Mother of Victim: Were You Abused by Swami Chetanananda?

Swami Chetanananda appears to have violently, sexually, and psychologically abused a young woman named Eva a few years ago in the Portland Movement Center. She left by ambulance after what appears to be one of Swami’s erotic strangulation sessions.

She is still recovering from her serious injuries.

Other women have accused the Swami of misleading them into degrading and dangerous sexual practices – including violent and exploitative BDSM and sex with random strangers.

Eva’s mother, Jayne Lyons, is seeking help from women injured by Chetanananda.

By Jayne Lyons

I have met/and spoken with victims/survivors of J. Michael Shoemaker [Swami Chetanananda] and their family members.

I have been told about non-consensual sodomy, strangulation, rape, sexual violations, gaslighting, forced labor, forced drug use, stalking, and broken and bent family relations.

I have been told how those who escaped used self-medication (drug use) to dampen psychological harm and fear and those who had thoughts of self-harm. Those who were “abused” out of the cult when they were no longer useful to Shoemaker left with nothing and ended up on the floor at a friend’s house or living in their vehicles.

They were too poor, too old, too “damaged” or sick to work or be a sexual plaything. I have reported all this to law enforcement, but I am not the victim nor witness to the events, so my reports were considered hearsay.

Please come forward and denounce the abuse you witnessed or received from J. Michael Shoemaker, aka Swami Chetanananda, and his high demand, high control, criminal organization.

He does not abuse alone. His inner circle supports and abets his abuse:

Sharon Ward and Swami Chetanananda

  1. Sharon Ward
  2. Jim Brissette
  3. Jennifer Wilhelm
  4. Thomas Frabrizio
  5. Howard and Vivina Boster
  6. Jessie Sweeney

These are some of the “inner circle” who know about and have participated in the abuses.

What abuse can you denounce?

Fraudulently recruited and labor trafficked:

Were you recruited to join a “spiritual community”? Did you become “enlightened”?

Were you “given room and board” and required to provide free labor by cleaning, cooking, gardening, or running errands, providing support for teacher training activities or “classes”?

Swami with Tom Fabrizio

Did you get W2 forms? Proper reporting of your wages for social security and Medicare credits? Did you get the wage and labor benefits and protections as required by Oregon State law?

Did you pay your “tuition” and still provide free labor?

If this describes your situation, this is human labor trafficking. It can be a federal crime.

Do you know of others who were treated this way?

Vivina Boster the Swami and Howard Boster

The trafficker, Shoemaker, and his inner circle saved money and benefited from your labor. This is classic labor trafficking. Denounce this practice: Call Paul Chang, Western Regional Coordinator for Human Trafficking

Paul Chang
Western Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator
US Department of Labor
Wage and Hour Division
Work: (714) 418-8620 | Fax: (626) 732-4934

Love Bombed, Groomed and Abused?

What can you denounce?

Were you lied to about Swami Chetanananda and his group?

Were you told your family was evil? That they wanted to harm you? That they were full of demons or mentally unbalanced? This was done to isolate you and make you vulnerable and susceptible to conditioning and conversion.

Were you showered with positive attention and induced to join a happy, functional group that proved to be a dysfunctional, abusive, and criminal group? This is love bombing, preparing you for conversion and abuse.

Were you exposed to activities that violated your ethics and values, and encouraged to accept these abusive behaviors? This is gaslighting.

It was used to condition you to accept your own abuse. Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse are all abuse, and physical and emotional harm is caused by all forms of abuse.

Jesse Sweeny, Swami, and Marc Mordechai

Did Swami Chetanananda “read” your future and use details from that reading to cause you to fear leaving the group? Were you told if you left you would suffer an accident? Go to jail, go insane? This is coercive control, used to abuse and harm you.

Were you sexually abused, sexually exploited, touched inappropriately?

If you lived at the Movement Center and performed “seva”, you lived and worked in an abusive environment.

Denounce this behavior and harm.

Contact Nathan Wollstein, Portland Police Detective
Detective Nathan Wollstein (# 39011)
Portland Police Bureau
Sex Crimes Unit
(503) 545-3482

Even if you feel “nothing happened to me”, you might hold details of abuses that could put Shoemaker and his inner circle in jail.

What did you see, what did you hear, what did you do? Moni, Jen, Natacha, Eva, Liz, Pia, Vanessa, “Pinky”, Laura, Jessica, Dan, Jes, Ayaz and many more have all been harmed while residents at an ashram led by Shoemaker. Yes, even his “flying monkeys” are his victims. Stand up for all his victims, denounce Shoemaker.

Jimmy Brissette and the Swami.

You can ask Christine Mascal, a Portland lawyer, to bring a civil case against Shoemaker and his inner circle. Christine Mascal has gotten settlements from Shoemaker without going to court. He likely doesn’t want to face a “discovery” in court.

He may settle fast. He is a coward.

You can ask Christine Mascal to listen to your interview with Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang. Detective Wollstein or Paul Chang will need to apply the state or federal statutes to determine if what was done to you or others is a crime, and if it falls within the statute of limitations regarding when the crime occurred. Using these criteria, if your complaint is considered not a “crime” and you suffered harm and abuse, there is the opportunity for a civil settlement.

Christine Mascal can help you gain a civil settlement. Civil settlements require a lower bar of evidence.

Just starting the process of bringing a case will make Shoemaker concerned.

The Swami and Jen Wilhelm 

He is an alleged coward and will not want to be taken to court. He has everything to lose if he faces “discovery”. He will lose in a civil court because he is allegedly a wicked, evil man who harms women much smaller than he is.

If Shoemaker cannot be taken to jail, all of us who have been harmed can bankrupt him through the out of court settlement process. Nothing done to you was your fault. You were fraudulently recruited, converted, groomed and abused by a well-oiled cult machine that has been doing this for over 50 years. Get justice and compensation for yourself, and encourage others to do the same.

The Raniere case Frank helped break has opened the door to applying human labor and sex trafficking laws to cult abuse.

Who better to apply the new approach than a man with a 50 year pattern of harm?

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  • Rudi warned him. He warned all his students not to get into “black magic”. He went looking for those exact kind of teachers as soon as Rudi died. Wang-Doo was just an old drunk he found in the cremation grounds that could connect him to the really creepy shit. The curses, the mind control. The temples famous for human sacrifice in Black Magic, India. Oh yeah, we KNOW. It’s like a vampire though, you have to actually invite him in. Surrender your tensions….. one…. two….ahhh ahh ahh. It’s a bit like the movie Labyrinth, it’s the moment Sara realizes he’s just a little girl creeping perv with equal bad makeup and wig who stuffs his spandex to strut around a bunch of simpering trolls… and that he has no power over her. Poof. He’s just a man, a man that’s accumulated some fancy shit he can’t take when he leaves this ever dwindling hour glass of his yet his insidious karma will follow him forever. He hasn’t listened to ANY of his teachers warnings because he’s too arrogant and thinks he’s smarter than everyone including all his teachers. He’s not and he’s opened up some ugly hungry portals. Chomp chomp. Better get to Sara-in-gettin the fuck away from him while you can. y’all. You don’t want what’s coming for him or his ghoul squad.

  • Please continue to cover this story. This is a HIDEOUS case of savage mind control and abuse. I think we all can feel powerless, like what can I do to possibly help?
    Mind control is a rampant disease globally. We are vulnerable to different forms of mind control. We are not taught to think for ourselves. When we do, we are threatened with isolation. We need to be more comfortable with ourselves and less preoccupied with what the masses think. One way to start confronting mind control is to recognize and stand up to the constant risks of social media. Our youth faces brainwashing, gaslighting and great emotional, psychological and potentially physical danger as a result of the ever addictive media outlets.
    The moral compass of our world needs to be challenged. I salut you Parlato. Already a fan.

  • This story should be broadcasted INTERNATIONALLY. I will share this story to everyone I know, and ask them to pass it along.

  • Jayne Lyons.
    Hat’s off to you! Thank you for your bravery and commitment. It takes tremendous courage to put your name behind your plight, Commend you.
    Michael A. Shoemaker AKA SWAMI Chetanananda is certainly a coward, fueled by his demented, criminal ‘family’. Please don’t stop until you find justice.
    Support you all the way.

  • If “they” wanted to use your hearsay info to climb up the ladder, “they” would. Do you have any other proof? Why dont you write EXACTLY what she told you so there is at least a record of it? I appreciate the bullets points, good start, but go in deep. Expose and dont hold back.
    ( On such and such a date, at such and such time..the room was lit how? What prompted the conversation? Was she nervous? We’re you? What exactly went on? If no one else will listen, get the people involved, let US know. Details. )

  • How many victims have come forward ? This is an extremely disturbing situation. Heartbreaking. Thank goodness the story has come out.

  • Hello Mr. Patriot God.

    As we wait for the publication of your articles, I figured much like people who publish books, movies, etc that I would prepare an interview for you as a treat to the readers of Frank Report to get to know you, who you are and what you stand for.

    I would like to start off with my honest intentions here so that the record is set straight. My goal is not to put words in your mouth or use labels against you or to falsely diagnose you with “mental disorders” or to misgenderize and/or misidentify your race as some here on Frank Report have in order to mock you or cast you as a social pariah.

    My goal also isn’t to necessarily justify you or to demonize you. My only goal is to allow you to have a a completely unbiased and safe environment to speak what you really feel and hopefully Mr. Parlato will respect your free speech in the process like I’ve asked him to because as is with you, we will be getting into some very offensive and inflammatory political and anthropological topics.

    Therefore, your absolute pure free speech without any editing is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get to the bottom of all of this. My intent is to merely ask you burning questions, without any sort sort of biased curve ball in them, and just allow you to respond plainly to them without any games from anybody.

    I want to let you have complete free reign to say whatever you may please whether it is loved or hated by the readers. I also feel that by doing so that we can use this to show how journalism should be in America by allowing people both controversial or not to able to speak without being pressured by the journalists to think and speak a certain way and allow free speech coupled with discussion and rational debate of the public to win over any false thinking (that is whomever it maybe that genuinely falls into the category for false thinking that I take no sides for of course). I also want the full speech to be released and not just edited clips like many journalists do. That is the goal of this and to demonstrate how it should be done in America.

    I will post this set of questions and you can copy/paste this post with your answers next to your name to make this simple and to set this in a journalistic setting of Q & A type of format and to make this simple on your part. We will start off with these set of questions and perhaps there will even more asked upon the answers to them. I will also give readers a chance to also ask you questions and you may answer them as you please. All I ask is for you to please answer these questions thoroughly and with 100% honesty. Ok?

    Now that being said, let us begin.

    George McBlack: Well Mr. Patriot God, you certainly have made a name for yourself here on Frank Report. Some readers would deem it as fame and others as infamy. But on both sides there is no doubt you have become an icon and big celebrity here on Frank Report even capturing the famous Mr. Parlato’s curiosity himself whether for better or for worse. Would you definite your status on here as fame or infamy and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: There have been people that have accused you of being on Frank Report only to “troll” and “say the most vile and hateful things about other races”. In your own words, would you please give your reason of being on Frank Report and what your ultimate goal is?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Why have you made this series of articles hopefully coming out soon for us to enjoy reading? What is the goal of them? What is it about (without spoiling it too much)?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Mr. Patriot God, you and your beliefs have been undoubtedly extremely controversial and inflammatory to say the least here on Frank Report. Would you agree with that and if so, why do you think that is?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Are you trying to get under people’s skin in order to use the old “shock rock” method to gain massive attention on here fast or are you just indifferent to what other people feel and just speak as you please no matter who it offends?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: There are other people who claim that your goal is to be “comedic”. Is all of this just a ruse in order to be funny or do you genuinely believe what you believe and are not trying to be funny using dark humor about race?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: If you are serious and not trying to be comedic, why do you think some people find you to be so “funny”?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Would you give us an explanation of why you believe what you believe about the races in this country?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you think you are a “racist”? How does it make you feel when people deem you as a “racist”? Do you think it is fair?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Could you please clear up the rumor that is said that you and some of the other people that are allegedly affiliated with you are all the same person using a different screen name or moniker? Once and for all is this true or false? If it is true, why do you use different names and don’t just stick to one?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: One of the things you and those alleged to be affiliated with you have been demonized on Frank Report for is constantly using the infamous word “nigger”. Many readers would like to know why you insist on using that word instead of something less offensive to describe people of color?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you agree that the word “nigger” is an offensive word?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you think white people should be able to say “nigger” and other socially deemed racial slurs without social and/or legal repercussions?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you believe in what people deem today to be called “hate speech”? If not, then why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Mr. Patriot God, you are deemed to be a man of many hats in regards to branches of knowledge. One of those hats, allegedly, is that of being an Anthropologist. I’m interested in this alleged contribution to Anthropology that you been said to have made. A new systematic branch of thought that you have allegedly coined the name to be “Niggerology”? Could you please say if this is true or not and if so, could you please elaborate on what this branch of science is and why you made it?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: One of the things that you claim is a pandemic across America and European Cultures that you and others have been known to call “The Nigger Problem”, also known as, “The Nigger Question”. When you say that, what is this “Nigger Problem” or “Nigger Question” that we all need to be concerned about and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You and those whom have been affiliated with you, seem to have a very deep rooted hatred in people of color. Do you feel that you is true? If so, then why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you believe that the problems you have with certain races is justified in painting with a large brush? In other words, do you believe that everybody born into those races are just as bad as the others simultaneously or are there caveats to it? If so, how many caveats are there and what are they?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Some people have accused you of inciting violence against minorities? Is that your intentions?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You and your ilk have seemed to have shown disgust and contempt for Mr. Parlato and seem to villianize him. How do you feel about Mr. Parlato and others here on Frank Report?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: One of the reasons that I took the liberty to do this is because I have seen how Mr. Parlato is very unprofessional with you and often doesn’t let you fully speak and tries to coax readers if they should think about you and is often very immature in regards to dealing with you and his articles about you and your affiliates. Would you agree that Mr. Parlato and Frank Report hasn’t been very fair to you? Why or why not? Do you think that Mr. Parlato has an agenda that he pushing against you and not being unbiased and robbing the people’s ability to rationalize and debate your beliefs like the founding fathers wanted? Why or why not?

    George McBlack: You have hinted in the past that Mr. Parlato censors you and your affiliates because he’s “afraid” of you. Do you truly think Mr. Parlato is “afraid” of you? If so, what exactly is it about you that he is “afraid” of?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Do you think Mr. Parlato qualifies as a true journalist? Why or why not?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Another burning question is about why you always call Mr. Parlato “Ginzo”. What does Ginzo mean and why do you use that word to refer to him?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Once thing Mr. Parlato and perhaps others constantly accuse you of is being “off-topic” and seemingly always one here just to incite “racism” amongst people. Are you only here to discuss race issues or do you have anything else to offer to Frank Report? Do you have anything to say about NXIVM or anything else?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You and your affiliates seem to have to strong hostile feelings towards the group know as the “NXIVM Dead-Enders”. Specifically, Michele Hatchette. Is it only Michele Hatchette you have a problem with or is it the whole group? If it is only Michele Hatchette, then why? Is it about her race? If so, then why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Like myself, you have seemed to run into trouble and quarreling with Mr. Alanzo. Mr. Alanzo has deemed you a “piece of shit”, a “racist”, and “full of hate”. He also admits to being very pleased when Mr. Parlato censors you (which I completely disagree with his methods and how he handles your 1st amendment rights). Mr. Alanzo seems to view you as a menace to society and a threat to the liberties of minorities. I would like to give you a chance to respond to that as well as a chance to give your views on Mr. Alanzo. Do you agree with his words philosophies or do you hate him and view him as a nuisance as much as the vast majority of people hate him and view him as a nuisance on Frank Report, if not more?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: What is America to you and what is the purpose of America?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: What is it about specifically about black people that you don’t like and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: A *HUGE BURNING TOPIC* that many readers are curious about and dying to know the answer to is what are your views on black slavery in the United States? Do you agree with it or was it a mistake like many others believe nowadays? Why or why not?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: What are your views on the Jim Crow Laws? Good or bad and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: Whaat do you believe about segregation? Good or bad and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: It seems that you and those affiliated with you have a view that the Jews are the overall arching enemy to the world and that the other races are being used by them to overthrow America. Is this true? What leads you to believe that? Is there any evidence of this that you can demonstrate to prove that?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You have been accused by others for “Anti Semitism”. What are your views on Anti Semitism? Do you believe that you are in fact Anti Semitic as others have called you? If not, then why not?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: What is your historical view on the Holocaust?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You and your affiliates seem to have hinted at having a membership in the KKK (Or as you call them, “The Night Riders”) or at the very least connected to them. You have also seemed to have a very high regard to these extremely controversial people in our contemporary society that have deemed them as a “hate group” and even as an “extremist domestic group” by law. There are many people wanting to put them in the F.B.I. Registry as a “domestic terrorist group”. Most people in our society and even the whole world hate the KKK and are completely repulsed by them. When you claim to adore them, this creates extreme repulsion in readers here on Frank Report and elsewhere. Why are you so adoring of them even as far as claiming them to be our “guardian angels of white light who guard this country from nigger darkness”? What do you believe about the KKK and the atrocities they have been alleged to have committed in America such as, murder, all kinds torture, lunching, mutilation, rape, racial abuse, etc? Do you think they are worthy of this immense hatred of people or not? If not, then why not?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: What do you believe about the Dixie Flag? Hateful or not and why?

    Patriot God:

    George McBlack: You constantly have two mottos that you constantly seem to chant. One is “If We Believe” and the other is “There’s A Better Way”. I have read that this is two different political movements that you are the founder of that you also at times shorten to “IFB” and “TAWB”. Everybody would like to know what is “If We Believe”? What is it are we to believe? And what is this “better way” that you seem to have? What are this mottos/movements about and why is it important?

    Patriot God:

  • Clearly someone took “Spiritual Cannibalism” to a whole other level.

    Remaining members need to be institutionalized immediately.

    Of course from here on out I will be referring to these predatory teachers of the East as KURU’s.

    You are welcome.

  • Ahhhhh! That interview is terrifying. Creepy as f how excited that god awful woman is talking about using friends remains as compost, asking for tumors and placentas as literal “doggy bags?. I get being passionate about your work, but damn girl.

  • Anyone who bears false witness against the good suffer not only the bad karma of lying but all the bad karma of all the swami would have done for others.

    • Are you fucking for real? The only falsity here is that false prophet who pretends he cares about people and instead uses them up and tosses them when they break; who forces them to take drugs, endure physical torture and fuck people they don’t want to. Go fuck yourself. Keep taking the cream while young women pay the price. We pay. Not you. What is the bad karma of taking while turning your back while others suffer? You’ll certainly find out. POS.

    • You sound like you’ve snorted a few too many lines of blow.
      God will judge Shoemaker; until then we will bankrupt him

    • It is easy to see that the emperor has no clothes. So you are either the emperor or a blind-faithful. You know Kool-Aid tastes great. It isn’t the Kool-Aid, but what’s been added to it that kills you.

  • In response to the comment seen below by “Be Safe”, is this a threat? Are you issuing a threat against people who speak their minds about this man? Fuck you. This is the exact same kind of fear mongering that kept this community (amongst other things) from flourishing.

    Swami Chetananda’s curses, or “hexes” don’t appear to be very effective. A long list of people who left note, that: their lives improved dramatically after leaving and being under his thumb. Hey Sadhvi, what is your response to the FACT that all of these articles, including the ones seen years ago in the Oregonian came AFTER people had good reasons for speaking out. According to Swami, it’s all lies. How likely is that? Not very. The Daughter of one of your cult facilitators in LA, left in the mid-nineties never to return. What was that about? And, a lengthy list of other women left, all badly after that.

    It’s all made up? Bullshit it is. You cult facilitator, you.

    Who is Be Safe? An Ashram barnacle? Or, are you one of the infamous Manson Sisters? Renowned for their insanity, and willingness to back stab others, and create trouble.

  • I’m guessing that while Marc Gafni was hiding out at the Movement Center (after his decades-long abuse history was dramatically exposed to the world and he was shunned by his previous supporters), he and Shoemaker traded tips on how to exploit underlings. I’m curious if they shared victims too — anyone know? Birds of a feather!

  • Did Eva Confirm that her injuries were a result of strangulation? That is great news because the last I “heard”( not directly from her) she was unable to say anything about what actually happened. Please let me know. Thank you so much!

  • This is absolutely terrifying. What kind of world do we live in? Parlato is a maverick. Such find such in-depth articles warning us about the monsters of the world.

  • I would be afraid to go at this alone. The Swami is not an average person. He can wreak psychic damage on people. Curse them. Do not risk your future and your families future by going against a man who can bring down the wrath of karma against a person.

    • Karma arises from one’s own actions, no one can ‘curse’ with karma other than one’s own self. By knowingly staying silent while others are being harmed, that is one thing that can actually reap a karmic reckoning. Some people I know who left to establish their own independent lives and paths were written fear-mongering letters such as your paragraph here, yet they all seem immeasurably happier and healthier than prior to leaving. So it appears this power to curse or inflict the ‘wrath of karma’ is a fantasy. On the other hand, the ‘wrath of karma’ will certainly befall a so-called ‘spiritual’ teacher who preys on and abuses sincere students who were only seeking authentic awakening.

      Still, if anyone is afraid, and this is causing them to second guess trying to prevent future harm, perhaps find solace in an ancient formula of karma—the mantra of dependent origination—used often as an exorcism rite:

      om ye dharma hetu prabhawa | hetun teshan tathagato hyavadat | teshan tsa yo nirodha | ewam vade mahashramanah soha

      “All dharmas originate from causes.
      The Tathagata has taught these causes,
      And also that which puts a stop to these causes—
      This too has been taught by the Great Shramana.”

    • Yeah yeah, we know he’s an Aghori. Eats dead people, does crazy evil rituals with “select circles” in India. You should be OK unless you’ve been giving Sharon Ward your tumors, placentas or dead tissue as “Scoobie Snacks for her dog”. Love to know what recent dead friend was gifted to her as “compost”. Listen to the audio, it’s even more horrifying then the text. What happens in India, clearly doesn’t stay in India.

      • WAIT.

        What is this? Is that some new title Chetananada is claiming?

        Cannabalism whAt? Eating dead bodies WHAT?

        What is this monster actually up to??

    • Oh and Jehovah can send a lightning bolt down? Here’s a secret: every bodied individual is stronger than the supposed unbodied curses. Why? Show me one single successful case of murder against someone who used a curse as the murder weapon. Show me one curse that worked, ever, anywhere.

    • It seems possible that people each handle this differently. Like Most things in life. It definitely is there own process. If someone asked me to do this because of another victim, I may not feel that my personal best interests are not on my not being thought of, but also that the expectation is that I do this for the betterment of all. Sounds like being a martyr. As a recovering Jew, ( where it is all about ring a martyr,) I definitely would take issue with that. . So that may feel an awful lot like abuse in itself. I’m just putting that out there. Thank you!

    • I am not an average person. And I am not alone. You however, may consider which side of this you wanna be on when we bring the house down

    • What about Swami being the one to face karma? Why do you believe he is in control of karma? What a joke. He cannot even control the demon he let inhabit his body and eat his soul. But still you put your faith in him. A soulless demon.

    • This phobia implanting is a common cultic control technique. Here is another example of this type of manipulation, taken from the book, Do as I Say, How Cults Control, Why We Join Them, and What they Teach us about Bullying, Abuse and Coercion by Sarah Steel. Sarah Steel has a podcast about cults. It covers the commonalities that all cults share, and this use of fear is a basic cult coercive control mechanism. One ex-member is quoted in this book about her fears, “ I was told everyone in the outside world is trying to poison me. I can’t trust them, and they aren’t even my friends. I was told that all members who have left, their lives have been catastrophic. I learned quite the opposite when I left.” Ruth has expressed the same feelings of freedom and joy in comments to articles on the Frank Report, after leaving Shoemaker and his damaging and dangerous cult.

      There are several podcasts about cults that provide information about common cult dynamics, control techniques and harm caused by evil traumatizing narcissists like J. Michael Shoemaker. Take a listen to IndoctriNation with Rachel Bernstein,

      Trust Me, or Just a Little Bit Culty with Nxivm survivors Sarah Edmonson and Nippy Ames, (well known to Frank who can speak to the healing of many ex-members) Healing is possible after cult involvement, joy and a fulfilling life are possible after cult involvement.

      Many of the “stronger” ones (as defined in comments to Frank’s articles) who have left Shoemaker were reported to be doing well in the last “In the Grip of the Guru” article published by Richard Read in the Oregonian and summarized by Rick Ross. Moving on – former followers of the swami tell of their journey to become free

    • That is such bullshit. That is exactly what he is selling. I’m not buying. The wrath of karma hahahahahaha.You ingested too much urine.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    I have sent Mr. Patriot God his Q/A sheet three times already on the other article to answer and you still haven’t released it!

    What gives?! Are you just spinning my wheels here?! Why are you acting like this?!

    Can you just be honest and be man enough to tell me if you’ve decided not to let me post his Q/A?!

    You said that you wanted to post it when it’s done, but you refuse to allow me to even put it up so that he can answer it for crying out loud!

    What’s your deal?!

      • Mr. Parlato,

        I gave you the answer about this on here before this previous message and I put the Q/A on here AGAIN!

        Can you please post up and read what said on my previous message (that you never posted up on this article) as well as the Q/A that I posted for Mr. Patriot God to fill out?

        It really feels like you’re just playing a game and just trying to spin my wheels here now!

        You’ve had plenty of chances to do all of this already and for whatever reason you’ve chosen not to! You have dragged this out for days and I already replied to you about this like two days ago and you’ve posted up many comments on here as well as many other posts and comments on there expect that message of me answering what you inquired of me about up here! ☝🏻

        With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, this seems really fishy!

        If you have no true intention of letting me interview Mr. Patriot God, then please just be honest and admit it! I’m so tired of wasting my time! My work could’ve already been done if you weren’t doing this shit!

        I don’t know why you can’t just be sincere and deal straight! This isn’t funny if you’re just yanking my chain, Mr. Parlato! I’m being sincere here and I expect for you to show me the same courtesy that I’ve shown you!

        Thank you kindly.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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