Greenberg Traurig Scrubs Allan Kassenoff From Website

Catherine Kassenoff announced her assisted suicide on May 27, blaming her husband Allan Kassenoff. The subsequent publicity fallout – beginning on the Frank Report – caused Allan to take a “voluntary leave of absence” from his law firm, Greenberg Traurig [GT] on June 2, according to the firm’s website.

Allan specialized in patent infringement lawsuits and was/is a shareholder, which is GT’s term for a partner in the firm.

Until yesterday, GT kept Kassenoff’s page with his photo and biography on their website, stating he took a leave of absence.

GT has since removed his photo and biography from their website.

GT’s professional page for Kassenoff now reads: “Page Not Found. The page you requested on the Greenberg Traurig website could not be found. Please visit our main site.”


When one searches for Allan Kassenoff and Greenberg Traaurig one still sees the first lines of the old web  page.

On June 2 on Facebook, GT defended Kassenoff’s conduct during the pendency of his four-year-old divorce and custody matter.

In a statement, GT refers to “lengthy trials,” but that may be an error since the trial has yet to occur, and if Catherine is deceased, will not occur.

GT said in a statement: “… After lengthy trials and reviewing all the facts, including some videos, none of the 4 judges who presided over the trials or the 2 court-appointed neutral forensic evaluators found [Allan] to have committed wrongdoing or abuse as to his children or the contended domestic violence, and instead awarded him sole legal and physical custody of their three children.”

GT adds, “the firm will be conducting its own investigation to determine his status with the firm.”

Was scrubbing Allan’s name, bio, and photo the result of GT’s investigation, or just a logical move to avoid the scrutiny that Kassenoff and GT, by association, are getting from an outraged public, including many victims of family court, some of whom see Catherine’s death as galvanizing for its potential for family court reform akin to George Floyd’s death and police reform?

If the analogy is apt, Allan Kassanoff is Derek Chauvin.

But a scandal like this could hurt GT if the law firm is seen as condoning abuse and manipulation of the legal system.

As we reported yesterday, Allan Kassenoff Tops Martindale-Hubbell with #1 Profile Visibility Among 2.1 Million Lawyers.

GT Has Something to Lose?

According to the National Law Journal’s 2022 NLJ 500 ranking of firms based on size, GT has 2209 attorneys and is ranked 9th in the United States.

With $2.17 billion in gross revenue in 2022, the firm placed 14th on The American Lawyer’s 2023 Am Law 200 ranking. On the 2022 Global 200 survey, GT ranked as the 21st highest-grossing law firm in the world.

Larry J. Hoffman, Mel Greenberg, and Robert H. Traurig established the firm in 1967.

GT has experienced controversies, such as its association with lobbyist Jack Abramoff and legal issues involving specific individuals associated with the firm. In May 2018, the firm severed ties with Rudy Giuliani due to his allegations and statements regarding hush money payments.

And in June 2023, Allan Kassenoff, one of the premier patent infringement attorneys in the USA, was scrubbed from the website.

Allan Kassenoff appears in a series of unflattering videos published by Catherine. 

The future is coming fast for Allan. His alleged efforts to alienate his children from their mother, to manipulate the system using paid experts to destroy his wife while claiming he did it all to protect the children from a dangerously insane mother, and her purported public announcement of death – is a story growing like an avalanche.

Mainstream media will almost certainly pick this up.

Will it make him unemployable? Is his future as a lawyer doomed? He used his skill as a lawyer so well that Catherine, also a lawyer did not stand a chance. She was outgunned and outspent.

Would anybody trust him now with their legal case? Will his old clients – Samsung, Pfizer, General Mills, Garmin, Alcoa, etc, want to associate with him?

Will authorities investigate criminal collusion between Allan and the “neutral” experts in the case?

Attorneys Gus Dimopolous, Carol Most, Christine Paska, psychologists Dr. Marc Abrams, Dr. Kathleen Mckay, Dr. Susan Adler, Dr. Carolyn McGuffog, and of course Judge Lewis J. Lubell will all almost certainly experience increasing scrutiny.

All of them served Kassanoff – including the purportedly neutral custody evaluators, therapists, and attorneys for the children – served Allan as if they were on his payroll.

Actually, all of them were on his payroll, with the possible exception of Judge Lubell.

Judge Lewis J. Lubell

Of course, there remains the big question – soon to be answered – is Catherine Kassenoff deceased?

Time will answer all our questions and more.


From time to time, Frank Report will accept art from various artists and have one of our art critics give readers insight into the themes presented.

“Collusion” by Elena Montclair.

Art review by Maxwell Sinclair

In this thought-provoking painting, Elena Montclair explores the complex interplay between power, friendship, and personal gain. The composition centers around Dr. Marc Abrams, prominently depicted holding his reward for his role in the sale of three children.

In the background are his companions, Gus Dimopoulus [seated on steps] and at the top of the steps to the right are the good Judge Lewis Lubell, his lady lawyer Carol Most and the founder of plenty Allan Kassenoff.

The artist skillfully captures the facial expressions and body language of the subjects, hinting at their roles within the broader context of the piece. Marc Abrams, with a subtle smirk and confident pose, exudes a sense of triumph and satisfaction, suggesting his attainment of some significant reward. Meanwhile, the distant yet watchful gazes of Lubell and Kassenoff create an air of intrigue, leaving viewers to ponder the nature of their involvement.

The use of color in this painting deserves attention. A subdued palette of brown, greys and neutrals dominates the scene, evoking a sense of secrecy and ambiguity. The artist’s deliberate choice to limit the color range further enhances the tension and mystery surrounding the subjects and their actions. The play of light and shadow adds a touch of drama, emphasizing the clandestine nature of the depicted scene, despite the actors being right at the steps of the courthouse, where their deeds are done.

Symbolism is at play as well. The presence of money in Abrams’ hand represents material gain and the potential corruption that can arise from it. The artist cleverly juxtaposes this element with the blurred figures of Lubell, Most and Kassenoff, perhaps suggesting their blurred moral boundaries or their figurative role as enablers or bystanders within the narrative.


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  • Stop being foolish people and look at the facts, most of which are hidden from us. I’m sorry she had terminal cancer but that is not a reason to only believe her. What I see is a very frustrated man who hates his wife and they are in the midst of a divorce and heated custody battle. Mom is also manipulating the children and instigating a fight with her husband. He did not raise a finger to anyone. All he tried to do was leave. . A little name calling during an argument between spouses is not abuse. Saying he doesn’t care is also not abuse. Screaming back at misbehaved kids who are also screaming is also not abuse. I’ll bet he was yelling because they did it first and he was trying to teach them to take what they dish out. Best method ? Perhaps not, but there’s nothing inappropriate about it. That kid brought up the police. That’s the mother’s influencing the kids.

    Thousands of filings in court, Multiple judges, forensic experts, 3 children’s attorneys and 2 trials all backed the husband. There’s a reason for it or she would have won on appeal. She didn’t. I don’t condone violence but I didn’t see any here, just a normal divorcing couple. If the public doesn’t smarten up and look at facts and reality instead of falling for every poor me scenario we will never evolve As a society. Did we not just watch Johnny depp go through the same thing with amber heard? Is no one allowed to scream at a spouse during a fight anymore without being called an abuser? And lastly, he didn’t outspend her. He paid for most of her legal bills because he probably earned more. That’s why she was awarded legal fees, to even the playing field, and she still lost. They were both lawyers. She even used her unavoidable death to continue the fight in the arena of public opinion when she couldn’t win in court. Certainly not good for the kids. She was dying anyway. Did she really need to release anything to the public so her kids could never escape it? Horrible parenting by mom. That should tell you something . So before you villinize someone for doing a normal thing, like scream during a fight with someone you hate or being angry and trying to punish a misbehaving child by telling her you won’t bring her somewhere, put yourself in their shoes. Based on what I saw, she is equal or more the villain of this story.

  • I hope Cathy gets her justice. How cruel and inhumane Allan was to his terminally ill wife taking the one thing from her she fought to live for, her daughters. I hope Allan and all who assisted him get what they deserve. They should be considered pariahs in their profession, community and amongst their peers. Shame on every single one of them.

    • The evidence Catherine left shows what happened, step by step.

      She left the evidence hoping good people in authority will set an example with her case. She knew it’s been forty years of purposely adversarial for-profit “family courts”.

      Her March 14, 2023 Verified Complaint 150761/2023 demands a jury trial. The case should go ahead with or without her. The Defendants in the case and all who harmed her family “are liable for both compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by the trier of fact”. May the facts she presented and all relevant facts of the case be considered in a fair and just court of law as soon as possible.

      Forty years of police time spent on the fallout from dysfunctional family courts and family court crimes are enough time. How many officers have been injured and killed on domestic violence calls in America for the past forty years because family court players purposely set up families to fail so miserably?

      Remove the corruption and eliminate the purposely adversarial arena. Leave the profit for those willing to do great work for parents and children. How much did that family give to the family court vendors? How could that money have been better spent? Three million … three daughters … let’s see … 🤔

      Those who destroyed that family for four years shouldn’t be near any family court anywhere, anytime for any reason.

  • “… She further stated her father doesn’t allow her to call her mom and that she sneaks calling her all the time. So
    to answer your exact question, she stated that she did not want to return home to the father …”

    Pompilio Testimony, July 2020

  • All these abusive dirt bag men get away with this inhumane treatment and the courts help with the genocide (look up the term, that is EXACTLY what is happening to mothers and children in USA)

  • Progress in Canada … unfortunately, the most corrupt players in “family courts” don’t need more training.

    “… Effie Triantafilopoulos @Effie_ONB
    Breaking news! Today Bill 102 was granted Royal Assent. This means that Keira’s Law is now law in #Ontario mandating training on gender-based #IPV and coercive control for provincial court judges and justices of the peace.
    @forlittlekeira @MillcroftAD

    6:29 PM · Jun 8, 2023

    • “… A happy birthday to Judge Flávia who censored the article on parental alienation by @NayaraFelizardo

      This is our gift to you Flávia!

      We posted the censored article and included a gift for our followers at the end.

      On behalf of the parents – No censorship! exposed

      • Jun 8, 2023 •

      Greetings Brazilian people, Happy birthday, Flávia Gonçalves Moraes Bruno!

      Today we republish the series of reports “EM NOME DOS PAIS” that you censored.

      At the end of the article, we will leave your WhatsApp so that the population can remind you of your crime, oops, birthday. While you’re enjoying your party, don’t forget the thousands of children who won’t be able to have moments like this because of choices like the one you’ve made.

      Think about how it must be to have one of your abusers at your party, birthday is one of the main children’s parties that a child can attend, however, the magic of the party ends when he lives with his tormentor. When you should be judging for them, you decided to join the scheme and now children are in the home of their abusers.

      Our congratulations once again for showing what justice is in Brazil. Removing the report from the air is, in addition to censorship, a way to remove the chance that we recognize the crime that occurs, with legal basis, in the corridors of forums throughout Brazil.

      The series of reports is fundamental for us to understand the scenario that our children live when denouncing their abusers. In addition to explaining, in a simple and well-researched way, the problems and absurdities of the Parental Alienation Law.

      With the lying pretext that the report exposes information from a case that runs in secrecy of justice, the judge decided that the texts and videos should be removed from all websites and digital platforms. In the decision, she also says that the right to freedom of the press collides with fundamental rights, as if the report were exposing the child to risk, something that is not real since there is preservation of the image and name of the family involved in the case described ….”

  • “SHERA Research Group: Health Law Rights Support

    So #familylaw is trending. ICYMI, our family courts have been hijacked by charlatans charging thousands of pounds to unknowing parents and tax payers, harming children and having a jolly old time renovating their houses and trips abroad regularly. This is not a joke.

    5:37 PM · Jun 8, 2023 …”

  • Such a sublime critique!!!!

    The critique paints a flamboyant picture of the art. I find his writing prosaic and flat. Flat like a child’s bicycle tire.

    • Agreed. Those greedy corporations are applauding his dirty deeds. Either thinking where can they sign him

      Would absolutely not be surprised if those greedsters would have either turned the cheek to help him, or actually pulled a few strings to grease his lewd acts.

      The swamp only thickens.

    • I support Children Rights.
      That dad is cray cray and needs help for his noggin. The system should get him mental health care asap and those kids need mental health care.
      But not rigged paid off dumb shits. Real therapists who actually treat mental health disorders, not profit from them.

  • If Catherine truly isn’t deceased then one would have to ask themselves why her attorney would put his law license on the line by appearing on her behalf in court on May 30th, as well as provide a letter on June 5th? A letter that happened to contain enough convincing information for him to be allotted additional time to provide the necessary documents/evidence to confirm her death within the next 4 weeks…🤔

      • I’m just wondering how he, as an attorney, was able to use some of her emails in court that he had taken after he had packed into her email account and read her personal emails between her and her family and her attorney? Shouldn’t that be illegal? And the judge let him use them? Yet I just read an article about how a mom was not allowed to use her nanny cam to show footage of the abuse to her child by her ex-husband.

        • No idea why he wasn’t disbarred or sanctioned for this. But yes, it seems he did this. Family court is obscenely unjust and the judges didn’t seem to care

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