Sick Swami’s Dirty Paid Sex and Spreading Filthiest VDs

Let’s put it out there. The rumor is that the grand and glorious Swami Chetanananda AKA J. Michael Shoemaker has herpes and buys prostitutes.

A commenter with the clever name: Herpe Krishna, Herpe Rama writes:

So how many of you got the shaktiput that keeps on giving from Swami Chetanananda?

I wonder how many female cancers, female problems, and infertility issues evolved from this man’s disrespect for himself and subsequent “game”?

Not like anyone expects God to give them the clap. Who knew he was bringing in so much “skag” from the “outside”?

No matter how much you adore your Swami, do not accept herpes as a mark of obedience.

Doesn’t seem so special being a chosen one when you realize he was paying for something worse than what you gave him for free.

Do you think he’s worn a condom since they stopped making them out of buckskin?

A smidgen of gonna-ree ree here, a bit of Chlamydia there was assuredly unchecked for years until it was a massive health issue for some of these women.

Discreet little vials of Mercurius and Hepar Sulph prescribed by the good homeopath weren’t going to cut it.

If he has herpes, that’s 100% guaranteed to be NOT the only thing he’s passed around in his decades of being a most indiscriminate poon hound.

Prove us wrong. We want the test from an actual doctor, not one you own.

BDSM and drug things, many were unaware of. But the herpes allegation? No pun intended, but that has been circulating through the ashram since long before 1998.

In reply, You Play, You Lose added this about Chetanananda’s penchant for prostitutes.

By You Play, You Lose

Why did so many women, including myself, leave?

Not because “we fell madly in love with him and he moved on to someone new”.

Or “we didn’t want to work,” as was mockingly said behind our backs.

For me, it was when I didn’t want to be forced to take drugs, be choked and whipped.

It was when I was forced to have sex with people I didn’t know, or forced to have sex with one of his zombies in the ashram.

When I got tired of his lies, mind-games, and gaslighting.

When I realized everything he’s ever told me is a lie.

Like when he told me how deeply he loves me.

How he “loves me more than anyone else in the world.”

Or we’re “building our lives together”.

And when I realized he told me, and her, and her and her.

And it’s still not enough for him.

He has to buy hookers, take more drugs, and get more women.

When he is binging on cocaine or meth, everything looks good, and disease is an illusion.

It just never stops.

And you can’t bear to look at yourself a minute longer or participate in and contribute to this man’s reckless behavior and endangerment of every young woman that walks through the door.

Or his defilement of every part of you.

Sent out to have sex with strangers

Or you can no longer have a hand in the lie that was that entire ashram performance.

Unlike those who knew, and stayed, and fed like fat parasites. You know who you are. There are so many of you.

For all these reasons, I left, and so many more.

Do you want to sue us for telling the truth?

How will that work out when all your ex- “girlfriends” are subpoenaed?

Johnny Depp may have convinced everyone that Amber was crazy, but how will you convince a jury that 20, 30, or 50 of us are crazy?

That a decades-long trail of accusations are lies?

Also, I have photos.

There ain’t no demon in my mirror. Only truth. Can you say the same?

Do you want to attack us psychically and spiritually? Come at me. I’ve already been to hell with you. Yet I’m still here. What else ya got?

Coercive control does not equal consent.

Nothing of true everlasting beauty can be created in the wasteland of dead souls you’ve ravaged or with the toxic snakes you share your life with, no matter what you tell yourself about non-duality.

Like Muktananda said, ‘the nature of the universe is non-dual, but I’d rather not live in Shiva’s asshole.’

Me too.

Especially when it’s my asshole with a butt plug rammed up it.

Twenty years ago, she was young and appealing to the beast. He whored her out and acclimated her to his sadism and drugs, and cast her aside.

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  • From insta
    Happy belated birthday Swami! 🙌 today is the day the Goddess decided she couldn’t do it without you!

    LOL – these fucken guys and their rancid egos.

      • He claims he was “name raped” by a vicious smear campaign. Another gaslighting cunt of a man who tries to dizzy you with word salad. No wonder they’re buds.
        “When I was 19, I had a relationship with a woman who was a freshman in high school”. I mean, you can’t make this shit up.

  • Hey has King Chet ever produced offspring? Surely he knocked someone up in the old days when he was still into run of the mill penetration.

  • Frank-

    You’ve managed to find yourself a bigger animal than Raniere. Hopefully, you can put this animal away too.

      • Frank-

        I think the thing people fail to grasp is the amount of physical and mental harm/damage the Swami perpetrated.

        The chilling thing is the fact you have most likely only scratched the surface.

        I won’t be surprised if, you uncover, this MONSTER has been
        responsible for the disappearance of a few runaways and prostitutes.

        It’d be a macabre wager, but I’d bet money on it.

        • There have been missing prostitutes, and one case is of interest because of where her body was found.

          • It’s okay to just write “missing women” (or men). No one really says “missing middle manager”. They are people

          • I used the word prostitute because it is alleged the Swami hired women – as prostitutes. If someone hired middle managers and they went missing, I might write – missing middle managers.

            Maybe it is time to call women and men “sex workers” – if their work relates to the suspected crime.

          • Point taken, Frank. It’s just that people aren’t their jobs. Or work. Even if the job is sex work. Or fringey.

            They are still people. With parents. Maybe children who love and MISS them. That is where the “missing” part of missing PERSON comes in. That’s all.

            Honestly, I find you to be pretty decent about such matters. Just a little nudge not to fall prey to minimizing or dehumanizing.

            And for people who do dismiss sex workers deaths/disappearences – very frequently those are crimes that if they were taken as seriously as “more upstanding citizens” who are seen as “blameless” by law enforcement would actually save other non sex workers from the same criminal(s). It’s good for all humanity to get killers locked up regardless of who they kill.

            Just a couple thoughts. Keep fighting the good fight, Frank. Enjoy your Sunday!

          • To the anon saying “say sex work instead of prostitute” as someone who suffered in this industry, I prefer prostitute because sex work is a minimizing euphemism that both conflates everything from simple paid feet pics to stripping to street walking (the latter being far far far more dangerous).

            It also suggests that sex work is just work and takes away all the harmful realities of prostitution as what it truly is, commercialized rape. It’s not just work. You cannot have sex be just work. It’s abuse.

            Coercive consent to sex is rape. You cannot have “just work” when your job is to be sexually harassed, abused and raped by repulsive men for money.

            It’s okay to call me a former prostitute, I’m okay with it. I am not undignified by a specific truth. Most people saying sex work instead of specific terms like prostitute/prostitution, porn actress, cammer, stripper, etc are not victims of this industry like I am.

            Most victims will say what they were specifically and unashamedly. You’re okay for using this term.

          • I like what you say here anon at 5:58 pm. Prostitute is a hard word for a specific contract. I dont think ‘sex-work’ or ‘sex worker’ does much for the recognition and protection of targets caught up in the trade but it does allow people to normalise prostitution as some sort of viable job

            — until you ask if it would be ok, for the defender of such things, if their daughter sis, mum, aunty went out to be filled with seven different types of spunk on a daily basis — even without the prospect of violent attack and too often— murder. Who is gonna be OK with that?

          • I know of a prostitute or sex worker who attacked a man with her boyfriend and robbed him this past Saturday.

            Sometimes the prostitute [or sex worker] is the violent one.

          • The point wasn’t the correct term. The point was that humans aren’t their occupation. Or worst circumstances. They are PEOPLE. First. And they are MISSING because another human being MISSES them. And they matter. Regardless of whether they are a middle manager or a prostiture/sex worker etc. It’s okay to say, “missing woman” or “missing man” and leave it at that. Unless the point is to warn a specific group to exercise even more caution against an active predator. Or some such.

          • Sometimes a prostitute is the violent one, absolutely, because humans are humans. I have to say though if a man is looking to coercively rape a woman (pay money in exchange for invalidating her continuous consent, I.e. owning her body in exchange for money and paying for her to dissociate herself from her basic needs and safety for his sole benefit) then I rather think its a fair play to be robbed. Kind of like how a person going to illegally fight dogs, trespass on protected land at a national park, or practice medicine without a license might welcome some karma on themselves as well.

      • Frank, I agree with you. Shoemaker has been harming and exploiting people for 50 years. It is law enforcement that is still in the dark…..and those devotees who are still under the mind-bending influence of a traumatizing narcissist, meaning Shoemaker, aka Swami Chetanananda and his henchemen and flying monkeys.

  • Michael Shoemaker- Knowingly infecting women with herpes and VD. Ultimately he’ll get what’s coming to him. Prisoners don’t appreciate child molesters. It’s coming soon Chet.

  • Does the Swami have Monkeypox or is it still illegal to say that Monkeypox mainly infects homosexual men?

    • Yes. Steve Pigeon is a friend of mine. He was targeted by the prosecutors. He and Roger Stone were responsible for my getting hired as a consultant for NXIVM.

      • Come on lil’ guy Swamiji! You already told me the very logical excuses for being impotent and really teeny tiny. I know that you can’t actually get any feeling in the part of your body unless you are raping and torturing us. That is simply because you only get off on non-consensual sex and abject violence against women. (otherwise known as torture and rape, Chet.) Chet, you and I both have a very clear understanding of this. You being the rapist and torturer, and me, being the victim harmed and tortured physically, beyond repair. That gave you such a nice piece of wood, did it not? Beyond repair. A permanent mark. Plus all those drugs.

        OH SWEETIE! What horrid memories you have permanently burned into my mind! I know you are proud! You lick your lips, and smile, EVERY TIME you think about it Swamiji! Every time you hear me gasp for air, every time you feel me struggle.Every time you feel my neck pulse, see sheer terror in my eyes, as my legs kick uncontrollably as I quickly lose the breath of life. You control it all.

        Come talk to Frank and me! Pretty please! Lets hear from you. We all are waiting with breath that is baited my big mean man.
        I look forward to hearing from you. xoxo

        I got out. you can get out. You are not alone. .

        Portland Police dept-

        Jordan White, Chief of Police, Gold Beach

        John Ward, Curry County Sheriff

        Paul Chang, Western Region Anti-trafficing Coordinator, 626-732-4934

        We understand that information regarding offences by Shoemaker in Australia, may be conveyed to FBI Special Agent, Brendan Dennard on +1 503 460 8304 or via Portland Police Bureau, USA.

        Specia; Agent Jeffrey- 646-438-2111

  • I’m speechless. The butplug looks uncomfortable. I look forward to reading more from Herpes Krishna.

  • He must be freaking out, he’s never had to live a life of integrity, he would t even know how. Its always been too easy for him to manipulate, control, coerce, threaten and keep an enormous amount of people fearful and quiet – now everyone is realizing how much of a pathological liar he is. He’s never been honest a day in his life. Not with himself, not with anyone.

    Don’t waste your precious soul or life on this absolutely dishonest man. Everyone who gets close to him ends up in the dump.

    Keep shooting yourself in the foot dude. Cover it up with more lies and resentment, see where that gets you.

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