Cleaner Recorded Versions of Raniere Lying to Girlfriend – With Observations on His Repugnant Sex-Life

In a previous post, Rare Voice Recordings of Keith Raniere Lying to a Girlfriend When He Was in His Late 20s, Frank Report made recordings available of Raniere, when he was in his late 20s, leaving voice messages on his girlfriend’s landline message machine.

The tape was largely inaudible, but now we have a cleaner version [the background noise was eliminated] and readers can hear the Vanguard, before he was Vanguard, in all his lying glory.

The back story is that Raniere had been living with Kathy for several years, in the 1980s, telling her they were in a monogamous relationship and that they would be married.

They were living in the Albany area.

As the relationship continued, Raniere had to make more and more extended absences. His reason: He said he had cancer and had to go to NYC for treatment at Sloan Kettering Hospital.

It was touch and go, Raniere said. He did not know if he would survive, but he put on a brave face and often called Kathy from the hospital.

When he returned to see Kathy, he tried not to cry, though Kathy, who loved him, could not restrain the tears.

This poor beautiful and brilliant man, so young, so vibrant, was battling for his very life.

Things were very, very difficult for Keith, he said, but he showed such courage and a resolve to battle the cancer that was ravaging his bowels, and bringing him to the brink of death.

Yet, such was the iron resolve of the man that he looked as if he had no cancer at all.

That is because in reality he had no cancer. He was fit as a fiddle. The true reason for his absences from their apartment was that he was living in Clifton Park, in a townhouse in Knox Woods at 3 Flintlock Lane, that he had purchased with one of his girlfriends Karen U.

And by day, while Karen was working, Keith would often have young Gina Hutchinson and other young girls over to the townhouse.

Having cancer and getting treatment in NYC was in effect his euphemism for having sex with teenagers and other women in Knox Woods.

In time, Kathy found out about his cheating and that he did not have cancer.

One day, shortly after he called “from the hospital,” her teenage daughter happened to run into Raniere with a couple of women at a Clifton Park mall.

She went up to Keith and tried to get his attention, but Keith pretended he was someone else, actually making it out that he did not know the daughter who he had spent years living with.

The young girl, who was then a teenager, knew it was the rascal and told her mom.

Imagine the chagrin when Keith called shortly after “from the hospital” to tell Kathy that he would be away a few more days getting the treatment that would determine if he would live or die.

Kathy had enough and she decided to rid herself of him and all his possessions in her house, so she could move on with her life.

At about the same time Keith had started a MLM business called Consumers’ Buyline and the members held weekly meetings on Wednesday nights at rented offices in Clifton Park.

Kathy knew about this but had never been invited to attend a meeting.

In typical Keith fashion, he had not told the women who worked for him at Consumer’s Buyline that he had a girlfriend and had been living with for years.

At Consumer’s Buyline, Karen became the public girlfriend.

One day, Kathy called Keith and left some rather blunt messages that she was fed up with his lies, she wanted to move on, and if they did not meet soon, she wanted all of his possessions out of her apartment.

He made no effort to pick them up. He was busy with cancer treatment.

Finally she left him a message that scared the shit out of him.

She was going to gather up all his possessions and drop them off at the only place and time she knew of where he would get them – the offices of Consumers’ Buyline at the weekly Wednesday night meeting.

This clearly scared Keith and if you listen carefully to the recordings you will hear the fear, disguised as concern for Kathy.

He is deeply concerned because he did not want her dropping off his possession when all the [mainly female] members would be there – and Karen too.

So Raniere started making calls and leaving messages. Now it was his turn to be in suspense since Kathy did not take his calls.

Here are some cleaned up versions of the recordings and our transcriptions of it [thanks to Marie White].

[This recording repeats the two messages twice, sorry for the inconvenience]
Weds. 4:11 pm
Hi Kathy I got your message. You sounded quite upset. Sorry about that. Um, I don’t think I’m going to get to meet with you because I have to go out of town, um and I’m not sure when I am going to be back but as soon as I get back I can call you. I think because you, you’ve been waiting so long that you feel that your life is on hold. I  think you should make a decision or whatever you need to do, just tell me what it is and we’ll speak  afterwards. so at least you….

4:12 pm

I didn’t realize it wasn’t an infinite message. As I’m saying um you know after you decide, just let me know what it is so we can talk about it afterwards so at least you’re not held up anymore, you feel you can live your life.

It just seems like circumstances aren’t allowing us to get together, so maybe this is what needs to be. I would just ask that look into your heart right now. You know at least in your past you used to talk about being in Schenectady and whenever you would put in a row of flowers…

1:46 a.m.
Hi, Kathy, this is Keith. I just received your messages. Final ones on are the Friday ones. You’re going to be packing up stuff I guess to bring over, um, I don’t think that is necessary. If you feel that it is and you want to do that, ah, I guess it  is your choice but, um, you know I think we should speak first. I haven’t been able to speak to you, probably won’t be able to speak to you for a little while longer but I will keep in touch and I will speak to you as soon as I get into town.
[Note Keith was in town the whole time and had been lying to her about being in NYC for cancer treatments]
1:47 a.m
Unless you feel it needs to be done over the phone, although I think you’d prefer to speak in person  Um, you know I’m not in a rush on this [to have his possessions dropped off]. I realize that there is a lot going on with you though. Um, I just hope that you could consider this or get this message before you decide to go to the Wednesday night meeting and I guess would do and return the stuff, um. So I will be speaking to you soon or at least leaving messages for you.
1:48 a.m
I hope all is well with you. Speak to you soon. and I think you would have gotten the other two messages before this one. I hope you did….
12:58 a.m
To just continue, so I called just to wish you a happy birthday. And hoping that all is well with you. Tell you that things are going pretty well with me although very very difficult [poor lamb] and I’ll speak to you soon. Have a wonderful next day, I realize this is just after your birthday and I’ll speak to you soon.
Keith always made a big deal about birthdays. It was one of the ways he kept his harems in place. For no matter how abandoned and neglected a woman was throughout the other 364 days of the year, she could depend on Keith being with her – at least for a quickie on her birthday.
Then the harem member knew she would get a dose of his glorious sperm, said to heal and spiritualize her.
How clever Raniere was. He persuaded his harem that their own sexual pleasures were unimportant, that their orgasms were irrelevant. What mattered was that he had an orgasm and delivered his magnificent sperm on their humble person or inside it. He would decide where best to deliver his life giving and miraculous healing sperm.
In this fashion he needed only to please himself and never worry about the women he was fornicating with. They had been trained that their greatest reward was his ejaculate. And he took it a step further. He did not admit  that this was done for his pleasure. He always maintained that his having an orgasm was a great sacrifice on his part.

If the woman sacrificed her pleasure of having sexual enjoyment with a monogamous partner, Keith’s sacrifice was 1000 times greater for he had to disgorge his precious and holy semen solely for the welfare of the women he had chosen to help.
He got no pleasure from it. He was there only to teach them and raise them up and perchance if they were worthy one day, to received the glorious sperm inside their womb to birth the avatar child.
This sacrifice, of him having an orgasm, he let all the women know, is why he added such conditions for them as that they had to be super slender-  not because he liked women this way, but because fat, even a little fat, disrupts the spiritual connection between his unified genius and them.
They could not be with other men, not because he wanted to own them and enslave them, and that he was a petty jealous beast, but because he was changing their DNA by giving them his divine semen and any other DNA could reverberate back through the ether or astral world and boomerang and kill him.
Did any woman want to cheat and them be responsible for killing the world savior?
It was much like his lies about cancer; he lied about sex. He was a plain old sex addict, who could not possibly be bothered with being a good lover, so he lied his way into finding a number of women who would fall for his selfish, one sided sex practices.
In time, he learned that he loved something better than just having sex. He loved to enslave the gullible and misguided women and then secretly destroy their lives.
To show readers how great was his ability to brainwash and fool gullible, somewhat mentally unwell and vulnerable women, not only did they have to share him with as many as 20 other women, and must remain slender to the point of malnutrition, and sleep very little so as to be sleep deprived and never to have another man, and accept a completely selfish and one sided sexual experience when it actually happened, but as the pictures below show, he was [at least I think some women will agree] hardly a prize specimen.
Here is the hairy, and selfish beast, the prize they got – perhaps on their birthday. Imagine if this was your birthday present:
In keeping with the standards for issuing warnings for unpleasant and graphic visual material that might upset and cause retching, nausea, vomiting or fainting, as issued by the Ethical Publishing Standards, the following warning is required.

Scroll down at your own risk!

Here is the prize.


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Amelia Cortez de La Vega
Amelia Cortez de La Vega
3 years ago

I disagree with Kim, he is super sexy. I like hair on men.
Admit it, ladies, he is hot.

DTF ATM any time
DTF ATM any time
3 years ago

Oh yeah for sure he’s hot, Amelia. Kim thinks he’s a rapist-killer but I know he’s a lover of hairy crotch, which I have and will give to my master.

Puta Tonta
Puta Tonta
3 years ago

Sweetheart, you know you can write to him in prison? Even apply for a visit? You seem like the sort of woman who would enjoy courting a psychopath behind bars. Does it shock your friends and family? Make you feel special? Whatever blows your hair back, sis.

Dr. Roberts is still at large, perhaps she could brand you – right over your fallopian tubes – I hear it’s super F*cking HOT!!!

3 years ago

Kim Snyder
How can anyone think this man is cute? He is a disgusting rapist and murderer. Who ever you are- you are disgusting!
This groce piece of man raped and killed my ONLY sister- Kris. Why? No reason at all.
He is due the death penalty. Keith will NOT give my family & me closure- he deserves to die!
Kris is the victim- and my family and I have been put on trial of defending her. I am baffled by it. I have been forced to try to get justice for Kris- and it still hasn’t happened- I will NOT stop until it happens.
Keith is the suspect- not the victim!

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Kim- “Forced to try to get justice for Kris”..forced? Are you a habitual liar? Or are you confusing your words? I’ve noticed you attack Mr. Parlato, contributors and even the 2 artists quite often on his site.

I wish you the best and believe the truth will come out of the well for she wants her clothes back.

John Gustav Beallanncia
John Gustav Beallanncia
3 years ago

I think he’s cute with that hairy chest. So sexy. I would do him in a minute.

Hombre Tonto Puta
Hombre Tonto Puta
3 years ago

Commit a crime in Brooklyn NY. Make sure the crime carries a prison sentence.

Hopefully, you’ll eventually be banged up with the man of your dreams.

I realise this may take time to achieve, but you seem sincere. Hold out for the man of your dreams, one day you’ll hold his chimp-hood in your hands, and maybe even swallow his pride.

3 years ago

They were confused and vulnerable? Isn’t everyone? I’m pretty sure if my significant other was lying about cancer treatments, I’d be able to figure it out

Harrold F Wilks
Harrold F Wilks
3 years ago

Thank you, Kathy, for the recording; Frank for the warning signs before showing us that hideous baby Sasquatch; and Marie for the transcribing.

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