Catherine Kassenoff’s Last Mother’s Day Message to Children; Allan’s Lawyer Shoves Back

Just days after she learned the news of the custody evaluation by Dr. Kathleen McKay recommending the de facto termination of her parental rights, Catherine Kassenoff sought a visit with her three children for Mother’s Day, May 14, 2023.
Dr. Mckay’s fee for the report was paid by the father, Allan Kassenoff.
Allan objected to any visit between mother and children.
On May 12, Judge Susan Capeci granted her a three hour visit, provided Catherine’s 78-year-old mother was there to supervise the visit.
There was a lot of back and forth over the visit, which ended up not occurring. It would have been the last visit she had with her alienated children before she announced her suicide 13 days later on Facebook.
Allan Kassenoff 
Allan Kassenoff’s attorney, Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus, told the court that “the children were extremely reluctant to attend the visit” and warned that they might “run away” during their three-hour Mother’s Day visit with their mother and grandmother, whom the children had not seen in several years.
Catherine interpreted this statement to mean Dimopolus advised Allan to instruct the children to run away to embarrass her, create an incident and disrupt any chance of future visits.
Catherine wrote of Dimopoulus, “He is a predator, making millions from these stories.”
Catherine Kassenoff
She wrote later, “Of course, I could not risk such a spectacle that would subject me and my mother to false reports – again – and put the children in a terrible dilemma. This is the very definition of using children as pawns.”

Mother’s Day Message

On Mother’s Day, May 14, Catherine offered a message to her daughters on Facebook to explain why she did not see them.
To my dear girls:
I am so sorry that the court and the people supporting it made this day something other than what it should have been for us.  When you get older, you will see what these people have done to ruin our lives.  They made money – millions of dollars that should have gone to YOU – from our misery.  [Therapists] Susan Adler, Carolyn McGuffog, [Attorney for the children] Carol Most, [Allan’s attorney] Gus Dimopoulos.  All of them.  
Your grandmother and I missed you dearly today.  But you are always in our hearts.  Don’t forget how much you are loved by us.  
You deserve so much better than this.
Love, Mom
Gus Dimopoulus

On the day after Mother’s Day, Allan’s attorney, Gus Dimopoulus, wrote to the Court:

After wasting thousands of dollars in counsel fees pleading for a Mother’s Day visit, and the Court sympathetically ordering the visit, over Mr. Kassenoff’s objection – Ms. Kassenoff did not even bother to show up for the visit this morning (nor did she notify Mr. Kassenoff that she wouldn’t be coming). The children were extremely reluctant to attend the visit, but nonetheless they were expecting it. Instead, they will inevitably soon read the below Facebook post that Ms. Kassenoff made this morning while she was blowing off the visit. We hope by now that Court sees that Ms. Kassenoff doesn’t care about repairing her relationship with her children – she only cares about exacting revenge, trying to annihilate Mr. Kassenoff… and claiming she is a victim of a corrupt court system to impress her Facebook posse.
Catherine rebutted on Facebook:
FYI – there was no visit ever scheduled, no time ever agreed on, no “blowing off,” nothing.  I said I wanted an ORDER OF PROTECTION and would not attend any visit – particularly with my mother – without it.  So DIMOPOULOS lies again.  Did DIMOPOULOS tell the girls that he refused to agree to an order of protection on behalf of his client and THAT is the reason why there was no visit?  Did he tell them it was because he told them to “run away” that there was no visit?  Probably not.

On May 27, Catherine announced on Facebook that she planned to commit suicide at an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland that very day.

She has not posted since.



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  • Allen Kassenoff has proven he has no credibility whatsoever by his numerous attempts to fabricate evidence by outright lying to the police by placing false reports to have Catherine arrested. He lied and did this on more than one occasion and each time it was proven that he’s a lying and evil POS who needs to constantly fabricate evidence. If he had sufficient evidence he wouldn’t need to do that would he? He has zero credibility. He’s willing to lie to the police shows he was willing to lie about anything all with the goal to control and destroy Catherine. Zero credibility. The police should have charged him already.

  • Catherine: “FYI – there was no visit ever scheduled, no time ever agreed on, no “blowing off,” nothing.”

    Funny, the court order says clearly that it’s set for 9am to 12noon on May 14th.

      • um, she wanted to see the kids on Mother’s Day. So that limits it to May 14th. The court set and scheduled the time in minute detail, including where and when the pickup and dropoff would happen, and who would do it. So I guess if you get a court order, you can just blow it off by saying you didn’t agree to it? Get real. The time was scheduled.

        • It looks like maybe Catherine was preparing, 2:08. Her husband, his girlfriends, Gus, Carol, Marc and Susan etc. took her daughters. They took everything from her and gaslit her for four years. Four years is a long time. She knew what was done to them and knowing she couldn’t help them must have destroyed her nervous system. Maybe she thought that a final “visit” with her daughters would be too much. What good would it do for them to see her cry? Maybe she wanted her daughters’ last memories of her to be only happy memories. Try that.

  • I’m a mom in Larchmont and know the family. Catherine tortured this family for years. The girls are healthy and well recovering and then this happens. My son told me that one of the daughters was crying in school today. Can you image that they are seeing all of this commentary from their mom and all of your comments and also wondering if their mom is alive or dead. Horrific. Please stop this narrative for these 3 girls.

    • Sarah A,

      You wrote, “Catherine tortured this family for years.”

      How many years? Are those four years these years? ⬇️

      “… She explained that Allan tried for four years to have her arrested on what she said were false charges and to strip her rights to see their children. It seems perfectly ironic that he would want to do that because he acts like he wants nothing to do with them in his video. She claimed that Allan spent millions of dollars to take the girls from her and to leave her with nowhere to live.

      “I have also endured the emotional devastation of being without my children for so long, homeless from Allan’s repeated ex parte evictions of me from the homes I own and rented, deprivation of my property and obliteration of my life savings, the loss of my two dogs, the loss of my career and reputation, and the concomitant humiliation and ostracism from all this,” she wrote. …”

  • I just have a feeling there’s much more to the story here. I am hearing that there are loads of videos and audios of Catherine. Does anyone have access to those? I find it hard to believe that all these different judges would remove custody from her if it really was just Allan and what we’re seeing on those videos.

      • I’ve seen them . They seem like they are from the same period as his ! Let’s just say it wasn’t either of their finest moments ! But he wasn’t egging her on chasing her w/ a camera phone !
        People close to Allan have asked him to post them but at this point he thinks his girls endured enough ! Even if he did these people are so slanted they will find a way to skew the videos of her to fit their narrative!

        • Will you tell us more?

          For example, why did Marcia Kusnetz write in an email to Carol Most on March 12, 2021: “You lied to a little girl who loves and misses her mother and told her that her Mother stopped visits when you knew that opposing counsel did … You told the girls that their Mother is dangerous to them. When you had no basis to state that as a fact.”

          You wrote: “Let’s just say it wasn’t either of their finest moments!”

          What was happening was more than “not the finest moments”.

          What happened was a well-greased stealing of those three children. The slimiest involved were tampering with evidence. Catherine filmed and gathered evidence to preserve the facts of the case for the authorities she hoped would be able to help her children.

  • Gus Dimopoulus – they’re coming for you. You’re an animal. A malicious, depraved, unethical, child abuser.

    • 2:33,

      It’s what the most horrible “best family court lawyers” do: Cheatin’ and stealin’, violence and crime.

  • Courts deny kids access to their mothers on Mother’s Day. They deny children access to their fathers on Father’s Day.

    These are parents where no finding of unfitness has ever been made. Those in prison for violent felony convictions are treated better and their children get access.

    What are we allowing these courts to do with our families? This is insanity- children for sale.

    Money money money

  • As a mother I have a very hard time with Catherine killing herself instead of fighting until the very end for those children. No sane mother would take her own life over protecting her children. If she felt like they were in such danger, why leave them in a fashion that will only further destroy them? Those poor girls. Catherine just left them, went to Europe and disappeared from their lives. All the girls will know is that their mom left them instead of continuing to fight. I would do anything for my children, there is no roadblock that would stop me. Why not try to kidnap them? At least something besides just leaving them in the dark like that.

    • Um, “Mama Bear”?

      It looks like Catherine did fight until the very end. It looks like she gave her life to protect her children — as real mama bears do. She could have walked away when the fight started. She could have happily moved on to live a single care-free life again.

      She didn’t choose to walk away from her children. She fought for them for as long as she could. She fought Gus. She fought Abrams. She fought Most etc. She fought that corruption until she couldn’t fight any more.

      Gus took her children from her. He gaslit her. The most corrupt in that “family court” took her home from her. They took her job from her. Their attack on her wasn’t an attack that lasted just a day or a few days. It was at least four long years — or more.

    • Hi Mama Bear. Are you aware of the fact that: Catherine was terminally ill and she fought this court case for 4 years? I have a feeling that you are Allan Kassenoff’s “Mama Bear”

  • She posted as if her mother was even here on Mother’s Day ! When the kids text their grandmother she said she was home (in another state) & didn’t plan on coming in ! Catherine knew her mother had no intention of being here on Mother’s Day ! Once again distorted truths at the expense of her children

    • Provide those texts to Frank Report Allan.

      Catherine spoke and lived the truth.

      Every court actor in this case will lose their license. And they will be the poster heathens to show the world that family courts are criminal racketeering operations.

      Divorce Corp. highlights some of it, but misses the torture, psychological abuse and inhumane treatment of innocent mothers (sometimes fathers) and children.

      Whoever finances takes all. Follow the money— if you can— these court actors and judges collude to make certain the non-monied parent is denied all records and access to accounts.

  • I am team Catherine 100% however i don’t agree with posting your life – private matters on facebook – i hope she kept a journal, cards, photo books for her children – those memories would be cherished rather than facebook blame etc. I shut down my social media during my divorce – just another avenue the opposing lawyer will go to investigate & misconstrue.

    • I am a mother and Catherine put everything out there for everyone to read about the girls. Their schoolmates will be able to read all the details of their torment. I fear the girls will be ostracized because of this.

      • The girls are being tormented and no one has protected them for 4 years. The trauma induced as a result of Allen and his paid cronies is unconscionable.

        Only through Catherine’s posts and suicide will those girls be removed from his care and given the love and environment where they can heal.

      • Um, “Mama Bear”?

        You’re not typing words a mama bear would type.
        Have you ever actually experienced “family court”?

      • Excerpt of Trial Proceedings
        Westchester Supreme Courthouse
        111 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
        White Plains, New York 10601
        July 23, 2020

        Supreme Court Justice

        “… MR. DIMOPOULOS: I’ll rephrase it.

        Q. Were you ever notified that my client was awarded

        sole, legal and physical custody of the children? …”

        Did Gus ostracize the girls, “Mama Bear”?
        Exactly how many individuals working in the New York “family courts” ostracized those girls?

        Note to the whistleblowers. Thank you.

        “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

        George Orwell

    • These are not divorces. They are crimes.

      She is posting about a criminal enterprise that has taken over family courts throughout the country.

      These are not “high conflict” divorces as the criminals want you to believe. It’s a complete take-down of protective parents-

  • Catherine’s oldest daughter ran away from Allen’s home several times. She ran to Catherine- the mother they loved.

    The child was cruelly forced back against her will to the father she feared and despised.

    Why was there no concern for the child’s wishes then? Because court actors were getting paid to deliver the children to the abuser and to alienate them from their mother.

    All that Catherine was accused of— all any of these mothers are accused of— is precisely what the court actors are doing to them.

    • She didn’t run away from Allan’s home ! Catherine told her to run away from school and she will pay for the cab

      • “Your children don’t want you here, Catherine.” Allan at the skating rink, March 18, 2023

        “The Center for Trauma Free Living
        64 Gleneida Avenue
        Carmel, NY 10512

        Case Name: Kassenoff
        Date: March 19, 2023

        Treatment Summary/Update

        Over the last two months there has been progress with all three girls and their relationship with their mother. Healing is clearly occurring and it is vital that progress continue …”

        • “One month before her death, she bought a modest house near the family home she was evicted from with a contribution from her family. She bought bedroom furniture for the girls and looked forward to the girls sleeping over for the first time. Shortly afterward, a new forensic evaluation came out paid for by her husband and it mirrored the narrative of the first one by the now-disgraced and debarred evaluator; and the judge discontinued visits.”

          • To: “she kept her hope alive…”
            I honestly and truly don’t know where you people get your information but it’s frightening!
            The new house Catherine purchased was not “modest”, it was close to $900k in one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in America. She had assets and paid for it in cash at the closing with her OWN money. The only person she has contact with is her elderly mother, her 2 brothers have had no contact with her in a long time.

            The first evaluator was removed from the panel of mental health professionals for the appellate division. He was in no way disbarred. All that means is that he can no longer conduct forensic evaluations on behalf of the court. He can still do forensic evaluations privately and still maintains his psychology practice. He is a major psycho though.

            The second evaluator is nothing like the first and happens to be a trauma expert. She also cannot stand the first evaluator which is why she took so long to evaluate. She did not merely “rubber stamp” the previous report. For this forensic to terminate a parent’s rights, it must’ve taken a whole hell of a lot. I’ve been to her as well as a handful of other moms I know and she demanded that we and our children be protected. Never mind that the courts completely ignored it.

            I have been in this system for well over a decade and seen many people. But no one who could convince you of something so wholeheartedly, you’d actually strip down & give her the clothes off your back.. and then she’d threaten to sue you out of nowhere and you’d slowly learn that everything she said was a lie.

            The stories about what happens to mothers in court are true, but that’s not what she experienced. She didn’t get fired from the Governor’s office a couple of months ago- that was over a year ago! The videos of Allan are bad. But now search for the videos of HER yelling at the children and come back and tell me who really sounds like they’re abusing the children. His anger is directed at her, she’s directing it at the children directly and each time it has something to do with the father. How sad for these little girls.

            For all the die hard Catherine fans: I know you’re going to reply like maniacs but I’ve lived it, know the family, the specific court players so don’t bother. #IAmNotCatherine

  • No further reporting on this case should take place until there is reasonable evidence that she didnt lie about her assisted suicide. Because if that is a lie, she really loses all credibility

    • Even if Catherine is alive it does not change the brutality and inhumanity visited upon Catherine, her mother, and her children.

      Thank you FR- these stories show the depravity of conduct by court actors.

      For such conduct these animals made millions-

      • “Even if Catherine is alive it does not change the brutality and inhumanity visited upon Catherine, her mother, and her children.”

        It would prove that she very is likely lying about the role she played in all of that. Sounds like she is a typical narcissist who can’t take responsibility for their own wrong doing. It’s like the person who goes to jail for committing a crime and blames the victim for reporting the crime.

    • Sounds good. Let’s bury the crimes and bury the truth. You’d love that Allen but it’s not happening now that FR is involved. 😁

    • Not w/ these people ! They will be so happy she didn’t follow through w/ her threat & turn her into Mother Theresa ! And it will be Allan’s fault she faked her death claiming it was the only way she could get her story out there . And if she gd forbid did go through with her plan of course it’s also Allan’s fault !!! He’s damned either way

    • The genocude is the destruction of a good man against evil what mothers last wish befire she dies is fir her daughters to be embarrassed and have no future. Good job Catherine kassenoff no wonder the court took away custody from u

      • Embarrassed and having no future doesn’t correlate to the daughters. It does correlate to the husband and should to [Therapists] Susan Adler, Carolyn McGuffog, [Attorney for the children] Carol Most, [Allan’s attorney] Gus Dimopoulos. All of them. If anything, the daughters will grow up and understand why the videos with the husband out of control, nasty, screaming at wife and children, calling his wife and daughters names, refusing to responsibly parent, etc. for the abuse their mother and themselves endured. They may be embarrassed as preteens/teens and ashamed that the world now knows how their father treats them and treated their mother. This would actually make sense, as would their more mature eyes viewing the videos released by their mother as a woman warrior trying to use whatever resources she has to protect them and bring change to family court system.

        • Omg you don’t seriously believe the bs you wrote that destroying these girls youth & making it difficult for them in school & around their peers will actually turn out good for them
          Good Grief

  • I am trying so hard to bring something constructive to this dialogue.

    I would like to say here that these two constructs posited:

    1. The children being extremely reluctant to visit and

    2. There was risk the children would run away.

    Cannot logically be simultaneously advanced.

    To where would the blessed traumatized children run BUT to their Mother? To whom have they consistently clung, hiding under her robes, metaphorically, She the Mommy with the only kangaroo pouch to protect them.

    Any other reading is simply incoherent with the taped depictions of these tiny creatures caught in crossfire. My God, oh dear Lord please please somebody write something to get these little souls into therapy!

    Where would the children run? They would run to their Mother. Not reluctantly at all! But eagerly, rhapsodically, zealously, excitedly. WITH EXUBERANCE THEY WOULD “RUN AWAY” to their MOMMY.

    The cabal has not only tortured Catharine to her presumed death (how I pray! how I pray she is in a Swiss clinic getting “experimental cancer therapy”!) and tortured and now! Omg! continue to torture these little babies, they torture the English language, and all laws of rhetoric, assert logical fallacies on which their cronies rubber-stamp their approval.

    Frank you know my writing, and when I am trying to harness my emotions, I fail. I am breathing. I am meditating. I am praying. But the connection here to what I am personally experiencing? It defies my regulation.

    Narcissistic abuse is unspeakable. Because it claims or fixes to claim one’s very mind.

    It has taken more strength than what I ever thought I could find to keep going.

    I want to help. You know. As a lawyer. I want to help. I see the pleas for help. I want to tuck every agonizing Mother (who can also be Fathers) into my kangaroo pouch. You know this. I feed hungry homeless people every single day.

    But I have learned: I can only give that which spills over from my full cup. My fingers here want to snatch those words back. My mind, my Autistic Empath mind, immediately goes to thinking:

    “No, Stephanie! No, you don’t need a full cup that’s pouring over! You just need a little bit in your cup, just a little bit to keep going, and then and then share the rest of your cup. Give the rest your cup. You can always replenish your little cup.”

    But then I focus all my heart and soul on Catherine.

    Catherine does not want her maliciously-meted, other-worldly pain to be in vain.

    I feel her: “Stephanie, stop. Nothing but your own cup. Absolutely nothing but your own cup. You and Vikky (my service dog, Frank, you’ve met him). Absolutely nothing but you. You. You. And only then can you be of Service in this cause.”

    I will be here once my cup is full. I know that is not a comfort to anyone in agony at this very moment who needs a lawyer right now. I know that this is so little.

    But I’m asking you to please believe me. Frank, I ask you to attest to my character, and to the fact that I never lie, and I always follow through. I will be here I promise you. I will be here. I’m a licensed New Jersey attorney admitted to that bar and also to the federal bar. I also run case management nationally. I will be here I promise you I will do something, but I don’t know what yet.

    I can only tell you that I promise I promise you from my very bones, I promise you.

    I promise you in the name of Catherine. And in the name of my Mommy, Marjorie.

    Please pray for us too?

    • I believe you believe what you are writing . You write very well full of emotion !
      When Catherine states the children would run away she meant while on the visit ! There have been occasions when they have done that! It happened once at the diner she was berating the girls to the waitress – 2 ran to hide in the bathroom – 1 ran away & Catherine left not knowing if the 3rd child was safe ! It is all on video from the diner
      My heart goes out to all mother’s & father’s embattled in custody issues , parents alienation however , before we cast judgement we truly need all the facts and not snippets from videos that are over 7 years old ! Let’s look at today – are these children thriving ? According to CPS & forensic experts they are thriving while living with their father

    • Stephanie- from the documents placed in the mother’s Google documents folder, to which the world should not have access, the social worker had written that the children had run away on visits before and that the police had gotten involved. Yes, I think the father could have stopped that, but the should he have is a different question. If it turns out that she was not terminally ill and did not commit suicide, then that speaks to an unimaginably poor character that the children should avoid.

      • How could the father have stopped it – he dropped them off then left . He wasn’t even there to prevent it . He was only called to come get the children after one ran away & 2 of them locked themselves together in the bathroom to keep her away from them !

        • “2 of them locked themselves together in the bathroom to keep her away from them!”

          Such detail! Such drama! Are you a nanny and/or one of the girlfriends?

    • The comment didn’t mean they would run away from the father – rather the fear was they would runaway from their mother like they did on past visits w/ her . Or lock themselves in a bathroom refusing to come out !!

    • I’m a domestic attorney who represents primarily victims of abuse. I relate to the emotions expressed in your post so much.

      It can be so demoralizing at times and it just emotionally drains you. I know it is so much worse for the clients going through this, but it hurts us too.

      I get so tired of fighting so hard and prepping and knowing that I have all the evidence to support my client’s case just to be told NO NO NO over and over again.

      Domestic litigants are treated like the red headed stepchildren of the judiciary and no one cares.

      I say all this just to follow up with – when I feel like I’m just ready to give up and find ANYTHING else as a career, I wind up really helping someone and turning an awful case around for a client.

      Then it’s not so bad, and I remind myself that I have to take care of my own mental health and keep working, because someone a year, five years, and ten years down the line NEEDS us.

      • Any chance of family court whistleblowers such as yourself finding each other to speak up in public about what they’ve witnessed?

        After all the entertainment, parents and children are being destroyed.

        We simply can’t tolerate this kind of massive destruction five years and ten years down the line.

        We need law enforcement to appropriately address the “family court” crimes right now.

  • Yah of course. Instead of reporting she blew off Mother’s Day with no real excuse let’s say it’s bc Gus says they may run away ahd what’s her mother going to do. Bc they ran away Christmas Eve. But u all know nothing and judge. I’d love to see footage from ur homes. I bet y all yell at each other and ur kids but kk one is scaring ur footage from 6 years ago. And no this isn’t Allan I’m just a tired person from watching u all destroy a man who was protecting his kids from a crazy woman. So crazy that she rather destroy him in death even if it means her it’s have nothing. Yah she’s wonderful. Please. She was horrible but even in her death people r afraid of her. Where’s her family?! I’ll tell u where. In TX and Florida peetenigv she wasn’t mentally ill. Grateful ur all attacking Allen instead of them. Nowhere near these girls. But even a text. None of u know anything

    • Yea, umm you are … the Homewrecker, Mistress of Allan Kassenoff, who was a cheap Yoga Instructor that needed Allan for the money, you also wear Catherine Kassenoffs’ clothing, no need to defend Allan, he will be poor, and your whore house will be on to the next, then again you are 50 yourself so your no spring chicken.

      • You need help you are a waste of breath. I pray to every god in existence you don’t have children so that they don’t have to live with someone who is so full of hate and anger over sometning that has no effect on your life that your willing to spew your hateful false verbal diarrhea at people.

        • How many gods are in your world,11:14?
          Serious question. Not trying to insult or provoke. Just curious.

      • Herd mentality ! There was never any mistress , no one wore Catherine’s clothes ! Thank gd no one has to be a gold digger – thank gd at 50 looking good and btw no one is a Yoga instructor

    • Let me get this right. It is okay for Allan to destroy Catherine because she is “bad” or “crazy” and keep her from the children, but it is horrible the same bad things are happening to him. I think that is called karma.

      • She did many of her own horrible things ! They were both wrong and I blame the courts for keeping this divorce ongoing with no end in sight!
        Remember karma is a bitch , but it also boomerangs

    • I don’t know Mr. Kassenoff, but I have been through controlling abuse. In the videos, he’s not in control. She is. The extremely private information that she posted, for the world to see, is not even remotely flattering to her. I don’t know if she’s delusional or what. I don’t know how she thinks people could read those documents and think that Mr. Kassenoff is the bad guy. I’m not saying he’s great. He might be a jerk, but I suspect that she’s evil on a level we can’t comprehend.

      • Well I’m glad Catherine Kassenoff did reveal the truth, and the seedy incestous family court corruption, would you have others not post the video of George Floyds death because its embarrassing?! No it’s the truth, and these horrific Judges, Experts, Bullshitters need to be exposed for what they are.

        • You cannot compare the posting of George Floyd videos to those posted by here . George Floyd videos went viral as the situation was happening , these videos are over 7 years old , he never hit any of the children – was he hostile? Yes ! That’s usually happens when people are getting divorced ! Nobody wants a camera stuck in their face which is what this woman did . She doesn’t sound afraid ir scared in fact she’s enjoying taping him . Btw there are undisclosed tapes of her ! It was not the finest moment for either one of them !

      • Rachael B: do you really think that Catherine should keep those videos private (secret) after all this: you lose your 3 daughters – basically, you are kicked out of their lives. Before you answer, put yourself in her shoes (are you a mom?) AND.. Please be honest!!

      • He took her home. He took her children. Four years of his “family court” war took her life … and he’s not in control. Oh okay … sure … whatever you say Ms. B.

        “extremely private information posted, for the world to see. … not even remotely flattering to her” is a good indication that she was desperate and begging the world for help.

        Read the documents. No need to suspect anything. The documents speak for themselves. West Chester County family court failed Catherine and her children for four years.

        What kind of divorce needs four years of hell? The expensive kind?

        What a disgrace.

    • It is clear you don’t know anything about parental alienation. I can’t enlighten you here but this case screams of Allan going to extreme lengths to alienate Catherine

      • To defend himself Allan chose to protect his girls and not post videos he has of Catherine ! Catherine didn’t have to post the videos to get back her children bec you can see she eggs him on – if she believed the courts wronged her then keep fighting in court – get your story of corruption out there without leaving your girls to deal w/ the aftermath of your destruction ! Just like people state Allan couldn’t control himself , neither could she ! In the end it’s not about the corruption that’s so important to her rather she control her goal to destroy her ex
        If the girls would have been allowed to be with her when she was thinking of assisted suicide would she have killed them & then herself ! Which we see too often in the news ! Catherine has Canadian citizenship why didn’t she go to Canada where assisted suicide is legal . It’s closer less expensive . 2?of her kids also have Canadian citizenship, I find it eerie that recently before her death she offered the daughter that didn’t have Canadian citizenship to take her to get a Canadian passport –

    • There is a video of Ally singing mommy is a dead duck – mommy is a dead duck. My god where did she learn this? For sure not her mother. That alone tells u what a sicko the father is

  • Allan Kassenoff’s Profile has been Officially REMOVED from the Greenberg Traurig website. 23+ Million views on Tik Tok, thanks to The Robbie Harvey, and Allan Kassenoff #1 in weekly profile views out of 2,192,033 total attorneys Overall on Martindale-Hubble #justice #catherinekassenoff #familycourt #FamilyCourtCorruption #family #narcissism #abuse #california #newyork #toxicrelationship Janea Bender Catherine Youssef KassenoffJanea Bender Susan J Bassi Michael Volpe Angel Law Jason D’Souza

  • Speaking of which where is her mother. Or her brothers?! Right because even they want nothing to do with her. Her brothers who never even met her kids or her mother who only saw them 2x in 7 years. Yah. Ur focusing on the right person the only person that actually cared for these kids. Let’s destroy him. I’m sure 5 judges 2 forensics and multiple professionals were all paid off with his measly less than a million dollar salary. While Catherine with her government connections was a victim. Oh please. It’s sickening

  • What a crock of shit and ur reporting is even more bullshit. She was allowed a 3 hour visit. She told the court her mother would be in town. The same mother who only saw the kids 2 times in 7 years. Please. If she wanted to see her kids she would’ve. Lire set up. Ur a fool so sick or reading ur lies

    • You’re incoherent and ignorant. Eat from the crock of shit you have at your table

      • You’re a herd follower not recognizing that even in death this woman’s hate for her ex superseded her love (if she even knows how to) for her children

    • “She was allowed a 3 hour visit.”


      What kind of people “allow” a mother to see her three children for three hours on Mother’s Day?

      Did Gus “allow” one hour per child as the mother died of cancer or, did Gus “allow” the children to see their mother as normal mothers and children spend time together?

      This case should infuriate every decent person examining what was done to that poor mother and those poor children.

      • Kailin like Catherine had the choice to see there kids on Mother’s Day but cage didn’t because both of them care more about posting lies on Facebook and Twitter to a continuing to live in an alternate reality instead of actually seeing there kids

        • I can read just fine you dim wit. She was unable to utilize her visitation due to the impossible restrictions put on her by her abuser Allan Kassenoff !!

          Catherine Youssef Kassenoff
          May 13 at 9:32 AM
          I’m being “given” Mother’s Day but with no order of protection in my favor in place from the Court. DIMOPOULOS has threatened that the kids could “run away.” He has ensured that these kids are so badly poisoned and scared that they might “run away” from me or my mother on Mother’s Day?
          DIMOPOULOS will manufacture an incident to make them “run away.” He will tell them to claim they are being abused or that I am smoking crack on the visit or that I am threatening to kill them or that I am mentally ill. He is a predator, making millions from these stories.
          This is why an order of protection should have been entered by the Court. Yet, we’ve had two days of testimony and no order of protection. By contrast, TOPs were being handed out like candy – without a hearing – when I was the subject, because I might “gaslight” the kids. Then the courts delayed my hearing so that I could not get out from under the TOPs. Then DIMOPOULOS manufactured violations – which have ALL BEEN DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.
          DIMOPOULOS makes millions of dollars “advising” his clients to make up false stories. He orchestrated my false arrest. He then advised his client to orchestrate a second false arrest in March, which thankfully did not occur, due to overwhelming evidence I had to prove no wrongdoing. He worked with CAROL MOST to hire the former ADA who prosecuted me to her law firm, resulting in MOST’s removal from my case for gross ethics violations.
          Now that DIMOPOULOS is in the hot seat, the Court is doing nothing? Why is it so easy to subject me to serial ex parte “temporary” orders of protection without a hearing, but even after multiple days of hearings against ALLAN KASSENOFF, I cannot get the protection I need?
          I am terrified. I live in fear all the time. This is how our courts “protect” the vulnerable.

          • Yup, Thygesens’ attorneys Douglas Rappaport, Darrick T. Chase (suicide), Erica Johnstone, Michelene Insalaco, and Michael Reedy all used the same playbook as Gus and Allan Kassenoff, in the Thygesen v. Wang matter in San Francisco it’s frightening.

          • “DIMOPOULOS will manufacture an incident to make them “run away.”

            It sounds like the only restrictions placed on katherine were written only within katherine’s own mind.

            Court news I pray you don’t have children you sound out of touch with reality.

      • “She was approved …”

        Nazis “approved” Mother’s Day visits.
        America isn’t Nazi Germany.

        • Mother’s Day doesn’t even exist in Germany. it’s an American creation because America believed international women’s day was socialist.

          Sorry, but if people wanna cry and say katherine was not approved for Mother’s Day visitation, it’s a lie. “Court news” is the biggest liar on here.

        • No but the herd mentality that went on here to call his place of work threatening , screaming vulgarities at whoever was answering the phone sadly explains how Nazi Germany was able to happen !!!

          • Why is there no reply available for court news – In America it’s not default and in any country it’s disgusting to harass people , their place of work , & to scream vulgarities & threats to people bec you & your cronies have an agenda

          • Pudding check yourself before you wreck yourself
            scroll up to the closest reply link to courtnews and click. Its nothing personal.

    • Wow so you also had the chance to see your kids on Mother’s Day but made the descion not to and made your kids wait by the door for you for hours. All because being allowed to see them wouldn’t fit your narrative and wouldn’t make for a good Facebook post. I guess the courts works sometime because otherwise your kid would have to live you as a mom and grow up with hateful heart. And abuser

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