Bangkok Strikes Hard at Commenter for Attack of Ruth

A commenter who uses the name Fig had some criticism of Ruth Graham.
Her mainattack is that:
  1. Ruth was not raped by Lama Wangdu as she claims.
  2. She loved it at the ashram
  3. She could have left anytime if she didn’t
  4. She could have left her boyfriend Jesse anytime
  5. She was a troublemaker because someone said so.
The notion that Lama Wangdu’s granddaughters’ drugged Ruth, and she was raped by him, is completely implausible. It is highly suspect.
Ruth Grahams credibility is suspect because what she is omitting from her story is that she LOVED being at the Ashram–for years.
She was experiencing positive energy there, that she had no chance of experiencing anywhere else. Plus, she was not a prisoner there. She was free to leave at any point in time.
As far as her relationship with Jesse goes, I believe her, but at the same time she takes no responsibility for her actions in it. She was free to break up with him, at any point in time.
Yet, here she: is blaming him, blaming Sadhvi, blaming everyone but herself. It’s irresponsible, and it’s also (to some extent), revisionist history.
I personally witnessed someone in the Ashram walk up to Ruth Graham, and say to her face during a dinner clean-up crew “you, little trouble maker, you”. I saw it with my own eyes. This person said that to Ruth because there was a lot of truth to it.
Bangkok is not buying much of Fig’s yarn.

By Bangkok

Sorry, Ms. Fig, but your own analysis of Ruth’s story is woefully lacking.

Firstly, it’s COMMON SENSE that Ruth loved some ‘part’ of being at the ashram —– otherwise, she wouldn’t have remained there for 8 years. Duh. lol.

Many people who get abused (in various relationships) also ‘love’ some part of their abuser or environment — which is why they often stay for years and put up with the abuse, before finally leaving.

In Ruth’s case, several people abused her in different ways.

The Swami’s Portland compound had become her ‘home’ and ‘residence’ for many years —- and the ‘cult’ had become her whole life for many years.

Therefore, calling out these abuses would have meant immediate banishment (probably being tossed out within 24 hours) from her home and way of life at the time.

Secondly, Ruth’s allegations about Lama Wangdu contain certain omissions, which tell me that she’s not fabricating anything.

Pathological liars (like the UVA rape hoax liar) create outlandish lies intended to do ‘maximum’ harm.

Ruth’s story does NOT do maximum harm to Lama Wangdu. That’s how I know it’s likely true.

If Ruth was lying about Lama Wangdu, she wouldn’t have admitted she NEVER witnessed him raping/penetrating her (she says she only remembers being in a drugged-like state, lying naked on a bed, with him ‘smacking his lips’ grossly at her — while being told to get dressed and leave).

Wangdu living large on the donations of the gullible. 

That’s a very incomplete story if her goal was to inflict maximum harm on Lama Wangdu.

If she was really lying and trying to do maximum harm —– she’d have said she vividly remembers him actually penetrating her without her consent while she was partially drugged.

But she didn’t say that, which means she’s likely telling the truth — since her own story isn’t as harmful as a lie would have been.

That’s just basic common sense.

There’s also another person (Cindy Travis) who said the Swami Chetanananda personally told her that Lama Wangdu initiated each of his own daughters & granddaughters into sex — according to Frank’s article.

Whether it’s true or not isn’t important, it’s only important that the Swami TOLD her that.

Thus, I tend to believe what Ruth is saying about Lama Wangdu.

As for your comment about someone walking up to Ruth at dinner and saying: “you little trouble maker, you” —– how the fuck does that prove she was a troublemaker or liar?

Was Ruth Graham a trouble maker at the ashram?

Many people obviously hated her at the ashram, judging from the negative comments here.

Fig, your own criticisms of the Swami are very gentle, almost deliberately so —- which tells me that you cannot admit, even to yourself, that you spent years worshiping a perverted animal.

Birds of a feather – Wangdu and Chetananda.

Have a nice day, Ms. Fig. 🙂

On a different note…

Ruth is right.

The powerful people of the ashram are now deathly afraid of the person they once believed to be meek, weak and powerless.

Ruth and her group of ex-members are the ones with the power now. They are the ones creating a support group for others leaving the ashram.

Sharon and her management team should be crapping their panties.

By the way, the IRS has something called the “Forever Statute” —- which, in essence, allows the IRS to reach back beyond the usual statute of limitations, to sue people civilly whenever FRAUD can be shown.

*Even though the Swami’s organization may be classified as a tax exempt ‘church’—- it must still pay FICA payroll taxes for all non-clergy employees, which would include FAKE UNPAID INTERNS (who are really employees in the eyes of the IRS).

If you can show a WILLFUL ATTEMPT TO EVADE TAX — such as a fraudulent scheme by a church to evade FICA taxes by creating fake internships — then the “forever statute” allows the IRS to disregard the statute of limitations to sue people civilly.

*See section (c) Exceptions, subsection (2) Willful Attempt to Evade Tax

**Normally, the IRS has a 3-year statute of limitations to assess taxes.

**For cases involving ‘large mistakes’ made on a tax return, the IRS has a 6-year statute of limitations to assess taxes.

**For cases of deliberate FRAUD (where ‘schemes’ are designed to cheat the IRS out of taxes) —- then no time limit exists for assessing taxes and suing people to recover these taxes plus huge penalties for cheating.

If what Ruth said is accurate —– then Sharon Ward deliberately paid people off the books using an internal bartering system, without reporting it to the IRS (i.e., Ruth worked full time for years in exchange for room & board and tuition; and I’m sure that other people were paid using this barter system too).

The IRS views ‘bartering’ as normal income.

Unpaid interns cannot receive full room & board in exchange for their work (if they’re ‘credited’ more than 20 percent of what a real employee would be paid to do the same work, the IRS views them as employees).

…And, during the civil investigation, if the IRS discovers that the Swami’s been doing this within the last six years (including at Gold Beach) —- they can potentially be charged with criminal tax fraud charges.

But there’s no rush.

Take your time. Get all your ducks in a row first.

Wait for enough people to join your group. Document everything meticulously.

You don’t need copies of any documents.

You only need each person’s ‘testimony’ —- about how the fraud worked and how they were forced to work in exchange for room and board or tuition, with as much detail as possible.

The power of multiple people, all testifying to the same thing, carries a lot of weight.

Then, when you’re finally ready —– have the IRS sue the shit out of Sharon and the Swami.


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  • Here is a question that I don’t have an answer to. Claudia Hendry is a long time “student” of Shoemaker. She is married to “Govind”. She has been “studying” with Shoemaker for over 20 years according to a Facebook post. She received a Facebook message from Anna Merli that stated, “Trying to investigate possible sexual abuse perpetrated by Viktor Usov. His mother is aware but out of denial has chosen to play it down. There may have been, very likely, children exposed to Viktor in the Portland Swami Community that became the victims of his compulsion. I am a long time friend of Margo Marver. Pls help. If there are cases out there, healing is needed.

    This request for help appears on Claudia’s Facebook page in a comment to a March 21, 2019 post.

    Viktor and his mother are in recent Instagram posts with Shoemaker in Gold Beach. Viktor is also pictured with Jessie Sweeney in posts from the the Movement Center.
    Any information out there about this allegation?

  • In the book, ” The Ashram: A Dipseydoodle Retrospective of Epic Dipshittery”, by Horsetail, there is a chapter entitled ” Special Deals”. It outlines (and names), some prominent recipients of Swami’s ridiculous and infamous “special deals”. Learn about the dynamics of this silliness that was laid on everyone. Teri Gianetti, Krystyn Wong, Sean and Fumi, Tara I, Isa, and many many others. Laugh when you read the details about how EVERYONES’S ego got entrapped by Swami, and how it was all set up to fail. It is a hilarious and wonderful read. I highly recommend this book!

    • Horsetail, we all want to read this book of yours. Sound very insightful and entertaining. Please share a link so we can read about all the dirty details.

    • Please make your book available to all. Time to put a spotlight on all the abuse and harm that has come out of J. Michael Shoemaker’s cult. Nothing better than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Looking forward to seeing it all out there. Has anyone seen this book yet?

  • “Fig, your inflated sense of self importance reeks of fetid monkey shit”

    Allow me to respond to this. My posts are have nothing to do with self importance as you say. Do you like sitting there, a deaf dumb, mute, while this domineering, abusive, bully/ogre tells it like it is? Abusing vulnerable women, manipulating people, doing drugs. I am not a deaf, dumb, mute, and I will speak my mind. I will call out the abusive, and the assholes. I will continue to do so. I have no self importance. I am speaking up for what needs addressing.

    • Fig wrote this: “My comments and penetrating insights are dancing a tap dance on all of your moronic heads”

      No implied self importance? Mm k.

    • Omniscient as you are, FIG, did you speak up when you were living amongst the spirit-filled Goddess worshippers knowing these innocent spiritual people were being abused? Did you try to stop it? Did you see physically injured women? Did you talk to law enforcement?
      Or are you still living there?
      Are you complicit because of your eternal gratitude to Michael Shoemaker?
      Asking for a friend.

  • Frank, you should write a post about Theresa. She is cult facilitator numero uno along with Sadhvi. Fanned the flames of “special” women, who were being groomed to get attention from Chetanananda, and chief “game player” with regard to the ashram. People hated her bullshit. As two faced as they get, this lady did tremendous damage within the community. A special note to Sadhvi: every heard of the phrase, “charity begins at home”? How about search and rescue begins at home? You were 100% aware of Swami’s abusive ways with women, and not only did you turn your back on people, but you actually encouraged these women as they were earmarked as “special”. You are a scumbag. You have turned your back on good people, and looked upon all students with disdain. Nice spiritual person you are. Theresa is next up.

    • Theresa could not even exist outside of the ashram. She has been a suckling pig for so long she would just curl up and die. Her adult life has been scripted by Michael Shoemaker for over over 50 years.
      And what fate awaits suckling pigs?

      • I find it interesting you used the word pig, though in truth to both of us pigs are more honorable and smarter an animal then most of these.

        I always thought TS looked like the unfortunate love child of Miss Piggy and Louie Anderson with none of the humor or wardrobe.

        Her pretentiousness though, was unintentionally comical as f given she would never have had any other platform in life to carry on like that BUT for being one of Salamis most well seasoned dingleberries.

    • FIG Please put all the detailed information you have about the abuse and harm that both Theresa and Sharon Ward have done in a comment to Frank on one of his Shoemaker articles. Frank can use this information for an article based on what you tell him. Please include all the alleged possible criminal, corrupt and racketeering information you have on both women and on Shoemaker too. Bangkok provided an outline that you can use to detail IRS fraud and labor trafficking, take a look at what he wrote in the post, If Ward Used Fake Internships in Last 10 Years it’s RICO. Paul Chang the Western Regional Human Trafficking Coordinator for the Department of Labor can be contacted with your specific information. 714-418-8620. This was how Al Capone was taken down, tax fraud and Keith Rainere, human trafficking. Let’s do what we can to stop the abuse and to seek some justice for all those who have been harmed.

  • Bangkok, valiant effort at discrediting my criticisms. Have you ever studied at the ashram? Do you have any personal experience with Swami Chetanananda, or this community? And, if so, for any length of time? Your lack of understanding, and unfamiliarity with any of the above comes shining through. The point is very simple: these articles are about Swami Bozoananda and his band of pirates, and spies, who have manipulated people and abused their power for years. This is what this is all about. It is not about Ruth Graham’s life story. Ruth is an obvious adolescent, narcissist, who has attempted to hijack this forum to make it about her.
    If you had a clue, you would know that Lama Wangdu’s Granddaughters are highly unlikely to have drugged Ruth. It is really a preposterous accusation. Why then, is there one, and only one story about Lama Wangdu? If he were as bad as Ruth proclaims him to be, surely there would be more people coming forward. There aren’t.
    As far as my comment that Ruth was called a little trouble maker goes, the person who said it is a highly credible individual, and Ruth is not a credible person. I know so, because I was there. You are ignorant in your characterizations of a community with which you have zero experience. And, if you did, it was short lived. So, fuck you.
    I am elated that my posts have attracted so much in the way of response. Fig is here to give voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless. My comments and penetrating insights are dancing a tap dance on all of your moronic heads. And, by the way, Swami Chetanananda is a game player extraordinaire, and a serious asshole/narcissist/psychopath/drug addict. Got that Sadhvi? I just put that in for good measure!

      • Oh really? Who are you? And, what do you know? Fig is here to give voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless. Fuck you. And, for that matter, fuck all of you. The Movement center was presented as something fantastic. And, it was. Until one looked “under the hood”. Then, what one saw was a good old fashioned cult. This needs to be exposed. The main guy, Chetanananda is a seriously screwed up person. This story needs to be shared and told. So, fuck you and then, more of that.

  • Well, let’s see who is brave enough to defend Ruth that actually knows her and Jesse. If Jesse has been doing the things mentioned in her article for two decades there will most certainly be more people that can confirm, like former girlfriends that have a responsibility to come forward. Kids are a whole other matter and if anyone out there is holding back that kind of information they are in fact accomplices. I actually haven’t seen “attacks” on Ruth. A few snarky comments but if you are going to make these kind of claims you will need to expect that or worse. Also need to consider that there is purposely a ton of inner personal conflict maintained at all times in the Ashram and many of the people even the victims don’t like each other very much. Many have good reasons for that. Another problem is there are two wildly (and I do mean wildly) different stories floating around about the ill fated trip to Gold Beach. One of them is certainly lying and all but longtime Frank Report readers think it was unhinged to travel to the land of all these abusers, and monsters and bring what seems a pretty serious firearm. Does Jesse have a phone? What was the planning that went into this trip and what was it supposed to accomplish? That’s a 12 hour round trip drive. Quite a distance to go for such a vague explanation. Had 6 hours on the road together to figure it out. Was it just a jump in the car with a gun and go? If so, sounds rash and impulsive and that’s concerning. No one wants to see anyone getting hurt. I hope you are vetting these people Frank, could get pretty embarrassing or worse for you if you are not.

    • Anonymous
      September 8, 2022 at 10:56 pm
      Physical evidence. Does anyone have any??? Law enforcement doe not give a crap about he said/he said/she said/ she said/ she said/ she said. Bottom line. What you have here is called G-O-S-S-I-P.

      As I , Jayne Lyons, I wrote in the article Frank published, Mother of Victim: Were You Abused by Swami Chetanananda? You can ask Christine Mascal to listen to your interview with Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang, the Western Region Coordinator for Human Trafficking, 714-418-8620, Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang will need to apply the state or federal statutes to determine if what was done to you or others is a crime, and if it falls within the statute of limitations regarding when the crime occurred. Using these criteria, if your complaint is considered not a “crime” and you suffered harm and abuse, there is the opportunity for a civil settlement.

      Christine Mascal can help you gain a civil settlement. Civil settlements require a lower bar of evidence. 503-320-1020,

      Carol Merchasine is also available to consult regarding both a criminal and/or civil complaint.

      One common reaction to someone escaping a cult is the cry from bystanders to go to the authorities. My own experience has been that it is a rare cult escapee or family member who can convince law enforcement to take any action. When statements were provided to the police and social services by ex- members and me in 2019, when the cult was still situated in the Movement Center in Portland, full of “loved ones” who knew what was going on there, not one law enforcement officer or social service worker went to the Center to ask questions.

      Everyone who has been harmed by Shoemaker and his group can use the Frank Report to expose what was done to them or to others. with or without “physical evidence”. The Frank Report is a space (not sure how safe a space) but it is a space where experiences can be exposed. The articles can help to bring to light the 50 years of cultic abuse that Shoemaker and his gang have heaped on their “loved ones”. (that is what Shoemaker calls his flying monkeys on his Instagram posts) This harm has all been done through cultic coercive control.

      Coercive control is a pattern of psychologically abusive behavior that is used to manipulate someone into doing what the manipulator wants, without physical abuse, though physical abuse may also be present, and the threat of physical abuse is a common method of coercive control. In Oregon, Coercion is a Class C felony. In defining coercive control keep in mind that there is no need for a psychological disorder or injury to conclude that there is a criminal offense, because the process of undermining an individual’s free will IS the offense. In a legal sense, judges and juries (and those who leave comments on Frank’s articles) can have a hard time understanding how someone can claim they have been taken advantage of when they seemed to be a willing participant or handed over their money or belongings voluntarily. But with an understanding of coercive control, this becomes much more straightforward.

      I also see DARVO appearing in the comments on the Frank Report, that is, deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender. It refers to a reaction that alleged perpetrators of wrongdoing, and maybe cult apologists, particularly sexual offenders, display in response to being exposed or held accountable for their behavior. All these comments about “where is the evidence”, this is “just gossip”, are DARVO statements. What percentage of rapes are reported to law enforcement and what percentage of rape and sexual assault crimes that are reported end up in a conviction? According to Rainn,, 975 out of 1,000 rapists will never go to jail or prison. It is too hard on the sexual assault survivor to go through the trauma all over again that the criminal justice system puts the survivor through. Most just don’t report their abuse.

      Statements from survivors on the Frank Report bring out more statements from other survivors. A history of abuse has been built on the Frank Report from Pinky, 50 years ago through the “Leaving Nityananda” letter, to the current abuses being reported. Law enforcement is responsible for building a case, collecting evidence, and bringing charges. Survivors can tell their experiences and support and validate each other. Some may report to law enforcement, others might seek a civil settlement, still others will not speak publicly about their abuse, that is their choice. “

      “Where is the evidence?” it is in the words of the survivors on the Frank Report and in the police reports that are being generated, it is in the luxury lifestyle of Shoemaker. It is in the Facebook posts of his “loved ones”, who then disappear when they are harmed. Where are the happy photos of Jessica? of Natacha? Where are the posts of the smiling faces of Andrew Bonner and Rebecca Reese? Where are new photos of bliss filled Faith? Where is Andrew Sheppard? They were called “family” on Instagram. Where are photos of Ruth, joyfully doing “Seva”? Where is Megan who appeared often as the new seva volunteer? Where is Liz, oh yes she is dead? Where is dedicated Molly, we saw her washing windows? Where is energetic Liliana who used to be in most Gold Beach posts? Where is culinary Tom? Where is dish washing Chuck? Where is Jessie Sweeney and his rich mother? Where are their photos with Shoemaker? Are they no longer “loved ones”? Is that love somehow conditional? Have they left? It seems that they all have left Shoemaker, who is a traumatizing narcissist.

    • Are you a cult apologist?
      “I got mine-ism” (IGM)

      An apologist is a person who argues in favor of something unpopular. If you’re an apologist for cults and for J. Michael Shoemaker, you would argue that even though some people might have been harmed, such harm is the fault of the person and the benefits received from being associated with Shoemaker and his cult make up for any individual damage. Apologists tend to be seen in a negative light, as defensive people who make excuses.

      Since Frank Parlato began publishing articles about J. Michael Shoemaker, aka Swami Chetanananda, several commentators have been published that support Shoemaker and his cultish activities. Jami Currin wrote that she was never pressured to have sex with Shoemaker. Did she leave the impression that those who were sexually abused by Shoemaker took it upon themselves, were open to abuse? Is she a cult apologist? Does she blame the victim?

      What about Dr. Alexis Sanderson, is he a cult apologist? He stood up for Shoemaker in the Richard Read, Oregonian newspaper articles. “Alexis Sanderson, a professor of Eastern religions and ethics at Oxford University in England who has lectured at Chetanananda’s ashram, says the swami is a “generous-hearted and pleasant individual” who leads an open and tolerant group. “Accusations of sexual malpractice are the standard way of attacking religious practitioners,” Sanderson says. Taken from Richard Read’s article, In the Grip of the Guru, Part 1 (and there are five parts to this series!) Dr. Sanderson sounds like a cult apologist to me.

      There are also comments that support narratives of peaceful and calm deaths for Laura Modena and Dr. John Bonner. Such narratives give the impression that such deaths would have been impossible outside the ‘loving embrace” of the cultic community. Who knows what type of death they could or would have had outside the cult, there are hospice services that respect the natural process of death and that provide respectful, professional, caring support for families and their loved ones.

      Laura Modena, Dr. John Bonner, Al DeWit , Louise (Pat) Shoemaker and Phyllis Rudolph were immersed in an abusive cult environment that exploited the labor of others. Who cooked and washed dishes for the common meals? Who cleaned the hallways, the windows, took out the trash, worked on the grounds, ordered the food? Many of these services were provided by residents who paid “tuition” and had to provide “seva” labor. While they were peacefully dying, Shoemaker was abusing and exploiting his “loved ones” (as he calls them). We have read the narratives of those who have been abused and who have escaped, like Ruth, Jes, Jessica and Dan.

      The “lates”, Laura Modena, Dr. John Bonner, Al DeWit, Louise (Pat) Shoemaker and Phyllis Rudolph (Rudi’s sister-in-law) were all in a residence or frequently in attendance at the Movement Center. All of them were “vulnerable adults” due to their age, over 65 or their frail physical condition. As vulnerable adults, they had certain legal protections from abuse and exploitation. The Movement Center, where they were residents or students, was the site of drug use, sexual abuse, labor exploitation, financial scams, BDSM sessions, alleged nonconsensual strangulations and fraudulent recruiting. A social work assessment based on the actual living conditions of these vulnerable adults would have raised questions about their safety in such an abusive environment.

      What happened to Liz and Natacha? They were not protected from self-harm by the loving embrace of their “cultic siblings”. Shoemaker promoted rivalry, isolation, back biting, gossip and judgement. Where is the love, support, and friendship in such a system? Shoemaker put his “favorites” ahead of all others and promoted dysfunctional dynamics that undercut the formation of social bonds where he was not the center of attention.

      There are Facebook posts that show Dr. John Bonner in a Movement Center hallway with his son and daughter in law, welcoming Natacha back to her life of BDSM misery. Natacha is in her hospital bed, back brace, and mind-controlled condition. Did anyone tell Dr. John Bonner about what was being done to Natacha? Shoemaker’s abuse was hidden and covered up by his “loved ones”, his cult gang, his inner circle, that included Dr. John Bonner’s family, Andrew and Becky.
      Drs. Rebecca Resse and Andrew Bonner have been licensed medical providers in Oregon. They took an oath to do no harm and to report abuse. Instead, according to comments published in response to Frank’s articles, Dr. Andrew Bonner advised a young woman student of Shoemaker’s to run if Shoemaker began to take off his pants. Given such a comment, Dr. Andrew Bonner must have been aware of Shoemaker’s alleged sexual abuse. Why didn’t he speak out? If the Bonner/Resse family knew of these abuses, why didn’t they look for a safer place for Dr. John Bonner? They couldn’t because they too where under the coercive control of Shoemaker and his inner circle. Their loyalty to Shoemaker was paid back by being expelled from the Movement Center and perhaps from their Shoemaker owned medical offices. (Perhaps others have more information about Dr. Andrew Bonner’s student loans, taken out to become a naturopath at the insistence of Shoemaker? Or the cost of medical office rent?)

      Dr. Andrew Bonner paid a medical visit to a victim of Shoemaker’s after one of his “sessions”. The victim was unable to walk, the victim was peeing on towels because no bed pans or toilet were available. The victim was suffering from post-concussion syndrome and could not walk. He did nothing to help the victim. Dear Molly, of whom we have read so much, carried out the soiled towels and cleaned the room after the victim was taken to the hospital, once again, on a stretcher. Why was there no help for this victim? Did anyone of the “loving” community think it odd that a “community” member was in such a terrible state?

      Matthew Remski, a survivor of two cultic experiences put it well, “I’ll preface this post by saying that, in accordance with the clinical research, I do not believe there are strong correlations between prior life experience and the likelihood that a person will join or stay in a cult (or “totalist”, or “high-demand” group.) What follows is a speculation, based on memory and anecdote, on why people who are already inside such a group may be more prone to the kind of enabling and moral harm that Facebook friend Joseph Teskey has described to me as “I got mine-ism” (IGM).

      IGM is a defensive strategy by which a member who has not (or believes they have not) directly experienced abuse or institutional betrayal within the group deflects stories of abuse within the group by immediately self-referring, saying things like: “I don’t know about other’s experience; I find/found the teacher/teachings to be profoundly helpful in my life.” The statement is usually couched within an unwillingness to act on behalf on victims or mitigate future harm.”
      Stop being a cult apologist, stop using the defense of I got mine-ism.

      I am glad I have this space that Frank has provided to tell what I experienced as the familly member of a person harmed at the Movement Center. You can use this space to tell your story of abuse, institutional betrayal or of your blind loyalty and great benefits that this wicked and evil cult has provided to you. You can decide for yourself if you wish to use your name, you can decide for yourself if you wish to contact law enforcement or an attorney. I know that for many survivors and their families, the “loving community” that Shoemaker and his cult created, has only left a trail of destruction and tears and put Shoemaker in a life of luxury and ease at the expense of his “loved ones”.

      • “We have read the narratives of those who have been abused and who have escaped, like Ruth, Jes, Jessica and Dan”

        Not to mention Pinky, Eva & Natacha

        • I’ve been discredited on this blog by Ruth and some other people, so including my name here is not wise.
          Just to be clear, I am no longer involved in this campaign. I lied about being a victim of Swamiji’s, because I was enraged that I was uninvited to Gold Beach. This was because of my own actions. I simply would not face it.
          I can’t ever make up for the harm I caused from this, but I will make it clear to people that I am not okay with any smear sampling against my spiritual teachers.
          I wish everyone well, and I wish everyone a healthy week. Xoxo

      • Yes, the Frank Report can be “the space” to tell your ashram story, but if you truly want to come forward and end this nightmare, PLEASE… the links to professionals who are involved are repeatedly provided by here by Jayne…make an official statement. It doesn’t have to be in person. They are familiar with this situation at this point. Your official statement can help bring Shoemaker and his evil monkeys to justice.

    • As someone who is prob seen as being critical of Ruth I just want to say I do not expect her or anyone else to be perfect or to always make the best decisions for their story to matter. Maybe rushing down to Gold Beach with a (legal) gun wasn’t the best judgement, but in my opinion it doesn’t detract from what she has been through. To me, all that matters is honesty.

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