More of the Twisted World of Keith Raniere: Deception, Betrayal, Secret Relationships and Pam Cafritz

William T. Brando, who has been a reader of Frank Report since 2016, before the revelation of DOS, posed some questions about Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz. One could write a whole book on this subject, but here are a few random observations.

William T. Brando: Pam Cafritz was a partner of Keith Raniere since the Consumer Buy-Line era – 1990s, along with Karen Unterreiner. Raniere seemed able to sell his partners on his having multiple relationships. Or at least able to select partners that he would be able to sell on it.

The relationship with Karen over time seemed to be essentially business only, while the relationship with Pam remained more intimate. Perhaps because Pam had family money that supported Raniere, while Karen did not?

Karen and Pam Cafritz

FR: Karen Unterreiner was Raniere’s longest relationship – 40 years – ending only after Raniere was indicted in 2018. The two met in college when Unterreiner was 17. Unterreiner said she believed their relationship was exclusive, even after Raniere met Cafritz and started to spend time with the former DC socialite.

Raniere told Karen and others that Pam was lesbian.

According to Unterreiner, Raniere lied to her about not being with other women, but Cafritz was not only aware of, she supported and facilitated Raniere’s prolific predatory habits.

One of the ugliest stories about Pam is that she facilitated luring 12 year old Rhiannon to hers and Raniere’s townhouse to “walk her dog.” Rhiannon later said Raniere groomed her and then had sex with her approximately 60 times when she was 12-13.

Raniere says Rhiannon is lying and was part of a conspiracy to frame him. She was willing to testify at his 2018 trial to describe for the jury what he did to her under penalty of perjury 28 years earlier. The judge ruled her testimony would be too prejudicial and did not allow her to appear.

It’s possible Raniere kept Cafritz close because of her wealth. She got a monthly stipend from her family of more than $20,000 per month, which she dedicated to Raniere’s service.

She also kept a slender form, as per Raniere’s tastes. If she went too often to the refrigerator, her mentor-lover would “oink” to remind her of her porcine habits.

Pam and Raniere also lived with Mariana, the eldest of three Mexican sisters. Raniere was in a three-way relationship with Mariana and Pam. They lived for a time at 2 Flintlock, while Karen lived at 3 Flintlock, and Kristin Keeffe with her son lived at 1 Flintlock.

Keith shared a bedroom with Karen and shared a bedroom next door with Mariana and Pam. Later Keith, Mariana and Pam moved to 21 Oregon Trail – a home owned by Rosa Laura Junco.

Frank Report broke the story of Keith Raniere fleeing to Mexico in late 2017 and secured this photo of Mariana and Keith Raniere with their son in 2017.
Keith Raniere with three of his inner-inner circle: Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.

Toni Natalie

Brando: Toni Natalie was another legacy relationship from the Consumer Buyline era. Does our host know anything about the Karen-Pam-Toni dynamics, or was Toni gone before he started consulting for NXIVM?

FR: The three were simultaneously in Raniere’s orbit, but it’s unclear what the dynamic was. Natalie claimed, like many women, that Raniere lied about the exclusivity of their relationship. However, she seems to have known about Pam, since she had intimate photos of Raniere with Pam. Her claim that she owned the copyright suggests she was present and took the photos.

Keith Raniere and Toni Natalie


Brando:  My understanding is that Barbara Bouchey was an early NXIVM student that Raniere found attractive and/or malleable, and was a romantic partner. Does our host have thoughts on whether Pam and Barbara knew about Raniere’s other relationships ? (Bouchey was one of the NXIVM Nine early defectors. Which resulted in Raniere launching a lawsuit siege against her).

Keith Raniere and Barbara Bouchey.

Above: Keith with Barbara [l] and Nancy [r]

Below Barbara

FR: Bouchey claims that Raniere lied to her about having other relationships. She later found out about three women, but Raniere explained he did not want to sleep with them, but did so only as a sacrifice to help these poor women grow.

Later she found out that he was sleeping with a dozen or more NXIVM women and this (and other things) eventually led to her exit in 2009.

On the other hand, Cafritz definitely knew, and was largely responsible for normalizing Raniere’s behavior.


Brando: Later in the NXIVM era, Mariana came on the scene, and shared a townhouse with Pam, where Raniere was free to drop in and expect sexual service.

FR: There were three Mexican sisters who came on the scene around 2003, essentially served up to Raniere by their parents. The oldest, Mariana, has a child with Raniere and actually lived with Raniere and Cafritz — first in a townhouse, and later in a five-bedroom home owned by Rosa Laura Junco. Camila lived in her own (secret) townhouse, where Raniere would drop in and expect service. The middle sister went back to Mexico after staying in her room for nearly two year’s in her family’s townhouse.

21 Oregon Trail, where Raniere lived with Cafritz and Marianna


Keith also shared a bedroom with Mariana’s youngest sister Camila in a townhouse he secretly rented for her – to keep his relationship secret, especially from Mariana.

Keith would slip over to Camila’s condo by taking the back route, cutting through some grass land and over a small hill. In this way, he could avoid being seen on Flintlock, so as not to avoid being spotted by Allison, Karen, Monica and other members of Nxivm.

At Camila’s, his stays were generally sort, lasting about an hour, which was generally all that was needed to satisfy his needs. Camila alleged that Raniere became intimate with her when she was 15.


The middle sister of the three Mexican sisters, Daniela went into her bedroom at her family’s condo when she was in her early 20s and remained almost two years because Raniere decreed she had an “ethical breach.”

While Raniere claimed her breach was her lying, stealing, sneaking about and other foul deeds, Daniela testified it was because she kissed another man, and jealous Raniere wanted her to be faithful only to him.

Such was the hold Raniere had on the family that the parents participated in Daniela’s long shut-in and brought her food three times daily.

Both Daniela and Camila left Raniere finally realizing his perfidious nature. But Mariana remains and lives in Mexico with Raniere’s youngest son – now almost six. Clare Bronfman put $500,000 aside for her and the child in a trust.


Brando: It is also established that Pam and Mariana are credited by Raniere with “inventing” the JNESS program. JNESS was a women’s group that was nominally independent of the ESP program. But female ESP students were recruited for JNESS, and JNESS students were recruited for ESP.

JNESS curriculum was cleverly disguised misogyny, clearly dictated by Raniere. It was the precursor to DOS. But, DOS was not invented until after Pam Cafritz’s death from cancer. That is when Allison Mack seems to have taken over from Pam as the Senior Consort.

So after this long introduction, what are the thoughts and speculations of our host on whether Pam Cafritz was a stabilizing influence that kept JNESS from mutating into DOS?

FR: It is likely that the JNESS curriculum was the precursor to DOS, in addition to the ESP, and Society of Protectors’ (SOP) curriculum, which promoted strict, if not silly, practices of penance, discipline, and character and taught that women were spoiled “princesses” who knew nothing of the “real world” that men endured and that women were like “fleas” – always ready to leave one man/host and hop to another if the new host’s conditions were better.

It is interesting that Cafritz is credited as inventing the JNESS program, when it was very clearly Raniere’s brainchild, facilitated and implemented by Nancy Salzman.

Cafritz was responsible, however, for gathering women together and signing them up for “JNESS Weekends” — the 3-day long introductory workshop that preceded becoming a JNESS member.

Keith Raniere with his longtime partner Pam Cafritz. She died in 2016.
Keith Raniere with Pamela Cafritz.

Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz [above] Pam contracted renal cancer.

Cafritz passed away on November 7, 2016. DOS began to take form in May 2015, more than a year before Cafritz’s death. However, her battle with renal cancer was long and drawn out, so it’s  possible that Cafritz being out of commission, and Mariana being her caretaker, gave Raniere more freedom to tend to his budding “slaves” without raising suspicion.

It is unlikely that Cafritz, Unterreiner, Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Mariana and others of the “old guard” knew about DOS before FR broke the story about its branded slaves in June 2017 — two years after its inception.

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  • Mexican wealthy people seem pretty forgiving about predators having sex with ALL their daughters.
    Either they don’t actually love their daughters.
    Or they loved Keith more.
    They simply don’t care.
    Maybe wealth anaesthetises you , and regular morals don’t apply to you.
    If Keith did this to my family, he and Pam would be reunited in the cryogenic bank.
    How the fuck could they let him walk after doing this?

  • When they finally thaw Pam out, boy is she gonna be pissed. “Hey Clare, where’s my AmEx card?”

  • If you can’t have Mr. Perfect to yourself, the next best thing is to share him.

    Interesting (and fairly pathetic) that a common theme with these desperate women was the fiction that Mr. Perfect wasn’t screwing everything in a skirt. Their capacity for self deception is astounding. I mean, c’mon.

    Of course, the fact that half the woman in the cult seemed to want the greasy troll made him all the more desirable. It’s human nature to value that which is in demand.

    Plus, he was the closest thing to an Alpha in this sorry pack of losers.

    What a joke!

    It’s especially hilarious that these women were declaring themselves on some kind of journey to empowerment, as “kickass” women, all the while obsessed with pleasing Keith. Dreamy amazing Keith. They couldn’t debase themselves fast enough. Yeah, path to empowerment, that.

    It’s a testament to the power of self-deception.

    Note also that a bunch of them thought Mr. Perfect was the epitome of ethics. While he was sleeping around and transparently lying. And while they themselves were sneaking into his bed. Yeah, so very ethical.

    Of course, none of them will admit their foolishness or that they were lying to themselves. They’ve got the ready-made excuse of I was brainwashed, I was gaslighted.

    I’d like just one of these people to say “yeah, I sure fucked up there”.

    Just one.

    What was it Mack said when she took her guilty plea? “I was misled”. Misled?

    Misled into thinking a master-slave society, where the Master was the man in charge and the slaves all women, was about Empowerment?

    Misled into thinking getting branded with her boyfriend’s initials on her pussy, and getting other women branded there too, was about women’s empowerment? About becoming “kickass”?

    “I was misled”?!

    That’s not gaslighting, that’s self-deception.

    Brando wrote, “JNESS curriculum was cleverly disguised misogyny, clearly dictated by Raniere” This bubble-brained former actress enthusiastically promoted this misogynistic scheme to her young female fans back in the day. Mack will be set loose on an unsuspecting world in three weeks time, and it will be interesting to see if she slinks off into anonymity as she ought to or if she launches a PR campaign to peddle her victimhood.

    It’s possible to learn from our mistakes. But not if we deny ever making them.

    • Would like to point out that it wasn’t disguised.

      Cleverly. Or otherwise.

      It was blatantly misogynistic.

  • So Frank when r u gonna let Patriot God back on so we can have some real fun and not just keep running around in circles with all this boring repetitive shit?

    Just stop being a dick and let him have his freedom of speech! Who cares if there are people that cry about about it! They don’t have to read it.

    The only people you are truly forcing to do something against their own will are the people who do want him to be able to speak and want to read his commentary like me. The other can choose of their accord to not read it. We can’t to read it if you don’t post it at all (which seems exactly like you want to do).

    So what about our say in this and our choice?! Do we get to have a voice too?! We are not children Frank and you need to stop acting like we need to be protected from something.

    Can you demonstrate that you actually care about our side on this for once and not just the ones who pander to your wants. Not body is forcing your ilk to do anything. You’re the only ones forcing us!

    So what about you show us the “equality” that you seem to hate Patriot God for when you’re guilty of the exact same thing!

    So stop being dishonest, bro! Seriously!

  • I want to bed three sisters like Keith 👯‍♀️👯 and prove my virility. Keith is the stud master. I ain’t apologizing

  • It’s interesting that DOS was invented before Pam’s death. I think the evidence from recordings from Allison Mack’s phone of her discussions with Raniere (do the court records give the dates of those?) that I think the prosecution got via India, is pretty good that Allison was a prime mover in DOS. How much do we know about when Pam (and Mariana) were too distracted to say “This master-sex-slave thing is going to explode” ?

    And what do we know about when Allison started recruiting attractive young women (which had been Pam’s historical role. Is Bonnie P. on the record on these things?

    • According to an interview with Karen Unterreiner, the original inner circle functioned very much in the same way as DOS. Minus the branding. Keith was controlling their diets, their time, their money. It was in all probability a blueprint for DOS. It seems Pam’s death meant it became important to Keith to lock down his control of his new inner circle and make sure he would not be abandoned again, and of course have a never ending supply of young women.

  • The women who fall for creeps like Keith prove that they need other caring men, e.g., fathers, brothers, etc., as their protectors.

  • Pam was demonic.
    Vanturd’s entire inner circle of slaves and the whole harum are the biggest bunch of dipshits to ever walk the face of the planet. Every one of them is just moronic. What a bunch of assholes.

    • Pilgrim, how was Pam demonic? You obviously don’t know any of the inner circle. I think their interesting and fuckable. You call them all dipshits yet you misspelled a word.

  • The truth is Keith did try to help the women to mentor them and he helped everyone grow and seems the good they get locked up or killed. Women are not evolved yet so they throw it back on the man who tried to help them. Women are like fleas and they hoped from Keith to Moira Penza.

  • “Camila was also in charge of teaching children in the Rainbow Cultural Gardens school system, in the living room of the same house in which her sister Daniela was locked.”

    Is that where Camila babysat for “Dr.” Porter’s child(ren)?

    “… Daniela, Marianna and Camila’s first approach to NXIVM was through a group class called The Mission, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, where they became convinced that Raniere had a mathematical formula that predicted the world would end in 15 years, so they moved to the U.S. to help him end hunger and improve humanity.

    Daniela accepted that Keith was venerated as a kind of saint and therefore helped him in tasks such as compiling summaries of dense texts and traveling between Mexico and the United States to comply with her visa requirements. Both she and her sisters were victims and witnesses of sexual advances and profane comments about their bodies, which accompanied the sound of a pig.

    Meanwhile, Marianna also had a sexual relationship with Raniere and they reached such an extreme that once, about to perform a threesome, the two sisters began to cry and he gave up the idea, although he took the first. Another of the secret codes the sisters learned was that when Keith mentioned that he was “working” with some woman it meant that they were having sex.

    Everything was always wrapped in the promise that they would achieve personal growth. The same thing happened in 2006, when it was discovered that Raniere also seduced and maintained a sexual relationship with the youngest of the sisters, Camila, whom he nicknamed ‘Virgin Camilla’. Witnesses claim that the youngest of the family had a crush on Keith and tried to be with him.

    According to Frank Report, the youngest of the sisters was admitted to the harem only after other women managed to control Marianna’s jealousy of her. Camila was also in charge of teaching children in the Rainbow Cultural Gardens school system, in the living room of the same house in which her sister Daniela was locked …”

    • withe the same curriculum of “Intensives” and “Exploration of Meaning” (like Scientology “audits”).

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