Swami’s Pal- Lama Wangdu Calls on Evil Ghosts; Alleged to Steal Virginity – Must Be First

Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche was born in Tibet, near the Mt. Everest region, in 1936. He began studying with his guru, Naptra Rinpoche, at age 8.

After years of practice, his guru sent him on a retreat where he practiced Chod at 108 cremation grounds. Chod is a tantric practice performed on cremation grounds. With a drum, bell, and thighbone trumpet, the practitioner tries to summon evil ghosts. He offers them a feast of his own body. 

Since most ghosts do not have teeth, feeding them with one’s flesh is difficult.

When the Chinese closed the Tibetan border in 1959, Wangdu settled in the Kathmandu Valley, in a Tibetan refugee camp in Jawalakehl. He was a Nyingma practitioner.

The Nyingma practitioner tries to see ghosts, gods and goddesses. Some have expressed concern that ghosts have deceived many Nyingmas by pretending to be gods. 

Besides his guru, and various ghosts and possibly gods and goddesses, Rinpoche received “transmissions” from human lamas. These include men who use titles before their names. They include: 

His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama

His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche

His Eminence Urgyen Tulku

His Eminence Chatral Rinpoche

The Extremely Venerable Trulshik Rinpoche

Rinpoche also studied the Longchen Nyingthig teachings. This consists of “mind-mandated transmission.” In it, the guru controls the mind of his disciple and plants thoughts there for the present and future. 

Comparisons are odious, of course. But the guru implanting thoughts in the disciple is like the Vulcan mind meld and just as true.

Under this mind control of the guru, at least one practitioner claimed to fly through the sky, riding a white lion. 

Swami Chetanananda and Lama Wangdu

In 1997, Swami Chetanananda met Wangdu during a trip to Nepal. They both described their first encounter as the meeting of two currents. 

And one feather.

They recognized the value of promoting the authenticity of each other’s work. Since then, they have spent extensive time together, sharing knowledge, experiences, and women.

In August 1999, Rinpoche visited the United States, traveling to Bloomington, Indiana. He attended the Kalachakra initiation.

This 12-day ceremony allows people to donate money and see a geometric symbol made of sand.

Usually, only ashram workers are seen making the sand mandalas. But 722 invisible gods and goddesses participate. Much like the cloth on the loom of the weavers in the Emperor’s New Clothes, only those who are wise, like the Swami and Wangdu, can see the gods and goddesses.

After the laborers finish making their intricate mandalas, they put the sand into urns and dump it in a nearby body of water.  As they dump the sand out, they chant and say prayers. All who donated time or money experience the perfect peace of timelessness.

After this lucrative event, Wangdu went to The Movement Center in Portland. 

He spent several months each year in Portland. During his visits, he got access to The Movement Center’s students. He gave teachings and initiation, and allowed students to offer free labor for their spiritual welfare.

As we shall learn in a later post, Wangdu offered special teachings to young female students.

In March 2003, the Dalai Lama asked Wangdu to establish a monastery in Kathmandu. The monastery, Pal Gyi Dingri Langkor Jangsem Kunga Ling, was consecrated in 2004. 

Swami Chetanananda was among those designated as a VIP in attendance. 

In March 2003, the Dalai Lama asked Wangdu to establish a monastery in Kathmandu. The Pal Gyi Dingri Langkor Jangsem Kunga Ling Monastery opened in 2004.

Swami Chetanananda was among those designated as a VIP in attendance.

In 2018, Wangdu retired as abbot of the monastery. He continues to serve as a guru for people in Nepal and the United States. Wangdu’s autobiography is One Hundred Thousand Rays of the Sun.


The following is not found in his autobiography.

Cindy Travis had this to say about Swami Chetanananda, who, in turn, had something to say about Wangdu.

What the good Swami had to say was Lama Wangdu must be first. He has to introduce his daughters and granddaughters to sex.


I remember being invited to Swami Chetanananda’s apartment for an “energy treatment.”
During the craniosacral treatment, he informed me that “Mr. Wangdu” had initiated ALL of his daughters and granddaughters into sex.
He said, “it was normal in other cultures for the father or grandfather to be the first sexual experience for most girls.” And he knew that my own father had sexually abused me.
I got the hell out of there shortly after. Fuck you, Michael! You don’t fool me anymore! Evil incarnate!! With a spectacular CON JOB!

Of course, Chetanananda lies. He might have made this story up to have sex with Cindy. But Wandu and Chet are too alike to discount the beast’s claims.

His Eminence Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche plays the thighbone trumpet to call wicked ghosts.

He uses his magical skin flute to end the virginity of his offspring. And others too.

Come one and all and learn from the holy man. Bow and grovel at his feet. Surrender and debase yourself for his crazy wisdom.

The feather of the birds, Shoemaker and Wangdu, are identical. Fat, rich and greedy, without control of their senses. Crazy wisdom? It is unbridled, reckless disregard for other human beings.

In the name of wisdom, they deceive. They will ignore your health. They will ignore your future, your hopes your aspirations. They will always be aware of their own needs.

With their teachings, they will enslave you. With their selfishness, they will order your life.  With their wickedness, they will take over your life.

To gain wealth and satisfaction, they will mislead you. Every excuse for disaster is crazy wisdom, and you failed.

It is the road to hell for those who follow, and for those who offer it, it is the road to wealth, sex, and adulation.

It is their living. You are their carrion prey. It is a delicacy of evil.

For more info on the scammer-gurus, see Guruphiliac

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  • Physical evidence. Do you have this? A hospital report? Something that saId you had certain drugs in your system? Hospital report with a rape kit? You have nothing without rape kit and drug report. He said/she said. No one in law enforcement cares about that.

  • An amended Oregon law that took effect Jan. 1, 2019 to increase the crime of strangulation during domestic violence to a felony. The crime of strangulation is generally a misdemeanor in Oregon and is only a felony under specific circumstances.

    Clackamas County’s leaders, lawmakers and advocates see this change as long overdue.

    “Domestic violence involving strangulation is always life-threatening and when a victim survives forever life-altering,” said Clackamas County Commissioner Sonya Fischer. “This important law change elevates strangulation to dangerous assault against those whose physical and emotional health are forever affected by someone they live with and once trusted.”

  • I don’t know anything about the swami.. But the moron who wrote clearly has no comprehension of Buddhism, let alone any kindergarten knowledge of Vajrayana….

    I am always suspicious of articles that are completely based upon accusations without providing any evidence to support their damnation… so, I have to take this as mostly BS regarding Lama Wangdu

    • I’m the moron who wrote it. If you want to call spirits in a cremation ground, more power to you. But I think you will like the next article about Wangdu even less.

  • I was also refeared to Wangdo ( in Nepal), by a Tibetan in Denmark. My impression of…was horrifying. Tibetan Buddhism. All of it is a cult.

  • Hey Ginzo!

    Stop posting articles about this stupid lowlife goddamn Tsinker and start posting what’s important, *PATRIOT GOD’S ARTCILES*!!!!!!

    Get moving!


  • According to Buddha there are only holy places and no holy people, only holy moments, only moments of wisdom.

  • Taken from the public page of: https://leavingsiddhayoga.net/

    Two Currents of Lies and Abuse, Shoemaker and Wangdu arose from “lineages” or traditions of harm from Muktananda to Shoemaker, from Tibetan Lamas to Wangdu, medieval rituals based in misogonistic practices.


    The Dalai Lama advises seekers to check a teacher’s qualifications
    carefully: “The best thing is” the Dalai Lama said in an interview last
    February, “whenever exploitation, sexual abuse or money abuse happen, make
    them public.”

    It is time for me to bring the light of truth to facts that have
    been buried too long.

    I was on Muktananda’s staff for 8 years, beginning in 1974. I
    was 21 years old when I joined the tour. The events that I am going to
    recount occurred after about 5 years on tour with Baba. So I was around 26;
    Muktananda was around 73.

    The tour stopped In Miami where I went in advance to set up the
    bookstore. I was surprised to find that I had been put in a room on the
    top floor near Muktananda’s penthouse quarters

    All the young girls were in the rooms closest to Muktananda and
    the older girls were further away. We would meditate in our rooms every
    morning and listen to Muktananda walking up and down the hall. I personally
    witnessed young girls coming and going from Muktananda’s quarters.

    A few months into our stay I was alone in my room when
    Muktananda came in, closed the door and grabbed me and gave me a big kiss on
    the mouth. I was both thrilled and confused – I didn’t know what to think.

    Shortly after, I was given an invitation by Malti to come to the Boston
    Ashram with a small entourage. This was a privilege – I was thrilled to be

    In Boston, Baba would roam the halls at night. I would run into
    him in the dark on the way to the bathroom. He continued to hug and kiss
    me. I didn’t understand, but told myself that Baba was God, so it must be
    very special; it must be a good thing.

    On return to South Fallsburg, I was back at my usual bookstore
    seva without any special privileges or contact with Muktananda.

    Then one evening I was returning from the bookstore with my cash
    box. That day, I had prayed to Muktananda to help me understand my true
    path – whether I was meant to have children or become a Swami. Muktananda
    appeared in the lobby and pulled me behind a long curtain in front of his
    house door. The curtain ran the length of the lobby and had holes in it
    that people said had been made at Muktananda’s request. The holes allowed
    Muktananda to watch people without them knowing.

    When he got me back there, he began to speak to me, mostly Hindi
    with some English short phrases, “Chota, chota” which means something like
    “little ones”, as he pointed to my stomach. I was happy with this

    Then he shocked and startled me: he grabbed my breasts and
    twisted them tightly and reached under my dress and felt my vagina. I didn’
    t know what to think or do – I was stunned. He sent me away with my head
    spinning about how to explain to myself the Guru’s actions. After all, this
    was the Guru, the same as God, so why was he doing this? He told us to be
    celibate, so how could this be sexual? I had no answers.

    The following night again he appeared and motioned me to come.
    I again did not question his directions since I was surrendered to
    Muktananda as my Guru (surrender to the Guru was a principal part of the
    Siddha Yoga chants and teachings that I ascribed to).

    Muktananda took me back to his quarters this night and had me
    lay down on a large ottoman. This time he inspected my vagina. He said
    “Good yoni.”

    Muktananda brought me to his quarters again the next night. All
    the while he told me “Don’t tell anyone” and “Don’t tell your husband.”
    Muktananda put me on a high table, pulled my legs back to expose my vagina
    and pulled out his flaccid penis. He placed his penis as far up inside me
    as he could and remained in that position a very long time.

    During this time he said phrases such as “Baba urevetta” (semen
    goes upward); “Baba Yogi”. He kept repeating, “No sex, tantra”, No sex,
    tantra”, “long time”. ( ” he seemed to be telling me he did this tantra a
    long time,although I wondered what was so special about just standing there
    a long time)

    I felt he was trying to convince me and coerce to believe that
    this was not sex. I felt doubt and distress that I have buried for many
    years. I had to keep telling myself that, of course, Baba is doing the
    right thing, he is God. I must be very special and important. I decided I
    should be loyal to Baba. And so for all these years I have kept this
    secret. I have stayed quiet, confused and silent.

    Now I am 50 years old and ready to face and share the truth of my experience
    with Muktananda. I want to be finally released from these events so that I
    can move forward with my life without the burden of them.

    In 1986, I tried to talk about my experience with people I
    thought might help me understand it. One woman and I acknowledged our
    mutual experience but she was not able to fully talk about it. I also
    bought books on tantra and read articles. But I couldn’t find anything that
    described anything resembling my experience with Muktananda (in fact, I
    learned that true tantra is something entirely different from what I

    In 1994, long after Muktananda died, I shared my experience with
    a close friend who had guessed the truth of it. Shortly after I did that,
    an old friend that I did seva with, now Gurumayi’s assistant, called me at
    my home in Atlanta. She interrogated me on what I said to my friend about
    the experience and had me give her a detailed account. This was
    embarrassing, but I felt I was going to finally get to talk about it with
    someone close to Gurumayi. When I finished, she scolded me saying “Didn’t
    Baba always tell you ‘top secret?’” That was the end of the conversation-
    no help, no explanation, just the strong message to keep quiet.

    In 2001, I planned a pilgrimage to India. (this was an intervention by the Divine,but this is another story) Before leaving, I
    made a bold attempt to communicate with Gurumayi about my experience with
    Baba by writing her a long heartfelt letter. It took weeks to compose,
    telling her about my trip and asking about my experience with Muktananda,
    hoping for some communication in return. I was clearly asking for help. I
    sent the letter through one of Gurumayi’s close assistants whom I knew well
    and included a large check. I never heard anything from Gurumayi or anyone
    else. My check was cashed.

    Finally, at age 50, through my own exploration, experience and
    insight, I can no longer deny that what happened to me with Baba was wrong.
    This understanding was heightened through my therapy with a gifted
    professional who is profoundly spiritual both in practice and training. I
    finally got the courage to share what had happened to me with her. After I
    described all of Baba’s actions, she asked me whether, knowing what I have
    been through, I would take my daughter by the hand and send her through the
    door to experience the same thing. The answer was emphatically no –
    absolutely not. At that moment, I clearly understood that Baba had sexually
    abused me.

    I am immensely grateful for the clarity that I have finally
    received, after so many years of denial, confusion and heartache. It has
    been important for me to acknowledge this abuse and move on. This has been
    the healing process, but I know that there are many others that are younger
    than I who have not been able to look at what happened to them. My hope is
    that by telling my story and finally lifting the veil of secrecy that
    others, too, may find the way to heal and move on with their lives. For
    this reason I no longer remain anonymous. Because of fear, no one before
    has put a name to their story of sexual abuse by Swami Muktananda. But I
    will so that it can no longer be said these are made up stories. I invite
    comments and questions and will try to answer and help anyone that needs it.
    I also invite anyone that needs to talk off site to e-mail me privately.

    Thank you. May we all find the Truth that we seek. God Bless.

    Joan Radha Bridges

    Post Number 2800

  • https://www.amazon.com/Fallout-Recovering-Abuse-Tibetan-Buddhism-ebook/dp/B07SBJ8J4B/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

    When eight students wrote a letter accusing Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the best-selling Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, of decades of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, Tahlia Newland set up an online support group for abuse victims and students of his Tibetan Buddhist community, Rigpa. Appalled by the lack of ethics, the group undertook a journey of discovery during which they uncovered the depth of the trauma suffered by victims, and the fundamentalism and cult behaviour at the heart of Rigpa. They learned about destructive cults, trauma and recovery, narcissistic abuse, co-dependency, institutional betrayal, and the methods of mind control used by Rigpa, who had covered up and enabled the abuse for decades.

    Fallout, Tahlia’s memoir of this time, reveals the consequences of spiritual abuse for an ordinary member of an abusive, high-demand religious group and the psychological processing required for healing and cult recovery. Fallout is a cautionary tale for students and potential students of any guru-centred spiritual group. For Buddhist teachers and scholars, it also provides valuable insight into areas of the teachings which can easily be misunderstood and misused. For psychotherapists and counsellors, it’s an important case study for anyone working with cult survivors, particularly in a Buddhist context.


    • “One who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

      Mystical belief systems are poison to rational thought. Ethics is to be found in Humanism, not supernatural fairy tales spun millennia ago by our bronze-age ancestors who believed in gods, devils and spirits out of ignorance.

      So I applaud everything you write except this:
      “For Buddhist teachers and scholars, it also provides valuable insight into areas of the teachings which can easily be misunderstood and misused.”

      It’s all fantasy, none of it is true. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Mormonism, all of it. There is no misunderstanding it or misusing it because it’s all made-up bullshit. NONE OF IT IS REAL.

      It’s fun to read about, this religion stuff. It’s interesting to read about other cultures and other times.

      But anyone who looks to this ancient make-believe as a template for living his life today best look out & grow the fuck up.

      It’s 2022. Time to stop believing in mystical nonsense.

  • Imagine a religion that believes in ghosts! Hinduism sure is ridiculous.

    As a Catholic kid I was instructed how to pray to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    These days I think the Holy Trinity is called the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. What are spirits? Ghosts.

    I gave up believing in this stuff about the same time I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny.

    Christians believe the most ridiculous stuff. It amazes me. Rational, educated people who believe in a virgin birth and a god who let himself get nailed to a post, died and came back to life like some kind of friendly zombie. He watches everything you do too, so you better not wank off or he’ll send you to burn in Hell for all eternity. Because he loves you. And one day soon he’s coming back! Christians have been waiting over 2,000 years and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of this invisible god but just keep believing!

    This is what’s known as “mainstream religion” in the modern Western world.

    Is it really surprising that people join cults, when they’ve been raised on such superstitious nonsense?

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