Ivy Nevares Claims Raniere Was Hiding in Mexico — Response by Elliot and Asunsolo

Ivy Nevares

Former Nxivm member Ivy Nevares has taken to Twitter to challenge Marc Elliot and the Make Justice Blind group’s post on alleged prosecutorial misconduct.

Their post concerns the denial of bail at the onset of the case.

Elliot maintains Raniere was not hiding from the U.S. government when he went to Mexico in November 2017. He remained there until he was apprehended on March 26, 2018.

The government argued his traveling in Mexico and other factors were proof that he was in hiding and a flight risk.

Elliot says the government told a series of falsehoods to persuade the judge to deny bail.  Elliot further claims that Raniere lived openly in Mexico. He provided Frank Report with never-before-seen pictures of Raniere out in public in Mexico.

During the time Raniere was in Mexico, Ivy was living in Clifton Park and was a member of the Nxivm community.

Ivy Nevares




Make Justice Blind  and Marc Elliot accuse the EDNY of lying, which is exactly what they’re doing. Allow me to correct the record: Keith Raniere DID flee the country to avoid authorities. He WAS in hiding and WAS in a concealed location.


Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman coordinated Keith Raniere’s hiding. Salzman told me why he left and that he was in an enclosed neighborhood in Monterrey until he was spotted and reported on. I stupidly was the one to suggest they move him to Guadalajara, and that’s when [redacted] came in…


Keith Raniere used burner phones and #NXIVM messengers to not be detected. Between January and March 2018, Salzman flew to Mexico three times because he refused to speak with her on the phone. MULTIPLE witnesses can verify these facts.


Again, Make Justice Blind  is LYING, but then what can you expect from Keith Raniere’s loyalists? They’ve burned all their bridges and failed to get the media to cover their bogus story. Resorting to Parlato just shows how desperate they are. But guess what, their time is up too.


Q: Why didn’t Keith Raniere’s lawyers fight this in court?

A: They did and it didn’t hold water.

Q: Why didn’t the media pick up the story?

A: Because it’s bogus.

Q: Why did Make Justice Blind serve the #EDNY with an “affidavit”?

A: Because it’s meaningless—just a media stunt.


Make Justice Blind Replies


Marc Elliot                                                        Eduardo Asunsolo


Reply by Marc Elliot and Eduardo Asunsolo for Make Justice Blind:

Hi, Ivy, we asked Frank to publish this so it’s clear to everyone that we have no problem speaking publicly.

We saw your Tweets in response to us posting the evidence. Your response was simply restating the exact same line the prosecution used.

Someone saying “Keith Raniere fled the country to avoid authorities” does not then make that a reality.  You need evidence. We provided evidence to show the direct opposite.

Our evidence exposing how the prosecutors lied has nothing do with the case or your feelings about Keith Raniere. We’re simply looking at what the prosecution did which I believe everyone should want to do as they are civil servants to all of us.

Even Frank, an enemy of Keith, agrees with this and is willing to put his opposition to Keith aside to support his due process rights, by first examining our evidence.

Are you willing to do the same?

In the blog post we also talked about that after the NYT article was published, Keith, his family, our community (including you I imagine)
began to receive threats.  Many of those threats originated from the Frank Report (FR). The FR even reported that neighbors had spotted
Keith in Mexico and voted he needed to leave the community.

We think if anyone who had an article published about them on the front page of the NYT claiming they were torturing women, that they too would want to be private and conceal his or her location to the general public as people would want to hurt them.

We are open to any type of dialogue as more evidence comes out.


Marc Elliot and Eduardo Asunsolo


Frank Parlato Reply

On November 27, 2017, shortly after Keith Raniere left the US for Mexico for the second time, I located him in San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of Monterrey.  I broke the story the same night:  In this picture, Raniere is walking with Jimena Garza.

Ivy, I would like to hear more from you about this. I would like to hear from the witnesses you say knew that Raniere fled the USA because he wanted to avoid the jurisdiction of U.S. courts.

According to sources who spoke to me around the time he left the country, Raniere told some of his followers that he had received death threats and needed to hide from potential stalkers.

The fallout following the NYT story was pretty heavy and much of the U.S. media was covering the story with intensity.

At the end of this story is just a partial list of links to stories published in October and November 2017, when Raniere was first in Albany and then when he chose to go to Mexico.

In all fairness, almost anyone would want to hide from the public with such a media onslaught.

However, around the time he left the USA, the FBI had just begun to investigate him. It is not known if he knew this when he departed for Mexico.

Did he leave Albany to be with his family, as he claimed in his court filings, or to escape harassment and stalking in USA, as some witnesses said?  You will note that while the story was red hot in the USA, there was little coverage of it in Mexico – at that time.

Or did he, as Ivy says, vamoose, thinking Mexico could shield him from US authorities?

The key to the mystery may be with one of his lawyers.

In his court filings, Raniere said he retained attorney Michael Sullivan and asked him to check into whether he was under investigation.

I believe that Sullivan, if Raniere would release the attorney-client privilege, could shed some valuable light on this.

If Raniere instructed Sullivan to make the US Attorney in Albany aware of Raniere’s location and pledge cooperation with authorities in the US in the event of an investigation, that is a lot different than merely making a call to the US Attorney in Albany asking if there was an investigation while doing nothing to reveal Raniere’s location or indicate that he was ready to cooperate at all times.









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  • Kudos, Ivy! I see these fools can’t deal with you directly. They prefer the ambivalence of the Frank Report. Plenty of wriggle room for them here. atm

  • Why is Frank Report give those idiots a voice? (The Nxivm 5)??? They are playing Frank Report like a fiddle.

    Ivy is cool. These guys are mansplaining to her. Get a life, guys!

    • I will correct myself – one ALWAYS wants idiots to express their First Amendment right of free speech, it’s how you expose idiots in the first place. LOL

      Quite the opposite – Frank is playing the NXIVM 5 like a fiddle. LOL

    • It’s too late for that, Raniere has been convicted. LOL

      The only chance he has is IF he is granted a new trial one of the conditions could be to give him more/better access to his lawyers and trial information, which should happen if the prosecution misbehaved. LOL

  • I wish that Marc Elliot and Eduardo Asunsolo would know and recognize the terrible level of abuse Ivy suffered from Raniere. As I wish they would not deny what happened to Camilia, Gina Hutchison, Gina Melita, Rhiannon, etc. I also wish that they would stop supporting this sexual predator who doesn’t deserve their time and energy.

  • Last Thing:

    I know Frank had no idea what changes were made. After all Frank still thinks the # means the pound sign on a telephone not the hashtag sign.

  • I over reacted. I apologize, but I do find it odd that conservative libertarians would use Cookies (quasi-spyware).

    Frank, as someone already told you its unfair that you’re letting the victimizers state their point of view on your site.

    Of course they are going to deny everything or state “their point of view”, remember they were and are still indoctrinated by Keith (a narcissist, manipulative man), don’t you feel bad for those victims? they are going through a very rough process in their lives.

    Concerning Mark Elliot and Eduardo Asunsolo, why do you “both” need to rely on Frank to state your opinion? Ivy is doing it on her own, she’s a victim who is defending herself without the need of a “companion”, like you both!

    You should go and “twerk” that’s how you can support Keith lol

  • Paul-

    If you don’t post this, don’t worry I will be posting it on REDDIT !!!!

    Wow, Frank should have gone with Scott…..

  • Elliot and Asunsolo state; “after the NYT article was published, Keith, his family, our community (including you [Ivy Nevares] I imagine)
    began to receive threats. Many of those threats originated from the Frank Report (FR),”

    Completely untrue regarding Frank Report. Mr. Parlato absolutely never threatened anyone. Even the Frank Report comments were moderated, and while sometimes rude, did not cross the line into threats.

  • Frank is allowing his name and website to be used in an attmept to ‘legitimize’ the Nxivm 5 and their ludicrous claims. They even reference it in the response:

    “Even Frank, an enemy of Keith, agrees with this and is willing to put his opposition to Keith aside to support his due process rights, by first examining our evidence.”

    In my opinion, Frank has opened a huge can of worms by agreeing to review this ‘evidence’ provided by the Nxivm 5. Even though I believe justice should be both fair & blind, and i feel there are many abuses and deficiencies in the legal system, this blog is not the proper forum to attmept to substantiate, or even discuss in a serious manner, these outlandish claims. There are many other avenues available to report suspected misconduct, and it is fairly clear this latest stunt is simply a desperate attempt to get attention once other agencies and news organizations have found them unsubstantiated or newsworthy.

    My view of Frank, and this website, has taken a decidedly different turn after these recent events, and I hope Frank makes the correct decision to ignore this issue entirely. There is too great of a conflict of interest here, and there are too many victims stories that are being overshadowed by this stunt.

    • I have said I will publish their posts. That does not mean I am siding with Raniere. Suppose it is true that there was prosecutorial misconduct – and I am not saying it is true – shouldn’t we publish that? It will all come out within days if it is true. And if it is not true, then it will be put to bed. It doesn’t change Raniere’s innocence or guilt.
      As a journalist covering this case, I have to report it. So far, based on the comments, readers are reading it and intelligently evaluating the posts. That’s good too.

      • It could change Raniere’s guilty or not guilty, if a retrial is held and the defense shows there is a reasonable doubt. LOL

  • They on a hiding to nothing. I don’t agree he just had bad phone signal and was only on a short holiday. Even if that were true he as a flight risk and had vast resources. They will make things worse not better for him by pushing on these non points.

    I just watched part 9 of The Vow which includes KR going. It sounded as though those who had left were told suddenly none of the N people were out and about on walks etc and that this was unusual, not a short holiday but a major close down. It also is really utterly unimportant – whether he was hiding or gone for a short break he was a flight risk, with rich Mexican friends and the US did the right thing in bringing him back to the USA. They didn’t fake documents to get him back. They didn’t pretend he had access to rich friends when in reality every he knew had zero money. They presented good evidence and he was rightly not bailed and brought home.

    There is no reason Ivy would lie in her tweets
    “Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman coordinated Keith Raniere’s hiding. Salzman told me why he left and that he was in an enclosed neighborhood in Monterrey until he was spotted and reported on. I stupidly was the one to suggest they move him to Guadalajara, and that’s when [redacted] came in”… It sounds like Ivy was directyl told by Salzman why KR had left and it was not to have a nice little show the baby to grandpa trip to Mexico.

  • You’re giving a voice back to the victimizers with this nonsense of letting them post here and going through this supposed evidence. I’m not going to perpetuate Keith and companies continual abuse of others by coming to this site anymore. The men and women who worked hard and gave up huge chunks of their lives to this POS deserve better. My two cents.

  • Elliot, a titanic liar (he stupidly claims he was cured by ignorant Raniere) thinks the public will believe him? Poor bastard. What these uneducated guys are providing is no evidence at all.

  • The problem with “normal” citizens is that they are bombarded by the propaganda media, which in the United States have enormous power. It is our duty, as moderately intelligent people, not to believe absolutely anything that comes from the mass media. The dominant discourse of the mass media creates public opinion and persuades in favor of an ideology. And the masses, being intellectually unprepared or uninformed, yield to the pressure of whoever makes the loudest. For example: the media can make you feel, if you are not alert, hatred or dislike towards someone in particular, which makes our objectivity disappear into nothing. Demonization or demonization consists in identifying the contrary opinion with evil, so that one’s opinion is ennobled or glorified. Speaking of an individual as if he were a monster, a demon or a tyrant, turns his opponents into angels and “holy wars” will always be less unjust than plain wars. The opposite of demonization is victimization, and they are used in conjunction. In the case of the K. Raniere trial, the subliminal message that finally remains in the minds of the masses is that the victim is a collective. We already know which one.

  • So, let me see if I have this correctly…….Raniere wasn’t hiding from the US Government, but he was using all encrypted messages and when the Mexican Federal police showed up he ran upstairs like a coward and hid in a closet! You’re Vanguard is a lying loser and he constantly changes the narrative to benefit himself. Wake up will you.

  • Oh Lort more word salad from the Raniere camp . Let’s more on to more pleasant thoughts … I wonder how many victim impact statements are going to be allowed, Clarebear only got 9 .One would hope there will be days and days of statements from Vanguard’s victims, then we will see the true story start to unfold .

      • Wow, that’s a lot of impact! Hope Raniere enjoys his last day of pseudo-freedom. Listening in-person to hours of impact statements about his cruelty and abuse is long overdue. Gonna be a long court ride.

        • The 102 impact statements are written, we don’t know how many have requested to provide a verbal statement, nor how many the judge will approve. LOL

  • Pretty transparent why it was so important for KAR to get out on bail, even though he put on no defense and has not presented any plans on a defense that would have been possible had he been out on bail.

    He wanted to intimidate and blackmail witnesses.

  • Ivy, I believe what you say about the false claims of this present grouping around KR who are using Frank Report to further their agenda. It is tiresome to consider their phony claims in detail when one is not and has never been directly involved in Nxivm.

    I imagine for you this must be very unpleasant indeed, particularly as it has no benefit for those of you who were targets of this cult, and absolutely no benefit for the incarcerated criminal leaders of this racketeering cult.

    The only prosecutorial wrong-doing in this case seems to me to turn on the lack of scrutiny and action by the leaders and staff of the NDNY, who, it has been claimed [on this site] have been incontrovertibly corrupted by these thugs. God only knows why Frank and this report aren’t more interested to light a fire under that particular log, to INCREASE prosecutorial power against these criminals.

    • Not only does God know, but he also whispered it to me. LOL

      As Scott and I have said repeatedly, the NDNY and/or the EDNY acting in Albany have bigger fish to fry and/or don’t have enough evidence to prosecute others. LOL

  • Three viewpoints reported by a writer, a non-vested interest of sorts. One might say. Or not. First came Ivy, then came the Toodleheads and a final word or so from Frank Parlato.

    But there was once a terrific trumpet player named Paul Serrano, and he still distracts me when Paul Serran writes without the big O. Gawd help me. The trumpeteer is deceased, but so what?

    It is so good to hear from Ivy’s eye witness recollection, though. Especially about how Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman coordinated Raniere’s Mexico escapade as a blowjob hungry non-fugitive, just trying to blend in with his groupie squad, far away from New Yawk.

    Why those dreadful hagbags! Who’d a’ thunk they would be up to such deviltry? Hiding their big goombah. Such unholy guacamole, all brownish and ugh. But what else is new?

    The virtuous Bronfman? The sow mother of all sow mothers, Nancy, with her mommy dearest All in the Family burlesque act? Keeping Up with the Bronfmans?

    Well, here the patio is exploding. I love the adventure of the ride. Please let me send respectful greetings to the free spirit, Ivy Nevares, here, as I don’t play Faceplant or Twatter or much social media jazz at all. Thanks to the commenter who initially mentioned Ivy’s communiques in an earlier article here, too.

  • There is no real evidence Mark or Keith Raniere followers are providing. It’s a situation on Kieth Raniere and his faithful words against the words of other people.

    Raniere has had plenty of press before and has run out of the country before. The 2012 Times Union story of him raping four underage girls surely would have brought some death treats but not criminal charges.

    The so-called NXIVM Five haven’t convinced me that Keith Raniere decided to pack his bags and move to Mexico. Such bullshit. He was running like a little girl bitch – which is what he really is.

    The investigation team went to Mexico looking for him, left business cards for him to contact them with NXIVM Center leaders. If he wasn’t avoiding anything, why didn’t he call them back?

    Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

    At some point, you guys need to wake the frick up and move on with your lives. Hate to break it to you, Raniere is never going to see the outside of a prison EVER AGAIN.

    You’re wasting your lives, get off your cross, we could use the wood.

    • I hate to say it being female and all, but ‘little girl bitch’ is about right for KR, who, it is becoming clear, has never managed to form a single relationship with ANYONE that hasn’t been premised on BETRAYAL BONDING.

      He’s the brat that inveigles a second brat, to annihilate a third – usually, non-brat. It’s called a ‘Troika Gambit’ in my game, and it’s always sad to spot (usually in the playground) and a nightmare to deal with.

      Although, deal with it, one must. Or else the outcome could be as bad as anything you could imagine, even with relatively innocent little kids.

  • Frank, Ivy is not going to respond to your blog. As far as she is concerned, you are another piece of shit similar to Raniere, just not as bad as him. She considers publishing anything on Frank Report to be the lowest one can get.

  • Hopefully, his sentencing will go ahead and I look forward to the victims speaking and going off script to really rip into the lies of a man busted, scorned, and out for vengeance. Hopefully, they have a thing or two to say about the puppets too.

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