Two Shocking Catherine Kassenoff Audios: Allan’s Paid Therapist Admits Kids Miss Their Mother; Allan Calls His Children Liars

Lawsuit Against Dr. Adler

On December 9, 2021, Catherine Kassenoff commenced a professional malpractice action against Dr. Susan Adler in the New York State Supreme Court, Westchester County. [Index No.: 67296/2021],

It was an action arising out of Dr. Adler’s treatment of two of her children in connection with a divorce proceeding involving Catherine and her husband Allan Kassenoff.

Catherine claims Dr. Adler fraudulently induced her to enter the contracts to treat her children by failing to disclose “her longstanding personal and professional relationships” with
then-attorney for the children Carol Most, the custody evaluator Marc Abrams, and “others” and “concealing that she intended to subject the children to ‘reprogramming therapy.’”

Allan Kassenoff, who paid Dr. Adler, filing as a third party in the lawsuit, rebutted, “there was no plan to ‘reprogram’ anyone.”

Catherine commenced this action after the Westchester County Family Court granted Allan full legal custody, and held that Catherine was forbidden from having any contact with her children.

Allan persuaded the Family Court to impose on Catherine a “one-mile stay-away order of protection in favor of her children.”

Here is a fascinating audio where Catherine questions Dr. Adler, who admits the children missed their mother.

Catherine Kassenoff

Dr. Susan Adler

What Life [and Family Court] Deals Us

In this audio, Catherine Kassenoff questions Dr. Susan Adler, a therapist for the children, paid by her husband Allan Kassenoff, and seemingly paid to break the bonds of mother and child.

Catherine Kassanoff : …Question. Here’s my question. Who do you think wrote the, did you ask her about that email? Did you ask her if she wrote the email?

Dr. Susan Adler: Yes, I did.

Catherine Kassanoff: What did she say?

Dr. Susan Adler: She said, ‘I just didn’t feel good. I was missing my mommy. And I don’t really feel that way. Sometimes I get upset.’

Catherine Kassanoff: Okay. Okay. I just want to make sure that, you know, it was discussed and that you established that she wrote it, because there’s a lot of question in this case about who wrote the email.

Dr. Susan Adler: It is discussed continuously. My radar is up, knowing that this was something that came up I right in some way without making it an obsession with her because I don’t want this to be something that our sessions are all about. But I touch base and check in, and I see how she’s feeling,

Catherine Kassanoff : Right?

Dr. Susan Adler: And yes, they’re sad they don’t see you. That is true. They are sad. But sometimes that’s what life deals us and we have to work it out. But we find, you know, ways of joining together with the people that we can when we can. They seem very—

You Guys Lie So Much!

An audio that the children seemed to have recorded is, in addition to videos already published, more proof that Allan’s temperament with the children leaves a lot to be desired.

Allan Kassenoff: Oh! So tell me what happened.

Child 1: I slipped…

Allan Kassenoff: And you knocked over the entire table?

Child 1: My foot kicked it when I fell.

Allan Kassenoff: I just don’t believe you don’t, when I see this house…

Child 2: Daddy. She wasn’t. She wasn’t doing cartwheels.

Allan Kassenoff: How do you know?!

Child 2: Because I was in there.

Allan Kassenoff: You said what happened?

Child 2: I walked in there. Walked out. I heard no noise, Charlie normally makes stomping noise…

Allan Kassenoff: I heard noise from downstairs!

Child 2: She’s – Because she fell over.

Allan Kassenoff: I don’t believe you guys! You guys LIE SO MUCH!

Child 1: (Whimpering) Mommy…

Child 2: We’re recording this…

Child 1: (Crying)

Allan Kassenoff: A human being doesn’t trip and knock over a table like that. So I want to know the truth of what happened.

Child 1: (Wailing) I put my foot up and it hit it.

FR Artwork

From time to time, Frank Report will accept art from various artists and have one of our art critics give readers insight into the themes presented.

‘Allan Won Number 1’ by Amelia Silverwood

An Oscillating Portrait of Descent

By Sebastian Moreau,

FR Art Critic

Amelia Silverwood’s disquieting composition, “Alan Won Number One,” is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray,”

Through her meticulous craftsmanship, Silverwood unveils the haunting consequences of Allan’s actions, culminating in the harrowing downfall of his reputation, career, and personal life.

Silverwood employs a skillful interplay of light and shadow as Allan’s countenance, once defined by attractiveness and confidence, metamorphoses, with a palpable sense of unease, into an amalgamation of twisted features.

Though Allan earns the right to gloat, and enjoy his smashing victory over his estranged wife, who tragically succumbs to the weight of her suffering, the artist, through her brushwork, captures his transformation from an outwardly charming figure to a grotesque embodiment of his own misdeeds.

Pulsating with an uncanny aura, “Alan Won Number One” is an artistic testament to Silverwood’s keen ability to depict the corrosive effects of power, manipulation, and the consequences of playing God within the confines of familial relationships.

(Note: This is a review of artwork that depicts fiction and imagination. Any resemblance to real-life events or individuals is purely coincidental.)

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Janine Morrison


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  • Morals, religion and political beliefs have very much to do with family life.

    There’s Jewish law and Islamic law. Where are the Christian courts?

  • What is the purpose of this quote and video? Susan K. Adler ( the person in video) has nothing to do with this case.

  • Who is the “Dr. Bloom” mothers in “family courts” were warning about in Georgia(?) the Carolinas(?) about 20 years ago? He was notorious for setting them up for gaslighting and then literal institutionalization — the judges would then transfer child custody to the fathers in those “family court” cases.

  • Justice for Catherine and people like her. Dr. Kristy Matala is to North Carolina children to what Dr. Marc T Abrams of Mount Kisco, New York was to Catherine Youssef Kassenoff children.

  • “Carol Most needs to be next!!!!! My former divorce attorney who I found out the opposing attorney in my divorce case was her client, Candace Grossberg.

    She and Grossberg and Marsha should be disbarred and how I wish I could sue them.

    Zero ethics for all of them.“

    • MS MOST: Carol Most, attorney for the children, Your Honor.

      THE COURT: Okay. The reason I’m having this conference is based on the correspondence The Court received yesterday afternoon regarding the oldest child’s failure to attend school and taking a taxi, I understand to the mother’s house. …

      … Dimopoulos: “Let’s forget all of the advocacy for a minute. An 11-year-old child was off on her own. Forget whether or not Ms. Kassenoff did it, forget whether or not my client was behind locked doors with a girlfriend. Forget all of that.”

      THE COURT: Right. Like I said, I want to talk about the child. 🙄

  • Allan is mentally I’ll and clearly is an abuser at the least!!! The videos don’t lie. Catherine shared stories with me that had my blood boiling and at same time wanted to cry ! This man is guilty of murder in my opinion. What he did to his family is unforgivable and he needs his feet held to the fire!!

    • He couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without “hired guns” and all of those “friends”.
      “A doctor” types “whores!!!” to make all of his points??

      “Family Court” should have offered amends.

      The poor guy isn’t alone with such a bad temper. We know. We can all take a bow.
      In this world (such a world!) in which no one knows why, more people don’t even know how. 😕

  • Dear fatherhood initiative, Your initiative is not just for low income families. Please stop advertising it as such. It’s effecting people from all walks of life. Father’s absolutely have equal rights. This is a prime example of what is happening in our country. Privileged Poppas are taking advantage. The term material gate keepers which has turned into parental alienation is creating discrimination in family law courts. It’s caused countless women to be labeled when they attempt to explain to the court concerns of the father’s behavior. Abusive behavior. No real attempt is being made by the courts to engage these privileged Poppas in programs designed to create healthier co-parenting. When abuse is found. Take a good look at the videos of Allan. This is what your funding is being used for. Your funding is being used to discriminate against women. Lable them when they attempt to defend themselves in family court. Inflaming cases in the best interest of privileged Poppas. Children are being taken away from their mother’s and new parenters are being inserted for replacement mommy. Please read through the multiple stories in the frank report. Please look through the endless cases covered on social media of abusive fathers receiving custody and mother’s parental rights being violated. Where is the best interest of children to have their mother or father financially desimated by the Attorneys and psychologist? Driving the mother’s of their children into poverty. Making entitled AFCC members wealthy off of children’s sufferage. .As you can plainly see your mission is not leading to desired outcome. Leading to injustice and the violations of the civil rights of women. The right for children to live safe from harm and abuse from either parent. There are billions of dollars leading to estrangement and discrimination in family court. Domestic abuse is not being reported because it’s being covered up in family court. People are being told that they can’t report it or you will loose custody. Nothing about responsible families is being addressed. Family dysfunction is being promoted and encouraged by family court for monitary gain. This is what your funding has been enabling. Please read the UN report and be advised that womens and children’s basic human rights are being violated. The courts are a mess and your funding is being used to run them.

  • How dare he film her and threaten to put it online. Only she’s entitled to provoke and post.

  • “I’ve had my ups and downs in my private life.”

    “In my case, I can sincerely say that nothing is impossible… When I was saying I want to be No. 1 of the world, and I was seven or eight years old, most of the people were laughing at me because it seems like I have one percent of chances to do that, and I’ve done it.”

    “I have been through two wars in my 24 years, and I know what it’s like to be without anything, to see the bombs flying above your head.”

    “I had to listen to the classical music because it calms me down, calms my nerves down.”

    “I love being around people who care about me, and I care about them.“

    “My father believed in me many times more than I believed in myself.”

    “All children have rights and those rights must be protected.“

    “Mangling my racket and an odd swearword on the court is not something I am proud of and it shouldn’t happen, but even my coaches have told me that it’s sometimes better to let it all out, the anger inside you, because keeping it bottled would just eat you up in the long term.”

    “I remember as a kid, I was improvising and making little trophies out of different materials and going in front of the mirror, lifting the trophies and saying ‘Nole was the champion!’”

    “My mother is a special story. She went through so much to bring us up, four men at home, especially when our country was going through really difficult times.”

    “The history of our country is cruel. We have to face those issues or, should I say, we had to. Not anymore I hope, because we are going in the right direction, and we are ready to forgive, ready to move on.”

    “When the last point is done, we are humans. Give your opponent a hug and say, ‘great fight,’ and that’s all.”

    More about Novak Djokovic …

    • They are not picking on him. He has a problem. If this man loves his children, he would save the money for the future of their children, instead of paying almost everyone ( paid Dr. Abrams, Atty. Most, Dr. Mckay, Dr Adler etc ) to win his children’s custody.

      Allan needs to see a psychiatrist cause of his impulsive anger outburst or aggression which displaces his anger unto his ex-wife and children. It is a mental disorder.
      His ex-wife was abused and got treated at a nearby hospital in 2016.

      The court did not protect the weak and vulnerable but empowered those who have more money and power.

  • Am I missing something? What connections did he have in the Westchester matrimonial court system as a patent lawyer making under $1M a year. Seems like she had more connections given her resume. Maybe that’s y the court allowed her to get away with so much. Judge Lubell who she maligns so much actually dismissed her violating court orders repeatedly despite there being proof. Just look at her Facebook posting being one. So I don’t trust her to be an honest reporter in her “alleged” death or life.

    • Seems like Gus had more “right kind of connections” there than both of them. Maybe that’s how the “family court” took her children, her home, her future and apparently, her life.

    • Wow. So much for not speaking ill of the dead. You sound like the type to always believe the abusive psychopath husband even with video proof he is a monster, probably you’re his friend posting for him as everyone else besides you and Putin think he should be disbarred and go to prison for domestic abuse of wife and children. You are do angry with her, but don’t even say what she did to deserve loosing custody. Please enlighten us since you seem to know everything. Or was it all just him as a seasoned trial lawyer of 20 years taking out his male insecurity on her as his blood sport? Looks like he’s lost his job. It’s not the penitentiary I’d like but it’s a start. I hope he rots in hell for mistreating those sweet confused girls who clearly wanted their mom no matter what the court system he manipulated so masterfully determined about why he had custody.after the super shady therapist situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if an investigation revealed he had bribed court officials. Scum.

    • It’s all about his money and power. He paid for the hired guns to deliver the kids. These outcomes violate all state and federal laws… not sure why people can’t see that.

      Why would all of these people agree– and why would judges allow– state and federal laws to be violated? You have unalienable rights to bring up your children. There is NO finding of unfitness by ANY medical professional.

      This is the disease created by lawyers- and their selected cabal of therapists (not MD’s) to support no-contact with the mother they love and trust.

      If there was contact, the children would continue to report Allen’s abuse– this is why “temporary” orders of no-contact are implemented in family court. To silence the children while hired heathens brainwash the kids under the guise of therapy. It’s a playbook.

      • Totally a playbook. Reading through the documents, parents who have been through the”family court” nightmare” can predict most of the moves … step by step, line by line, it’s another “cookie cutter” case. The case could EASILY be the case to reform family courts in New York, then America and then around the world. Catherine presented the evidence and the feds can take it from there. That’s all they have to do.

        Any messages of condolences and apologies from the New York governor’s office and legislators, yet?

    • 12pm. If you’ve never been to family court, it might be hard to imagine how dysfunctional it is. It is a circus. And yes, court appointed mental health professionals tend to respond favorably to the parent who is more high conflict and who pays them more. You might think this is a huge risk to take for not that much money. What you don’t understand is that these evaluators and therapists pull this with multiple court appointments, and up until now, this racket has almost never seen the light of day. There is no check on their behavior. They’ve gotten away with it.

  • When you look up her case with Dr Adler there were 5 complaints 4/5 were dismissed. I believe the only one pending was this fraudulent inducement one which holds a different burden of proof. I do y believe this Dr Adler knowingly induced into a contract sounds like Catherine didn’t like what she had to say so sued her. Who Sues the child’s therapist. Digging deeper into her papers. U can read in transcripts that Catherine stole the insurance reimbursements

    She doesn’t seem so stand up and all this information is very one sided. Not true journalism

    • You mean the insurance reimbursements for the fraudulent “therapy” services of the hired gun’s hired guns?

      May Catherine be in hiding (somewhere beautiful) in a witness protection program — and may all quack family court “therapists” who steal children using junk science soon be under investigation for insurance fraud.

    • Another on of Allan’s trolls no doubt. Love how you omit the most material facts like Alder being pals with the manipulative scum husband before. She was lied to by a therapist treating a minor. That’s a major violation no matter how you slice it. Alder is a quack who reads people “with her body because she’s a dancer.” She lacks any professional qualifications to treat traumatized girls. Notice how the daughter tells Alder she misses mom, and Alder “doesn’t want to make that the whole session.” That says it all – it’s the main pretext for her services in the first place, but all she wants to do is deflect and pretend the girls are ok. The blood is on her hands if the girls wver self harm. She sounds like the kind of “therapist” you’d get at one of those “camps” where they send troubled teens like Paris Hilton. I hope she looses her license too. Not fit to be a therapist and lacks ethics or empathy.

      • Fred,

        Allan’s amateur trolls aren’t so bad. If a big-time public relations firm rolls out a campaign to explain away the “family court” nightmare and attempts to discredit Catherine, that would be an ominous message. The New York Post, The Daily Mail Uk, Daily Mirror etc. ran articles already.

        Still, the powers-that-be could still sweep the family court crimes and corruption under the rug. That’s what happened in Connecticut 2014-2015. Parents protested, we gave info the DOJ office, rented billboards, circulated petitions. Two (?) judges “stepped down” from the bench and Adelman stepped down as “Director” of CT AFCC, Inc. then, they let him keep his job as a judge. No arrests, no prosecutions. 😐

        • Mr. Comey is from Connecticut. He probably knew about the crimes in family courts and was a little busy at the time. The DOJ boss of everybody now — also too busy to help.

          150 years ago, we governed ourselves just fine.
          It’s 2023 and we don’t know how to fix local family courts?

    • “Momma i hung up on doctor Adler because she is annoying and she said you were dangerous i hate her and the I don’t want sh*** to replace you and i miss you and love you so much”

  • The voices on the audio sound very young. Sounds like someone manipulated the kids to record just like she did. But they’re also cut off at very convenient points. Regardless if I thought my kid was lying and broke something I would probably yell too

    • You sound determined to sode with the abuser. You should ask yourself why. Maybe you’re as bad as him and someone should remove your kids from the home for playing, as children do. Only a monster yells at little ones for stuff like that, affecting their personas for life.

  • Catherine destroyed her children in order to prover herself “a good mom.” How ironic is that?

    I completely understand why Catherine lost custody.

    • Why did she loose custody? Please, please enlighten me, because I really don’t understand, unlike you. No one has pointed out one thing that would put her at the level of the many male felons convicted of very serious and violent crimes who are still allowed custody of their children. This case reeks of powerful male privilege, litigator driven vendettas against the women they abuse that I’ve seen over and over again. Why do you support this clearly abusive man having custody of three young girls while disbelieving the mom they WANTED to be with? It’s a serious question you should ask yourself as you look in the mirror.

      • He was concerned the mother would continue to do what she wanted to do, regardless of the emotional costs to her own children, which he indicated she was incapable of recognizing at the time of his evaluation.
        In Dr. Abrams’ opinion, the father would do a superior job of
        fostering the relationship between the children and the non-
        custodial parent. Dr. Abrams did not receive any evidence showing
        the mother putting aside her own emotional anger and upset toward
        the father to foster his relationship with their children. That’s why she lost custody.

        • Yep. That is the classic reason why people lose custody. It’s usually based in narcissistic personality disorder. Another classic example is Karen Riordan.

          • Narrasistic personality are predominately men. The statistical data doesn’t lie. They often manipulate reality and can be very convincing. It’s Chris Ambrose who fits the classic picture of a narrasist.

      • How do you know who the girls want to be with? Last I heard they were supposedly set on running away from Mom on Mother’s Day. Clearly Catherine believed they were going to do that. So much for your belief they wanted to be with their mother.

        I’m not supporting anyone, but I’m against bashing the dad and ruining his life and the girls’ lives based on extreeeeeemely limited annd one-sided info. I just shared a few things I found out about Catherine and you’re up in arms? She is the person who shared it.

    • “As successful as she has been in her legal career, her professional identity has always been secondary to her primary function of raising her children.”

  • Well, at least one of the children was receiving psych help for excessive lying as well as stealing. It’s in the docs Catherine shared. Wasn’t that nice of “protective mom” katherine to publicly share her daughter psychological evaluations that said daughter had antisocial characteristics and lack of empathy?

    • Maybe she put it in the documents because it’s not true. They once again are trying to paint a picture of something that is not true. You can not trust what these court appointed therapist write. I would be believing only what a psychologist out side the courts say. This is why they don’t allow outside opinions. Cause would probably say something very different.

        • You are acting like a special kind of jerk, 12:11 pm — which is far worse than lying and stealing. Good children make dumb mistakes all the time. You made dumb mistakes when you were a child, too.

          What you are doing in this comment section as an adult 12:11 pm, is sinister.

          • I’m just pointing out that the dad accusing the child of lying is not sinister or baseless, that’s all. And Catherine has done it too.

          • “Good children make dumb mistakes all the time. You made dumb mistakes when you were a child, too”

            Of course. I’m not putting any blame on the children. I’m putting the blame on the idiots in these comments who vilify the dad for pointing out lying when the “sainted” mother did the exact same thing and even published the girl’s full psych evaluation online. It’s hypocrisy at its finest.

      • Why would a “good” mother publish a psych evaluation of her child publicly online for any reason???? That is so damaging and heinously irresponsible.

        Sorry, but Catherine lost custody for legitimate reasons.

        • 3:50, Why say “sorry” twice? You seem to want to resolve this and might know how. Did he declare an “open marriage”? If so, when?

          A husband declaring an “open marriage” in America used to be against the law, right? Also, if he didn’t offer Catherine a get and got a girlfriend instead, why such a big fuss over non-kosher leftovers from a restaurant? Is the girl still allowed to sing in the Church choir or is that over and done with, too?

    • Catherine loved, loves and will forever love all of her children. That’s what love is.

      Posting so many of the same random comments about whatever … for whatever reason … just because … might seem helpful to you, but a few of your more hurtful comments might do more harm than good. And, you want to help, right? It might not be wise to expect empathy from you given your antisocial comments, 11:20, but I’ll type this anyway in case there’s hope: Try to do better next time, okay? Just do the best you can.

    • Wow. So many mean people here without any compassion for the dead or troubled. Mom was cleary trying anything she could to help change the scenario after 4 years of seeing her daughters suffer, with a horrible “therapist” to boot. Love how you skip over the audio and video of the vile and manipulative Greenburg Taurig patent litigator dad going OFF on her, and the girls. He is scum, sorry no deflecting away from that. And please tell me what she did so awful that he would keep those girls from their mother, even when they desperately wanted to see her. No one has said what terrible transgressions she committed to have custody taken even when male felons are allowed custody. In any event, I hope someone takes your kids from you too and speaks horribly of you after you are dead ..Cruel Mom. Karma will come for you too!

      • “Wow. So many mean people here without any compassion for the dead or troubled. ”

        @Fred: Where is your compassion for the troubled father and his three innocent children? You don’t know the full story, so you might want to lower your high-and-mighty stance.

    • Catherine posted her own evaluations, too. She needed to post everything to protect her three children. She didn’t want to. She knew she had to. Catherine was right. It’s all right there.

  • How convenient that recordings stop at a particular spot and don’t reveal the whole story. And btw I call out my kids too if I think they’re lying
    You’re a joke Frank. All you do is sensationalize what most people have going on in their homes. Yelling at ur kids when they lie or do something wrong shouldn’t lead to a public Lynch mob


  • What is the statute of limitations for child abuse? It looks like 5 years or in the cases of sexual abuse until the child turns 28. Catherine filed paperwork with the police, CPS, etc and it looks like the case was then turned over to family court. I’m wondering if Allan was ever investigated though criminal court? She discusses it here at the end of this interview with Megan Fox and Michael Volpe:

  • Frank, The real story here is not Allen. The story is the individuals who are enabling the Allans of the world to continue to abuse the system. The billions of dollars of funding floating around the United States has lead to the court system discrimination. The funding through the system has steared the courts to engage abuse men in particular to gain custody and eliminate mother’s. The GaLs are instructed to use parental alienation to ensure the father’s rights. As we have all seen going through great lengths to not have substancted or proff of abuse.
    Not have things documented in court cases through transcript. Making cases appear different than they really are When they are caught doing so no action is taken. Code of conduct are not followed and the bar association not enforcing it. The focus is not on the children. The focus is on the person claiming to be a victim The judges are receiving bias training. As in all professionals you must be taught all facets of what your job entails. This is not happening. It’s all about parental alienation for a considerable amount of judges. . A concept that doesn’t exist out side the courts. One that is not recognized by it’s own profession. So how is anyone considered an expert? Clinician psychologist engaged in court cases are often unregulated and caught engaging in conduct that would be considered uneithical if engaged in outside of a court case. Yet, they continue to have a license to practice. Why? Because the courts need them to push a concept that is doesn’t exist out side the court walls. People are labeled crazy and discruntaled as soon as they file complaints. The government of the state doesn’t want to admit to what is happening in their family court of law . Judges are left on benches that should have been taken off years ago. All protected by the judiciary committee and state legislature. Why? Because I suspect the courts will financially calaspse if the funding is cut off for reported infractions. All States looking to Connecticut to develop a system where judges only get trained on what they want to get trained on. Get placed on the bench by their friends and colleagues. Use conspects not recognized that enable dangerous and abusers access to children. Force lawyers not to provide zealous represention to their clients mostly women. Blackballed or disbarred for doing so. Failing to disbarre attorneys who should be. Forcing gals on cases despite court procedure by the request of father’s attorney. Force AFCC psychologist pushing parental alienation a concept not recognized by their own profession. Forcing reunification therapy for only father’s in many cases. Big money in reunification therapy Legislation passed with gender bias. Agreement signed with gender bias language. Ignoring complaints and making them so complex /difficult to file for the average person. None attorneys. Time limits go by. These agency are all partners with the fatherhood initiative. Unable to address the gender bias. Provide no assistance with the complaint There is an appearance of redress ,but there is not really. The lack of transparency failure to answer FOYA. The attorney general’s office acting on the States behalf not the residents. New York is likely not much different. This is what Catherine a well educated attorney was up against. What women through out the country are up against. There is no real focus on resolving conflict and providing evidence based treatment to dysfunctional families. That’s how the system breeds conflict and providing opportunity for lawyer to bleed their clients dry of financial resources. Cases never end until you run out of money. Forced to represent yourself. This is not every case. Many cases. Sometimes Dad who doesn’t have money or a connected Attorney are also victims. Fix the system. Fix the funding. Judges need to be voted on the bench by the public. The News outlet need to be able to report in the best interest of the public .

      • I encourage each women to start following funding and laws. Start looking at the rules of conduct with the state bar association. Find out about the complaints files and work together. The public has a right to know what the judges are being trained on. Who is an AFCC member engaged in your case. Who appointed Most? . Who appointed the psychologist? . What advanced training? If it’s AFCC it’s all alienation and reunification.. Why are we forced to hire and pay for someone with out a professional resume? Choices. We are just given agreements and court Forced to sign. If you don’t your uncooperative. Then loose custody and eliminated. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Thank you!!! Well said. There is voluminous research in the domestic violence space about how powerful and wealthy men almost always go for the legal route of total destruction against the women they abuse. They always go for maximum litigation and for full custody because they are out to destroy the women they can no longer control through any other means besides their children. In their eyes, their own children are only worthless pawns, besides being chess pieces in their, litigation battle for supremacy. It’s truly sickening to see all of these trolls, most of them who probably know Allan, out, saying awful things about this woman when there is no evidence to support Custody being taken from her. I really want exact reasons from everyone who handled her case about why custody was taken, especially the judge. I imagine some investigations of improper conduct may be in order ex post. I certainly hope so and look forward to seeing him disbarred, and hopefully put in prison. Those girls deserve a better parent than him.

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    Melissa Hab
    June 10, 2023, 4:59 p.m. PDT
    I am so sorry Catherine. I didn’t know you but the world has heard your message. You were begging for help and the family court system contributed to your abuse. I cannot imagine all the pain you’ve been through with an abusive ex husband. Millions of people like myself read your FB page. We will be fighting the family court system. Your case will change history. We will not allow this abuse by men in authority to continue to strip Mother’s rights away from their children. I will never understand a system that would punish a Mother and children this way. You deserved to be with your girls. My heart goes to to your children and family. No one protected you or helped you along the way. I am deeply sorry. I am praying for your children. May they be protected from their evil “father.” And may you get the justice you deserve.
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    Martha Tholanah
    June 9, 2023, 11:46 a.m. PDT
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    Valerie Foster Githinji
    June 5, 2023, 5:58 p.m. PDT
    Catherine, I am so saddened by what you endured. I am encouraged even more to name my abusers who terrorized my family and I do it here: Judge Scott Miller, Thomas Shannan, Madeleine Weiss and Anne Czymmek were the colluders via Tompkins County Family Court and DSS. As for you, too, there are others. I see every part of your life, body and mind were stripped. 😢 I am going to keep fighting for you, your family, me, mine and all others. Sending you and yours, and all who suffer constant prayers.

    💕, From Valerie Elisabeth Foster Githinji, PhD, Ithaca, NY. ⭐ 🕊️ 🌺

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    Raised by 3 people

    Monica Slone
    June 5, 2023, 3:11 p.m. PDT
    I was devastated when I heard the news of Catherine’s passing. And I am afraid for her daughters.

    Julie Riera
    June 5, 2023, 2:21 p.m. PDT
    I only know Catherine through her last letter. I am heartbroken and appalled at the abuse that was perpetrated against her. That Family Court was so complicit in her abuse speaks volumes about the state of affairs that so many protective parents are forced to deal with everyday in this country. I marvel at Catherine’s courage and that her dying wish
    was that others will pick up her fight so that her death will not be in vain. My condolences to Catherine’s beautiful children and her family and friends. 💔
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    Harmony Hiltz
    June 4, 2023, 5:15 p.m. PDT
    I did not know who you are , but my partner is also fighting the same kind of battle. Parental Alienation is real! And it knows no sex , no degree , no education, no culture , no country, no boundaries. I am in Canada and your story is being heard. Hoping your story and many others going through this , story , will bring change to recognize this.

    Your story is felt across the globe right now. XOXO

    Francesca Amato DV CA ADA expert advocate Punished 4 Protecting inc
    June 3, 2023, 10:46 a.m. PDT
    Blessings, comfort and peace to your daughters! May the Lord receive you in eternity.

    Francesca Amato DV CA ADA expert advocate Punished 4 Protecting inc
    June 3, 2023, 10:45 a.m. PDT
    Shared a heart Red heart
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    Crystal Clear
    June 3, 2023, 7:18 a.m. PDT
    I am so sorry for what you had to endure from this narcissist. May you rest in peace. I pray your daughters will not have to endure his abuse.

    Shannon Gibson
    June 3, 2023, 1:18 a.m. PDT
    I never met you but I hope wherever you are, you know that people are sharing your story and fighting for you and your kids. People are fighting to make sure you will have peace. Rest in peace, we will finish fighting your fight.

    Marcia Reilly
    June 2, 2023, 8:14 p.m. PDT
    Catherine i didn’t know you , but now i do and my Hearts hurts for you. I’m so sorry these 3 beautiful children will never know what all you went through for them in love. The true love of a mother. Your story is NOT STOPPING AND THIS WILL CONTINUE IN YOUR NAME God Bless you my dear, and i’m terribly sorry the system let you down and your girls down

    Patricia bellonis
    June 3, 2023, 8:14 a.m. PDT
    We will all fight to get your children freed from this…

    Marcia Reilly
    June 2, 2023, 8:02 p.m. PDT
    Shared a heart Red heart

    Pam Tee
    June 2, 2023, 7:51 p.m. PDT
    We will take it from here, Catherine. He will regret it all, and your daughters will know the truth. You rest in peace now.

    Janay Bender
    June 2, 2023, 7:10 p.m. PDT
    We got you Catherine. It’s all happening in your honor & for your 3 beautiful girls. You are loved, but you already knew that 💜
    Read More

    User profile photo
    Janay Bender
    June 2, 2023, 7:09 p.m. PDT
    Shared a heart Red heart
    Outline of a red heart

    Katrina Anderson
    June 2, 2023, 4:43 p.m. PDT
    I wish for you to have the justice in death that life couldn’t give you and that your children are put in a safer environment far away from him. May you find your peace.

    Ashley McMillan
    June 2, 2023, 4:10 p.m. PDT
    Hi Catherine, I have never met you but you touched my heart as I’m a DV survivor. I’m so sorry for everything you have gone through, when you really needed love and support. I hope Allan never sees your kids again and they grow up with a healthy family.

    Rest in peace 💕

    Noelle Fair
    June 2, 2023, 1:50 p.m. PDT
    Catherine. I will make sure your death isn’t in vain. I didn’t know you personally or professionally, but I promise that I see you and hear you. I love you. ❤️🙏🏼

    Monica Westfield
    June 2, 2023, 1:45 p.m. PDT
    I was so shocked when I heard the news of Catherine’s passing.
    I didn’t know her personally or professionally. I read the letter this morning. I was devastated. Her beautiful girls, she kept the fight with a lunatic sociopath Allan.
    My heart sank and is broken for her, her girls and all of HER family.
    RIH Catherine 💔

    Amy Karr
    June 2, 2023, 1:29 p.m. PDT
    I may have never met you but your story touched me. May you rest in peace now angel, your suffering is over🙏♥️

    Christina Granfield
    June 2, 2023, 12:17 p.m. PDT
    Dearest Catherine , I never met you, but your story has touched my heart in a way I didn’t think possible I’m heartbroken for you. I hope you’re in peace and that your abuser rots in hell.

    Crystal Martell
    June 2, 2023, 9:34 a.m. PDT
    May your spirit rest peacefully. I am so sorry for the pain and suffering you and your children endured. I pray for better days and anyone who reads your story to keep fighting to ensure your girls are safe. Much love from Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️

    June 2, 2023, 9:06 a.m. PDT
    I am so very sorry that your beautiful soul was treated so horribly. Rest with angels and know that we will get justice for your girls💜

    Megan Freiberg
    June 2, 2023, 8:19 a.m. PDT
    Shared a heart Red heart

    Jessica Callahan
    June 2, 2023, 6:51 a.m. PDT
    My ❤️ breaks for you Katherine, I hope now you are at 🕊️ and I 🙏 that your story helps get your child away from the Monster.

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    In lieu of flowers, Paige Bluhdorn suggested giving to Mommy’s Heart. Here’s why:

    “Mommy’s Heart, Inc. (EIN #87-4833078) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, which provides free legal representation and mental health services to parents and children, who escaped domestic violence but are now facing legal and financial retaliation by their abusers in the family court system. Mommy’s Heart aims to protect and defend the fundamental rights of fit parents to direct the care and custody of their children, so that no parent ever has to fear losing a child for reporting violence.”

    If you’re interested in making a memorial gift in Catherine “Cathy” Youssef Kassenoff’s name, you can do so here:

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

    The Ever Loved Team

  • While it’s cruel to mock his inability to hold it together, this might be a great opportunity to understand the crushing pressure that family so obviously felt. Both parents were brilliant attorneys. All the children are wonderful children.

    What is it about the world today that makes parenting so challenging for even the most able adults? Is it religion or politics or is politics religion?

    Catherine wrote, “On December 20, 2021, despite Judge Lubell’s earlier recusal, he issued what can only be described as a retaliatory ruling to further restrict (Catherine’s) access tie with the Children at Christmas time and thereafter. (Catherine) was given no contact whatsoever with the Children for Christmas, which was devastating to her.”

    Does the intense pressure we all sometimes feel today date back from the time of Herod Agrippa I or II?

    “… You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another … You shall not oppress your neighbor or rob him. … You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor. You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand up against the life[a] of your neighbor … You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself …: “ Moses (husband of a women from Egypt)

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah, while the rest is the commentary on it. Now go and study it.” Hillel the Elder

    “If there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the Torah” Paul the Apostle, Saul of Tarsus

    Still true:
    “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all, enriching all who call upon Him.”

  • DARVO-
    Allen is the poster it for DARVO
    Always the victim. He is a pathological liar and he blames and accuses his children of being liars.

        • @1:07pm

          Catherine showed no empathy for her children when she published their excruciatingly private psych evals online to follow them for the rest of their lives.

          One could say Frank is showing no empathy for the children in republishing these private videos of them.

          And the only reason I posted my comment is because people are making out like Allan is the bad guy for accusing the child of lying. Catherine did the same damn thing. You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.

          • Dear 3:57,

            It’s right and noble to publish documents when those documents prove corruption.

            Do you think it’s possible that Catherine published the documents expecting justice for her three children? When the children are older, they’ll be smart enough to understand what happened. They will eventually understand why she did what she did. Meanwhile, your comments look like comments one would write to influence others in a bad way, not a good way.

            Regarding articles here, they serve to draw attention, to inform and to ultimately influence others in a good way. Taking down NXIVM was a good and noble thing to do. Joan Meier has studied family court corruption for a few years. Try giving her a call to ask her if she thinks Frank is showing empathy and/or courage for taking on the corruption in family courts.

            You think the comments under the articles here are mostly about parenting styles or about the unfair tactics used in already corrupted family courts? I feel sorry for all involved. Allan seemed as overwhelmed as Catherine was. He really could have done better, though. In the videos from the skating rink incident on March 18, 2023. He skates up to Catherine, about ten feet from her with a smirk, almost to say, “Ha, ha. I’m in control now and you’re totally decimated.” He tells her, “Your children don’t want you here, Catherine.” That was a lousy thing to say, right?

            It’s also lousy that she felt had to post those two videos. Maybe she posted those two videos because a therapist at the Center for a Trauma Free Living wrote a summary of the case from March 19, 2023 noting the girls love for their mother. They loved their mother and they wanted to spend more time with her. That was a nice thing for the therapist from the Center fro Trauma Free Living to write. It’s nice to write about nice things. If only writing nice things could win all wars. Sometimes when someone kicks us, we feel the need to kick back. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

          • @8;38pm: I believe Catherine may have published the multi page psychological evaluations because they contain about one sentence where the kid says they like their mother. Catherine’s only priority was showing the world that the kid said she liked her, and she did that at the expense of grossly violating that child’s privacy in the most heinous and permanent way. Not only can any random member of the public now read a detailed psych evaluation of a troubled child, but that child can now read it, and believe me, it is not a pleasant read. I pray that the daughter never sees it.

            To me that backs up what has been said about Catherine that she was unable to see how her actions hurt the children. It was all about Catherine and winning. Destroy the children to prove she is a good mom. She was/is a very mentally sick woman. I believe she likely very much deserved to have lost custody. Sorry.

          • 11:23 pm,

            It would be good if you’re sorry. You should be sorry. Unfortunately, the word “but” usually means “Ignore everything I just (wrote or said) before the word, “but”.

          • “I believe …” nothing about the “Your children don’t want you here” comment at the skating rink on March 18th? The summary from The Center for Trauma Free Living the following day says: “Over the last two months there has been progress with all three girls and their relationship with their mother. Healing is clearly occurring and it is vital that progress continue.”

            Two months before March ‘23 were: January and February ‘23. Four years before that, the children loved their mother very much. Who did what to those children after they were taken from her? The children weren’t alienated from their mother before they were taken from her. They loved their mother before they were taken from her.

            Catherine’s emails to Greenberg Traurig to preserve all communications about the case should still hold. All documents she published online were posted to preserve the record. She did what she did to protect all three of her children who she loved very much, always has and always will.

            Your comment about Catherine publishing “the multi page” … (blah blah blah) contains this phrase: “the kid says they like their mother.”

            “the kid” and “like”? Why not “the child” and “love”?

            Does it bother you that all three children loved their mother?

            You wrote, “at the expense of …”

            You wrote, “grossly violating …”

            Why ignore the expense and violations of that devastating war waged against Catherine and her children that began four years ago? Those four years weren’t a “custody battle”. Those four years were a war and you seem to be personally or professionally invested in that war for some reason.

            Westchester Country and the state of New York lost one of their most courageous soldiers in that war. Catherine fought for her children first. Then she fought for her own life. Then she fought for safety and justice for all children in Westchester County family courts. She was a mother first. A lawyer second. She successfully proved her case.

            All three of her children loved her very much before they were taken. What changed after that? They were brainwashed.

            Catherine fought for them for four years. By this past winter, she was winning. By March of this year, one of the children wanted to live “half the week” at her mothers home. Would that have been okay with you, 3:57?

            The one and only reason she published everything she didn’t want to publish was to prove to the harm done. She was a mother and a lawyer and that’s what mothers who are lawyers do.

            Just as Greenberg Traurig’s “primary obligation is to maintain and protect the core values and best interests” of their firm, their clients, their lawyers and their professional staff: Westchester County family court’s primary obligation is to maintain and protect the core values and best interests of the family court, children and families, their lawyers and their professional staff. Catherine believed those to be her obligations as well.

            Catherine’s great work to protect her wonderful children — and all children in family courts — has nothing to do with your campaign against her.

          • The reason Catherine published the documents …

            Catherine’s email to her husband on December 20, 2021:

            “You have sought to cast me as having a mental illness, being a liar and being unfit. You have tried to jail me for contempt and banish me from my Larchmont home.

            👉 You have left me no choice but to clear my name — and the children’s — by showing each of these to be untrue and unwarranted …

            Do you want to keep going down this road — where you vilify me to my community and I defend myself — or are you willing to settle on terms that allow us to both parent our children and move on from this? …

            If even your own girlfriend can’t persuade you that your path is destructive and only benefits Gus and Carol, I don’t know what can. Maybe it will take my doing a Dateline or CNN interview to stop all this. I hope not. …

            I always told you I didn’t want a divorce like this. I didn’t even want a divorce. Please lets not keep being the source of embarrassment and horror for our kids. Let’s not make them explain why they have no mom in their lives. Let’s ensure they have money for college and two parents who love them and want them to be happy and to succeed in a difficult life. Destroying me is not the answer here. …”

          • The reason I wrote that the kid said she liked her mother is because that is literally the quote. She said she “liked” her. She did not say she loved her in that particular interview. I’m sure the child did love her mother. Most do.

            “She was a mother and a lawyer and that’s what mothers who are lawyers do.”

            Mothers who are lawyers publish their children’s private, psychological evaluation’s online for the world to see? You all are nuts.

          • “Sorry but” at 11:01 am,

            You write “kid” and “sorry” in your comments a lot. Think about that.

            Catherine loved her children. Why are you trying so hard to try to rewrite history? The documents speak for themselves. Those interested in the well-being of her children can easily know for sure what happened. Catherine apparently anticipated that a few people such as yourself would try to do to her memory.

            The children loved their mother. While a few horrible adults destroyed their mother, one of the children wrote to her: “Hi mommy I know I’m not supposed to text you but I really really really miss you and I really wanna spend my life with you and I just want you to come home I really want you to come home please”

            Catherine was a great mom. Those are wonderful children.

          • @it’s not rocket science wrote: “ You write “kid” and “sorry” in your comments a lot. Think about that.”

            Parsing comments and finding hidden meanings in randomly selected words to fit your twisted agenda is a schizophrenic trait. Think about that. Did you lose child custody for being mentally ill, by any chance?

  • I didn’t think possible but Susan Adler is more hideous on the inside than she is on the outside.

    He license must be revoked. Stating,
    “But sometimes that’s what life deals us and we have to work it out”

    Is outrageous. What life “deals us”. Life didn’t deal the kids anything. Hired guns subjected the children to unspeakable trauma and punitive conditions because they cut off the children from them r mother.

    CT courts operate the same way- with the same players having longstanding personal relationships with each other.

    Robert Horwitz, Sue Coussineau, Bruce Freedman, Deborah Gruen, Linda Smith, Jessica Biren Caverly, Lisa Knopf, Lisa Kerin- these are known players in the cabal. A well-oiled machine where they run the same playbook.

    They TAKE children for CASH. Simple.

  • Hey Jenay! Have you figured out how to email Frank yet? His email address and phone number are located after the comments section. You can also create a website just for this story/investigation. Then you can upload your evidence for everyone to read. Thanks

  • Have we all compared Allan to our own fathers yet? I have been. And then I compare him to other fathers. I’m not seeing a man that would push me to suicide. I see a man who’s being disrespected by his wife and maybe a little from the kids. I see Allan more at cause for suicide. If I were the man, of my house and my little women treated me like this, I would simply remind them, who’s the Boss?

    • Catherine is behaving like a textbook NBPD person who has been repeatedly told no. Trying to weaponize suicide to finally prove she is the real victim and destroy her ex.
      The fact media is reporting her deaths based on a 2 week old “trust me bro” FB post is sad. The fact the same post claimed it would take “four weeks” to confirm a death in Switzerland, at a Dignatas facility, should have made anyone BS detector go off. No one in Catherine’s own family has stepped forward to back up this story. Everyone defending her comes from vague online associations, or media, nobody who actually knows this woman is stepping up to verify anything about her claims. The lack of colleagues or friends coming forward is very telling.

      • I can see where you could put that spin on it. Two things you don’t factor. Nobody is going to take no for an answer when it’s taking your children away from you. She had cancer she couldn’t cure. Both men and women have committed suicide during and after divorce proceedings.

          • I have a hunch when claiming terminal cancer didn’t get the results she wanted she upped the ante. Oddly none of the court documents released mention the previous cancer battles this woman has claimed either.

      • 100%. She is happy to destroy the children’s lives to prove she is a good mother. It is so sick and narcissistic.

        • “… If you knew Catherine, you knew that what she cared about above all was bringing those girls into the world and giving them a great life. When everyone urged her to leave an explosive marriage, she said her children had a beautiful life and she did not want to disrupt it. She was so proud of her talented daughters and had me come up to Scarsdale to watch Charley play violin telling me it would be worth the drive from Brooklyn. She asked me to come to watch JoJo play soccer and Allie sing with a choir at a local Church.

          Catherine’s four-year fight to see her girls cost her all her money, She liquidated her retirement savings and was sleeping on couches for much of the time after she was evicted from her home with only twenty minutes to take personal items before leaving. Her judge would not even order her husband to give her back her clothes and she told me that she had heard another woman was wearing them and living in her home. She liquidated the last of her retirement account to pay her half of Charley’s tuition at the French American School and was devastated that her daughter was taken out of that school anyway. The financial situation was dire. Catherine grew thin from stress …”

      • You sound like a sociopath – completely devoid of empathy or compassion. That’s why you work so hard to support the abuser. It takes the societal acceptance and backing of more people like you than there are vile abusers like Allen Kassendoff. Guys like him count on heartless trolls like you. I can’t believe Greenberg Traurig, a semi respectable firm, actually tolerated this abuse of the legal system for four years. What a joke of a firm. It looks like he’s been fired now, so that’s a start.

        • I seem to have more compassion for the children than anyone here. Not only did katherine take her self out and let her children find out on Facebook, She also unleashed all of their extremely private medical records for the Internet to have forevermore. It’s like she sent a big “fuck you” to those poor kids. That does not sound like a caring or protective mother to me. Sorry. It just doesn’t.

          • Sh***,

            If you’re posting these vulgar comments, please stop. If you use that language in front of the girls, please stop doing that, too.

            Thank you.

          • “Sh***,

            If you’re posting these vulgar comments, please stop. If you use that language in front of the girls, please stop doing that, too.”

            I have zero personal connection to this family.

            Oh, but you’re okay with thousands of vulgar comments about the girls’ father?


      • I’m so confused BPDinaction. Her family is in mourning and I doubt engaging online. The fact that her 78 year old mother with a limited online presence isn’t “coming forward” tells nothing. She left her lawyers info so contact him directly if you’re in doubt. Here’s a link to how long it takes to get a death certificate within the US – it’s likely longer if the death occurs out of the country:


        I do know Catherine AND Allan. Can I verify she’s past away, no. But her claims of abuse stand.

        • Swiss suicide facilities require a next of kin or contact list before proceeding. Catherine could have easily put her attorney as a contact, who she refers everyone to in her suicide note, to have made her death easy to confirm. Instead we get “six weeks to confirm” which is absurd and not how the Swiss handle non-citizens who obtain the services of their centers.

          • Dr. Abrams testified that the mother is very intelligent and
            psychologically sophisticated. She exhibited signs that were
            indicative of a developing adjustment disorder with anxiety and
            depressive affect. He stated she highlighted perceived problems
            with her husband while minimizing or denying her own problems and
            sought to unduly influence anyone she could to either support her
            position or to keep them from wanting to accurately describe their
            experiences to him. He found her personality was comprised of
            core of histrionic, turbulent and obsessive-complusive personality. He was concerned the mother would continue to do what she wanted to do, regardless of the emotional costs to her own children, which he indicated she was incapable of recognizing at the time of his evaluation.
            In Dr. Abrams’ opinion, the father would do a superior job of
            fostering the relationship between the children and the non-
            custodial parent. Dr. Abrams did not receive any evidence showing
            the mother putting aside her own emotional anger and upset toward
            the father to foster his relationship with the children. This is from the 2020 court hearing where the father got custody. Mind you, this was only temporary long as the mother continued in therapy and fostered a healthy relationship with all 3 children. She did this to her own self, completely self absorbed and wanted to get the last FU to the dad, no matter the damage done to their children, she is mentally sick.

      • Finally! Someone who speaks the truth! No reason for a death confirmation in a controlled setting to take 4-6 weeks to confirm.

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