The Ethiopian Terrorist in Charge of the World Health Organization — Dr. Tedros Adhanom

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

President Trump on Tuesday said that he planned to stop United States funding of the World Health Organization while reviewing its role in what he described as “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.”

“Everybody knows what is going on there,” he said, blaming WHO for a “disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations.”

As recently as February, the W.H.O. had advised against imposing travel restrictions to places with outbreaks of the coronavirus, saying it was not an effective way combat its spread.

Now Fred take a look at the Director-General  of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus [Dr. Tedros].

By Fred

Given that we are all locked down until the World Health Organization approves a vaccination for COVID-19, or so we’re being threatened, I decided to do a background check on Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO.

Dr. Tedros has been accused of being “China’s man”, but on closer inspection, an extremely ugly picture emerges in which he also turns out to be very much the UK’s man, illustrating that country’s particular influence over WHO.

When I say ugly – Dr Tedros is without question a political thug of the highest order. As a senior member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) he was personally responsible for brutal repression of the Amhara people, using aid money selectively to starve them out and deny them access to basic services.

Amhara | Definition, History, & Culture | Britannica
Amharas are a Habesha Ethiosemitic-speaking ethnic group traditionally inhabiting parts of the northwest Highlands of Ethiopia, particularly in the Amhara Region.

The TPLF was listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government in the 1990s, and the organization still appears on the Global Terror Database for its “unfortunate habit” of carrying out armed attacks in rural areas:

The latest incident logged was in May 2018, a kidnapping.

Ethiopia is the biggest recipient of donor aid and World Bank funds in Africa. But the TPLF brazenly used this aid to punish political opponents.

According to a senior Western donor official in Addis Ababa: “Every tool at their disposal — fertilizer, loans, safety net — is being used to crush the opposition. We know this.”

Other forms of aid denial involved the refusal of emergency healthcare by ministry of health workers — the same ministry that was at the time being led by Tedros Adhanom:

It gets worse:

“In 2016, the Ethiopian government attempted to force relocate 15,000 people in the Oromia region because it wanted to requisition their land. This led to mass protests followed by mass shootings and a stampede that killed 500 people, according to Human Rights Watch. The government then embarked on another brutal crackdown, arresting 70,000 people.

“Adhanom subsequently tried to downplay the violence, falsely claiming the police weren’t armed and that the numbers weren’t as high as stated.”

The Amhara People’s Union, an activist organization based in Washington, noted that Dr. Tedros had been accused of “systematic genocidal violence and human right violations” and argued that he was a completely inappropriate choice for the WHO top job:

There are claims that 2 million Amhara people disappeared off census records over this period.

While he was health minister of Ethiopia from 2005–2012, Dr Tedros covered up three cholera epidemics in his country, endangering surrounding countries, which found that what he called “acute watery diarrhoea” turned into full-blown cholera the moment it crossed the border:

His ability to lie about epidemics and get away with it must surely have been one of his biggest recommendations for the job.

When I say that Dr. Tedros is a thug, he was personally involved in the kidnapping and rendition from Yemen of an Ethiopian dissident, Andargachew ‘Andy’ Tsege, who had already been tried and sentenced to death in absentia in Ethiopia.
Andargachew Tsege is a prominent Ethiopian politician who previously served as the secretary-general of Ginbot 7, a political party that was labeled as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian government.

“In the evening of May 13, 2014, a delegation of Ethiopia’s tyrannical regime headed by the then Foreign Minister Adhanom flew to Sana’a. They were scheduled to have a high-level meeting the next day with Yemeni leaders, security and diplomatic officials”:

“When Ethiopian migrants and domestic workers in Yemen were routinely beaten, raped, abused and deported back to Ethiopia, neither the Foreign Minister nor the Ethiopian embassy in Sana’a raised concerns. But this time, they were keen to get involved for a special operation – kidnapping and rendition. They wanted Yemen to have dissidents that enter Yemen to seek asylum or use Sana’a International Airport as a transit route, kidnapped and handed over to them, according to two credible former security operatives.”

Top of Dr .Tedros’s hit list was Andy Tsege, who was snatched at Sana’a’ airport in June 2014:

“Tedros Adhanom actually played the most important role in the kidnapping of Andargachew. He was the one who convinced the Yemenis to be part of the illegal kidnapping and rendition. He paved the way and laid the groundwork for the whole operation,” one of the sources said.

Tsege was a British subject, yet the UK showed a great reluctance to put pressure on Ethiopia to free him, with Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary refusing to answer questions about him:

The British government said it was working behind the scenes to help Tsege, while feting Dr. Tedros in public when he visited London, saying it stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” with his regime:

At one stage, formal British inquiries into Tsege’s whereabouts were answered by a text message from Dr. Tedros saying: “The guy is transferred”:

Dr. Tedros added that Mr. Tsege must simply “behave well for some time and show he regretted what he had done” if he wanted to be pardoned.

This choice of words is interesting: Dr. Tedros actually told Donald Trump that “We will have many body bags in front of us if we don’t behave,” when Trump threatened to withdraw funding from WHO:

“Oh, BEHAVE.” Dr. Tedros plays at being Austin Powers.

Andy Tsege was eventually released, and told a story of solitary confinement and torture in Ethiopia’s infamous gulags.

The British connections with Dr. Tedros really stand out. For one thing, he was trained in the UK, with a master’s degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD in community health from the University of Nottingham.

He is, incidentally, the first director-general of WHO not to be a trained medical doctor.

“As Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 2012 to 2016, Tedros had a close relationship with the British government. A freedom of information request by Declassified UK found that a senior security official, Olly Robbins, met with Dr Tedros in February 2016 in Addis Ababa to ‘deepen UK cooperation with Ethiopia’ on stopping migration from East Africa to Europe.

“Not only was the UK keen to support a repressive regime’s border guards, it also spent more than £1 million training Ethiopian soldiers. This was despite the fact that a British-Ethiopian man, Andy Tsege, was being held on death row in Ethiopia for criticizing the ruling party.

“Tsege’s family criticized Boris Johnson, then Britain’s foreign secretary, for not doing enough to raise the matter with his opposite number, Tedros. Some suspected that the UK did not want to jeopardize trade and security ties with the East African country.”

As this article recounts, Dr. Tedros’s biggest rival for the top WHO job was David Nabarro from the UK. The British government spent £101,000 to support Nabarro’s campaign:

Dr David Nabarro (@davidnabarro) | Twitter
David Nabarro is a medical doctor, international civil servant and diplomat, who served as special adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Climate Change. He was the UK’s candidate for Director-General of WHO.

However, Nabarro has now been appointed as one of Dr Tedros’s six “special envoys” on COVID-19. Dr. Tedros also appointed Jane Ellison, a British Conservative politician who had recently served as a public health minister in the UK government, as deputy director-general.

Jane Ellison - Wikipedia
Jane Ellison

The Ethiopian candidate received a glowing endorsement from Andrew Mitchell, Britain’s former international development secretary and Conservative MP, who claimed that Dr. Tedros had the ability to “improve the health of billions of people around the world”.

According to his Wikipedia entry, Dr. Tedros is also a member of think tanks like the Aspen Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health — this man plays politics at the very top.

So while he has been criticized for supporting China, there’s no doubt that Dr. Tedros is also playing the tunes the West wants to hear. Most of WHO’s funding comes from Western countries, as well as from Bill and Melinda Gates.

Ethiopia has been a massive recipient of Chinese aid, and all the major development projects in that country have been underwritten by China. Ethiopia has shown a genuine talent for playing the West off against China:

“Diplomats and observers of Ethiopia’s economy say that Beijing has grown frustrated after major investments such as the Djibouti railway line failed to generate sufficient revenues.

“China’s partial retreat has thrown into relief Ethiopia’s indebtedness to Beijing. Observers say upending that equation is perhaps the greatest motivation for Ethiopia’s opening up to the West.”

One way or another: Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus remains the dodgiest official ever appointed to the top post at WHO, right in the middle of the worst medical crisis ever inflicted on the world.

So I’ll just give my personal perspective and dealings with Dr Tedros. The Rockefeller Foundation and friends held a debate for the candidates for director-general of WHO in March 2017:

The debate was moderated by one Dr. Ilona Kickbusch of the Global Health Centre in Geneva. She invited queries to be submitted to the candidates.

I submitted an extremely strong query, requesting that the candidates be asked about the health impacts of wireless technology; and pointing to the singular failure of the standing Director-General of WHO Dr. Margaret Chan, to address the issue.

WHO chief issues new warning on Zika virus - Caribbean News
Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun, OBE, JP, FRCP is a Chinese-Canadian physician, who served as the Director-General of the World Health Organization delegating the People’s Republic of China for 2006–2017.

I also tweeted all of the candidates, asking the same question.

I received no reply from Dr Kickbusch. I received no response to my queries to the candidates, all of whom fell over themselves to talk about “transparency” and “consultation” and “being open to the public”.

In the debate, not one word was said about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution or the microwave irradiation of the global population.

I managed to tweet the lot of them, in a single message, congratulating all the candidates for passing the one essential requirement to be DG of WHO: total denial of the health risks of wireless technology. I even managed three exclamation points: “Congratulations!!! You all pass the test.”

Dr. Margaret Chan’s passing of the buck on the issue is best exemplified by her response to a complaint about the WHO International EMF Project made by Dariusz Leszczynski, former top researcher at the Finnish government radiation protection agency.

When he complained to Dr. Chan about the EMF Project’s bias towards industry, she passed the letter straight on to the people he was complaining about. He calls this “Handling an inquiry – the WHO-style”:

This is reminiscent of the “genocide fax” sent to Kofi Annan from Rwanda, when he was in charge of UN peace-keeping. When told by the UN’s force on the ground in Rwanda that an informant was showing how the Hutu government was preparing massacres, Annan’s office instructed them to hand this information over to the very people alleged to be preparing the slaughter.

Please remember that with the WHO International EMF Project [Electro Magnetic Fields] we are talking about a global genocide of two billion people, the estimate that Mr. Barrie Trower was given as to the expected toll from 5G and other wireless technology.

1 The international EMF (electromagnetic fields) project. The ...
The International EMF Project has been established to assess health and environmental effects of exposure to static and time varying electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.

Now, Dr. Margaret Chan’s appointment was also controversial right from the beginning. Her predecessor, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, unexpectedly resigned after only one five-year term.

Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norway) |
Gro Harlem Brundtland served three terms as Prime Minister of Norway and as Director-General of the World Health Organization from 1998 to 2003. She is known for having chaired the Brundtland Commission which presented the Brundtland Report on sustainable development.

Dr. Brundtland, a medical doctor specializing in environmental medicine and a former prime minister of Norway, was a great embarrassment to WHO, because she professed to be electrosensitive and refused to allow mobile phones to be used near her.

She ascribed her sensitivity to an incident with an arcing microwave oven, caused by a ceramic plate with a metallic inlay, which she used to heat something up.

Dr. Devra Davis, a top US epidemiologist and a member of Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning team, with very good political connections, recounted in her book “Disconnect” some inside information from the UN that Dr Michael Repacholi, the head of the EMF Project, went to Dr. Brundtland’s superiors and suggested strongly that she was “crazy”, because of her tinfoil hat theories. She apparently felt so threatened and undermined by this, that she resigned.

Dr. Chan did not, to my knowledge, utter one single peep about wireless technology during her entire 10-year tenure. This Chinese candidate was the dream ticket for the wireless industry.

So, one final personal story. I was engaged in a particularly bitter battle with a WHO representative a few years ago, an Ethiopian woman, who just kept passing the buck to Geneva. I sent this woman a compendium of various appeals (including my own) to Geneva, from top scientific researchers, medical doctors, government agencies and journalists, as well as citizen appeals and petitions, who all testified that they were unable to get even an acknowledgement of receipt from Geneva, let alone a proper reply.

I was about to take this battle public, when I happened to read a book from our local library called “Spy Games” by Adam Brookes. It was a real cracker, largely set in Ethiopia. The protagonist has a run-in with the Ethiopian intelligence services, where he’s quite sure he’s about to be killed on the spot. It turns out they’re just playing with him.

But he learns a lesson: do NOT mess with the Ethiopian secret police. I don’t have the book to hand, but it describes how the Ethiopians regard themselves as the absolute elite of Africa, as they were the one African nation that was not subjected to colonial rule (apart from Italy’s brief adventures there).

For Ethiopians, there could be no other possible headquarters for the African Union than Addis Ababa. And I think some of this extreme arrogance is showing in the stance of Dr. Tedros.

I took the hint and backed off confronting this Ethiopian doctor. She’s since departed the scene, it was a good call. I actually wrote to Adam Brookes, the author of this book, commending him for a jolly good read and thanking him for his warning about the Ethiopian secret police. He was quite surprised to know that his books were circulating in the libraries.

So I am not making these accusations against Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lightly, because I know this will draw attention from one of the nastiest intelligence services in the world.

WHO Director-General

One reason I am making bold, is that we have seen a track record of African leaders implementing genocide. I’m talking specifically about Kofi Annan, and also Boutros Boutros Ghali, who was the Secretary General of the UN at the time of the Rwandan massacres.

These two were supposed to be giving an “African” profile to the world body. Now, the Rwandans had for years been trying to get arms from Egypt, with a war on Tutsis clearly on their agenda. Given the instability in Rwanda, the Egyptians had consistently refused.

The person who personally facilitated the initial $5.8 million arms deal was Boutros Boutros Ghali, as a minister in Egypt in 1990. These arms sales continued for three years.

When these weapons were used to murder a million Rwandans in 1994, Boutros said: Who would have thought that “a few thousand rifles” could have changed the situation.

Kofi Annan not only got away with allowing the genocide to happen on his watch as peace-keeping chief. He was then promoted to the top job at the UN itself.

And there’s a lesson here. Dr. Tedros got his job because he proved he can cover up epidemics and GET AWAY WITH IT. This is the most crucial qualification for a top political job: you need to show that you can do the dirty work, and not have any dirt stick to you.

We can see exactly the same with Kofi Annan. And I hate to say it, but there’s a pattern here, of African leaders being used to facilitate the UN’s real filthy jobs, the genocides, the slaughters, the covering up of epidemics.

Right now, Ethiopian journalists are being arrested for filing inconvenient reports about COVID-19:

I’m certain that Dr. Tedros would fully approve. Linking the coronavirus epidemic to 5G will probably find you in Ethiopia’s gulags chop chop, having a chat with their secret police.

To conclude: Dr. Tedros’s words to journalists were: “My short message is please quarantine politicizing COVID.”

And yet, despite the fact that Taiwan gave the WHO its very first warning about a new coronavirus from China, which the organization ignored, and despite the fact that Taiwan has contained the epidemic brilliantly, Dr. Tedros is maintaining a very firm political QUARANTINE against Taiwan, doubtless to the satisfaction of the Chinese.

If you want to watch a true slimeball at work, watch UN spokesperson Bruce Aylward pretending not to hear a question about Taiwan, and then cutting the line when it’s repeated:

Bruce Aylward dodges questions about Taiwan.

If Taiwan’s warning had been heeded, many lives could have been saved; but for Dr, Tedros, political correctness and toeing the Chinese line are far more important than saving human lives.

Dr. Tedros began by speaking out strongly against travel bans:

Now we sit with the biggest global lockdown in history.

Talk about consistency.

All I can say is: if Donald Trump cuts all American aid to the WHO, these filthy genocide merchants, I will support him 100 percent. And I hope a few more people will be awake to “The Ethiopian terrorist in charge of the World Health Organization”:

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[…] Source 1: Frankereport […]

Mois Pasta
11 months ago

A very good article. Congratulations


[…] “En 2016, le gouvernement éthiopien a tenté de reloger de force 15 000 personnes dans la région d’Oromia car il voulait réquisitionner leurs terres. Cela a entraîné des protestations massives suivies de fusillades de masse et d’une bousculade qui a tué 500 personnes, selon Human Rights Watch. Le gouvernement s’est alors lancé dans une autre répression brutale, arrêtant 70 000 personnes.“Adhanom a ensuite tenté de minimiser les violences, affirmant à tort que la police n’était pas armée et que les chiffres n’étaient pas aussi élevés qu’on le disait.”+ Source+ Voir Plus d’actions en Ethiopie […]


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1 year ago

This Mr. Tedros Adhanom seems to be part of the same fraction of British medicines as Mr. Wouter Basson, called Dr. Death. He got his fresh Anthrax spores from the UK, where he had or has a house south of London and worked on immunization of black women in South Africa against pregnancy, etc.


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[…] Must be something wrong with him. In all my 67 years never heard anyone talked about like this. For me he is a mainstream hit man for the medical industrial empire, a medical Hitler who has no problem taking apart the world with lock-downs of the human race. All for good reason and with a smile right? […]


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[…] 12, 2020 list of members of the Central Committee members of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front. Frank Parlato determined that he was personally responsible for brutal repression of the Amhara people, using aid […]

3 years ago

Thank you for the title. Sad to see my country Ethiopia being mentioned with tterrorist adhanom.

3 years ago

I was interested in the details of Tedros until the author displayed a ridiculous paranoia about wireless technology. Such claims have risen before and been scientifically debunked. Now, of course, I do not know if Tedros is really as evil as displayed, or just another illusion in the author’s warped mind.

Pat Gallagher
Pat Gallagher
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony

Far from ” scientifically debunked,” there are numerous amounts of studies linking EMF and its health implications, as Dr Debra Davis relates in her talk (still on YouTube). It took them 30 years to take down the tobacco industry when they denied causal relationships between their products and ill health. Idiot remarks like you make Tony don’t help.

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

Thanks for that. WHO has to be investigated. We see lots of dodgy UN projects here in NY, lots of charities that are fronts
for rapists and thugs.

Your quote “His ability to lie about epidemics and get away with it must surely have been one of his biggest recommendations for the job” sums it up.

Johnson has long been a subject of my own investigations, he DOES NOT rep the UK really, he has ties to Darius Guppy a convicted criminal who threatened a member of the Royal Family.

Johnson refused questions about Tsege – and did NOT get involved in the scandalous of an innocent UK citizen, Ian Norris – a Welshman whose case I took on in London once – with a story and interview on him mysteriously quashed, never ran in the Independent. The reporter may have had sympathies with PR China for one thing, but there was a large int’l company that got around UK laws to actually buy a UK defence company. Johnson did not stop that, nor did he stand up for the UK in the Norris extradition.

That was handled by the swamp, Trump haters in the US DoJ who were benefitting a large int’l company that did lots of business with PR China.

Johnson is not Churchill. He is called Boris the Clown for a reason.

I feel he betrayed his nation, and especially the Welsh, in his failure to stand up for Norris.

That said, Oes unrhyw yma syn siarad Cymraeg?

3 years ago

Totally agree with fred, tedros is a political terrorist

3 years ago

No human-to-human transmission, no travel bans, but plenty of praise for China: What the WHO said about coronavirus as the pandemic unfolded (


[…] The Ethiopian Terrorist in Charge of the World Health Organization — Dr. Tedros Adhanom  Frank Report Source: Ethiopian News […]

3 years ago

Now the Communist run World Health Organization, a tool of Communist China, wants to enter your home and forcibly detain you in a special facility if they believe that you MIGHT have a disease that you MIGHT spread to others that MIGHT somehow kill someone.


What NO ONE is Saying About The Corona Crisis

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

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Hagos K.
Hagos K.
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

This is paid propaganda against Dr. Tedros. What you have written here is simply fiction written by ethnic Amhara bandits who are backward full of jealousy. The pictures you have used are not Amhara.

3 years ago
Reply to  Hagos K.

Please note that while I am responsible for the text, Frank Report has very kindly provided all the pictures here.

However, I did a search on the image you criticize, and I find it in the Encyclopaedia Brittanica labelled as follows:
Lalībela, Ethiopia: Amhara market
Selling cotton at the Amhara market in Lalībela, Ethiopia.

So perhaps you should take up your complaint about the image with the Brittanica, known for its accuracy, I’m sure they would appreciate a correction.

I’ve seen the videos of these “backward people” being shot dead in the street and beaten senseless by Dr Tedros’s government thugs. There’s a history of blame on both sides, but the reports of repression of the Amhara are consistent from all the aid workers quoted. This appears to be quite a balanced account of the recent history, for anyone interested:

One thing I can assure you, however, is that this is NOT paid propaganda, I am a private citizen purely concerned with fighting 5G and exposing the WHO’s role in lying outright about the dangers of this technology. I lobbied Dr Tedros directly on this issue and was completely ignored. I am completely unpaid for all the writing I do.

Since the rollout of 5G is now happening under Dr. Tedros’s watch, without one single word being said about the possible risks, I now regard Dr. Tedros as heading to be one of the greatest genocidal killers in human history — the estimate being that 2 billion people may be killed by this technology, from Mr Barrie Trower, a world authority on microwave warfare.

The 2 million Amhara who are alleged to have disappeared from census records under his government were clearly an excellent selling point in getting Dr. Tedros the top job at WHO.

I came across another astonishing example of Dr. Tedros’s lies and deceit with a story about a schoolgirl who he proclaimed was partnering with his government with prize money of millions of dollars. It was all a complete lie and fabrication. It’s very difficult to research this, but there are enough sources quoted here to establish that Dr. Tedros was guilty of massive lies and deceit, and then tried to put all the blame on a 14-year-old:

At a time when the world is suffering an unprecedented medical emergency, plunging the whole planet into catastrophic depression, we desperately need honest, decent, competent, unpoliticized medical leadership. Dr Tedros Adhanom fails spectacularly on all counts. He needs to be removed forthwith.

Schools That Accept Second Choice
Reply to  Fred

What an interesting read and a very nice website. I really appreciate your content, this is very interesting to us. You might also want to engage here

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