Swami and Sharon Ward’s Filthiest Secret Evil Practice

A commenter who conceivably could be Mary Ann Hannon, wrote the following about the spiritual practices of the Swami and Sharon Ward, and their spiritual brothers and sisters in India. We have added some pictures, captions and a few slight edits for clarity. 

By Mary Ann Hannon

Sharon Ward was never initiated as a Swami. She was offered the opportunity to take Sannyasa along with Howard Boster and Per Johansson.

However, Sharon declared she “didn’t need a title to know who she was in this world.”

Well, until 2013.

Sharon Ward AKA Sadvi and J. Michael Shoemaker AKA Swami Chetanananda.

In 2007, Shoemaker took a dark and twisted path.

Leaving his student body parked, studying TRIKA Yoga, he himself embarked down the Kaula Yoga path. A tradition Rudi warned against and forbid.

Shoemaker claims a “lineage.” Above Shoe with his guru/lover Rudi, and above him, Rudi’s guru, Nityanananda.

When he followed the path of the Aghoris, Shoemaker abandoned Nityananda’s Lineage. He abandoned Rudi’s teachings and his students.

Sharon Ward walked straight down that dark path with Shoemaker holding his hand the entire way.

Swami and Sharon Ward and her cadaver sniffing dog.

A tradition with thousands of years of history in child sacrifice, cannibalism, and hanging out in cremation grounds sitting on top of dead bodies. Aghoris say they believe it will give them supernatural powers.


Rape ritual.

Sex with a corpse.

Meditating on a corpse.

Combining necrophilia with cannibalism is a twofer. Raping children is a three-fer. – If you kill her, have sex with her both alive and dead, and later eat her, you will get supernatural powers, and please Shiva, these dunces think.

Strange practices to fool the stupid into believing they have supernatural powers.

Looks like one of the Swami’s BDSM practices.

Nice dick trick to get tourists to take photos and make donations. Do not try this at home. 

Many of the sadhus are ‘sky clad.’

Won’t you be my guru?

Burning the dead provides ashes to smear the body, and a fire-cured skull to use as a canteen and food bowl. If a little bit of cooked brain remains, it goes well with rice.


They love their marijuana. It is unknown if the Swami introduced them to crack, meth and oxycodone.

Some of them mutilate their genitals.

There are females who are called sadhvis.

Gender equality.

A great guru rolls his penis around a stick. This is a sure fire path to spiritual enlightenment.

Nice makeup. 

Many do not cut their hair or beard.

An Indian man, Ram Dayal Shastri, initiated Sharon Ward in 2013 into the practices.

He is not in Nityananda’s lineage. He is of the Kaula tradition, something the public was unaware of.

People employ ritual practices to gain power. They will tell you it is to gain mastery over one’s Self. While you attempt to follow their teachings, they will rob you blind.

For some, it’s money, others pleasure, others its labor.

Read the biography on the Movement Center webpage. It clearly states Shoemaker began practicing the Kaula tradition in 2007.

Google the Kaula tradition. Do you know what Aghoris are? Do you know what an initiate must do to become an Aghori?

By shining light on the darkness where they hide and sneak, cheat and steal, we learn the truth.

Shine a light so bright there is nowhere for these people to hide. If everyone knows the truth, then you regain your sovereignty.

Learn the truth about this liar in orange robes. Keep learning about what he was doing in India!

He took our hard-earned money and went to India to conduct himself in the vilest, disgusting, degraded evil behaviors.

He goes to Assam every year in October, because there is an annual Durga Night. A night known for human sacrifice. Thousands of years history.

Durga Night involves fire pujas and mantra recitation and very young girls; children between 4-17, said to represent the goddess.

A Google search for “Kumari girls” will show that the girls are often drugged, abused, and used, then sent back to their family once they reach puberty.

Groomed and raised, and sexually abused by their guru.

Shoemaker went down this road. Sharon was the only person willing to go through the initiation rites of an Aghori, such as: sitting on top of dead bodies, eating the flesh of dead bodies.

Since there is a long history of necrophilia and all sorts of disgraceful ways Aghori initiates defile our dead.

We can only assume Sharon Ward found her niche among them.


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  • Perhaps thats how Shoemaker’s junk got broken. He wound his minuscule dick too tightly around a twig.

  • Frank-

    With all so respect, you are mocking a man who can roll his penis
    23 times around a rolling-pin.
    Can you do it?

    I bet you can’t even drive a spear thru your nutsack or holdup 22 bricks using the tip of dick either.

    • Did you ever want to forget anything? Did you ever want to cut away a piece of your memory or blot it out? You can’t, you know. But if I could, it would be this comment.

  • to Mary Ann Janan

    I’m sorry but my enquiring mind needs to know where you get these facts about Shoemaker’s activities. Don’t get me wrong, i DO believe Shoemaker is vile and evil. But have people who traveled with him to India come forward with these revelations?
    You must’ve done your research AFTER you left the ashram.
    Who in their right mind would sign up to be a part of this?
    Has anyone witnessed blood rituals and/or sacrifices ? Or does he do it with Sharon and no one else?

    Ward is not a sadhvi. Sadhvi is a Sanskrit term that literally means “virtuous woman” and refers to women who have renounced their possessions and chosen to live apart from society to focus on a spiritual life.

    Shoemaker is NOT a swami. a SWAMI is a Hindu ascetic or holy person, characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

    • I witnessed the Vajrakilaya rituals several times that Michael performed. He used things like menstrual blood and other things of that nature in the ritual. He commonly spoke of using drugs and such things in a spiritual way. Moni and Jim used to talk about this mediating on corpses and stuff. Most of what I heard about such extreme practices was exactly that- just things that I heard. But Michael would perform some fairly elaborate private rituals at the ashram from time to time. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  • Moni O’Neal and Jim Brissette almost roped me into this crazy sex shit with Michael Shoemaker. Maybe that’s why I knew about this stuff because I heard about it from them. But it was my understanding that this was common knowledge at the ashram. I don’t recall it being a secret. I was living there when Michael took Sharon to India for Sannyasa. I remember when she got back and I remember talking to her about her experience.

    This is the type of crap that gives this cult its ammunition and the all powerful manipulation tactic of “if your resistant to something than you need to do it because that will increase your spiritual wellfare”. This whole idea that a person should have zero resistance to anything and should abandon their natural instincts is what Michael Shoemaker’s practice is based on.

    Aghori means “fearless ” and they have long attracted westerners to their practice. These practices by the aghori, and others like it around the world, are the practices of men who are AFRAID. What they’ve done is taken all the negatives, all the bad things a man can do, and justified those behaviors by framing them in a spiritual context. They’re weak. Too weak to be a man and take responsibility for the life they were given. Michael Shoemaker is weak and the spiritual “success” he claims to have is a facade. He has taught you nothing except fear.

  • I think a lot of people in the US who adopt Buddhism or Hinduism think they’ve found a kinder, gentler, softer kind of religion than the one they grew up with.

    In fact of course both Hinduism and Buddhism are riven by factions and mutual hatreds. Monks are leeches on society, sucking money from their naive followers.

    Religion attracts fanatics. From Born Again loonies handling snakes to Shamans impaling themselves to Swamis hanging bricks from their junk, they’re all crazy.

    “Mainstream” religion embraces circumcision (genital mutilation), gory images of saints murders, ritual cannibalism (communion wafer “this is my body… this my blood), celebrates death (Easter) and uses as its main symbol the image of a naked man-god tortured to death on the cross. Just imagine what you’re getting into when you join a fringe, exotic one.

    So if you’re fool enough to join an “ashram”, don’t be surprised there’s crazy shit going down.

  • WAIT. Hold the phone. If Sharon Ward became Sadhvi Parananda in 2013… what year did she begin training her Search & Rescue dogs to find cadavers?

    Could these be connected?

    Does anyone remember or know when Sadhvi began the cadaver training?

    • Sadhvi is a Sanskrit term that literally means “virtuous woman” and refers to women who have renounced their possessions and chosen to live apart from society to focus on a spiritual life.

      • Yea Sharon Ward hasn’t renounced shit. LOL. She’s got all her possessions tucked into her mansion on a 45 acre estate. Fuckin joke, however; her title is in fact Sadhvi Parananda.

    • In the 90s I believe but someone can correct me. The ashram was always oriented towards tantric /left hand practices though. Aghori association only officially started in 2007.

      Before that there was also official association with Tibetan tantric practices which include visiting cemeteries in the middle of the night, going to cremation grounds for rituals with the dead (intended to pacify ghosts and demons), and using meat and other “transgressive fluids” for various practices.

      You can look up “fierce” or “wrathful” Tibetan deities and they are dancing on rotten corpses with necklaces of skulls, covered in menstrual blood, wearing clothes made of human bones, and blowing trumpets made of human thighbone.

      I was given a trumpet made of human thighbone while living there.

      • Absolutely wrote this. Nice to see he’s taking a thoughtful and introspective approach to the cascading avalanche of shit falling on him right now.

        A spiritual person would ask how he contributed to this, what responsibility he can take, and how to make amends to the women he consciously and systematically broke for his own perverse needs, and hundreds of spiritual students he’s now turned from the path.

        I guess that’s too much to ask.

  • Just nothing surprises me with these people at this point. What I can’t understand is the glassy-eyed sycophants surrounding him for 50 years, smiling like creepy fucking zombies with mash potato for brains. What exactly does it take for you to wake up?

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