How Lawyer Allan Kassenoff Used Family Court to Prevent Catherine Kassenoff From Seeing Their Children & Who Helped Him ‘Win’

The story of Catherine Kassenoff, her likely death by assisted suicide, and her attorney-husband Allan’s use of Family Court, is not yet over.

Catherine was a former federal prosecutor who gave up career advancements to raise three children, and then lost custody of them in Family Court in Westchester County, New York.

She beat breast cancer twice and survived, but the third time, she said, was terminal.

Catherine said she chose assisted suicide in Switzerland.

Frank Report published her story hours after her Facebook post said she had an appointment with a Swiss facility for assisted suicide on March 27, 2023.

Is She Dead? Final Post From Mother Who Lost Her Kids Through Family Court to Wealthy Attorney Husband.

In her post, Catherine wrote, “This is a story that ends with my own assisted death in Switzerland.”

In a second story, Catherine Kassenoff Lost Her Kids, Home, Health, Savings and Life Through Crafty Husband Family Court , FR chronicled the history of Kassenoff v Kassenoff, the four-year 3,000 documents divorce and custody case.

The People Involved in Removing the Children

Husband, father and attorney Allan Kassenoff.

Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Allan should have sole custody of the kids and sole possession of the family home in Larchmont. He ordered Catherine evicted without notice.

Even a tenant who paid no rent and trashed an apartment would get 30 days notice. Judge Lubell, who never met the children, had Catherine evicted on the spot despite the fact she owned the home.

Judge Lubell officiated at the wedding of the custody evaluator, Dr. Marc Abrams, who determined the mother alienated the children.

Catherine successfully got Dr. Abrams removed from the custody evaluator panel for misconduct.

She accused Judge Lubell of retaliating against her, and Judge Lubell ultimately recused himself, but not before ruling she could not see her children or live near them.

Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children.

Carol Most, attorney for the children, reportedly billed $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives.

Dr. Marc Abrams [above], custody evaluator #1. His recommendation: Because the mother “alienated” the children from their father, they should have no contact with their mother without a paid visitation supervisor listening to every word between mother and child.

After Catherine got Dr. Abrams removed from the the case, Dr. Kathleen McKay became custody evaluator #2.

She agreed with her colleague that Catherine alienated and manipulated the children, though she never witnessed Catherine with two of the children. She spent twice as much time evaluating Allan (who paid her) than with Catherine.

Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.

(Dr. Mckay’s photo is unavailable. If any reader has a photo, please send it to

Dr. Susan Adler, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, neuropsychologist.

Dr. McGuffog and Dr. Adler worked to convince the children that their mother’s removal by the court was appropriate and and that they look to their father as their primary attachment figure.

The two psychologists billed reportedly about $100,000. The children’s attorney, Carol Most, referred the psychologists to the father and their reports were used in court to bolster the removal of the mother.

Allan Kassenoff’s attorney, Gus Dimopoulos (above) knows PA-friendly attorneys, judges, therapists, and custody evaluators – who all know and refer each other.

Dimopoulos is the maestro in the orchestrated removal of one mother from three children. One can only guess how much he earned from this case, but $1 million seems a probable minimum.

In a lawsuit against Dimopoulus, the plaintiff alleges he collected $3 million in a matter of another mother being removed from her children.

Lawyer Allan

Allan Kassenoff made his Facebook settings private following his wife’s announcement of assisted suicide. His Facebook included photos with him with his children and dogs.

He is a shareholder in the law firm of Greenberg Traurig. His page on Greenberg Traurig remains active as of press time:

It reads in part:

Allan Kassenoff is a trial attorney with over 20 years of experience in patent litigation… technologies and industry… electronics, financial services, aerospace, automotive, avionics, biotechnology, chemical, consumer products and pharmaceutical. He has been lead counsel in countless cases….”

His profile states he is an expert in ex-parte actions. He successfully used ex-parte actions against his wife to remove her from the children.

According to Catherine, it cost Allan over $3 million to get custody. That is $1 million per child.


If Catherine had gotten primary custody, Allan would have paid child support, possibly spousal support, and split marital assets. Now he likely gets to keep the marital assets. That alone might amount to more than the $3 million he paid to obtain custody of the children.

In most cases, buying custody of children in family court even for affluent fathers is less costly. Usually, you can buy custody of three children for less than a million. But Catherine was a good fighter. That raised the cost.

Family law attorneys thrive on high conflict cases like Kassenoff’s, where a wealthy, allegedly abusive father and protective mother fight it out.

The solution is to get experts to blame the children’s fear and loathing of the father on the mother, not his own abuse, and call it “parental alienation.” Then hand temporary custody to the wealthy father.

This will set off a chain of motions and court actions because protective mothers will fight desperately, and affluent abusive fathers will pay anything – to lawyers, GALs, children’s attorneys, custody evaluators, and therapists who support the father’s position of parental alienation.

In this case, Allan had the advantage. While his wife took care of the kids, he made money and was able to outspend her using the marital assets. He also spied on her emails and texts, possibly violating the law, but knowing her moves ahead of time. He knew enough to pick pro-parental alienation lawyers and therapists.

Despite being outspent by millions, Catherine [above] put up a brave fight and lost her home, her apartment, her savings, her children, her health, then, it seems, her life in the battle.

The family court – without juries – and judges who can make up laws as they proceed make it a sure bet for the litigant with more money.

Where there is no jury to hear a mother’s cries, the lawyers, therapists, and evaluators recomend to the judge, who alone decides what evidence he or she will hear.

Mental Illness?

The other effective tool of custody evaluators is to bring value to the fathers who pay them is to report that the mother ‘presents’ as mentally ill, as they did in Catherine’s case.

Neither of the two custody evaluators in the case are legally qualified to diagnose mental illness.

The mother was not their patient. But they use language shy of diagnosis, such as she “appears to present” and then fill in a specified or unspecified personality disorder, which the courts can use to buttress their decision to remove the mother because she is dangerous.

Once the custody evaluation report is complete – claiming parental alienation and the appearance of mental illness, the children’s lawyer and the father’s lawyer ask the judge for an emergency ex parte hearing, pleading: ‘The mother is mentally ill. She alienates the children. We need an emergency ex parte hearing to protect the children from their dangerous mother.”

A parental alienation-friendly Judge, like Jeffrey Lubell, will sign an ex parte motion to remove the mother from the house and bar contact with the children – even if she is their primary attachment figure in the “best interest of the children.”

Catherine, like many mothers who lose their children, after being abused by their spouse, may have presented as if she was unstable.

Applied Mental Illness

Catherine went from being a mother to losing her kids overnight, was evicted from her home without due process, later removed from her apartment, based on the word of her alleged abuser and his “professionals.” She lost her dogs, couldn’t take her clothes or personal possessions with her. Her husband reportedly wouldn’t even give her her coats for the winter. She was arrested on false charges that were eventually dropped, but lost her job before she could prove her innocence. She lived in friends’ basements or out of her car. Many people would present as unstable under similar circumstances.

Family court arguably causes this emotional distress. The custody evaluators call it a personality disorder – as if it existed before the trauma of family court occurred, and use it as proof that the mother should have no contact with the children.

Conversely, the calm, collected, father is persuasive in court.

A Court of Inequities

In coming posts, we will share more than 20 videos of the couple, where Allan is not calm but appears to present as mentally ill. We will also post documents as we try to unravel what happened.

Catherine’s last post was like a deathbed statement. In law, a deathbed statement is an exception to the hearsay rule, because it is presumed true, as a person would not lie while dying.

What happened to Catherine is not unique. It is happening nonstop in America’s family courts. What is unique is her deathbed statement.


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  • Yes. Family court is a CARTEL. Worst than drug cartels because they can commit crime legally and get ultra-rich.

    Judges , lawyers, custody evaluators rob parents/ families for money. then forcefully separate children from one parent.

  • “… When it comes to the MFC’s (Mafia Family Courts, such as AZ, CT, MO, MN, MT, TX, NC, FL, Canada and many more), there is no law.

    The MFC’s are run by ex parte communications with the sitting judge, and all actions are done by whatever rules need to be applied by said MFC and the actors involved.

    All this unequivocally is done without any regard for the well-being of the children and the target parent (usually a caring mother).

    It is all done for the pure purpose of pumping as much dollars as possible into each actor’s pockets. … I’m sure the IRS would be interested in the data, as well as the DOJ.”

  • Excellent mothers losing custody- it’s a silent and global epidemic a that plays out like a movie script in case after case. #marremotherofsix #geertefrenken #suzannecutler

  • …. from sea to shining sea.

    “… In the midst of increasing social media pressure on the family court system, Robbie Harvey’s TikTok videos were mysteriously taken down the day after Catherine’s GoFundMe campaign was launched. These raised suspicions of a possible counter social media attack by individuals with vested interests in the family court enterprise.

    During the two weeks that Catherine’s Facebook videos circulated on social media, mainstream publications including  Ms. Magazine, Daily Mail, and New York Post expanded their coverage of her story. The increased attention was primarily due to the viral TikTok videos created by Robbie Harvey. However, the assault on Harvey’s social media platform resulted in a surge of conspiracy theories, retaliation, and the practice of blacklisting and shadow banning  information related to family court.

    Family court cases, like the Kassenoff divorce case, often go unnoticed by mainstream media, making the sudden attention to Catherine’s story welcomed by her social media network, which connects people impacted by family court worldwide. It is essential to recognize that the impact of family court extends beyond women, affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals, including men and especially children. The family court system operates with limited government oversight, accountability, and mainstream media attention …”

  • Rest in peace while we carry your name on our hearts as we face the same and feel that draw as well. no more pain 💜

  • Google Drive to Catherine Kassenoffs’ Court Documents
    Allan Kassenoff Martindale-Hubbell Profile
    Coverage on Catherine Kassenoff and Allan Kassenoff
    Bloomberg News
    Above the law
    Videos of Allan Kassenoff’s Abuse & Family Court Corruption
    NY Judges that made Catherine Kassenoff Childless, Homeless
    Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Allan should have sole custody of the kids and sole possession of the family home in Larchmont. He ordered Catherine evicted without notice. (2) Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children (3) Dr. Marc Abrams [above], custody evaluator #1. His recommendation: Because the mother “alienated” the children from their father, they should have no contact with their mother without a paid visitation supervisor listening to every word between mother and child. (4) Carol Most, attorney for the children, reportedly billed $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives.;; (5) Let’s not forget Dr. Kathleen E Mckay, MD. Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams. Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.
    NY State Bar Complaints Email for Westchester County ad2-grv9@nycourts.go


    Catherine Kassenoff and Allan Kassenoff
    June 08, 2023
    Google Drive to Catherine Kassenoffs’ Court Documents

    Allan Kassenoff Martindale-Hubbell Profile

    Coverage on Catherine Kassenoff and Allan Kassenoff

    Bloomberg News


    Above the law

    Videos of Allan Kassenoff’s Abuse & Family Court Corruption


    NY Judges that made Catherine Kassenoff Childless, Homeless

    Judge Lewis Lubell ruled Allan should have sole custody of the kids and sole possession of the family home in Larchmont. He ordered Catherine evicted without notice. (2) Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children (3) Dr. Marc Abrams [above], custody evaluator #1. His recommendation: Because the mother “alienated” the children from their father, they should have no contact with their mother without a paid visitation supervisor listening to every word between mother and child. (4) Carol Most, attorney for the children, reportedly billed $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives.;; (5) Let’s not forget Dr. Kathleen E Mckay, MD. Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams. Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.

    NY State Bar Complaints Email for Westchester County ad2-grv9@nycourts.go


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  • I am going through the exam same thing right now. Been fighting fir years, I am actually writing a book about it. How the system failed me. In 2014, I could have been her when I lost custody of my children to my abuser, but! God kept me. It is the most painful experience ever and my goal is to publish and advocate. The worst pain any mother could hear. I am a witness and still going on as we speak.

  • I pray she did not die in vain and that the proper people be accountable for their own individual roles in abuse of power. Criminal charges should be filed against all of them but most importantly the children should be at the minimum taking out of his abusive custody.
    Placed in a loving home with relatives from their mom’s side of the family.
    For the love of God, help those children and take them out of their father’s evilness of abuse.

    • They are. Allan is Orthodox and I believe most of the players on his side are Jewish. Catherine was of Egyptian descent and Christian. Some of their fights revolved around the kids celebrating Christmas and keeping Kosher when they were in her care.

      • Did anyone involved in the case feel obliged to defend him — no matter what — and to think of her as a non-person?

        “It is forbidden to hand over a Jew to the heathen, neither his person nor his goods, even if he is wicked and a sinner, even if he causes distress and pain to fellow-Jews. Whoever hands over a Jew to the heathen has no part in the next world. It is permitted to kill a moser (informant) wherever he is. It is even permitted to kill him before he has handed over (a fellow Jew).”

    • “He that becomes protector of sin shall surely become its prisoner.” Augustine of Hippo

  • My name is amie. I lived w abuse and was not allowed to see my son bc the father was like Allen.. courts gave his dad full custody after falsely accusing me .. it’s sad. The courts need to recognize this.. I lost everything!! And still don’t get to see my son.. please fix the problem.. this is wrong. Please fix the family court system.. NOBODY SHOULD GO THROUGH THIS..

  • Every single one of these corrupt people should pay for their part in this karma will come calling Hope it was worth every corrupt $ for your part in destroying a mothers life hang your heads in shame

  • Everyone of these Judges, lawyers, evaluators etc., need to be prosecuted for this. Pure greed. I hope they get EVERYTHING they deserve in this life & beyond! Right along with Kassenoff!

  • I think they should be labeled, in some cases, as child sex traffickers because some children, like the Ambrose case, end up sexually abused.

  • Almost identical thing happened to me when I was going through a divorce with a Greenberg Traurig shareholder. I almost died of a brain aneurysm between the full trial he took me to and then his appeal and all of the nonsense in between. The system is so corrupt. I wish I could call it a “Men’s Club” but there are plenty of women involved too. It’s so traumatic and I just hope and pray that her kids will someday realize….

    • It’s a big firm. Maybe there’s a Greenberg Traurig ex-Wives Club you could join? The “Men’s Club” comment reminds me of Kay Griggs’ testimony. Have you heard about this?

      • Did the most organized and visible family court reform groups help Kay Griggs in any way?

        Did anyone reach out to her? Is she still alive after the filming of her testimony?

        If powerful political connections involved in organized corruption make us too afraid to help women in that situation, what good can we do?

  • I hope the kids when they get older that they know that their Mom was a good Mom and that she loved them very much, and what he did to her.May she rest in peace now.

  • Let’s not forget Dr. Kathleen E Mckay, MD. Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams. Dr. Mckay decided Catherine should not see the children at all, even with a visitation supervisor, denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.

    • “ denying Catherine’s last wish to see her children before she died.”

      You’re wrong about that. katherine herself says on her FB that she was approved to see the kids on May 14th, unsupervised

      • he clearly put on her Facebook while she was granted a Mother’s Day visit, you dimwits doubt everything when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

        Below is what GUS DIMOPOULOS wrote to the court to scare it into preventing a Mother’s Day visit. Although that visit was ultimately allowed to go forward without any “supervisor”, it didn’t happen because DIMOPOULOS threatened that the Children would “run away” and that my mother would be too frail to chase them down. That is: he has ensured that they are told to “run away”. On Mother’s Day. Of course, I could not risk such a spectacle that would subject me and my mother to false reports – again – and put the children in a terrible dilemma. This is the very definition of using children as pawns.
        DIMOPOULOS wrote to the Court to “give” me Mother’s Day:
        “If Ms. Kassenoff can secure a supervisor for the morning, the one activity the children can miss is ice skating, opening them up for a visit from 9AM to 12PM. Alternatively, if Ms. Kassenoff would like to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday with the children, provided she can secure a therapeutic supervisor, she is free to do so.”
        DIMOPOULOS also has my children calling me “Catherine” instead of “mom” now.
        I have been accused of “gaslighting” the Children to believe abuse that DIMOPOULOS says never happened. Yet, I have posted numerous videos on this site that many people have been repulsed by. Who is doing the gaslighting here? Are the videos lying?
        Where is the order of protection I have been asking for over and over and over again?

        • “Although that visit was ultimately allowed to go forward without any “supervisor”,”

          Mic drop.

          • “… Below is what GUS DIMOPOULOS wrote to the court to scare it into preventing a Mother’s Day visit. Although that visit was ultimately allowed to go forward without any “supervisor”, it didn’t happen because DIMOPOULOS threatened that the Children would “run away” and that my mother would be too frail to chase them down. That is: he has ensured that they are told to “run away”. On Mother’s Day. Of course, I could not risk such a spectacle that would subject me and my mother to false reports – again – and put the children in a terrible dilemma. This is the very definition of using children as pawns.

            DIMOPOULOS wrote to the Court to “give” me Mother’s Day:

            “If Ms. Kassenoff can secure a supervisor for the morning, the one activity the children can miss is ice skating, opening them up for a visit from 9AM to 12PM. Alternatively, if Ms. Kassenoff would like to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday with the children, provided she can secure a therapeutic supervisor, she is free to do so.”
            DIMOPOULOS also has my children calling me “Catherine” instead of “mom” now.
            I have been accused of “gaslighting” the Children to believe abuse that DIMOPOULOS says never happened. Yet, I have posted numerous videos on this site that many people have been repulsed by. Who is doing the gaslighting here? Are the videos lying?

            Where is the order of protection I have been asking for over and over and over again?“

          • “Below is what GUS DIMOPOULOS wrote to the court to scare it into preventing a Mother’s Day visit.”

            He failed at “scaring” the court into preventing a Mother’s Day visit.

  • A classic example of a flawed and easily manipulated family court system. Allen may have duped the judges but there is the ultimate Judge, AKA God. Allen will not be able to BS his way past him. Rest in peace Catherine. The children are always the pawns and collateral damage of these divorces
    So many people shame abused women by saying “why don’t you just leave your abuser?”
    This is why.

  • Thank you for writing this article. Please investigate this issue more. This is a systemic problem in family court. The root of this problem is from a long held historical attitude (and old laws) that women and children are men’s property and he can do as he pleases with them.

  • Hi, Mr. Parlato. After reading Catherine Kassenoff’s story, I am left wondering if this is my future. I am in a Family Court nightmare in South Carolina in which attorneys, the Court, and those connected use many of the same tactics employed against Catherine.

    Litigation is a blunt tool used to destroy a life so a spouse and third party may walk away with family-owned businesses. Heart-breakingly and infuriatingly, my children have been used as leverage, seemingly reduced to collateral damage. Though I have asked for nothing in this high asset divorce, attorneys (and judges) have attempted to cast me as greedy and manipulative. When that narrative did not stick, they shifted gears and focused on a mental health angle. Though there was/is no evidence or history to support any of these claims, in Family Court, the truth does not seem to matter.

    I am bewildered by the absurdity of constantly being accused (and convicted) of false crimes. I am disillusioned to discover there exists a network of legal professionals willing to sign on to destroy innocent citizens (including children). Just like in Catherine’s case, the adverse parties lied to police claiming there was a restraining order against me. As a result, I was ejected from one of my own businesses twice (with police escort).

    Though these claims were later proven false, the Court would do nothing to correct the damage done. In addition, I have been repeatedly charged with contempt. On one occasion, I was ordered to return a broken computer, which I did. I was then immediately cited for not including a mouse and keyboard. Again, I am bewildered by the absurdity of these acts and terrified because there is no one to tell, no one who can or will intervene.

    I identify with Catherine’s words when she describes the exhaustion of constantly feeling hunted. The Court panders to disordered personalities who enjoy inflicting emotional trauma. Unfortunately for those targeted, the network of villains connected to the Court are never at a loss in providing new ways to cause damage. Being forced to drain one’s own finances to pay individuals to inflict irrevocable harm adds insult to injury.

    • “… My point being, if two men and a group of attorneys can do this to me in Family Court without a shred of evidence, they can do it to anyone.

      No one I know can understand how anything that has happened in Family Court or our businesses is possible.

      Our franchise agreements state I am the operating partner of the Melting Pots. I was the operating both locations at the date of filing for separation. This was the status quo. My spouse had not operated any business in 20 years and had never operated in Ohio.

      Still, in a 15 minute hearing November 15, 2021, he was awarded complete control of all businesses as “the traditional operator” and was also given the authority to ban me from any involvement.

      Next, he simply did not show up for work. By design, he left me in the impossible position of either doing nothing and letting the businesses, managers , employees, and guests suffer or continuing to work and being charged with “interfering.” In the end it did not matter what decision I made on any issue. If there was no evidence to twist, they simply created some.

      The only individuals who have written affidavits or provided “evidence” in Family Court are Mr. Dunn and Mr. Chaposky. When “my” attorneys would not address their perjury, I highlighted the false statements in affidavits and transcripts and collected hard evidence to disprove each count.

      The number is well over 1,000. “My” attorneys would not submit this evidence. They would not serve Discovery.

      They would not even send a letter on my behalf to refute the many lies put forth by opposing counsel.

      In January 2022, my oldest son recorded an in-person conversation which included me, my son, Mr. Dunn and Mr. Chaposky.

      In this conversation, Mr. Chaposky shouts and yells at me for nearly an hour and a half while my son and I attempt to do prep at the restaurant. Mr. Chaposky tells me I am “a disgusting human being.” He states, “I can buy anybody. That’s easy.”

      He says when he is done with me, I will own nothing. When I told him I was sorry my existence was such an obstacle for him, but I could not “not” exist, he paused for a moment, seeming contemplative. After that, he smiled at me in a way that chills me to the bone to this day. …”

    • Your story is one of millions of both mothers and fathers who’s life’s, children’s lives are turned into statistics and cash cows if the parties involved have money. The courts, cps, gal, attorneys court shrinks are all f**king vampires once they find out they have money they all collaborate and end up siding with the player who will end up filling up their bank accounts with the most money just like Catherine’s case. There are good ethical attorneys out there but in family court it seems there are alot of scum vampires out there who sold their souls. It’s sickening and the scum involved in her case I hope they die horrible deaths like poor Cathrine did or they meet their maker by some scum thugs in a random violent crime where they suffer horribly. Sorry folks but I’m an old testament fan. I saw some of the videos of her ex yelling at the children like they were farm animals who weren’t following commands, like I assumed he is a total weak 142 lb dripping wet wimp, cowardice stereotypical attorney who is such a egomaniac with a inferiority complex. He’s the type of wimp who would never be able to have a real woman with self-esteem and has to flash his money to unfortunately women that don’t have any self-esteem that have been abused and that’s all they know so it’s comfortable for them. As a male and someone who has 4 kids I am middle class and after 12 yrs my ex and I got divorced and we put our kids 1st. I am lucky that we didn’t fight over stupid things and walking into it I knew I was going to have to support my ex as she put her life on hold to be a stay at home mom to raise our 4 kids and she had a 10 hr a week part time job that got her outta the house and she did whatever she wanted with her money & I supported that as that is how I was raised and our kids are better off for that. There was no bickering over alimony-maintenance & child support as they’re our kids and I’m responsible for the kids and her while she started a real career and her income keeps going up. We split the 401k 50-50 which was fair plus the house value and today she has her own house, own investments and she is growing in her career. I have no resentments over any of it as she made the sacrifice to raise our 4 kids, breat fed all 4, our last 2 she was breast feeding both of them for about 1.5 yrs. Not too many moms out there will do that. Today & since the entire process we are best friends, our kids are happy and we even do short vacations as a family so our kids have healty childhood. Yes we are a rare example and I wish more people that go through divorce could drop their egos, petty bs, greed and just accept the situation and move forward. God bless!

  • Genuinely hope this woman finds retribution from beyond the grave and her former partner and his cohort of putrid flying monkeys rot for eternity. Filthy practices, and curse upon the judges who enabled this.

  • Its horrible. Special place in hell for those who handed them over to that paycho father. Beautiful children. I have seen this happen a few times.pure evil

  • I’m heartbroken and feel so lost for these kids, what parent does this to their own children. He is a disgusting human being and deserves to be held responsible for his wife’s death. I hope his kids realize when they get older just how Vile he is

  • “The law should not be an accomplice to this violence, it should not generate impunity or leave the victims unprotected — Encarna Bodelón

    Human evolution comes hand in hand with equality and reciprocal respect for men and women, but to equalize, first you have to equip those who are the weakest to the most vulnerable.

    Changes in humanity are slow, but if as in the present, violence is exponential against women and children, if the existence of child sexual abuse, pedophilia and trafficking in women and children is a scourge of humanity, if millions of women and girls are daily murdered, raped, mistreated throughout the world, if their children are murdered or sexually abused when they cannot care for them, we MUST change this course of history if we want to survive as a healthy civilization.

    The tragedy is visible and shown starkly. Its matrix: a society with a patriarchal mind.

    It must be realized that with respect for the human rights of battered women comes the right of their children, “defenseless witnesses of violence. It is time for all of us to start this new look, towards the victims, women and children, towards the vulnerable and dispossessed in this society.”

    — Graciela Dora Jofré, Justice of the Peace, Lawyer of Villa Gesell, Argentina

    “El derecho no debe ser cómplice de esta violencia, no debe generar impunidad ni desproteger a las víctimas

    — Encarna Bodelón

    La evolución humana viene de la mano de la igualdad y respeto recíproco de hombres y mujeres, pero para igualar primero hay que equiparar al más débil al más vulnerable.

    Los cambios en la humanidad son lentos, pero si como en el presente, la violencia es exponencial contra mujeres y niños, si la existencia de abuso sexual infantil, pedofilia y trata de mujeres y niños es un flagelo de la humanidad, si millones de mujeres y niñas son diariamente asesinadas, violadas, maltratadas en todo el mundo, si se asesina o abusa sexualmente de sus hijos cuando no pueden con ellas, DEBEMOS torcer este rumbo de la historia si queremos sobrevivir como civilización sana.

    La tragedia es visible y se muestra descarnadamente . Su matriz : una sociedad con mente patriarcal.

    Debe tomarse conciencia que con el respeto a los derechos humanos de las mujeres maltratadas, viene el derecho de sus hijos, testigos inermes de la violencia.

    Es hora que todos iniciemos esta nueva mirada , hacia las víctimas, mujeres y niños, hacia a los vulnerables y desposeídos de esta sociedad.“

    Graciela Dora Jofré, Juez de Paz Letrada de Villa Gesell, Argentina

  • Every person named above should run out of office for the corrupt manner in which they involved themselves.

  • Please someone find justice for her no woman kids and even the poor dogs shouldn’t have to go through that I have but fortunately came out the otherside

    • There are so many woman going through this in NY, across the country and world. What my ex-husband did to me (attempted unsuccessfully to end my life) so a judge issued an order of protection. He is so far above the law that he violated the order and was arrested. He has managed to successfully keep our children away from me. We have joint custody. I have been fighting since 2/2021 for equal access to our children. He has thrown out there that I have a mental illness in court. I have PTSD due to 20 years of abuse at the hands of him! He has been convicted of a domestic violence crime against me and yet the court and attorney for the children acts like he is a great father. He isn’t as he calls our child names like lazy, uselss, waste of space, etc. I pay him child support and NY state is one of three states in the country that receives federal funding so they can force parents to pay child support until the child(ren) are 21!

      • “… NY state is one of three states in the country that receives federal funding so they can force parents to pay child support until the child(ren) are 21! …”

        Has anyone started compiling data, laws and mandates state by state to compare outcomes?
        If not yet … any grants available anywhere to collect, map and graph that data?

        Is it possible that federal funding for family court mandates causes more harm than good?

  • Allen surely should not have custody of the children. He has obviously caused them irreversible mental anguish and should be allowed anywhere near him. He radiates evil in its purest form.May Karma crawl all over him as well as all of those who were involved in destroying this woman and her children and may the whole world be able to watch as it happens. Evil lurks everywhere.

  • Thank you, Frank Report for allowing us to vent and to voice our concerns with the “family court” system. So many in America — and in nations all over the world — have expressed concerns about family courts for the past few decades.

    Why have family courts failed so miserably for so long? It looks like the mission of “family courts” is:

    to take millions of dollars from children and families
    to provoke dangerous conflict in families
    to totally stress out every member of already vulnerable families — under penalty of law

    Who decided America’s family courts should be for-profit and purposely adversarial, under penalty of law?

    That kind of torture isn’t in anyone’s best interest except for those making millions from that nightmare.

  • Thank you for shedding light on this rampant issue in Family Court. Sad it took a sacrificial lamb such as Katherine to bring awareness. For many of us, it’s whoever has the best paid assassin’s. Let’s not let them win.

    • Sacrificial lamb? What happened to her is a travesty of justice but do some research. Millions of both men and women in the US have this happen everyday and lots of them either end up in jail, homeless or kill themselves everyday due to these evil courts and its both sexes that are victims. It’s pure evil.

      Watch this

  • Catherine Kassenoff was an intelligent NYU Law, Dartmouth graduate, Federal Prosecutor, who ended up living in her car, childless, penniless, ALLAN KASSENOFF, and the Family Court players, eventually completely TERMINATED EVEN SUPERVISED VISITATION, AND REFUSED A DEATH BED VISIT WITH HER KIDS.

  • my story is the same as Kathrene’s story. I married a narcissistic psychopath Dr. Samer Salmo. He abused me for 10 consecutive years, he put me in jail, accused me of being crazy and dangerous to children, he cried in court claimed that I tapped him and got myself pregnant from him. He refused to admit paternity of our twin girls, accused me of sleeping with my own dad. He took my kids away from me and demanded 5 years restraining order. I lost my kids in 3/2023. Not allowed to speak to them completely.

    • I’m so sorry that you are going through this… it’s awful how someone’s side is taken just because of their status

    • Hi, why does your case sound just like mine, have we connected? Oh Also Judge Flores of the San Francisco Superior ruled that I lied about my fertility thus tricked Thygesen into getting me pregnant, and that constituted Domestic Violence subjecting me to 5 year Restraining Order. Father is the son of the CEO of DocuSign whose spend millions on his son’s child custody battle.

    • OMG, just saw your post, sounds like me, Judge Flores of the San Francisco Superior Court also ruled that I tricked Thygesen CEO of DocuSign’s son into getting me pregnant, Allan is paying the legal bills to terminate all contact & to imprison me.

  • He thought all of his problems would disappear once she passed. Ha. No matter what, Catherine was clearly a strong woman; while tragic, heaps of good on her for doing this. We’re only just seeing the tip of his just desserts. The fact that so many women were a part of this disgusts me- this man and these people are despicable.

  • So typical for someone who is a narcissist like Allen to act like they are the victim. After all they only care about winning. I’m going through the same thing though not at the same level as neither me or my soon to be ex have millions to spend but we’ve already been in a nearly years long divorce and custody battle. The comments made invalidating Catherine are completely unacceptable, she was being abused. Anyone who has been a victim of abuse can clearly see that. The important thing here that truly matters are the children and they don’t deserve to be living with someone who doesn’t put their well being above all else. It is clear from the videos that this man is not fit to be a parent and any “real” custody evaluator would have seen that had they spent the necessary time with him and the kids and with Catherine. They also should be able to gage what the relationship is like by speaking with the kids individually and I doubt that even happened from what has been described. These kids need to be where they will not be subjected to abuse, which means NOT with Allen. AND A judge that wouldn’t even allow a dying woman to see her kids!!??? For shame!!!

  • I am very sorry for the way you all treat the victim Allan. He js being abused. He just wants to take care of the kids. Catherine committed suicide just to destroy him.

    She should have done the right things and just committed suicide and shut up. Not ruin his life.

    I’m so sorry for you Allan.

    • The iconic “Christian love” is shown here in full display. What a pathetic life you must have.

    • Did you watch the videos? You are no better than those that abused her and the system you get what they wanted. May God have mercy on your soul for defending an abuser!

    • To “Ponder This”: my educated guess is that your real name is Allan because Allan is one sick human being and no one else with a heart would think he was the victim. You will be rotting in hell one day.

      • I watched the videos. Obviously Allan is mentally sick, he refused to take children to activities. He wants to sit at home, drink beer, neglect children. His entire purpose was to prevent his wife from getting alimony and child support. Allan is a narcissistic psychopath. Children should not live with him.

    • You can’t actually be trying to rationalise what this man did. Have you watched the videos? Those children weren’t alienated. They had front row seats, watching how their monster of a father treated their mother. Absolutely appalling of you to even try to justify his behaviour. Those poor children are now stuck with him. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

    • Are you okay? You seem a bit delusional and brain washed. Perhaps you’ve played the victim in a situation before and are trying to make yourself feel better by defending a narcissistic abuser. I hope you get the help you need and you clearly know nothing about children if you think Allen wants to protect them. You know he only wanted the kids to hurt Catherine. Don’t be so stupid. I hope you can get the help you need.

    • Ponder this, Allen. Your kids will, no matter how hard you try to stop it, will one day see these videos and they will hate you forever. Probably doesn’t matter to you though, since your only goal was to take everything g from her.

    • Someone check on this “persons” kid or spouse. They are obvious an abuser. Only abusers would side with another abuser.

  • Is there a way to help her kids so they can move with her parents and to try to put him in prison? He’s a monster and should not have the kids

  • My experience with family court is so similar to this story. My abusive ex used litigation as a tool to harrass me- after an eight year divorce and countless ridiculous petitions, he dragged me and our children through a five year custody dispute. Thankfully, he was not able to get access to my house (bought long prior to our marriage) only because I never changed my name on my mortgage or house deed to my married name. The custody dispute was horrific. We had one custody evaluator who literally lied on his report to the court master- saying the children said many horrible things about me (all untrue), and that I had Munchausen by proxy because our youngest has severe allergies and asthma and is frequently sick. My ex husband’s girlfriend systematically went to people throughout my small town, school personnel, doctors, etc. to try to defame my character. It was shocking how they were able to convince people of such horrible things about me- despite my having had previously good relationships with those people! Thankfully,my lawyers were able to call for an additional custody evaluation, and although the report was not favorable of me, my ex looked worse. The real reason he did not win is because, in the end, he admitted he really didn’t want more custody because he had broken up with his girlfriend who had initiated the custody dispute, and who was paying for it. Three years later, my ex has met another woman with three little children, and he almost never sees the children we share. Our children have long standing mental health issues from the trauma he put them through during this horrible custody dispute, and throughout their lives.

    • I’m so sorry that he put you and the kids through that.I really hope karma gets him in the end.The children should be asked in front of the judge whom they want to live with.I as a teen did not want to live with my dad.And I would let everyone know that.Courts need to start listening to the children.

  • I want to know if this guy will still have his kids after his wife’s statement. The kids should be with her family (if possible). I can’t imagine how he is treating the kids.

  • Very sad. Too much of this is happening in the family court system right now! Parental alienation is such BS. When all else fails, this is what they resort to. Thank God she recorded everything and shared. Unfortunately she won’t be able to see justice served. Everyone listed in this article needs their licenses revoked and need to serve long sentences!!!!! A lot of changes need to be made in the family court system and judges, psychologists, social workers and GALs need to start being held accountable for their mistakes. How can decision be made without these so-called professionals ever doing any real investigating? Had they done so, this would have been a no-brainer. I don’t have a law degree or psychology degree…and I can see the issue!

    • Totally agree! I am a business owner that contracted with CPS. There’s so much corruption that is almost seems these cases are made up.

  • I’ve been fighting for my youngest child against his “father” He is not his biological father as I was pregnant when we met. Everyone knows this.
    2010 (4 years into “marriage”), my ex “adopted” my son. I found out in 2013 that my ex was still married to his first wife, 7 years into our relationship.
    It would be 6 years later that my ex tried to kill himself twice and then turned on me. I’ve been trying to survive on my own having lost my home, my step sons and essentially my daughter because said ex molested her, my career because of 20+ court appearances in 24 months, a sick babychild with cardiac and neurological episodes that turned out to be panic attacks because he had to see his “father”.
    I am the loudest voice in VA that family courts are corrupt. Lawyers that charge thousands of dollars per day, Guardian ad lirem’s that are supposed to be acting in the best interest of the child and judges that are persuaded by the best lawyers that money can buy.
    Narcissism is real and typically in men. Support mothers and their babies. Men can leave and moms will be mother and father. Women removed from their children will never survive without the love of their mom.

    • I agree and disagree. In situations like the one above or yours of course yes. I would have ended up in the same situation if I would have filed for divorce in Montana but I moved to back to Arizona with the kids and fought here. But my dad was an incredible father and my mom was an abusive, violent addict. The courts in Maricopa County repeatedly gave my mom custody and ordered my dad to pay and during that time I was subjected to unimaginable abuse. Moral of the story, sometimes the mother is the bad one and that’s why an impartial investigation is so important.

  • It says enough that the company he’s a shareholder of takes absolutely no responsibillity, and turned off the abillity to comment on all their social media posts. Trying to make out Alan to be an angel since he took a voluntary leave of absence.

  • This is INSANE!! I feel for her daughters! I hope you continue to fight for Catherine and get EVERYONE that was involved FIRED and/or JAILED!

    • What family law code did Catherine use to kick out the first judge? I need it to kick out my judge who denied me to see my children

  • All these people that financially gained should be forced to refund the money and setup a trust fund for the girls for unjustly helping to taking their mother away from them. Leaving them unprotected from a crazy father that doesn’t care about them and was only interested in winning.The cruelty that was inflicted on Catherine while she was dealing with cancer is unimaginable. She loved her children and just wanted to protect them from all the evil that was forced on them by this lunatic. He should lose custody immediately.

  • Someone needs to sue these people on behalf of the children, but I expect no one can afford to do that….

  • Last winter, “… just this week the governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission released a report recommending that courts discontinue the use of psychiatric evaluations for parents citing biases inequalities and harmfulness to kids …”

    Remember Fotis Dulos?

    The court-appointed “family court evaluator” in that case was Dr. Stephen Humphrey. Is Mr. Humphrey still allowed to practice in New York and Connecticut?

    Mr. Humphrey met with Fotis about twenty times.

    When Mr. Humphrey wrote a report to inform the “family court” that Fotis was a “gregarious and confident person”, did Mr. Humphrey predict that Fotis would smile confidently as he killed his wife?

    Who allowed Marc Abrams and Stephen Humphrey to practice in family courts?!

  • This is a judicial and ethical disgrace!! I have the same key players in my family court case in Long Island that Thomas Valva had and it seems like history is repeating itself !

  • As a mother, in a similar court for the past 17 years, It hurts. It is too late after the facts . Preventive actions.a divorce should not be a day over 1 year in account of law. Once there is a limit in how much money the legal system/ attorneys / fees/ experts/ can pocket, I can assure you that a mother will be able to level the battle field.
    Money is power and greed destroyed families. Mothers teach respect, love one another.. should they teach their children to navigate corruption?

  • I hope anyone who helped this man abuse his wife get burned at the stake. What an awful human being.

  • All of these individuals who took part in the attack against Catherine Kassennoff should be held accountable and be under review.

  • Reminds me of the Tommy Valva case in Long Island. Family Court acted similarly with the mother despite her repeated pleas for help. It took her son dying before anyone paid attention.

  • We are dealing with a similar court situation in Missoula, MT. And the dad is also a suspected child molester. It’s horrific.

    • I’m so sorry. Montana is an absolutely terrible state to be an abused women in. The police side with abuser even if you have obvious marks and the kids are scared. They fail to document reports and gaslight mother and hand kids right over to the fathers, deeming mothers unfit. I lived in Libby for 7 years and decided to file for divorce after I moved with the kids. It helped that my ex was illiterate, scary but really not the brightest.

  • I went to Allan’s law firm website (Greenberg Traurig) to send a message and the link for “contact us” has been disabled. I’m not surprised

      • Reviews on Martindale-Hubbell for what?

        For being a multinational law firm? For being the 9th largest law firm in the United States? For having 45 locations in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia, and approximately 2650 attorneys worldwide? For ranking in the top 20 of the Am Law 100 by gross revenue, in the top 10 of the NLJ 500, and in the top 25 of the Global 200?

        What does a large law firm have to do with corruption and lawlessness in teeny tiny local family courts? 🤔

  • I have recently begun to uncover information that clearly shows me that those who are in positions of power are often times child abusers, this includes politicians, judges, lawyers, those working in various police agencies, the military and the very wealthy. Many of these people are simply not capable of putting the safety and welfare of a child first. The entire system is so systemically corrupt and this is why. Add to this the fact that our government has been usurped and is being run by foreign entities today and we are now living in a lawless country. The children are being set up for a future of darkness that is unimaginable, people need to wake up. These poor girls are now left alone to live with a man who is a narcissistic, emotionally immature, self serving, egotistical raging monster who is completely incapable of putting their needs first. They will now pay the price for a system that is broken and has abandoned them. My heart breaks for them. Catherine deserved better and so did these girls.

    • Many pedophiles get into professions where they can have access to children to abuse, while at the same time appear virtuous: Priests, Police, Family Court Judges, Pediatricians, etc. Many family Court judges are child-molesters, yet the Justice Department will not go after them because they need them to prosecute their political enemies. It’s the most deplorable, disgusting brand of quid pro quo.

  • Please please please carry this story forward. This man is too dangerous to look after his children.

    • “This man is too dangerous to look after his children.“?

      Family courts throughout America are too corrupt.
      Family courts manage dangerous cases for profit.
      Family courts purposely create conflict.
      Family court lawyers use the most horrible cases to keep the money flowing.
      Family court administrators in New York ignore the best interests and the safety of children.

  • Every last person listed & pictured above will undoubtedly “face the music”. Now, especially, that this story has gone viral & continues to do numbers on ALL platforms. Whether they serve prison time or not – they’ll all feel imprisoned once they realize their careers are OVER! Thank you for creating this site!

  • All of these so called “professionals” should be investigated by their perspective boards and banned from ever having the opportunity to ruin another person’s life. They drove her to commit suicide and should be held responsible for their actions. There is a special place in Hell for them.

    • Correct they did. I knew Catherine and there are 30 of us with the same players and we all don’t have our children… we w continue her fight

      • I’m one of those too but didn’t know Catherine personally. Our court system is massively corrupt

  • How nice of this “protective Mom” to lay this massive guilt trip on her children for the rest of their lives. “Daddy wouldn’t let me see you, and you called me Catherine, so I chose to commit suicide.”

    I’m sorry, but to me that is pure evil to leave that as her parting shot for the kids.

    • That’s not even close to what she said, you pig. She was dying of terminal cancer and her abusive husband had spent millions manipulating the justice system to get her kids taken away.

      • Yes, dying of terminal cancer and chose to publicly unleash private family videos OF HER CHILDREN as her last goodbye,

        and now those poor kids have to deal with a dead mother, nevermind she indirectly blamed them for her death, at the same time they have to deal with going viral online at her hand and masses of people threatening violence on their dad. Asshole or not, he IS their father and it has to be incredibly painful to see all the hate against him because mother lost a vicious custody battle and essentially died of cancer. As if that wasn’t horrible enough? Mom made it a point to leave her kids in the middle of a shit storm. Basically what this woman has done is twisted a terminal cancer diagnosis and tried to blameit on her ex. With some success, apparently. Class act.

        I call bullshit on “protective mom.” Put yourself in those children’s shoes. Just like katherine, you probably can’t because you are single-mindedly obsessed with vindictiveness toward the father. The children are trampled and destroyed by the mob as collateral damage. Bravo.

        • And your comment is REALLY HELPING?
          Here’s what’s real:
          The Frank report cared enough about these children to show empathy for them.
          Children are incredibly resilient.
          They just need to know that they matter!
          And these kids do matter.
          The public cares about their welfare and their well being.
          A lot.
          We can not really know what exactly happened.
          What we do know is these children deserve to have a fair chance in life.

          All anyone can ever do is move forward.

          This is a tragic story and we all hope that there is healing and grace.

          • This creature commenting anonymously is clearly a troll, best to ignore the narcissist looking for fuel.

        • You are delusional. Did you not see how that man was acting. He’s no father, he’s trash. And she was ordered to leave her children. He has everything coming to him, you can not treat people like he did, imagine what daddy is doing to his daughters

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t molesting them on top of everything else. For him to spend $3 million to buy off judges and lawyers and therapist… It smells like a Chomo…
            If it sounds like a deck and it quacks like a duck and it smells like a duck, it’s a duck
            Those poor babies

        • Oh my God ! You must be hiding the Anonymous post because you are the husband I’m here trying to defend yourself… You are a worthless piece of shit

        • There’s a REASON that Catherine put those videos out. If you can’t SEE that reason, I can’t help you. YOU are probably either related with the husband or related with his evil lawyer. Most people here with “objective eyes” can SEE the anger and hate in Allan.

          • Wow, he was actually angry and said mean things to his wife at the end of his marriage. She clearly could not stand him either, and we have no idea what she had said to him before she hit record on her phone. It looks like a set up to me.

        • we all know you are Allan. So please stop. Just know this Allan, there is a special hell for people like you.

          • you all need to stop your brain dead witchhunt you sound like a bunch of idiotic meth heads running barefoot with pitchforks.

        • Her last parting act was to make people aware of the corrupt Family Court system so others don’t have to go through the same thing. Tommy Valva’s mom tried to do the same thing and expose the corruption. She failed as well but she lost a son in the process.

          • WE did it he switched his number now we attack his new one
            (847) 530-9730 make our presence felt

    • Don’t worry, Allan. I’m sure you’ll spin this in as negative a way possible to further poison their memory of their mother.

    • She had terminal cancer and chose assisted suicide as her way to go. She had already lost the children. They wouldn’t even let her talk to them to say goodbye. Her children will probably never know the length she went to to fight for them. It’s a shame. I don’t know why parents can’t share their children 50/50 barring abuse of course.

    • Ugh, yea have you ever been in a contentious custody battle with the opposing party spending millions to terminate your parental rights? Of course not, your loser self can only meet an uneducated low life like yourself that doesn’t have millions to eat you alive in court.

      • Wow, are you seriously trying to say that I am not “good enough” to marry and divorce a “high quality” person like Alan? you’re a disgusting hypocrite.

    • She had terminal breast cancer, and she had every right to end her pain and suffering. She did not use suicide to guilt trip her children.

    • You’re a piece of work. She never said that. She was terminally ill. Her Ex-Husband was abusive and using the courts to abuse her and using the kids to abuse her and it was abusing the kids too.You should read it again and have some empathy.

    • She had been battling cancer and was recently diagnosed with another life ending illness. She chose to do assisted suicide because she could not physically mentally or spiritually go through another battle with chemo and radiation with also her husband stalking her and wanting her jailed time and time again because he is a narcissistic sociopath

    • Please everyone went again still her and took everything from her. She felt her only option is suicide! Dont judge someone unless youve been in that situation!

    • If you haven’t watched any of the videos documenting his hundreds of abusive tirades, screaming at her and their children while he KNEW he was being recorded you need to keep your mouth shut! What the courts did to this poor woman and her children was despicable! Despite documentation of everything he did to her, she lost everything! You are despicable for defending him if you had knowledge of any of those facts!

    • He destroyed her…He took everything away from her.Why would you side with that pos,?Video showed the kids scared of their father’s behavior!And stating they didn’t want to go with that crazy person.The man is a terrible father and was evena worse husband.

    • Your comment is Pathetic. If he didn’t abduct her 3 kids she wouldn’t have needed to post anything. The kids were trafficked to a sick abuser. I knew Catherine and was married to one just like him and lost my kids to same judges and players…we will continue Catherine’s fight

  • I hope her family sues each and every one of these people into oblivion. There should be some loss of licenses going on too.

  • The woman has left an entire case file. She was an attorney. She left it behind so that someone in authority could do something about it. These court system are not engaging in conduct that is in the best interest of children or the adults. I would like to see who is going to step up. For god sakes where is the government? Where is the FBI? Frank has been reporting, Micheal volpe and a whole host of people. Still nothing? These are just a chosen few people in the public eye. What is it going to take people. The woman was terminally ill. She would have kept fighting but the cancer would not let her. Denied visitation on mother’s day? Not by the children. We have all watched the videos. We keep using social media. We gotta take to the streets.

    • Yes what happened to Catherine is happening to me, denied mothers day, 4 years on Supervised Visitation, Judge gave Dad, CEO of DocuSigns son, Thygesen custody at an Ex Parte hearing, Dad never met the child ever, and wanted abortion, this play book Allan Kassenoff uses is the exact same playbook used by the Thygesens in my case, theses cases never make main stream because there is too much $$$ invovled.

      • I’m so sorry that this is happening to you as well. Please keep fighting. Use every resource you can find to help you fight this.

      • Oh my god!

        What the f.

        Bias against women. It’s never been against men. Men funded this!! Abusive men

  • This is outrageous and infuriating. I can’t imagine what Catherine went through. Battling cancer, an abuser, a dirty system and being ripped away from her children. I hope everyone involved has their career and reputation forever destroyed and I truly hope Allen chokes on a hotdog to put it nicely

  • I spent 12 years in the New York family court system battling false allegation after false allegation from my ex wife. Several hundred thousand dollars and over a deCdw later I finally won but I will never recover financially. Many times I thought about killing myself it’s too much to handle the orders of protection and attorneys and social workers and forensic psychiatrists and child protective services and incompetent judges…the whole thing is a racket. The incestuous nepotism on this case is disgusting I hope they all lose their jobs and are permanently disbarred.

  • Allan Kassenoffs’ weaponizing the courts, his legal team, bogus experts, false police reports, against Catherine Kassenoff is atrocious, and identical to the tactics, in the case of San Francisco Superior Court Thygesen v. Wang DV-19-814465 in fact both Catherine and Kailin Wang have been forced into Supervised Visitation since June 2019, and Thygesen is still attempting to terminate even that. It is madness

    • Things are about to get worse for kailin wang. A lot worse.

      More “kill baby” postings coming??

  • Indias birthday is this week guys. I just want to say happy 32nd birthday to those nipples.

    • He’s going down. He’s an animal. Catherine was kind, reasonable and a loving mother.

      These psychopaths use the courts and their connections to annihilate the mother- the protective parent.

      Literally every professional involved is in on the scam from the start abd they are unrelenting.

      Catherine had no history of mental health issues. This was created solely by attorneys in family court and endorsed by court appointed custody evaluators.

      Is so unfathomable one would never suspect t such corruption until it’s too late.

      But this game of racketeering has been going on for decades.

      • Always the same thing with Wifebeaters. Say she has “Borderline Personality Disorder”.

      • “Is so unfathomable one would never suspect such corruption until it’s too late.“

        When you see “family court” players and legislators smile across the aisle, that’s the inside joke.

  • The first 2 minutes of the 1st video I saw I asked if he was mentally ill or high functioning cause of the way he was behaving and I knew another man who tortured his kids like this. Allen needs to lose everything as well as every person who played a role in this! I hope the karma comes for all of them!

  • Go to TikTok and search their names. Decide for yourself. He exposes himself as a truly vile, abusive piece of human garbage.

    • I looked and I don’t see anything bad. Can anyone link to a video that shows him being abusive as alleged?

        • Oh my god. He is so sick. He is literally mentally sick. And he reminds me of my ex. Although mine was 100 times worse and of course he has all the demagogues in his pocket. Expose him. His children know what’s up. They don’t want crazy. It’s not a question of loving him, kids always love their parents. It’s a question of them needing and DESERVING SANITY.

        • Protective mother here, thinking Robbie Harvey’s overly dramatic tone is more irritating than helpful. The actual history facts of the case would help more than three minutes captured on tape.

          What’s Allan’s history and mental state that caused him to respond in such an emotionally immature way? What specific incidents, words, misunderstandings and dynamics led up to the recording of those rants?

          The short recordings of his intense reactions remind me of videos of police officers acting aggressively in response to dangerous people who just committed crimes. Videos starting with the action, without showing what what led up to the action can be misleading. I’m not doubting either side of the story, I just still don’t know what to think of the case.

  • Something similar happened to me, except I no psychological testing was ever done. My former attorney (Valerie Houghton) is forcing my kids to be sexually abused. Ms. Houghton uses the information to extort and blackmail my ex.

    When I complained about this arrangement, Houghton had me hacked, stalked, and POISONED. Now all of my organs are damaged, testicles atrophied and the shape of my face has changed. Charges were also filed against me by District Attorney Jeff Rosen. No crime was even committed. The goal was to bring the matter to competency hearings. Ms. Houghton promised to tamper with any evaluation.

    I refused to undergo any evaluation. Ms. Houghton pressed harder with more assaults. DA Rosen refused to do anything to protect me or my kids. He just let the assaults continue, even though he had all the details and knew about what was happening to my kids.

    Eventually a report was entered into the record anyhow. Never even met a psychologist.

    I posted all the info here, in case anyone is interested.

  • Every person pictured here is responsible for her decision and the abuse her children went through. Horrible. Awful. DISGUSTING. How could anyone possibly believe this garbage heap of a human being? He’s isn’t a father. He’s a sperm donor and should have been treated as such before all of this happen. Horrendous people are pictured here. Absolutely horrendous.

    • Wow! What corruption!! Dirty judges, lawyers, doctors. And a scumbag of a husband. He’s truly sick. God will pass judgement on them all.

  • About time the laws were changed then..if this happening in America….so instead of wasting time putt8ng stories online..fight to change laws that result in such awful trauma…poor, poor women…

    • The laws exist. They are wholly ignored any family court judges. Everything about this case and professionals is illegal.

      There was no finding of mental unfitness – no medical doctor had any concerns and courts are supposed to rely upon only medical professionals.

      But they use quack psychologists and bs therapist to run the scam and within months of family court, a mothers fate is sealed.

      With gal, custody evaluator and court appointed therapist- your life is taken. No judge orders an individual out of the home that they own! All of it is insanity but the public is never informed and when they are, no one wants to believe the evil that exists in plain sight.

  • This man works for the people he is an attorney remove him from his job he is a narcissist abuser and kids and children shouldn’t be with someone so childish and absurd he is a pathetic man and it’s sick how the courts sided with this piece of shitt of a man

  • All of these utter lowlife evil scum should be investigated and jailed… bent corrupt monsters. I hope they have nightmares for the rest of their disgusting existence about what they did to that poor women. Those girls will hate that abuser when they are older.

  • Can someone start a petition to get these lawyers, judges, and everyone that helped Allan removed from their jobs or licenses taken away. I know there’s two sides to every story, but seeing just this one side shows that they failed to do the right thing for the children
    If not go to the mother, they should have gone to next of kin, not that monster!

    • I will definitely sign a petition!! Every professional involved in this case should be charged with Catherine’s murder!!! Corrupt judges and lawyers included!!

    • No matter how awful this story is there is no bases nor evidence presented to suggest disciplinary actions so severe as losing licenses for representing this POS is warranted. That’s just a dangerous statement to make in this day and age. This guy will likely lose his job solely based upon the videos. That seems to be warranted. The court appointed experts and judge are just doing their jobs based upon evidence presented. Don’t make baseless claims of corruptions when the poster never presented a single but if evidence to support that claim. The whole story is awful and heartbreaking. And the guy seems like a true POS.

  • Fucking heartbreaking and shows how corrupted the system is. Everyone needs to be held accountable.

  • Our Justice system (the Family Court in this case) is NOT working. We have to get rid of these Judges like: Judge Lewis Lubell, Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, Divorce Lawyers like: Gus Dimopoulos, Custody Evaluators like: Dr. Marc Abrams and Dr. Kathleen McKay, Child Therapists like Dr. Susan Adler and Dr. Carolyn McGuffog who work as a TEAM to make money from these court cases.

    We should remove them from our judicial system – please remember these names. Yes, they are very educated but rotten!! They work for money, not for wellbeing of the familes or the children.

  • This is heartbreaking, disgusting and extremely disturbing. All these people used their power to manipulate and destroy a human being. We all see you now. Your faces and names are public and we know what you did. You should all be ashamed.
    As for Allan Kassenoff, he is a monster and needs to be investigated by the bar association for abuse of power. He aldo needs DCF to investigate his disturbing actions towards his children.
    This whole situation is an abomination of power, wealth, and humanity.

  • Watch the videos of him.

    Anyone with any sort of background in psychology/behavioral health would tell you his actions are very manipulative and abusive.

  • Good reporting on such a sad story. I saw just now that the law firm changed his profile to indicate “Allen Kassenoff is on a leave of absence.”

  • Absolutley disgusting. They should all be ashamed. They are guilty of aiding that monster Allan in the abuse of his children and have dealt them a lifetime of trauma out to those kids and Catherine as a result. They should all be struck off. I hope those children recover, find peace and get to live with another loving family member.

    • Her family hasn’t spoken to her for years because of how crazy she is go ask any of them yourself. and all of this chaos and destruction she is causing is to cause her family just as much pain as Alan and the girls because she hates them just as much

    • The same goes for any parents that uses their child for financial and custody gain.
      There is much frustration, about how the family courts fail in their duty to protect by not investigating beyond the voice of the child, and how they don’t recognize an aligned, indoctrinated child, entrapped and coerced. Too often they believe false allegations. However, it is the system that is broken, not the individuals in the system who usually have the best intentions; they truly want to help, not make things worse. Generally, these are good-hearted, underpaid people, working extremely hard in a stressful environment. The system needs an overhaul, and the staff need better training. They need more understanding about parental alienation (or whatever they want to call it), so that effective, fast action can be taken. I like to believe, with more of us spreading awareness about alienating behaviours, we will reach a tipping point, and changes will be made, as has happened in the past (domestic abuse for one, please see a recent post on this).
      I also think a judge or counsellor who has never experienced ‘parental alienation’ nor read about it in a book can be swayed by the naysayers (those who say PA doesn’t exist or is an accusation made by an abusive parent to perpetuate their control and abuse. Also, as in this quote by J Edgar Hoover, the ‘individual’ or ‘family court’ just can’t believe a parent who presents themselves as loving, protective could be psychologically abusive: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

      But when one judge makes a good decision and calls out ‘parental alienation’ it gives us hope. As Robert F. Kennedy said: ‘It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’

      • This is spot on. Sadly. I’m dealing with the same type of ex, who is vengeful and can’t see he’s hurting his own children, in his plan to destroy me. The kids are the ones who lose. I hope this changes the awful system that regularly awards custody to the abusers, while the normal range, stable parent is pushed out

    • Dcf/CPS should take the girls and give them to Catherine’s mother. End of story.
      She’s been brutalized in all of this and those girls need to reconnect and heal.

  • Wow. This is one heck of a badly written opinion piece. No background context. No sources. Grammatically poor. I was interested and then desperately tried to figure out actual timelines, the story before this story while reading what seems like stream a of consciousness diatribe. Yes, I’m sure this was a horrific case, but I still know little actual background about it.

    • It’s all available in his wife’s last post and all evidence in her drop box attached to the post. You would have to read and view those (which show years worth of abuse from him) to really fully understand the above

    • Chris, there’s no need to make a continuum fallacy, based on the information given. Thus, pointing out grammatical errors doesn’t make a strong argument/opinion about the article.

    • You’re out of the loop. This is just additional information for us that already knew this story. Just get on social media and search this jerks name!

    • Check out her Facebook page. Catherine wrote every detail.

      Easy to criticize when one has to synthesize four years of abuse and corruption. Those are the broad strokes.

      Catherine left a detained account with all supporting documents.

  • Two sides to every story. It’s shocking how quickly everyone is to believe the story they are being fed here.

    • Oh there is plenty of documentation all over the internet right now showing what a fucking cunt piece of shit he is

      • Of course much easier to believe that several licensed judges lawyers therapists who are all willing to lose it and there jobs. are all lying and in on a secret plan instead of just one crazy lady lying

        • Nice try. That storyline is being exposed for the racketeering that it is. Yes- each person is corrupt. But no- they weren’t putting their careers at risk because they are protected by each other and the judges.

          A well oiled machine of child abuse. You’re done.

        • Janay, what part did you play in it because nobody in their right mind could possibly believe that Catherine was the crazy one.

    • We’re not being fed anything, you can see it with your own eyes in the multiple videos where he verbally abuses both his wife and children.

      • Lundy Bancroft studied only these guys for 30 years..

        Every woman reading this, please find his book. “Why Does He Do That”.

        There is s link to read it for free somewhere.

        Catherine’s case is exactly what he describes

    • We can SEE the story we are ‘being fed here’. Where is the evidence of all of the spite and lies this cretinous fleshbag came out with? Hanging isn’t good enough for a ‘man’ like that.

    • The videos and documentation are pretty damning and certainly seem to support what Catherine wrote about him. She was a lawyer and knew to document his actions. I’m surprised he was stupid enough to go off like that when he was being videoed, but he obviously doesn’t seem to have much self control.

    • There’s videos of him screaming that his wife is a fat old bitch and a loser and him saying that he hates his children. Multiple videos.

      • Um yeah, that’s why they divorced…ugly toxic relationship. for all we know she was calling him a fat old loser before she hit record. The videos are worthless out of context.

    • No. Watch the videos. It’s very clear. Only ones that matters now are the kids and he shouldn’t have access to them.

    • I saw the videos & I feel for the kids how terrified they were of their Dad & how he abused their Mom.

    • Um, she was a very smart women, thats why she included all material documents relevant to her case, everything she alleges is support by evidence you dimwit.

    • Have you not seen the videos of how this so called man acted ? And yes there are two sides to every story to bad Catherine was never given the chance because of the evil and corruption within the judicial system..I pray that this man and all the judges and lawyers who sided with their buddy with no proof of abuse on Catherine’s part get charged and loose everything..the same as Catherine did ! An eye for and eye! May God and TRUE justice prevail…

    • funny… seems like a comment from someone on allan’s side. everyone can agree this is a horrific situation. the videos catherine had taken of allan prove that she is victim in this situation and not allan.

  • I just called Allen’s office and the secretary said she couldn’t say if he was still around.

  • It’s amazing at how many doctors and lawyers conspired in this child-trafficking operation. I guess we have determined how much it costs to “legally” traffic children in Westchester County: $1 million per child.

    • Yes they all were in this grand conspiracy and all thought protecting one patent lawyer wAs worth losing there careers and there overpaid salaries if caught. instead of one known lunatic who’s own family wants nothing to with and hasn’t spoken to in years because of her craziness

  • Charitable giving is a great way to help carry on Catherine “Cathy” Youssef Kassenoff’s legacy by inspiring positive change.

    In lieu of flowers, Paige Bluhdorn suggested giving to Mommy’s Heart. Here’s why:

    “Mommy’s Heart, Inc. (EIN #87-4833078) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, which provides free legal representation and mental health services to parents and children, who escaped domestic violence but are now facing legal and financial retaliation by their abusers in the family court system. Mommy’s Heart aims to protect and defend the fundamental rights of fit parents to direct the care and custody of their children, so that no parent ever has to fear losing a child for reporting violence.”

    If you’re interested in making a memorial gift in Catherine “Cathy” Youssef Kassenoff’s name, you can do so here:

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

    The Ever Loved Team

    Want to change which emails you receive? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from these emails.
    We can also be reached at 2261 Market Street #4015, San Francisco, CA 94114

  • Unfortunately this story is not unique in rewarding abusers and removing children from protective parents.

  • … and, if Carol Most took $270,000 for the “best interest of the children” and failed, shouldn’t that $270,000 go to a college fund for those three children?

    • No his girlfriend wants that money
      There’s always some evil bitch helping these batterers.

  • Disgusting pathetic man child, absolutely inhuman behavior. This story brought me to my knees. My heart cries out for those girls. Justice for Catherine

  • Heartbreaking. The videos of the abuse don’t lie! She might have committed suicide but this is really murder. The girls begged not be with him.

  • “Ellebackwoodz
    I just called his number that’s listen on the lawyer website and boo’d him on his voicemail for like 2 min”

    they have a public instagram and allan’s email is on the website!!!“

    “Emma M Doheny
    Watching from Ireland let’s share this world wide. Help Catherine kids“

    How does blaming the symptoms instead of the cause help? The family court phones are the phones that should be ringing off the hooks, not the phones at his office. The guy needed therapy. He needed anger management, not more stress. Family court tolerated his stress in the divorce because his stress was good for family court businesses. And now everyone in his firm and everyone connected to his firm should suffer?

    • I agree with you. The dad does not deserve pitchforks and torches because the wife had terminal cancer and as an EU citizen had the option of assisted suicide.

    • Advocating for an abuser is fucking repulsive. Anyone who continues to enable him deserves what they get too.

  • Frank, whats up with this memorial for Catherine? We don’t even know if she’s actually and literary dead.

  • Allan Kassenoff was also an Ex Parte Order Abuser , he took Catherine’s Children, and got a TRO against her for speaking out about his abuse. See Updated Video.

  • “Eulogy for the Acursed Father
    As for the father, who on his belly slid to poison the mother of his children, no curse is needed. He will live perpetually in the shadow of the gloom he created, though he may not yet know it.
    All the curses come upon him without asking. They will overtake him. In his ruthless action, he stole the joyfulness, the gladness of heart, and the abundance of things from the woman he once cherished and promised to protect and for their offspring.

    She died at his hand just as he had taken a dagger, stabbed her, and let her bleed to death in the street. He shall escape not until the dust comes. As he sowed for his wife during the last four lonely years of her sorrow-laden life, as he presided over her destruction with sadistic glee, he shall reap in accordance. And the dark harvest is plenteous.” FP

    • I’m in the same court system as Catherine and my ex is very much like Allan. I’ve seen and have proof of a lawyer mentioned here who is massively unethical. It’s disgusting.

      My ex is very wealthy and is using his wealth to keep this 10+ year fight going. He has alienated my kids, fed them lies and there’s no end to his money supply. Sadly my kids are not stable mentally but I am helpless to help them.

      We cannot let Catherine’s story die. Allan needs to be held accountable, as well as all the corrupt, awful people who allowed this to happen.

      • ESPECIALLY all the corrupt, awful people who allowed this to happen.

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