DNA Damage, Brain Cancer: 513 Doctors and 900 Belgian Health Professionals Sound Alarm on 5G 

Ed. Note: Thanks to Rafael Mendoza Torres for bringing this to my attention:

This is from Avaat.org and is further evidence that it is not just fringe groups that are concerned about the effects of 5G.

The following is a letter signed by 434 Belgian doctors and 900 health professionals.

See also: http://www.avaate.org/spip.php?article2845

Here is their letter:

Faced with the massive and reckless deployment of wireless technologies, we, health professionals, ask the government to enforce the precautionary principle in order to protect the population and more particularly the most vulnerable groups, including pregnant women. and children.

In the midst of a pandemic, while citizens are confined and society is under severe strain, Proximus started on March 31 the deployment of the future 5G in 30 municipalities around Brussels.

Even if it could be a simple coincidence, this seems indecent to us at a time when the Belgians must fight together to try to overcome the human drama that concerns us all. At the same time, consumer organizations have been quick to publish articles claiming that the technology is not dangerous.

The exposure of the population to electromagnetic radio frequency / microwave (RF / MO) radiation has been increasing over the past decades. Wireless home phones (DECT), smartphones, tablets in 3G then 4G, Wi-Fi at home, at work, in nurseries, schools, transport and public places…

And now we are witnessing the arrival of 5G or at least 4G +.

However, the safety of this exposure has never been demonstrated. On the contrary, evidence of its harmfulness is accumulating. Since 2011, moreover, electromagnetic RF / MO radiation from wireless technologies has been considered by the WHO as possibly carcinogenic (class 2B), largely because of the increased risks of gliomas and acoustic neuromas among long-term users. cell phone date.

The Precautionary Principle was in no way respected during the massive deployment of these wireless technologies.
However, when serious and possibly irreversible risks have been identified, the lack of certainty should not be used as a pretext to postpone measures to protect the environment and health.

We have reviewed the independent scientific literature and we refer, among other things, to Resolution 1815 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Our conclusions agree with those of independent specialists, and are that the precautionary principle is currently not applied and that the protection of the health of citizens, and children in particular, is not ensured in the face of overexposure to these electromagnetic radiation. RF / MO.

The standards intended to protect the population from exposure to electromagnetic radiation RF / MO only take into account the heating of tissues (thermal effect) during an exposure of limited duration.

These standards do not take into account repeated and / or prolonged exposures, or any non-thermal biological effects which occur at values ​​significantly lower than the values ​​currently authorized. They were not designed to protect fetuses, children, adolescents, the elderly, etc.

For children, the risks may be increased due to the cumulative effects of prolonged exposure. Their brains, organs and developing and immature tissues may be more sensitive to exposure. And the rays penetrate proportionally more deeply into their organs than into those of adults since their dimensions are smaller.

The widespread deployment of wireless technologies has known health risks for several decades.

Numerous studies (studies on cells, animals, epidemiological studies) confirm the existence of non-thermal biological effects induced by exposure to electromagnetic radiation RF / MO emitted by wireless technologies. These biological effects are, for example, DNA damage (ruptures), disturbances in protein synthesis, sperm alterations, disturbances in hormone synthesis.

We know the consequences of DNA damage, including their link with the occurrence of cancer. The latest studies on rats conducted in 2018 by two different independent institutes (NTP and Ramazzini) have shown that exposure to electromagnetic RF / MO radiation increases the occurrence of tumors, especially in the brain. Following this, in March 2019, the International Agency for Research on Cancer recommended a reassessment of the classification of these radiations within 4 years.

In May 2019, the Belgian Superior Health Council recognizes, in an opinion on non-ionizing radiation, the existence of the biological effects of this radiation at non-thermal levels; their link with the development of cancers (significant and statistically significant increases in the risk of cerebral gliomas and homolateral acoustic neuromas); the link between maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile phone frequencies and the existence of behavioral and language disorders in children.

Although it takes more than 20 years for some cancers to develop, there is already an increase in glioblastomas (brain cancers) in populations in some European countries. In view of these elements, it would therefore become unseemly to dare to continue to claim that all of this represents no danger to health.

What about 5G?

The installation of 5G will require significant relaxation of standards that are already far too high.

In addition, this technology, which presents technical specificities different from technologies of previous generations, has not been the subject of preliminary health studies. Some scientists fear an increase in the occurrence of skin cancer and eye damage linked to the use of higher carrier frequencies.

In addition, the multiplication of the number of relay antennas necessary for the installation of the 5G network and the absolute hyper-connectivity in which it will precipitate society will impose a generalized and certain increase in the levels of exposure of the populations.

This is equivalent to predicting a situation where the overall health risk would be increased by a factor that cannot be determined in advance, with health consequences of which we do not know the nature and over which we would have no control.

This would also amount to a breach of the Nuremberg Code since it would ultimately be an experiment on humans without their consent, without certainty that the benefit to society is greater than the risk incurred …

As doctors, we are already deploring more and more pathologies that may be linked to environmental components such as this increasing exposure of the population to electromagnetic radiation from wireless. We also receive testimonials and we meet more and more people suffering from physical disorders potentially linked to exposure to electromagnetic radiation such as sleep disorders, tinnitus, palpitations, headaches, attention disorders and concentration, severe pain …

We ask, with reference to Resolution 1815 of May 2011 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, as well as in line with dozens of calls from doctors and scientists around the world, that local public representatives, regional and federal authorities take their responsibilities and the necessary measures to obtain:
• The application of the Precautionary Principle in order to protect the population, especially the youngest, children, pregnant women, the elderly,
• A moratorium on the deployment of 5G pending health impact studies,
• Raising awareness among citizens, in particular parents, adolescents and pregnant women, about the responsible and responsible use of wireless connected objects,
• The establishment of truly protective exposure standards based on the thermal and non-thermal biological effects of RF / MO electromagnetic fields and radiation,
• The creation of a vigilance center or a symptom inventory organization in connection with this exhibition.

With this carte blanche, we reach the thousands of doctors and scientists from around the world who, since 2000, have joined their voices in recurrent calls to alert populations and politicians to the dangers of wireless technologies.

Today, we are among the 434 Belgian doctors and 900 health professionals to sign the “Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal” to ask the government to apply the precautionary principle in order to protect the population against these dangers. You will find on our website all the references relating to the information communicated above: https://www.hippocrates-electrosmog-appeal.be/

The recent news worries us all the more, but let us bet together that it can be the occasion of new awakenings and advances in the field of prevention, which must today and more than ever make the object of all our attention.




And here is the list of doctors – and no, they are not all homeopaths.

“Faced with the massive and reckless deployment of wireless technologies, we, health professionals, ask the government to enforce the precautionary principle in order to protect the population and more particularly the most vulnerable groups, including pregnant women. and children.”


  1. Dr V. Verly, General practitioner, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  2. Dr M. Koelman, General practitioner, CU public health School Medicine, Limal

  3. Dr S. Scheffer, General practitioner, Limal

  4. Dr V. Marneffe, Neurosurgeon, Dion-Valmont

  5. Dr N. Whenham, Medical Oncologist, Lima

  6. Dr V. Jadoulle, Psychiatric Doctor, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

  7. Dr D. Hercot, Attached doctor – training General practitioner and public health, politics and management of health systems, Etterbeek

  8. Dr S. Andries, Pediatrician, Gembloux

  9. Dr Vincent Verschaeve, Oncologist, Charleroi

  10. Dr F. Cornelis, Oncologist, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  11. Pr V. Havelange, Hematologist, Brussels

  12. Pr C. Daumerie, Specialist Doctor, Sterrebeek

  13. Dr S. Tenreira Martins, General practitioner, Auderghem

  14. Dr E. Koelman, General practitioner, Evere

  15. Dr JM Gilles, General practitioner, Molenbeek

  16. Dr Th. Connerotte, Hematologist, Ottignies

  17. Dr P. Abouhamad, Nuclear medicine doctor, Namur

  18. Dr S. Vanneste, Emergency physician, Wavre

  19. Dr I. Graulich, General practitioner, Bousval

  20. Dr H. Bakkali, General practitioner, Anderlecht

  21. Dr MJ Amaral, Gynecologist, Namur

  22. Dr P. Jadoulle, General practitioner, Marchienne-au-Pont

  23. Dr Ch. Van Cutsem, General practitioner, Etterbeek

  24. Dr M. Verheyen, Geneesheer, Tienen

  25. Dr Ch. Anslot, Pediatrician, Anderlecht

  26. Dr C. Ruyssen, Pediatrician Wavre

  27. Dr A. Angheben, General practitioner, Etterbeek

  28. Dr B. Janssens, General practitioner, Gembloux

  29. Dr R. Miah, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Chapelle lez herlaimont

  30. Dr M.-D. Petit, General practitioner, Louvain-La-Neuve

  31. Dr P. Pierret, Neurologist, Soye

  32. Dr M.-D. François, Pediatrician, Chastre

  33. Dr F. Saussu, Doctor Neurologist, Ottignies

  34. Dr A.-F. Hubert, Pediatrician, Chaumont-Gistoux

  35. Dr I. Kint, Physician of functional and nutritional medicine, Profondeville

  36. Dr N. Stein, Pediatrician, Ohey

  37. Dr S. Bulduk, General practitioner, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

  38. Dr B. Steichen, General practitioner, Brussels

  39. Dr D. Pereira, General practitioner, Uccle

  40. Dr J.-C. Leeuwerck, General practitioner, Schaerbeek

  41. Dr A. Michel, General practitioner, Limal

  42. Dr P. Van Kerckhove, General practitioner, Molenbeek St-Jean

  43. Dr J. Coppe, Psychiatrist and nutritionist, Wavre

  44. Dr C. Devred, General practitioner, Kraainem

  45. Dr M. Sevenants, General practitioner, Saint Gilles

  46. Dr C. Bleyenheuft, Physical doctor and rehabilitation, Namur

  47. Dr Ch. Godefroit, General practitioner, Laeken

  48. Dr A. Bulduk, General practitioner, Evere

  49. Dr O. Ouakas, General practitioner, Molenbeek-St-Jean

  50. Dr M. Tondeur, Retired pediatrician, Linkebeek

  51. Pr V. van Pesch, Neurologist, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  52. Dr C. Durieu, General practitioner, Noville-Les-Bois

  53. Dr HQ Le Nhu, general practitioner, Auderghem

  54. Dr J. Lakhal, General practitioner, Forest

  55. Dr M. Seutin, Child psychiatrist, Schaerbeek

  56. Dr M. Vanderveken, Social Medicine, Brussels

  57. Dr W. Zhu, Assistant general medicine, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

  58. Dr G. Wieers, Internist, Genval

  59. Dr J. Huvenne, General practitioner, Wavre

  60. Dr V. Olbregts, General practitioner, Villers-la-Ville

  61. Dr M. Noyen, Pensioner doctor, Bierges

  62. Dr Ch. Van Ruyssevelt, Doctor – Radiologist, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

  63. Dr M. De Greift, General practitioner, Auderghem

  64. Dr E. Borremans, General practitioner, Braine l’Alleud

  65. Dr P. Jenaer, General practitioner, Brussels

  66. Dr A.-P. Schillings, Radiologist, Senologist, Ottignies

  67. Dr T. Voicu, Pediatrician, Chaumont-Gistoux

  68. Dr J. Noël, Pulmonologist, Walhain

  69. Dr S. Ledeghen, ENT Doctor, Loupoigne

  70. Dr M. Streel, General practitioner, Brussels

  71. Dr M. Ch. Berghezan, General practitioner, Braine le chateau

  72. Dr E. Dardenne, Urologist, Ottignies

  73. Pr J. Melin, Internal cardiologist, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

  74. Dr FX Romain, Doctor of Medicine, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

  75. Dr N. Lasa Montoya, General practitioner, Charleroi

  76. Dr JP Haxhe, Surgeon, Chaumont-Gistoux

  77. Dr Ph. Antoine, Neuropsychiatrist, Schaerbeek

  78. Dr I. Van Acker, School arts, Gent

  79. Dr T. Aouattah, Gastroenterologist, Bierges

  80. Dr R. Boutemy, Doctor – senologist radiologist, Ixelles

  81. Dr N. Hogge, Child psychiatrist, Watermael

  82. Dr A. Lecloux, Pediatrician, Court-St-Etienne

  83. Dr C. Draguet, Doctor, Longueville

  84. Dr C. Moyersoen, General practitioner, Wezembeek-Oppem

  85. Dr D. Goddart, Doctor – Radiologist, La Louvière

  86. Dr E. Brewaeys, General practitioner, Brussels

  87. Dr L. Delle Vigne, Gynecologist, Brussels

  88. Dr L. Romedenne, General practitioner, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  89. Dr M. Lonneux, Doctor, Gembloux

  90. Dr P. Desclee, Radiologist, Woluwe-St-Pierre

  91. Dr T Lê, Pediatrician, Limal

  92. Dr T. Puttemans, Radiologist, Rixensart

  93. Dr V. Boon, Gynecologist, Wavre

  94. Dr A. Pirlet, Specialist, Ramillies

  95. Dr E. Ponte, Radiologist, Wavre

  96. Dr R. Poncin, Oncologist, Profondeville

  97. Dr M.-F. Wauthier, Doctor, Wavre

  98. Dr VA De Wilde, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Algology, Yvoir

  99. Dr J. Embise, General practitioner, Nassogne

  100. Dr P. Lauwers, General practitioner, Evere

  101. Dr P. Awouters, Doctor Stomatologist, Ottignies

  102. Dr OM Thiran, General practitioner, Lonzee

  103. Dr X. Lequeu, General practitioner, Bois de Lessines

  104. Dr N. Delhez, General practitioner, Ambly

  105. Dr V. Fraselle, Physician and rehabilitation, Uccle

  106. Dr F. Bastogne, General practitioner, Louvain-la-Neuve

  107. Dr A. Parada, General practitioner, Trois-Ponts

  108. Dr A. Leclercq, Doctor, Forest

  109. Dr A. Stinglhamber, Ophthalmologist, Louvain-la-Neuve

  110. Dr A. Wauthier, Child psychiatrist, Merelbeke

  111. Dr AS Crochelet, Pediatrician, Bayne Heusay

  112. Dr C. Gielen, General practitioner, Rixensart

  113. Dr F. Jenaer, General practitioner, Etterbeek

  114. Dr R. Müler, Pediatrician, Tournai

  115. Dr E. Seny, General practitioner, migrainology, Hannut

  116. Dr I. De Bock, General practitioner, Brussels

  117. Dr M. Lefrancq, ENT Doctor, Bierges

  118. Dr A. Debyser, Huisarts, Zaventem

  119. Dr M. Hubert, General practitioner, Sambreville

  120. Dr F. Decorte, General practitioner, Genappe

  121. Dr I. Eeckhout, Dermatologist, Melle

  122. Dr L. Temmerman, Dermatologist, Kruisem

  123. Dr A. Coolen, Arts, Mortsel

  124. Dr A. Salaroli, Hematologist, Brussel

  125. Dr C. Tennstedt, General practitioner, Woluwe

  126. Dr C. Hossay, Gynecologist, Kraainem

  127. Dr A. de vits, Arts verloskundige, Merelbeke

  128. Dr L. Vandecasteele, Arts, Gent

  129. Dr M. Avets, Huisarts, Gent

  130. Dr AM Lontie, Huisarts, Gent

  131. Dr K. De Mey, Sint Andries

  132. Dr S. Colaes, Huisarts, Scheldewindeke

  133. Dr N. Clumeck, Psychiatrist, Brussels

  134. Dr C. Vaysse-van Oost, Doctor in Palliative Care, LLN

  135. Dr P. Hannon, Doctor, Liège

  136. Dr C. Van der thereforekt, Nuclear Medicine Internist, Soignies

  137. Pr A. Boom, Doctor Researcher, Faculty of Medicine ULB

  138. Dr M. Vander Stappen, Pneumo-oncologist, Belgium

  139. Dr C. Hulstaert, General practitioner, Schaerbeek

  140. Dr JM Delaive, Doctor, Belgium

  141. Dr F. Gueibe, General practitioner, Libin

  142. Dr T. Willemart, Neurologist, Belgium

  143. Dr N. Samain, General practitioner, Belgium

  144. Dr J. Bourguignon, Infanto-Juvenile Psychiatry, Brussels

  145. Dr G. Hubert, General practitioner, Tourinnes-St-Lambert

  146. Dr A. Guilmot, Assistant Physician Candidate in Neurology, Belgium

  147. Dr M. Hars, Wezembeek-Oppem, General and School Doctor

  148. Dr N. Ben El Mostapha, Emergency physician, Bousval

  149. Dr C. Cayphas, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Rhode-St-Genèse

  150. Dr S. Swinnen, Oogchirurg, Bree

  151. Dr S. Wynants, Oogarts, Antwerpen

  152. Dr C. Colinet, General practitioner, Brussels

  153. Dr J. Denis, Arts, Emblem

  154. Dr E. Van Hoogenbemt, Arts, Zwalm

  155. Dr M. Migeotte, General practitioner, Herstal

  156. Dr J. Catala, General practitioner, Belgium

  157. MD, PhD, S. Van Gool, Kinderoncologie, Herent

  158. Dr. MD. de Hemptinne, Doctor, Belgium

  159. Dr L. Barras, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Wavre

  160. Dr K. Van Kerkhoven, Arts, Antwerpen

  161. Dr B. Lefevre, Huisarts, Deurne

  162. Dr J. Lintermans, Doctor of Science, Pharmaceutical Consultant, Louvain-la-Neuve

  163. Dr L. Renard, Oncological Radiotherapy, Belgium

  164. Dr P. Wollaert, Huisarts, Schoten

  165. Pr L. Labriola, Nephrologist, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  166. Dr S. Depicker, Arts, Oostkamp

  167. Dr A. Verleysen, Huisarts, Aalst

  168. Dr JE Vanderheyden, Neurologist, Fleurus

  169. Dr A. Van Dessel, Surgeon, Lasne

  170. Dr E. Traey, Arts, Belgium

  171. Dr V. Grégoire, General practitioner, Frasnes-Lez-Gosselies

  172. Pr C. Huart, ENT, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  173. Dr L. Gérard, Doctor in Intensive Care, Brussels

  174. Dr C. Collienne, Hospital Practitioner in Intensive Care, Tervueren

  175. Dr V. Gillion, Nephrologist, Belgium

  176. Dr J. Van Winghem, Pediatrician, Wezembeek

  177. Dr A. Luyckx, General practitioner, Belgium

  178. Pr B. Navez, Abdominal Surgery, Nalinnes

  179. Dr S. Marien, Geriatrician, Belgium

  180. Dr S. Mastrobuoni, Cardiac Surgeon, Sterrebeek

  181. Dr N. de Suray, Gastroenterologist, Belgium

  182. Dr A. Gigi, Child psychiatrist, Arlon

  183. Dr K. Vandewalle, Huisarts, Brugge

  184. Dr MC Husken, Retired occupational doctor, Overijse

  185. Dr M. Soeur, Neurologist, Huldenberg

  186. Dr JM Huard, Doctor, Overijse

  187. Dr C. Lhonneux, Gastro-Enterologist, Brussels

  188. Dr E. Van den Heuvel, Huisarts, Overmere

  189. Dr C. Debeer, General practitioner, Anderlecht

  190. Dr C. Canon, Doctor, Teacher, Namur

  191. Dr M. Ndamé, General practitioner, Nivelles

  192. Dr Y. Bertholet, General practitioner, Belgium

  193. Dr M. Dullaert, Huisaert, Lokeren

  194. Dr C. Dachelet, Dermatologist, UCL Godinne site

  195. Dr M. Herssens, Homeopathisch Arts, Lokeren

  196. Dr JL Fontaine, General practitioner, Gerpinnes

  197. Dr V. Dablemont, General practitioner, Ixelles

  198. Dr P. Vanhulle, Huisarts, Blankenberge

  199. Dr J. Troubleyn, Huisarts, Maasei

  200. Dr P. Fernez, Doctor, Sombreffe

  201. Dr H. Mermans, Huisarts, Niel

  202. Dr W. Samyn, Huisarts, Kortrijk

  203. Dr M. Thoolen, huisarts Geneeskunde voor het Volk Genk

  204. Dr P. Nicodemus, Huisarts, Genk

  205. Dr L. Ben Messaoud, Huisarts, Genk

  206. Dr F. Otten, Kontich

  207. Dr N. Hachez, Occupational doctor, Wépion

  208. Dr V. Hachez, School Doctor, Gembloux

  209. Dr A. Dalhem, Pediatrician, Belgium

  210. Dr L. Berghmans, Huisarts, Hemiksem

  211. Dr G. Francken, Huisarts, Essen

  212. Dr M. Vandenbussche, General practitioner, Woluwe-St-Lambert

  213. Dr J. Bergé, Orthodontist, Oudenaarde

  214. Dr A. van Veen, arts algemene geneeskunde, Arendonk

  215. Dr A. Hainaux, Retired doctor, Belgium

  216. Dr A. Neckebroek, Huisarts, Schoten

  217. Dr K. Cooman, Huisarts, Brakel

  218. Dr I. Desmedts, Huisarts, Roselaere

  219. Dr. A. Dermul; Huisarts, Brugge

  220. Dr F. Sierens, arts homeopaat, Knokke-Heist

  221. Dr A. Godderis, arts, Miss

  222. Dr S. Depreitere, huisarts, Brugge

  223. Dr C. Lefever, arts, Berchem

  224. Dr R. Segers, huisarts, Sinaai

  225. Dr J. Conings, Arts, Bree

  226. Dr H. De Smet, Arts, Meerbeek

  227. Dr P. Lanoye, Arts, Belgium

  228. Dr L. Dehaen, Huisarts, Merchte

  229. Dr Steyaert Brigitte, Arts, Leuven

  230. Dr Vanden Eynde, Eric, Tervuren, dokter in de diergeneeskunde

  231. Dr Doeuvre, Erwin, Oostende, Arts-homeopaat

  232. Dr P. Gengoux, Homeopathic dermatologist, Etterbeek

  233. Dr JH Keijzer, General practitioner, La Louvière

  234. Dr JC Marot, Namur

  235. Dr V. Col, Endocrino-diabetologist, Ottignies

  236. Dr M. Benaets, Cardiologist, LLN

  237. Dr T. Dugernier, Intensivist, Ottignies

  238. Dr I. Michel, Anesthesiologist, Ottignies

  239. Dr T. Roy, Doctor, Etterbeek

  240. Dr J. Simar, Biologist, Limal

  241. Dr E. Agneessens, Doctor, Brussels

  242. Dr T. Sprockeels, Urological Surgeon, Wepion

  243. Dr S. Kassam, Pediatrician, Belgium

  244. Dr J. Simar, Pediatrician, Genval

  245. Dr N. Delbrassine, Ophthalmologist, Bierges

  246. Dr M. Heymans, Doctor, Grez Doiceau

  247. Dr V. De Winde, Specialist Doctor, Ottignies

  248. Dr V. Selosse, Doctor, Ottignies

  249. Dr A. Wauters, Cardiologist, Ottignies

  250. Dr E. Duchene, Psychiatrist for adolescents, Schaerbeek

  251. Dr E. Theunissen, Physician of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Waterloo

  252. Dr C. Herinckx, General practitioner, Brussels

  253. Dr J. Schoonjans, Radiologist, Ottignies

  254. Dr JC Degols, Court-St-Etienne

  255. Dr V. Momber, General practitioner, Belgium

  256. Pr JP Machiels, Oncologist, Woluwe

  257. Dr P. Awouters, Stomatologist, Champion

  258. Dr A. Picard, Doctor, Houyet

  259. Dr P. Serneels, Doctor, Ittre

  260. Dr A. Degraeuwe, Dermatologist in Training (MACCS), Belgium

  261. Dr N. Hetsch, Visceral Surgeon, Ottignies

  262. Dr B. Gressens, Doctor, Chastre

  263. Dr C. Van Damme, Psychiter, Dion-Valmont

  264. Dr M. Desmit, General practitioner, Brussels

  265. Dr A. De Winter, General practitioner, St-Gilles

  266. Dr JC Dutranoy, Digestive Surgeon, Ottignies

  267. Dr A. Mayence, General practitioner, Brussels

  268. Dr L. Pratte, Pediatrician, Ottignies

  269. Dr M. Melchior, General practitioner, Rixensart

  270. Dr L. Van den Bossche, Huisarts, Puurs

  271. Dr A. Gille, Emergency Doctor, Belgium

  272. Dr JF Legrève, Obstetrician, Ophain

  273. Dr P. Coomans de Brachène, General practitioner, Ottignies

  274. Dr L. Bougata, General practitioner, Ottignies

  275. Dr B. Majerus, Surgeon, Chaumont-Gistoux

  276. Dr A. Hubert, Pediatrician, Dion le val

  277. Dr F. Bosman, General practitioner, Ottigines

  278. Dr C. Feincoeur, General practitioner

  279. Dr F. Verhegghen, General practitioner, Schaerbeek

  280. Dr A. Amraoui, Cardiologist, Brussels

  281. Dr V. Baudoux, General practitioner, Nivelles

  282. Dr M. Puzeist, Dermatologist, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

  283. Dr L. Fostier, Assistant General Practitioner, Brussels.

  284. Dr M. Maureen, General practitioner, Ottiginies

  285. Dr T. Thi My Quyên, General practitioner, Dilbeek

  286. Dr M. Glibert, General practitioner, Genappe

  287. Dr M. Bawin, General practitioner, Liège

  288. Dr R. Niessen, Intensivist, Brussels

  289. Dr V. Van Migen, General practitioner, Libramont

  290. Dr R. Heintz, General practitioner, Arlon

  291. Dr D. Veldekens, Psychiatrist, Fouleng

  292. Dr M. Gualtieri, Doctor, Court-St-Etienne

  293. Dr G. Heintz, Doctor, Belgium

  294. Dr S. Guns, General practitioner, Anhée

  295. Dr B. Michaux, General practitioner, Grez-doiceau

  296. Dr. JL. Vanderlinden, Huisarts, Tielt-Winge

  297. Dr F. Vanden Berghe, Gepensioneerd huisarts, Genk

  298. Dr O. Maréchal, Nutritionist, Sirault

  299. Dr C. Deneyer, General practitioner, Brussels

  300. Dr B. Lambert, Arts, Kortrijk

  301. Dr J. Valembois, General practitioner, Binche

  302. Dr T. Crepin, General practitioner, Wavre

  303. Dr. ML. Allen, General practitioner homeopath, Fosses-La-Ville

  304. Dr S. Rèsimont, Functional medicine, Brussels

  305. Dr S. Bourgeois, Specialist in neurology, Braine-l’ailleud

  306. Dr G. Van dingenen, Huisarts, Geel

  307. Dr L. Van den Bossche, Huisarts, Puurs-Sint-Amands

  308. Dr A. Ansiaux, General practitioner, Belgium

  309. Dr G. Gabriëls, Arts, Stokrooie

  310. Dr M. Toussaint, Doctor, Marchin

  311. Dr P. Restu, Emergency Doctor, Evrehaille

  312. Dr T. Coppens, Specialist Neurologist, Ohain

  313. Dr C. Collinet, General practitioner, Schaerbeek

  314. Dr JP Fiévet, Ophthalmologist, Brussels

  315. Dr S. Tomas, Anesthesiologist, Bousval

  316. Dr C. Druart, Doctor,

  317. Dr J. Spoden, General practitioner, Belgium

  318. Dr C. Ruyssen, Pediatrician, Wavre

  319. Dr F. Breuskin, Gastro-Enterologist, Belgium

  320. Dr J. Vereeke, Cardiologist, Schaerbeek

  321. Dr A. Raes, Glabais

  322. Dr S. Blocx, General practitioner, Flémalle

  323. Dr B. Ledegen, Geneesheer, Antwerpen

  324. Dr ME Janssen, General practitioner, Bressoux

  325. Dr V. Colmant, General practitioner, Dour

  326. Dr Ngoc Que TRAN, General practitioner, Brussels

  327. Dr C. Braun, Emergency Doctor, Overijse

  328. Dr Y. Vercruysse, Anderlecht, Doctor

  329. Dr C. Boulanger, Pediatrician, Brussels

  330. Dr JC Verougstraete, Gynecologist, Ottignies

  331. Dr V. Remouchamp, Radiotherapist Oncologist, CHU UCL Namur

  332. Dr E. Aertgeerts, Anesthesiologist, Sohier

  333. Dr S. O’Brien, General practitioner, Brussels

  334. Dr I. Van Acker, Arts, Gent

  335. Dr V. Goffin, Doctor, Celfontainre

  336. Dr J. Loop, General practitioner, Brussels

  337. Dr A. Jadot, General practitioner, Givry

  338. Dr H. Scholtes, Gynecologist, Limelette

  339. Dr R. Bochner, Veterinarian, Brussels

  340. Dr A. Dalhem, Pediatrician, Belgium

  341. Dr S. Godfroid, Psychiatric Doctor, Belgium

  342. Dr V. van ransbeeck, Child psychiatrist, Belgium

  343. Dr C. Duyst, veterinarian osteopahe, Brussels

  344. Dr B. Fourez, Psychiatrist, Overijse

  345. Dr R. Sferrazza, Child psychiatrist, Brussels

  346. Dr C. Meylemans, General practitioner, Court-St-Etienne

  347. Dr M. Schaubroeck, Huisarts met pensioen, Gent

  348. Dr E. Leunus, General practitioner, Years

  349. Dr P. Tromme, Surgeon, Belgium

  350. Dr E. Janssens, Neuroloog, Taintignie

  351. Dr MG Cuvelier, General practitioner, Ronse

  352. Dr N. Tellier, General practitioner, stress medicine, Rixensart

  353. Dr Dragos Ifrim, Anesthesiologist, Belgium

  354. Dr A. Brouwers, Doctor, Grivegnée

  355. Dr P. Gillet, Doctor-Psychologist, Beaufays

  356. Dr Y. Deckers, Rheumatologist, Brussels

  357. Dr K. Dulieu, Doctor of Medicine, Legs

  358. Dr JL Legrand, Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, Chercq

  359. Dr A. Wauthier, Child psychiatrist, Uccle

  360. Dr C. Vander Vorst, Child Psychiatrist, Belgium

  361. Dr E. Masquelier, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Genval

  362. Dr J. Derkenne, General practitioner, Ottignies

  363. Dr C. Noël, Psychiatrist, Chastre

  364. Dr A. Kerkhofs, Neurologist, Taintignies

  365. Dr P. Poelman, psychotherapist, Gesves

  366. Dr MC Duray, Neurologist, Brussels

  367. Dr G. Marlier, Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Ciney

  368. Dr J. Nguyen, hematologist, Avin

  369. Dr P. Louis, General practitioner, Beauvechain

  370. Dr MD, PHD, JM Raymackers, Neurologist, Perwez

  371. Dr M. Lejeune, General practitioner, Belgium

  372. Dr C. Dubus, Child Psychiatrist, Brussels

  373. Dr N. Bourgois, Radiotherapist, Ittre

  374. Dr T. Van Engeland, Anesthesiologist

  375. Dr N. Sannikoff, Pediatrician, Héviller

  376. Dr A. Gaudin, Anesthesiologist, Godinne

  377. Dr C. Muller, Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth, Seraing

  378. Dr P. Lamouline, General practitioner, Bertrix

  379. Dr A. Prové, Huisarts, Galmaardn

  380. Dr S. Deheneffe, Radiotherapist, Belgium

  381. Dr S. Swales, General practitioner, Mettet

  382. Dr D. Lancel, Doctor Hainaut

  383. Dr S. Legros, Neuropsychiatrist doctor, Linkebeek

  384. Dr A. Weerens, Anesthesiologist, Dilbeek

  385. Dr G. Masson, General practitioner, Anderlecht

  386. Dr J. McConnell, General practitioner, Bièvre

  387. Dr A. Lemaire, General practitioner, Rosière

  388. Dr I. Dehem, Osteopathic Doctor, Kraainem

  389. Dr S. Hoeffelman, Public health doctor and anesthetist, Koksijde

  390. Dr Y. Deckers, Rheumatologist, Brussels

  391. Dr C. Rolain, Emergency physician, Mollem

  392. Dr O. Giantin, Assistant physician in general medicine, Marcinelle

  393. Dr TA Medaghri, General practitioner, Brussels

  394. Dr B. Ndayishima, Assistant general practitioner, Belgium

  395. Dr P. Sasse, General practitioner, Belgium

  396. Dr L. Tondeur, Doctor in the process of specialization- Orthopedics, Belgium

  397. Dr C. Kinnaert, general practitioner, Belgium

  398. Dr A. Goffioul, General practitioner, Belgium

  399. Dr C. Dave, General practitioner, Namur

  400. Dr R. Rettmann, Urologist, Mons

  401. Dr C. Nguyen Dinh, General practitioner

  402. Dr MC Forrest, assistant in general medicine, Chastre

  403. Dr JM Maisin, Gastroenterologist, Waterloo

  404. Dr S. Doyle, General practitioner, Brussels

  405. Dr A. Bousmar, Doctor, Belgium

  406. Dr M. Heynen, Radiologist, Montigny-le-Tilleul

  407. Dr MI Wera, Doctor, child psychiatrist, Theux

  408. Dr S. le Jeune d’Allegeershecque, Dermatologist, Waterloo

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  412. Dr L. De Luca, Doctor, Belgium

  413. Dr M. Haumont-Coolens, General practitioner, Brussels

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  415. Dr J. Dumoulin General practitioner, Gembloux

  416. Dr L. Clairbois, Orthopedic surgeon, Wavre

  417. Dr T. Hertoghe, Internal Doctor, Zellik

  418. Dr V. Roland, General practitioner, Charleroi

  419. Dr O. De Vleeshouwer, General practitioner, Saint-Hubert

  420. Dr L. Lateur, General practitioner, Ecaussinnes d’Enghien

  421. Dr M. Decerf, General practitioner, Belgium

  422. Dr S. Ben Amara, General practitioner, Belgium

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  424. Dr C. Opsomer, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Genval

  425. Dr L. Marlier, General practitioner, Belgium

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  428. Dr E. Sanchez, General practitioner, Houyet

  429. Dr C. Docquier, General practitioner, Nassogne

  430. Dr M. Alafakis, General practitioner, Jupille

  431. Dr JY Guillaume, General practitioner, Sambreville

  432. Dr R. Ricci Risso, Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Ixelles

  433. Dr N. Debecker, Adult Psychiatrist, Boussu

  434. Dr C. Heinz, Doctor readapter, Feluy

  435. Dr A. Massez, Radiologist, Forest

  436. Dr C. Messaud, Psychiatrist, Profonodeville

  437. Dr S. Achaara, General practitioner, Belgium

  438. Dr M. Bous, retired pediatric hematology and cancer specialist, Marchin

  439. Dr C. Schramme, General practitioner, Belgium

  440. Dr G. Colin, Radiologist, Brussels

  441. Dr M. Jehaes, General practitioner, Ransart

  442. Dr V. d’Aspremont, Child psychiatry assistant, Belgium

  443. Pr C. Chantrain, Pediatrician, Liège

  444. Dr C. Nicolaie, Specialist pulmonologist, Brussels

  445. Dr L. Kalbert, general medicine assistant, Belgium

  446. Dr MP Van Craynest, Specialist in pathological anatomy, Ophain

  447. Dr J. Dethier, Psychiatrist, Belgium

  448. Dr G. Vandermoten, Onco-pneumologist, Namur

  449. Dr M. Provost, retired general practitioner

  450. Dr FX Sibille, Doctor, Lustin

  451. Dr E. Dechesne, General practitioner, Liège

  452. Dr N. Dubuissons, Neurologist Belgium

  453. Dr O. de Maere, Doctor Anesthetist-Resuscitator, Brussels

  454. Dr P. Vroonen, Specialist Doctor in Emergency Medicine, Belgium

  455. Dr J. Pelzer, child psychiatrist, Wiede

  456. Dr V. Dinh, General practitioner, Belgium

  457. Dr P. Vrielynck, neurologist doctor, Louvain-la-Neuve

  458. Dr I. Deneff, Psychiatrist, Esneux

  459. Dr P. Fraga, Psychiatrist, Montigny-Le-Tilleul

  460. Dr M. Krug, General practitioner, Court saint etienne

  461. Dr T. Danois, Anesthesiologist, Namur

  462. Dr A. Durnez, Reumatoloog, Kraainem

  463. Dr D. Henrard, anesthesiologist, Wasseiges

  464. Dr V. De meeus, Geriatrician, Etterbeek

  465. Dr A. Leurquin General practitioner, Nivelles

  466. Dr I. Scagnol, Pathologist, Belgium

  467. Dr K. Layoubi, General practitioner, Brussels

  468. Dr V. Marchal, Occupational doctor, Liège

  469. Dr D. Schoefs, General practitioner, Belgium

  470. Dr B.  Goffart, Psychiatrist, Brussels

  471. Dr L. Legros, Pediatrician, Brussels

  472. Dr JP Daxhelet, Anesthesiologist

  473. Dr J. Geukens, Dermatoloog, Belgium

  474. Dr T. Maerten, Doctor, Waterloo

  475. Dr D. Bafort, Huisarts, Eeklo

  476. Dr P. Vanderheyden, Psychiatrist, Belgium

  477. Dr I. Porcher, General practitioner, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

  478. Dr D. Bouillon, General practitioner, Ghlin

  479. Dr S. Daxhelet, General practitioner, Montigny-le-Tilleul

  480. Dr A. De Meyer, General practitioner, Lasne

  481. Dr S. Deneweth, Orthopedische Surgery – Traumatology, Buizingen

  482. Dr G. Jacquemin, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Forest

  483. Dr M. Berny, General practitioner, Chastre

  484. Dr J. Siquet, Doctor specialized in transfusion and IT, Ans

  485. Dr VM Baranova, Dr. Master of Public Health, Belgium

  486. Dr M. Amand, general practitioner, Brûly

  487. Dr S. Mitran, Dermatologist, Belgium

  488. Dr W. Lichtert, Huisarts, Eppegem

  489. Dr E. Eyckmans, Huisarts, Kessenich

  490. Dr E. Cattoir, Huisarts, Melsele

  491. Dr F. Evrard, Doctor – Neurologist, Ottignies

  492. Dr M. Plovie, Huisarts, Gent

  493. Dr L. Elias, Ca ndidate specialist in occupational medicine, Donceel

  494. Dr S. Vander Donckt, Huisarts, Zwevegem

  495. Dr K. Neyens, Arts, Zonhoven

  496. Dr F. Braem, Huisarts, Belgium

  497. Dr J. Huvenne, General practitioner, Wavre

  498. Dr B. Van Elst, Fertiliteitsarts, Belgium

  499. Dr C. Goossens, Dermatologist, Genval

  500. Dr H. Tubbax, Orthopedie Traumatologie, Belgium

  501. Dr B. Langouche, General practitioner, Belgium

  502. Dr M. Chamiec, Gynecologist, Belgium

  503. Dr L. Gillis, Arts, Rumst

  504. Dr E. Van den Bogaert, Family doctor, Brussels

  505. Dr G. Guiot, General practitioner and acupuncturist, Libin

  506. Dr B. Dekeyser, Insurance Medicine, Kain

  507. Dr J. Linmans, medical doctor GP, Hasselt

  508. Dr P. Leroy, Neuropediatrician, Belgium

  509. Dr A. Brans, Gynecologist, Belgium

  510. Dr D. Pestiaux, General practitioner, Liberchies

  511. Dr A. Daron, Pediatric Neurologist, Thimister

  512. Dr M. Cecere, Doctor, Brussels

  513. Dr C. Barrea, Neuropediatrician, Liège



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  • This is far from the first appeal from European medical doctors on the issue of wireless technology and health. In 2002, over a thousand German physicians, mostly specializing in environmental medicine, signed the Freiburg Appeal. Tens of thousands of people have endorsed it since then. It was updated ten years later:


    In the original appeal, medical doctors spoke of first-hand experience with their patients and how they were cured of all kinds of conditions when removed from wireless fields. And there have been other appeals, including more recent petitions about 5G. Yet no one listens: only the OFFICIAL health agencies such as WHO and the FDA are to be believed.

    The FCC takes its health advice from the FDA, incidentally. Many people have tried to lobby the FCC on its radiation guidelines, the very worst in the whole world from a protective point of view. I can save them time. In the highly unlikely event that you ever do manage to get a person from the FCC in a corner where they have to answer questions, he or she will look completely innocent and say: We are just telecoms regulators, we know nothing about health, we rely entirely on expert advice from the FDA and the engineering industry. Go talk to them.

    Note that these appeals come from Europe, where minds are still a little freer. There are a very few US academics who have stuck their necks out and tried to alert the public to the hazards. Perhaps the most sincere appeal was from Dr Martin Blank of Columbia University, truly one of the great figures in the field, among other things a long-term consultant to the US Office of Naval Research:


    How much more authoritative and “establishment” could a scientist possibly be? He died very shortly after sending this heartfelt message to the World Health Organization:


    … a truly desperate appeal for which he never even received acknowledgment of receipt from UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and WHO Director General Margaret Chan.

    I primed a radio journalist to tackle Dr Emilie van Deventer, head of the WHO International EMF Project, at an international conference, and ask her about this appeal from Dr Martin Blank and his colleagues and whether she had received it. Dr Van Deventer said she was “aware of it”. That was the sum total of her response. I’m quite proud of being the one person who managed to force this tiny concession out of the WHO hierarchy, that they are indeed actually “aware” of the humanity that exists outside their cosy offices in Geneva.

    The journalist had to pay 300 euros to get into that industry conference, incidentally.

    So — it doesn’t matter how many doctors and scientists warn the world. The WHO will simply ignore all warnings. The media just bleats: the WHO says it’s safe, so it’s safe. Case closed, carry on regardless, radiating the entire environment across the entire radio spectrum. Nothing to see here, folks.

    Until today, perhaps. The only reason I’m writing this is to celebrate President Donald Trump terminating the USA’s relationship with the World Health Organization:


    According to Time Magazine, the South African health minister calls this move “unfortunate”:

    “Certainly, when faced with a serious pandemic, you want all nations in the world to be particularly focused … on one common enemy,” he told reporters.

    If there is one common enemy the world needs to focus on right now and blow completely out of the water once and for all, it’s the World Health Organization. I’ve been fighting this miserable bunch for decades, these completely untouchable, completely unaccountable, unbelievably cruel and callous people, who spend more money on first-class air travel for themselves than they do on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria put together.

    As I tried to point out in my comment about Dr. Tedros, the WHO is not just under China’s thumb. The UK wields huge power there as well, not least through its links with their old pal Dr. Tedros, whose soldiers they trained when he was Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister:


    One thing I’ve long noticed, not least through their Rhodes Scholarships to scoundrels like William Jefferson Clinton, is that the Brits engage many of their best global connections through education. Rich people from all over the world send their children to Eton and other elite UK schools, it’s a sure passage to privilege. Dr Tedros was trained at UK universities and will inevitably have strong British connections.

    Seriously — at a time of “pandemic” and global pandemonium, I don’t want the WHO to be under the control of some long-term political thug who is cosy with the British military.

    Just so you can see what an idiot this Dr. Tedros really is, watch this video of him as Foreign Minister of Ethiopia hosting a very enterprising 14-year-old fraudster, who claimed she’d won 20 million Australian dollars and was going to invest them in Ethiopian education. The whole story was a complete fable, which didn’t stop Dr. Tedros falling for it and coaching her on what to say:


    When the whole story blew up in his face, Dr. Tedros blamed the schoolgirl, although she had been flown from Australia to Ethiopia by his government:


    You can see clearly here that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus doesn’t have the faintest clue, even as a Foreign Minister of a major nation, as to what “due diligence” means.

    Now, please, tell me: what is the point of the most eminent scientific researchers and doctors in the world approaching this complete stooge, thug and moron? To beg him for some relief for humanity, when such an act would pull the plug on the telecoms sector, the richest and most powerful industry in the history of the earth? You think this thug thinks or cares for one millisecond about the millions of people who might be killed by this technology? Please.

    So I really and truly admire President Donald Trump for sticking it to the WHO. Be grateful that your tax dollars are no longer going to support this bunch of hired killers and liars. Seriously, in my long and bitter experience of this afflicted planet, the World Health Organization is by far and away the single greatest enemy of humankind I have ever encountered. The proof of this is now apparent to anyone on Earth with eyes and a nose.

  • …on march 31 the deployment of the future 5g…

    A brain tumor is more likely to happen, true but from march 31 to now, those “doctors” are able to support something that is just a theory…

    I’d like to remind that high voltage line are producing dangerous wave too and yet, many country keep them WAY TOO CLOSE to housings.

    And while if you sit (for years) under the line, you raise awfully the risk, in most normal case (when distance is respected), it’s not as harmful as the rest of our technology like say…4g or Wifi.
    You point that yourself!

    Those are deployed for years and raise of brain tumor isn’t obvious so i don’t see the point in claiming that a technology not yet properly deployed is the culprit…
    BTW,frank, if you are playing journalist, go to the full extend and give use the amount of brain cancer which happened since the deployment…because they failed to give those numbers themselves…

    “However, the safety of this exposure has never been demonstrated.”
    Actually, the same test protocoles are used for those kind of tech…so if it isn’t demonstrate for other techs, guess what.

    Also, if we want to be safer than sorry, let’s shut down electric systems ,all of them because even the electromagnetic fields (produce by the many technologies around us) has an impact…
    Watching a screen for many year could damage your eyes…i don’t see you “death to the tvs and screens in general”

    Let’s shut down the web and all the technology that deployed vastly in the last century because it could be harmful.

    Once again, without proper environnement, without the right situation , the “the safety of this exposure” can never “be demonstrated”.

    “The Precautionary Principle was in no way respected during the massive deployment of these wireless technologies.”
    Like for any…or to that matter, not even respected at the bird of microwave…
    It’s never the case and while it does have impact on our lifes (like many natural things) the effect are minimal.

    If you don’t put your head against the microwave everytime you warm up something, you should be fine.

    Now understand that most case, i’m a big supporter of the “better safe than sorry” but here , you are supporting the “blame” of a technology not yet deployed…
    The already deployed tech should be blamed at the same rate under the “precautionary principle”…

    Now, atleast, you are pointing to a real risk as this has nothing to do with the absurd conspiracy about covid-19…

    BUT if you want to stop 5g deployement, you need to look back and ask for the old techs (and they are everywhere) to disappear.

    “Today, we are among the 434 Belgian doctors and 900 health professionals to sign the “Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal” to ask the government to apply the precautionary principle”
    They might not be all homeopath, it doesn’t change than only an hand of those are close of the brain cancer subject while they likely have NO TECHNOLOGICAL BACKGROUND…
    I don’t see how those are actually considered as serious witness…Many aren’t even working on the brain…
    I see “gastroenterologist”, “psychiatrist”, “gynecologist”, “homeopathy” etc…
    Only a small amount are oncologist ,which doesn’t mean they understand what they talk about…you need both the knowledge of cancer and the understanding of how the wave are broadcasted by antennas…
    If so little amount of oncologist or radiologist are actually signing this,it’s because they know that it’s as dangerous as all the already existing technology…
    Also,they know how to stay in their area of expertise…

  • Btw, good on FR for translating this story to English. Some of the links are still in whatever they speak in a Belgium. (If I find a translate program or a Belgium person who speaks English before you do, I’ll let you know.)

      • No, it’s not the only one. The three official languages are Flemish, French and German, in addition, Luxembourgish, Brabantian, Walloon, Picard, and several other languages are also spoken.

  • OPEN LETTER of Complaint to the Guardian from the EM Radiation Research Trust against the Guardian Articles on 5G with the headline: “5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog: No scientific evidence that technology poses threat to human health, say experts”

  • Here we have the same problem of people signing a letter without having the specialist knowledge necessary to lend their opinions gravity.

    Medicine is a highly specialized field and people rarely stray from their area of expertise. You wouldn’t ask a surgeon to advise about Ebola, and you wouldn’t ask a psychiatrist to advise about allergies.

    Therein lies the problem.

    What would be needed to prove the claimed negative health effects of 5g on health, would be properly conducted research studies, peer-reviewed, demonstrating consistent results.

    That is the way it works.

    There may be negative health effects, but this has not been demonstrated, which leaves us with nothing but opinion.

    • Well said. The anti-5Gers want everybody to have the same fervor AGAINST 5G as they claim the wireless industry has FOR 5G. LOL

    • Paul,

      Until such time those studies are completed, what do you suggest should be done regarding the 5G deployment?


      • In my opinion it would be wise to place the deployment on hold until proper studies are conducted, but that is my personal opinion rather than my professional opinion.

        • That’s not realistic, there’s too much money behind it. Instead, real studies should be undertaken in parallel with the deployment. This is quite different than the dangers of X-rays and radium watches, as 5G exposes everybody, including the people who are trying to kill us. LOL

        • Your “personal” and not your “professional” opinion? …And you wonder why the doctors you consider more professionally qualified aren’t weighing in so much as the homeopathic doctors?

          • I am mindful of where my limitations lie in the practice of my profession.

            That’s not generally considered to be a bad thing.

    • Paul, I agree with you – especially your last sentence. I also see that we’ve made previous technological advancements that didn’t necessarily have adequate thought and exploration of consequences beyond the intended affects. While I disagree with the conspiracy theories linking 5G with COVID 19 (correlation vs causation), I do think that this “precautionary principle” is a better way to approach our techonological advancements. Bigger, faster, more bells and whistles doesn’t always equal better when all the pros and cons are considered and explored. And it’s easier to let the cat out of the bag than to put it back in again (especially after it has puked hairballs all over the place). I appreciate your opinion on this. And I’ll be the first to admit my opinions are colored by my tendency to be a Luddite at heart.

    • Seems as though the requisite studies you describe, Paul, are precisely what these doctors are asking for. Their testimony and opinions re: the etiology of the “mysterious” but common symptoms they are collectively seeing firsthand in their patients should not be negated by the medical industry’s conformity to a “specialist” model that promotes profit and ignorance.

      Naturally, patients whose ailments are not diagnosable by traditional specialists would turn to homeopathic practitioners ISO a diagnosis and cure. There are, however, more and more traditional practitioners coming forward in the free world to substantiate these findings.

      • I think it unfair to state that all doctors are motivated by profit and are generally ignorant. Traditional practitioners have their place and expertise, but medical doctors are obliged to practice evidence/science based medicine, which does not make
        them ignorant or greedy. I haven’t heard of any traditional practitioners successfully treating a subdural haematoma, or transplanting a kidney.

        • I think it unfair to claim that it was stated all doctors are motivated by profit, although they have to be motivated by profit, among other incentives, or the insurance companies won’t allow their treatments. LOL

          • To clarify, I said, the specialist medical module PROMOTES ignorance and profit. I did not say all doctors are ignorant and greedy.

            It just makes sense that homeopathic practitioners would be the first doctors to note the common abnormalities among patients turning to them as a last resort bc the specialists cannot explain and do not know how to treat the problem.

    • exactly… I haven’t seen one specialist that made me think like “if he supports this, it must be true”…
      Just like the other article, we see some “specialists” who have no relation to the problem they declare.

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