Sex Slave Lauren Salzman on Cooperation With Feds in Prosecuting Her Nxivm Master Keith Raniere

Lauren Salzman was part of a scientific experiment that Keith Alan Raniere conducted. In order to complete the experiment, she had to take all her clothes off and be photographed in a variety of poses.

As the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere approaches, this excerpt from Lauren Salzman’s testimony at his trial is interesting. In it, she is asked and answers questions about her decision to cooperate with the feds.

Curiously, while Raniere, and Clare Webb Bronfman and Kathy Russell now have definitive sentencing dates, Lauren  – along with her mother, Nancy Salzman, and Allison Mack – has not been scheduled.

This is intriguing because Bronfman and Russell did not agree to cooperate with the feds in helping them convict Raniere while the two Salzmans and Mack did agree to cooperate and provide information. Only Lauren testified, but evidence that was used at the trial was voluntarily provided by Mack.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Salzman

Tanya Hajjar


Lauren Salzman

Q   All right. Ms. Salzman, I’m going to direct your attention to July 24th, 2018, were you arrested on that date?

A  Yes, I was.

Q   What charges were you arrested for?

A   I was arrested for harboring, trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud, and extortion and as part of a racketeering conspiracy.

Q   And directing your attention to March 2018, did there come a time where you asked for a meeting with the government?

A   I did, yes.

Q   Did you later meet with FBI agents and people from the U.S. Attorney’s Office?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   Were you represented by a lawyer?

A   Yes, I was.

Q   And at some point after that did you decide to start cooperating with the government?

A   I did, yes.

Q   When did you first start meeting with the government?

A   I believe in March.

Q   And in the —

A   I don’t recall the date specifically.

Q   And in the weeks and months that followed, did you meet with federal agents and prosecutors again?

A   I did, yes.

Q   And what types of things did you talk about in these meetings?

A   All the things that I’ve spoken about here in the last couple of days, the crimes that I participated in and ones that I knew about, some of them that the government was aware of and some additional ones that they weren’t.

Q   Did you tell the government about all the crimes that you committed or had knowledge of?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   And about crimes that other individuals committed?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   Including the defendant?

A   Yes.

Q   Did you tell the government about crimes committed by people you cared about?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   Did you ultimately plead guilty?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   What crimes did you plead guilty to?

A   I pled guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

Q   Did that involve admitting participation in certain other crimes as well?

A   Yes, it did.

Q   Where did you plead guilty?

A   Here in the Eastern District in this courtroom.

Q   Before a judge?

A   Before Judge Garaufis.

Q   And was that in March of 2019?

A   Yes, it was.

Q  I may have misspoken, did you start meeting with the government prior to that?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   In that year, 2019?

A   Yes, correct.

Q   After you pleaded guilty did you continue to meet with the government?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   In your indictment was there an enterprise alleged?

A   Yes.

Q   And did you plead guilty to being part of that enterprise?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   That enterprise was the defendant’s inner circle?

A   Yes.

Q   When you pled guilty, did you do so pursuant to a written agreement?

A   Yes.

Q   Was that a cooperation agreement?

A   Yes, it was a cooperation agreement.

HAJJAR: Your Honor, may I show the witness what’s marked for identification as 3500 LS-6.

THE COURT: Yes, you may.

HAJJAR: Thank you, Your Honor.

THE WITNESS: This is my cooperation agreement.

Q   And turning to page ten of this agreement, is this your signature?

A   Yes, it is.

HAJJAR: Your Honor, the government moves to admit 3500 LS-6.

AGNIFILO: No objection.

THE COURT: All right, Government Exhibit 3500 LS-6 is received in evidence.

(Government’s Exhibit 3500 LS-6 so marked in evidence.)

Q   As part of this agreement, Ms. Salzman, did you make certain promises to the government?

A   Yes, I did.

Q   What were those promises?

A   To provide truthful and complete testimony and to assist with any aspects of the investigation that I was able to.

Q   What do you hope to get in return?

A  A letter saying that I provided truthful testimony and helped in the way that I just described.

Q   Did the government agree to do anything else aside from writing that letter in your cooperation agreement?

A   No.

Q   Do you know the maximum sentence that you face?

A   My understanding is it is up to twenty years.

Q   On each —

A   On two counts.

Q   Who decides your sentence?

A   Judge Garaufis.

Q   Will the government recommend a specific sentence to the judge?

A   No.

Q   Has the government promised you anything about what your sentence will be in this case?

A   No.

Q   Do you know if your sentence depends on what happens in this particular trial?

A   I was told it does not, it’s not, it’s outcome independent.

Q   What’s your understanding of what happens if you fail to tell the truth today?

A   That all the agreements that I made are forfeit.

Q   What happens to your cooperation agreement?

A   It’s forfeit.

Q   What does that mean?

A   It means that it is — that I won’t get the letter and that all of the things that — all the additional crimes and things that I confessed to and shared with the government, told the government about, I could be prosecuted for in addition to the original crimes that I pled guilty to.

Q   Are you hoping the judge will give you a lower sentence because of your cooperation?

A   Yes, of course.

Q  Do you know when you’ll be sentenced?

A   Right now I’m scheduled to be sentenced on September 11th [2019].

Q   As you sit here today, do you know what your sentence will be?

A   No.


March 18, 2019 – New York, New York, United States: Lauren Salzman leaves the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn escorted by her legal team. (Natan Dvir / Polaris Images)


Obviously, Lauren’s sentencing date of September 11, 2019 has come and gone – and now, almost a year after she pled guilty, Lauren is still awaiting sentencing.  She was present in Mexico when Raniere was arrested by Mexican Federal Police, with machine guns pointed at her head on March 26, 2018. She went back to the US and was arrested in Clifton Park four months later.

It took her another eight months to make a deal with the feds and choose to save herself if possible from the full penalty of the law for the crimes she committed on behalf of Raniere.

Did she do so wisely? It seems she saved herself. When the time came to sing, she sang fulsomely – admitting to her own crimes while damaging Raniere heavily. During her cross-examination, she wept so copiously and apparently fervently that the judge stopped the cross-examination, a point that the defense is planning to use on appeal.

So what’s next for Lauren?  She will one day be sentenced and is hoping for leniency  – something perhaps she, at this point, with 20 years time served with the beast, perhaps deserves.




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  • 2nd attempt – Questions for shadow (I asked down below but think you took it as an invite to rant about other things)

    Why do you think Lauren and Allison have the blackmail material?

    If it was within their power to return the blackmail material, do you honestly think they wouldn’t?

    If you don’t want to answer the questions, then don’t. Please spare me your deflections.

    • Lauren Pimp Salzman and Allison Pimp Mack created the blackmail material as part of a conspiracy to traffic the women of NXIVM/DOS and exploit those women.
      That is why both of these Pimps are being sued by Neil Glazer for sex trafficking and human trafficking.

      By creating these blackmail materials, both of these Pimps are legally responsible for any harm coming from these blackmail materials.
      No sane person would create blackmail materials consisting of:

      1.) Salacious nude pictures

      2.) Salacious nude videos

      3.) Documents containing false allegations.

      4.) Documents containing False Confessions.

      But both Pimp Salzman and Pimp Mack are Insane Criminals who saw fit to create these blackmail materials and convinced women to assist in the creation of the blackmail.

      If you go to the Zoo and let all of the wild animals out of their cages, you are responsible for all of the Mayhem wrought by those wild animals.

      Nutjob, it is high time that you stop acting as if you are mentally retarded and accept that your NXIVM girlfriends are hardcore criminals with the minds of juvenile delinquents.

      Pimp Salzman and Pimp Mack are a danger to themselves and the general community.

      Perhaps if you had been the target of these false accusations fabricated by Pimp Salzman and Pimp Mack you would understand the issue more clearly.

      • 3rd attempt – Questions for shadow

        Why do you think Lauren and Allison have the blackmail material?

        If it was within their power to return the blackmail material, do you honestly think they wouldn’t?

        Definition of deflection
        1 : a turning aside or off course : deviation

        • Allison Pimp Mack and Lauren Pimp Salzman are part of a Criminal Conspiracy.

          As such, they are legally responsible for the crimes of their co-conspirators.

          If you don’t understand how conspiracies operate and are prosecuted, then you are as stupid as Pimp Mack and Pimp Salzman.

  • Just wanted to remind our readers of Frank’s latest journalistic decisions… 🙂

    Here’s Frank’s newest list of topics that are ‘off limits’ on FrankReport:

    1) Kendra (from Girls by Design)

    *She recently phoned Frank and apparently he now loves her, LOL, after previously disliking her. Thus, you’ll probably have your comments deleted if you criticize her. Apparently, she’s just a loving mom and was not a student of NXIVM who admired NXIVM’s wacky teachings for years.

    2) Kristin Kreuk

    *Sarah Edmondson recently phoned Frank to ask that he stop criticizing Kreuk’s role in NXIVM — and Frank apparently wants to please his friend Sarah. Thus, you’ll likely see no more articles written about Kristin Kreuk in the future. Plus, you may find your own comments deleted if you talk about this topic. She’s apparently off limits now. She’s apparently a virtuous person now —— and her previous role as a ‘teacher’ and ‘recruiter’ for NXIVM (she recruited Allie Mack) is meant to be ignored.

    3) Terminator Actress

    *Frank previously wrote an article about an actress who starred in the Terminator (I’m too lazy to lookup her name) —– which alleged that she and Keith had sired a child together. But after her attorney contacted Frank to threaten him, he suddenly shut off all stories about her and will not even talk about the subject now, like cowed little puppy. LOL.

    4) Girls by Design

    *After talking to his new friend Kendra, Frank has made it clear that unless you have “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” (LOL) then you cannot talk negatively about Girls by Design.

    **New Journalistic Standards

    Apparently, “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is not just a standard used to convict people in criminal actions.


    It’s actually a new JOURNALISTIC STANDARD that Frank is employing to decide whether he can write an article about somebody or not.


    But it’s not a standard that Frank employs 100%. He only applies it if he ‘likes’ the person who’s the subject of an article.

    If Frank doesn’t like a particular person —— then he’ll simply use the normal standard of reporting whatever facts he can surmise from circumstantial evidence, just like every other newspaper in the nation.

    Note to Frank: If all journalists used “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” as a standard for writing articles, nearly every newspaper in the nation would be shut down overnight. LOL.

    Hint: Frank is not using the standard of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” when reporting about the NXIVM employees who allegedly were the last people to see Kristin Snyder alive at a NXIVM class. Which is why no District Attorney has even charged these people with a crime. In fact, her death is still listed as a suicide and there is no active investigation into her death by any law enforcement agency. It’s just gossip, conspiracy theories and circumstantial evidence.

    Yet Frank is still trying to ‘frame’ these NXIVM employees for Kristin’s death.

    He’s not doing this based on ‘proof beyond a reasonable doubt’.

    Nope. He’s doing it based on the ‘possibility’ that they may have something to do with her disappearance —— even though he has no “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” (which is a journalistic standard he now uses for Girls By Design, Kendra and Kreuk).

    Isn’t it funny how Frank changes his reporting ‘standards’ —– depending on how much he likes a person or not.

    Frank is a disgrace to all journalists. 🙂

    • Interesting definition of “like”. I have a feeling that if somebody such as Ed Kinum came out of his turtle shell in order to tell Frank everything he knows about the Alaskan seminar – that Frank would all of a sudden “like” Ed. When people refuse to talk to Frank and refuse to tell him what’s up, all he is left with is secondhand knowledge and speculation.

      Kinda like we speculate that your mom has a large nose and you live in her basement. If you shimmied up your panties, and told us a little bit about why you are on Frank Report, we’d stop some of the speculation and more of us might “like” you.

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        You seem totally smitten with Frank.

        You want to protect him from unflattering facts.

        Sorry, but the facts I’ve presented can’t be refuted. That’s why Frank remains silent.

        I am here to expose TRUTH.

        You seem to hate ‘truth’ when it points out inconvenient facts.

        Frank is a disgraceful journalist and a hypocrite to boot.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • I know it went over your head, Silk, but your definition of the word “like” was the point of the post.

    • You complain a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever read so much complaining online, especially against the owner of the website. If you do a similar amount of complaining in any of your real life relationships, I would find it difficult to believe anyone would consider you a friend.

  • Cooperating witnesses, Shadow. They handed all that material over to the Feds as evidence. It’s not possible for anyone to give it back at this point (maybe when all the appeals are finished and gone the Feds give it back, but I’m no lawyer).

    • If you read the Complaint filed by Neil Glazer, there is no mention of the blackmail material being handed to the Feds.
      Therefore, one must assume that members of NXIVM still possess the blackmail material.
      Moreover, Glazer claims that Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman edited a blackmail video and released it over the internet.

      “In fact, at least one DOS member’s collateral was released in retaliation for her speaking out against Defendants, NXIVM and DOS. That collateral had been edited by Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack”

      Pages 145 and 146

      • Just because Salzman edited the blackmail doesn’t mean she still has it. I would be shocked if the FBI/DOJ didn’t ask her about whether she still possesses it. In fact, in sounds like Bronfman has it, because that’s who the request to return it was forwarded to. Duh.

        Plus, as I said before, it could easily be copied, so there is no guarantee it can ever be returned. The best the government can do is have them sign a statement under penalty of being charged with perjury that all known copies have been returned/destroyed. Besides, we already know the content of the various blackmail material, which makes it lose its punch, especially over time as they get older, grayer, and more wrinkly. Eventually they will be dead, embarrassment problem solved. LOL

        • If Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack were and are stupid enough to create blackmail material, then they bear full responsibility for whatever harm that results from the blackmail material.

          Scott, if you go to the zoo and release the wild animals from their cages, then you are RESPONSIBLE for all of the people mauled by those wild animals.

      • That is the wonderful thing about a complaint. The basic requirement is that there be a plaintiff, a defendant, a recognized cause of action, and a court that has jurisdiction to hear a case involving all of the above.

        IF any or all of the collateral has been turned over to law enforcement (which would weaken the plaintiffs’ case) (even weaker than it is now, with two dubious named plaintiffs), there would be no reason or requirement for Mr. Glazer to reveal this in his complaint.

        The law can be simple and complicated all at once. As best I can tell, you would best be suited to staying on turf where you are comfortable…Instagram, Wikipedia, etc. Your pom-pom waving support of this lawsuit has very little to do with seeing the NXIVM crime family get what is coming to them so much as it has to do with seeing one member of the said family getting what YOU think is coming to her. Even a person who didn’t have cable TV as a child, even Stevie Wonder and Mr. Magoo, can see that is what drives your nearly four years of constant posting on the Frank Report.

        You are madly ignorant and a piss poor writer, but funny as all hell and lord knows we all need a laugh.


  • It would not be justice for her to serve less time than she forced Dani into that room. That has to be absolute minimum, but even then, prison would be better than the torturous, inhumane conditions Lauren subject Dani to. Lauren was going to drive Dani to suicide and she didn’t give a damn whether she lived or died. I have always felt 4-6 years is the appropriate range.

    • Well said. I am happy that Dani is free and she seems to be happy. Not just with material things, but happy soul wise. She is very inspiring

    • Dani agreed to stay in the room. No one pushed her in unwillingly and kept her in the room. The door wasn’t locked from the outside. Her window wasn’t barred. I find it manipulative. One thing Lauren Salzman did that is disturbing and actually illegal was drugging her with Xanax.

      • She was severely punished when she finally did leave. She was dropped off and essentially left for dead, if not for begging her father for a few hundred dollars to get by on which he was not supposed to do, who knows what would have happened to her. It is clear to me that Keith hoped she would die, he would have loved it. She had every reason to fear what might happen to her if she did leave. I find your remark amazingly obtuse.

      • Dani was in the country illegally. They threatened her to take her to the police to report her, to take her out of the US, and have her disowned from her family if she didn’t stay in the room. She was a prisoner. She had dental issues and she could not attend to them because she was a prisoner. She was treated like a federal prisoner with limited availability to medical care. I hope Lauren and Keith experience health problems in prison.

      • They had, and were withholding, Dani’s identity documents, which is both powerful coercion, and illegal – a classic characteristic of human trafficking:

        18 U.S. Code § 1592. Unlawful conduct with respect to documents in furtherance of trafficking, peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, or forced labor

  • ” Many DOS defectors began writing to Defendants,
    including Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman, pleading for
    their collateral to be returned or destroyed. Lauren Salzman testified at the Raniere trial that she
    would pass such pleas along to Defendant Clare Bronfman. No collateral was ever returned or destroyed.”

    Page 145

    If Lauren Salzman wants to cooperate she can hand over the blackmail material that she and her co-defendants collected so that the victims can destroy it.
    Anything less is just words.

    • Why do you think Lauren and Allison have the blackmail material? Do you honestly think they’d say “HELL NO. I ain’t handing it over!” if it was within their power to do what you are demanding?

      • As long as that blackmail material exists and it is not in the hands of either the FBI or the victims, then the NXIVM Blackmail scheme is an ongoing crime.
        Are the victims of this blackmail to spend the rest of their lives worrying that the material will be released to hurt their reputations or careers?
        Will that blackmail material be used in the future to extort money from these women in NXIVM DOS?
        Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman are adults and should understand the risks involved with this kind of blackmail material.
        Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were part of a blackmail scheme and they are responsible for all of the harm caused by that scheme.

        And the labeling of that material as “collateral” shows the deviousness of the NXIVM defendants.
        It is not “collateral”.
        It is blackmail material pure and simple.
        Why do you think Attorney Glazer made a point of mentioning the fact that the blackmail material is still floating around somewhere?
        Do you think Glazer mentioned it just to add more words to the Complaint?
        Glazer is a Summa Cum Lade Attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School.
        Do you think Glazer understands the dangers of that blackmail material to his clients?
        Is Glazer a Nutjob like you?

        Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were stupid enough to make blackmail material that never should have been made.
        And Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman were stupid enough to upload that blackmail material to the internet.

        If you think this is some kind of joke?
        Back in the 1920s a struggling young actress named Lucille Fay LeSueur, out of desperation, made stag films showing herself in compromising positions.
        Later this actress changed her name and became Joan Crawford.
        And in the 1920s Joan Crawford and her studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer had to pay large sums of money to recover these films.

        “Joan Crawford’s porn films: How star was TWICE blackmailed by brother who threatened to leak her early stag movies as ‘Feud’ recounts Hollywood scandal around the first celebrity sex tape”

        “Joan Crawford starred in multiple stag films prior to her days as a star according to multiple biographers, including ‘Velvet Lips’ and ‘The Casting Couch’
        Twice in her life an individual was paid off to stop them from leaking these porn movies to members of the press, with her brother believed to be the informant”

        Are you smart enough to understand the seriousness of the crimes Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman committed with respect to blackmail?

        • New York law firms are packed with Harvard Law School summa cum laude graduates. Mr. Glazer’s ace in the hole, his secret weapon, is that he has you on the sidelines waving your pom-poms.

          You know what irony is? In five years Allison Mack might be able to enjoy a normal fulfilling life. You, on the other hand, will still be miserable, consoling yourself by visiting places familiar to you: Wikipedia, Page Six and People Magazine.

          Have sent a compendium of your greatest Frank Report hits to Con and Graft. I’m sure they will be happy you’ve joined the team.

          • ” In five years Allison Mack might be able to enjoy a normal fulfilling life.”

            No she won’t.
            Allison Mack will be a female Harvey Weinstein and a pariah.
            “New York law firms are packed with Harvard Law School summa cum laude graduates.”
            FYI : Mr. Glazer is from Philadelphia and his law firm has sued USC for a Doctor in their Student Medical Center who has molested numerous co-eds.
            “Have sent a compendium of your greatest Frank Report hits to Con and Graft. ”
            Con and Graft instead of Kohn and Graf?
            You are as big an anti-Semite as Keith Raniere.
            You are a true member of NXIVM.

            Now that Mr. Glazer knows that Allison Mack is defended by anti-Semites like you, he will prosecute Mack with all the more vigor.

    • What is plaintiff Sarah Edmondson doing for the 2000 or so folks she brought into the NXIVM ranks through its Vancouver coven?Something the folks at Cozen O’Connor will be looking at rather closely?

      • So Sarah Edmondson exposes the branding, blackmail and sex trafficking to the world and alerts the FBI of the NXIVM criminals and Sarah Edmondson is the problem.
        Not Allison Pimp Mack or Lauren Pimp Salzman.

        Shoot the Messenger!
        Shoot the Whistleblower!

        Let the Pimps and Gangsters off the hook!

        • Edmondson just made her deal earlier than the others. She enjoyed her standing in the cult. She just saw the writing on the wall sooner. The majority of the “victims” knew well what they were part of. Pretending otherwise is disingenuous. They’re all much like Natalie, pretending to be victims and heroes when they’re (most of them) zeros.

        • First, there is a huge difference between Harvey W and Allison M. The former’s indictment, trial and sentencing has been covered by print and TV media EVERY DAY. The latter’s arrest and trial has been covered by The Frank Report.

          Second, with regards to Sarah the Self Promoter, it seems as if she took umbrage at being branded only after realizing that she had been tagged with Raniere’s initials and she had become a prize heifer at the Rancho Raniere. If Danielle Roberts was a bit more skillful with the cauterizing pen, maybe she could have rendered a slightly chubby, hirsute and cross-eyed Buddha-like image in Ms. Sarah’s private regions and Ms. Sarah would not have been so offended.

          I respect Frank, and Frank is open-minded enough to allow me AND OTHERS to express our opinions that Sarah is arguably as much perpetrator/defendant as she is plaintiff in any civil action. 2000 recruits to her Vancouver coven? Wow.

          When I poked some fun at your favorite Philly law firm, you accused me of anti-semitism. When I joked that your fantasy was to play house with Allison Mack in Winnetka (former home of the New Trier Highs, I think there is only one now), you accused me of being anti-middle class.

          Of course, I am a middle-class Jew. You make an art form of being wrong, but as the clown prince of the Frank Report, you have provided me with hours of entertainment.

          • “First, there is a huge difference between Harvey W and Allison M. The former’s indictment, trial and sentencing has been covered by print and TV media EVERY DAY. The latter’s arrest and trial has been covered by The Frank Report.” All Them Witches

            Why do you think that is?
            Because the conduct engaged in by the NXIVM defendants, including ALLISON MACK, is so sadistic, outrageous, brutal and cruel that only depraved people can engage in it.

            I took great care in avoiding the religious affiliation of many of the NXIVM leaders.
            The exception was when Raniere lectured his Jewish followers that they were reincarnated Nazis, a ludicrous claim that demanded some kind of comment.

            And in one throwaway statement you imply that Mr. Glazer, who is of obvious Jewish heritage, is some kind of con artist.
            All to defend a woman who is obviously mentally ill and a danger to the public.
            If there is any opportunity for the many victims of NXIVM and its leaders to be vindicated it will be through the efforts of Mr. Glazer and his team of attorneys.

      • Edmondson wrote a book and is keeping all of the profits, and the 2,000 or so folks get to see her prance around on TV and social media. What more do they want? After all, she’s “royalty.” LOL

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