Before Announced Suicide, Catherine Kassenoff Forced From 2 Homes, Separated From Children, on ‘Findings’ of Cozy Custody Evaluator

On May 27, Catherine Kassenoff posted on Facebook notice of her upcoming assisted suicide later that day.  FR has not confirmed her death and is seeking confirmation, which is expected in the coming week.

From Catherine’s Final Facebook Post:

In the last four years of my life I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other. I can no longer endure the abuse and terror of Allan Kassenoff, who has spent the last 4 years mercilessly trying to incarcerate me on false charges,

Catherine wrote she had terminal cancer, and could no longer fight the battle against her wealthy husband to see her children.

FR is investigating her divorce and custody case – Kassenoff v Kassenoff – for it is a case like many others in family court, except that it has the tragic result of a mother announcing she is in Switzerland to end her life because of the abuses of family court.

In this post, FR looks at the custody evaluator, Dr. Marc Abrams.

Dr. Marc Abrams

The Power of the Custody Evaluator

In family courts around the nation, the custody evaluator carries enormous power. They write custody reports that judges take as gospel. If the report says the kids should be with mom or dad, the judge sends them there. Judges often exclude contradictory evidence in the jury-less, due-process-less court.

The custody evaluator can flip custody from the primary attachment figure for the children to the parent they fear and distrust. Children can be happy living with their mother in the morning. By afternoon, they can be removed from their home – or, as in the case of Catherine Kassenoff, the court can remove the mother based on the custody evaluation report.

The Profitable Industry of Parental Alienation

Many custody evaluators make their living from “finding” parental alienation. These custody evaluators posit that parental alienation of a father by a mother is worse for children than losing the mother they love.

The late Dr. Richard Gardner “discovered” parental alienation syndrome and its remedy – removal of the mother from the children’s lives until therapists can cure her. Dr. Gardner wrote that a mother who alienates the father causes terrible trauma for the children.

Dr. Richard Gardner’s Influence on Parental Alienation Theory

Dr. Richard Gardner first introduced Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in the mid-1980s.
Dr. Richard Gardner introduced Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in the mid-1980s.

Gardner authored over 250 books and articles advising mental health professionals and family law attorneys. His theory proved to be a financial bonanza for family law attorneys and therapists, and birthed a new industry – the parental alienation-seeking custody evaluator.

As family law attorneys soon found, if they could successfully implement Dr. Gardner’s theory, affluent fathers would pay enormous fees for the removal of their divorcing wife from their children’s lives.

Through the mere finding of parental alienation, the father gets custody. He can avoid child support and oftentimes alimony. Sometimes the poorer mother must pay child support to the affluent father.

Dr. Gardner’s work is the basis for countless parental alienation decisions that removed mothers in family courts across the nation.

While Dr. Gardner wrote that parental alienation is always traumatic for children, in his 1992 book, “True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse,” he wrote, “Sex abuse is not necessarily traumatic; the determinant as to whether sexual molestation will be traumatic to the child is the social attitude toward these encounters.”

He also wrote in the same book, “the child has to be helped to appreciate that we have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters.”

Dr. Gardner felt society overreacted to child sex abuse.

Catherine Kassenoff: A Mother Removed Based on Evaluation

Catherine with one of her three daughters.

Dr. Marc Abrams, a psychologist imbued with Dr. Gardner’s parental alienation philosophy, was the court-assigned custody evaluator for the Kassenoff children.

Connection Between Judge Lubell and Dr. Abrams

Judge Lewis Lubell, who appointed Dr. Abrams, attended his marriage at his home and officiated the wedding.

Judge Lubell officiated the wedding of Dr. Marc Abrams during the pendency of the Kassenoff case.

Dr. Abrams’ Custody Evaluation Report: Sole Custody for Father

On March 25, 2020, Dr. Abrams issued a custody evaluation report stating Catherine alienated the children from their father. He determined she must not be alone with the children, and that the father, who paid Abrams’ $32,000 fee, plus $400 per hour to testify for him, should have sole custody.

Dr. Abrams felt the kids should remain in the family home with their dad, and Catherine, the children’s primary caretaker all their lives, should move out immediately.

Should she ever see the children, it must be in the presence of one of his colleagues, whose business is to supervise visitation with alienating mothers and their kids for hourly fees that could cost more than $1000 per week.

Catherine’s Alleged “Unspecified Personality Disorder”

Dr. Abrams reported that Catherine appeared to have an “unspecified personality disorder.”

He could not say which personality disorder she “appeared” to have.

There are, among others:

  1.  paranoid personality disorder,
  2. schizoid personality disorder,
  3. schizotypal personality disorder,
  4. antisocial personality disorder,
  5. borderline personality disorder,
  6. histrionic personality disorder,
  7. narcissistic personality disorder,
  8. avoidant personality disorder,
  9. dependent personality disorder,
  10. obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

While Abrams was unable to speicfy which one he thought Catherine appeared to have, he knew she had one.

Catherine Ordered to Move Out Immediately

Two days after the report, on March 27, 2020, Judge Lubell ordered Catherine removed from her house. No due process. No hearing. No evidence. No trial.

Catherine had to leave the home she co-owned with Allan so quickly she could not pack her belongings. During the COVID pandemic, Catherine was childless and homeless overnight.

The Children’s Lives Drastically Changed, As Allan Gains Control

The children’s lives also changed dramatically. Enforced by the judge, who never met the children, mother and children were separated, based on the report of a man who only briefly met the children.

Catherine was homeless; the children motherless. The father, Allan Kassenoff, an attorney from Greenberg Traurig, whose annual earnings were said in court filings to be around $1 million per year, now had control of the children and the $2 million family home.

Dr. Abrams’ Removal from the Certification Committee

In our next post, we will explore how Dr. Abrams handled the custody evaluation, and how Catherine fought back, filing a complaint against him for misconduct, resulting in his removal from the Mental Health Professional Certification Committee, State of New York, Appellate Division, Supreme Court, First and Second Judicial Departments, as a mental health professional.

While it cost Dr. Abrams a fortune in business, it did not return Catherine to her children.

After being kicked out of her house, where she lived with her children in the village of Larchmont, Catherine, homeless, lived out of her car.

Catherine’s Restraining Order and Forced Relocation

Later, when Catherine rented an apartment in the village, Judge Lubell signed a restraining order, requiring her to be more than one mile away from her children. Since the Village of Larchmont is one mile by one-mile square, and her kids lived in the family home in Larchmont, the one mile requirement forced Catherine to move out of her apartment and not set foot in the village.

FR will explore what led to Abrams’ removal, and how Judge Lubell disqualified himself in the aftermath.

Scrutiny on the Kassenoff Case

As readers know, it availed Catherine nothing. On May 27, she posted notice of her coming assisted suicide still separated from her children.

Meanwhile, the family court case of Kassenoff v Kassenoff is getting scrutiny.

Allan, who took a voluntary leave of absence from Greenberg Traurig to “focus” on his family, and the roles of professionals paid primarily by Allan, who worked together as if in concert to separate mother and children, will be examined.

The Investigation into Family Court Operations

The professionals are:

Judge Lewis Lubell, who recused himself, based on Catherine’s accusations of bias, but not before ruling she could not live in the same village as her children.

Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus, attorney for Allan Kassenoff. Based on other cases, where he is the defendant in lawsuits, Dimopoulus may have earned between $1 -2 million to use his alleged powerful connections with Judge Lubell, Judge Koba, attorney for the children, Carol Most, and custody evaluator Marc Abrams.

Carol Most, court-appointed attorney for the children, billed at least $270,000 to work for the “best interest of the children.” She recommended the court remove the mother from the children’s lives. Catherine sued Most, and Judge Susan Capeci removed her from the case for misconduct, denying her more than $100,000 in billings.

Dr. Marc Abrams, “neutral” forensic evaluation, kicked off the custody evaluators’ panel based on Catherine’s complaint. Our next post will examine why the courts removed him from the panel and whether Judge Lubell’s “one-mile” stay away was possible retaliation.

Dr. Kathleen McKay, the second custody evaluator, who replaced Dr. Abrams.

Dr. Susan Adler, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, neuropsychologist.

Dr. McGuffog and Dr. Adler worked with the children to “understand” that their mother’s removal by the court was appropriate and to look to their father as their primary attachment figure.

According to court filings, the two psychologists invoiced about $100,000 – paid by the father.

Chirstine Paska, former Westchester County Assistant DA who prosecuted Catherine on a false charge of violating the one-mile restraining order. The case was dismissed, but while prosecuting Catherine, ADA Paska entered into discussions with the children’s attorney Carol Most about joining her law firm, which neither she nor Most disclosed to the court. Paska joined the law firm, leaving her lower paying position as ADA.

Judge Nancy Quinn Koba, who, without hearing from Catherine or the children, signed orders to keep Catherine away from her children.


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  • How is this happening!!! Someone has to make it stop. Clear corruption imbedded so deeply into the judicial system that it’s impossible to disentangle.

  • I have had both of those judges and Kathleen McKay in my case. McKay is just useless and put in her report who I voted for during the presidential election. Lubell is corrupt and Koba couldn’t deal with the divorce or family court and had to leave.

    The most pathetic judge not mentioned who listed under a year is Thomas Quinones.

    I am 3.5 years into my case but keep in mind I WON my CPS case and Judge Koba said my x wife didn’t get a fair trail to testify when she didn’t show up.

    It is all corrupt.

  • Didn’t loose custody. I can give you a huge box full of paper work demonstrating material misrepresentation. Wilful and intentional misconduct. Suppression of evidence. Violations of state stutes. I can connect opposing counsels firm contribution of campaign funds. Law firm connected to the fatherhood initiative. Locked out of the court room and mandatory family services meeting. With holding of funds for child legal services and conflicting financial information. All enabled by the aligations of parental alienation. Which were never founded. Dad sending text attempting to paint the Mom in a negative light. Case only came to a close because the child aged out. If you think for one minute the courts are not fueled by money and funding then you have never been dragged through family court.

  • As for investigative journalism, this is a story being told from one perspective only-that of the “victim”. People lose custody battles and are angry. A woman who has visitation rights with her children and is an accomplished attorney and professor is not “living in her car” when she paid over $800K in cash and flew to Switzerland for a planned suicide. One could argue that a recurrence of cancer, a woman of means and visitation rights even if initially with someone else present, might continue to be there for her children. That’s what mothers do. Parents have been wrongfully accused and incarcerated for decades for things they never did to their children and they don’t kill themselves. If Mr. Parlato has clear evidence that multiple judges and “cozy” evaluators and the entire Westchester child custody system is favoring paternal custody and that Dr. Abrams has a clear record of the same, then he needs to demonstrate this pattern of misconduct. If he does not have clear evidence, then the possibility that, in this case, the mother was felt to be unstable and potentially harmful, there is no choice but to remove her for the time being. The courts do their best, to advocate for the CHILDREN and sometimes this might require removal of a parent for a period of time. Is Mr. Parlato suggesting that the mother should always get custody even if her behavior is considered potentially harmful to the children? What should the courts do when parents divorce? What if Catherine chose to kill her children and then herself? Would he then blame the court system for their failure? Parental evaluation is sometimes necessary and if the court is solely driven by money, then lets see the evidence. Does Dr. Abrams or any of the psychologists live in mansions with an opulent lifestyle demonstrating their greed? Do his parental evaluation favor the father by more than 90% or the national average? What Mr. Parlato has done is told a one sided tale. (If you ask one member of a divorcing couple who is at fault, I am sure they will often point to their spouse and we would side with that person until we heard to other half.) Also, he has put innocent children and families at risk as Catherine’s self-concerned story has prompted death threats to those SHE has accused. Will Mr. P. take responsibility for their lives? Investigative journalism is only gossip without the whole story.

    • Finally someone with the courage to speak up. What mother would want her children’s lives destroyed. Did she even say goodbye to them? I heard they found out on Facebook. How horrible!!! Seems to me social media not only destroyed this mama life but his children’s. Congrats u must be proud Frank. No wonder no real news media would employ you. And u feed the Robbie Harvey baseless information and he adds his own commentary with no facts.
      SHAME ON YOU!!! You need to be taken down and take Robbie Harvey with you. A guy who looks like he masturbates to child pornography

    • Oh get out of town, he was a domestic violence perpetrator toward her AND the children. She was not the ‘danger’ to her children, he was, and the whole patriarchal boys club system that allowed an abuser to be given custody and a mother to be removed from her children’s lives.

    • Courts don’t listen to doctors or even advocates for the children. This is Catherine’s story but I know what the courts will do once they have determined what is right for your child. Even if professionals tell them differently.

    • As a child, no one believed I was being tortured by my mother. My father didn’t bother to try to save me because like Catherine, she was highly mentally ill, yet smart, so no one would believe me. I knew there was 2 sides to this story…..I knew not to jump to judgment

    • Are you serious? “Anonymous”, of course! Father’s Rights or you are connected with Allen or are Allen! STFU!

  • No one has been able to confirm that the “victim” in this case has passed away ! There is no recording of her death ! Her own mother has no information nor has the executor of Catherine’s estate been able to give any pertinent information to her girls . Weird … something does not add up

      • Olivia Newton John (May she Rest In Peace) mourned her husband was devastated by his death , her cancer returned & so did he ! He was never dead rather living freely on some Island . Proof is need for a family to have closure . Many areas of the estate can’t be settled w/out one . The children won’t receive benefits they are entitled to & will need ! It’s an avoidable mess & unfair to her mother & the girls

        • I have grave doubts that nearly a week after her supposed “assisted suicide” that they wouldn’t have a death certificate or any proof. You usually have immediate confirmation of death and a death certificate within 48 hours. OTOH if Catherine is voraciously following the coverage she should know this stunt will confirm all the accusations about her personality disorder and unhinged behavior. It’s absolutely tragic for the three kids to have been subjected to the unhinged behavior of both parents. Nothing worse than two wealthy, aggressive parents who think winning/hurting the ex is more important than the kids. Kids are collateral damage in this battle.

          • I don’t know anyone who gets a death certificate that fast and she died in another country. As a funeral professional I can say repatriation is a long process and because they weren’t divorced her husband is still legally her nok, her will and the person in charge of the will have nothing to do with that.

      • Until it is confirmed, we have no idea where or how Catherine is. She could be alive and in danger.

        If a post appeared on my Facebook out of the blue that says I am in Switzerland and ending my life that day, I sure as hell would want people to make sure that was actually the case—don’t just close the books and move on without even looking into it.

  • We must get a statement from the American psychology association about what steps they are taking to prohibit predatory behavior in their ranks.

  • Catherine wrote, “I ask that you keep telling my story …” What’s Catherine’s story?

    What can Paige Bluhdorn, Anne de Saint Phalle and others tell us about New York “family courts”?

    For example, what kind of philosophy drives the politics of Westchester County “family courts”?

    None of what’s happening there makes any sense.

    “ … All these years Leary and the others had been the philosophers, Alpert had been the administrator. He had made sure people were taken care of, watched over the kids, negotiated with the authorities, run the kitchen. He was also head of the underground FDA, making sure good quality drugs at fair prices were put on the market. He lectured all over the country, often tripping on acid or DMT as he spoke. After the lectures people would come up and tell him about their trips and he would carefully note what they said. He was a scientist gathering date. He wanted to map these unexplored realms of consciousness, he says. If you were put into a vast, strange forest and someone pointed down a path and said, “Down that path there is a snow apparition with fire coming out of its mouth,” you would write it down. Gradually you would get a rough idea of your surroundings. Thus Alpert tried to systemize what was constant in the LSD experience. He found amazing correspondences between phenomena he and the others were incapable of explaining and phenomena in the writings of mystics.

    The 1966 Stanley Owsley asked Alpert to come to New York to try out a new drug he was thinking of releasing on the market. The dosage hadn’t yet been worked out and Owsley wanted Alpert opinion. Alpert intrepidly took what later would be called a triple dose. The drug was STP, the most powerful hallucinogenic ever synthesized. Alpert freaked out for four days. He felt like he was dead. He felt like he was in a soundproof box watching himself and his existence roll by outside like the tickertape on a newspaper building. On the third day of his trip he had a lecture scheduled at the University of Massachusetts. He practically had to be carried to the podium. He looked out at the faces and saw them as one face. He spoke for three hours, and when he finished, the hall was silent. Some people came up and stood around him, but they asked no questions. They were stunned. Many of the audience were physical education types who had come to see what this drug stuff was all about, Alpert says, and their reaction was anger …”

    Sounds like New York “family courts”. All chaos, no order.

    • What … you think poof she’s just going to reappear ! That would cause significant emotional harm to her daughters

      • It’s possible Catherine had a mental breakdown from stress and faked her death. I hope she is alive and believe she deserves empathy regardless.

    • Agreed. I’m the past five years I’ve seen a handful of BPD women announce they were going to Switzerland for assisted suicide and not once was it ever true. It seems to be in the BPD playbook for online attention. She might actually make a suicide attempt wherever she is at now because once she’s found it will only confirm all the accusations and recommendations from evaluators about her behavior.

  • “… Paige Bluhdorn
    October 29, 2017 ·
    A recent 911 of false reporting to put me in a 72 hour psych facility in Greenburg, Tarrytown Westchester, NY by an Anni de St Phalle against me, mother Paige Bluhdorn was made just prior to a custody court hearing regarding Ms Bluhdorn’s twin daughters who Ms De St Phalle has been blocking for years trying to state that their mother is ‘crazy’ and they cannot talk to her nor her family. St Phalle took my husband out of a psych hospital for an overdose of OxyContin that I sought the help of NWH for and interventionists had been called upon to save my husband repeatedly. To heal my family I hired interventionists and asked for Ms De St Phalles help as she was aware that my husband was becoming suicidal and violent to me and others in the home speaking about using one of his guns from his gun collection.

    Ms De St Phalle is putting me and it appears as well my young precious daughters into hospital in several ways but first by blocking us, cutting us off from one another and cyberstalking me on Facebook and filing ongoing false allegations against me, Ms Bluhdorn, purposely to emotionally harm Ms Bluhdorn and her children who need me and cannot understand why they cannot be with me or have phone, text or email contact. Ms de St Phalle is continuing with false Orders of Protection, initially using paid for false allegations and the like to maintain her control over my children, my life, our lives even blocking the attendance we had at our church, all this to maintain a lifestyle with my exhusband. This women is a black widow to a entire family. This horrendous separation between my daughters and I by Ms De St Phalle using and manipulating the White Plains Court system and others, structured to severely and purposely harm all involved. Ms de St Phalle has been heard stating she thinks that I should ‘die’ and is saying I attempted suicide while driving me and members of my family to painstaking despair.

    I have been told I cannot Post anything regarding my daughters on Facebook which is unconstitutional. Ms De St Phalles behavior and control here is placing people in harms way. Emails to my exhusband regarding me daughters were thought of as ‘violations’ Of the false Orders of Protection made by Ms De St Phalle and due to this jail has been threatened repeatedly. The cruelty is unimaginable as I have not had proper holidays, vacation tell information decision making etc regarding my daughters that I raised until the age of 10, prior to Ms De St Phalles rampage.

    Any and all help requested and needed here please. Lawyers have been interested in money only not in helping by exposing the truth regarding this family tragedy. This women needs to be stopped, she is very dangerous. I can be reached at (646) 717-0994. Thank you all. I miss my daughters, friends and family.

    God Bless all. Yours, Paige — with Todd Hall and Douglas Hopkins. …”

  • In what kind of “family court” meshugaas were 18 people so helpless and destructive?

    “… Attorney For Child, Allan Kassenoff, filed a(n) Divorce,Separation – Family case represented by Most, Carol W., Chimeri, Christopher James, Hall, Christina Tanya, Hernandez, Jasmine Celeste, Colin, Lisa F., (total of 9) See All against Catherine Kassenoff, represented by Kassenoff, Catherine Lara, Frisch, Andrew James, Wiederkehr, Evan, Kusnetz, Marcia E., Spolzino, Robert A, (total of 9) See All in the jurisdiction of Westchester County. This case was filed in Westchester County Superior Courts Westchester County Supreme Courtwith Susan M Capeci presiding …”

  • Just wondering: Is the fundraiser from Paige Bluhdorn or someone impersonating her? says:

    “… Created with love by Paige Bluhdorn (Catherine’s acquaintance). …”

    “She absolutely made passes at me,’ Mr Atrope, who looked after the couple’s three Great Danes, two pugs and one Chihuahua, told the New York Post.”

    “George McKenzie said he was on call “round the clock,” driving family members, running errands and caring for the huge estate and five family dogs.”

    “… Respected New York socialite and philanthropist Paige Bluhdorn has taken legal action following humiliating, defamatory and damaging accusations from Westley Artope, a former employee. Westley Artope is represented by Neil H. Greenberg, a New York attorney who has targeted Paige Bluhdorn for years by relentlessly encouraging former employees to sue her, even when they have been fired with cause, as was the case with Westley Artope …”

    Who is Neil H. Greenberg? Is he “a New York attorney who has targeted Paige Bluhdorn for years by relentlessly encouraging former employees to sue her”?

    • They should just admit it: Professional Gaslighting is a category of secular family law. says:

      Mr. Greenberg’s website displays a New York Post article about Paige, like an ad campaign against her.

      Someone must have thought “Gaslighting Services in High Net Worth Family Court Cases” isn’t a good look. They must have thought a full-page New York Post article on their website is classier.

  • Parental alienation is real, and for those who keep vomiting that BS narrative that it doesn’t exist, deserve to experience it to understand the tournament, but occurs to one’s soul. And the number is mother father gender crap. It happens both ways. It just gets more attention with a curse to a mother. The system doesn’t give a shit all it looks at this. How much can I extract financially in the situation and who is corrupt enough and vile enough to assist in this process rest in peace Catherine and all the other parents, fathers mothers, who have suffered through such similar tragedies due to the manipulation and corruption of the players in the one sole purpose, cash flow

    • I think the problem is the definition of PA. I think what people are missing is the correct term of narrsatic family dynamics. Splitting is the term for causing people to choose sides. It’s being misused in family law cases. The accusations of parental alienation often tants a case. When you have real evidence of neglect and harm it’s ignored. Excuses are made for abusive parents. Once the parental alienation claims are made the case no longer focuses on the child. There is no real focus on resolving family conflict. It being used inappropriately to unfairly decide case outcome. There is a lot of money to be made pushing PA. It’s the uneithical conduct of many psychologist putting the theory in question. The court appointed psychologist are often unregulated. Sound clinical judgement is questionable in many cases Frank and others have reported on. Money is tipping the scales of justice. The truth has become irrelevant.

      • Very sad ! I had a male friend who experienced that & worse ! I agree w/ whoever posted divorce cases have to have a time limit so that fees can’t run into excessive madness ! There is no easy answer as most divorces are fueled by emotions ! I’m always amazed when parents of divorce choose to co parent & put their kids needs first ! Gd bless them

  • “Public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the courts requires a judge to step aside in cases where there is a conflict or disclose the conflict so the parties may request a new judge,” said commission administrator Robert H. Tembeckjian in prepared remarks. “It also requires separating politics from the bench, meaning a judge must resign upon becoming a candidate for non-judicial office. And it should go without saying that, when called as a witness, a judge must always testify truthfully.”

  • Justice for Catherine and her three girls!!! Please hold those corrupt individuals accountable including the abusive father who shouldn’t be aloud to own a pet rock!!!

  • We consider threats foolish.

    Once somebody makes up their mind that’s your problem. You can risk everything on some dead divorce case of a dead woman that doesn’t matter. You want to come into our world and stick your beak where it don’t concern you. You do this for no business reason. You don’t know the family even. Yet you come into our Family and quack loud.

    This is business, You are over your head and you might fall into the water. Don’t 🛟drown.

    • “We consider threats foolish.”? What threats?

      That looks like projection. Two drops of blood in the heading of your comment look pretty threatening.

      What a horrible way to act. If you can’t write anything kind, at least don’t write threats. 😐

      • “What kind of business uses two drops of blood in comments?”

        They are just a troll trying to stir shit up in the comments.

      • It’s disgusting. All of this is. These are children’s lives. People’s lives. You disregard it so easily.

        This is about money, power, and connections. Who has the power and who does not. It’s corruption.

        • It is corruption and it is criminal. Lives are ruined. Traumatized children grow up and talk (-if they make it to adulthood without being institutionalized). Family court reform NOW. @onemomsbattle

      • Write anything kind … without any confirmation, proof of a recorded death people have been posting horrendous things w/out full knowledge ! Everyone of you bashers are hypocrites when someone doesn’t agree w/ them ! Shame on everyone !

  • URGENT REQUEST: Here is a letter I wrote to CPS & DA’s offices asking they investigate Allan Kassenoff. Please copy/past & tweak however you like. Then mail to the below addresses. I made this as easy as possible. All you need to do is sign your name & mail it. #forcatherine

    We need to protect these children in as a group. One person won’t make a difference, but 1,000 concerned citizens will likely not be ignored. 💜

    Suzanne Miles-Gustave Esq Commissioner/Executive Deputy Commissioner
    New York State Office of Children and Family Services
    163 W 125th St
    New York, NY 10027

    Miriam Rocah Westchester County District Attorney
    111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
    White Plains, NY 10601

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Kassenoff children Allison, Charlotte and Joanne. Their home address is 161 Beach Ave. Larchmont New York 10538 telephone (917) 623-8353. Their father Allen Andrew Kassenoff is very abusive.

    He is a high powered attorney that gained custody of the children through a defect in the child protection system. He is a partner at Greenberg, Traurig LLP,

    One Vanderbilt Avenue
    New York, NY 10017
    phone direct 212-8012157
    main 212-8019200.

    The children’s mother, Catherine Kassenoff, was a federal prosecutor for New York. She was a special counsel for the Office of the governor from March 2015-Feb. 2022 until Allan filed fraudulent criminal charges against her.

    Allen Kassenoff abused her in front of the children and abused the children as well. There was an investigation by CPS and the abuse was founded. However, since the family law courts do not take abuse of children into account, the children were awarded to the abuser and in May 2023 the court ordered that Catherine have no contact with her children.

    The mother, on this case, is now dead (assisted suicide in Switzerland). She had terminal cancer and was unable to fight for the protection of the children. She also could not continue to endure the abuse perpetrated by Allen Kassenoff. He physically, mentally, emotionally and financially abused her and deprevied the children of a loving mother. Now the children are at the complete and total mercy of this abuser.

    Please investigate this case. It fell through the cracks before and now the children are at risk.

    If you have any questions please contact Catherine’s attorney Wayne Baker:

    Law Office of Wayne Baker
    14112 Piedras Road, NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87123-2323
    505-652-4222 (office)
    888-308-0987 (fax)

    He has case documentation as well as video confirmation of abuse.

    Please direct this to the proper person if you are unable or unwilling to help these children, please help them by contacting the proper authorities. This is a precarious situation for the children.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you for this template. It might be better to add the word “allegedly” a few times.

      We can also copy and paste what Catherine wrote and add it to these letters so what Catherine said will continue to be heard. Can someone also write another template using mostly Catherine’s words? Templates are great motivators For these kinds of political projects. So much is politics these days. Too much.

      • Just because Catherine said/posted it or any comments doesn’t make it true! I don’t hear people questioning her stability when videos of her yelling at her daughter w/ a bottle of wine in the table or waking up her daughter demanding like a lunatic wanting to know who ate her chocolate! We were not there, yet we all sit in judgement! I bet all of you if taped in your homes would show levels of what others would label abuse.

        I really doubt Allan, a patent attorney, was able to have the entire court system cow tow to him! One judge told Catherine by violating court orders and being an officer of the court she knows better and was, therefore, bringing all this upon herself! The same way someone pointed out that the little time she spent with the girls instead of asking them appropriate questions engaging with them she put them in the defensive questioning them about their father and telling a waitress they were rotten kids!

        Family court definitely needs to be reformed but not at the expense of attacking the wrong people. You will all in a few months go back to your own lives while leaving this family in more turmoil & financially ruined!

        One thing you all won’t accomplish is destroying the bond between a father & his three girls. He has been their rock always!!! They have never claimed abuse and neither did CPS

        • You’re delusional and tail is spelled tale in this case. Order of protections and not allowing her to live within a mile is not visitation. He’s a heartless scumbag. Children need their mother’s.

          • I meant “tail” as this case has been a long tail that keeps on wrapping itself around peoples delusions !
            It’s not ok when Allan goes for a court protection, but it’s acceptable when Catherine applies for one . The court introduced a one mile stay away not Mr Kassenoff as the girls said she was stalking them !
            You say Children needs their mother so I’m assuming you will blame others that Catherine decided to be motherly & exploit her kids by posting her bid for assisted suicide on Facebook instead of informing them or her own family personally ! Motherly is letting your children be in the dark for weeks to whether or not she has passed ! That’s cruel & inhumane ! Motherly is exploiting your children by posting their personal medical records online – all those who think it was ok I expect will have no problem posting their own personal medical records online to even the playing field !
            Before you call someone delusional know your facts better !!!

      • This is a great template. Thank you . My question and concern now r two things. Even CPS, although it appears they got it right in this case finding that the children’s father was an abuser, they r notorious for endangering children in horrible abusive foster care situations with unqualified and abusive “foster parents” who are just plain improperly vetted and in a majority of cases, very abuse to the children themselves. I totally agree with supporting these children and them being free from the abuse perpetrated on themselves and their mother at his hands AND the entire group of actors the father either Hired or was connected to being hired in their custody case. It is shameful and I hope and pray this case continues to bring ALL the attention necessary to create useful changes to this horribly corrupt court system. I haven’t read anywhere about the possibility of any extended family on the mother’s side that might be able and/or willing to take the children if custody with the father is changed. If there any family that anyone is awate of that is willing to fight for the ongoing protection and change of custody of these innocent children?

    • Have you spoken to the children to get their take on anything ? Now that you are setting out to destroy these girls financial means to support them (Catherine’s family isn’t interested) are you going to put actions to your words about caring about them & step up to the plate & support them ! Has any fund been set up by ALL THOSE CONCERNED FOR THE GIRLS ?!? The mother left ownin a home which she recently purchased for over $600,000 yet made no provision for the girls she left behind & the executor of her estate hasn’t been able to confirm her death !
      FYI the videos going viral are 8 years old these girls are teenagers and soon to be teenagers . They are sweet , respectful, presentable so the father seems to be doing a great job & because of him they are able to cope w/ their lives AGAINST their wishes being splattered all over social media & the internet ! No sane mother would post their children’s private documents evaluations for their friends , their parents friends to read!!! Shame on all of you for truly not giving a damn about these kids !!!! Karma works both ways !!!!

    • The children’s mother, Catherine Kassenoff, was a federal prosecutor for New York. She was a special counsel for the Office of the governor from March 2015-Feb. 2022 until Allan filed fraudulent criminal charges against her.

      With all her credentials and high profiled job she couldn’t find anyone to help her . Her husband is not a high profile litigant to even have any power in the Westchester court system .

      Mr Baxter why can’t you confirm her death and execute her estate ?
      Have you spoken w/ her daughters? I’m sure their mother left you specific instructions what to tell them & how her estate will be handled ! Aside from the ballagan she left posted on Facebook did she leave any personal notes from her to be given to her daughters that have nothing to do w/ custody but just pure love ?!?

  • Catherine’s death HAS been confirmed by her attorney Wayne Baker. I communicated with by email & have TWO confirmatory emails. If you want I can send them to you or you can contact him yourself. It has been almost 10 days since Catherine committed suicide and you are the only person reporting on this saying it’s not confirmed.

    • DEATH CERTIFICATE? It was easy to make a donation site for a woman who may not be dead. How many people pretend to kill themselves after writing a twisted goodbye letter? That’s not love. That’s sick as fuck. Where’s Bangkok on this matter?

    • He didn’t confirm it. He is quoted in a news article saying he has a request for the death certificate, but it can take several weeks to obtain.

  • Allan seems distressed now the experiences of Catherine and the girls are being seen and heard by a wider audience than his bought and paid for Family Court and hand selected experts. Must be a bit of what Catherine felt when she was in a horrific situation she couldn’t escape that impacted her reputation, employment, living situation, peace and ability to have any quality of life. Karma, hello, is that you?

    • She did have cancer, but still…this certainly didn’t help her health.

  • “… I cannot survive this torment and the grief that comes from such a prolonged separation from my children.”

    For the last several years Catherine would be bereft of her three young daughters because of draconian family court orders issued without a scintilla of evidence against her and, even worse, without a modicum of regard for basic due process protections that are woven into the fabric of American jurisprudence.

    Catherine was a casualty of the “Parental Alienation” apocryphal mental health theory that though heavily discredited by major mental health associations worldwide has been used to eviscerate mothers from the lives of their children in the United States (as well as in northern and western European countries, and in Australia, Brazil and Israel) when they present credible evidence to the court of physical and/or sexual abuse committed by the father. The statistics to support these calamitous expungements of mothers by the American family courts have been assiduously compiled by George Washington University Law School Professor Joan S. Meier, who has published widely in the peer-reviewed literature and has, likewise, spoken out courageously, and repeatedly, in the popular press. …”

  • Family court is corrupt. I have a DV finding, father committed DV again captured on videos and court refuse them and so did a custody evaluator. Attorney for minors assaulted my son captured on video as well forcing him into a visit with father. She lied about the incident. Court refused to view evidence of her abuse. The police and DA stared to investigate the attorney for minors, she quit and does not do minor’s work. No one wants to provide feedback on investigation. She did damage in my case and how many. Frank… how would you like to expose this corruption?

    • “Court News” Greenberg Traurig supports abusers & likely those who authorized the statement are fellow abusers. They tried to gaslight the world & it blew up in their faces. Nobody bought it. What’s even more pathetic is they couldn’t be bothered to say RIP to a fellow attorney & the mother of their employees children’s mother. 🤬

  • This whole thing reads like a hoax. Has anyone even confirmed the ‘assisted suicide’ in Switzerland? Lots of people are going to look very silly if this women turns up alive and well.

  • Most people with a mental illness are diagnosed before 25. The courts diagnose people way into adulthood because it’s convenient for the case. Catherine was successful well liked by many. A lot of these psychologist need their license revoked and criminally charged.

  • For those of you asking:
    Catherine Youssef Kassenoff
    Celebration & Vigil
    June 5, 2023
    Stanz Cafe
    26 Chatworth Ave
    Larchmont NY 10538
    Please join us for cocktails, bites & stories as we come together as a community to celebrate Catherine & bring awareness to the plight she shares with so many in our society.
    Please bring any written stories, photographs, or flowers you wish to share with her family.

    • Will Catherine be joining you? You people have her dead already with no proof. Your taking the word of a woman in distress.

  • “Dr. Susan Adler, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist…
    Dr. Adler worked with the children to “understand” that their mother’s removal by the court was appropriate and to look to their father as their primary attachment figure.”

    Psychoanalysis is a false, pernicious system of mind-fuckery. It’s about as helpful to people as astrology or bloodletting, and a lot more dangerous.

      • Hell no. But my nom de plume in intentionally Hubbardian. My comment was specifically referring to Freudian psychoanalysis, not necessarily psychology / psychiatry in general.

  • Frank – what can we do to help Catherine now and get her kids with her family? Has her family made any petitions to try and get the kids from Allen or are they too afraid of him? Can we start a petition to get this looked into by the New York DA where this occurred? Is there someone in the state that is willing to listen and do their due diligence to look into this. This is all so corrupt. Allen should be disbarred, how can he continue to have a job when he’s been involved in something that is clearly illegal, paying off people to get the outcome he desires at the expense of a dying woman. He is pure evil.

    • I do not know anything about her family, whether they are willing or able to step in. We have a lot more ground to cover here, and things will sort themselves out now that we have a little sunlight on the subject.

    • Thank you for asking this! Yes, please tell us what we can do? This also all over TikTok! Can we petition, what do we need to do?

    • I think her mother is close to her judging from the Facebook post. I’m worried they’ll move the kids into foster care now. Better than the dad tho.

      • Her mother lives in another state & they are not close . Her immediate family has not shown any interest in the children & certainly don’t want to take them in ! Someone already came (thanks to all your calls) to see the girls & was amazed how well they are doing & how clean their home was & that the children were as always sweet & respectful!

  • The kids already have a new mother. The father is the steady one. Catherine left her kids. The father stayed. She killed herself. Allan staid with the kids. A person can have many mothers but you only have one father. What’s wrong with you people?

    • No one can replace their biological mother. She didn’t leave their kids. Her is a narcissist and the videos proved that.

      • No mother would leave her kids w/ someone she truly felt was a danger to them ! A mother never gives up fighting for her children !
        And you are wrong, birthing a child makes you their biological mother , however it does not make you their mother . There was no nurturing here & that’s why she was able to just up & leave them ! Did she make sure the have clothing to wear the next few years , what about women’s hygiene , school supplies ,
        She just up & leaves – no love note just a mess for them to deal with so who truly is the narcissist

    • How does one have “many mothers” but only “one father”? You really think Allan is “steady”? Screaming “shut up” and singing a song about mommy is a dead duck is far from stable. Catherine didn’t leave her children, she was forced out. Get a grip.

    • Left?? She was forced to never see them again while she was battling terminal cancer? Even for one last visit at her death bed? Really? Allan “staid” (?) no. he forced her out of their lives using his money and power while stripping her of everything she had. Also LOL that you think a father figure is irreplaceable? Who took care of the kids their whole lives before this man went crazy?

      • “Even for one last visit at her death bed? Really? Allan “staid” (?) no”

        Imagine you are in a vicious custody battle. You have won full custody, and your ex calls you and says “hey, I’m about to commit suicide. Can I see the kids one last time?”

        There is no way in hell you would let them see that person. you’d be afraid they were going to take the kids with them!

      • Do you know for a fact that she has terminal cancer ? Her family didn’t know ! She never asked to see her girls on her deathbed ! Her health insurance doesn’t state that she has terminal cancer – & gd forbid she does I have no doubt if the girls wanted to see her Allan would permit as he has done so in the past driving them to court ordered visitations w/ Catherine that they didn’t even want to go on ! You people know nothing ! Only what you are fed by one side you don’t even try to understand the court documents or else you would say hmmm maybe there’s more here

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME!. What is wrong with you, hiding behind ANONYMOUS. A person can have many mothers and only one father! YOU ARE A JOKE

    • Hi Allan! Fuck your. This is the dumbest argument I have seen. The baby came out of her body and men are just sperm donors.

    • Watch the videos. If you still think that those children belong ANYWHERE near that “father” then you need to reevaluate your definition of parenting, love and humanity.

    • “A person can have many mothers, but you only have one father” is such a dumb thing to say, I’m embarrassed for you. She didn’t leave her kids. The court took them from her.

    • Alan, is tht you, you chump! Don’t you have children to care for. You will Lose this battle, it’s only a matter of time! Karma unbeatable!

    • A person can have many mothers but only 1 father? What’s wrong with you!? This beautiful woman and her children had to endure years or abuse by this monster as you can clearly see in the videos plastered all over TikTok. He doesn’t want to even do the simple task of taking his kids to school because they are “brats” while his dying wife just had surgery and was laying in bed. Please do yourself a favor and stop spewing nonsense just to get a rise out of people. You are disgusting.

    • She clearly did not leave her children and fought for them while she fought for her life. Do you know what it feels like to face death? Really face your own death? She never stop fighting, but her body had to.

      Face death
      Fight for your children with no money
      Fight against a corruption system with clearly corrupt and connected players
      Lose your home
      Lose your children
      Face death.

  • This is libel. Judge Lubell is the finest judge and Dr. Abrams work together. Dr. Abrams knows who should have custody. Judge Lubell knows to rely on his experts. Who are you to substitute your judgement for the expert?

    • You are clearly in cahoots with the enemy. These people have all been proven to take payments for their decisions, not fair and not impartial.

    • Maybe you should model the name you chose for yourself and “Stop Meddling!” I pray that this mother’s tragic death will bring so many eyes on the parential alienation racket that no other victims of this kind of child/spousal abuse will ever have to deal with people like your ‘friends’ aka enabling bad eggs in our judiciary system that you defend.

  • You are making Allan a victim. Marc Abrams is a consummate professional. So are the others- Carol Most, Gus. Chrissy Paska, Dr Adler. Look who are defaming butcher boy.

    • Consummate professionals do not engage in the tawdry behavior exhibited in this case. They are not consummate professionals, rather they are a band of grifters not working in the best interests of the children but instead seeking their own financial gain. Every one of them should face disciplinary action for their role in the abuse of the mother and children in this disturbing case and should have to answer for their abhorrent actions. They should have no place in the family court system.

    • What’s a ‘consummate professional’? Are you aware of the NYS Blue Ribbon Commission findings? The commission that recommended that custody evaluations be paused because they are so open to bias, fraught and so many mistakes have been found?

  • Very interesting read. Most of these power players have never been held to any sort of account. And they would not be now, were it not for the woman they hurt killing herself.

    Now take a look at this case and wonder? How many more people have they hurt beyond this publicized case?

    Truly some of these people need to lose their professional licensing so they will no longer be in a position to hurt any more people.

    • Many have tried. Over 2 years open complaint under investigation in Connecticut. DPH just never responded anymore. The entire system is rigged. They ignore what is happening.

      • Maybe the appropriately named bands of grifters in Connecticut family courts are more influential than the appropriately named bands of grifters in New York family courts?

  • Thank you for this report! I’m looking forward to reading the next one the parties involved in this should all be out away behind bars!!!!

  • Everyone one of them should be removed and charged with misconduct. The children should sue everyone of them for everything they have. Allen should lose custody of the children and Catherine family should get full custody.Allen and all of these people should rot in hell

  • Every single one of these “professionals” need to be investigated and prosecuted. This woman’s case is beyond criminal.

  • Thank you so much for covering this important topic. We have a serious problem in our current family court system. Many are currently in Catherine’s and her children’s shoes forced to suffer unimaginable pain with no way out. I hope that Catherine’s story helps to bring change. RIP Catherine – You will always be in our hearts!

  • I think you better 🩸 stop 🩸.

    These are our own affairs. Who are you to meddle with our interests?

    She’s dead. You’ll only know a fraction of a second before it happens.

    • A threat from Allen or his ‘mommy’ wife? Or perhaps one of the legal flying monkeys. How charming and ever so wonderful for your law license if tracked back to you.

      As for the threat itself. Most of us are healthy and well able to protect ourselves, unlike Catherine Kassenoff.

    • “Therefore you should not fear them! For nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops!

      And you should not be afraid of those killing the body but not being able to kill the soul.”

      • “The word ‘Canaanite’ is historically, geographically, and culturally synonymous with ‘Phoenician,’ the title immediately becomes more impressive, since it also deals with the role of the Phoenicians in the history of civilization”

        (W. F. Albright, The Bible and the Ancient Near East: Essays in honor of William Foxwell Albright, G. Ernest Wright, ed. [Garden City, NY: Anchor, 1965], 438).

  • “Hired guns,” “whores,” and “prostitutes”: case law references to clinicians of ill repute. D.
    Mossman Published Psychology, Medicine The journal of the American Academy of
    Psychiatry and the Law. The “hired gun phenomenon” is a recurrent topic in forensic
    psychiatric shop talk, but scholars have conducted a very little systematic investigation of
    how courts respond to the suggestion that mental health testimony is “for sale.” Over half the
    remarks occurred in appeals of criminal convictions and concerned psychiatric testimony at
    trial or before sentencing. Prosecutors were the most common sources of disparaging
    statements; appellate courts usually disapproved of their remarks but did not reverse

  • The corruption in family court is occurring everyday across the U.S. The system is flawed based on $$ not a child’s best best interest. In St. Louis MO a young girl committed suicide after the guardian ad litem placed children w/ father despite fact he was sexually abusing the children. In Jackson County MO, Court professionals are forging signatures on court docs to prevent caseworkers own paperwork that child is with abuser from being exposed in court. The lack of oversight, lack of transparency, and felony crimes by court so called professionals is legal abuse that is allowed to drag on for years, without presenting a shred of evidence to support a single ruling by a judge. Criminals are allowed more rights than anyone in family court. People are dying due to the trauma and corruption. Time for major changes across the board.

    • “Criminals are allowed more rights than anyone in family court.“ That’s true.

      “Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a sexual revolutionary and his Kinsey Reports are junk science. Professor of Constitutional law Dr. Charles Rice of Notre Dame concluded that Alfred Kinsey‘s research was: “…contrived, ideologically driven and misleading. Any judge, legislator or other public official who gives credence to that research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty.”

      Since World War II Kinsey‘s fraudulent data informed and directed the American Law Institute‘s Model Penal Code in eliminating and weakening 52 sex laws that once protected marriage. The ALI‘s penal law reforms recommended to legislators and lawyers were largely adopted between 1960 – 1980 and permitted Kinsey‘s abnormal sexual conduct to be taught to American children via sex education. Since then public health costs from sexual disease and dysfunction have skyrocketed indeed all measures of socio sexual disorder have soared from the 1960s, when protective laws began to be weakened and/or eliminated.“

      It’s 2023.

      Good parents in family courts and public schools are now openly punished for protecting children from harm.

      Wake up, people.

    • Some don’t know what’s happening. Some still wonder. Others know exactly what’s happening. says:

      “… The officer then confirmed that CPS told Kassenoff to seek a protective order.

      They specifically told her if she did not go with them to Family Court in New Rochelle, they were going to seek taking the children from them. They were going to get an order to take the children and they were going to get the order of protection after taking the children from her. Absolutely. …”

    • ... the state of “family courts” all over the world in 2023. How did it happen? says:

      “The lack of oversight, lack of transparency, and felony crimes by court so called professionals is legal abuse that is allowed to drag on for years, without presenting a shred of evidence to support a single ruling by a judge. Criminals are allowed more rights than anyone in family court. People are dying due to the trauma and corruption.”

  • Yes, the “Hired guns,” “whores,” and “prostitutes”: case law references to clinicians of ill repute. D.
    Mossman Published Psychology, Medicine The journal of the American Academy of
    Psychiatry and the Law. The “hired gun phenomenon” is a recurrent topic in forensic
    psychiatric shop talk, but scholars have conducted a very little systematic investigation of
    how courts respond to the suggestion that mental health testimony is “for sale.” Over half the
    remarks occurred in appeals of criminal convictions and concerned psychiatric testimony at
    trial or before sentencing. Prosecutors were the most common sources of disparaging
    statements; appellate courts usually disapproved of their remarks but did not reverse.

    Very familiar with those. The CEO of Docusign pays for my opponent check our their wild fantasies of being me as a mass shooter,

  • Greenberg Traurig are liars:

    “none of the 4 judges who presided over the trials or the 2 court-appointed neutral forensic evaluators found him to have committed wrongdoing. ”
    This is FALSE, as Judge Capeci DID Rule against Allan Kassenoff and the GAL Carol Most who recommended that custody be given to the father, and all visits with Catherine be terminated permanently. In Judge Capeci scathing Order dated 11/14/22 she made findings that Carol Most committed gross unethical misconduct, so egregious that she shall not be entitled to her fees!!! Rulings like that do not come around often. Gross collusion and material Dishonesty is wrongdoing.

    Judge Capeci’s 11/14/22 Email: “The apparent conflict this presents is of grave concern to the Court. Ms.
    Kassenoff is hereby given permission to supplement her extant motion for Ms. Most to be relieved.
    She is to submit such supplemental motion by close of business Tuesday, September 6, 2022 with
    notice to all parties.”

    Kassenoff v. Kassen off DECISION AND ORDER FOllOWING HEARING
    “Considering that by her own conduct, the AFC caused her removal from the
    case, with the resulting necessity of the appointment of new counsel for the children,
    who will have to familicuizethemselves with this involved, highly litigated matrimonial
    matter, Ms. Most should not be entitled to any fees.”

  • People watch family court cases like street scenes in China when cars run over pedestrians and everyone looks away.

  • For those who don’t already know, “Dr.” Marc Abrams looks the way many “family court” evaluators act in family court cases in America. It’s that bad.

  • If these people aren’t stripped of their licensing and charged with civil misconduct, mothers who voluntarily give up their careers to raise their children will continue to risk this kind of abhorrent abuse of due process. There are many similar cases. If you want something even more horrifying (if there could be something more horrifying) google this:

    Federal Judge Issues Landmark Decision in Call for Family Court Reform – Epoch Times.

    Mikaela Haynes, 14, killed herself after a family court judge ruled she had to live with her father who had already admitted to molesting his oldest sister.
    Mikaela was a high honor student who adored animals, studied sign language so she could communicate with two elderly deaf neighbors and dreamed of becoming a pediatric surgeon specializing in facial deformities of children, hung herself from a tree. (Courtesy of Cynthia Hayens)

    Mikaela Haynes, 14, killed herself after a family court judge ruled she had to live with her father who had already admitted to molesting his oldest sister. Mikaela was a high honor student who adored animals, studied sign language so she could communicate with two elderly deaf neighbors and dreamed of becoming a pediatric surgeon specializing in facial deformities of children, hung herself from a tree. (Courtesy of Cynthia Hayens)

  • Frank thank you so much for doing this, and I know the risks you are undertaking. It is unbearable knowing that it has taken Catherine’s ending of her own life for this to be more thoroughly brought to light. But at least this is part of what she begged us for. Thank you.

    • Ambrose, Nusbaum, Herzog and other psychopaths are trying to get Frank Parlato in prison for “defaming” them😂

      Can you imagine? They are so completely delusional after money has bought them the luxury of acting with impunity – they once again are the victims 😂

      The greatest abusers are the victims. They need to be locked up. Maybe they’ll follow Allan kassenoff.

      • I don’t think they could get him ‘put in prison’ unless through contempt of court while a case was underway. But as long as there is ample proof of the truth of what Frank says, they would lose any jury cases. As most people are very distrustful of lawyers. And doctors have lost a lot of respect in the last decade as well.

        A jury could well believe that they were bottom sucking leeches. With proof, a jury would gleefully slam dunk these animals.

        • Discovery and juries could appropriately address family court corruption around the world. says:

          Depositions, discovery and press coverage in jury trials would be amazing.

      • Frank, if you don’t already have it, and need legal advice on defamation, please consider contacting the Reporters Committee. They may be able to help guide you. Your work needs to continue unhampered.

        • “… Members of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Steering Committee serve three-year terms, with a third of the members being elected each year. An Executive Committee acts as direct advisors to Reporters Committee senior staff.

          Executive Committee

          Stephen J. Adler

          Vice Chair
          Margaret Low

          Massimo Calabresi
          Time Magazine

          David Boardman
          Klein College of Media and Communication
          Temple University

          Manny García
          Austin American-Statesman

          Laura Handman
          Davis Wright Tremaine

          Norman Pearlstine
          New York, New York

          Thomas C. Rubin
          Stanford Law School

          Steering Committee
          Wolf Blitzer
          Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr.
          Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
          Lynette Clemetson
          University of Michigan
          Nikhil Deogun
          Brunswick Group
          Emilio Garcia-Ruiz
          The San Francisco Chronicle
          Josh Gerstein
          Alex Gibney
          Jigsaw Productions
          Susan Goldberg
          Gail Gove
          James Grimaldi
          The Wall Street Journal
          Diego Ibargüen
          Jeremy Jojola
          9NEWS Colorado
          Karen Kaiser
          The Associated Press
          Kimbriell Kelly
          Los Angeles Times
          David Lauter
          Los Angeles Times
          Colleen McCain Nelson
          The McClatchy Company
          James Neff
          Philadelphia Inquirer
          Bruce W. Sanford
          BakerHostetler, Ret.
          Charlie Savage
          The New York Times
          Jennifer Sondag
          Bloomberg News
          Nabiha Syed
          The Markup
          Adam Symson
          The E.W. Scripps Company
          Matt Thompson
          The New York Times
          Vickie Walton-James
          Susan Zirinsky
          CBS News

          Honorary Leadership Council
          J. Scott Applewhite
          The Associated Press
          Chip Bok
          Creators Syndicate
          Dahlia Lithwick
          Tony Mauro
          American Lawyer Media
          Jane Mayer
          The New Yorker
          Andrea Mitchell
          NBC News
          Maggie Mulvihill
          Boston University
          Carol Rosenberg
          The New York Times
          Paul Steiger
          Pierre Thomas
          ABC News
          Saundra Torry
          Judy Woodruff
          PBS/The NewsHour

          Affiliations appear only for purposes of identification. …”

        • Dear 7:44 am,

          Was the “Reporters Committee” able to help Julian Assange after he reported all those truths?

          • Dude, relax. The reporter’s committee is not an evil cabal. They actually try to help journalists

          • Anonymous wrote on June 7, 2023 at 12:18 pm: “Dude, relax. The reporter’s committee is not an evil cabal. They actually try to help journalists“

            Here’s a tweet from The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press @rcfp
            22h (twenty-two hours) ago …

            “Congrats to ProJourn client Civil Eats for winning the James Beard Media Award for excellence in investigative reporting! Attorneys from @DWTLaw & @Microsoft provided legal support for the series, “Injured and Invisible,” about animal agriculture workers.“

            Bill and his legal support now own 275,000 acres of American farmland.

            Probably because: “… Adopting sustainable agriculture practices is crucial for the future of our (meaning “Bill’s”) planet. Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is built to help the industry accelerate their sustainability and agriculture practices using digital solutions. (because farming in America needs Bill’s digital solutions) In addition, Azure Data Manager for Agriculture helps to facilitate a more sustainable future and a more productive agriculture industry by empowering organizations to:

            Drive innovation through insight.
            Reduce their environmental impact.
            Optimize agriculture operations.
            Build trust rooted in transparency. (Bill says transparency is very important.)

            With access to data and insights from the farm, organizations can drive harvest and production efficiency, reduce food waste, create nutrient dense and high-quality products, automate and improve ESG and Scope 3 emissions reporting, and provide transparency to stakeholders (transparency to stakeholders is very important). This will help build a sustainable agriculture industry that can feed the world and support the planet.

            Azure Data Manager for Agriculture brings together data from across the agriculture value chain to generate new insights and provide transparency (there’s that word again), empowering the industry to innovate faster, fine-tune operations, and create a more sustainable future.

            Azure Data Manager for Agriculture helps reduce data engineering investments through an industry validated data model. This enables standardization and enables use of pre-existing data solutions and agronomic models to avoid undifferentiated work. Customers can seamlessly orchestrate between highly specialized ISV point solutions, our solution framework for ISVs enables industry leading models to help farmers increase yield, reduce risk and minimize waste on the farm. An example is Bayer’s crop water use maps …”

            Did y’all know Bayer has a “Crop Sciences Division”?

            “Only innovation can ensure global food security while protecting the planet. Modern agriculture and food production generate a tremendous amount of valuable data that can drive productivity and sustainability,” said Dr. Robert Reiter, Head of R&D for Bayer’s Crop Science Division. “However, this data is often disconnected, not useable throughout the value chain, and the costs to build digital solutions from scratch are high. Our new cloud-based solutions help overcome these challenges. Customers can use the infrastructure and capabilities to build their own digital solutions and products on top of the most robust collection of ag data in the world.”


            Remember, dude. For some lawyers, all trauma is good trauma.

    • Joan,

      When you wrote, “… I know the risks you are undertaking.” were you thinking about any specific kinds of risks?

  • Wait, what!? So, Kassenoff paid the “expert”, then the judge accepted the experts recommendations? This is INSANE!!!

    • On the surface it all looks like it is on the up and up. I think it is safe to say that frank, mike and a few others have gotten below the surface. There is a lot more here than meets the eye. Family court is not what it appears.

  • The police are the arm of the court. Whatever court actors want, the police deliver.

    All rights of children and mother buried. Children and mothers are threatened, abused and intimidated.

    Catherine’s oldest daughter ran away at least twice to seek safe harbor with Catherine. She was forced back with her father – silenced and belittled by the public servants charged with protecting her.

    Unconscionable conduct us an understatement. It’s so difficult for the public to wrap their head around because they have to accept there is coordinated, well orchestrated criminal conduct among lawyers, parents, custody evaluators and therapists and judges.

    And who wants to believe that? It’s too frightening a concept if our family courts throughout the country have dine this fir twenty years.

    Can the public believe money buys children? Money destroys the life of one parent and subjects innocent children to years of abuse?

    The conduct is so heinous in the part of a parent, attorneys and the courts that it’s much easier to follow the script— that the mother must be crazy- that the mother must have done something.

    But the mother has not. In the “no-conduct” cases – it’s racketeering.

    Buried by mainstream media! Family courts own the media.
    Nothing is exposed.

    Like Catherine- if you dare to go public, your punishment is worse- restraining orders are implemented!

    First amendment now in the worst interest of the children and this is justification to banish mother forever.

      • Just like if you disagree or disagreed with Catherine you are hounded sent death threats vulgar voice messages having your place of work called to have you fired threatened to have you sued the list goes on …, her kids weren’t taken away because she spoke up rather her actions numerous attorneys , violating court orders , threatening officers of the court , lying to the courts (even about obtaining passports for two of her biological daughters) I guess they saw signs that illuminated her being a danger to the children . I think her last post proves the courts were correct in their decision otherwise we might be here regretting & crying about another parent children suicide to get back at a spouse !

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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