Raniere predicted Allison Mack would appear on front page of NY Times with words ‘Allison is a terrible, terrible person’

Frank Report discovered a marvelous 30 second clip, culled out of an 11:56 video in the Keith Raniere Conversations series, the video entitled, “Balancing Genius and Insecurity.”

The short clip is a fascinating bit of accidental prophecy by Vanguard.

The video was made around 2015-2016, about the time they were starting DOS and branding women as slaves.

Raniere is speaking with Allison Mack and, at 5:50 into the video, Raniere predicts Mack’s public humiliation and ruination – even naming the media – the New York Times – that will destroy her.

Of course, he is jesting to make some point.

The context of his discourse is her acting and being authentic; and genius [his] and insecurity [hers] and how to optimize [her insecurity] and fortify her acting technology [so she never works again] that he taught her for the good of humanity [i.e. his sexual appetite] and her own human potential [i.e. her slavery to him] – and other word salad, psycho-babble and bogus deep – meant to deceive, obfuscate and swindle a person out of their wits and their future.

So, at 5:50 in the video, after he describes some kind of acting performance, he says the following to Allison Mack:

See the 30 second clip

See the whole video

“Finally someone comes out with just a hook and pulls you off the stage and the next day the picture in the front of the New York Times, full thing, is you on stage — with a hook pulling you off the stage, and they say, ‘Biggest flop ever. Do not ever listen to Allison Mack again. She’s a bad actress, a bad person, terrible, terrible, terrible, and then just your name and the words, “terrible, terrible, terrible written.”

It came to pass.  Allison Mack is now known as terrible. Worldwide, she is considered a bad person, a sex trafficker, a woman who used other women to enslave them, blackmail them, brand them.

And while no one is saying she’s a bad actress, few doubt she is a bad actor.

She has pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – and faces a sentence that will almost certainly include prison time.

So who is to blame for her being such a colossal flop?

How about the man who is sitting across from her – Keith Alan Raniere?

One has to admit Raniere has a rare talent for taking talented, successful people and making them into terrible people and ungodly flops.

And his finest student, his best example is Allison Mack.

Allison had a modicum of fame, some talent, good looks, a wholesome image and a devoted fan following before Raniere worked his dark magic on her.

Now, she has worldwide notoriety.  Her name is 10 times – 100 times better known today than it was in June 2017 when I first reported the branding scheme in Branded Slaves and Master Raniere.

What makes this little creepy 30 second clip of Raniere so ironic is that it was an October 2017 front-page New York Times story, Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded, that led the DOJ to investigating Raniere which led to his arrest, as well as the arrests of Mack, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and the hapless Kathy Russell.

New York Times Front Cover

After the New York Times reported the story, an avalanche of media followed and, because Allison was the most famous, she got by far the most attention.

The story to most people who know it casually is “Allison Mack and the sex cult that branded women.”  Most people don’t even know Raniere’s name.

Today, almost one year after Allison was arrested, she is, of course, not speaking to the media – or appearing in acting roles. She did appear before Judge Nicholas Garaufis where she allocuted in connection to her guilty plea, saying in part, “I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them.  I was wrong…..

“My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise….

“They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings.”

So she made a 100 percent turnabout in less than a year. It was on March 26, 2018, that she was in Mexico with Raniere in a $10,000 per week villa with other Raniere sex slaves, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and Nicki Clyne – when he was arrested. Mack and the others actually chased the Mexican police car, following Raniere in a fruitless effort to try to undo his arrest.

Allison herself was arrested less than a month later, spent four days in jail before making $5 million bail and becoming subject to home confinement at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California.

Away from Raniere and facing decades in prison, Allison chose to plead guilty to two felonies – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – and avoided the sex trafficking charges she was originally charged with, which would have come with much longer prison sentences had she been convicted.

One curious thing in the 30-second clip may not be prophetic. It is where Keith Raniere, joking with Allison [I think it was a joke], says the New York Times on their “full page” story says, “Do not ever listen to Allison Mack again.”

He may hope it’s true. It’s unlikely.  If this goes to trial – and that seems quite likely – the trial is set to start on May 7, some 20 days from now – Allison is going to be a star witness.  While Raniere may hope no one will ever listen to Allison again, they will.  They’ll be listening intently. The jury particularly.

Allison Mack will have one more bright, shining day before the world – when she testifies against Raniere. After that, she may disappear into obscurity. But on that day, the media will be there in droves and what she says will be reported worldwide, including in the New York Times – quite possibly on its front page.

If you plan to attend the trial that day or days [Allison may be on the witness stand for several days – and I expect sometime in late May], I advise you to get there early. The courtroom will be packed.

On the witness stand, Allison can finally prove she is not a terrible actress as she weeps and details all the terrible things Keith did to her.  Her performance may go a long way in influencing what kind of sentence Judge Garaufis hands out to her. It will almost certainly influence how hard the prosecution argues for a downward departure on the federal sentencing guidelines for her offenses.

Her testimony against Keith Raniere should be the performance of her life.

I have previously said I expect she will cry at least a dozen times, but Joe O’Hara, in suggesting a pari-mutuel bet open to readers – where each can bet on how many incidents and the total duration of crying Allison performs on the witness stand – says he is betting on only one incident of crying.

“I’m betting she will cry just once – continuously,” O’Hara said.

Sometime after her testimony, the trial will conclude and the jury will render a verdict which is almost certainly going to be a guilty one for Keith, which will mean he will go to prison for a very long time.

The media reports about Raniere’s conviction will almost certainly contain Allison’s name – perhaps as prominently as Raniere’s.

And, again, a few months later, Allison will have another moment in the spotlight. On September 11, 2019, she is scheduled to be sentenced – likely to prison and soon after that – possibly around the first of the year 2020, – she will go to what is likely to be a low-security prison for 3-to-5 years.

There is a chance, of course, that she might be sentenced to home confinement – which means, practically speaking, that she can leave her home by day to work, shop etc. and must be home at night. She will continue to wear the ankle monitor she presently wears as a condition of her release on bail.

Maybe that is fair in the end.

Despite all I’ve written about Allison, during the long interval when she stupidly stuck by Raniere – before she came to the place where she is today – – admitting that he is a monster – Allison is certainly, in part, a victim.

She is not pure evil. She turned predator, no doubt, but the litmus test – my litmus test, the truest, best test for me – is a question: “What if Allison had never met Keith Raniere – would she have branded and enslaved women? Would she have preyed on them as she has done and admitted to doing?”

Would she have been a criminal but for Raniere?

I think she would not have become a criminal but for him.

His talent seems to be to bring out latent criminal propensities and fanning that flame that let Allison Mack cross the lines of common sense and common decency.

He made her believe she wasn’t a criminal when she was doing criminal acts. That somehow she was helping women she extorted, enslaved and cruelly branded.

It’s a grey line. And what makes it so grey is that Allison Mack followed a monster and did cruel and illegal things – and likely enjoyed it, enjoyed the power. Enjoyed enslaving others – while she was deceiving herself it was for their own good – that Raniere was great and good, maybe a god – and this was for the women’s good.

Like the prison electrocutioner who argues it is for society’s well-being that he pulls the switch and kills the dangerous criminal – but admits he enjoys it.

“Wouldn’t anyone?” he says.

Allison enjoyed it. She loved leading the slaves. Controlling them. Being the topmost slave among tiers of slaves – for Keith. Her faith in him led her to commit crimes she didn’t intend to commit. She intended to be good and he turned it into crime.

But – still – and this is the dirty little secret – she enjoyed it. That is the secret of this whole horrid affair and why people think she is a terrible person. She did not hate it – she loved it.

But, again, militating to her defense: Raniere persuaded her that a super-low-calorie, low protein diet – a near starvation – nourishment-deprived diet, combined with sleep deprivation – deliberately conceived and implemented by Raniere – was for her spiritual welfare.  He taught her that a spiritually integrated person does not need to eat more than 800 calories per day and sleep no more than four hours.

It could not have but helped to cloud her mind. He did that to her. She was not seeking not to sleep, not to eat. But she did. For years she fought to eat less and less and she actually became bulimic.

So, in part, she was in a daze. While committing criminal acts, Allison Mack was also in a daze from sleep and food deprivation. This needs to be considered.

I am sure, as she grows older, and looks back at the time – the 12 years she spent in thrall to Keith Raniere – she will wonder how he could have gained such power over her and got her to act against her self-interest.

It is unclear when Allison returns from prison – perhaps 2023 or 2024 — if she will understand it fully. It is also unclear if anyone will ever listen to her explain what happened to her or want to watch her as an actress or even as a lecturer.

She may write a book. Or make a documentary.

But will there be anyone who will want to hire her for any kind of important acting role?

She gave the best years of her life to Keith Raniere and may spend years into her future atoning for that terrible, terrible, terrible mistake.

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  • VanDouche didn’t predict anything. NXIVM has been negatively portrayed in the media for almost two decades because it is exactly what such outlets said it was – a cult. He just manipulated such coverage to pretend he was some Gandhi-like figure and convinced some less skeptical and more trusting – and maybe even more gullible – people with mostly good intentions using their credibility by way of pyramid layering, that like all good, revolutionary movements that faced push back and controversy in the beginning, eventually people would “see the light” and accept it. But he had no such intentions to create such a movement. He was only using such a facade to garner for himself control and sex, like all cult leader charlatans. Everyone and everything was a tool to serve his purpose. This clown is not a prophet or the like. He’s just a good manipulator and nothing more.

  • I can’t believe this lying douche fucked Allison. He isn’t charismatic at all and comes off as a total blowhard. She must have been completely brainwashed.

  • For the office pool, I bet she remains dry eyed, no crying at all. I think her testimony would be more effective that way. I also suspect her tears during her allocution were genuine. Not because I have any great sympathy for her– what she did was criminal, it was cruel and unbelievably stupid– but because the timing was off. If it had be planned, her tears should have come at the point in the allocution when she apologized for the hurt she had caused others, for her family. But she cried right at the beginning, when it was ambiguous what she was crying about. Was it for herself? Crying because her defense was hopeless, that she knew she was going to prison, that her life with NXIVM was over and her life in ruins? That’s why I think her tears were genuine. And in the coming weeks, when the trial begins, I suspect she’ll be done crying.

    The video with Raniere is disturbing. The way he pontificates, his slimy master-pupil superiority, the man with all the answers, while she cringes and debases himself. It’s a disgusting display, human nature at its worst. Just think: she’s a professional actress who had a ten year run on a network TV show, he never accomplished anything in that field beyond maybe doing a school play. And she’s hanging on his every word. Imagine a professional baseball player being lectured by a little league kid. It’s that absurd. What kind of person does that? And what kind of person allows herself to be treated that way? I never had much patience for the term “mansplaining’, but this, right there, is it. In spades.

    This NXIVM saga is beyond bizarre, it exposes some very odd aspects of humanity. The messes people can make of their lives. It would be tragic but for its absurdity. I find myself fascinated, unable to look away, as from a car wreck.

    • The bad timing on the crying could also be because Mack’s not a very good actor. She could be made to cry during the cross examination to damage her credibility.

  • Powerful, honest writing, Frank. As always.

    The romance or sex, dare I say, was another way in which Allison, all of them, were coldly, severely manipulated IMO. That aspect — her giddy, flirty deference to Keith even as she realizes he’s mocking and negating her and “her” co. “The Source” — comes across sickeningly strongly in these Mack videos for me.

    Something “The Rat” wrote nearly 10 years ago on John Tigue’s blog echoes. The Rat angrily noted that Keith insisted on promptly bedding any, EVERY woman NX worked with. I’m certain that was a control strategy on Keith’s part.

    The Rat also opined that Gina Hutchinson (my sister) and Kristin Snyder (another “suicided” NX victim) were mercifully spared by death from KAR’s, the cult’s grip on their psyches. This was prior to the other cult deaths I imagine the Rat would have also included among the lucky ones who escaped.

    Some day, as you say, Allison and the entire lot of them will view getting caught as the luckiest day of their lives.

  • Allison is a liar. And her crying will be lying. Keith is the one she betrayed what a fool had she not turned against him she would have joy. This was his test. He is testimg all of us. He doesn’t suffer. He is doing this for us. Sifting the wheat from the chaff. Allison has a chance to be a true Joan but she has become a true drone of the state. Keith wants to bring us freedom. There is no freedom in USA. Mexico is our new haven.

    • Good. Stay in Mexico. Keep the filth of NXIVM 2.0 there. But, Keith is tearing us? 😂🤣😂. Some test. Did he get caught on purpose to test us? I get the feeling you think he’s a god. He’s a worm. A hairy stumpy smelly worm. He’s going through HIS hardest test. And he’s failing. The world knows he faked his IQ and all of his accomplishments. A fraud.

  • Mr. Parlato, your phrase, ” the hapless Kathy Russell,” has amused me very much. I don’t know whether it was meant to be funny, but the woman does seem to be a lot like a blown-out eggshell. One could say that all of these defendants are hapless, and their train is coming down the tracks. Speaking as someone who has studied various “cults” for a long time, these organizations all seem to be renditions of the same dissonant melodies of wreckage.

    Wowie zowie. Thank you for being on the spot with this saga, through the outrage, pain and revelation. It is quite an education. “You know it don’t come easy.” with respect and admiration

  • Wow, watching that video clip, the first thing that strikes me, is that I can imagine Raniere doing that same sort of juvenile schtick for his underage and teenage girlfriends when he lived in Clifton Park after college – at which point it would already have made him seem immature for his age.

    I think that the question posed early on about why Mack is seen as so terrible, is answered later on when delving into just how she took to the role of running the DOS slave ring, and went so far as to publicly take credit for the idea of branding slaves (even if that might have been false, though given her apparent enthusiasm I doubt it). She’s become the most infamous cruel BDSM mistress of all time, probably second only to the Marquis de Sade himself in the popular culture view of sado-masochism.

    Frank, I appreciate your nuanced view of Mack and her culpability. I tend to be a bit more suspicious that she ended up in the role of perpetrator that she did, because she had a dark side that was all too easily tapped in to – perhaps hinted at in the “collateral” she provided, an allusions to her family background – that might have found other evil expression in some other situation. Women prone to abusive relationships, often seem to have an uncanny ability to find men of a particular type.

    Hopefully the trial, and some good journalistic investigation such as into Mack’s and Raniere’s pasts, will reveal more that allows us to judge better. Perhaps someday we can have an enlightening conversation about it over adult beverages.

    • At least you have had the stomach to listen to Raniere’s blathering, AnonyMaker. Up to this point, I am not willing. Like Hubbard, Raniere is similarly repulsive, buffoonish and deceptive. Not to mention, criminally perverted.

      As for Mack, her mummy dearest got Allison circulating the primal outskirts of the entertainment industry before she was even in elementary school, and she could have something of a case of child actor syndrome. This can lead to a feeling of being a vacant hole, needing to be filled and filled and filled, yet to no avail. She seems to have taken on certain of her “cultish” roles with startling eagerness and hasn’t been out for long, if at all. Who knows what is the mixture of sincerity vs. needful expedience featured in her plea? The jury is still out on that.

      So many people like their villains to be ugly. Mack is one of those semi-cutesy nouvelle villainesses who certainly gets observers to wondering about what makes her tick. How much of her monstrousness has been inherent and how much has been acquired through association?

      • Good point, Shivani about the child actor syndrome. And as Frank suggests, I sincerely doubt Allison would’ve been capable of any of that dark evil stuff had she not met Raniere. I think it came out because she was trying to impress him. That’s all any of them were trying to do. He was completely in their heads and they were just competing for his approval. I feel bad for her and I hope she just gets home detention.

      • Shivani, I only watched the half-minute version in this case. But it was indeed enlightening to see Raniere in the role of the juvenile buffoon, and I think it’s important from time to time to steel ourselves and go back to the source, so to speak, to see what followers found – or ignored – in their gurus.

        That’s a good point about her having been a child actor leading up to her best known role in Smallville – which she began when she was technically still a teen. That can be an unhealthy mix of both family and child labor environment.

        I certainly can’t disagree with any opinion that acknowledges that the jury is still out in this case; I often point out, as I’ve learned from many situations that have played out, is that observers are often quite wrong in their theories. I think the facts so far in this case point us in some general directions, and just take issue with those who seem as if they have certainty about the things we don’t really know, at least yet.

    • Back in the late 90s, Allison dated (and was later engaged to) some guy who was in this failed rock band. Drug addict and very manipulative/abusive. Everyone tried to get her to see the light and break up with him. They eventually got engaged (he tattooed “will you marry me?” across his chest) but later broke it off. Then she got involved with NXIVM and it went even more downhill from there. So looks like she has a history of abusive relationships for sure..

      • Wow, thanks for those interesting details. That’s not entirely surprising, and shows that she does in fact have a personal history that goes against the grain of the girl-next-door image that Smallville fans fell in love is, but which goes towards explaining how she got into what she did later.

        And that gave me something to search for. It turns out his name was Pete – no source has his last name, though one says that he was from Texas – and the band was named Leisure, and was apparently L.A. based but toured. She announced their engagement in 2003, and its end in 2008.

        I wonder if any of the diehard Allison fans know more of the inconvenient truths of that very long first relationship.

        The bit about inappropriate body art – used as a sort of manipulative tool, really – also sort of foreshadows what happened later. Mack confirmed it in an interview:

        ‘My fiance is a musician and he’s totally funky. He had “Will you marry me?” tattooed on his chest. Then he had the date I said “Yes” added. ‘

        She reportedly then got a “P” tattooed near her heart.

        • Yep that is him. They definitely started dating pre- Smallville. We knew mutual people way back in the day before she started on Smallville. I never met her (and honestly don’t have that much info to share), but I do remember hearing horror stories about the boyfriend.

          • Thanks for the confirmation, that’s very useful.

            Pete K.? Looks like he’s a Jr., and there’s a Sr. in Florida who appears to be connected to him – and is a registered sex offender, for “Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of persons less than 16 years of age.” Surprise, surprise….

        • Not sure about those dates, since according to the Vice interview with Chad Krowchuck, he and Allison were together from 2004ish to 2009.

          • I checked the Vice article, and I think it’s confusingly worded, and that the writer themselves may have gotten confused. Other sources say that she dated him from 2008 to 2010. That fits with what IMDB trivia has, though it’s not entirely clear or conclusive:

            “Announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Peter (March 2003). In 2008 she said in her blog that marriage was something she didn’t see herself committing to anytime soon. In January 2009 she mentioned a boyfriend in her blog.”

            Oh, and I see on IMBD that her sister was in Incest! The Musical….

  • Mr. Parlato, your phrase, “the hapless Kathy Russell,” has amused me very much. I don’t know if it was intended to be funny. One could add that all of these defendants are hapless, and their train is coming down the tracks. Thank you for being on the spot for so long, even through the pain and outrage. “You know it don’t come easy.” respect and admiration to you

    • Now this is interesting. Do I have a fore-echo? Or did I post twice with my usual lack of computer adroitness? This can happen if one has had many years of piano lessons before failing to learn to type. Never mind. It is a pleasure to send Mr. Frank Parlato two amounts of respect and admiration.

  • “I think she would not have become a criminal but for him” I agree with this statement. All of us are influenced by those around us. A little baby is most certainly influenced by its parents and what others say or do. Children are easily influenced as they want to please those they love. People around me watch what I say and do and are influenced, one way or the other, to do good or not. This is nothing new, of course. A book I read says this:
    Matthew 15:19 New International Version (NIV). 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.
    The heart (or soul) is our center, where we decide. Good or bad things are the results of decisions we make, regardless of those around us.

    • Or she could have run into someone else and committed even worse crimes. We don’t know, and at this point it doesn’t matter, because she plead guilty and the judge will determine whether she gets a light or stiff sentence/fine. Raniere couldn’t have done but a tiny fraction of what was done by himself.

      • I agree – we don’t really know the extent to which she was an easily manipulated person lead to do bad things, or a bad person who ended up in a situation that brought out the worst of their nature

        And I think that actually speaks to one of the reasons that she should be put away for a while – she could be ripe pickings for another manipulative psychopath, if not a danger in her own right.

        It will be interesting if at some point we get to see an expert evaluation of her risk of re-offending introduced in court, which would really shed a lot of light on what is going on with her. Plus if she goes to trial in some other case, similar evidence may be introduced.

  • Allison is a beast. No one forced her to do anything. Keith only suggested things. Good things. All crimes were committed by Allison Lauren and Nancy.

    • It’s hillarious how you used to support them. You didn’t seem to think they comitted “all crimes” until they turned. All of the sudden, they were always criminals. Your story is touching, but it sounds like a lie.

    • Fucking underage girls is a crime. New York State law says so. Keith was the one illegally sticking his penis where it didn’t belong. No one forced him to do that.

    • Allison is a beast. No one forced her to do anything. Keith only suggested things. Good things. All crimes were committed by Allison Lauren and Nancy.

      Yolanda Clyne,
      Tell us how Allison is a beast.
      Did she lie to people all of the time?
      Even her NXIVM sisters?
      Was she jealous of any other woman who slept with Vanguard?
      Did she spread gossip about her supposed friends?
      Was Allison a backstabber?
      Did Allison like movies like “50 Shades of Grey”?

  • …Must be difficult to live in your head, Frank.
    You use to switch your mind from article to article but you do it in 1 article now!

    Still, I agree with some part (not the one about sex trafficker as you are amongst the only who still consider it…the other consider the facts ).
    But you still (sort of) diminish the impact of the diet and sleep deprivation (just try either separately to see the impact on your mind…).
    The brain needs certain things to work properly. Sleep but also certain proteins and other than her diet was completely removing!
    It’s actually incredible that nobody died from this diet.

    She was doing it WAY before DOS (Several witnesses have seen her under this dangerous diet in 2013)
    She didn’t enjoy being a slave master…she wasn’t herself for quite some time because of Raniere’s abuse.

    I still can’t understand how he managed to convince her to even start with this diet…Before Nxivm, she was a clever woman. I assume it’s where NLP could help to convince.

    • As far as sex trafficking, the grand jury, which had the opportunity to review the facts – evidence and witnesses – found probable cause to return 3 counts that named Raniere and Mack. At least there was a strong case Mack was involved in sex trafficking, even if the prosecutors decided that trying to prove it beyond reasonable doubt to the standards of the criminal statutes, was something that they would forego in exchange for a plea deal that still left Mack facing sentencing on other serious charges.

      We don’t really know until we get to see some of the evidence and hear witnesses for ourselves, hopefully when Raniere is tried on those counts. There are insider accounts that Mack relished her role, and was cruel towards her slaves. And no one in the know, has come forward to defend her innocence.

      And how do you know when she was or “wasn’t herself”? She’s an actress, after all. Whoever she is or was, she was almost certainly never the girl-next-door she played on Smallville, who you fell in love with.

      • Yet she was cleared of the charge…moron.
        Her case is pretty much closed (except the sentencing)
        And except people with slow mind (and hatred for Allison/Love for Shadow), most people with two bit of a brain knew that the sex trafficking charge were pretty weak and not really sex trafficking.

        If there was a strong case, she would not have that off her plea deal. I Don’t expect you to understand anything as you are too obsessed that you refuse to see the Truth (even when it slaps you in the face)

        Were is the cruelty accusation in the court case? were do u see that?
        I haven’t seen 1 allegation talking about that tiny girl (almost skeleton at the time of the crime) was actually cruel except in your sick head and Shadows dream.

        Reading something over here doesn’t make it true!
        The court document is all that matter and in this case, she isn’t a sex trafficker, she isn’t cruel or violent…she is an extortionist and that already quite a serious thing.

        Stick with the Truth instead of making stories (like you keep doing)

        As for the last question, i just happen to know it…
        But how do you know it wasn’t the case.
        Because outside of the knowledge i have on this, the proof are going in the direction of what is said, not yours.
        You, like Always, blow stupid question and stupid statement based on NOTHING!

        Stop daydreaming and telling us your sick fantasy.

        Friendly advice: stop trying to play the smartass because you are just completing all of that word…and it’s not being smart.

        • Mack wasn’t cleared of anything, it is normal in a plea deal to drop some charges to get a guilty plea on other charges. A guaranteed, non-appealable conviction.

        • She wasn’t “cleared of the charge[s]” – the prosecutors just let them drop in return for securing a guilty plea, a very different thing in the US judicial system.

          And we’d still like to know, how you “just happen to know” things – do you have psychic connection with Allison?

  • Unlike Sarah Edondson, Allison never had an AHA moment, not until the very end, when her lawyers confronted her with her untenable situation.
    Being easily led by a megalomaniac is no excuse.
    Add to that her own parents betrayed her, who, unlike India’s mother, once the news was out there, not once came to rescue their daughter or speak out, as Catherine did, and has done so.
    So, no, you have not convinced me to expend my sympathy to Allison.

    • It’s fairly typical of dedicated members of groups like this, that they finally have their aha! moments when they themselves end up being victims of some of the group’s worst. They may have long overlooked warning signs, and ignored or rationalized away reports of the abuse of others – though usually they are not those who have risen to the point of being real perpetrators themselves.

      What I find troubling about Mack, is that she became a key perpetrator. Many people could also be expected to have aha! moments if put in the position of truly abusing and harming their fellow human beings – and that was the standard that emerged from Nuremberg.

      I think it’s hard to say anything about Mack’s parents at this point. Perhaps they were better advised than Oxenberg, to take a more subtle approach to trying to recover their daughter, once they realized what she had gotten herself in to. But they also seem strangely silent, even absent, and there are some odd rumblings about them, so I wonder if they may not even be part of a troubled background – hopefully someone like a journalist will dig into the story, and someday we will get a better understanding.

  • I watched the whole one hour thirty-four minute video.
    It was clear throughout that Raniere was playing her like a fiddle and playing her for a fool.

    Because Allison Mack is a Narcissist who enjoys being the center of attention Raniere appeals to her need to be adored.
    Allison Mack needs to be adored so much that she can not even tolerate the honest criticism of a theater critic.
    How terrible if someone booed her during a performance.

    The law is not about protecting the fragile ego of an entitled actress.
    The law is about protecting the rights of the women who were deceived and blackmailed by Allison Mack.
    The law is about vindicating the rights of the women who were tortured and enslaved by Allison Mack.

    It’s high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around her.
    It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that other people have rights too.
    It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that the world is not a non-stop adoration party for her.
    It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and realize that if she uses her charisma and acting talents to hurt others she will be punished.

    For all of the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about poor Allison she willingly victimized other women.
    Indeed from all of the accounts Allison Mack enjoyed torturing other women.
    Raniere understood that deep down Allison Mack is a sadistic woman who is extremely jealous of other women.
    And the people of NXIVM, not just Raniere,but also the Salzmans and the Bronfmans, read Allison Mack like a book.
    Allison Mack could be manipulated into hurting other people in order to feel good about herself.
    Allison Mack, through love bombing, could be convinced to hurt other people.
    Indeed Allison Mack would use her charisma and acting talents to dehumanize other women.

    When I was a child my parents insisted on teaching me to grow a tough hide and withstand criticism.
    To grow a thick skin.
    My parents grew up during the Depression and World War II.
    They realized that the world is a rough, hard, cold place.
    They taught me to understand that I would not always be loved and adored.
    And my parents taught me to be aware of people who bomb me with false flattery and try to manipulate me.
    Recently an acquaintance tried to “love bomb” me with complements and false flattery.
    As soon as I figured out his angle, after a day, I kicked that clown to the curb.

    Should we feel sorry for Allison because her parents failed to teach her that the world is not all candy canes and unicorns?

    It is high time for Allison Mack to grow up and join the real world.

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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