Part 1: Master Raniere’s secret teachings: What students learn in ESP ‘Intensives’!

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You do not become a slave of Master Keith Raniere overnight.

Master Raniere
slazman teaching
Actual rare photo of Prefect Nancy Salzman personally teaching students in class.


Before we proceed to name more members of DOS, the female group of advanced followers of Keith Raniere, it might be instructive for readers to learn about the teachings beginners learn that lead them towards commitments of lifetime slavery.

What is taught to students when they are introduced to the teachings of Mr. Raniere?

Introduction generally occurs through classes given by Executive Success Programs (ESP) a multi-level marketing company that offers seminars to both male and female students.

The teaching program is designed to improve self-awareness for students to get “tools” to apply  directly to their business careers.

The cost per course can be anywhere from $3,000- $10,000 or  five to 16 day “Intensives.”

Potential students are asked if they are interested in “investing” in themselves.

The classes are called ‘intensives” and begin around 8 am in the morning and end as late as 11 pm at night. The front door to the classroom building is generally locked because the teachings are secret and the locked door prevents people from entering and disrupting class.

While classes are long, there are breaks where light vegetarian food is offered for sale. Heavy foods and meat are forbidden for it slows concentration and might make people drowsy.

Prior to taking classes, a student is required to sign an agreement where she agrees to keep everything secret and admits she understands that failure to do so may result in irreparable harm to the company.

At the onset, students learn “rules and rituals” which include removing shoes in class, and to pay “tribute” to Mr. Rainiere, the founder of the teachings, how to perform a proper handshake, as well as a secret ESP handshake and how different colored “sashes” are awarded to followers of Mr. Raniere and the hierarchy is based on the ability to recruit other students.

Students are informed they may refer to Mr. Rainiere as “Vanguard” and Nancy Salzmann, his assistant,  as “Prefect.”  Students are required to bow to Mr. Raniere or Ms. Salzman, if they should meet them.

While most of the instruction is live, students watch videos of Prefect Salzman where she reveals that despite critical problems in the world today, there is one man capable of solving them: Mr. Raniere.

The classes usually features a 3-1 majority of female students versus male.

The teacher usually explains more about Mr. Rainiere including the fact that his IQ is between 210 to 240. His brain energy reportedly can set off radar detectors in cars. His physical attributes are also extolled. Mr. Raniere is said to have been the East Coast Judo champion when he was 12, being but a boy defeating all adults both great Asian masters and full-sized American men versed in the martial art.

slazman teaching 3
The Prefect uses charts to teach students.

slazman teaching 2

It is also taught that Mr. Raniere was a child prodigy playing piano at the concert level and speaking and reading at an age when most children are in diapers. Mr. Raniere is said to have “total recall” which permits him to never need to take notes.  It is also explained that Mr. Raniere is the world’s foremost inventor. Many of his inventions are too advanced for the world to presently use.

During intensives, there is discussions on ethics, philosophy and nobility and thinking “tools” are taught to help students perform “critical thinking.”. These tools are embodied in Mr. Raniere’s “Rational Inquiry” process.

There are numerous people authorized to teach class. Most of these double as salespeople. One of the best is Lauren Slazman, daughter of the Prefect. Like other teachers, she devotes time with students discussing the word “cult”, and why destructive people, called “suppressives”, falsely consider ESP a “cult”. In addition to suppressives, people are taught about “parasites”-  people who take from other people, such as Mr. Raniere and his teachings, without giving him proper compensation and due gratitude and loyalty.

The class lessons are divided into “modules.” One module is called “Relationship Sourcing” where students explore the benefits that might accrue to them if their spouse or lover should suddenly die.

Students discuss the “Death Benefit” – an analysis – of the good that would happen if their partner died. Of course, it is emphasized the student should never hasten the death of a partner.

nxim hdqrs
Te classroom is secluded and meant to be private.

Frequently students learn from this module that their spouse or boyfriend have been holding them back for years.

Another module is “Dracula and his ghouls” and teaches there are very evil people and these usually have unwitting fools to help them. These are described as Dracula [psychopaths] and his ghouls [followers]. A ghoul is someone who comes under the sway of a psychopath and follows him into a path that gradually destroys her conscience. Even though a ghoul is not a psychopath, her actions become evil because she is persuaded that the psychopath is a noble person and his actions and those he requires her to do are meant for her welfare.

There is a module on “Best People; Perfect World” where it is taught that a student can be one, and help build the other, by gradually becoming a follower of Mr. Raniere and permitting him to guide her conscience to higher awareness through good actions. Here a student learns that most of what they like about herself is based on vanity, pride, false ego and weakness.

Master Raniere rarely if ever appears at a class for beginners.

The Heroic Struggle module teaches a student to embrace her inevitable doom but that she can win a measure of immortality through following the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

With up to 16 straight days of 16 hour classes, despite the light vegetarian diet, people almost always fall asleep at one point or another during intensives. Many hours and even days pass as students seem to be in a sort of hazy state, midway between sleep and wakefulness, which Mr. Raniere has recognized as a state of mind where people are more susceptible to new teachings. This concept of teaching directly to the subconscious mind is not unlike the method of behavioral change employed by hypnotists.

2011 nxivm headquarters
The headquarter where classes are taught.

Both Mr. Raniere and Ms. Salzman are both said to be master hypnotists.

A large number of participants realize after taking intensives that they are in need of more classes. Many seek divorce or to break up with their husbands or boyfriends after attending classes. Many, after leaving their spouse [and children] or boyfriend, relocate to Albany to become full time students.

Because classes are expensive, it is helpful if a woman is wealthy or has a valuable skillset where she can either make suitable donations to Mr. Raniere or get gainful employment in the Albany area where she can pay for classes or in the alternative, provide services to Mr. Raniere’s organization in return for more classes.

Stay tuned for part -2: How women can rise higher in the organization under Mr. Raniere.


One of Mr. Raniere’s leading male disciples, Emiliano Salinas explains a secret motivator that his master Mr. Raniere employs.

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  • Does Anyone remember reading “Stress in the Family” by Metroland? It was all about this craziness. No one believed it was true in NXIVM at the time, it’s worth revisiting now. Most important? The Toni Natalie “Pride Chart”. How Keith sent her this chart showing her where she was so, so close to enlightenment and having her “Ultimate Dreams Realized”, but was taking The Fall and destroying her conscience over her Pride instead. Her Pride was blocking her. Pride? How about she didn’t want to be in a polygamous relationship with a bunch of sister wife slaves? Don’t mean to be harsh but it seems that was the case and Keith and Nancy were working their hardest to mind fu** her with that chart. Telling her she was destroying her life and her conscience by not embracing polygamy. That is pretty sick and twisted. If a woman wants to leave this group, and That Man why don’t they let her? Why don’t they let people go in piece? They don’t own anyone. What happened to Personal Freedom? Free Will? Choice? Isn’t that what NXIVM pretends to be about?

    Stress in The Family

    Pride Chart

  • FYI Frank Report. The class is not called “Dracula and his Ghouls”. I read some of the earlier comments and it seems the posters hadn’t been in a training in a long time and all they could remember was about Dracula and his Ghouls – LOL.

    The class is called “The Fall”. The Fall is about how people can destroy their conscience through bad acts and become total psychopaths. Dracula is talked about as an example of a psychopath and students in the training are showed a film that includes clips from Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. Another concept discussed throughout is how some people destroy their conscience but never become psychopaths. These are the people NXIVM refers to as “Ghouls”.

    Nancy and Keith talk at length about how often people become ghouls because they are under the control of a psychopath who is trying to get them to destroy themselves. Such distinctions may seem trivial here but they are not. The Fall is taught on Day 3. Everything else that comes after is built around this concept. “We are all either building our consciences or destroying them – and destroying leads to The Fall or becoming a Ghoul”. Students are taught once a person “Takes The Fall” they can never recover. Once a psychopath forever a psychopath and that person’s soul is damned. It is taught Ghouls are practically impossible to save.

    It’s painfully obvious to many ex-members “The Fall” was Keith’s story bragging about himself (proud to be a psychopath) and proud he made Nancy into his Ghoul. Sadly, the number of Keith’s Ghouls grew exponentially over the years.

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