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Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group

Originally published on June 5, 2017. This is the first story to appear on the blackmail and branding scheme known as DOS.


Allison Mack offers women an opportunity to receive the teachings of Keith Raniere.
Keith Raniere teaches women who vow to serve him.


[This report has been developed from information provided from sources. For their protection, they are unnamed. It is up to the reader to judge whether the information presented is factual or not.]

According to sources:

Former television actress Allison Mack is making her mark as the leader of a secret society of women who follow the teachings of Keith Raniere.

Entry into the group requires members to be branded with a hot iron on their pubic region with the initials of Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack.

Miss Mack offers membership to the select group which is referred to as DS [Dominus Servus (Latin for master-slave)]. The initiation ceremony is meant to afford an opportunity for the women to enjoy a more deeply personal access to Mr. Raniere and his advanced teachings.

In order to enter into this necessarily exclusive group, where Mr. Raniere is willing to impart both his hidden teachings and afford, in some instances, personal communion with the women, the branding ceremony is required.

In this ritualistic ceremony, which takes about three hours, the women make what is known as “The Vow” which includes a lifelong commitment to the service of Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack.

After a probationary period, women who are accepted by Miss Mack are invited to participate in the ceremony and the use of a cautery, made of metal, heated to a dull red glow, is applied to the cleanly shaven skin of the pubic area of the woman being initiated.

The hot iron cauterizes the pubic area leaving permanent tissue scarring that form the letters KR and AM [for Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.] The process is similar in effect to the branding of cattle. Dr. Danielle Roberts MD, a licensed physician, performs the branding to ensure the safety of the women.  Dr. Roberts is a student of Mr. Raniere and one his ardent followers.

The branding ceremony – the existence of which has never before been published – is held in strict secrecy and only performed on women who are invited and who agree to be branded.

By mutual consent, a woman, who has been trained in the preliminary teachings of Mr. Raniere, is met at a predesignated location by one or more women of DS where she is blindfolded and taken to the secret place where the ceremony is held.

There, she is placed in a ‘slave pen’ a room where one or more other female initiates are waiting for their initiation and she is undressed. At the appointed hour, the woman, naked and still blindfolded, is led to the branding table where one of the women read specific teachings of Mr. Raniere. Dr. Roberts performs the branding. Miss Mack as the slave master is in attendance. Because the cauterizing process, which takes about a half an hour, is painful, several of the other women of DOS hold the initiate down to prevent accident or injury.

Videos are taken of the naked woman and kept as a record of the initiation and are considered part of the collateral a woman pledges to Mr. Raniere.

Before a woman is accepted for initiation, a woman must first provide ‘collateral’ in the form of nude photographs, or audio and video records of admissions of activities which she would otherwise wish to remain secret. These records and photographs are held by Mr. Raniere or his agents as collateral.

After initiation, a member is required to make monthly offerings of additional collateral. This collateral is said to provide assurances to Mr. Raniere that those who have pledged their slavery to him and Miss Mack – and in return will receive more fulsome instructions from him – will be less likely to flee as others have done in the past.

In the past, the has referred to women who dedicate themselves to Mr. Raniere as “members of his harem. The term of art preferred by Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack is “slave.”

Several women close to Mr. Raniere have defected from his group revealing some of his hidden teachings and secrets of his personal life. This has caused egregious financial harm to Mr. Raniere, according to court documents filed in lawsuits Mr. Raniere has brought against former followers.

Mr. Raniere divides his time with his female followers and resides with Miss Mack in Half Moon, New York a suburb of Albany.

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  • A call to Arms. If you are a woman who has any knowledge of this, you need to come forward. Please do, this is so horrendous. Maybe you know people who may be involved but are so blinded by their belief in Keith? Push hard. Please push hard. If there is even the remotest likelihood that this is true, you need to push for the truth to be sure. Please. Sara Edmondson? Investigate. Ceci Salinas, Sara Bronfman? Investigate. Sara, you have to assume this is the kind of craziness Clare would participate in…..Clare is so far gone. She has been a sister wife of Keith’s with no life of her own and only the control and degradation by Keith – plus the millions of dollars of losses – for years. Do any of you have any compassion? Look at these women’s lives. It’s hideous. Sara Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, you are all making money off this. If there is even the remotest chance this is true and you do nothing what does that say about you? You all, anyone that hears about this, have a HUGE responsibility to investigate…

  • Wow. This rocks my world. Keith was obsessed with getting information to blackmail people when I was in NXIVM. I read this, and I think yes, this could be true. His greatest enemy is women. Anyone who reads this, think of Sally Brink. Another woman close in to NXIVM who now has deadly cancer. How does that happen? Persistent, consistent, subjugation and degradation of women systematically over time. It is deadly and eventually the body catches on. Sally’s husband was the founder of the Society of Protector’s the men’s movement designed to destroy women. Of course she is dying…..

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