NXIVM Taking Its Place in Podcast Firmament; Bonnie Piesse, Nippy, Have New Un-NXIVM Podcasts

Starting with Sarah Edmondson’s CBC podcast, “Escaping NXIVM,” and proceeding to this day, NXIVM has been fodder for podcasts.

We’ve reported on Sarah and Nippy’s podcast, “A Little Bit Culty” and Vanessa Grigoriadis’ “Infamous.”

In addition to these, there are podcast by hosts who interview former NXIVM members or report on NXIVM-related content — from popular YouTubers with more than a million vies, like Ethan Klein, to podcasts with views in the single digits.

NXIVM offers equal opportunity for creators of all shapes and sizes.

Former NXIVM Member Podcasts

Mark Vicente, “writer, director, producer, troublemaker, and whistleblower” has his own podcast called “WTF is on My Mind?!”

Episodes sometimes feature interviews, but mostly contain, as the title suggests, the many lucid and cerebral things that are on Mark’s mind.

Mark Vicente’s wife, actress Bonnie Piesse, has a new podcast called “I Am The Sky,” listed under the “Religion & Spirituality” section on Apple podcasts.

Bonnie says she hopes “this podcast brings you inspiration to reconnect to your soul and intuition and helps you feel less alone in this wild journey of being alive.”

Jessica Joan, who went by the pseudonym “Jaye” at Keith Raniere’s trial, had a podcast called “The Untouchable Jessica Joan: Courage, Clarity, & Getting Over Shit.” It appears she got over the podcast some time ago. The last episode published was on July 13, 2021.

Anthony Ames, better known as Nippy, has a new podcast. But it is not about NXIVM. He is using his “podcast host” credentials from “A Little Bit Culty,” combined with his college football career, to launch a podcast about football called “Spinning It,” which is described as a “podcast about the road from high school football to the NCAA, the NFL, and Canton…and anywhere in between.”

Canton is the Ohio City where the Pro Football Hall of Fame is located.  

According to Twitter, the first episode will air on April 26.

According to Twitter, “SPINNING IT is a podcast about the road from high school football to the NCAA, the NFL & Canton 🏈🔥”

Latest NXIVM Related Interviews and YouTube Videos

It seems Marc Elliot was not discouraged from making public appearances after his controversial attempt to extol Keith Raniere on Ethan Klein’s show.
He was recently interviewed for “The #CoffeeTime Podcast with Noah Kinsey” about his “Tourette’s, NXIVM, and standing up for your convictions,” as the episode is named.
The episode is over an hour-and-a-half long, and starts with a lengthy introduction by its host. Then it delves into Marc’s opinions about HBO’s The Vow, among other things.

It can be depended upon. For all those loyal to Raniere, the conversation must go to the alleged FBI tampering before answering any questions or engaging in pleasantries of banter.

Here are Marc’s first comments in the interview. For the rest of his comments, listen to the episode.

For those who want learn something, watch how Elliot, a professional public speaker and Tourette’s survivor, who says he eradicated his symptoms through what he learned from the tools Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman created, turns the general topic of NXIVM toward the last best hope of freedom for Vanguard, the FBI tampering. Notice also how sparing he is with periods for those who transcribe his comments, striving to put every last zesty bit of a string of thoughts into single sentences.

Marc Elliot:

“I mean, obviously thank you for the compliments about the Tourette’s. It’s been a profound journey, one that I never even never could imagine that I could be living a life without Tourette’s, so we can, obviously, we’ll be talking about a few different things. I think you know, one of the most important things that you [host, Noah Kinsey] brought up, how, you know, this [HBO’s The Vow] documentary, you know, made, wanted people to walk away with a very specific narrative.

I had a lot of issues with the documentary, even my episode itself, the way that they painted me, but one of the most difficult things is, of the people who they label sort of Keith Raniere loyalists, which is just already prejudiced and ridiculous, in how it sounds, and how it’s portrayed, but they have each of us talking about how this [Raniere’s criminal] case, ‘there’s all these injustice’s’ in this case and almost verbatim like we say at different times ‘there’s this injustice,’ and what’s bad is is that not one time in the [The Vow’s] second season do they show any of the interviews [HBO filmed] and where myself, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette, Nikki Klein or Suneel, we’ve already are actually very clearly laying out the different, the different injustices that we’re talking about and most importantly, and The Vow filmed many hours of us talking about how the FBI tampered with the child pornography while it was in their [FBI] possession and we also have now, we have seven digital forensic experts that have under sworn testimony show that the child pornography was planted on the external hard drive that that they found in one of the houses that Keith frequented.”


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  • I think I got Tourette’s just reading the first half of Marc Elliott’s broken record spiel. Man did he learn the fine art of the word salad from keithy boy.

  • To follow-up on what the author said: Whoever transcribed Marc Elliott’s monologue must have gone through menopause, because there are no periods.

  • Nippy is a little bitch. He let Vanturd manipulate his wife and didn’t have the balls to do shit about it. I would have walked into volleyball and knocked Vanturd’s bitch-made ass out if he fucked with my wife. Nippy is a preppy, ivy-league, spoiled little brat.

    Nippy, you fucking limp-dick, douche-nozzle, little cunt. You are such a little pussy, soy-boy queer. Shove a piece of fruit in your ass.

    • Pilgrim-

      You’re wrong my child.
      Nippy’s dong is more powerful than the Force. He’s like a Jedi Knight of penis.

      Think about this:
      Sarah came home. Nippy saw the brand on her pubis. He went ballistic. Sarah quit NXIVM.

      Nippy’s dong is more powerful than Vanguard’s BlueFlame™️. Many women left their husbands for
      Lord Vanguard.

      The hottest woman in NXIVM left Vanguard for Nippy! Sarah left because Nippy slings some mean dick—she couldn’t imagine life without it!!!!

      Sarah wasn’t born bowlegged……

      • You make good points, NiceGuy. Whatever Nippy had did pull Sarah from the grip of a sex/death vult. But still, Nippy didn’t have what it took to defend his woman. I would have knocked Vanturd’s lights out. Nippy called the authorities like a little snitch-bitch.

        Nippy, you fucking little pussy. You have no balls. Little bitch.

        • Pilgrim-

          —Nippy didn’t have what it took to defend his woman. I would have knocked Vanturd’s lights out. Nippy called the authorities like a little snitch-bitch.

          Okay, all valid points. I’ll concede.

          Honestly, you’d do (with a plea bargain) 6 months, Assault/Battery?

          “The Nipster swings a mighty dong, capable of cancelling the superpowers of a man who can make it snow. Nipster is
          The Thor of Cock.”
          -Oracle of Delphi

          I see gay porn or an OnlyFans in his future.

    • ShadowState-


      Look up Illinois state ranking for homicides per 100,000 people.


      Then look up all the “red states.”

      Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Georgia has more homicides per 100,000 people than Illinois!!!!

      Homicide rate per 100,000
      Georgia 23
      Illinois 16
      Massachusetts 3.4
      New York 5.4
      California 9

      Majorie Taylor Greenes
      Georgia Peach state is more dangerous than New York.
      What is she doing about it????

      Shadow you are a total moron.
      Have a rebuttal? LMAO @ U!!!

    • Great news Shadow. Your favourite actor, Alec Baldwin, has just had all criminal charges against him dropped!

    • Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Definitely worth a listen. Susan is a kind person and a great source of information!

      • Whilst on the subject of podcasts, the BBC released “A Very British Cult” on April 5th and called out Lighthouse International Group as a Cult and featured this group on national TV bulletins all day.


        I happened to be in court on March 28th when the UK Government closed this group’s business operations down. Watching a Cult-leader in court was heaven for me. Frank may have been contacted by members about this group… maybe.

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