and will do everything he can to help.

      “We need these agencies to come clean. To be responsible to the other co-equal branches of government. Congress has the responsibility to investigate just as much as the department of justice has the responsibility to investigate.”

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