Keith Raniere has fled the United States; may be seeking to avoid imminent arrest in NY!

Keith Raniere is in Mexico.

Salinas claims he will not meet with Raniere in Mexico;

By Frank Parlato

Kieth Raniere has fled the United States, and is living near Monterrey, Mexico, as his NXIVM cult continues to collapse. It is believed Mr. Raniere left the United States earlier this week on a private plane. It is not known who traveled with him, or whether he informed followers in suburban Albany, New York, where he was residing.

US law enforcement agencies are reportedly investigating crimes Mr. Raniere and his cult may have committed. In recent weeks, Mr. Raniere and his cult have come under worldwide media scrutiny after a New York Times expose [following an earlier story in Frank Report] revealed he leads a group that blackmails and brands women with his initials using a hot iron on their pubic region.

Mr. Raniere was photographed in San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of Monterrey, with Jimena Garza, co-leader of the Monterrey center of NXIVM, and a branded slave of Mr. Raniere.


Initially, Mr. Raniere was provided with a rented home in an exclusive private community of San Pedro Garza Garcia where another of his branded slaves, Carola Garza, and her husband, Hector Cortes reside.

Mr. Raniere lived at first incognito, wearing, uncharacteristically, a baseball cap, when he went outdoors. Neighbors however identified him, as he was walking with Jimena Garza, the well known wife of Omar Boone, scion of one of Monterrey’s wealthiest families.

Alarmed neighbors in this largely Catholic and affluent community convened a homeowners meeting, (Asociacion Colonos) on Wednesday, Nov. 22 where an overwhelming majority of members voted that Mr. Raniere must leave the community at once.

Branded slave, Jimena Garza, and her husband, Omar Boone, vacated their own home, at the Torres Horizonte [Horizon Tower] and moved in with Jimena’s sister, Carola Garza and her husband, Hector Cortes.

Mr. Raniere’s current address is: Torres Horizonte, Boulevard Diaz Ordaz 26, Col. San Jeronimo, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, CP 64660.

Sources are uncertain if Nancy Salzman, Mr. Raniere’s longtime assistant, also left the USA.  At least five followers have left Clifton Park where many of Mr. Raniere students live.

According to a spokesperson for Nxivm, Emiliano Salinas, son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas,  does not intend to meet with Mr. Raniere. Emiliano Salinas is Mr. Raniere’s top deputy in Mexico.
The official statement is that “Mr. Raniere makes periodic visits to Mexico,” but a spokesperson expressed surprise when told about Mr. Raniere’s arrival in Monterrey. 
Mr. Raniere has never been known to travel to Mexico before, according to multiple sources familiar with his travels.

Emiliano Salinas was recently seen by observers as front runner for the RPI party’s candidate for president next year. The enormous pillorying he has taken in the past month in Mexico for his association with a cult that brands women like cattle, has most political observers saying his candidacy is DOA.

Meanwhile Mr. Raniere’s sudden departure from the US has left local observers shocked. Over the years, many of Mr. Raniere’s followers have relocated to Clifton Park from cities across the USA, Canada and Mexico, in order to live close to Mr. Raniere and follow his teachings.

Mr. Raniere has frequently told followers he would never leave Clifton Park out of respect for the people who uprooted their lives to relocate and follow him.

One former follower, addressing the remaining Raniere loyalists in Clifton Park, told Frank Report: “He left you. He promised he would always stay. Your Vanguard has abandoned you in your hour of doubt and need. He assured you his principles of staying put were stronger than anything. Well…. turns out that was a lie. One of thousands lies.”

Unknown at this time – and looming large in the shadows – is the role of Mr. Raniere’s longtime accomplices, the wealthy heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, daughters of the late billionaire, Edgar Bronfman Sr., former chairman of Seagrams.  The two sisters fund most of Mr. Raniere’s operations and he has ‘swallowed up’ more than $150 million of their fortune in litigation and failed investment schemes.

On August 11, 2016, Clare Bronfman [Ack Group] purchased 80 percent of Wakaya Island, a 2,200 acre, 8 square mile island in Fiji. It has long been anticipated that Mr. Raniere would flee to Fiji if law enforcement threatened to indict him.

It is believed that Clare  Bronfman, as well as Mr. Raniere, are facing the possibility of criminal indictments. That he has not fled to Fiji may be indicative of a break between them, or based on legal advice by Ms. Bronfman’s lawyers.

The decision of Emiliano Salinas to distance himself from Mr. Raniere comes as no surprise to observers.

“There are too many factions in Mexico City, where the Salinas family is battling for control. for it to be safe for Emiliano to meet with Keith Raniere’ a source told Frank Report. “It would be a national news story if the two were seen together.”

Mr. Raniere’s decision to flee to Monterrey also made sense to several observers.  Mr. Raniere has more slaves, both single and married women, who will serve him round the clock, sources say.

Complicating matters further is that another of Mr. Raniere’s branded slaves, Rosa Laura Junco, is the daughter of Alejandro Junco, who owns the largest newspaper chain in Mexico and also the largest newspaper in Monterrey, El Norte, and supports the opposite political party as Mr. Salinas.

Rosa Laura relocated to Clifton Park several years ago to be near Mr. Raniere. It is not known if she remains in New York or has followed her master to Monterrey.

Ironically, possibly the two most powerful men in Mexico, Carlos Salinas, the former president, and Alejandro Junco, the nation’s largest newspaper publisher, both have children in the cult of Keith Raniere.

In turn, the cult leader is holed up in Monterrey, possibly seeking avoidance of an imminent arrest in the USA, and standing now as potentially an outcast to the rest of world for his horrific and abusive practices against women.

Keith Raniere is now living in this high rise tower near Monterrey.

The two children of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas: Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas. Both are deeply committed to the cult of Keith Raniere.
Present location of Keith Raniere in Monterrey Mexico.

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    • My electrons works fine, most of the time. There are a lot of confused fans around here. Most of them, espians, in a holy crusade against ex friends. Pathetic.

  • If kidnappers get wind that Raniere is worth millions (I’m sure he has his cash stashed somewhere) and his followers will do anything (and they are rich) to have him with them do they have to worry about his safety?
    Do this make him a high risk target for a Mexican kidnapping for ransom?

  • 1. Does Raniere have a passport?

    There are zero reports that Raniere has ever left the US. If Vanguard had EVER previously visited the Vancouver ESP center, or the centers in Monterrey, Mexico City, or Guadalajara Mexico, or Guatemala City, that would be well known. It is also well established that Raniere avoids all government interactions, like having his own name on a corporation, or even having a drivers license. So it is unlikely that he has a passport.

    A journalist will not have access to records of who has a passport. But law enforcement will have access, and could forward that information to law enforcement in other countries.

    2. Did Raniere enter Mexico legally?

    Entry to Mexico by air requires a passport, and going through Mexican customs and immigration procedures. Entry by private jet does not relax the rules. If Raniere is in Mexico, and Mexican customs and immigration have no record of his entry, he is in violation of Mexican law, and he can be prosecuted or deported.

    Perhaps an investigative journalist like Carmen Aristigui could ask Mexican authorities if they have records of Raniere’s entry with a valid passport and proper passage through customs and immigration. Even without an extradition request from the US, the illegal presence in Mexico of someone associated with blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding would likely result in his arrest.

    3. Why Monterrey instead of Mexico City?

    The Monterrey ESP center was the first in Mexico, and probably the first permanent one outside of Albany. It was Edgar Boone’s creation, and has become a family business. I think the Mexico City center run by Emiliano Salinas eventually became larger. But Emiliano is trying to distance Mexico City from the DOS revelations, while Monterrey is reported to still be recruiting slaves for DOS.

    One can doubt Emiliano’s sincerity, since unlike the Vancouver and Los Angeles ESP centers he has not shut down and repudiated Raniere, and is trying to do business as usual. Perhaps Raniere is staying away as a courtesy to Emiliano, to give him a better chance of staying in business,, or having a political career. Certainly having Emiliano as Presidente of Mexico would make Raniere’s future there more secure.

    Or perhaps the media in Mexico City is more aware of Raniere’s history than the media in Monterrey, so it’s easier to stay incognito in Monterrey.

    4. Why now?

    Raniere has weathered bad press and criminal prosecution since Consumer Buyline in the mid 1990s. He weathered bad press about NXIVM / Executive Success Programs since the early 2000s. He weathered the collapse of the Tacoma center and exposure that the inner circle of NXIVM is a sex cult in 2009. He even weathered the flight of Kristen Keeffe in 2014. She knows complete details of the criminal activities of NXIVM, because she did many of them, and kept records of the rest.

    The DOS revelations of blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding by Frank Report in early June 2017 are more sensational than the long history of criminality (and unconscionable civil litigation harassment) of Raniere’s cult. But Raniere did not flee.

    The mainstream media picked up the story, starting with the New York Times in mid October 2017. But still Raniere did not flee.

    The revelation that actress Allison Mack was recruiting women to be branded, and was branded herself, by the Murdoch tabloids (which Frank Report had from the start, but the New York Times curiously omitted) in early November may have been the final straw that started the flight preparations.

    Amusingly, the Frank Report’s statement of the date of Raniere’s flight to Mexico as “earlier this week” corresponds quite well with the airing of the “Dr. Oz” show episode on NXIVM. Kudos to Dr. Oz if that is true !

    5. Who is minding the store in Albany? And who is cutting a deal?

    NXIVM “President” and ESP “Prefect” Nancy Salzman? How can Raniere treat her cancer from Mexico?

    “Legatus” and financer Clare Bronfman? Or has she fled to Wakaya Fiji?

    Reputed DOS leader and co-head of harem Allison Mack? Or is she non compos mentis?

    Reputed co-head of harem and Raniere’s baby-momma Mariana Fernandez? Or is the happy family together in Mexico?

    Reputed harem wanna-bee, and reputed true DOS leader Lauren Salzman? If she flipped, Raniere would leave at supersonic speed….

    Stay tuned, and be sure to keep the popcorn stocked !

  • Ahhh….so Stinky is now in the same country that he got Emiliano to bribe the judge to get Barb Bouchey, Toni , and Susan thrown in prison to be raped and rot ???

  • Yo Frank,

    Now that’s an interesting post, but I’ve got a question for you — What’s behind the differing treatment of Mark Hildreth’s ex-girlfriends?

    Although neither actress is speaking out publicly, you’ve posted obsessively about the one ex who reportedly left 6-8 years ago, never moved to Albany, was never in NXIVM’s inner circle or Keith’s harem and even has Sarah Edmondson tweeting that she “has nothing to do with this,” while removing the name of the one who, according to your own postings, was a branded member of DOS, had Keith ejaculating on her, was involved in a blackmailing scheme, and only left the organization recently.

    Previously you had no problem using NI’s name and picture when you were naming the DOS women and when you first posted your Hildreth story on Sept. 19. Now, I notice you’ve removed her from your list of DOS women and replaced her name in the Hildreth story claiming you are doing so for her “safety.” But since you didn’t change any details in the story (assuming it wasn’t made up), anyone who is still, or was involved, when NI was with NXIVM would know who you are talking about, so it would appear that removing her name is more about trying to hide the fact that she was a branded slave from outsiders rather than her “safety.” So has NI done something for you that KK won’t?

    • Mark Hildreth is a complete coward and enabler, who has let abused women do all the talking about Raniere while he hides. He has even locked down his social media.

    • Yes, it is odd on why the author of this website has spent a number of articles on Kristin Kreuk, when she has been out of the cult for 7 or 8 years. If it isn’t for clickbait due to her celebrity, why so much negative energy directed towards someone who was basically a celebrity pawn, wasn’t in Keith’s harem, knew nothing about any illegal activities, and certainly wasn’t involved in any enslavement or branding? She has obviously moved on with her life.

    • Why would you even ask a question like that? Its none of your business, is it? And I have no involvement in this, and I don’t know these people. But think about wgmhat you’re asking,….if someone’s safety really was jeopardized, why would Frank answer that?

  • Frank, I hope you or your source(s) tipped off the authorities before you tipped off the public. If that’s truly where he is and is found, and If he dies from vigilantism, you will have robbed his victims of justice. Their pain will linger for years, while his was relatively swift or immediate. There will be no answers forthcoming from him, and he will not have to take responsibility. He may even be seen as a martyr by those still blinded by his indoctrination. I wonder if you care to think about these kinds of things.

    • Justice is subjective. The legal system has had a head start of many years and failed to uphold their obligation to protect its citizens.

      Regardless of who gets a hold of Keith, he will always be seen as a martyr by some.

  • Maybe he is just out of money and needs to bring some fresh from the only successful ESP center. They should have quite some as the do not pay their staff or taxes.

    • One of the smartest things Keith did, was recruiting and preaching to pacifists to insulate himself around.

      Here is hoping. Although given he believes in reincarnation, perhaps the best thing would be for him to be tortured for a few decades.

      • That tor is irrelevant. All he has to do is fuck with the daughter of the wrong man. Mexican “justice” is swift.

  • Does Clare still own her pony farm? Maybe she is held up there licking her wounds. Her Master choose Mexico over her island she paid millions for. He chose his baby mama over her.
    It’s easier for him to restart something in Mexico when the heat dies down than an isolated island in Fiji. He doesn’t need Clare any more. He has all that cash, all those funds she lost in the commodities trading where he was playing shifter. Jokes on you Clare Bear and you the one going down for the evil deeds. The government is going to freeze your assets

  • So, now that Raniere has fled the scene of his many crimes, we’ll likely see the local law enforcement authorities launch numerous investigations that will lead to a few arrests of lower level acolytes. Maybe even Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares will get in on this charade and have the equally compromised State police lead a raid on NXIVM’s headquarters. All such actions will be meant to cover up the truth of what they did to support Raniere’s evil empire and to make people believe that they’re really in the business of dispensing justice. Sad…

  • I hope your right but do you really think he’s “on the run?”

    I don’t see authorities in the US doing jack to stop this asshole.

  • Americain justice is unable to stop these poeple, they are all part in the same system, the wolves do not ear each other, money and sex are the only interest in USA! And after they said they are christian with bible in hand, shame

  • This is unsurprising. He was obviously just another fraud, but you could also tell he was a pussy, hiding behind women and litigation. He would always run away when seen walking and someone he didn’t want to talk to (like a news organization or a guy with a camera was seen) so it’s just par for the course for the little chicken shit to run away and leave all his “believers” except the rich to serve him. There’s always fools who fall for the shysters.

    • I will say that calling him a “pussy” would be a complement. Also, a bit sexist considering one of the most courageous people I know, is branded near that region.

      And that one of the most painful experiences a human endures is shoving another human out their “pussy”

      In a time where it is mostly women Expians/nxiters who have done the speaking out against the organization, I have caught myself calling Mark Hildreth a “pussy”

  • Have to love how Asociacion Colonos voted Raniere out of the community and the Boones moved out with him. It will not take long before word spread in the area that Raniere is there. If he was voted out by Asociacion Colonos he will be voted out other places. He is a man without a Kingdom now.
    You’d think that once Alejandro Junco de la Vega finds out Raniere is in Mexico he will move heaven and earth to make sure Raniere is held accountable for his illegal actions with all the young Mexican girls who were under age that were brought back and forth over the Mexican border for Raniere’s pleasure. I’m sure he can find a Judge in Mexico who’d love to love to hold Raniere and other who aided him and bringing in young girls accountable.

  • Raniere is a little coward. But with that said, this is the worst thing that could happen. He is now almost impossible to get to (unless one of the victims has friends in Mexican gangs…hint hint). But one of the world’s most unethical men is now in a relatively lawless country where he has massive funds and can seek revenge on those that he perceived harmed him. My hope is that someone awful gets to him before he’s able to do anything too horrible. This goes to show you authorities are incompetent, inept, useless and stupid. Fuck all of them. Hopefully the authorities can get at a few of his accomplices so there is some justice.

    • That’s the two-sided coin. If you go to another corrupt country, the chance of getting away with things is easier. But on the flip side, the chance of getting stabbed in the street, shot in a back alley, or cut into pieces and thrown in an oil drum becomes greater by some guys on the street if you look at them the wrong way. Remember, this is the same country he hatched a plot to bribe a judge to get Toni Natalie and Susan Dones thrown into jail in and have repeatedly raped. So be careful what you wish for VanDouche. What goes around comes around.

      Of course, he can be extradited to the US if he is actually hiding out there, but we’ve seen how fast the shitty legal authorities in New York actually moved when they could’ve done something long ago, so I wouldn’t expect much.

  • So there is only one question. Will his Mexican friends support him when push comes to shove or will they distance themselves when it fits their political agenda. Time will tell. I guess Frank has to work on his Spanish in the near future.

  • You’d think he be more afraid of all the angry Mexican fathers in Mexico the the US justice system. Bad things can happen in Mexico.

    They have their own set of laws down there. What happens if some father bribes a Judge and some police to go after Raniere and the family protecting him?

  • If Salzman is with Raniere in Mexico who is at home leading the sheep?

    Where is Clare Bronfman? Anyone in Albany seen her lately?

    There has to be records of a private plan leaving a near by airport flying into Mexico. US customs has records of everyone in and out of the country.

    Where does this leave the doctors who are under investigation?

    What happens to NXIVM if no one is around to run it?

    • As an outsider but on the ground in Clifton Park I am 95% certain Nancy Salzman is still in the USA. I am pretty sure she was out walking Wednesday morning but cant be 100% sure. I saw her from a distance in profile walking with another woman who I could not identify. Her walking partner was not Mexican and appeared to not be a skinny harem girl. I am thinking perhaps Janie Jeffries based on hair color.

      I have not seen Clare Bronfman since spring in Knox Woods but I did not know that Keith had moved over to Oregon Trail with Pam Cafritz and Marianna until catching up with the blog. It appears Clare still owns 91 Button Road Waterford NY

  • Oh sweet music to my ears. Raniere on the run.
    It makes one wonder if he broke any world recorders running his fat ass on his way out of town.

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